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TBR News April 10, 2017

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, April 10, 2017: “The discussions inside the Beltway, among old associated, is that the Syrian strike was a planned attempt to convince the renegade North Koreans that if they did not cease and desist in their efforts to develop long-range rockets and nuclear warheads, the US was quite capable of launching missile strike against them.

Note that the Russians were advised in advance of the strike as were the Syrian air force personnel so the target airfield was basically empty at the time of the attack and Syrian air force units were able to use the base the next day without a problem.

That there was a gas attack, with Sarin, is beyond a doubt but the question arises as to who was responsible for it.

Not the Russians nor the Syrians, who do not have such weapons, but since the attack, which lost half of its launched missiles into the ocean, was planned in advance, the perpetrator of the gas attack is not so much in question but unproven.

Qui bono is the most important issue here and the answer is quite obvious.”


Table of Contents

  • What could go wrong for the U.S. in Syria? War with Russia.
  • The Minerva Program: Civil Repression from Academia
  • Loans ‘Designed to Fail’: States Say Navient Preyed on Students
  • Trump’s Base Revolts Against Syria Strike
  • US-Russian honeymoon turns sour over Syria
  • Burn After Reading

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TBR News April 9, 2017

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, April 9, 2017 “Now firmly in the hands of the militants, Trump is playing a game he thinks he understands but does not.

The bloated American military, the immense and vicious CIA, the DHS lusting for more domestic control, all are after increased Congressional funding and to get this, they need excuses.

That the money they demand comes from helpless taxpayers is of no interest to them, only that the cash rolls in.

And parallel with their needs is another group that also demands more and more taxpayer money.

This is what Eisenhower warned was the military/industrial complex.

Corporations who benefit from war scares and a resultant flood of taxpayer monies are also in favor of heightened anxieties.

And more money.

Of course none of them actually want a war that could result in serious damage to their offices, homes, families or businesses but they keep pushing up the levels of confrontation to the point where, like the assassination of the Austrian Archduke in 1914, matters escalate entirely out of control and death and, worse, economic destruction comes upon them.”

Table of Contents

  • Domestic insurgency by the DoD
  • Syrian President Assad’s allies say U.S. attack crosses ‘red lines’
  • Here We Go Again! US Air Strikes in Syria Cross Russian ‘Red lines’ and Risk Escalation to Nuclear War
  • Why are liberals now cheerleading a warmongering Trump?
  • America owes China $1tn. That’s a problem for Beijing, and Trump knows it
  • Counterfeiting significant to China’s overall economy
  • US Navy group headed towards Korean Peninsula – US official
  • Shadow Brokers hackers release NSA hacking tools to punish Trump for ‘abandoning’ his base
  • 59% of Germans disapprove of US strike on Syrian airbase – poll
  • Like Obama, Only Worse:Trump’s Ill Thought-Out Battle Against Islamic State
  • Jihadists in America
  • Uzbek suspect in Swedish attack sympathized with Islamic State: police

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TBR News April 8, 2018

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C. April 8, 2017: “When Napoleon had a potential rival murdered, Talleyrand, his foreign minister said, “It is worse than a crime; it is a mistake.”

This same aphorism can be applied to Trump’s attack on a Syrian air base on the totally unproved claim that the Syrian government had launched a poison gas attack on a civilian population.

This act has branded the new American president as a man who shoots first and asks questions later.

Some have hinted that this apparently rash act was designed to terrify the North Koreans who are threatening the United States with long range rockets that keep falling into the ocean after being in flight for ten seconds.

Perhaps this is so but if it is, this is an example of shooting a butterfly with a rifle.

There are serious reports that the Sarin gas used in the civilian attack could easily have been the property of the radical Islam organization IS who has no problem murdering civilians in large numbers.

On the other hand, neither the American military or the IDF also have any problems killing as many unarmed civilians as they can, but preferably before lunch.

And what if some entity set off a bomb in Bangor, Maine on a school buds and the dim-witted media claimed it was a Muslim radical from Canada?

Would Trump order a missile attack on Ottawa in retaliation?

Diplomacy is not a dying art, it is a dead one and he who lives by the sword will surely perish by the sword.”

