TBR News November 14, 2014

Nov 14 2014

Report of the National Intelligence Council’s 2020 Project


NIC 2004-13 Classified Noforn, Top Secret Galactic


Executive Summary

At no time since the formation of the Western alliance system in 1949 have the shape and nature of international alignments been in such a state of flux. The end of the Cold War shifted the tectonic plates, but the repercussions from these momentous events are still unfolding. Emerging powers in Asia, retrenchment in Eurasia, a roiling Middle East, and transatlantic divisions are among the issues that have only come to a head in recent years. The very magnitude and speed of change resulting from a globalizing world—apart from its precise character—will be a defining feature of the world out to 2020. Other significant characteristics include: the rise of new powers, new challenges to governance, and a more pervasive sense of insecurity, including terrorism. Continue Reading »

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TBR News November 12, 2014

Nov 12 2014

The Voice of the White House

            Washington, D.C., November 11, 2014: “Little by little America is being turned into a classic police state. Using the threat of foreign terrorism as an excuse, we have government observation and recording of almost every aspect of American social and business life.

            There is not enough room to lock up every American who is, or might be, hostile to official government policy nor are there enough personnel to guard them but systems now in place are capable of picking out perceived trouble-makers for future punishment.

            The FBI now has a facial recognition program that has cost the American taxpayers billions of dollars in place. With this system, the FBI, and its local police connections, can scan faces at political meetings and even shopping malls and this ability, in conjunction with such treasure-troves of free information such as Facebook and Twitter, make future oppressive moves on the part of increasingly militant law enforcement far easier.

            And persons who wear the so-called “V masks” anywhere are thwarting the observations and enraging the FBI and its many branches.

            There is an interesting memo said to be floating around the Internet which is a request by the FBI to have Congress pass a law forbidding any citizen to wear a “concealing facial mask” anywhere in public at any time under threat of arrest and prosecution.

            A militant, irrational right wing Congress just might do this and in the end, this sort of repression could easily lead to dangerous civil protests and violence.” Continue Reading »

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TB R News November 10, 2014

Nov 09 2014

The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C., November 9, 2014: “A nation in decay can prove to be very dangerous, both to external and internal entities. Having lost its industrial base because American manufacturers moved to cheaper labor areas offshore and did away with American labor, America maintained her global position of power mainly by threats and military actions against weaker countries.

In this, she became like 1914 England who had once been the most powerful nation on earth and was quickly losing her preeminence. Her solution to rising German competition was to connive at a European war that eventually destroyed her.

The United States does not, like England, tolerate competition and so we have the current anti-Russian frenzies in Washington. Russia, under Putin, has developed a strong economy and worse, has a great deal of badly needed oil and gas.

Therefore, Russia is an enemy. Since Russia has an arsenal of atomic weaponry and the ability to deliver these world wide, the United States cannot attack Russia militarily but instead does her best to destabilize her perceived enemy economically and politically.

Unfortunately for those of the rabid right wing who think more threats will gain more power, the focus of power is shifting and not in America’s favor

And what with universal internal spying in progress, there are always entertainments available. When on the telephone system, which is as full of holes as a Swiss cheese, or the equally watched Internet, one can have endless hours of fun and create absolutely great havoc with the spies, snitches and the chimpanzee brigade.
            If you are speaking on the phone you can say:  “Yes, and sometime let me tell you about the last council meeting. The General said that…well I can discuss this with you when we meet…”
And sometimes, a person will give me a code name such as ‘Operation Anus.’
            I have absolutely no idea what this is about but I will drop it into various conversations.
            “Of course if the Putin people ever find out about Operation Anus, there will be real fun.”
             I can just hear the chattering and hooting in some distant headquarters as someone tells an Assistant Deputy Director that Operation Anus might be compromised.
            And count on it, three weeks after you dropped the name, some boobus americanus talks to you and casually asks about the hitherto Top Secret Anus.
            “Oh yes,” you say, “last week the press secretary did spell that one out. Really interesting!”
            And when this bit gets back, frenzy in the baboon house.
            What do you know?
            Who told you?
            Who have you told?
            What press secretary?
            You tell boobus the name of some odious snitch as your source and wait to see what happens. Continue Reading »

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TBR News NOvember 7, 2014

Nov 07 2014

The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C. November 8, 2014: “A constant subject for the high-level intelligence people inside the Beltway is the progress of what is called ‘The Plan.’

This is a long-term program, formulated and implemented, by the far-right element in the government and eagerly supported by the so-called neo-cons.

The purpose of this program is to destabilize Russia, force Putin and his supporters out of office and replace them, as was done during the reign of the CIA-friendly Yeltsin, with persons friendly to the United States aims and, specially, friendly to US business interests.

Russia is in possession of a very large reservoir of natural resources from oil to gold and American interests very nearly had their controlling hands on all of this during the Yeltsin years but lost it when Putin got in control.

They hate his intractable nationalism and have done, and are doing, everything they can to discredit, defeat and eventually oust him.

