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TBR News December 20, 2019

Dec 20 2019

The Voice of the White House
Washington, D.C. December 20, 2019:“Working in the White House as a junior staffer is an interesting experience.
When I was younger, I worked as a summer-time job in a clinic for people who had moderate to severe mental problems and the current work closely, at times, echos the earlier one.
I am not an intimate of the President but I have encountered him from time to time and I daily see manifestations of his growing psychological problems.
He insults people, uses foul language, is frantic to see his name mentioned on main-line television and pays absolutely no attention to any advice from his staff that runs counter to his strange ideas.
He lies like a rug to everyone, eats like a hog, makes lewd remarks to female staffers and flies into rages if anyone dares to contradict him.
It is becoming more and more evident to even the least intelligent American voter that Trump is vicious, corrupt and amoral. He has stated often that even if he loses the
election in 2020, he will not leave the White House. I have news for Donald but this is not the place to discuss it.
Commentary for December 20: “Yesterday, one of my co-workers put a Xerox copy of an FBI report on Trump in my in-box. Here is a partial copy of a portion of it.
(I have specifically left out other portions for reasons that should appear obvious. I did check on some of this with a cousin who is a shrink and he agreed totally with some of the psychological comments…)
’ A Washington Post report lays out how Trump managed to conceal his academic record when he was beginning to blur the lines between entertainment and politics.
Evan Jones, who, in 2011, was headmaster at the academy where trouble-child Donald was sent at 13 years old, recalled that the school’s superintendent ‘came to me in a panic because he had been accosted by prominent, wealthy alumni of the school who were Mr. Trump’s friends.’
The superintendent, Jeffrey Coverdale, also confirmed the account, saying that the board of trustees initially wanted him to hand over Trump’s documents; Coverdale refused, and moved them ‘elsewhere on campus where they could not be released.’
Jones went along with the request, searching through filing cabinets in a basement until he found Trump’s records, which he then hid somewhere else.
Many who have worked with Trump in recent years also contest the president’s boasts of intelligence: He was called an ‘idiot’ by Gary Cohn, H.R. McMaster, John Kelly, Sam Nunberg, Steve Mnuchin, and Reince Priebus, and, notoriously, a ‘fucking moron’ by former secretary of State Rex Tillerson.
There are several possibilities motivating the sealing of high school records. One is that Trump was not a particularly intelligent student and another is that he was involved with an active homosexual issue.
Trump was, at the time, very good looking. And psychologists have noted that males who, like Trump, loudly and continuously boast of heterosexual views and activities are more often than not, going to great trouble to mask strong homosexual feelings or actions.’”

The Table of Contents
The A to Z of Things Trump Could and Should Have Been Impeached For
• Trump must now depend on ‘Grim Reaper’ McConnell to save him in Senate trial
• Billy Graham’s evangelical magazine calls for Trump’s removal
• Violent Round Robin letter to right wing Trump American support groups
• Exclusive: U.S. probe of Saudi oil attack shows it came from north – report
• Will the Secessionist Epidemic Ever End?
• The Season of Evil

The A to Z of Things Trump Could and Should Have Been Impeached For
December 19 2019
by Mehdi Hasan
The Intercept