Table of Contents

  • Iran’s Rouhani wants chemical attack in Syria investigated
  • Legal Experts Question Whether Trump’s Syria Strike Was Constitutional
  • Russia says U.S. strike ‘illegitimate,’ attempt to distract from Iraq
  • Despite tough talk, Turkey caught between U.S. and Russia in Syria
  • What’s really behind America’s rush to war in Syria?
  • Donald Trump has jumped into a quagmire with his eyes shut
  • Trump’s ‘Wag the Dog’ Moment
  • US polarizes world with attack on Syrian regime
  • Uzbek man arrested over Swedish truck attack that killed four
  • Coup D’Etat:The Technique Of Revolution

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TBR News April 7, 2017

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C. April 7, 2017: “There seems to be considerable errata concerning the motivations of Edward Snowden.

He is depicted as a pure-minded idealist on the one hand or a spy on the other.

The fact is that Edward has been both.

Edward worked for the CIA in Geneva, got disgusted with what he discovered and quit.

He contacted WikiLeaks.

They advised him to work for Booz Hamilton but in Hawaii.


Because in that branch there were no controls on the computers so that a user could look at, and download, whatever they wanted without leaving a footprint.

In Hong Kong, yes, Mr. Snowden was available in a Hong Kong hotel, and yes, Mr. Snowden was lodged at the Russian consulate at 30 Harbour Road, Wanchi.

Was Edward a free agent?

No, Edward was not a free agent.

For whom did Edward work?

Гла́вное разве́дывательное управле́ние

That’s who Edward worked(s) for.

And who owns WikiLeaks?

The same people.

The arrival of Edward at the Moscow airport ought to have alerted people to the true state of affairs but somehow it did not.

Although Edward got onto the Aeroflot plane in China, no one at the airport in Moscow ever saw him get off.

Expecting intelligent observations from the world’s media is a lost cause.

Edward’s treasure trove of gleaned information is the most significant intelligence coup in history, dwarfing the MAGIC intercepts of pre-WWII.

When refusdniks were allowed to exit Russia for Israel, many sleepers went with them.

Now, even the most coded and glactic material going from Washington to Tel Aviv is in Moscow before the next day dawns.

The President, using his special secret communicator, might as well be using a sound truck for all the privacy he really has.

And much of this comes from inside Langley from its compartmented workers holding Israeli citizenship.

‘Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.’”

Table of Contents

  • Is Assad to blame for the chemical weapons attack in Syria?
  • Putin believes US attack on Syria violates international law – spokesman
  • Trump Betrays Trumpism: Syria in the Crosshairs
  • Is Trump Going to Commit the Next Great American Catastrophe in Syria?
  • Did Assad use chemical weapons on Khan Shaikhoun to score an own goal in the international arena?
  • Resurrecting the Unholy Trinity
  • What are the End Days? A study in deception

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TBR News April 6, 2017

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C. April 6, 2017: “As in the years before the outbreak of the First World War, tensions began to build in the Balkans and as the various national leaders

were inept and careless, the war erupted and flattened every one and ruined Europe.

Now we can clearly observe the tensions building in the Middle East. To analyze them is not impossible but useless.

Larger nations, through proxies, make secret wars on each other but the end result, clearly coming, will prove to be as destructive as the 1914 war and probably more so.

As an example, we have the breathless reports of “gassings” in Syria.

America blames the legitimate Syrian government, and though them the Russians but the Sarin gas used has been manufactured in the United States and recently, used by their Turkish allies against the Kurds, an ethnic group Turkey is determined to destroy, just as they destroyed the Christian Armenians in 1916.

Perhaps another Archduke will be assassinated and then we can all move to the cellars and pray to whatever God is available.”

Table of Contents

  • Syria denies & condemns use of chemical weapons – foreign minister
  • Russia and Syria counter claims of responsibility for “gas attack”
  • Comment
  • What if Putin is Telling the Truth?
  • Alternative Facts at the NYT
  • Duterte to ‘raise the Philippine flag’ in South China Sea
  • Is North Korea putting a nuclear-tipped bargaining chip on the table?
  • Erdogan Isn’t as Strong as He Looks – That’s What Makes Him Dangerous
  • Hungary passes bill targeting Soros-funded university

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TBR News April 5, 2017

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C. April 5, 2017: “The Internet has proven to be the greatest source of information since lunatic Christians burnt down the library of Alexandria. Anything being sought, be it an address or an in-depth analysis of Dead Sea scrolls, is there and is the main reason that the famous Encyclopedia Britannica has gone out of business.

At the same time, because it is open to one and all, the Internet is also a breeding ground for a legion of strange persons with a frantic desire to air their pet theses, and boost themselves and their friends.

