TBR News March 14, 2018

Mar 14 2018

The Voice of the White House 

Washington, D.C. March 14, 2018: “We will be out of the office until March 16. Ed”

Table of Contents

  • Republicans sound the alarm about Democratic fervor
  • Pennsylvania special election: Democrats declare victory in setback for Trump
  • It’s official: Democrat Conor Lamb wins Pennsylvania special election in major upset
  • How the Syrian Conflict Became a War of Ethnic Cleansing
  • Google to ban ads on cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings
  • Extreme winter weather becoming more common as Arctic warms, study finds
  • Satellite observations show sea levels rising, and climate change is accelerating it
  • Secrecy News
  • Will China’s high debt levels spark a financial crisis?
  • Some unpleasant historical background on the George W. Bush administration from official sources

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TBR News March 13, 2018

Mar 13 2018

The Voice of the White House 

Washington, D.C. March 13, 2018: “’Que bono’ means ‘who benefits.’  And if this is applied to the very recent episode in England where an ex-Russian senior intelligence officer and his daughter were apparently the victims of a nerve gas attack, serious questions arise.

The officer involved had sold out to British intelligence and, because of his actions, was responsible for the uncovering of Russian agents in the United States. He got caught by the Russians and sentenced to 13 years in prison. He later was part of a prisoner swap, ended up in England and had a good deal of money. He bought a house for cash and lived very openly there under his real name. Now the story is that for some reason, the Russians poisoned him in public.

The question is that if the Russians were seeking to punish him for his treasonable activities, why didn’t they do this while in was in a Russian jail? The Russian government knew all about his activities at the time they incarcerated him.

Waiting a number of years after they traded him for Russian agents, and then killing him in a very public place is an act of totally stupidity.

And this is the usual hallmark of the actual perpetrators.

The same people who caused a car “accident” in Moscow wherein Putin’s limousine was rammed by an oncoming car or the shooting down of an airliner over the eastern Ukraine also were responsible for the nerve gas attack, believe it.

And the British secret site at Porton Down where such nerve gasses are developed is within easy driving distance of the place where the incident happened.

‘Que bono?’

More anti-Russian activity to try to work up public condemnation of a country that always seems to be a few steps ahead of its competitors.”

Table of Contents

  • Trump’s Spur of the Moment ‘Yes’ Unmasked 68 Years of Washington Duplicity
  • The Racism Behind Alien Mummy Hoaxes
  • Inventor of internet: ‘Regulate social media companies!’
  • Point:

        Russian spy: Russia demands nerve agent sample from UK

  • Counterpoint:

        UK intelligence may be complicit in Skripal’s poisoning – ex-FSB head

        Cold War at Porton Down: Informed Consent in Britain’s Biological and Chemical Warfare Experiments Continue Reading »

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TBR News March 12, 2018

Mar 12 2018

The Voice of the White House 

Washington, D.C. March 12, 2018: “In 1951, when Iran’s Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh nationalized the oil industry in that Mideast nation, he was deposed by a coup instigated by the CIA and the Shah came to power, assuming complete control in 1963.Thousands of Iranians, perhaps millions died during the repressive rule of the Shah and his SAVAK secret police. The Shah was finally forced out in 1979 by the Ayatollah Khomeini, who became the US’s latest foreign enemy despite the fact that he had been on the CIA payroll while living in Paris. The Shah was granted asylum in the United States.

In Guatemala in 1954, again the CIA toppled the popularly elected government of Jacobo Arbenz, which had nationalized United Fruit property.

Prominent American government officials such as former CIA Director Walter Bedell Smith, then CIA Director Allen Dulles, Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs John Moors Cabot and Secretary of State John Foster Dulles were all closely connected to United Fruit.

An estimated 120,000 Guatemalan peasants died in the resulting military dictatorships.

Fidel Castro, with covert aid from the CIA, overthrew the military dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista and instituted sweeping land, industrial and educational reforms as well as nationalizing American businesses. Swifty labeled a communist, the CIA then organized anti-Castro Cubans resulting in numerous attacks on Cuba and the failed Bay of Pigs Invasion in 1961. The island nation has been the object of US economic sanctions since that time.