Hurrah! On Wednesday evening, Donald Trump became the third president of the United States to be impeached. The House of Representatives voted 230-197 to charge Trump with abuse of power and 229-198 to charge him with obstruction of Congress.
It was a major moment in this car crash of a presidency — and a major achievement for House Democrats. Still, I couldn’t help but be disappointed that there were only two articles of impeachment passed against the president. Two? That’s it? Why were other Trumpian offenses not included? For context, it’s worth recalling that there were a whopping 11 articles of impeachment passed against Andrew Johnson in 1868. With Richard Nixon in 1974, the House Judiciary Committee considered five articles of impeachment, before passing three of them. With Bill Clinton in 1998, the House of Representatives voted on four articles and approved two of them.
Are we expected to believe that House Democrats really think Trump has only committed two impeachable offenses? Even the president himself seems to have been caught off guard by the Democrats’ very narrow approach to impeachment. “Frankly, I think he’s a little surprised it’s the Ukraine thing that’s done it,” a White House official told CNN.
The harsh reality, of course, is that Trump commits impeachable offenses on nearly a weekly basis. So here is an A to Z of such offenses — by issue and/or by crime — that were inexplicably overlooked or ignored by the House of Representatives.
Trump has personally and repeatedly instructed the Postmaster General to double shipping rates for Amazon, in an attempt to inflict billions of dollars of new costs on founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, who also owns the Washington Post. “Some administration officials,” reported the Post in May 2018, “say several of Trump’s attacks aimed at Amazon have come in response to articles in The Post that he didn’t like.”
This is a president who has referred to African countries as “shitholes;” to Mexicans as “rapists;” to neo-Nazis as “very fine people.” To be clear: bigotry, racism, and white nationalism are impeachable offenses. Ask Andrew Johnson.
In the summer of 2017, Trump personally intervened to try and block a merger between AT&T and Time Warner — in order to try and punish CNN, which is owned by Time Warner, for its unfavorable coverage of him. Per the New Yorker, Trump told aides, “I’ve been telling [then-National Economic Council Director Gary] Cohn to get this lawsuit filed and nothing’s happened! I’ve mentioned it fifty times. And nothing’s happened. I want to make sure it’s filed. I want that deal blocked!”
In the summer of 2017, Trump personally intervened to try and block a merger between AT&T and Time Warner — to try and punish CNN for its unfavorable coverage of him.
Over the past 12 months, six migrant children aged between 2 and 16 — five from Guatemala and one from El Salvador — have died in federal custody. Over the previous 10 years, not a single migrant child died in custody. Is this not impeachable? It gets worse: As BuzzFeed News reported recently, “Immigrants held in Immigration and Customs Enforcement jails around the U.S. received medical care so bad it resulted in two preventable surgeries … and contributed to four deaths.”
From pitching his struggling Doral resort as a venue for the next G-7 summit, to making more than 400 lucrative visits to his own properties and businesses, to having Saudi royals bail out his underperforming hotels, Trump has been violating both the domestic and foreign emolument clauses of the Constitution from day one of his moneymaking presidency. His response to such criticisms? “You people with this phony emoluments clause.”
The president of the United States is a fraudster. Don’t take my word for it. In November 2016, less than two weeks after he was elected, Trump settled three different fraud lawsuits related to his Trump University for $25 million. Earlier this month, as the New York Attorney General Letitia James formally announced, the president was “forced to pay $2 million for misusing charitable funds for his own political gain,” and his Trump Foundation was “shut down for its misconduct.” Trump isn’t fit to run a university or a charity, so how is he fit to run the country?
As the New York Times reported in October 2018, the General Services Administration, which manages real estate for the federal government, had planned to turn the FBI’s headquarters in Washington, D.C. “over to a commercial developer” — until, that is, the president intervened to veto the sale. As a group of Democratic lawmakers pointed out, Trump was “‘dead opposed’ to the government selling the property, which would have allowed commercial developers to compete directly with the Trump Hotel” only a block away. Is this not worthy of further investigation and, possibly, impeachment?
We know that Trump’s former lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen, who is serving a three-year prison sentence for campaign finance violations, tax fraud, and bank fraud, made illegal hush money payments to two women — Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal — who claimed to have had affairs with Trump. We also know, thanks to federal prosecutors, that Cohen “acted in coordination and at the direction of” the president himself. How is this brazen violation of campaign finance laws not an impeachable offense?
The president is a threat to law and order. As New York magazine’s Jonathan Chait has observed: “On at least eight occasions, he has encouraged his supporters — including members of the armed forces — to attack his political opponents.” In addition, a bevy of domestic terrorists arrested since 2016 have cited either Trump’s name, his inflammatory rhetoric, or both.
Trump demanded that his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, be granted a security clearance, despite objections from intelligence officials who warned that Kushner could be compromised by his business ties to foreign governments. The president may have the right to give anyone a security clearance and yet, as House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerrold Nadler explained in March, “You can do things that are within your power that are abuses of power and that are crimes.”
The Trump administration, as a matter of policy, separated more than 5,400 children — including babies and toddlers — from their migrant parents at the Mexico border. Hundreds of those kids were locked up in cages. This was a clear violation of international law, and experts with the United Nations’ Human Rights Council also said the policy may have amounted to “torture.”
Trump has told more than 15,000 falsehoods since coming to office. To quote presidential historian Douglas Brinkley: “There is no president that lied as if they were a form of breathing, except Donald Trump.” But lying isn’t an impeachable offense, right? Wrong. The very first article of impeachment against Nixon accused him of “making or causing to be made false or misleading public statements for the purpose of deceiving the people of the United States.”
Trump, as even Fox News host Chris Wallace observed last week, “is engaged in the most direct, sustained assault on freedom of the press in our history.” The president has asked the FBI to jail reporters who publish leaks, threatened to revoke the broadcast licenses of media organizations that criticize him, and relentlessly attacked and demonized journalists as “scum,” “slime,” “sick people,” “fake news,” and “the enemy of the people.” Members of the press have received death threats from people echoing the president’s vile language.
Local officials in Puerto Rico have blamed presidential negligence and incompetence for the deaths of nearly 3,000 people in Puerto Rico, in the wake of Hurricane Maria in 2017. Trump’s response? He falsely claimed that 3,000 Americans didn’t die. He also tried to “illegally withhold” much-needed and congressionally appropriated disaster relief money. According to the Washington Post, Trump told White House officials that “he did not want a single dollar going to Puerto Rico. … Instead, he wanted more of the money to go to Texas and Florida.”
Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election identified 10 instances of possible obstruction of justice by the president. More than 1,000 former federal prosecutors agreed that Trump’s conduct, had he been a private citizen, would have resulted “in multiple felony charges for obstruction of justice.”
We know Trump lies all the time — but how about the lies he tells under oath? The president told the Mueller inquiry: “I do not recall discussing WikiLeaks with [former adviser Roger Stone], nor do I recall being aware of Mr. Stone having discussed WikiLeaks with individuals associated with my campaign.” In November, however, his former deputy campaign manager, Rick Gates, said in court that Trump had been aware in advance of WikiLeaks’ disclosures in 2016, based on his conversations with Stone. The response of conservative lawyer George Conway, husband of Kellyanne? “Perjury.”
You’ve heard of QAnon, right? The batshit crazy group of online conspiracy theorists obsessed with a deep-state plot against Trump? The president has retweeted QAnon supporters on multiple occasions; invited them to speak at his rallies; and hosted them at the White House. Why does this matter? The FBI has warned that QAnon will “very likely” drive extremists “to carry out criminal or violent acts.” So how is it OK for the president to endorse or promote such a dangerous group?
Trump has not only been accused of sexual assault and harassment by dozens of women, but in June, the writer E. Jean Carroll also accused him of raping her in the dressing room of a luxury department store. “I haven’t paid much attention,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters, when asked to comment on Carroll’s shocking claim. But why not? Shouldn’t rape be an impeachable offense? “I wish there had been a third Article of Impeachment against Donald Trump,” Carroll tweeted last week. “The Abuse Of Women.”
Less than three months after entering office, in April 2017, Trump launched airstrikes against Syria, without a vote in Congress. Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu, a former attorney in the Judge Advocate General Corps of the U.S. Air Force, called the strikes “FRICKIN ILLEGAL.” And remember: As former deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes has acknowledged, the lack of congressional authorization, and threat of impeachment from House Republicans, “was a factor” in the controversial decision by the Obama administration not to bomb Syria in 2013.
Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu called Trump’s airstrikes on Syria “FRICKIN ILLEGAL.”
In October 2018, a blockbuster 13,000-word investigation by the New York Times found that Trump “received at least $413 million in today’s dollars from his father’s real estate empire, much of it through tax dodges in the 1990s.” What kind of dodges? “He and his siblings set up a sham corporation to disguise millions of dollars in gifts from their parents. … Records indicate that Mr. Trump helped his father take improper tax deductions worth millions more.”
Remember how Trump declared a fake “national emergency” in February to circumvent Congress and fund his border wall? Well, Trump himself bluntly admitted that there was no emergency or even urgency: “I didn’t need to do this. But I’d rather do it much faster.” His critics, therefore, argue that the president acted “ultra vires,” a Latin phrase meaning “beyond the powers.”
The Mueller report may have ruled out a criminal conspiracy between Trump and Vladimir Putin, but we know that Trump welcomed Russian help during the 2016 campaign and later suggested that he wasn’t bothered by Moscow’s interference in the election. We also know that Trump handed over classified intel to the Russians in the Oval Office. As Harvard law professor and former Bush administration official Jack Goldsmith co-wrote, “Questions of criminality aside … if the President gave this information away through carelessness or neglect, he has arguably breached his oath of office,” and there is “thus no reason why Congress couldn’t consider a grotesque violation of the President’s oath as a standalone basis for impeachment.”
In January, Cohen announced that he was postponing his public congressional testimony because of “ongoing threats against his family” from the president and his attorney Rudy Giuliani. In November, Trump attacked former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch as she was testifying in front of the House Intelligence Committee, prompting committee Chair Adam Schiff to accuse the president of “witness intimidation in real time.” This is the behavior not of a president but of a mob boss.
Why is there no mention of the Chinese President Xi Jinping in either of the two articles of impeachment? Why only the Ukrainian president? If the Democrats’ argument is that involving foreign governments in U.S. elections is an impeachable offense, as well as a threat to national security, then why stop at Ukraine? What about China? Listen to the president himself, speaking to reporters outside the White House in October: “China should start an investigation into the Bidens, because what happened in China is just about as bad as what happened with Ukraine.”
In Syria, Trump dropped bombs without congressional approval. In Yemen, the scene of the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, Trump has helped Saudi Arabia to continue to drop bombs despite explicit opposition from both chambers of Congress. As an analyst in The Guardian argued, Trump’s decision to veto a bipartisan bill calling for an end to U.S. military involvement in the Saudi air war amounted to “flagrant defiance of the 1973 War Powers Act that checks a president’s ability to engage in armed conflict without express consent of Congress.”
The president of the United States didn’t just abuse his power in attempting to pressure the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden; he tried to bribe him. Pelosi accused Trump of bribery and so, too, did the House Democrats’ 169-page impeachment report. Yet, as Vox noted, “When Democrats actually unveiled their articles of impeachment last week, bribery was MIA.” Why?

