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TBR News August 28, 2016

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C.  August 28, 2016: “We are out of office until August 29. ed Continue Reading »

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TBR News August 27, 2016

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The Voice of the White House    

Washington, D.C.  August 27, 2016 :”The Chinese, who along with the Russians, have penetrated American secret communications networks, are pushing the United States in the South China Sea, trying to provoke some kind of an incident to which they can respond militarily. They did this in Korea in 1951 and invaded that country, attacking American troops there. That they took terrible losses in no way deterred them and they simply stepped back, remembering their defeat and waiting for the next time. But China is driven by forces other than a desire to humiliate the United States. She has ecological and sociological problems that are threatening to do terrible damage to their infrastructure. The Himalayan glacers, the source of most of China’s fresh water, are very rapidly shrinking and when they are gone, the economic PRC structure will be dealt a massive blow. And in the north, the Gobi desert is slowly but surely moving towards Beijing, something that can easily be seen by the often total clouds of reddish smog that stifles the Chinese capital. Now, China is looking to the north, to virtually unoccupied Russian Siberia with its timber, fresh water, vacant land and natural resources which China lacks. Her plan is to embroil Russia and the United States in a remote conflict and then when both parties are engaged in serious warfare, to move into Siberia and say, with smiles, ‘This my garden now!'” Continue Reading »

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TBR News August 26, 2016

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The Voice of the White House    

Washington, D.C.  August 26, 2016: “If serious speculations about filched anti-Clinton documents are true, the result will certainly be her defeat in the forthcoming Presidential election.

It does not matter if Wikileaks, or Russian intelligence found these, if what I have been told is accurate, it’s farewell to the Clintons and hello to Mr. Trump.

The media has been attacking Trump without letup and it will be interesting to see if the really ugly Hillary intercepts will get any of their attention.

These Clinton papers will, of course, get onto the Internet so the American, and British, media keeping silence will, in the end, have no effect whatsoever.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News August 25, 2016

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C.  August 25, 2016: “Given the rising number of unemployed and the increasingly fragile American economy, there has been very quiet talk inside the Beltway about doing a reprise of 1948 and concocting a situation that would require a draft to enlarge the already bloated military and an increase in American industrial output. This worked in 1948 and there are now those who think it could work again. There was an economic slump in 1938 and Roosevelt pulled us out of it by manipulating the Second World War. When that war was over and the inflated wartime production levels started to fall, business, and the military, wanted something to go back to the glory days of the war. The Russian threat was enlarged and pounded by the media and the Cole War indeed was a highly successful ploy. Now such moves are being quietly talked about at the Metropolitan and Cosmos Clubs, quietly but serious. Can the Russians be goaded into some kind of a threatening action? What about the North Koreans? China? Some business in the Middle East? When both the military and the business community desire an action, we have one.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News August 24, 2016

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The Voice of the White House 

Washington, D.C. August 24, 2016: “America has always been promoted as the land of economic opportunity. We can see this in the recent massive DEA raids on sellers of medical marijuana in states which have legalized its growth and sales. Federal agents, realizing how much money was involved, ordered banks not to accept deposits from growers or sellers of medical marijuana and then, when the safes were stuffed with cash, raided them and stuffed the cash in their pockets. They justified the raids by stating that while the states indeed had legalized pot growing and selling, the Federal government had not and Federal law always superseded state law. Ergo, another source of usable cash was being developed. The 9th Circuit Court then ruled that the DEA could not further enrich their employees and ordered the seizures halted in the nine states they covered. It is also noted that equally eager highway patrol officers were engaged in similar thefts but the courts are taking a dim view of this entrepreneurism.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News August 23, 2016

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C. August 23, 2016: “We live in an interesting age. Mutual spying on everyone, no secret safe, the US run by immoral business and banking entities, thefts, murders, swindles, and most especially, lies, abound. The up-coming presidential elections will reach new levels of charater assassination aided and abetted by a controlled media that does as its owners dictate and truth is never an issue. Massive and growing unemployment is studiously ignored and someone yesterday asked me an interesting question. He wondered why the United States, a supporter of Israel and disrupter of the political scene in the Middle East, has never been attacked by Muslim radicals? Our borders are porous and we have a large Muslim population in the United States. France, England, Germany have been attacked but never the United States, or Israel. The Saudis’ had a false attack in order to show they actually had never started IS and condoned its train of psychotic murders but nothing has ever been done to American interests or citizens. This is, I think, a valid observation indeed.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News August 22, 2016

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C. August 22, 2016: “The Ukraine situation is coming up soon, to rival the ravages in Turkey and that countries’ moves towards Putin’s Russia. It is known in the Western intelligence circles that the CIA was responsible for the so-called ‘Orange Revolution’ in which the Russians and pro-Russians in the government were replaced with US-friendly people. When the Ukraine voted in a pro-Russian president, the CIA moved into action and we saw the Kiev ‘revolt.’ The important Crimea (offshore oil fields and a large naval base at Sebastopol) was mostly Russian in population and the break-away was conducted, not with military force on the part of Russia but a legal, and successful, referendum. It is obvious that Putin will not invade the Ukranine unless, and until, that country attacks him first. And if the CIA, and neo-cons, have their way, that will surely happen and the Ukraine will fall back under the control of Moscow.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News August 21, 2016

