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TBR News June 14, 2020

Jun 14 2020

The Voice of the White House
Washington, D.C. June 14, 2020: Working in the White House as a junior staffer is an interesting experience.
When I was younger, I worked as a summer-time job in a clinic for people who had moderate to severe mental problems and the current work closely, at times, echos the earlier one.
I am not an intimate of the President but I have encountered him from time to time and I daily see manifestations of his growing psychological problems.
He insults people, uses foul language, is frantic to see his name mentioned on main-line television and pays absolutely no attention to any advice from his staff that runs counter to his strange ideas.
He lies like a rug to everyone, eats like a hog, makes lewd remarks to female staffers and flies into rages if anyone dares to contradict him.
It is becoming more and more evident to even the least intelligent American voter that Trump is vicious, corrupt and amoral. He has stated often that even if he loses the
election in 2020, he will not leave the White House. I have news for Donald but this is not
the place to discuss it.
Comment for June 14, 2020: “There is an organization, so-called- named Veritas or Truth. There are rumors that they will be publishing a story about Trump’s activities with ancient walkers of the street and it will be called the ‘Golden Shower.’ And we understand that an anti-Nazi group called antifas has imported 75 flame throwers, five rockets, ten dozen machine guns and a box of sanitary napkins with which to launch an attack on Trump supporters. Actually anti-bug spray is much more effective in removing them from the garbage can areas.”

Trump Approval Rating
Jun. 8-9
Ipsos Approve Disapprove
39%          57%

The Table of Contents
• Trump stokes division with racism and rage – and the American oligarchy purrs
• Police Budgets, Austerity, and Tax Cuts for the Rich Are Colliding in Democratic States and Cities
• Lists of killings by law enforcement officers in the United States- 2015
o Part 6
• The Encyclopedia of American Loons

Trump stokes division with racism and rage – and the American oligarchy purrs
The president is the best thing that ever happened to the corporate elite, a distraction on the lines of the old Jim Crow
June 14, 2020
by Robert Reich
The Guardian
Jamie Dimon, chief executive of JPMorgan Chase, took the knee last week before cameras at a branch of his bank. Larry Fink, CEO of giant investment fund BlackRock, decried racial bias. Starbucks vowed to “stand in solidarity with our black partners, customers and communities”. Goldman Sachs chairman and CEO David Solomon said he grieved “for the lives of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and countless other victims of racism.”
And so on across the highest reaches of corporate America, an outpouring of solidarity with those protesting brutal police killings of black Americans and systemic racism.
But most of this is for show.
JPMorgan has made it difficult for black people to get mortgage loans. In 2017, the bank paid $55m to settle a justice department lawsuit accusing it of discriminating against minority borrowers. Researchers have found banks routinely charge black mortgage borrowers higher interest rates than white borrowers and deny them mortgages white applicants would have received.
BlackRock is one of the biggest investors in private prisons, disproportionately incarcerating black and Latino men.
Starbucks has prohibited baristas from wearing Black Lives Matter attire and for years has struggled with racism in its stores as managers accuse black patrons of trespassing and deny them bathrooms to which white patrons have access.
Last week, Frederick Baba, an executive at Goldman Sachs who is black, criticized managers for not supporting junior bankers from diverse backgrounds.
Meanwhile, behind the scenes – in the halls of Congress and the corridors of statehouses, in fundraisers and in private candidate briefings, in strategy sessions with political operatives and public-relations specialists – the CEOs who condemn racism lobby for and get giant tax cuts and fight off a wealth tax.
As a result, the nation can’t afford anything as ambitious as a massive Marshall Plan to provide poor communities world-class schools, first-class healthcare and affordable housing.
The CEOs resist a living wage and universal basic income. They don’t want antitrust laws jeopardizing their market power, thereby requiring consumers pay more. They oppose tighter regulations against red-lining or prohibitions on payday lending, both of which disproportionately burden black and brown people.
Perhaps most revealingly, they remain silent in the face of Donald Trump’s bigotry. Indeed, many are quietly funding the re-election of a president whose political ascent began with a racist conspiracy theory and who continues to encourage white supremacists.
This goes beyond mere hypocrisy. Top CEOs have amassed more wealth and power than at any time since the “robber barons” of the late 19th century – enough to get legislative outcomes they want and organize the system for their own benefit.
They know that as long as racial animosity exists, white and black Americans are less likely to look upward and see where the wealth and power really has gone.
They’re less likely to notice that the market is rigged against them all. They’ll cling to the meritocratic myth that they’re paid what they’re “worth” in the market and that the obstacles they face are of their own making rather than an unjust system.
Racism reduces the odds they will join together to threaten that system.
This is not a new strategy. Throughout history, the rich have used racism to divide people and thereby entrench themselves.
Half a century ago, Martin Luther King Jr observed much the same about the old southern aristocracy, which “took the world and gave the poor white man Jim Crow. And when his wrinkled stomach cried out for the food that his empty pockets could not provide, he ate Jim Crow, a psychological bird that told him that no matter how bad off he was, at least he was a white man, better than a black man.”
Trump is the best thing ever to have happened to the new American oligarchy, and not just because he has given them tax cuts and regulatory rollbacks.
He has also stoked division and racism so that most Americans don’t see CEOs getting exorbitant pay while slicing the pay of average workers, won’t notice giant tax cuts and bailouts for big corporations and the wealthy while most people make do with inadequate schools and unaffordable healthcare, and don’t pay attention to the bribery of public officials through unlimited campaign donations.
The only way systemic injustices can be remedied is if power is redistributed. Power will be redistributed only if the vast majority – white, black and brown – join together to secure it.
Which is what the oligarchy fears most.
Robert Reich, a former US secretary of labor, is professor of public policy at the University of California at Berkeley and the author of Saving Capitalism: For the Many, Not the Few and The Common Good. His new book, The System: Who Rigged It, How We Fix It, is out now. He is a columnist for Guardian US

Police Budgets, Austerity, and Tax Cuts for the Rich Are Colliding in Democratic States and Cities
June 13, 2020
by David Segal and Astra Taylor
The Intercept
Last week, Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo said that it was time for privileged people like herself to “listen with humility” to those who have experienced racism. Yet after nearly 10,000 people marched on the state House, Raimondo made clear that she does not care to entertain protesters’ calls to rein in police spending. Moreover, prior to the coronavirus pandemic, she had already proposed that the state balance its budget by squeezing poorer and nonwhite communities in so-called distressed cities and towns — terminology the state uses to describe Providence and the handful of densely populated cities that surround it and whose inhabitants include the bulk of the state’s nonwhite population.
On Thursday, Democrats in the Colorado House of Representatives passed legislation that would roll back some giveaways to the wealthy and corporations included in President Donald Trump’s 2017 tax bill, raising roughly a billion dollars in an effort to prevent major cuts to K-12 education and reduce Colorado’s estimated $3 billion deficit. Police budgets, meanwhile, are not currently on the chopping block, though some Denver City Council members have raised the issue. The bill now moves to the state Senate, which Democrats took control of in the 2018 wave. In a state where Democrats control the entire government, the obstacle isn’t Republicans: It is Gov. Jared Polis, who wants to funnel the revenue into new across-the-board income tax cuts that would disproportionately benefit the rich, leaving open the possibility that the newly blue state will choose tax cuts, austerity, and a robust policing budget over funding for education.
Urban cities, especially poorer and nonwhite communities within their limits, live in a condition of austerity even in the best of times. Now, the economic fallout of Covid-19, a disease that has been disproportionately lethal for black people, is hitting these communities the hardest. These already deadly and desperate conditions are about to be exacerbated by a cascade of deprivation fueled by cuts to funding for cities, schools, and social services, as 46 states’ fiscal years begin on July 1 — and states themselves stare down deficits of on the order of $1 trillion, equivalent to 5 percent of U.S. GDP. The federal government should intervene with more fiscal relief, but failing that, states must step up and ensure that critical spending is protected.
Unfortunately, this sort of leadership remains elusive even in states run by Democrats. Deep blue Rhode Island, with a general assembly that is 85 percent Democratic, today faces a pandemic-driven anticipated 13-month budget deficit of nearly $1 billion, out of an annual budget of around $10 billion — much more severe than when Raimondo first proposed her cuts to “distressed” communities.