Trump must now depend on ‘Grim Reaper’ McConnell to save him in Senate trial
December 19, 2019
by Richard Cowan and Susan Cornwell
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – As President Donald Trump girds for a U.S. Senate impeachment trial, he is entrusting the future of his presidency to someone widely known as a shrewd negotiator who also plays hardball politics at a level unusual even by Washington standards.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a self-proclaimed “Grim Reaper” who long has stood in the way of Democrats’ initiatives, is embracing that role as he suits up for an impeachment trial next month.
Even before it has gotten off the ground, McConnell, the top Republican in Congress, has said there is no chance Trump, his party’s leader, will be convicted on charges that he abused his office and obstructed a congressional investigation into his conduct. On Wednesday, the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives formally impeached Trump.
In coming days, McConnell is expected to engage Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer in negotiations on how Trump’s Senate trial should be conducted, including on the question of whether witnesses should be called to testify. The two leaders declined to comment for this story.
When McConnell takes a stand, he is difficult to move, said Dick Durbin, the Senate’s number two Democrat.
“He only moves if he’s personally concerned about his own re-election or the election of his majority,” Durbin told reporters on Tuesday, while noting, “2020’s an election year.”
Trump, 73, regularly telephones McConnell, according to a former aide to the senator. On the surface, the 77-year-old six-term senator from Kentucky could not be more different from Trump.
Trump, a former reality television star and real estate entrepreneur, rarely misses opportunities to boast about himself and attack opponents or critics with Twitter posts.
The laconic McConnell eschews Twitter, sometimes sits silently listening in meetings, according to those who have attended, and can repel reporters’ questions by refusing to utter a syllable.
“As he sometimes says, he likes to allow himself the luxury of the unexpressed thought,” said Rohit Kumar, who worked for McConnell from 2007-2013 and was a deputy chief of staff.
Trump and McConnell do share some traits, even as the senator tries to tamp down the president’s inclination for high drama. Both seize key moments to flex their muscles in a way opponents say unduly stretches the bounds of their powers.
Trump, for example, funded construction of some U.S.-Mexico border wall by taking money already dedicated to other programs, an unusual step by a president in defiance of Congress.
In February, 2016, McConnell enraged Democrats by refusing to consider then-President Barack Obama’s choice of federal Judge Merrick Garland to serve on the Supreme Court following the death of conservative Justice Antonin Scalia. Had Garland been confirmed by the Republican-controlled Senate, he would have tipped the court in a liberal direction.
For all of his legendary doggedness, Democrats think McConnell at times can be pressured into bending. Earlier this year, for example, he chafed when Democrats branded him as “Moscow Mitch” for blocking additional election security money. Shortly afterward, the added funds flowed through the Senate.
Brian Fallon, a former aide to Schumer, said in past negotiations, McConnell has shown an “intricate knowledge” of congressional procedure and the ability to cut deals with Democrats, but in a way that they get blamed if voters do not respond well.
Kumar said that McConnell’s reserved style, punctuated by extra pauses of silence, can force those sitting across the negotiating table to fill the uncomfortable void by tipping their hands.
People are “endlessly vexed by McConnell’s patrician, silent nature. He doesn’t need to fill the silence with his own voice,” Kumar said.
McConnell has had frosty relations with Schumer and his predecessor, Harry Reid, a former boxer.
One former senior Senate Democratic aide said that when Reid and McConnell were thrown together in a room, small talk about baseball was the only “safe” territory for two men who never found a path to a good working relationship.
McConnell already has telegraphed that if negotiations with Schumer sputter, he could embark on another power play by finding 51 votes – a simple majority of the Senate – to end the trial in its early stages and acquit Trump without witness testimony.
Both McConnell and Schumer served in the Senate during Bill Clinton’s 1999 impeachment trial – McConnell voted to convict the Democratic president and Schumer voted to acquit.
Republican Senator James Lankford said living through those battles should help them fashion a settlement on conducting a trial.
“There’s a handful of people who have been here before, seen impeachment up close and personally. It’s not a theory for them. There’s only been two of these (previously) in the history of the country and they were in one of them,” Lankford said.
Reporting by Richard Cowan and Susan Cornwell; editing by Ross Colvin and Grant McCool