More than 3,000 persons died in the wake of an invasion of the Dominican Republic by US Marines in 1965. The troops ostensibly were sent to prevent a communist takeover, although later it was admitted that there had been no proof of such a takeover.

Also in 1965, the US began the bombing of North Vietnam after President Johnson proclaimed the civil war there an “aggression” by the north. Two years later, American troop strength in Vietnam had grown to 380,000. US dead by the end of that Asian war totaled some 58,000 with casualties to the Vietnamese, both north and south, running more into the millions.

In 1973, the elected government of Salvador Allende in Chile was overthrown by a military coup aided by the CIA. Allende was killed and some 30,000 persons died in subsequent violence and repression, including some Americans.

In 1968, the General Suharto overthrew General Sukarno, the dictator of Indonesia, again with aid from the CIA. Suharto proved even more dictatorial and corrupt than his predecessor. A reported 800,000 people died during his regime.

Another 250,000 persons died in 1975 during the brutal invasion of East Timor by the Suharto regime aided by the US Government and Henry Kissinger.

In 1979, the powerful Somoza family, which had ruled Nicaragua since 1937, was finally overthrown and Daniel Ortega was elected president. CIA-backed Contra insurgents operating from Honduras fought a protracted war to oust the Ortega government in which an estimated 30,000 people died.

The ensuing struggle came to include such shady dealing in arms and drugs that it created a scandal in the United States called Iran-Contra, which involved selling arms to Iran and using the profits to support the Contras.

US Marines landed in Lebanon in 1982 in an attempt to preventing further bloodshed between occupying Israeli troops and the Palestine Liberation Organization.

Thousands died in the resulting civil war, including several hundred Palestinians massacred in refugee camps by Christian forces working with elements of the Israeli armed forced under Sharon.

Despite the battleship shelling of Beirut, American forces were withdrawn in 1984 after a series of bloody attacks on them.

In 1983, US troops invaded the tiny Caribbean island nation of Grenada after a leftist government was installed. The official explanation was to rescue a handful of American students who initially said they didn’t need rescuing.

For nearly 20 years, during the 1970s and 1980s, the US Government gave aid and arms to the right wing government of the Republic of El Salvador for use against it leftist enemies.

By 1988, some 70,000 Salvadorans had died.

More than one million persons died in the 15-year battle in Angola between the Marxist government aided by Cuban troops and the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola, supported by South Africa and the US Government.

When Muammur al-Qaddafi tried to socialize the oil-rich North African nation of Libya beginning with his takeover in 1969, he drew the wrath of the US Government. In 1981, it was claimed that Qaddafi had sent hit teams to the United States to assassinate President Reagan and in 1986, following the withdrawal of U.S. oil companies from Libya, an air attack was launched which missed Qaddafi but killed several people including his infant daughter.

In 1987, an Iraqi missile attack on the US frigate Stark resulted in 37 deaths.

Shortly afterward, the Iraqi president apologized for the incident.

In 1988, a US Navy ship shot down an Iranian airliner over the Persian Gulf resulting in 290 deaths. The Reagan Administration simply called it a mistake.

Thousands of freedom-seeking Chinese were killed in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square in 1989 after hardliners conferred with former President Richard Nixon on how to deal with the dissidents.

About 8,000 Panamanians died over Christmas, 1989, when President George H.W. Bush sent US troops to invade that Central American nation to arrest his former business partner, Manuel Noriega. The excuse was that Noriega was involved in the importation of drugs to the United States. U.S .News & World Report noted that in 1990, the amount of drugs moving through Panama had doubled.

Iraqi casualties, both military and civilian, totaled more than 300,000 during the short Persian Gulf War of 1991.

It has been estimated that more than one million Iraqis, including women and children, have died as a result of the continued missile and air attacks over the past decade as well as economic sanctions against that nation.

Also in 1991, the United States suspended assistance to Haiti after the election of a liberal priest sparked military action. Eventually, US troops were deployed.

The names of nations that have felt the brunt of US CIA and/or military activity as a result of foreign policy include Somalia, Afghanistan, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia, Brazil, Chad, Sudan and many others.