A major part of The Plan has been to get physical control of countries surrounding Russia from the Baltic states to the ‘Stans and to ring Russia with American-oriented and friendly countries.

Putin, aware of this because of the obviousness of the plottings and also because of very high-level information leaks from Washington, responded and with deadly effect. Georgia was run by a domestic politician who was eccentric, egotistical but in the pocket of Washington, and who allowed American troops and their military equipment to pour into the country.

But two Georgian provinces, inhabited mostly by Russians, objected to the blatantly pro-West government in Tiblisi and protested.

Georgia’s answer was to threaten force and, with full American support, to mass Georgian troops on the borders of these provinces.

Putin responded by sending a Russian military strike force into the area in support of the break-away areas and this caused a two-fold retreat on the part of American supporters. The military units rapidly evacuated west to the Black Sea and US Naval evacuation while an army of CIA personnel fled in terror to the airport at Tiblisi to avoid capture. This demarche disillusioned a number of eastern European countries who then toned down their anti-Russian rhetoric and made pacific moves towards the Kremlin.

A very high-level Polish government contingent flying into Smolensk to confer with the Russians were destroyed when their aircraft, responding to faked ground signals at the fog-shrouded Smolensk airport, slammed into the ground, wiping out the top level Poles. The Russians did not destroy the Poles but American intelligence operatives did.

This pointless slaughter was designed to teach wavering cantonists a lesson.

And the so-called “Orange Revolution” in the Ukraine was entirely a CIA operation.

The government in that country was replaced with a pro-Western one and the Ukraine was then viewed in Washington as another country to stock with threatening American missiles and troops.

When the Ukrainians tired of the corruption that inevitably is attendant upon a pro-West government and eventually elected a pro-Russian president, the CIA predictably responded by fomenting civil strife in Kiev and when that appeared to be waning, had their surrogates start shooting at random into the crowd to stir up public anger.

Putin’s response was to occupy the Russian-populated Crimea, hold an election that overwhelmingly supported union with Russia and gained the important naval base at Sebastopol that the Ukraine had promised to the US Navy and, more important, the Crimean off-shore oil fields and a coastline that permitted an easier installation of the South Stream oil transmission line from Russian oil fields to southern Europe.

The fury of the balked intelligence and governmental organs in Washington has been monumental and because a restive Europe is presenting a disunited front in the dictated attacks on Russia, more pressure is being planned to further threaten and pressure Putin.

The oil-rich Arctic is a prime future battlefield selected by Washington to engage the Russians, but the latter hold most of the geo-political cards.

And attempts to economically isolate Russia can easily backfire and create economic chaos with America’s economic powers.

The Russians hold 118 billion dollars worth of US Treasury certificate and their tenative allies, the Chinese, hold one trillion dollars of the same certificates. Should these countries, against whom the United States has been conducting clandestine political warfare, ever decide to jointly dump these financial instruments, the collapse of the dollar as the leading international currency would create an economic crisis that could easily prove fatal to Washington. 

When tempted to fight fire with fire, remember that the fire department usually uses water.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News November 4, 2014

Nov 04 2014

The Voice of the White House

        Washington, D.C. November 3, 2014: “The oil wars have taken a new turn by the voting in eastern Ukraine. All of this manufactured uproar on the part of Washington is due to their loss of the Crimea both as a naval base for the US Navy and, even more annoy8ng, the lost of the Crimean off-shore extensive oil fields. What we have in both the Crimea and the eastern Ukraine is a manifestation of American President Woodrow Wilson’s disastrous “self-determination of peoples,” that he inflicted on Europe following the First World War and which let directly to the Second. The Crimea was always a part of Russia and the vote for union with Russia following the CIA’s recent clumsy foray into Ukrainian politics was entirely genuine. Now, the major industrial eastern Ukraine, populated mostly by Russians, wants nothing to do with the thoroughly corrupt American satellite but Washington objects. Although they can never have it both ways, they do try, don’t they?” Continue Reading »

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TBR News October 31, 2014

Oct 30 2014

The Voice of the White House

             Washington, D.C. October 30, 2014:  ”There are two reasons for the frantic actions of various governmental groups to get their hands on the electronic, and written and spoken, communications of anyone in the United States, and Europe they wish.

            The first, and foremost, reason is to have the ability, if desired, to pinpoint any citizen of the United States or Europe who might be believed to harbor or express anti-government policy.  The government, now embarked on a series of punitive and seemingly endless small wars, remembers the national outrage after the Vietnam War was in progress for years.

            They do not want to have to cope with draft dodgers fleeing to Canada or, worse, taking to the streets in massive protests.

            Ergo the ability to spy on any citizen at any time.

            The second reason is far more serious.

            Muslim fundamentalists, outraged at America’s unquestioning support of an aggressive and very hostile Israel, have included America in their list of enemies.

            The observation of such groups and their attempts to launch any kind of terror attack on American soil is a necessity.

            It would only take one suicidal fanatic to blow up some school, church or a building housing a legislative body to create a wave of irrational fear in the American public.