Billy Graham’s evangelical magazine calls for Trump’s removal
December 19, 2019
by Brad Brooks
The magazine founded by the late Reverend Billy Graham that is influential with conservative evangelical Christians in the United States called on Thursday for President Donald Trump to be removed from office.
Christianity Today wrote in an editorial carrying the headline “Trump Should Be Removed from Office” that it could no longer stand on the sidelines following Trump’s impeachment.
“The president of the United States attempted to use his political power to coerce a foreign leader to harass and discredit one of the president’s political opponents,” the editorial read. “That is not only a violation of the Constitution; more importantly, it is profoundly immoral.”
Evangelical Christians make up about 25% of U.S. voters, according to Pew Research, and have been a bedrock of Trump’s support. In 2016, he took over 80% of the group’s votes, per Pew’s polling.
In making its case, the magazine referred to the same stance it took on the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton, when it called for his removal.
“Unfortunately, the words that we applied to Mr. Clinton 20 years ago apply almost perfectly to our current president,” the editorial said.
Christianity Today wrote that it recognized the advances made for conservative Christian causes under Trump, pointing to his Supreme Court nominees, what they called his “defense of religious liberty,” and how he has led the economy.
But it said the impeachment process has revealed too much for Christianity Today.
“We believe the impeachment hearings have made it absolutely clear, in a way the Mueller investigation did not, that President Trump has abused his authority for personal gain and betrayed his constitutional oath,” the editorial said.
Christianity Today’s editorial did not spare Democrats of criticism, writing that the party had been trying to take down Trump since he took office.
But the errors of the Democratic Party did not justify Trump’s acts, the magazine concluded.
“To the many evangelicals who continue to support Mr. Trump in spite of his blackened moral record, we might say this: Remember who you are and whom you serve,” the magazine wrote. “Consider how your justification of Mr. Trump influences your witness to your Lord and Savior.”
Reporting by Brad Brooks in Austin, Texas; Editing by Kenneth Maxwell

Violent Round Robin letter to right wing Trump American support groups
December 19, 2019
by Aaron L. Johnson
This is a copy of an email that has been circulating among far-right political action groups. It is worth the reading because it shows threats of violence against anti-Trump citizens and groups
The Nationalist Front, an umbrella organization for numerous groups, wants the establishment of a white “ethnostate” in the US and eradication of the Jews as well as other races. Its founder, the late William Pierce, has inspired dozens of domestic terror attacks with his book “The Turner Diaries.” Internal fighting has meant a frequent waxing and waning of neo-Nazi groups.
The following list of far-right and, most often, neo-Nazi and Republican, groups was sent out on a computer disc, complete with home addresses of leaders and selected members. This has been making the rounds of law enforcement agencies and moderate American, and foreign, political entitles.
It is far too prolix to post on a small website.
Copies of this call to arms are sent to the following activist organizations in the United States.