Without swift engagement from activists over the coming weeks and months, Democrat-imposed cuts will serve to further entrench the racism that governors are now so quick to decry when invited onto MSNBC or while trying to placate protestors who march on their state houses.
Even Democratic state leaders default to using what tend to be regressive revenue structures (especially when factoring in the sharply regressive property taxes that states enforce as the primary driver of municipal revenues) to pour exorbitant sums into prisons and policing functions — while penny-pinching where schools, social welfare, and basic municipal and transit services are concerned. This parsimony is particularly damaging for African Americans, who represent a much higher percentage of the workforce in the public sector, especially in cities, than in the private sector — and while unemployment fell overall in May, it increased in the public sector and among African Americans.
We can expect the destruction of lives and livelihoods to intensify in the months ahead, propelled by elected officials who kowtow to their wealthiest constituents by levying relatively low income and capital gains taxes and shifting the burden to pay onto those least able to afford it. State budgets, as organizer Sochie Nnaemeka has said, are moral documents, and activists concerned with racial justice must demand a different form of accounting.
On Saturday June 6, next to where D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser had “Black Lives Matter” painted on the road near the White House, Black Lives Matter activists painted their own message: “Defund the Police.” Bowser’s budget for D.C. — which encompasses the traditional functions of both a city and a state — includes a 3.3 percent increase in funding to D.C. police, an approximately $18.5 million boost, along with a significant decrease in funding to violence prevention programs. Across the country, police departments are some of the only agencies not seeing significant coronavirus-related cuts; in many instances, they are on track to receive more public money in 2021 than they did in 2020.
Reducing prison and police budgets is a critical vector in the fight against structural racism because those systems perpetuate discrimination while diverting funds from the things people actually need to thrive. For decades, state prison spending as a percentage of total budgets has ballooned, with increases, for instance, vastly outpacing growth in education spending. In recent years, we have seen the beginnings of a reconsideration of this unchecked growth, precipitated in part by the budget deficits that followed from the 2008-2009 economic crisis (which opened more lawmakers’ minds to the possibility of cuts) and in part by advocates’ arguments about the fundamental injustices of the prison industrial complex.
As activists have long argued, funds divested from police and the prisons should be reinvested to support those communities that have long been subjected to racialized state violence and decades of state disinvestment (what the abolitionist scholar Ruth Wilson Gilmore calls “organized abandonment.”) The #8toAbolition platform, to give one recent example, lays out various things that funds could be used for to ensure real public safety and health, including housing, health care, mental health support, grocery cooperatives, gardens, and more.
Earlier this month, Janeese Lewis George, a 32-year-old democratic socialist, defeated a moderate incumbent in the primary for a Washington, D.C., Council seat; her platform included reallocating a portion of the Metropolitan Police Department budget. “Investing in the community actually solved problems in public safety more than just sending police officers,” George told The Intercept, speaking of her experience working as a D.C. assistant attorney general.
Unfortunately, even a wildly successful “divest/invest” approach alone won’t come close to filling the budget gaps so many states now face. To simply ensure that the current, and woefully insufficient, baseline of state investment in poorer communities and communities of color will even be maintained, we will need to do more. With many states facing deficits equal to around 10-25 percent of their budgets, we must demand a restructuring so that communities least burdened by the ongoing pandemic and recession — and by discriminatory and regressive state fiscal practices — pay more.
In other words, we need to tax the rich — an uphill battle even in states like Colorado or New York, where Democrats hold both legislative chambers and the governorship. Gov. Andrew Cuomo has sabotaged the Democratic trifecta in Albany, consistently preferring to close the budget gap on the backs of the state’s poorest residents, who have already experienced the bulk of coronavirus-related layoffs. The recent New York budget also rolls back hard-won cash bail reforms, condemning more cash-strapped people who are charged with a criminal offense to jail, where they are at increased risk of exposure to Covid-19.
Though his state was an epicenter of a global pandemic, Cuomo has pushed forward with Medicaid cuts that were initiated several months ago. He is now proposing $8.2 billion in cuts to municipalities, to precipitate further reductions in Medicaid spending, as well as public education, transit, and other critical services. Moreover, as New York City faces a fiscal catastrophe, Cuomo appears inclined to deny the city permission to borrow to meet its needs — even as interest rates are at historic lows and the Federal Reserve has created a facility to ease access to such funds. Amazingly, elites at the New York Times and elsewhere are pressuring New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio to lean heavily into cuts — including by reducing the health benefits of public workers in the coronavirus-ravaged city. Cuomo claims that he “stands with the protesters,” but his budget plans indicate otherwise; New York City Public Advocate Jumaane Williams was not buying it at a protest in Manhattan last weekend, and neither should the rest of us.
Meanwhile, California’s Gov. Gavin Newsom and its state legislature are in the final stages of considering passing a state budget that banks on more federal funds — and will trigger $14 billion in cuts to K-12 schools, higher education, and state employees if that money doesn’t show up. It’s far from a given that it will; a hoped-for “second stimulus” to help states weather the last economic crisis never emerged in 2009 — even though Democrats controlled the House, Senate, and presidency — whereas today Trump is in the White House, Mitch McConnell runs the Senate, and each has expressed disinterest in providing more support to states and cities.
We mustn’t forget that the regressive taxation schemes states foist upon municipalities played a role in the original Black Lives Matter protests. After demonstrators shone a global spotlight on the police murder of 18-year-old Michael Brown, the legal advocacy organization Arch City Defenders released a report noting that Ferguson, Missouri, had issued almost 33,000 arrest warrants in 2013 despite having just 21,000 residents. The warrants were issued because people could not pay their municipal fines and fees — charges often incurred for trivial offenses such as leaving a trash can on the street or a broken brake light that could land a person in jail if they didn’t pay up. As in many other American municipalities, the police — otherwise so concerned with protecting property rights — have become a mechanism for racialized, punitive revenue extraction, and in Ferguson, this abuse helped push residents to rise up.
Austerity is not inevitable; it is a choice. Taken together, refusing further cuts to essential services, divesting from police and prisons, and taxing the rich will mitigate the damage inflicted by the pandemic and economic crisis while also beginning to address longstanding racial injustices, even if it will take far deeper changes to meaningfully remedy structural racism. At minimum, Democratic state lawmakers should seek more than a mere reversion to an unacceptable status quo (perhaps with more police body cameras or implicit bias training). Rather, they should proactively steer a recovery through spending programs that establish a less punitive and more democratic (and, ideally, green) economy and society, even leveraging low interest rates and Federal Reserve lending support to implement stimulus programs with such aims. But they won’t do any of this absent sustained and strategic pressure from social movements.
In his 1967 book “Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community?” Martin Luther King Jr. reflects on the profound challenge of achieving true racial and economic justice in this country. The civil rights movement, he argues, had, to date, won only low-hanging fruit. “The practical cost of change for the nation up to this point has been cheap. The limited reforms have been won at bargain rates. There are no expenses, and no taxes are required, for Negroes to share lunch counters, libraries, parks, hotels and other facilities with whites,” King explains. “Jobs are harder and costlier to create than voting rolls. The eradication of slums housing millions is complex far beyond integrating buses and lunch counters.” The things activists are fighting for today demand a redistribution away from police, prisons, and the capitalist class — and an increased investment in public services and everyday people. Democratic lawmakers need to budget accordingly, or be recognized as the obstacles to racial justice that they actually are.

Lists of killings by law enforcement officers in the United States- 2015
Part 6

Below are lists of people killed by law enforcement in the United States, both on duty and off duty for 2010. Other years are in preparation
Although Congress instructed the Attorney General in 1994 to compile and publish annual statistics on police use of excessive force, this was never carried out, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation does not collect these data either
The annual average number of justifiable homicides alone was previously estimated to be near 400. Updated estimates from the Bureau of Justice Statistics released in 2015 estimate the number to be around 930 per year, or 1240 if assuming that non-reporting local agencies kill people at the same rate as reporting agencies

January 2015

2015-01-31 Bright Sr., Edward Donnell (56) Maryland (Randallstown) Bright was allegedly armed with a knife, which he refused to drop. Officers used tasers initially but said he continued to approach them. Officers shot and killed him.
2015-01-31 Reyes, Victor Manuel (31) Texas (Houston (Police action) After two men were shot and killed in Houston, a Harris County Sheriff’s deputy said he heard shots and pursued Reyes. Police said Reyes refused demands to drop his gun and was shot and killed by the deputy.
