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TBR News January 11, 2017

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C. January 11, 2017: “ “President Barack Obama, former editor of the Harvard Law Review, is no longer a “lawyer”. He surrendered his license back in 2008 in order to escape charges he lied on his bar application.

Michelle Obama “voluntarily surrendered” her law license in 1993. after a   Federal Judge gave her the choice between surrendering her license or standing trial for Insurance fraud!

Source: (Stands for Illinois Attorney Registration And Disciplinary Committee).

Barack Obama was NOT a Constitutional Law Professor at the University of Chicago.

The University of Chicago released a statement in March 2008 saying Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) “served as a professor” in the law school-but that is a title Obama, who taught courses there part-time, never held the title of Professor of Law,” said Marsha Ferziger Nagorsky, an Assistant Dean for Communications and Lecturer in Law at the University of Chicago School of Law

The Illinois Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission lists President Obama’s registration status as “voluntarily retired.”

It lists Michelle Obama’s status as “voluntarily inactive.”

It’s true that although both President Obama and the University of Chicago have stated at various times that he was a “professor of law” or “professor of constitutional law” at the U.C. Law School, he never officially held that title. He was first a Lecturer (1992-1996) and then a Senior Lecturer (1996-2004) until elected to the Senate in 2004.

It’s also true that neither the president nor the first lady holds an active license to practice law. A search on the website of the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission of the Supreme Court of Illinois shows that Barack Obama is listed as “voluntarily retired and not authorized to practice law,” and Michelle Obama is listed as “voluntarily inactive and not authorized to practice law.”

President Obama graduated from Harvard Law School in 1991 and was admitted as a lawyer by the Supreme Court of Illinois on Dec. 17, 1991. Prior to being elected to the Illinois state Senate in 1996, he worked as a civil rights lawyer at the firm formerly known as Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland. Four days after Obama announced that he would run for president in February 2007, he voluntarily elected to have his law license placed on “inactive” status, according to Grogan. Then, after becoming president, he elected to change his status to “retired” in February 2009.

Michelle Obama graduated from Harvard Law School in 1988, and was admitted as a lawyer by the Supreme Court of Illinois on May 12, 1989. Following graduation, she joined Sidley Austin, a corporate law firm in Chicago. But a few years later, in 1994, while working for the Public Allies project in Chicago, Obama voluntarily had her license placed on “inactive” status.”

Table of Contents

  • U.S. companies have new business risk – being labeled ‘anti-American’ by Trump
  • Turkey opposition fears ‘dictatorship’
  • Browser autofill used to steal personal details in new phishing attack
  • Mein Kampf’: Murphy translation: Part 7
  • Watch How Casually False Claims are Published: New York Times and Nicholas Lemann Edition
  • The Most Important US Air Force Base You’ve Never Heard Of
  • 902nd Military Intelligence Group. (‘The Duce”)

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TBR News January 10, 2017

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The Voice of the White House 

Washington, D.C. January 10, 2017: “We are seeing point-counterpoint in a raging cyberwar and the releases of many very secret documents for the attention of the general public will have devastating effects in the coming months. Now we reliably learn, the German BND or foreign intelligence agency, is heavily infiltrated with CIA agents who report to Langley the most secret information that agency is privy to. After all, the BND was formed by the CIA from its inception so this penetration ought not to astonish German state authorities when the lists of the spies find a home in another Berlin agency. In the event official Germany tries to sweep this scandal under a rug, no doubt the whistleblowers will send copies to WikiLeaks and the German media. In the final analysis, there are no more secrets anywhere.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News January 9, 2017

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The Voice of the White House 

Washington, D.C. January 9, 2017:”In reading through various media reportage, we noted that on Reuters it was said that Mr. Trump acknowledged that the Russians had attacked Clinton.

They cited an interview with an aide. But on every other site checked, Mr. Trump ridiculed the attribution and the aide denied ever having made such a statement.

Either Reuters is wrong or Mr. Trump and his people are wrong.