• 3 Percenters
• ACT for America
• Adolf Hitler Free Corps
• Advent Christian General Conference
• All White America-Florida
• Alliance Defending Freedom
• Alternative Right Alabama
• Alternative Right Georgia
• Alternative Right Illinois
• AltRight Corporation Virginia
• America First
• America First Committee
• America First Committee Illinois
• America’s Promise Ministries
• American Border Patrol/American Patrol
• American Camp Guards Society
• American Family Association
• American Freedom Party
• American Freedom Party California
• American Freedom Party Indiana
• American Freedom Party Montana
• American Freedom Party New York
• American Freedom Party North Dakota
• American Freedom Party Texas
• American Freedom Union Pennsylvania
• American Front
• American Militia Alliance
• American Nazi Party
• American Nazi Party California
• American Nazi Party Michigan
• American Renaissance
• American Renaissance/New Century Foundation Virginia
• Anglican Mission in the Americas
• Anti-Communist Action
• Arizona Border Recon
• Aryan Brotherhood
• Aryan Brotherhood of Texas
• Aryan Brotherhood of Texas
• Aryan Guard
• Aryan Nations
• Aryan Nations
• Aryan Nations Sadistic Souls MC Illinois
• Aryan Nations Sadistic Souls MC Ohio
• Aryan Nations Sadistic Souls MC Oklahoma
• Aryan Nations Sadistic Souls MC Tennessee
• Aryan Nations Sadistic Souls MC Wisconsin
• Aryan Nations Sadistic Souls MC Missouri
• Aryan Nations Worldwide Georgia
• Aryan Renaissance Society New York
• Aryan Renaissance Society Texas
• Assemblies of God USA
• Atomwaffen Division
• Atomwaffen Division Alabama
• Atomwaffen Division Arizona
• Atomwaffen Division Arkansas
• Atomwaffen Division California
• Atomwaffen Division Colorado
• Atomwaffen Division Florida
• Atomwaffen Division Georgia
• Atomwaffen Division Illinois
• Atomwaffen Division Kentucky
• Atomwaffen Division Maine
• Atomwaffen Division Maryland
• Atomwaffen Division Massachusetts
• Atomwaffen Division Michigan
• Atomwaffen Division Minnesota
• Atomwaffen Division Mississippi
• Atomwaffen Division Missouri
• Atomwaffen Division Nevada
• Atomwaffen Division New York
• Atomwaffen Division North Carolina
• Atomwaffen Division Ohio
• Atomwaffen Division Oklahoma
• Atomwaffen Division South Carolina
• Atomwaffen Division Statewide,
• Atomwaffen Division Texas
• Atomwaffen Division Virginia
• Back to Africa Movement
• Blood & Honor
• Brethren Church, The
• Brethren in Christ Church
• Brotherhood of Klans
• Center for Security Policy
• Christian and Missionary Alliance
• Christian Identity
• Christian Reformed Church in North America
• Christian Union
• Church of God
• Church of the National Knights of the Ku Klux Klan
• Church of the Nazarene
• Confederate SS Movement
• Conservative Citizens Foundation, Inc. Missouri
• Conservative Congregational Christian Conference
• Converge Worldwide
• Council of Conservative Citizens Maryland
• Council of Conservative Citizens Missouri
• Counter.Fund-Pennsylvania
• Counter-Currents Publishing California
• Counter-Currents Publishing New York
• Counter-Currents Publishing Washington
• Creativity Movement Illinois
• Creativity Movement Michigan
• Creativity Movement South Dakota
• Creativity Movement Ohio
• ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians
• Elim Fellowship
• Endangered Souls RC/Crew 519
• Evangelical Assembly of Presbyterian Churches
• Evangelical Church, The
• Evangelical Congregational Church
• Evangelical Free Church of America
• Evangelical Friends Church International
• Evangelical Presbyterian Church
• Every Nation Churches
• Faith and Heritage Texas
• Fellowship of Evangelical Bible Churches
• Fellowship of Evangelical Churches
• Forza Nuova Arizona
• Forza Nuova New Jersey
• Foursquare Church, The
• Free American-Arizona
• Free Methodist Church of North America
• Gays Must Die Association
• Germania International
• Golden Dawn-New York
• Grace Communion International Worldwide Church of God
• Great Commission Churches
• Hammerskins
• Idaho Light Foot Militia
• Identity Evropa
• Identity Evropa Georgia
• Identity Evropa Arizona
• Identity Evropa Colorado
• Identity Evropa California
• Identity Evropa Florida
• Identity Evropa Maryland
• Identity Evropa Michigan
• Identity Evropa Minnesota
• Identity Evropa New Jersey
• Identity Evropa New York
• Identity Evropa North Carolina
• Identity Evropa Oregon
• Identity Evropa Pennsylvania
• Identity Evropa Tennessee
• Identity Evropa Virginia
• Immigants Out Texas
• Immigrants Out Alabama
• Immigrants Out Mississippi
• Immigrants Out Wyoming
• Imperial Klans of America
• International Pentecostal Church of Christ
• International Pentecostal Holiness Church
• Keystone United
• Ku Klux Klan
• League of the South
• Liberty University Lynchburg, Va
• Lynwood Vikings
• Michigan Militia
• Militia of Montana
• Missionary Church, Inc.
• Missouri Citizens Militia
• Missouri Militia
• National Alliance
• National Alliance Reform and Restoration Group Nevada
• National Alliance Nevada
• National Alliance New Hampshire
• National Alliance Tennessee
• National Alliance West Virginia
• National Boarderguards
• National Coalition for Immigration Reform
• National Policy Institute Virginia
• National Socialist German Workers Party Nebraska
• National Socialist Kindred
• National Socialist Movement (United States)
• National Socialist Legion Tennessee
• National Socialist Legion Texas
• National Socialist Liberation Front
• National Socialist Liberation Front New York
• National Socialist Liberation Front Pennsylvania
• National Socialist Liberation Front, Alabama
• National Socialist Movement United States
• National Socialist Movement Arizona
• National Socialist Movement Florida
• National Socialist Movement Illinois
• National Socialist Movement Michigan
• National Socialist Movement Pennsylvania
• National Socialist Movement Tennessee
• National Socialist Vanguard
• National Vanguard
• National Youth Alliance
• Nationalist Front
• Nationalist Initiative Ohio
• Nationalist Women’s Front California
• Nationalist Women’s Front-California
• Natonal Association for the Deportion of Aliens
• New Albion-Maine
• New Order Wisconsin
• New York Light Foot Militia
• Noble Breed Kindred California
• Northwest Front-Washington
• NS Publications Michigan
• Oath Keepers
• Occidental Dissent Alabama
• Occidental Observer California
• Odinia International
• Ohio Defense Force
• Open Bible Church
• Operation Homeland Virginia
• Patriot Front
• Patriot Front Illinois
• Patriot Front California
• Patriot Front Texas
• Patriot Front Washington
• Patriotic Flags South Carolina
• Pennsylvania Military Reserve
• Pioneer Little Europe Kalispell Montana
• Presbyterian Church in America
• Primitive Methodist Church USA
• PzG Inc. South Dakota