2015-01-30 Marshall, John Berry (48) Montana (Billings Marshall, wanted for burglary at his own house, was spotted outside a Billings Clinic. A task force of six police responded and for failing to apprehend him immediately cause Marshall to flee. Witnesses reported that he ran, and shot in the back several times by police causing him to trip on a curb, fell, and a police round discharged through the window of the clinic. Marshall fell face down on the ground, and died a few minutes later.
2015-01-29 James, Alan (31 Michigan (Wyoming) Alan James was shot on January 29 and died of his injuries on February 7. The shooting occurred when officers responded to a domestic disturbance and James, with a blood alcohol content of 0.28, fired at officers and wounded at least one.
2015-01-29 King, Wendell (40) Texas (Fort Worth) (Domestic disturbance) Police responded to a domestic disturbance and Wendell King was shot and killed after he fired a weapon and hit a police officer.
2015-01-29 Willis, Ralph W. (43) Oklahoma (Stillwater) (Fire) Police, alerted to an apartment fire, found a body the apartment. Willis had left the apartment during the fire. Police later found Willis and chased him; Police said they shot and killed Willis after he “made an aggressive move toward the officer.”
2015-01-28 Nuu, Matautu (35) California (Stockton) Stockton Police called to a disturbance found Nuu, angry and intoxicated, in the street waving a hammer. A police dog was released to subdue him and he hit the dog on the snout with the hammer. As the officers approached Nuu he came at them with the hammer. They shot and killed him.
2015-01-28 Unnamed Male Texas (Rosenberg) (Domestic disturbance) The incident began when the unnamed suspect, an ex-boyfriend of Elizabeth Martin, broke into the home she shared with Jeffrey Obersteller. Martin was shot and killed by the alleged suspect, while Obersteller was shot five times. The suspect fled the scene and later exchanged gunfire with police near Traylor Stadium. Two police officers, on the force for two years, shot and killed the alleged suspect. The man was shot while in a white vehicle that was stopped near Traylor Stadium.
2015-01-28 Kobuk, Larry (33) Alaska (Anchorage) Kobuk was being held at the Anchorage Jail on two counts of first-degree vehicle theft, along with various other charges. He “became combative and correctional officers had to restrain him,” according to troopers. Shortly after he became unresponsive and was pronounced dead at Alaska Regional Hospital.
2015-01-28 Alverson, Alan Lance (45) Texas (Wise County) (Police action) Police attempted to arrest the suspect on an outstanding warrant. The suspect fled and later killed a K9. Troopers returned fire.
2015-01-28 Tewa, Nicholas (25/26) Arizona (Phoenix) (Police surveillance) A twenty-five (or 26)-year-old man was shot inside a car after exiting a motel and “began ramming the occupied police vehicle” with his (stolen) vehicle. He was pronounced dead at the scene.
2015-01-27 Terry, Tiffany D. (39) Nebraska (Omaha)
Omaha police responded to Terry’s residence after she had allegedly assaulted several people, including two of her children. Terry, wielding several knives, lunged at an officer on her front porch and then threw another knife at the officer before being shot multiple times. Terry later died on January 29, 2015, at Nebraska Medical Center. Per state law, a grand jury will investigate the officers’ actions.
2015-01-27 Fletcher, Jermonte (33) Ohio (Columbus)
Fletcher was under investigation due to gang activity. Officers located him at his home and attempted to have him surrender. Fletcher fired at officers, who fired back, killing him.
2015-01-27 Kmetz, Raymond (69) Minnesota (New Hope) (Mental patient) (Police action) Kmetz, who had a reported history of mental illness, shot and wounded two police officers during a ceremony. Officers exchanged gunfire with Kmetz, killing him.
2015-01-26 Garcia, David (33) California (Wasco) (Mental illness) Officers responded to a call about a suicidal person. Officers forcibly entered the home and allegedly found Garcia with a knife. He was shot and killed.
2015-01-26 Garcia, Joshua Omar (24) Texas (Tahoka) (Police action) After a chase, Garcia was arrested and handcuffed. He then attempted to drive off in a police cruiser and was shot and killed.
2015-01-26 Ingram, Chris (29) Arizona (Morenci) (Domestic disturbance) Officers responding to a domestic violence call found the suspect had left the scene. They made a traffic stop where the suspect fired at officers, hitting two. Officers fired back and Ingram was pronounced dead at Gila Health Clinic.
2015-01-26 Steele, Rhiannon L. (35) Oregon (Salem) (Police action) Steele was one of two passengers in a pickup driven by her 17-year-old son, who was pursued by police for three miles after an attempted traffic stop. The truck crashed during the chase, killing Steele and causing serious injury to the other passenger.
2015-01-26 Haynes, Alvin (57) California (San Francisco) Inmate Haynes was in custody after a probation violation. His death in custody is under investigation since there was no clear medical history explaining his death.
2015-01-25 Campbell, William (59) New Jersey (Winslow)(Domestic disturbance) Officers responded to a woman being held at gunpoint. On arrival, a woman approached the officer and screamed about a man with a gun. Campbell allegedly approached the vehicle while pointing a gun at the officer, who then shot and killed him.
2015-01-25 Lopez, Orlando Jude (26) Colorado (Pueblo) (Police action) Lopez and another individual were pursued by police, suspected of a home invasion. Shots were exchanged between Lopez and officers and Lopez was killed.
2015-01-25 Hernandez, Jessica (17) Colorado (Denver) (Police action) Hernandez, a minor, was shot after reportedly striking an officer with a stolen vehicle. However, witnesses in the vehicle stated that the officer was struck after Hernandez was incapacitated and lost control of the vehicle.
2015-01-24 Hutchins, Darin (26) Maryland (Baltimore) (Domestic disturbance) Allegedly Hutchins was threatening to stab people at a toddler’s birthday party. He refused to drop the knife when officers responded to the call, and was shot once in the chest.
2015-01-24 Myler, Darryl (41) Idaho (Rexburg) (Police action) After committing an armed robbery, Myler exchanged shots with local police and was killed.
2015-01-23 Mesch, Robert Francis (61) Texas (Austin) (Domestic disturbance) Officers responded to a call about a suicidal husband from his wife stating that he was threatening her. By the time officers arrived, Mesch had already left the home; leading to a slow-speed chase. Mesch finally exited his vehicle with a revolver, which he aimed at officers. An officer then shot and killed Mesch.
2015-01-23 Ruiz, Jose Antonio Espinoza Texas (Levelland) (Domestic disturbance) Officers responded to a call about a husband threatening his wife. On arrival they found Ruiz allegedly armed with a knife, threatening his wife. They shot and killed him.
2015-01-23 Turner, Demaris (29) Florida (Lauderhill) (Police action) Police confronted the suspect while investigating a stolen vehicle. Turner allegedly rammed the stolen car into a marked K-9 cruiser. Turner was shot at least 11 times and pronounced dead at Broward Health Medical Center.
2015-01-22 Coignard, Kristiana (17) Texas (Longview) (Mental patient) Coignard, a minor with a history of mental illness, walked into a police station lobby and used a lobby phone to request assistance from a police officer. She had the words “I have a gun” written on her hand and threatened police with a knife. After a Taser apparently had no effect, she was shot four times in the trunk and extremities.
2015-01-22 Holmes, Isaac (19) Missouri (St. Louis) Holmes was a passenger in a stolen car and allegedly exited the vehicle with a gun. Officers ordered him to drop the gun and after he refused he was shot and killed.
2015-01-22 Meton, Tiano (25) Texas (Sierra Blanca) Meton drove past a checkpoint without stopping for another 30 miles. When agents approached, one allegedly noticed a gun and shots were fired by two agents, killing Meton.
2015-01-22 Hodge, Todd Allan (36) California (Riverside) Hodge allegedly shot and killed a police K-9 on January 20. Deputies had a standoff with Hodge at his home, which he finally exited while armed with a handgun. He was then shot and killed by deputies.
2015-01-21 Toto, Andrew (54) New Hampshire (Derry) Police received a 911 call from the wife of an armed, upset, suicidal man. An officer responding encountered Toto’s parked truck, and the man fired on the officer. The officer returned fire, hitting Toto once, killing him.