            They would demand protection and it would be impossible to provide it, given the poor performances of many agencies.

            Like the dormant but very potent mortgage crisis, the government desperately wants these things to disappear for the immediate future.

            What happens later, in other administrations, is of no concern to them.

            And so the universal spying has both a positive and a negative aspect.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News October 26, 2014

Oct 26 2014

The Voice of the White House

          (Comments from readers are always welcome and can be addressed to: tbrnews@hotmail.com with a note for the attention of this editor)


             Washington, D.C., October 26, 2014: “From planted ‘ihadists’ of the FBI, the government has learned that IS has been sending American Muslims and Muslim-converts to inspect various targets inside both the US, the UK and Canada.

            The purpose of this reconnaissance is to prepare for attacks on: the US stock market on Wall Street, the Capitol building while Congress is in session, the White House when the President is in residence, such icononic east coast schools as Harvard and Yale, Dulles International airport, Chicago’s O’Hare, the New York State legislature at Albany, the Amtrak train the Empire Builder and other significant targets.

            The double-agents have also passed on a list of important Americans to include elected officials, prominent motion picture stars, Christian religious leaders and right-wing American politicians for physical attacks.

            Also gleaned has been information on similar targets in both Canada and the UK.

            The IS jihadists plan to strike, physically, at such targets both for maximum publicity but also as revenge for military strikes at IS oil targets in the Middle East.

            And because Putin’s Russia has also, in the past, been the target of such attacks by their own Muslim fundamentalists and terrorist, very private talks between US and Russian intelligence senior officials have been in progress in Bern, Switzerland, for the past three months.  

            It is also known that the IS people have been recruiting terrorism activists in: Denmark, Sweden, France and Germany.

            In these matters, the almost-universal official spying on communication lines such as computers and cell-phones has proven to be invaluable in pin-pointing the terrorists and locating their targets well in advance of physical attacks.

            There is also the very alarming information that the IS people are trying to find a way in which to send EBOLA-infected people into various target countries such as the US, the UK and Canada and then leak this information to the respective media in order to cause civic panic.

            The countering of this program of terror is to play it back on the Muslim terrorists by blowing up sacred mosques, assassinating popular religious leaders, destroying one or more of the sites at Mecca, continuing to destroy IS-captured oil facilities in the Middle East and other retaliatory actions. American geo-political and natural resource wars with Putin are taking a back seat to the very real threat that Muslim terrorists are now posing to Western governments and people.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News October 24, 2014

Oct 24 2014

The Voice of the White House


        Washington, D.C. October 23, 2014: ”As usual, the mindless bloggers seized ahold of the Ebola issue and trumpeted to all and sundry that the planet was doomed; that Ebola was spreading across the globe, threatening millions. Then the authorities realized this was causing panics so the bloggers were reined in and stories appeared about the new vaccinations planned by major firms and the fact that Ebola thrived in poverty and dirt and did not thrive in societies with competent medical facilities and especially, not in advanced societies. This latter concept bordered on the implication that Africa was dirty and backward so it received little attention. We saw the obedient media screeching at the evil Russians but since this had no effect on Putin, they found other subjects to busy themselves with. And since the Obama sanctions were hurting European economy, we see statements from the White House that since Putin has, apparently, learned his lesson, the sanctions are being lifted. The next point of friction will be in the Arctic, mark it.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News October 19, 2014

Oct 19 2014

The Voice of the White House


Washington, D.C. October 17, 2014: “Now that the Crimean adventure is over, the media is rushing to the Ebola business, squawking and clucking like drunken chickens. A strict quarantine is needed but given the rank inefficiency of the government, will never happen. Ebola is not as bad as smallpox but it does prove Malthus’ point about over-population and food supplies. Ebola, the rising sea levels,

Putin, oil and rabid Islamists are now up front and one reading MSN gets to find out how much celebs weigh and the fact that a two year old boy in Florida ate a ten foot long snake or that two jaywalkers were apprehended in Bad Seepage, Ohio. Facts are indeed to be found on the Internet but not on Zero Hedge. There are many reliable news sites, Reuters being one of the best, and they nestle cheek by jowl with nut sites proclaiming the emergence of the Loch Ness monster in Lake Erie. I will put up a list of what I personally consider legitimate news sites in a later column.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News October 10, 2014

Oct 10 2014


The Voice of the White House

         Washington, D.C. October 9, 2014: “Now that there are Ebola cases in the United States, trust me, the Babbling Bloggers will have a royal field day starting groundless rumors, full of their self-importance and echoing with cries of doom. What will the non-existant Tyler Durden have to say? Does Wayne Madsen have the real inner secrets? Oh, and do not forget the in-depth secrets of Global Research or the brilliant anaylsis of Sorcha Faal. A frantic public awaits the latest from the gurus of the Internet with frenzied anticipation. Are ships full of Ebola victims being sent to this country by the One World Order? What does Gordon Duff have to say? And will we learn that a policeman in St. Louis shot a giant Ebola virus two hundred times and was later exposed as an Illuminati agent? Continue Reading »

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