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TBR News September 10, 2017

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The Voice of the White House


Washington, D.C., September 10, 2017:” The hurricane season is not over and given the warming ocean waters of the world, the arrival of more serious storms in the southeastern quadrant of the United States and Caribbean ought not to be a surprise.

However, that having been said, as with all natural disasters, we are being subjected to endless comments from self-important people about reasons, real or invented, for the shocking damage in areas of the coastal communities.

The increasing population makes it certain that even if, let us say, the west coast of Florida was swept clean, within ten years it would be built up again and heavily populated.

After all, building contractors, real estate firms and, most especially, the banks and financial systems would all profit from such growth. And if another major storm comes again, take comfort in the fact that no major insurance company will insure such property. Insurance companies bet only on sure things.”

Table of Contents

  • Record storm surges and flooding feared in Florida as Hurricane Irma hits
  • The Voice of the Loons

HURRICANE IRMA: Christians claim Irma is start of the END OF THE WORLD and HOUSTON NEXT

Rush Limbaugh Uncorks A Wild New Conspiracy Theory About Hurricane Irma

  • Your Money: How to live in a world where your data is not secure
  • Mikhail Saakashvili plans march on Kyiv
  • The Saudi Trillions

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TBR News September 9, 2017

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The Voice of the White House


Washington, D.C., September 9, 2017:” “Here, minus his address, is a communication from a perceptive, and very rare, literate, reader and my answer.

‘I ran into this article in the American Spectator, an apparently conservative/libertarian publication, which disputes the current idea floating around that paving over wetlands increased Houston’s susceptibility to flooding. I’m not too familiar with this publication but the points the author raises are interesting.

Fake News: Ignorant Reporters Blame Houston

I find it interesting that many of the areas hit by these storms are “rapidly growing.” Where are all these people coming from, and why are they moving to these places? Are there any areas in the country from which people are rapidly fleeing?’


The destruction at Houston was due to a Cape Verde hurricane that entered the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, sucked up a great deal of water, made land near Houston and then dumped water onto that area. ‘Harvey’ became stalled due to atmospheric conditions, and continued to dump water onto that area. Houston is quite low and close to the water (it is a port of commerce) and there was extensive flooding.

As far as burgeoning populations are concerned, there is global overpopulation and when this happens, there is overbuilding.

I suggest you look up, and read, Dr. Calhoun’s thesis about behavior with overpopulation.

This was found in the Scientific American in 1962 and precis of this can be found on Google.

Malthus addresses food problems in his essay on population.

Rather a wordy discussion but cogent. He sums it up in his second chapter when he states that population increases geometrically while food supplies increase arithmetically.

Now we read that Hurricane Irma (and no doubt the growing Jose) will do this or that and is caused by a myriad of nonsensical reasons.

The prurient itch to be noticed by others is the main reason for this endless babbling, theorizing and pontificating.

And like a rotting cherry on top of a bad quality sundae, we have the insane rantings of the blogger who attribute the hurricane disasters to such causes as flatulent elk, lesbians, satanists, voodo masters, Tesla death rays and many more culprits. ”



Table of Contents

  • Hurricane Jose: storm nearly ‘category five’ as it follows Irma’s destructive path
  • Staying behind on Florida islands is ‘almost like suicide’
  • Jose, still a dangerous Category 4 hurricane, threatens second blow to Irma-ravaged islands
  • ‘Once the storm starts, law enforcement cannot save you’: Fla. governor issues stern warning ahead of Irma
  • Are Israel and Hezbollah headed for another war?
  • Welcome to 1984: Big Brother Google now watching your every political move
  • Mossad officer leading ISIS as mosque Imam arrested in Libya

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TBR News September 8, 2017

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C., September 8, 2017:”Allthough it is not a secret and major media has certainly mentioned it, living close to the sea is not a safe idea.

It is known that the sea levels are rising, especially on the US east coast (although the lunatic fringe claims the land is sinking) and that in the event of a strong ocean storm or a hurricane, the storm surges will do terrible damage along coasts.

In spite of these warnings, more and more of the erect sheep are building on the coasts.

The current hurricane about to impact on southern Florida will no doubt wreak terrible havoc that will entertain the media, and the inland-dwelling public, for weeks but believe it, once the debris and the rotting corpses have been removed, others will eye the vacant properties with lust and a desire to build.