As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stated during the Vietnam War, “My government is the world’s leading purveyor of violence.” He did not say “my country” or “my people,” it is the government, or rather those who control it, that are responsible. Although we the distracted and unaware citizens who claim to live in a democracy must take our fair share of the blame.”




Table of Contents

  • Trump Is Making Diplomacy Great Again
  • Russia test-fires hypersonic Kinzhal missile
  • Russian military says it evacuated 52 civilians from Syria’s Ghouta
  • Data breach victims can sue Yahoo in the United States: judge
  • From North Dakota to Puerto Rico, Controversial Security Firm Profits From Oil Protests and Climate Disasters
  • Kurdish youth in Germany call for violent protest in Europe
  • Who are the Kurds?
  • U.S. states slow Trump offshore oil drilling expansion plan
  • Trump’s California border wall visit puts state’s Republicans in a bind
  • Food for Idiots
  • In Winston Churchill, Hollywood rewards a mass murderer

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TBR News March 11, 2018

Mar 11 2018

The Voice of the White House 

Washington, D.C. March 11, 2018:” There is also a glut of information floating about on the killing, by radioactive material, of a former KGB operative who was living in London. Although the Putin-hating American oligarchs have been salting the media with strong hints that Russian President Vladimir Putin was somehow responsible for this, the truth is far more interesting.

All of this goes back to the days following the breakup of the former Soviet Union. Russia is possessed of a huge amount of natural resources, most important, natural gas and oil. Under the Communists, these resources were badly managed but after Gorbachev left power, Yeltsin, a good friend of the C.I.A. came to power and immediately de-nationalized the oil and gas. Those who successfully bid for it was a gang of Russian street thugs, extortionists, drug dealers, counterfeiters, pimps and conmen. These men were all Jewish and they had very good connections both in Israel and in the United States with their co-religionists. The plan, as is now known but never, never talked about, was for this group to buy up the privatized resources using money obtained from outside the country and then sell off controlling interests in it to western and Israeli companies.  The Bank of New York, owned by an Israeli citizen and the World Bank and IMF, through the good offices of fellow co-religionists, put up the money and the group, later known as the Oligarchy, threatened any possible bidder with death and soon was in control of the entire system. They took in huge payments from foreign banks and firms, stuffed their pockets and Swiss and Israeli bank accounts but before their new partners could grab control, Putin came to power and quickly, and very quietly, put a stop to what amounted to a wholesale theft of Russia’s valuable natural resources. Putin, an ex-KGB Lt. Colonel, moved to re-nationalize the assets, driving out the Oligarchs and seizing their money in the process.  As a result of this, there were many very unhappy people, not the least of which were Israeli and American business concerns.

So much for the background.”


Table of Contents

  • “Rise and Kill First” Explores the Corrupting Effects of Israel’s Assassination Program
  • Israeli politicians suspect Netanyahu seeks election to survive corruption probes
  • Le Pen wants France’s National Front to be renamed ‘National Rally’
  • Donald Trump advocates death penalty for drug dealers in rambling speech
  • White Evangelical Women, Core Supporters of Trump, Begin Tiptoeing Away
  • ‘Turkey not a NATO country?’ Erdogan slams allies’ refusal to support his offensive in Syria’s Afrin
  • Why the West Cannot Stomach Russians
  • The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy

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TBR News March 10, 2018

Mar 10 2018

The Voice of the White House  

Washington, D.C. March 10, 2018:” There was a time, not too long ago (relatively speaking), that governments and the groups of elites that controlled them did not find it necessary to conscript themselves into wars of disinformation. Propaganda was relatively straightforward. The lies were much simpler. The control of information flow was easily directed. In fact, during the early Middle-Ages in most European countries commoners were not even allowed to own a Bible, nor was the Bible allowed to be interpreted from Latin to another language, let alone any other tome that might breed “dangerous ideas”. This was due in large part to the established feudal system and its hierarchy of royals and clergy. Rules were enforced with the threat of property confiscation and execution for anyone who strayed from the rigid socio-political structure. Those who had theological, metaphysical, or scientific information outside of the conventional and scripted collective world view were tortured and slaughtered. The elites kept the information to themselves, and removed its remnants from mainstream recognition, sometimes for centuries before it was rediscovered.