The former is much more likely, given the very evident animosity Reuters has consistently shown for the Trump people.

And it is also interesting to note that the Muslim fanatics, IS, have never attacked anywhere inside the United States.

They have attacked Germany, Russia, France, the UK and even Israel but not the United States or Saudi Arabia. The reason for this shyness is because the Saudi people set IS up in the first place as their arm militant for the establishment of a Greater Sunni Empire and the United States has assisted this by letting the CIA and the Special Forces train and arm the IS groups.

Believe that if there is another power shift in the Middle East and the Saudis lose influence and the United States efforts to dethrone Assad fail due to Russian support of him, we will see acts of terrorism erupt domestically.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News January 8, 2017

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The Voice of the White House  

Washington, D.C. January 8, 2017:” “A collection of letters, diaries and other informative documents has surfaced and is being edited for publication. These came from one Lt. Cmdr USN (ret) Frederick Joseph Norris, Jr.

Norris lived in Norfolk, Virginia and at one time had been a member of the Naval Security Group and heavily involved in various black bag work.

He and a Bevin Cass were responsible for the assassination of Raphael Trujillo of the Dominican Republic and Norris had amassed a file of CIA and NSG papers on the assassination of Salvladore Allende of Chile.

But the most interesting and potentially explosive find are the papers relating to a US Navy experimental laboratory located in Haiti.

It seems the US Navy was trying to develop a germ that could cause a flu-like disease to infect a potential military enemy so that an American military attack could be a success. Unfortunately, one of the group developed a retro-virus which was far more dangerous than the flu.

The problem was that local Haitians who volunteered for testing, all eventually developed a disease that eventually killed them and anyone with whom they had had sexual contact.

When the US Navy discovered the problem, they closed down the facility as quickly as possible, destroyed any of its records and also removed the Haitians who were infected.

This disease was HIV.

And many gay groups used to travel to Haiti on cruise ships and the occupants sought sexual comfort from poor and willing locals.

In this manner, AIDS swept through the American, and foreign, gay communities, killings tens of thousands, in its progress.

Norris kept his papers relating to this ugly matter and eventually, truth pressed to earth will surely rise again.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News January 7, 2017

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The Voice of the White House  

Washington, D.C. January 7, 2017:”If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then the few surviving members of Hitler’s Gestapo, or Secret State Police, should be gratified that their counterpart, the Department of Justice’s Federal Bureau of Investigation, has copied, in detail, the so-called Vertrauns-Leute or V-Leute, program and is now developing it into a very powerful, and relatively unknown, internal surveillance force in the United States. Unlike the Gestapo, who had Communists as their chief enemy to observe, infiltrate and destroy, the FBI program is aimed solely at American citizens who are considered as present, and future, threats to the state.

Before one analyzes the FBI program with its nearly sixty thousand reporting members, one should look at its father, the Gestapo’s V program, because in comparing Hitler’s secret internal surveillance program with its huge network of volunteer informers with the FBI program, the parallels will at once become painfully obvious.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News December 6, 2017

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The Voice of the White House 

Washington, D.C. January 6, 2017:” Now that we are seeing a cavalcade of lies, semi-lies and excuses pouring forth from various august pseudo-intelligence agencies about why Precious Hillary got the sausage, there are increasing cries to clean up the Augean stable of years of impacted filth. If Mr. Trump carries out his campaign promises and brings jobs back to this country and if he stems the flood of poor illegals from Central America and the Middle East, the entire power structure will change. But Mr. Trump ought to recall that when Kennedy fired the top leadership of the CIA and threatened to break that agency up, somehow he was almost immediately assassinated. Food for thought.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News January 5, 2017

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The Voice of the White House  

Washington, D.C. January 5, 2017: “There is a new business area starting to grow and that is an anti-drone system. Small drones are being sold world-wide in large numbers and the skys are filled with them. The feeble-minded use them around airports while perverts try to scope out someone taking a nude tanning session on their balcony.