The fact that most insurance companies will no longer insure for storm damage to coastal properties seems more like a challenge than a warning.”


Table of Contents

  • Seas Rising but Florida Keeps Building on the Coast
  • Irma Threatens to Wash Away Florida Buildings After Tearing Through Caribbean
  • Hurricane Irma will ‘devastate’ part of U.S.: emergency services head

The Voice of the Loons!

  • Hurricane Irma: No such thing as a category six storm
  • Hurricane blame: Harvey & Irma ‘punishment’ for Trump & gay mayor, internet says
  • ShadowBrokers accelerating NSA leaks to twice a month
  • Equifax hack attack exposes data of 143 million customers
  • Israeli Espionage Against the United States
  • U.S. requires enhanced screening of cargo from Turkey
  • Buried in backlog, Feds give top-secret clearances to murderers, rapists
  • Mexico earthquake kills at least 32 and sparks mass evacuations

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TBR News September 7, 2017

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C., September 7, 2017: “Whenever there is a natural disaster, trust it, the loonies emerge from under their damp logs, waving their arms in the air and screeching the usual gibberish.

Here is a story from a British paper that illustrates this very well. And soon, we will learn that the mythical Planet X, with L. Ron Hubbard at the controls, will cause more hurricanes in the lower latitudes,:

‘HURRICANE IRMA: Christians claim Irma start of APOCALYPSE and HOUSTON NEXT

FLOOD ravaged Houston may be next to feel the force of a powerful hurricane, that could signal the start of the apocalypse, if three self-styled prophets are to be believed.

September 6, 2017

by Jon Austin

the Express

Christian doommongers in the US claim to have seen visions of Houston, Texas, burning after being pounded by terrible storms.

The religious conspiracy theorists claim their visions mean Houston could feel the force of Hurricane Irma and another as yet unknown storm. Storm Lydia is right behind Irma, weather forecasts show.

Weather experts have forecast Irma will reach the tip of Florida by the Gulf of Mexico, which is around 600 miles from Houston as the crow flies.

However, according to conspiracy theory website, there have been pr

Self-styled seer Pamela Banda says in August 2016 she first published a blog talking about a vision she had of Houston in may that year.

She said it indicated that two floods and two storms would hit the city.

Ms Banda said that while praying she “instantly saw a vision”.

She wrote: “I suddenly found myself up in the air in the city of Houston.”

Four gas tanks were on fire and the flames spread to an apartment bock, which collapsed, she claimed.

She added: “Then out of the corner of my right eye I saw a wave of water that looked around five feet high from where I was up in the air.

“So it was not as tall as the buildings, but enough to cause severe damage.

“The water was destroying everything in sight.

“Cars were being flipped over and everything was catching on fire.

“When the winds came it moved me in the air and that was when I began to panic because until then I thought I was only seeing a vision.”

However, Ms Banda gave no hint of a date for when it would happen after her “vision.”

“Prophet” Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, the founder of Jesus Ministries, had a 2015 prophecy of the destruction of Houston, according to

He wrote then: “When we landed at Houston airport, we came out of the plane and we walked on the bridge.

“As soon as I stepped foot on Houston Airport, I heard the voice.

“I think this angel followed me. He said, ‘This city will be destroyed by a massive flood’.”

Again no date of when it would happen was given.

Brother Billy Nelson was the first to predict the events, according to James Baily of

Mr Baily said: “Exactly eight years ago, on August 30 2009, Brother Billy Nelson had a prophetic dream in which he saw great destruction in Houston.”

Mr Nelson wrote in 2009 that while on a cruise ship he “looked out over the water and saw massive amounts of debris coming into the waterway.”

He said: “I saw pieces of rooftops, houses, and all manner of trash floating in the water.

“It was the leading edge of incredible amounts of fragments of what used to be homes and businesses.”

Mr Nelson claimed God warned him ‘when you see this it has begun’.

Mr Baily said: “What has begun? Billy understood it was a confirmation of many other prophetic warnings God had already given him regarding judgment coming to the United States.

“What Brother Billy saw in his dream is happening today as he is currently on a cruise ship near Houston, stranded with 20,000 other passengers.”

Mr Nelson claimed to have a second vision on September 15 2009.

He said at the time: “In the vision, I was observing from a high altitude.

“I saw the Houston, Galveston coastline below.

“A very weak unnamed storm was brewing just off shore.