With the advent of anti-feudalism, and most importantly the success of the American Revolution, elites were no longer able to dominate information with the edge of a blade or the barrel of a gun. The establishment of Democracies (and Democratic Republics), with their philosophy of open government and rule by the people, compelled Aristocratic minorities to plot more subtle ways of obstructing the truth and thus maintaining their hold over the world without exposing themselves to retribution from the masses. Thus, the complex art of disinformation was born. The technique, the “magic” of the lie, was refined and perfected. The mechanics of the human mind and the human soul became an endless obsession for the elites.

The goal was malicious, but socially radical; instead of expending the impossible energy needed to dictate the very form and existence of the truth, they would allow it to drift, obscured in a fog of contrived data. They would wrap the truth in a “Gordian Knot” of misdirections and fabrications so elaborate that they felt certain the majority of people would surrender, giving up long before they ever finished unraveling the deceit. The goal was not to destroy the truth, but to hide it in plain sight.

In modern times, and with carefully engineered methods, this goal has for the most part been accomplished. However, these methods also have inherent weaknesses. Lies are fragile. They require constant attentiveness to keep them alive. The exposure of a single truth can rip through an ocean of lies, evaporating it instantly. In this article, we will examine the methods used to fertilize and promote the growth of disinformation, as well as how to identify the roots of disinformation and effectively cut them, starving out the entire system of fallacies once and for all.”


Table of Contents

  • Bombed, Booby-Trapped and Gripped by Fear: Welcome to Raqqa
  • Ivanka Trump Backed Flynn and Manafort. She Discussed Firing Comey. How Has She Evaded Mueller’s Investigation?
  • The GOP’s messages don’t seem to be working in Pennsylvania. Is that a warning sign?
  • Pedophilia in Governance
  • ‘Hollowed out’ White House: Trump is on a dangerous path toward no advisers
  • No chance of another European gas crisis, because this time EU in full control of Ukraine – analyst
  • The Rise or Decline of US Global Power? A Critical Look at Alfred McCoy’s New Book
  • Syrian army gains ground in intensified Ghouta assault

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TBR News March 9, 2018

Mar 09 2018

The Voice of the White House  

Washington, D.C. March 9, 2018:” Several writers, among them Charles Higham have been terribly outraged that American business actually had financial dealings with the Germans. Higham says that the figurehead General, Smedly Butler, a winner of the Medal of Honor and former Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps, had indeed been approached but was horrified and told Roosevelt at once. Higham also claims that the U.S. banking and major industrial interests financed a huge neo-Nazi movement in the United States, which was designed to nullify the truly wondrous programs of Mr. Roosevelt.

The President indeed had absolutely no idea of even basic economics and his cure for the Depression was to acquire enormous sums of money from a frightened Congress and buy legions of unemployed voters with it. Roosevelt detested businessmen and spent much of his reign attacking them with a series of restrictive decrees coupled with occasional threats of total governmental regulatory control.”

Table of Contents

  • Time to Get Over the Russophobia
  • Syria Braces for Dramatic Escalation Set to be ‘Bloodier Than Ghouta’
  • London moves to set Northern Ireland budget, step towards direct rule
  • God Wills It!
  • The Forging of the Casement Diaries
  • Russia-Ukraine gas dispute: Is Europe under threat?
  • Poroshenko threatens Moscow with ‘total destruction’ in gas dispute
  • Weapons of the future: Here’s the new war tech Lockheed Martin is pitching to the Pentagon
  • Long sought by North Korea, summit holds risks for Trump administration

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TBR News March 8, 2018

Mar 08 2018

The Voice of the White House  

Washington, D.C. March 8, 2018:” The Internet has an enormous storehouse of information and nearly any desired material can be located and downloaded. That is the positive aspect of the Internet. The negative side is that the Internet supplies an enormous flood of false, misleading and useless information, almost all of invented out of whole cloth by the same types that also have rushed to join, and use, what is known as the Social Network.