We see earnest discussions about the 1963 assassination of President Kennedy, , the Sinister Truth about Hurricane Katrina, Tesla Death Rays used to bring down the buildings of the WTC, balanced with other information proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that Russian bombers were used. We also discover the evil plottings of the Illuminati, a group that has been long gone, or that the Rothschild banking house had taken over the whole world. And from one source, now long  vanished, we discover that Houston was destroyed by a nuclear bomb set off by Jewish radicals or that the Fukishima disaster was really caused by an Israeli submarine, using German-made nuclear torpedoes! We also learn that President Trump microwaves kittens for his friends or that Saint Hillary the Divine is leaving her cave to be of comfort to the nation.

Yes, the Internet can entertain as well as inform.

But the fact that the Internet has many independent news sites means the diminution of the print media and the television news stations. Since these are the propaganda control for the oligarchy, there is great distress in board rooms and from them to the halls of Congress. They would like to shut off the Internet so that the stupid, and tax-paying public can only see what they are supposed to and not what might be the truth.

Obama and Cass Sunstein tried to shut down anyone who dared to interfere with the propaganda machinery but they were not successful. Even a furious defeated candidate, Hillary and her decaying machinery could not do it and if these differently-abled fungus people continue to try, there will be very serious public reactions indeed.”

Table of Contents

  • Anti-Trump headlines in the Washington Post, Jeff Bezos’ cat box liner, for April 5.
  • Tensions stoke fears of a first strike against North Korea
  • Boomerang: ‘Russia-gate’ Turns Into ‘Spy-gate’
  • Warrantless Cellphone Searches at the U.S. Border
  • By Jingo, an “Act of War!”
  • US Army Investigator Accuses National Security Adviser McMaster of War Crimes in Iraq
  • Abrupt Sea Level Rise Looms As Increasingly Realistic Threat
  • Rebel warehouse with chem weapons hit by Syrian airstrike in Idlib – Russian MOD
  • Bill O’Reilly loses even more advertisers amid sexual harrassment allegations

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TBR News April 4, 2017

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C. April 4, 2017: “The rising sea levels on the east coast of the United States are a reality but the way this issue is handled in the media is a fiction.

They have to admit to rapidly rising waters but either claim the land is sinking (which it isn’t) or that flooding will happen in 60 years and superior American technology will raise all the cities and towns up in the air and save us all.

All of this is dim-witted wishful thinking.

Genuine scientists, not the fake ones invented by the media, all agree that the huge ice caps at both end of the planet are melting at a rapidly increasing rate and given the mass of extant ice, a massive flooding is expected within the next five years, not distant decades hence.

And mixed in with the fictional sinking land, we hear wailing about the imperative to stop global warming. The causes range from cow flatulence to excessive use of sewing machines but no one really knows the causes. We do, however, know the effects.

There are millions of people living in areas that will be flooded and there are millions of mortgaged homes that the greedy banks will never let go of and the useless government in Washington, and in state capitols, can do nothing about this but pray to God all of it happens when they are safely retired somewhere with all their bribe money.

The sheep bleat and the wolves listen.

And if the sheep living in the flood zones don’t move to Iowa, they will drown.”

Table of Contents

  • Petersburg attacker was likely born in Kyrgyzstan
  • Many Turkish diplomats, soldiers seeking asylum in Germany
  • 4 governors ask Trump admin to chill out on marijuana enforcement
  • Democrats’ Vow to Filibuster Ensures Bitter Fight Over Gorsuch
  • Putin Derangement Syndrome Arrives
  • How Netanyahu’s dirty tricks squad targets boycotts
  • Miami’s fight against rising seas

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TBR News April 3, 2017

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C. April 3, 2017: “This planet is experiencing growing problems with what is called climate change.

Once verdant areas are turning into deserts while other areas are being flooded.

All the glacial ice in the world is rapidly melting and the sea levels are rising.

Bogus, or bought, scientists are saying that the sea levels are indeed rising and by 2100 they might have risen a whole 2cm!

This is nonsense and they know it.

The current estimates, from legitimate science sources, postulate a 3 meter rise in the ocean levels in 5-10 years (not decades) is the current melt rate continues.

And what causes climate change, or global warming as other like to term it?

No one knows but that does not prevent the loony bloggers from inventing causes as diverse as burning coal to the flatulence of cattle.

More sophisticated bloggers mention ultra violet rays from some distant planet or the suggestion that the world will turn upside down next Tuesday.