2015-01-21 Gorman, John Ballard (45) Mississippi (Tunica County) Gorman, an enforcement officer for the Mississippi Gaming Commission, was killed by accidental discharge of a gun during a training exercise.
2015-01-21 de Santos-Rodriguez, Miguel Anguel (36) Texas (Chapeño) [es] Mexican national de Santos-Rodriguez was shot and killed by a US Border Patrol agent after allegedly exchanging gunfire with agents while resisting arrest.
2015-01-20 Carr, Dewayne (45) Arizona (Scottsdale) (Police surveillance) Carr, unknowingly under police surveillance as part of an investigation into a credit card fraud ring, had his vehicle surrounded and blocked in by unmarked police cars. He rammed a police car and was shot by undercover police.
2015-01-19 Campbell, Paul (49) Massachusetts (Weymouth) Officers responded to a routine medical call, arriving to find Campbell allegedly agitated and armed with a knife or knives. Police also noticed a woman’s body on the steps into the house. After a confrontation with Campbell, two officers shot Campbell. He was pronounced dead at the hospital. Police had previously made three other unremarkable medical assistance calls at the home.
2015-01-19 Castle, Carter Ray Kentucky (Gunlock) County and state police went to the suspect’s house to arrest him on a warrant, but Castle was outside his home and armed. Officers attempted to negotiate then use tasers but were unable to subdue him. After he attempted to turn toward police with his gun, a trooper shot him. He was pronounced dead a day later at the St. Mary’s Medical Center.
2015-01-19 Reindl, Quincy Reed (24) Minnesota (Bloomington) Officers responded to a report of a suicidal man at his apartment. Reindl was found outside his apartment and refused commands to drop his weapon. He was shot multiple times, five blocks from his apartment. The shooting is still under investigation.
2015-01-18 Khottavonsa, Sinthanouxay (57) Minnesota (Hennepin County) (Police action) Police responded to multiple calls about armed people fighting. Suspect allegedly seen holding a crowbar, which he refused to drop. An officer then used a Taser on Khottavonsa, leading him to fall and hit his head. He died from blunt force head injury on Jan 18, two days after incident.
2015-01-18 Guillory, Jonathan (32) Arizona (Maricopa) (Mental patient) While responding to a 911 hang-up call, police officers shot Guillory after he pointed a gun at them. Guillory was a combat veteran who had been a diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder.
2015-01-17 Brumley, Daniel (27) Texas (Fort Worth) Officer pulled Brumley over, leading to an altercation. The man stabbed the officer multiple times in the leg and the officer shot and killed Brumley.
2015-01-17 Walker, Terence D. (21) Oklahoma (Muskogee) (Domestic disturbance) Walker waiting outside church for his girlfriend, suspected to be armed. Police exchanged words with him when he took off running. An item fell, Walker picked it up, allegedly turned toward officer. Officer then shot Walker multiple times, killing him.
2015-01-17 Meza, Pablo (24) California (Los Angeles) Meza was firing shots into the air at an intersection while on his knees. Officers ordered him to drop the gun; after he refused he was fatally shot by officers.
2015-01-16 Payton, Kavonda Earl (39) Colorado (Aurora) Police in pursuit of an armed robbery suspect, chased after Payton. After he allegedly refused to comply with an officer’s demands, Payton was shot and killed.
2015-01-16 Garcia, Phillip Adam (26) Texas (Houston) Off-duty police officers were working second job at bar when argument broke out between two groups. An unnamed male involved in the altercation possessed a gun. Allegedly the off-duty officer asked him to put the gun down but he refused, the off-duty cop then shot and killed the unnamed male.
2015-01-16 Shinwary, Zaki (48) California (Fremont) Shinwary reportedly attacked two contractors with a knife before officers arrived on the scene. He repeatedly ignored commands to stop. One officer shot and killed him when he allegedly came at the officer with the knife, another officer simultaneously fired a taser.
2015-01-16 Hall, Scott Wesley (41) Texas (Kaufman) (Police action) Hall was the subject of an ATF investigation that led to a police chase involving ATF officers and Texas Rangers. Another suspect was also shot but transported to a hospital.
2015-01-16 Prestianni, Christina (37) New Jersey (Nutley) A state corrections officer shot and killed his girlfriend and himself in an apparent murder-suicide.
2015-01-16 Walker, Rodney (23) Oklahoma (Tulsa) An off-duty officer stopped to help Walker and his girlfriend after witnessing a domestic argument. Walker allegedly reached for a gun and the officer shot and killed him.
2015-01-15 Jordan, Mario A. (34) Virginia (Chesapeake) Officers responded to initial reports of an attempted suicide. An individual with a rifle fired in the direction of police on their arrival. Police shot back, killing him. An unidentified friend believed Jordan was planning to kill himself.
2015-01-15 Massey, Nathan Louisiana (Acadiana) Massey was shot and killed by State Police after allegedly taking his girlfriend hostage.
2015-01-15 Robbins, Howard (69) Kentucky (Stanford) (Pedestrian) Howard “Robert” Robbins was struck and killed by a Stanford police cruiser.
2015-01-15 Ceja, Jose (36) California (Fairfield) (Drunk and disorderly) (Domestic disturbance) Brandishing a knife and charging at a police officer, Ceja was shot multiple times by the officer. Ceja was drunk and was causing a disturbance at his home which prompted relatives to call police on him.
2015-01-15 Carr, Dewayne (45) Arizona (Scottsdale) Scottsdale Police in unmarked cars were trying to stop a suspect vehicle they had under surveillance in a credit card theft ring. As they surrounded the vehicle the driver began to ram their vehicles in his attempt to escape. At least two officers fired at least four shots and mortally wounded the driver, Dewayne Carr.
2015-01-15 Sowell, Donte (27) Indiana (Indianapolis) (Police action) Sowell shot a police officer after attempting to escape on foot from a traffic stop. A police officer and an armed security guard returned fire, killing Sowell.
2015-01-14 Goebel, Michael (29) Missouri (St. Louis) (Police action) Goebel was suspected of being involved in a stolen car ring and was wanted by several agencies. During a raid, he attempted to escape in a truck, striking an officer and a vehicle with the truck. He was pronounced dead after being air lifted to a hospital.
2015-01-14 Nielson, Jeffrey R. (34) Utah (Draper) (Police action) An officer on the way to work came across Nielson slumped over in a car and found evidence of narcotics violation. During the arrest attempt, Nielson got free, allegedly obtained a knife, and attacked the officer. The officer then shot and killed the suspect.
2015-01-14 Golden, Marcus (24) Minnesota (Saint Paul) Golden was killed after police said that he failed to obey orders and that he drove his vehicle at an officer in an apartment building parking lot. Police had been called to the building on the 200 block of University Avenue E. on a report that Golden was making death threats via text message.
2015-01-14 Schroeder, Talbot (75) New Jersey (Old Bridge) Before 6:00 a.m., Schroeder attacked a family member (who was not seriously injured), threatened another, and injured himself with a large kitchen knife. He refused to drop the knife when ordered by the officer, and was shot instead.
2015-01-14 Jordan, Mario A. (34) Virginia (Chesapeake) Chesapeake, Virginia Police officers responded to a call about a suicidal man. When the officers arrived the man shot at them with his rifle. They returned fire and mortally wounded Jordan, who died later at a hospital.
2015-01-14 Edwards, Robert (68) Texas (Lake Jackson) (Domestic disturbance) Officers responded to a call that Edwards was armed and pointing a weapon at a roommate. On arrival, officers asked him to drop the weapon, after he refused, three officers fired. He was hit with multiple gunshots and killed.
2015-01-14 Becker, Louis F. (87) New York (Syracuse) The victim was killed in a traffic accident when his pickup truck collided with a state trooper’s marked police SUV.
2015-01-13 McClendon, Richard (43) Texas (Jourdanton) (Domestic disturbance) McClendon, known by the police to have mental health issues, barricaded himself in his mother’s home and was ‘causing a disturbance’. He charged with a knife when they urged him to come out. After a taser fired by one officer failed, another officer fired one round, which was fatal.
2015-01-13 Okeefe, John Edward (35) New Mexico (Albuquerque) (Police action) Okeefe, suspected of criminal activity and wearing body armor, was shot and killed after running from and shooting at police officers.