The Social Networks are a handy means for persons to express their personal views on almost any subject and to communicate with others of a like mind. The problem that one notes from reading their postings is the same one observes in reading the comments appended to serious articles on major newspapers. In reading both of these areas, one is at once struck by the utter stupidity of the writers, their total lack of English, their constant bad grammar and terrible spelling and, most important, their desire not to express a thoughtful view but to parade their insignificance and ignorance to a wide audience.

Another negative aspect of the Social Network is that, at least in the United States, all of the networks of any size are working closely with such official governmental agencies as the DHS and the FBI, to spy on their members at no cost or effort to themselves. In these cases, the mindless babblings and boastings of the dim of wit load federal surveillance files with moronic chatters from which the authorities can easily build a criminal case.

We did some research on the social networks and discovered that they have attracted more members than the government can keep up with, redolent of the thousands of hungry flies congregating in a cow pen.”


Table of Contents

  • Saudis Find Out Hard Way: Yemen Is Another Graveyard of Empires
  • And Now For The Good News
  • In Trump’s White House, the Adviser Who Really Matters Sits in the Oval Office
  • Asia-Pacific nations sign sweeping trade deal without U.S.
  • UK must give ‘realistic solution’ to Ireland border issue, says EU’s Donald Tusk
  • The Irish border — what you need to know
  • Sinn Fein calls for British-Irish body to avoid direct rule of Northern Ireland
  • Secrecy News
  • EU threatens tariffs on US products like peanut butter as trade war escalates
  • Netanyahus tried to push moguls to fund Israeli version of Fox News — report
  • Most Russian Plane Intercepts over Baltics Due to Error: NATO General

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TBR News March 7, 2018

Mar 07 2018

The Voice of the White House  

Washington, D.C. March 7, 2018:” The Crusades were a series of religious wars between Christians and Muslims started primarily to secure control of holy sites considered sacred by both groups. In all, eight major Crusade expeditions occurred between 1096 and 1291. The bloody, violent and often ruthless conflicts propelled the status of European Christians, making them major players in the fight for land in the Middle East. Now, given the growing attempts on the parts of the Israeli government to expel Christians and Moslims from Jerusalem, there are plans being formulated for a Ninth Crusade dedicated to liberating the Holy Land from alien forces i.e, the Ashkenazi Jews, Turkic converts to Judaism, who seized the land in 1948 by acts of terror and who have been killing Muslim Palestinians and stealing their land since that time.

The concept of another Crusade apparently has been formulating for some time and parties known to have knowledge or it or participating in it are Opus Dei, a well-connected group of Russian Orthodox people, two Christian groups in Italy, one in Germany and one in the United States and two Muslim groups.

Opus Dei, it should be noted has members are in more than 90 countries.

The concept of this movement is that the current Israelis are 95% Ashkenazi with no previous ties to the Holy Land and whose activities from 1948 onwards are savage and brutal and who have used their associates in the United States to support them against all resisters.

Reference:Timeline for the Crusades and Christian Holy War to c.1350: United States Naval Academy.”


Table of Contents

  • How Many Terms ’til You’re a Tyrant?
  • AIPAC panics over progressives abandoning Israel
  • Governor says Trump administration waging war against California
  • The White House revolving door: Who’s gone?
  • Stop Pretending America and Turkey Are Allies
  • Ex-Russian spy poisoned by nerve agent, police say

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TBR News March 6, 2018

Mar 06 2018

The Voice of the White House  

Washington, D.C. March 6, 2018:” Did Trump deal with the Russians? He did. Are the Podesta papers that wrecked Hillary’s campaign fake? No, they are not. Hillary has vanished off the public stage and so should Trump.”