• Racial Nationalist Party of America-New York
• Radio Wehrwolf Wisconsin
• Radix Journal-Montana
• Real Republic of Florida-Florida
• Renegade Tribune
• Resistance Records
• Rise Above Movement-California
• RootBocks-Indiana
• Royalhouse Chapel International
• Sons of the South-Georgia
• Stormfront-Florida
• Texas Light Foot Militia
• The Army of God
• The Aryan Terror Brigade
• The California Reich
• The Concerned Christians
• The Covenant, The Sword, and the Arm of the Lord
• The Creativity Alliance Florida
• The Creativity Alliance Illinois
• The Creativity Alliance Pennsylvania
• The Creativity Alliance Texas
• The Creativity Movement
• The Creativity Movement Illinois
• The Creativity Movement Michigan
• The Creativity Movement Ohio
• The Creativity Movement South Dakota
• The Daily Stormer
• The Daily Stormer Indiana
• The Daily Stormer Louisiana
• The Daily Stormer Maine
• The Daily Stormer Michigan
• The Daily Stormer Ohio
• The Daily Stormer Connecticut
• The Daily Stormer Minnesota
• The Daily Stormer Nebraska
• The Daily Stormer Nevada
• The Daily Stormer New Hampshire
• The Daily Stormer New Jersey
• The Daily Stormer North Carolina
• The Daily Stormer Oregon
• The Daily Stormer Pennsylvania
• The Daily Stormer South Carolina
• The Daily Stormer Tennessee
• The Daily Stormer Texas
• The Daily Stormer Utah
• The Daily Stormer Virginia
• The Daily Stormer Washington
• The Daily Stormer Alaska
• The Daily Stormer California
• The Daily Stormer Alabama
• The Daily Stormer Alaska
• The Daily Stormer Arizona
• The Daily Stormer-California
• The Daily Stormer-Colorado
• The Daily Stormer-Florida
• The Daily Stormer-Georgia
• The Daily Stormer-Illinois
• The Daily Stormer-Indiana
• The Daily Stormer-Iowa
• The Daily Stormer-Kansas
• The Daily Stormer-Kentucky
• The Daily Stormer-Massachusetts
• The Daily Stormer-Michigan
• The Daily Stormer-Minnesota
• The Daily Stormer-Missouri
• The Daily Stormer-Montana
• The Daily Stormer-Nebraska
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Exclusive: U.S. probe of Saudi oil attack shows it came from north – report
December 19, 2019
by Humeyra Pamuk
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States said new evidence and analysis of weapons debris recovered from an attack on Saudi oil facilities on Sept. 14 indicates the strike likely came from the north, reinforcing its earlier assessment that Iran was behind the offensive.
In an interim report of its investigation – seen by Reuters ahead of a presentation on Thursday to the United Nations Security Council – Washington assessed that before hitting its targets, one of the drones traversed a location approximately 200 km (124 miles) to the northwest of the attack site.
“This, in combination with the assessed 900 kilometer maximum range of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), indicates with high likelihood that the attack originated north of Abqaiq,” the interim report said, referring to the location of one of the Saudi oil facilities that were hit.
It added the United States had identified several similarities between the drones used in the raid and an Iranian designed and produced unmanned aircraft known as the IRN-05 UAV.
However, the report noted that the analysis of the weapons debris did not definitely reveal the origin of the strike that initially knocked out half of Saudi Arabia’s oil production.
“At this time, the U.S. Intelligence Community has not identified any information from the recovered weapon systems used in the 14 September attacks on Saudi Arabia that definitively reveals an attack origin,” it said.
The new findings include freshly declassified information, a State Department official told Reuters.
The United States, European powers and Saudi Arabia blamed the Sept. 14 attack on Iran. Yemen’s Houthi group claimed responsibility for the attacks, and Iran, which supports the Houthis, denied any involvement. Yemen is south of Saudi Arabia.
Reuters reported last month that Iran’s leadership approved the attacks but decided to stop short of a direct confrontation that could trigger a devastating U.S. response. It opted instead to hit the Abqaiq and the Khurais oil plants of U.S. ally Saudi Arabia, according to three officials familiar with the meetings and a fourth close to Iran’s decision making.
According to the Reuters report a Middle East source, who was briefed by a country investigating the attack, said the launch site was the Ahvaz air base in southwest Iran, which is about 650 km north of Abqaiq.
Some of the craft flew over Iraq and Kuwait en route to the attack, according to a Western intelligence source cited by the report, giving Iran plausible deniability.
The 17-minute strike by 18 drones and three low-flying missiles caused a spike in oil prices, fires and damage and shut down more than 5% of global oil supply. Saudi Arabia said on Oct. 3 that it had fully restored oil output.
The United States will present its findings to a closed-door session of the U.N. Security Council as it hopes to mobilize more support for its policy to isolate Iran and force it to the negotiating table for a new nuclear deal.
In a similar report last week, the United Nations also said it was “unable to independently corroborate” that missiles and drones used in attacks on Saudi oil facilities in September “are of Iranian origin.”
The report noted that Yemen’s Houthis “have not shown to be in possession, nor been assessed to be in possession” of the type of drones used in the attacks on the Aramco facilities.
Washington’s interim assessment also included several pictures of drone components including the engine identified by the United States as “closely resembling” or “nearly identical” to those that have been observed on other Iranian unmanned aerial vehicles.
It also provided pictures of a compass circuit board that was recovered from the attack with a marking that is likely indicating a potential manufacturing date written in the Persian calendar year, the report assessed.
The name of a company believed to be associated with Iran, SADRA, was also identified on a wiring harness label from the Sept. 14 wreckage, the report said.
U.S. President Donald Trump last year withdrew from a 2015 nuclear deal between world powers and Iran and snapped back sanctions on Tehran with the aim of choking Iranian crude sales, the Islamic Republic’s main source of revenues.
As part of its ‘maximum pressure’ campaign, Washington has also sanctioned dozens of Iranian entities, companies and individuals in a bid to cut of Tehran’s revenue streams, a move some analysts have suggested may have forced the Islamic Republic to act more aggressively.
Reporting by Humeyra Pamuk; Editing by Mary Milliken and William Maclean