2015-01-11 Hamby, Thomas (49) Utah (Syracuse) (Police action) Police responded to a woman’s report that her boyfriend was armed and acting strangely. After surrounding the house, the officers told Hamby to come out. He then fired at the officers and was shot. He died two days later.
2015-01-11 Smith, Tommy (39) Illinois (Arcola) (Domestic Disturbance) Police officers, responding to a report of a domestic disturbance, shot and killed Smith after he confronted them with an assault rifle and a handgun.
2015-01-11 Barbosa, Brian (23) California (Los Angeles) (Police action) Suspect allegedly attempted multiple carjackings. He was shot during confrontation with officers.
2015-01-11 Figueroa, Salvador (29) Nevada (Las Vegas) (Police action) Suspect allegedly ran from police during an investigation. Initially police used a taser to subdue him. Police said Figueroa then pulled a handgun and an officer shot him multiple times.
2015-01-09 Simpson, Loren (28) Montana (Billings) (Police action) Simpson was shot and killed after attempting to run down two sheriff’s deputies investigating a report of a stolen vehicle.
2015-01-09 Martinez, Andy (33) Texas (El Paso) (Traffic stop) Martinez was a passenger in a vehicle which was stopped for an expired registration sticker. Allegedly he began to exit the vehicle with a handgun and yelled back at officers instead of dropping the weapon. The officer then shot and killed Martinez.
2015-01-09 Foreman, Jimmy Arkansas (England) (Domestic disturbance) According to witnesses, Foreman shot his son, and when police arrived, did not listen to orders to put away his weapon. Police fired and killed him.
2015-01-08 Howard, Artago Damon (36) Arkansas (Monroe) (Police action) Howard was found inside a pharmacy after an alarm was triggered. During a brief struggle with the responding deputy, the deputy’s weapon discharged and the bullet struck Artago Howard, who fled. Howard was found dead shortly after.
2015-01-08 Barker, James Utah (Salt Lake City) (Police action) A police officer, responding to reports of a suspicious man looking into peoples car windows, confronted Barker. Barker stated that he was asking to shovel people’s driveways and walkways, despite much of the snow having melted already. Refusing to identify himself, Barker became agitated and struck the officer with a metal-bladed snow shovel, knocking him from a porch and to the ground. Barker continued to assault the officer, who then shot and killed Barker.
2015-01-07 Murphy Sr, Andre Larone (42) Nebraska (Norfolk) An officer responding to several 911 calls confronted Murphy at a motel. After a struggle, Murphy was arrested and later died while in police custody.
2015-01-07 Caffarello, Joseph (31) Illinois (Rosemont) (Domestic disturbance) Caffarello was shot and killed by his brother-in-law, an off duty police officer, during a domestic incident.
2015-01-07 Brickman, Nicholas Ryan (30) Iowa (Des Moines) (Police action) Brickman allegedly robbed a teller at gunpoint. He fled in his car, then stole an SUV at gunpoint. After hitting another vehicle, he attempted to escape on foot. When he pointed a gun at police officers, another officer shot and killed him.
2015-01-07 Sneed, Ronald (31) Texas (Freeport) (Domestic disturbance) Sneed reportedly kicked in the door to his girlfriends apartment. Responding to a call from the woman’s son, police officers entered and confronted Sneed. When asked to show his hands, Sneed pointed a gun at his girlfriend and was shot and killed by the officers.
2015-01-07 Nichols, Brock (35) Kansas (Saline County) (Police action) Deputies responded to a report of a woman fearing for the life of her 18-month-old son. Arriving at Nichols’s (the boy’s father) residence, the deputies found that Nichols had been drinking, in violation of a court order. Nichols asked to go to the bathroom and entered a dark room. After one of the deputies turned on a light, Nichols turned and pointed a handgun at the deputy. The deputy then shot Nichols, who was pronounced dead a short time later.
2015-01-07 Pickett, Brian (26) California (Los Angeles) (Domestic disturbance) Police responded to call from suspect’s mother that he was under the influence and threatening her life. On seeing deputies he became “agitated and hostile”. Officers used a taser to subdue him. He stopped breathing when paramedics arrived.
2015-01-07 Jackson, Omarr (37) Louisiana (New Orleans) Suspect allegedly fled after a traffic stop; gunfire was exchanged. Incident captured on officer’s body camera.
2015-01-07 Abdul-Rasheed, Hashim Harif (41) Ohio (Columbus)(Police action) At Port Columbus International Airport, Abdul-Rasheed was attempting to use a woman’s identity to buy a plane ticket and was confronted by police. He then took out a knife and lunged at them. He was shot by one officer.
2015-01-06 Womack, Ned (47) Georgia (Pickens County) (Domestic disturbance) Police responding to domestic dispute call, upon arrival encountered a man in the yard who fired once, fled, returned, and fired again. A deputy returned fire. Suspect was airlifted to the hospital where he later died.
2015-01-06 Sapp III, Leslie (47) Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh) (Police action) Sapp pointed what turned out to be an airsoft gun at officers as they were attempting to serve him with a warrant on a sexual assault charge.
2015-01-06 Wetter, Patrick Wayne (25) California (Stockton) (Police action) Police responded to a break-in at a group home. The suspect attacked a K9, stabbing it with a knife. He then raised the knife threateningly at officers, who fired, striking the suspect multiple times.
2015-01-06 Nichols, Brock (35) Kansas (Assaria) Saline County Deputies responded to a woman who felt herself and her child in danger from Nichols. When deputies arrived they learned that Nichols, in violation of a court order, had been drinking. Deputies were escorting Nichols to the bathroom when he went into a dark room. A deputy turned on the light and when he saw Nichols was pointing a pistol at him, shot and killed Nichols.
2015-01-06 Steele, Autumn Mae (34) Iowa (Burlington) (Domestic disturbance) A police officer identified as Jesse Hill accidentally shot Autumn Steele fatally in the chest. It is still under investigation how this happened.
2015-01-05 McIlvain, Andrew (39) Florida (Volusia County) Motorcyclist Andrew McIlvain, a Navy Veteran and father of two, was critically injured after being struck by an officer’s patrol car. He succumbed to his injuries two weeks later.
2015-01-05 Buck, Kenneth (22) mArizona (Chandler) (Police action) Buck, a burglary suspect driving a stolen car, fired at pursuing police officers and was killed in the shootout.
2015-01-04 Brown, Kenneth (18) mOklahoma (Guthrie) m(Traffic stop) Brown was stopped by a trooper for driving without headlights. The trooper asked to search the car, Brown refused permission and was then patted down by the officer. During the search, the Highway Patrol trooper found a gun; allegedly the two struggled over the gun and Brown was then shot. He later died from his injuries.
2015-01-04 Rodriguez, Michael Ray (29) Colorado (Evans) Responding to a report of a man with a gun, police confronted Rodriguez outside of a bar. Rodriguez refused to drop the weapon, instead raising it toward the officers. He was shot and killed.
2015-01-04 Hoffman, Matthew (32) California (San Francisco) (Mental patient) (Suicide by cop) Hoffman attracted police attention by being in a parking lot reserved for law enforcement officers near the Mission police station. Hoffman drew a replica airsoft handgun from his waistband in the presence of responding officers, two of whom fired five times each, hitting Hoffman a total of three times. Police found an apologetic suicide note on Hoffman’s cell phone.
2015-01-03 Kocher Jr., Michael (19) Hawaii (Kauai) (Pedestrian) Kocher was struck by a vehicle while walking down a highway. Police were called, and the responding officer struck Kocher with his car, killing him.
2015-01-03 Elliot, Tim (53) Washington (Shelton) (Mental patient) Elliot was suicidal and shot himself. Deputies called to the scene confronted Elliot and subsequently shot and killed him.
2015-01-03 Quintero, John Paul (23) Kansas (Wichita) (Drunk and disorderly) In 911 calls placed by his aunt, Quintero was said to have been possibly drunk or high and threatening his family with a knife. Police arriving at the scene found him and another family member in an SUV. After exiting the vehicle, he behaved belligerently and verbally threatened the officers. When he reportedly reached into his waistband he was Tasered, and then shot. He later died in the hospital. No weapon was recovered.