“Then it suddenly intensified and became a very large black storm like no one had ever seen.

The storm moved inland in a large black mass and engulfed the city of Houston and surrounding area

afterwards the storm withdrew, it drug back a massive amount of debris as it returned to sea.”

Mr Baily said: “The year was marked out, so it was not revealed, but the month was revealed as September.

“Putting Billy’s vision together with what Pamela saw, a second storm will bring more flooding and strong winds to the Houston area and its’ destruction will be greater than the first because Pamela saw ‘everything catching on fire’ and Billy saw, ‘It drug back a massive amount of debris as it returned to sea.’

“Even though the first storm has already landed, we have not been shown how much time passes before the second one hits.

“Perhaps the area will be granted a reprieve.”

Fortunately for us many people have predicted the end of the world on many occasions and all have come and passed without incident.’”




Table of Contents

  • Hurricane Irma causes devastation in the Caribbean
  • Mother Nature’s wrath: Is climate change making mega-hurricanes the new normal
  • Why Hurricane Irma Could Hurt, a Lot: Much Lies in Harm’s Way
  • Sea level rise will double coastal flood risk worldwide
  • Plastic fibers pervasive in tap water worldwide, new study shows
  • The Bombast of Nikki Haley
  • North Korea: EU mulling sanctions, South Korea, Japan coordinating more sanctions
  • White Christians a minority in US, study finds
  • While Defeat of Isis Dominates Attention, al-Qaeda Gets Stronger
  • Never pick a fight with a tiger

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TBR News September 6, 2017

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C., September 6, 2017:”One hurricane tore into Houston and Louisiana and now another, much more dangerous one, is bearing down on the Florida Keys and quite probably Miami. That city lies so close to the ocean that even if the hurricane goes to the south of them, the surge of waves will do terrible damage to them. The Keys look as if they are doomed because the winds are now over 200 mph and the waves are up to twenty feet high. And no one seems to notice that another storm is coming up right behind the current one. Bloggers and conspiracy idiots will give many reasons for all of this carnage but the simple fact is that the oceans are warming and a hurricane thrives on warm water. The Gulf of Mexico is now at 85 degrees and if the storms get into that body of water, the Gulf coast is certain to be ravaged. Let’s all move to Detroit and chase out the legions of rats that now occupy it. Much safer there although Detroit looks like Dresden after the 1945 terror attack that killed over 200,000 people.”

Table of Contents

  • Hurricane Irma heads for Caribbean, triggers states of

emergency for Puerto Rico, Florida

  • Florida prepares for powerful Hurricane Irma
  • North Korea Says It Might Negotiate on Nuclear Weapons. But the Washington Post Isn’t Reporting That.
  • The USS Liberty Wins One!
  • Fifty Years Later, NSA Keeps Details of Israel’s USS Liberty Attack Secret
  • An Agent from Ankara: Did Turkey Plan To Kill Kurdish Official in Germany?
  • The Armenian Holocaust: A Turkish Delight

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TBR News September 5, 2017

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C., September 5, 2017:”By threatening to embargo any imports from countries dealing with North Korea, Trump is causing unhappiness in some circles but also action. Both Russia and China are leaning on North Korea because if sanctions are not used, the US will use other, more violent, methods of stopping their nonsensical rocketry. And while a massive explosion was recorded as coming from North Korea, while it was initially thought to be an underground testing of a hydrogen bomb, there has been no detection of any radiation. Obviously, the North Koreans are running a bluff and set off standard explosives, pretending that they had a hydrogen bomb. It is not a good idea to poke a tiger with a stick.”


Table of Contents

  • Hurricane Irma, Now a Category 5 Storm, Threatens the Caribbean and Florida
  • Terrorism and the copycat effect
  • North Korea nuclear crisis: Putin calls sanctions useless
  • Watch What Trump Does, Not What He Says. He May Not Actually End DACA.
  • A Knife in the Dark: An Overview of Israeli Espionage against the U.S.
  • Turkey’s collapsing EU membership bid
  • Turkey says talk of ending its EU accession undermines Europe
  • Sanctions doubts grow as North Korea warns of ‘gift packages’ for U.S.
  • Israel: Netanyahu’s Wife To be Charged With Fraud Over Lavish Dinner Parties and Private Chefs
  • Syrian army breaks three-year ‘Islamic State’ siege in Deir el-Zour
  • Hezbollah co-leader: US nurtured ISIS monster against Syrian govt, now has to fight them
  • The secret about human evolution found in spit
  • Utah hospital to police: Stay away from our nurses