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C. August 21, 2016: “The West, led by the United States, has always viewed Turkey, with its large and capable military, as an asset. The Armenian massacres were put away and forgotten and Turkey was used as a base of operations against the Soviet Union. The country has had more CIA personnel inside its borders than any other country, aside from Germany (which is packed with them). When Russia began to assist Assad in Syria in his fight against American-backed rebels, his bombing raids totally disrupted the flow of looted Syrian oil to Turkey where their President and members of his family were able to great profit from the thefts. The Russian attacks on the rebels also killed a number of CIA personnel who were in place, training them. It was then suggested by instigators that the Turks could punish Russia, a traditional enemy, for their aerial slaughter of American agents and the interdiction of Syrian oil by making a statement. That statement was to shoot down a Russian bomber and warn Russia it had gone too far. Turkey was also assured of “unconditional Western support (via Nato) in the event of Russian military intervention. Instead of sending in Russian troops, Putin clamped economic restrictions on Turkey that were extremely costly for the Turks but were insufficient to permit Nato to respond. The West did nothing but wring their hands and the once-reliable Turks began to look for allies elsewhere. Moynihan was right when he said: For a quarter of a century the CIA has been repeatedly wrong about every major political and economic question entrusted to its analysis.’ Continue Reading »

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TBR News August 20, 2016

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C. August 20, 2016: “Washington official circles are extremely angry with Turkey for Erdrogan’s approaches to both Vladimir Putin and the PRC. Although Turkey and Russia have been traditional enemies, Erdrogan is furious with the United States’ perceived hostility to his growing dictatorial graspings and is moving, in public, towards a Russian alliance. He has, in essence, walking away from Nato and also on the disintegrating EU. Turkey is also involved with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization that also involves Russia and Iran. Erdrogen is seeking a military and economic alliance with Russia and an economic alliance with the PRC.

Russia feels that Turkish assistance could assist them in their support of Assad. True, Turkey is basically Sunni in the Moslem faith and since the Saudi-organized IS is an arm militant of that branch of the faith, they clandestinely cooperate with IS.Turkey is also afraid of the Kurdish separatists because about 25% of Turkey’s population is Kurdish and must be silenced. Turkey is now also communicating with Iran and this could result in an armistice between the Jihadic Sunnis

Russia clearly sees that it would be important to gain Turkey’s assistance in containing the Sunnis in Syria, as well as achieving strong influence in the Middle East.

The United States and the EU/Nato people do not wish to have a and the other NATO countries don’t want to appear to have an open breach with Erdroden. They do not want to force Turkey out of Nato and the EU does not want to so antagonize him that he reneges on his refugee acceptance agreement

Erdogan is outraged that the United States will not extradite Fethullah Gulen to Turkey. They blame him, with justification, for instigating the recent failed putsch and feel, again with justification, the elements in the American intelligence community were also involved.

The incident in which the Turks shot down a Russian plane was instigated by the CIA who told Erdogen that if Russia attacked them because of this, Nato would rush to their defense. Nato did not and Putin retaliated with economic sanctions against Turkey that did very considerable damage to that country. As is their habit, the CIA expressed dismay at the sanctions but did nothing to support Erdogen. In essence, like their behavior in the Ukraine, they ran away.

It is obvious from all of this that Vladimir Putin is always two, or three, steps ahead of his trade enemies in Washington. It is a pity that the United States cannot find a statesman like Putin to run the country as Putin does for Russia.

Instead, the American people are ruled by business and banking cartels and her leading politicians have all the integrity of a Bessarabian rag picker.” Continue Reading »

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TB News August 19, 2016

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C. August 19, 2016: “The current hyped anti-Russian rhetoric coming from official Washington is not a reflection of physical threats from that country but simply a pathetic, and non-effectve reprise of the cold war which started in 1948.

Russia is not really viewed as a military threat but she is seen as an ecomomic one. Russia has an enormous, and potentially very valuable, land mass. She has control of serious amounts of oil, so important to American economics and she is seen in Wasington as a real political, not military, threat to American frantic attempts to defend her position as the leader of the world.

The United States does have a huge military machine but it is obsolete in many aspects and its costs to maintain are putting a burden on the American taxpayers that is causing serious domestic problems.

America is no longer a significant producing nation and instead of maintaining its position in an economic sense, she is attempting to do so by destroying any major potential economic rival.

Hence we see CIA unrest gendered in the Ukraine, sanctions, press attacks and on and on. England was once the most powerful nation on earth but like all economic/military empires, she began to slip and much of this slippage was due entirely to rising German economic might.

England could not tolerate another rival and so the propaganda war against Germans began.

This ended in the First World War and the eventualy reduction of the once-powerful British Empire to the level of a third world country.

What goes up, always comes down.” Continue Reading »

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