No one knows.

One is discovering, on another subject, that the report that Russia interfered with the last presidential election was concocted by the Clinton people and paid for by a multi-billionaire who hates Trump.

The eventual blowback for such things will be entertaining to watch.”

Table of Contents

  • Are We Headed for a Replay of World War I?
  • Hezbollah’s role in Syria and Israel’s dilemma
  • Trump warns US is prepared to act unilaterally on North Korea
  • Blast in St. Petersburg metro station kills 9: authorities
  • WikiLeaks’ Assange asylum winner in Ecuador election
  • Democrats’ Blind Obsession on Russia-gate
  • Don’t get fooled again by bogus links, bots and pure bunk. Here’s how.
  • Huge ‘potentially hazardous’ asteroid hurtling towards Earth
  • Greenland’s ‘land ice melt’ likely to drive up global sea levels
  • The hidden upsides of revenge

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TBR News April 2, 2017

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C. April 2, 2017: “The root cause of the manufactured hostility towards Russia has originated with the CIA’s attempted encirclement of that country to both destroy it as a potential rival global power and to weaken it to the point where American business interests can exploit her natural resources.

The CIA assisted Beria to assassinate Stalin and when Beria was deposed and shot, they eventually settled on Boris Yeltsin as a projected puppet leader.

Yeltsin, obeying orders, denationalized Russia natural resources which allowed the American business interests the ability to control the business entities that they enabled to buy up the stock.

The CIA also fomented the so-called Orange Revolution in the Ukraine which both allowed American business and military interests potential control over the iron mines of the Donetz basin and the former Soviet naval base in the Crimea.

Always insulated from reality and self-delusional, the CIA botched the second Orange Revolution and because of this, Russia regained legal control over the Crimea and so disrupted the social structure in the Donetz as to render it useless for Ukrainian, and American, control.

And so Obama threatened Russia with economic sanctions and got OPEC to lower the price of oil, thus damaging Russian economy.

And when the release of the Podesta papers badly damaged both Hillary Clinton and the Democrats, naturally their response was not to admit their transgressions but instead search for a scapegoat.

Putin was the obvious choice and so the weak print media has engaged in an instructed campaign, not only against Trump but against Putin’s Russia.

This plotting has been too little, too transparent and, most important, too late.”

Table of Contents

  • Anti-Trump headlines in the WP-Bezos’ cat box liner -April 2
  • EU gives up blocking Russia’s Nord Stream-2 pipeline – report
  • Were the hackers who broke into the DNC’s email really Russian?
  • WikiLeaks’ latest leak shows how CIA avoids antivirus programs
  • S.’s Mattis says North Korea is acting recklessly and must be stopped
  • US anti-protest bills ‘undemocratic’ & ‘alarming’ trend against free speech – UN
  • Euro is a ‘knife in the ribs’ of the French says Le Pen
  • The CIA’s Orange Revolution

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TBRF News April 1, 2017

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C. April 1, 2017: “Now that many of the formerly important print media are rapidly going out of the printing business, their websites are jammed with all manner of annoying, repulsive and misleading advertisements.

And we see stories labeled in small type as ‘Sponsored Content; (which means a paid ad) for such idiot things as a picture of some old geek and the caption ‘See how this multi-millionaire made a fortune selling used condoms as chewing gum!’

Or advertising stunning vacations at some Arab desert resort that is so remote and so unpleasant that the only person in your family that should be sent there is your mother-in-law (and then with a one-way ticket)

And in downloading a story to reprint, one must be careful not to trigger the hidden ads that creep in at the end of every paragraph.

Ad blockers take care of most of this but some of the moronic messaging does manage to creep in to make your day.”

Table of Contents

  • Marble Framework
  • WikiLeaks’ latest release of CIA cyber-tools could blow the cover on agency hacking operations
  • Major internet providers say will not sell customer browsing histories
  • India, Long at Odds With Pakistan, May Be Rethinking Nuclear First Strikes
  • White House spokesman sidesteps Russia questions, focuses on Clinton and Syria
  • Al-Qaeda & ISIS perfecting laptop bombs to bypass airport security – report
  • Turkey’s Worldwide Monitoring of Suspected Gülen Supporters
  • The Armenian Holocaust: A Turkish Delight
  • GOP Lawmakers Now Admit Years of Obamacare Repeal Votes Were a Sham
  • JDL members may be charged with hate crime for attack on 55yo teacher
  • The Jewish Defense League

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