Table of Contents

  • Putin Trumps Trump
  • Donald Trump’s Russian connections
  • Murderous Manipulations
  • Secrecy News
  • Republican pushback on Trump tariffs gathers steam as president stands firm
  • The dark roots of AIPAC, ‘America’s Pro-Israel Lobby’
  • Zionist Front Organizations in America
  • Zionists’ plot to kill President Truman

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TBR News March 5, 2018

Mar 05 2018

The Voice of the White House  

Washington, D.C. March 5, 2018:” Here is a copy of an email sent to a reporter at the Wall Street Journal by a dedicated Trump supporter. It is printed here to indicate the basic attitudes of those who support our president in all his innocent endeavors:

‘From: ghweh4@Safe-mail.net

The Mainstream Fake-News Media, Enemy of the People

You ARE Fake-News and you ARE the enemy of the people. You are traitors and treason is punishable by hanging or Prison. We the people will see everyone of you hanging from a tree, or lamp post or whatever before this is finished. Seeing you filthy, lying scum sitting in a prison cell is definitely a second choice. Your agenda is clear to the people, help the One World Government come to power by destroying America and it’s values by your lying, slanted bias satanic world view and so-called reporting. You’re the ones who are mentally unstable because you are nothing but stupid, mindless puppets for the New World Order. So let me spell it out for you asshole liberals; we WON, you LOST, we kicked your asses from one end of this country to the other – get used to it, it’s the ‘New Norm’. We completely rejected the Democrats message because they are criminals, Commie/Marxist Globalists, especially Clinton and pawns of the One World Government. Elections have consequences, don’t they? Sound familiar? What occurred was a non-violent uprising of the American people, a ‘Populist’ movement with the election of Trump which all of you are too stupid to figure out and we’ve taken our country back. You try to take it back again, it will be at the end of the barrels of our 400 million guns. And we love shooting. The ‘Next Uprising’ will not be non-violent.

You mindless puppets in the press are utterly despised, detested and there is not a shred of respect for any of you; CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, Yahoo, UPI, AP, Reuters, NPR, The Washington Compost, The New York Slimes, The Public School system all of you scum; you’re demeaned constantly, ridiculed, demonized – hell, we make fun of you and call you names ALL the time! Oh, by the way you brain dead morons, your so-called ‘polls’ are a total lie and absolute bullshit, so save your idiot selves some aggravation and stop releasing them. They are NEVER correct, they ALWAYS lie, like you, after all they ALL predicted bitch Clinton was winning the election when the rest of America knew she/it wasn’t, remember that one dumb asses? We certainly do. NO ONE pays any attention to them, you ARE stinking LIARS that we hate and don’t believe a word of anything you have to say! We don’t give a DAMN what you think, we don’t give a DAMN what you have to say and we can’t wait to see you in a court room, unlike you we believe in the Constitution, being tried for treason then hanging from the nearest tree! Or just sticking a gun barrel up your ass and watching you rotate on the end of it. That would be fun! You cowards and traitors are truly the lowest dung in the human race. Ahh, well, gee, there ARE the Obamas’ and the Clintons’ and George Soros and (Obamas’) little fag buddy from San Francisco Tom Steyer so it’s hard for us to decide which of you is the biggest piece of shit! Fits doesn’t it, very descriptive, ‘piece of shit’. Describes all of you lying puppets. If you Fake-News hacks actually DO have a degree, I have three, working on my 4th, then you got it from the Sears and Roebuck catalog because you certainly don’t practice journalism, in fact you haven’t practiced journalism for at least 30 years; your so called reporting is so slanted and biased it causes one to puke, it’s not even remotely journalism; it’s obviously designed to destroy our form of Government and the principles of liberty, replacing the Constitution with a Marxist form of Government accountable to only your New World Order masters; it’s just flat out lying! Enjoy Hell, you’ll be there soon, your Master is waiting!

So pawns and puppets, get used to it – we are going to shove it down your throats for the next 8 years, then the next 8 years, then the…….get the idea? But don’t worry about it, you’ll be long gone by then!’”


Table of Contents

  • Using Fake Facts to Make Us Afraid
  • Will 2018 be the year of the neo-luddite?
  • Hollywood hoopla ignores media’s history of servility
  • DNA sheds light on settlement of Pacific
  • Bank Earnings Are Soaring, but Congress Wants to Gut Post-Crisis Safeguards
  • Israel Plans a New War in Syria – but Not for the Reasons It Claims
  • Trump’s tariff bombshell could ignite full-blown trade war & Russia could be the winner
  • Netanyahu’s White House visit shrouded in scandal

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