2015-01-02 Ajibade, Matthew (22) Georgia (Savannah) (Mental patient) Officers, responding to a domestic disturbance, found Ajibade holding a woman with a bruised face and bleeding nose under a blanket. He refused to release her and became combative when police arrested him. A woman, claiming to be his girlfriend, informed police of his mental health issues and gave them a bottle of his medication. During booking, he attacked and injured three officers and was put in a separate holding area. When officers checked on him later, they found that he had died. Nine Georgia sheriff’s deputies were later dismissed after an internal investigation and a separate investigation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, though they have not as of yet been indicted or convicted for any offense and so retain the presumption of innocence for those purposes.
2015-01-02 Lembke, Lewis (47) Oregon (Aloha) (Domestic disturbance) Police, responding to a call about a woman being assaulted by her husband, shot and killed Lembke after he emerged from a back room and pointed a weapon at the officers.
2015-01-01 Ornelas, Roberto Fausto (18) Florida (Largo) (Domestic disturbance) Officers responded to a call from Orenlas’ father that he was throwing things around their home and behaving erratically. Deputies forcibly removed the door to his bedroom and found him behaving strangely. Officers suspected he was under the influence of some narcotic. Officers attempted to restrain him but he broke free and they used a taser to subdue him. He continued to scream and fight medical personnel who attempted to treat him. He later died at Mariners Hospital.
2015-01-01 Gagne, Garrett (22) Massachusetts (Chatham) (Pedestrian) An officer, responding to an emergency, hit and killed Gagne around 4 a.m. as he was lying in the road after a night of drinking.


2015-02-28 Allen, Thomas (34) Missouri (Wellston) When Allen attempted to drive away from a traffic stop, a Wellston police officer jumped partially into the car. The officer fired at Allen, who died of his injuries in hospital on March 1.
2015-02-28 Hill, Stephanie LeJean (37) Arizona (Ehrenberg) Hill was one of two suspects in a Sonoma County, California murder who were spotted in Indio, California. The pursuit on Interstate 10 east of Ehrenberg, Arizona involved sheriff’s deputies from Riverside County (California) and La Paz County (Arizona). During the foot pursuit after their car crashed, Hill pointed her weapon and was shot and killed by a Riverside County sheriff deputy.
2015-02-28 Parker, Cornelius J. (28) Missouri (Columbia) Deputies from Boone County Sheriffs Office were pursuing the vehicle of a suspect in a multiple homicide. When the vehicle ran off the road, Parker got out with a handgun and was killed in an exchange of gunfire with the deputies.
2015-02-28 Uribe, Jessica (28) Arizona (Tucson) Uribe, whose sister said she has a mental condition, was the subject of a suspicious woman report. When a Tucson Police officer responded to check on her they got into a confrontation. When Uribe moved toward the officer holding a knife, the officer shot her. She died at a medical facility the next day.
2015-02-28 Guilford, Deven (17) Michigan (Grand Ledge) Guilford was pulled over for flashing his brights at an Eaton County sheriff’s deputy and then shot seven times and killed by the sheriff deputy who made the stop. Family of Slain Teen Deven Guilford Sues Eaton County Cop After Roadside Killing. “Deven’s tragic and totally unnecessary death represents a disturbing trend of demanding 100 percent compliance with police authority, coupled with zero tolerance of risk of harm to police officers,” lawyer Cynthia Heenan said in a statement. “Whatever happened to protect and serve?””
2015-02-28 Sherrod, Ian (40) North Carolina (Tarboro) Police responded to a tip on the whereabouts of a suspect in three earlier fatal shootings. They found Sherrod in a truck displaying a gun. Refusing to surrender, he got out of his truck and pointed his gun at officers, who shot and killed him.
2015-02-28 Freeman, Chaszten Noah (24) South Carolina (Pelzer) A deputy from the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office shot and killed Chaszten, a robbery suspect, who had shot at them from a wooded area near Highway 8 as they searched.
2015-02-27 Diaz, Ernesto Javier Canepa California (Santa Ana) Police identified a man and the vehicle he was in as the suspect and vehicle involved in a robbery. Early reports lack detail, but “something happened” as police tried to contact him, and they shot and killed him. The Mexican government identified the man as Ernesto Javier Canepa Diaz, a Mexican citizen.
2015-02-26 Lopez, Amilcar Perez (21) California (San Francisco) Police responded to a call of a man chasing another man down the street and/or having allegedly robbed a cyclist at knifepoint. Lopez was found holding a knife. He allegedly lunged at the plain-clothed officers with knife overhead and officers shot and killed him. However, this version of events is disputed in a wrongful death lawsuit by a coroner’s report revealing all six shots hit Lopez from behind.
2015-02-26 Harry, Crystal Lee Miley (34) Georgia (Sylvester) A pursuit by Worth County Sheriff Deputies led to the crash of the car Worth was in. She got out of the car pointing a pistol at deputies, who then shot and killed her.
2015-02-26 Biggs, Rodney Dewayne (49) Mississippi (Gulfport) Gulfport Police officers responding to a single vehicle crash found Biggs in the vehicle. Police say when they instructed him to get out of the vehicle he reached for a firearm. An officer shot and killed him. The Harrison County Grand Jury found no wrongdoing in the shooting.
2015-02-26 Cuevas, David (42) Florida (Lakeland) Cuevas was wanted on sexual battery charges so when he texted his girlfriend she call Lakeland Police. They used her phone to impersonate her in text messages, setting up a meeting with Cuevas. When they met him in a parking lot he went for his gun and was fatally shot by police officers.
2015-02-25 Spivey, Francis Lamantia (43) Nevada (Las Vegas) The man brandished a rifle, fired into the air, and then fired into an apartment police say they thought was occupied, at which point a SWAT sniper shot and killed the man.
2015-02-25 Long, Alexander Phillip (31) Indiana (Terre Haute) Terre Haute Police officers spotted Long’s car and attempted to arrest him on a warrant. They used their vehicles to pin in his vehicle but he rammed the police cars. An officer used his Taser but could not control Long. Police say he failed to obey commands to show his hands and then reached inside his jacket. That’s when an officer shot him in the chest. Long died later at a hospital.
2015-02-25 Lewis, Glenn C. (37) Oklahoma (Oklahoma City) Oklahoma City Police pursued a vehicle which did not pull over for an early morning traffic stop. The driver went into a dead-end street and had to stop. After the officers got out of their cars and walked toward the stopped vehicle the driver turned around and drove toward the officers. They shot at the car but it went past them and crashed about a block away. Lewis, the driver had been hit several times and was dead at the scene.
2015-02-25 Robertson, Troy Austin (21) Texas (Houston) Harris County Sheriff Deputies responded to a domestic disturbance between a father and son. The psychologically troubled son had taken a rifle and left the house. Eventually the deputies found Robertson hiding, with a rifle, behind an air conditioning unit in the backyard. According to a Sheriff’s Department spokesman the deputy ordered Robertson to drop the rifle. When he came back up pointing the rifle at the deputy, the deputy shot and mortally wounded him. Robertson died at a hospital.
2015-02-24 Biegert, Joseph (30) Wisconsin (Green Bay) Police responded to a call about a possibly suicidal man. He stabbed an officer in the arm. The wounded officer and his partner fired, killing the man.
2015-02-23 Smashey, Michael Wayne (37) Georgia (Powder Springs) Smashey was wanted on a warrant for armed robbery and deputies from the Sheriffs’ Departments of Cobb County and Paulding County, along with U.S. Marshalls, went to his girlfriends house to try to serve the warrant. He was hiding in a crawl space and officials say he was shot and killed when he tried to stab the deputies as they pulled insulation off him.
2015-02-23 Washington, A’Donte (18) Alabama (Millbrook) Millbrook Police officers responding to a report of a possible burglary found Washington and four other young men at the residence. The police took one into custody and others fired weapons. Washington retreated back into the house and fired again. Police say when Washington went into the backyard and then toward the street brandishing a weapon, he encountered an officer who shot and killed him.
2015-02-23 Kohl, Robert (47) Louisiana (Denham Springs) Kohl’s mother had called the Denham Springs Police Department telling them he was suicidal. Officers say that when they found Kohl he took out a gun and pointed it towards them. A police officer shot and killed Kohl.
2015-02-23 Elrod, Daniel (39) Nebraska (Omaha)
Police responding to a reported robbery, engaged Elrod. Accounts of the interaction vary, but officer Alvin Lugod shot and killed the apparently unarmed Elrod. A grand jury reviewed the case but found no reason to charge the officer.
