TBR News October 24, 2014

Oct 24 2014

The Voice of the White House


        Washington, D.C. October 23, 2014: ”As usual, the mindless bloggers seized ahold of the Ebola issue and trumpeted to all and sundry that the planet was doomed; that Ebola was spreading across the globe, threatening millions. Then the authorities realized this was causing panics so the bloggers were reined in and stories appeared about the new vaccinations planned by major firms and the fact that Ebola thrived in poverty and dirt and did not thrive in societies with competent medical facilities and especially, not in advanced societies. This latter concept bordered on the implication that Africa was dirty and backward so it received little attention. We saw the obedient media screeching at the evil Russians but since this had no effect on Putin, they found other subjects to busy themselves with. And since the Obama sanctions were hurting European economy, we see statements from the White House that since Putin has, apparently, learned his lesson, the sanctions are being lifted. The next point of friction will be in the Arctic, mark it.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News October 19, 2014

Oct 19 2014

The Voice of the White House


Washington, D.C. October 17, 2014: “Now that the Crimean adventure is over, the media is rushing to the Ebola business, squawking and clucking like drunken chickens. A strict quarantine is needed but given the rank inefficiency of the government, will never happen. Ebola is not as bad as smallpox but it does prove Malthus’ point about over-population and food supplies. Ebola, the rising sea levels,

Putin, oil and rabid Islamists are now up front and one reading MSN gets to find out how much celebs weigh and the fact that a two year old boy in Florida ate a ten foot long snake or that two jaywalkers were apprehended in Bad Seepage, Ohio. Facts are indeed to be found on the Internet but not on Zero Hedge. There are many reliable news sites, Reuters being one of the best, and they nestle cheek by jowl with nut sites proclaiming the emergence of the Loch Ness monster in Lake Erie. I will put up a list of what I personally consider legitimate news sites in a later column.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News October 10, 2014

Oct 10 2014


The Voice of the White House

         Washington, D.C. October 9, 2014: “Now that there are Ebola cases in the United States, trust me, the Babbling Bloggers will have a royal field day starting groundless rumors, full of their self-importance and echoing with cries of doom. What will the non-existant Tyler Durden have to say? Does Wayne Madsen have the real inner secrets? Oh, and do not forget the in-depth secrets of Global Research or the brilliant anaylsis of Sorcha Faal. A frantic public awaits the latest from the gurus of the Internet with frenzied anticipation. Are ships full of Ebola victims being sent to this country by the One World Order? What does Gordon Duff have to say? And will we learn that a policeman in St. Louis shot a giant Ebola virus two hundred times and was later exposed as an Illuminati agent? Continue Reading »

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TBR News September 26, 2014

Sep 25 2014

The Voice of the White House


          Washington, D.C. September 24, 2014: “I see on a genuine, as opposed to a blo, that Obama is willing to lift sanctions on Russia if they obey the cease fire in the Ukraine. He is too busy bombing the ISIS people, their personnel and any infrastrucure above ground to bother with a lost cause. And soon enough, the focus will be on the oil-rich Arctic and America’s determination to wrest it away from Russia for their own gain. A stunning victory over ISIS, which will leave another trail of death and destruction behind, ought, Washington reasons, terrify the Russians into meekly surrending their oil rights to the Champion of Freedom-Loving American banks and oil companies.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News September 14, 2014

Sep 14 2014

The Voice of the White House


        Washington, D.C. September 11, 2014: “The preliminary report on the downing of the Malaysian airliner has been released and we learn nothing from the text other than something brought the plane down. The photographs accompanying the article tell a different story. Several very clear pictures of the top of the pilot’s cabin show a series of very obvious round bullet holes. If a missile, fired by Russian-supported rebels, was used, the explosion would be beneath the plane, not on top of it, and round bullet holes would not be evident. The United States is determined to imply that the Russians were involved in this atrocity but it is becoming more and more evident that Kiev ordered the plane to change its course so that it was crossing the contested areas and then had it shot down by Ukrainian military aircraft, hoping thereby to blame Russia and her eastern Ukrainian supporters. Whether Washington was aware of this matter in advance is not known but they cannot but help to be aware of it at this point in time. Continue Reading »

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TBR News September 6, 2014

Sep 06 2014


The Voice of the White House


            Washington, D.C. Septermber 5, 2014: ”The article printed below is a typical piece of official propaganda, published by a newspaper with the strongest government connections. The writers make entirely false assumptions and, having done so, go on to build their opinions. We have highlighted examples of this in red for our reader’s entertainment: Continue Reading »

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TBR News August 15, 2014

Aug 15 2014


The Voice of the White House


          Washington, D.C. August 13, 2014:  “The Internet is filled to overflowing with news, national and international.

In putting a newsletter together, we read a number of reliable sites, paying no attention to the sensationalistic and generally worthless blogs.

We read Russian sites like Russia Today, Novosti, ITAR/Tass and several others and from these, we get the Russian point of view.

The New York Times, the Washington Post gives us the official American point of view.