Will the Secessionist Epidemic Ever End?
December 17, 2019
by Patrick J. Buchanan
If the secessionism epidemic is to someday expire, then its causes will have to be addressed. And what are they?
Fresh from his triumphal “Get Brexit Done!” campaign, Prime Minister Boris Johnson anticipates a swift secession from the European Union.
But if Britain secedes from the EU, warns Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland will secede from the United Kingdom.
Northern Ireland, which voted in 2016 to remain in the EU, could follow Scotland out of Britain, leaving her with “Little England” and Wales.
Not going to happen, says Boris. His government will not allow a second referendum on Scottish independence.
Yet the Scottish National Party won 48 of Scotland’s 59 seats in Parliament, and Sturgeon calls this a mandate for a new vote to secede:
“If (Boris) thinks … saying ‘no’ is the end of the matter then he is going to find himself completely and utterly wrong. … You cannot hold Scotland in the union against its will.”
She has a point. If a majority of Scots wish to secede, how does a democratic Great Britain indefinitely deny them the right of self-determination?
Is Scotland fated to become for Britain what Catalonia is to Spain?
Where does this phenomenon, this continuing unraveling of old and proliferation of new nations, this epidemic of secessionism, end?
The most recent population explosion of new nations began three decades ago, when 15 republics of the USSR became independent nations. Soon, several of the 15 began to unravel further.
Transnistria seceded from Moldova. South Ossetia and Abkhazia seceded from Georgia. Chechnya sought to break free of Russia, only to be crushed. Since 2015, the Donbass has sought to secede from Ukraine.
When Josip Tito’s Yugoslavia collapsed, six “nations” seceded from Belgrade.
When did secessionism begin?
The Americans started it all.
The first great secessionist cause was the Revolution, when the 13 American colonies declared and won independence from the British crown.
It is solemnly declared today that our Revolution was about ideas, such as the equality of all men. But the author of the Declaration did not believe in equality.
Jefferson was a Virginia plantation owner, some of whose slaves were with him in Philadelphia. He described Native Americans in the Declaration as “merciless Indian Savages.” The British are fraternally called “brethren” with whom we share “ties of a common kindred,” but who have been “deaf to the voice of consanguinity.”
I.e, our cousins have been deaf to the call of our common blood.
John Jay, in Federalist 2, before the Constitution was even ratified, spoke of the elements that formed the nation — “one connected country to one united people … descended from the same ancestors, speaking the same language, professing the same religion … similar in their manners and customs.”
A second secessionist movement, six decades later, created a second American nation. Texans under Sam Houston rose up and ripped that vast province away from its young mother country, Mexico.
The third secessionist movement united 11 states that sought to create a new confederated nation outside the Union, as the revolutionary generation had created a new nation outside of Britain.
In the 19th century, a dozen new nations were created by Latin American secessionists of the Spanish and Portuguese empires who emulated the example of the Americans of 1776.
After 1945, colonies of the British, French, Portuguese and Belgian empires seceded to produce a baby boom of new nations whose most common characteristic seems to be that all receive foreign aid and all have seats in the U.N. General Assembly.
If the secessionism epidemic is to someday expire, then its causes will have to be addressed. And what are they?
Secessionism appears rooted principally in issues of national identity — ethnicity, religion, race, language, culture and “the mystic chords of memory” — most of which Jay identified as both uniting Americans and separating us from our British “brethren.”
Yet these issues of identity appear not to be receding but rising in the Caucasus, Middle East, Africa and South Asia.
The Kurds, the Palestinians, the Baluch and many more seek their own nations. Taiwan’s secession is not recognized by China. The secession of Russian-speaking Donbass is not recognized by a U.S.-armed Ukraine, or by us.
As more and more people identify themselves by who they are, and are not, secessions of people from each other will continue.
These are not inconsequential matters. In 1939, the question of whether 300,000 Germans in a Polish-controlled city, Danzig, should be restored to German rule led to the worst war in the history of the world.
The peace of mankind in the 21st century may well depend upon our ability to accommodate this inexorable secessionist drive to some degree.
In June 1945, the U.N. had 50 members. It begins 2020 with 193.
Last week, Bougainville, a South Pacific island cluster of Papua New Guinea, voted 98%, in a nonbinding referendum for independence, to become the world’s newest nation. Papua New Guinea won its own independence from Australia when Gerald Ford was president.
And the beat goes on.