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TBR News September 4, 2017

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C., September 4, 2017:”The left-wing media and various similarly oriented political groups have been relentlessly attacking Trump since his triumph over the establishment’s choice of Clinton. Under the drumfire of the media Trump staggered about, trying to be the President and having a dismal time of it. Now, however, he has resonated tremendously in two areas. First, his immediate response to the Harvey hurricane and the damage it did to Houston was excellent. George W. lay drunk in his Texas ranchette during the whole of hurricane Katrina but Trump was immediately available and, even better, donated over a million dollars of his own money to relief funding. Second, instead of dropping bombs on a manic North Korea for threatening the United States with a nuclear attack, Trump asked countries doing business with that country to embargo their trade and force North Korea to negotiate. If, as expected, China waffled, he threatened to cut off all trade with any country who continued to supply North Korea with needed material. This obviated the necessity of dropping bombs on them and the hysterical screams from China are proof that he struck a raw nerve. Trump can do this with a stroke of his pen and the Chinese know it.”


Table of Contents

  • Mattis on North Korea: any threat to US will be met with ‘massive military response’
  • A closer look at which countries trade with North Korea
  • ‘Ultimate sanction’ – Will cutting off oil bring North Korea to its knees?
  • Unacceptable’: China slams Trump’s threat to end commerce with N. Korea’s trade partners
  • The Korean Crisis: A Way Out
  • Undercover in North Korea: “All Paths Lead to Catastrophe”
  • ‘Thousands of military contractor files allegedly left online, unsecure
  • Conversations with the Crow:

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TBR News September 3, 2017

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C., September 3, 2017:”If the reports of a North Korean atomic weapon are not propaganda, then Trump has little choice than to make every effort to neutralize the obviously lunatic North Koreans. This country has committed acts of violence or threatened them for years. They have attack South Korean shipping, kidnapped their citizens, openly boast of having the South Korean capitol the potential target of heavy artillery and now are threatening everyone with long range rocketry and atomic weapons. This puts one in mind of the actions of the Serbians against Austria in 1914. That government connived at the assassination of the Archduke in Sarajevo and then wailed with anguish when the Austrians declared war on them. Of course this led to the involvement of others and the First World War began. Negotiation is always a better choice than warfare bit negotiation requires both sides of a issue to cooperate.”


Table of Contents

  • Possible two-stage hydrogen bomb seen ‘game changer’ for North Korea
  • North Korea: From war to nuclear weapons
  • Trump: N. Korea hostile and dangerous to US, talk of appeasement won’t work
  • The Unlikely Jihadi
  • MS-13: The rise of a deadly gang in US suburbia
  • The CIA’s Nazi Friends
  • In the Beginning

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TBR News September 2, 2017

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C., September 2, 2017:” A constant subject for the high-level intelligence people inside the Beltway is the progress of what is called ‘The Plan.’

This is a long-term program, formulated and implemented, by the far-right element in the government and eagerly supported by the so-called neo-cons.

The purpose of this program is to destabilize Russia, force Putin and his supporters out of office and replace them, as was done during the reign of the CIA-friendly Yeltsin, with persons friendly to the United States aims and, specially, friendly to US business interests.

Russia is in possession of a very large reservoir of natural resources from oil to gold and American interests very nearly had their controlling hands on all of this during the Yeltsin years but lost it when Putin got in control.

They hate his intractable nationalism and have done, and are doing, everything they can to discredit, defeat and eventually oust him.

A major part of The Plan has been to get physical control of countries surrounding Russia from the Baltic states to the ‘Stans and to ring Russia with American-oriented and friendly countries.

Putin, aware of this because of the obviousness of the plottings and also because of very high-level information leaks from Washington, responded and with deadly effect. Georgia was run by a domestic politician who was eccentric, egotistical but in the pocket of Washington, and who allowed American troops and their military equipment to pour into the country.

But two Georgian provinces, inhabited mostly by Russians, objected to the blatantly pro-West government in Tiblisi and protested.

Georgia’s answer was to threaten force and, with full American support, to mass Georgian troops on the borders of these provinces.