All informational sites, be it RT or the Guardian have their own views but in reading them daily, it is fairly easy to winnow the wheat from the chaff at get at what could possibly be the truth.

For example, there is no question that the Malaysian civil aircraft, and an Air India plane behind it, were diverted by Kiev aircraft controllers away from the usual civil air corridor and moved 200 miles to the north.

This path would place them directly over the area where the separatists were waging civil war against Kiev.

Neutral ground observers saw the plane explode but saw no signs of a trall left by a surface to air missile.

Later, when various investigative groups sought to inspect the wreckage, the separatists, and Russia, agreed.

Once these observers arrived at the scene, the Ukrainian military began to shell them.

This happened twice and is an excellent reason to suspect the direct involvement of the Kiev people in the destruction of the aircraft.

Some of the wreckage showed signs, very clear signs, of bullet holes punched in from the outside.

Ground to air missiles do not fire bullets.

Since Kiev is now an American ally, we hear nothing from Washington on this side of the issue and neither is the domestic media at all interested in condeming our reliable and freedom-loving CIA asset in easten Europe.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News August 10, 2014

Aug 10 2014

The Voice of the White House


             Washington, D.C., August 9, 2014: “The feud between the US and Russia, bases primarily on possession of oil and world importance, fluctuates back and forth on a daily basis. Furious that Putin has made him look like a fool, Obama puts sanctions on Russia and they retaliate in kind. Other countries, pressured by Washington to also sanction Russia, see now that their own domestic economic pictures are being injured, are distancing themselves from Obama but in a diplomatic way so as not to invite helicopter gunships to blast their day care centers. For this, of course, the United States would call upon Israel who is an expert in this field. And authentic pictures of the remains of the downed Malaysian passenger plane show very clearly that what brought it down were not “rebel rockets” but machinegun bullets from the two Ukrainian military jets known to have been tracking the plane. Also, note that this plane had been diverted to the war zone by Ukrainian aircraft control people. When this finally emerges, the Obama people will have an awkward time of it because of their close embrace of the corrupt Kiev government.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News August 3, 2014

Aug 03 2014

The Voice of the White House

          Washington, D.C. August 1, 2014: “Posturing and fist-shaking by President Obama aside, the reality now becoming manifest in the world is the anger and impotent fury on the part of the leadership of the United States aimed at Russia. Why at Russia? Not because of the situation in the Ukraine (started by the American CIA in Kiev) but because of the world oil situation.

The reserve and production figures in the oil world are most interesting.

  • Of known oil reserves, Russia ranks eighth in the world with reserves (of 109 bbl ) of 80 while the United States ranks fourteenth in the world with reserves (of  109 bbl) of 26.8.
  • Of current production, Russian ranks first in the world producing 10,900,000 barrels per day while the United States ranks third producing 8,453,000 barrels per day.
  • And it is to be noted that the Unites States, by itself, consumes 19,150,000 barrels per day.

If complex-appearing issues are reduced to their common denominator, it is easy to recognize that the United States consumes far more than it produces and although there is much propaganda about stunning results of shale-oil “fracking,” in truth, oil from this process not only is of inferior quality but its extraction from the ground is pntentially very dangerous, both by the infusion of contaminated material into the water table and by the disruption of seismic plates which result in small to medium earthquakes. Saudi Arabia is running out of oil and has to resort to pumping live steam into its wells to free up more oil and this country is a major supplier of oil to the United States. Venezuelan oil, another source of American imports, is of low quality and needs expensive refining before it can be commercialized so it is easy to understand the current Russia-bashing prevalent in the American media.  Continue Reading »

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TBR News Juy 29, 2014

Jul 29 2014

The Voice of the White House


Washington, D.C. July 29, 2014: “I read on various legitimate Internet news sources that the US claims to have ‘proof’ of Russian rocket attacks on Ukrainian targets.

The pictures have been ridiculed by the Russians and further information from official American sources that state much of their information comes from the social networks such as Twitter, Tweet and Facebook are so entertaining that I felt it necessary to comment on them.

Any nation’s intelligence agencies that bases serious accusations of misconduct on anything emanating from the social networks must be a combination of utter stupidity and contempt for their public’s intelligence.

I do not doubt for an instant that Russia has been, clandestinely, supplying weaponry to the breakaway elements in eastern Ukraine but I doubt if they are firing missiles into that country and I find it impossible to believe that Putin would encourage the shooting down of a commercial plane.

The evidence of weight would indicate that the Ukrainians themselves shot down this plane, on purpose and to embarrass their enemies.

Hysterical utterances from official Washington about sanctions and so on are designed to cover up American knowledge of this murderous activity on the part of their soi disant ally, the Ukraine.

While it is true that the US can cause economic injury to Russia, Russia, in turn, is capable of doing far more against American economic interests.

Note that the EU is very careful not to unduly annoy Putin.

If the neocons in the State Department and the CIA are not successful in recovering the strategically important Crimea, perhaps they might turn their anger on an easier target like North Korea or even Nigeria.

            After all, the latter has much valuable oil deposits. Perhaps we could send in troops to protect Nigeria’s freedom-loving people?” Continue Reading »

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