2015-02-23 Nichols, Jerome (42) Pennsylvania (Allentown) A woman who had been stabbed called police reporting that the man had fled. She named and described the man and his vehicle. Two Catasauqua Police officers and a Pennsylvania State Police found chased the vehicle. In the final confrontation Nichols stabbed one officer before the other two shot and killed him.
2015-02-22 Reid, Calvon Andreleus (39) Florida (Coconut Creek) Paramedics dealing with a man they described as “agitated, incoherent, and combative” who was found in a gated residential community, called for police assistance. When police arrived they used their tasers on Reid. After being tasered, Reid was transported to a nearby hospital where he died on 24 February.
2015-02-22 Leonard, Bradford Samuel (50) Florida (Palm Bay) Police responded to an early-morning 911 hang-up call. When they arrived, Leonard reportedly walked into his driveway, aimed a gun at an officer, and opened fire. Officer Derek Hollcroft opened fire, killing Leonard.
2015-02-22 Giaquinta, Anthony (40) Georgia (Clarkesville)
Habersham County Sheriff Joey Terrell and two deputies responded to a domestic disturbance call and found a woman later identified as Kathy Giaguinta, Anthony’s former wife, shot dead in her garage. While they were investigating Anthony Giaquinta (a former sheriff’s office employee) returned to his ex-wife’s residence and was killed in a shoot-out with deputies. Later they found the body of Steve Singleton, 45, near the home. Sheriff Terrell and one of the deputies were injured and were treated at a local hospital.
2015-02-21 Norman, Kent (51) Indiana (Indianapolis) Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers responding to a 911 call found Norman holding a knife. They felt threatened and shot and killed him. Norman had allegedly been attempting to kill his mother.
2015-02-21 Thompson, Chance Dale (35) California (Marysville) Yuba County Sheriff deputies responded to a 2 a.m. call from a security guard at an aggregate plant about a trespasser. Deputies found the man walking atop a retaining wall, punching and kicking the air. Deputies used their tasers to gain control of Thompson so they could handcuff him. He went into cardiac arrest and died at a hospital.
2015-02-21 Carter, Jason Moncrief (41) New Mexico (Ruidoso) New Mexico State Police attempting to arrest Carter on a warrant surrounded him in his trailer in a rural RV park. There was an all-night standoff during which he brandished a firearm. When he threatened officers with the firearm they shot into his trailer, killing him.
2015-02-20 Villalpando, Ruben Garcia (31) Texas (Grapevine) Villalpando, a Mexican immigrant, was shot and killed by Grapevine police officer Robert Clark. Clark engaged him in a high-speed chase after responding to a burglary alarm at a business. According to the Star-Telegram, “The driver, later identified as Garcia, got out of his pickup, put his hands up and walked toward Clark’s patrol car despite the officer’s calls to halt…. Two shots rang out, and Garcia slumped over. He was pronounced dead at 12:06 a.m. at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, according to the Tarrant County medical examiner’s office[.]”
2015-02-20 Salazar, Alejandro (Age unknown) Texas (Houston) Officers from the United States Marshals Service and the Texas Department of Criminal Justice were staking out a residence looking for a wanted felon. They followed a vehicle from the residence until it stopped in a parking lot, then approached the vehicle as the driver got out. The suspect exited the vehicle with a weapon drawn and the officers shot and killed him The suspect was identified by a Marshalls Service spokesman as Alejandro Salazar
2015-02-20 Price, Terry (41) Oklahoma (Tulsa) Price returned to an Osage Nation casino after he was banned from the premises so tribal authorities called for help from Osage County Sheriffs deputies. Price had left the casino by the time deputies arrived, but he returned while they were there and deputies along with tribal police chased him. A tribal officer used his stun gun. After being handcuffed, Price collapsed and was declared dead at a local hospital.
2015-02-20 Harris, Douglas (77) Alabama (Birmingham) A Birmingham Police officer and a firefighter went to Harris’s apartment at the request of a relative to make a welfare check. Police say that when Harris came to the door he had a weapon in his hand pointed at the officer. The officer shot twice, mortally wounding Harris who died March 27.
2015-02-20 Grant, Stanley Lamar (38) Alabama (Homewood) Shot and killed after allegedly firing at officers serving a search warrant.
2015-02-18 Fonville, Janisha (20) North Carolina (Charlotte) Janisha Fonville refused to drop a knife during a domestic incident, she was shot and killed.
2015-02-17 Ireland, Michael Steven (31) Missouri (Springfield) Michael Steven Ireland was shot and killed after a foot chase. He appeared to be unarmed.
2015-02-17 Doug Sparks (30) Massachusetts (Tewksbury) Man fatally shot after allegedly stabbing and slashing two people in the parking lot of school.
2015-02-17 Lundy, Matthew (32) Michigan (Eaton Rapids Township) Eaton County Sheriffs Deputies responding to the scene of a car in the ditch found Lundy in the vehicle. Officials say that as the deputies approached they saw Lundy draw a weapon from his pocket and point it at a deputy. The other deputy fired nine times, killing Lundy.
2015-02-17 Sexton, Betty Diane (43) North Carolina (Gastonia) Gastonia Police Officers responded to a domestic disturbance call at Sexton’s home. A State Bureau of Investigation agent said that officers entered the home, discussed the matter with her, and were about to leave when Sexton went into another room and came out with a long gun. She refused orders to drop the gun and a police officer shot her in the chest. She died later in a hospital.
2015-02-17 Saldivar, Pedro (Pete) Juan (50) Texas (Del Rio) Saldivar was driving a commercial vehicle and police tried to make contact after reports of him driving recklessly. He refused to stop and several deputies opened fire, there is a video of the incident.
2015-02-16 Caldwell, Daniel Lawrence (56) Arizona (Marana) Shot and killed after he was seen raising a handgun at officers.
2015-02-16 Casper, Michael Kenneth (26) Idaho (Boise) Boise Police officers responded to reports of a disturbance about 1:20 am and heard gunshots as they neared the scene. Casper was seen inside the residence holding a rifle or shotgun. Police say Casper did not obey orders to drop the weapon and as he pointed it one of the officers, the other officer fired eight times, killing him.
2015-02-15 Hall, Lavall (25) Florida (Miami Gardens) Hall’s mother called police when her schizophrenic son went into a violent rage. When the Miami Gardens police officers arrived, Hall threatened them with a broomstick, hitting one officer. Both officers used their tasers to little effect, then shot and killed Hall.
2015-02-15 Means, Howard Brent, Jr. (34) Mississippi (Iuka) Starting with an attempted traffic stop, two Iuka Police Officers followed Means to a WalMart where he got out of his car and entered the store. Means was armed with a shotgun and in the store he exchanged gunfire with the officers who shot and killed him.
2015-02-15 Steward, Bruce Lee (34) Oregon (Colton) Clackamas County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a 911 hangup call reporting a stabbing and a man with a gun. When they arrived they found Steward, armed with a hatchet. He came at the deputies, refusing to drop the hatchet. They shot and killed him.The death was ruled a suicide.
2015-02-15 Evans, Cody (24) Utah (Provo) Shot and killed after pointing an Airsoft rifle (with orange tip removed) at police, during response to domestic violence call.
2015-02-14 Day, Roy Joy (51) Texas (Laredo)A Laredo Police officer pulled over Day for a routine traffic stop. Police report that as the officer went to frisk him, Day pulled out a weapon and shot at the officer. According to police reports Day fired four shots, all missing the officer; the officer fired seven times, striking Day three times. Day later died in a hospital.
2015-02-13 Belk, Matthew D. (27) Tennessee (McLemoresville) Carroll County Sheriffs deputies were searching for Belk in connection with a domestic violence call earlier in the evening. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation says that when deputies stopped his car he got out with a gun in his hand. Officers shot and killed him.
2015-02-13 Carlin, Richard (35) Pennsylvania (Reading) Arizona fugitive Carlin was shot and killed by a Pennsylvania State Police trooper who was assisting Berks County detectives in serving an arrest warrant for several charges, including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.
2015-02-13 Lara-Rodriguez, Andres D. (21) Kansas (Kansas City) Lara-Rodriguez carjacked a driver at gunpoint and then used the stolen vehicle to lead the police in a high-speed chase. When he crashed he “presented a gun” according to police. Four officer shot and killed him.