The Season of Evil
by Gregory Douglas

This is in essence a work of fiction, but the usual disclaimers notwithstanding, many of the horrific incidents related herein are based entirely on factual occurrences.
None of the characters or the events in this telling are invented and at the same time, none are real. And certainly, none of the participants could be considered by any stretch of the imagination to be either noble, self-sacrificing, honest, pure of motive or in any way socially acceptable to anything other than a hungry crocodile, a professional politician or a tax collector.
In fact, the main characters are complex, very often unpleasant, destructive and occasionally, very entertaining.
To those who would say that the majority of humanity has nothing in common with the characters depicted herein, the response is that mirrors only depict the ugly, evil and deformed things that peer into them
There are no heroes here, only different shapes and degrees of villains and if there is a moral to this tale it might well be found in a sentence by Jonathan Swift, a brilliant and misanthropic Irish cleric who wrote in his ‘Gulliver’s Travels,”
“I cannot but conclude the bulk of your natives to be the most odious race of little pernicious vermin that Nature ever suffered to crawl upon the surface of the earth.”
Swift was often unkind in his observations but certainly not inaccurate.

Frienze, Italy
July 2018-August 2019

Chapter 33

When they went back into the house, Gwen took Chuck to one side.
“Listen, love, we have to get that old bitch out of this house tonight. She’s going to destroy Lars if we don’t. Filthy old shit! Use your brain and think of something quick while I keep her busy.”
Chuck went into the kitchen for a minute and then rushed out into the living room.
“Oh my God, there is a terrible snow storm headed right this way! Mrs. Cobb, we’re going to have to get you back into town immediately or you’ll be snowed in here for two weeks! Quick, get packed and I’ll get the car out!”
Lars knew that it was not going to snow that night but he was the first to help his mother pack.
“Hurry up, Ma, hurry up! The car’s waiting for you. Hurry up!!”
“Oh Ozzie, this is so sudden. Carl won’t be expecting me for two days. What will I tell him when I come back early?”
When she got back later that night, she found Carl in bed with a girl he had recruited for his billiard parlor in Hibbing and a great deal was said and done in subsequent hours.
Out she went, still babbling, and this time, Chuck drove her back to town and left Lars behind.
He helped Gwen put the plates and glasses into the dishwasher.
“Your mother,” Gwen said very firmly, “is a horrible old woman, Lars. I don’t believe a word she said about you and I don’t think you ought to have anything more to do with her.
Lars blew his nose on a dishtowel several times.
“I know but I thought maybe she might not be so bad. People change when they get older.”
“People die when they get older and she’s long overdue. Don’t feel badly, honey, my people are rotten too. Here,” she gave him a handkerchief, “use this.”
Chuck got back forty minutes later. The Cobb car had a dead battery and he had to jump start it.
Lars, who was feeling rather depressed, had gone to bed and Gwen was still up when Chuck came into the living room.
“Did you get rid of the old pig?”
“Jesus, what a mess. Her car wouldn’t start and I had to get out the jump cables. Thank God I put them in the van last week or I would have had to bring her back here. What did she talk about when she went off with you?”
“Never mind. Lars feels terrible and I told him not to pay any attention to her. He went to bed so maybe you can stop in and be nice to him. He’s really a sweet person and he sure doesn’t deserve that old bitch.”
“No, he does not.”
Lars was brushing his teeth when Chuck came into his room.
“Well, she’s gone, friend and now she belongs to Carl and the billiard place in Hibbing. Don’t worry about her anymore. I’m sure he’ll take good care of her and I assure you that the sins of the mother are not visited upon the son. OK?”
“What do you mean, Chuck?”
His eyes were red and Chuck felt very sorry for him.
“Just a biblical thought.” He put his arm around him and got him to sit down on the edge of the bed.
“Your mother is a really nasty person, Lars, and I don’t think you should have anything more to do with her.”
“What does Gwen think about all this? I really like her and Ma is so…”
Chuck shook him.
“Hey, Gwen called her an old bitch and made me get rid of her so you know how she feels. Get some sleep now and forget old Ma. We can drive down to Duluth tomorrow and catch a movie. How about that?”
Lars gripped Chuck’s hand strong enough to hurt.
“Thank you Chuck. I really appreciate you being nice. You can make all the cracks about day care centers that you want and I won’t get mad at you any more but don’t say anything in front of Gwen, OK?”
“OK. I’ll see you in the morning and maybe we can sponsor a Girl Scout cookie sale. Would you like that? Lars?”
“Oh go fuck yourself, asshole!”
But he did laugh when he said this.
When Mrs. Cobb talked to the nice magazine man the next day, she was still in a state of shock. Having found her husband in bed with another woman was bad enough but she also discovered that he had been dipping into the insurance money her late husband had left her. Carl had admitted this after she had thrown a steam iron at him and attacked his girl friend with a stuffed panda. Suzette packed a mean right arm.
Unfortunately, she was not speechless after her betrayal and the nice magazine man had to listen to twenty-five minutes of screeching complaints. If he hadn’t been so interested in learning where her son, and others, lived, he would have hung up on her long before.
Discovering that the mother had neglected to note the exact location of the house or even its approximate location, he finally learned that the occupants visited the post office at least once a week. Very well, he thought, they could be followed.
Mrs. Cobb was still babbling when he hung up on her. He had to testify at a preliminary hearing in the Cook County criminal building and was already late.


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