Also, many government and law enforcement agencies use drones to spy on the population and in the military sphere, drones are used to blow up hospitals, schools and day care centers throughout the world.

There exists today several portable, and highly effective, antidotes to the drone swarms. One of these is made in a Scandinavian country (we just cannot remember the name of the country or the product name. Sad) and is about the size of a cigar case.

When turned on,(it uses rechargeable batteries) the device cuts off all transmissions of any kind within a considerable distance (1000 meters outdoors, less inside a building)

This shuts off GPS transmissions as well.

And it does work very well, believe us.

If a snooping drone comes within the range of the device, their directional transmissions cease and the drone has no control and can either crash into a local day care center or come down on a highway full of cars.

Of course the government and law enforcement people would quickly pass a law against the use of such a device but laws have never stopped an increasingly restive population before.

And if a large DHS drone, losing control, suddenly crashed into an apartment building in Tallahassee where your aunt Edna is celebrating her 95th birthday and the resulting crash and following fire roasts dozens of wheel chair-bound guests, the agency that launched the drone would be blamed.

Onward and upwards with the arts!” Continue Reading »

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TBR News January 4, 2017

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The Voice of the White House  

Washington, D.C. January 4, 2017: “Zero Hedge is a very eccentric Austrian economics-based finance blog run by a pseudonymous founder who posts articles under the name “Tyler Durden,” after the character from Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk. It has accurately predicted 200 of the last 2 recessions.

“Tyler” claims to be a “believer in a sweeping conspiracy that casts the alumni of Goldman Sachs as a powerful cabal at the helm of U.S. policy, with the Treasury and the Federal Reserve colluding to preserve the status quo.” While this is not an entirely unreasonable statement of the problem, his solution actually mirrors the anatagonist in Fight Club: Tyler wants, per Austrian school ideas, to lead a catastrophic market crash in order to destroy banking institutions and bring back “real” free market capitalism.

The site posts nearly indecipherable, and generally bizarre, analyses of multiple and seemingly unrelated subjects that are intended  to point towards a consistent theme of economic collapse “any day now.” “ Tyler” seems to repeat The Economic Collapse Blog’s idea of posting blog articles many times a day and encouraging people to post it as far and wide as humanly possible. “Tyler” moves away from the format of long lists to write insanely dense volumes filled with generally contradicting jargon that makes one wonder if the writers even know what the words actually mean. The site first appeared in early 2009, meaning that (given “Tyler’s” psychotic habit of deenying each and every positive data point), anyone listening to him from the beginning missed the entire 2009-2014 rally in the equities market.

The only writer conclusively identified is one Dan Ivandjiiski, a Bulgarian former medical student, who conducts public interviews on behalf of Zero Hedge. This hysterical blog came online several days after he lost his job at Wexford Capital, a Connecticut-based hedge fund (run by a former Goldman trader). And Ivandjiiski chose his pen name from a nihilistic psychotic delusion.

Zero Hedge is not quite the NaturalNews of economics, but not for want of trying.

This entertaining nonsense is in the same category as the pompous, and often rewritten, political blog, the Drudge Report and the “Sorcha Faal” screeching about the fictional “Planet X.” And for even more light-weight entertainment, look at the conspiracy blogs of “Dr.” Paul Fetzer and Tom Hengehan. Since the media has virtually done away with comic strips, these are all that is left to entertain a bored reader. These sort of babblings also entertain a legion of the feeble-minded.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News January 3, 2017

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The Voice of the White House 

Washington, D.C. January 3, 2017:” Hezbollah currently has a stockpile of over 130,000 surface-to-surface missiles, many GPS directed as well as many surface-to-air missiles. In point of fact, Hezbollah has more such missiles, and anti-aircraft and anti-ship missles that all of the Nato members, excluding the United States. This number includes long-range rockets and M-600 ballistic missiles, which carry a high payload and would be able to destroy a significant area from the point of impact. Hezbollah also has approximately 200,000 short-range rockets that are not guided but fired in the general direction of potential military, civilian and governmental targets deep inside Israel.