Putin responded by sending a Russian military strike force into the area in support of the break-away areas and this caused a two-fold retreat on the part of American supporters. The military units rapidly evacuated west to the Black Sea and US Naval evacuation while an army of CIA personnel fled in terror to the airport at Tiblisi to avoid capture. This demarche disillusioned a number of eastern European countries who then toned down their anti-Russian rhetoric and made pacific moves towards the Kremlin.

A very high-level Polish government contingent flying into Smolensk to confer with the Russians were destroyed when their aircraft, responding to faked ground signals at the fog-shrouded Smolensk airport, slammed into the ground, wiping out the top level Poles. The Russians did not destroy the Poles but American intelligence operatives did.

This pointless slaughter was designed to teach wavering cantonists a lesson.

And the so-called “Orange Revolution” in the Ukraine was entirely a CIA operation.

The government in that country was replaced with a pro-Western one and the Ukraine was then viewed in Washington as another country to stock with threatening American missiles and troops.

When the Ukrainians tired of the corruption that inevitably is attendant upon a pro-West government and eventually elected a pro-Russian president, the CIA predictably responded by fomenting civil strife in Kiev and when that appeared to be waning, had their surrogates start shooting at random into the crowd to stir up public anger.

Putin’s response was to occupy the Russian-populated Crimea, hold an election that overwhelmingly supported union with Russia and gained the important naval base at Sebastopol that the Ukraine had promised to the US Navy and, more important, the Crimean off-shore oil fields and a coastline that permitted an easier installation of the South Stream oil transmission line from Russian oil fields to southern Europe.

The fury of the balked intelligence and governmental organs in Washington has been monumental and because a restive Europe is presenting a disunited front in the dictated attacks on Russia, more pressure is being planned to further threaten and pressure Putin.

The oil-rich Arctic is a prime future battlefield selected by Washington to engage the Russians, but the latter hold most of the geo-political cards.

And attempts to economically isolate Russia can easily backfire and create economic chaos with America’s economic powers.

The Russians hold 118 billion dollars worth of US Treasury certificate and their tenative allies, the Chinese, hold one trillion dollars of the same certificates. Should these countries, against whom the United States has been conducting clandestine political warfare, ever decide to jointly dump these financial instruments, the collapse of the dollar as the leading international currency would create an economic crisis that could easily prove fatal to Washington.

When tempted to fight fire with fire, remember that the fire department usually uses water.


Table of Contents

  • Is U.S. Congress Declaring War on WikiLeaks?
  • Retail U.S. gasoline prices surge on Harvey supply disruptions
  • ‘Your eyes start itching’: pollution soars in Houston after chemical industry leaks
  • Petition to declare George Soros a ‘terrorist’ & seize his assets gains required 100k signatures
  • Petition to declare ‘Antifa’ group terrorists collects 250k signatures
  • The American Media’s Control of Public Opinion
  • Hezbollah says bulk of IS convoy has left Syrian government area
  • Russian warplanes bomb ISIS position as Damascus pushes forward to Deir ez-Zor
  • Army to Send 1,200 Alaska-Based Soldiers to Afghanistan
  • Fentanyl Overtakes Heroin as Leading Cause of U.S. Drug Deaths
  • Protecting Earth from an asteroid strike – what can we do?
  • In Siberia in 1908, a huge explosion came out of nowhere

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TBR News September 1, 2017

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C., September 1, 2017:”There are growing rumors in Washington that a significant number of its prominenten have been known to frequent Ukrainian child pornography sites, downloading material that is strictly forbidden by Federal law. I would not publish any of this but it appears that someone else will. www.juersmilitaria is the site to watch. I like peace and quiet but the proprietor of that site does not.”


Table of Contents

  • ‘Missile Gap’ Redux: Heroic Days of Threat Inflation Aren’t Over
  • Putin warns North Korea situation on verge of ‘large-scale conflict’
  • Petition to declare George Soros ‘terrorist’ and seize his assets gains 70k signatures
  • Israel is getting creative at countering its demographic disadvantage, but it may be too little, too late
  • Why The Shale Oil “Miracle” Is Becoming A “Debacle”
  • New Think Tank Emails Show “How Google Wields its Power” in Washington
  • Who will bear the financial burden for Harvey’s rampage? Not insurance companies.
  • 400,000 deaths in Syria civil war directly attributed to US & allies’
  • Fine Art as a Commodity
  • New York Times distorts reality of Israel’s walls
  • FCC closes virus upload loophole on its website

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