Hezbollah possesses, among other weaponry, the Katyusha-122 rocket, which has a range of 18 miles and carries a 33-lb warhead. Hezbollah also possesses about 18,000 long-range missiles to  include the Iranian-made Fajr-3 and Fajr-5, the latter with a range of 75 47 mi, enabling it to strike the Israeli port of Haifa, and the Zelzal-1, with an estimated 93 mi range, which can reach Tel Aviv. Fajr-3 missiles have a range of 40 25 mi and a 99-lb warhead, and Fajr-5 missiles, which extend to 45 mi, also hold 45-99-lb warheads. Hezbollah also is in possession of Scud missiles that were provided to them by Syria. Further, Hezbollah has many very effective anti-tank guided missiles, the Russian-made AT-3 Sagger, AT-4 Spigot, AT-5 Spandrel, AT-13 Saxhorn-2 ‘Metis-M’, АТ-14 Spriggan ‘Kornet’; Iranian-made Ra’ad (version of AT-3 Sagger), Towsan (version of AT-5 Spandrel), Toophan (version of BGM-71 TOW); and European-made MILAN missiles.

For air defense, Hezbollah has anti-aircraft weapons that include the ZU-23 artillery and the man-portable, shoulder-fired SA-7 and SA-18 surface-to-air missile (SAM). One of the most effective weapons deployed by Hezbollah has been the C-802 anti-ship missile.

The enormous Hezbollah missile arsenal is stored mainly in areas of southern Lebanon but also in built-up areas such as Beirut.

Hezbollah’s intelligence service has been described as “one of the best in the world”, and have even infiltrated the Israeli army. Hezbollah’s secret services collaborate with both the Lebanses, Syrian and, to a lesser degree, the Russian intelligence agencies.

Israel also has claimed that Syria has provided Hezbollah with these weapons. Syria has denied supplying these weapons and views these claims as an Israeli excuse for an attack on both Syria and Lebanon.

Hezbollah has long been an ally of the Ba’ath government of Syria, led by the Al-Assad family. Hezbollah has materially assisted the Syrian government during their American-sponsored Syrian civil war in its fight against the Saudi/US organized, trained and armed Syrian opposition. Hezbollah’s support for al-Assad in the Syrian civil war has elevated it from a Sunni force of great strength whose main aim is the destruction of Israel.

Russian intelligence-intercepted top secret cables from American diplomats in Israel to the State Department in Washington make it clear that the United States had tried, without any success, to force Syria to cease and desist supplying weaponry to Hezbollah.

This is the basic reason for American unsuccessful attempts to force a regeime change in Syria and this has led to a vicious civil war in that country. Hezbollah is also known to be heavily armed with chemical and biological weapons, as well as many 70-mile range anti-ship missiles that could sink US naval units supporting Israeli-demanded strategic attacks.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News January 2, 2017

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The Voice of the White House 

Washington, D.C. January 2, 2017: “I have personally observed, and others have commented upon, the strangely muted Christmas season in the United States.

In previous seasons, homes and apartments were festooned with colored lights, wreaths were affixed to doors and Christmas trees shown glittering in windows.

This year, there was very little display and the stores were not filled with eager shoppers nor were we subjected to canned Christmas season music on the intercom systems.

The reasons for this apparent rejection of the so-called Christmas season is due in part to the fact that the American public has grown tired of the rantings of the lunatic Evangelicals and have been increasingly depressed because of the negative economic and social problems seen besetting the general public.

The rejection of the oligarchy-approved but universally disliked and distrusted Clinton in favor of a rich media player is partly to blame for the mood of anxiety and depression but to also is a growing distrust of government and its propaganda press organs.

If President-elect Trump shows himself to be efficient and effective, the left wing and its adherents will do everything in their waning powers to discredit him.

The general public, on the other hand, who happen to vote, will reject the liberal ‘Fake News’ and the dissolution of the print and television organs will behave like the rapidly-vanishing Greenland icecap.” Continue Reading »

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