2015-02-13 Mejia, Daniel (37) Arizona (San Manuel) A Pinal County Sheriff deputy responded to a report of a suspicious person and encountered Mejia near a market with a knife in his hand. The deputy told Mejia to drop the knife but instead Mejia walked toward the deputy. The deputy drew his weapon and repeated his warning and when Mejia failed to comply, he shot and killed Mejia. Family members told deputies that Mejia suffers from mental illness and that he always carried knives.
2015-02-13 Harden, Jonathan Larry (23) California (San Bernardino) San Bernardino Police Officers pursued a car reported as stolen. The suspect drove on to the 215 Freeway, crashed into several vehicles, and got turned around, facing south in the northbound lanes. Several officers were able to surround the stolen car and they got out with weapons drawn Police say the driver attempted to ram the officers. They shot and killed him.
2015-02-11 Watkins, Phillip (23) California (San Jose) Watkins was shot by two police officers after allegedly charging at them with a knife.
2015-02-11 Stewart, Fletcher Ray (46) Alabama (Dadeville) Deputies from the Tallapoosa County Sheriffs Office responded to a call that the subject was walking along a road waving a pistol. When a deputy arrived and made contact with Stewart, he ran into the adjoining woods. The Sheriff said that he confronted the deputy and brandished the weapon and the deputy shot him.
2015-02-10 Fritze, Brian P. (45) Colorado (Glenwood Springs) After a domestic violence incident Deputies from Glenwood County Sheriffs Office found and pursued suspect Fritze in a high-speed chase. When Fritze ran over spike strips and stopped he exited a vehicle holding a gun to his head. When he failed to follow deputies’ orders one or both of them shot and killed him.
2015-02-10 Bess, Anthony (48) Tennessee (Memphis) Two officers from the Memphis Police Department went to Bess’s home to serve a warrant for aggravated assault. When the officers confronted Bess he pointed a gun at them. An officer shot and killed Bess.
2015-02-10 Kreyssig, Kenneth (61) Maine (Smyrna Mills) Officers from the Aroostook County Sheriff’s Office and the Maine State Police went to the home Kreyssig shared with his mother when his brother called to report he was suicidal. In the encounter which followed Kreyssig fired at the officers and he was shot dead. The Maine Attorney General later ruled the officers had acted in self-defense.
2015-02-10 Zambrano-Montes, Antonio (35) Washington (Pasco) Shooting of Antonio Zambrano-Montes. Zambrano was throwing rocks at cars and officers during the incident. As he was shot, Zambrano appeared to be unarmed and did not have a rock in his hands as he was fired on by three police officers. The shooting lead to mass protests in Pasco and a response from the Mexican government, condemning the shooting.
2015-02-09 Luster, Desmond Dwayne, Sr. (45) Texas (Dallas) Luster, in his pickup was chasing two youths running on foot whom he believed had stolen from him. Aaron Tolerton, an off-duty Dallas Police officer acting as a security guard thought Luster was driving toward him, so he shot and killed Luster.Luster’s family has filed a lawsuit.
2015-02-09 Hostetter, Larry (41) Texas (Nocona) Police responded to a disturbance at Hostetter’s residence. During the call, the officer shot Hostetter, an off duty Montague County deputy, who was pronounced dead an hour later.
2015-02-08 Flache, Sawyer Burleson (27) Texas (Austin) Austin Police had received calls about Flache walking down the street shooting streelights with a rifle. A police helicopter responded and when Flache shot at officers on the ground and at the helicopter, a police sniper shot and killed Flache.
2015-02-08 Cordaro, Vincent (57) New York (New City) Clarkstown Police responded to a call from Cordaro’s family members about him being armed, intoxicated, and agitated. Police surrounded the property and Cordaro shot at them with his rifle. Eventually an officer shot and killed Cordaro.
2015-02-08 Whittaker, John Martin (33) Alaska (Anchorage) Anchorage Police received reports of an erratic and dangerous driver and pursued Whittaker on city streets. He eventually stopped, got out of his vehicle, and exchanged gunfire with the officers. A running gun battle ensued, with the officers pursuing on foot. They shot and killed him in an alley.
Paffen, Joseph (46) Florida (Orlando) Deputies from the Orange County Sheriffs Department responded to a call from a woman who had a domestic injunction against Paffen. Paffen had called her to meet him at a Publix market. Because the woman had called authorities, four deputies went instead. When they arrived at the meeting place Paffen shot at them while they were in their vehicle, injuring two of them. The other deputies returned fire, killing Paffen.
2015-02-07 Allen, James Howard (74) North Carolina (Gastonia) Allen’s family asked Gastonia police for a welfare check because he had recently undergone heart surgery. Their 10:20 p.m. knock on the door went unanswered. Police officers returned at 11:30 p.m. with staff from the fire department and were able to force the back door open. Officer Josh Lefevers encountered Allen, seated, holding a gun which police say was pointed in their direction. When Allen failed to comply with orders to drop the gun, a police officer shot and killed him.
2015-02-06 Hill, Herbert (26) Oklahoma (Oklahoma City)Herbert Hill was killed after he shot and injured an officer trying to arrest him.
2015-02-06 Robinson Jr., Jimmy Ray (51) Texas (Waco) Jimmy Ray Robinson Jr was killed after a high-speed chase on Interstate 35.
2015-02-05 Sawyer, John (36) California (Calimesa) John Sawyer was killed when he picked up what turned out to be a replica handgun after ignoring police commands.
2015-02-04 Castillo-Gongora, Wilber (35) Texas (Wichita Falls) Wilber Castillo Gongora was tased by deputies on February 3rd and died on February 4th.
2015-02-04 Muna, Salvador (28) Arizona (Tempe) Salvador Muna was being tracked by the U.S. Marshals fugitive task force when he allegedly raised a gun at deputies, he and the driver of the vehicle he was passenger in were shot and killed.
2015-02-04 Hernandez, Joaquin (28) Arizona (Tempe) Joaquin Hernandez was shot and killed, he had a fugitive being tracked by the U.S. Marshals fugitive task force in the vehicle who was killed as well.
2015-02-04 Lett, Jeremy (28) Florida (Tallahassee) Jeremy Lett was shot and killed by Officer David Stith who was responding to a robbery call.
2015-02-04 Atkins, Markell (36) Tennessee (Memphis) Markell Atkins threatened U.S. Marshal and task force agents with a knife and was shot and killed, he was wanted in connection with an incident in which he is accused of killing a 1-year-old child of his girlfriends he was babysitting in March 2014.
2015-02-04 Johnson, Paul Alferd Eugene (59) California (Corona) Paul Alfred Eugene Johnson was being tracked after he robbed a bank and was unknowingly given a tracking device. At the end of the chase he was shot and died at the scene.
2015-02-04 Purvis, Anthony (45) Georgia (Douglas) Purvis was shot by officer Joseph Brackett who was responding to a shooting.
2015-02-04 Colon, Izzy (37) Florida (Orlando) Izzy Colon was shot and killed after two undercover officers conducting a follow-up investigation saw him and another man openly firing guns.
2015-02-03 Henderson, Yuvette (38) California (Emeryville) Yuvette Henderson was shot and killed after, according to police statements, she tried to carjack at least 3 people and pointed a gun at a security guard at a home depot store.
2015-02-03 McKenna, Natasha (37) Virginia (Alexandria) Mentally ill McKenna was being held in the Fairfax County Jail on allegations of assaulting a law enforcement officer. While restrained with handcuffs behind her back, shackled legs, and a mask, she was tasered four times by a sheriff’s deputy because she wouldn’t bend her knees to be put into a wheeled restraint chair. Six members of the Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team, dressed in full-body biohazard suits and gas masks, were there at the time. Shortly thereafter, she suffered cardiac arrest, and was resuscitated on the way to the hospital, but was removed from life support and died Feb. 8.
2015-02-03 Ward Jr., Dewayne Deshawn (29) California (Antioch) Dewayne Ward Jr. was killed in a hail of bullets after he charged officers with a knife in his hand.
2015-02-03 Williams, Ledarius (23) Missouri (St. Louis) Ledarius Williams was shot and killed after police say he produced a gun while having an altercation with police officers.
2015-02-02 Trieu, Hung Texas (Houston) Under investigation. First stories are saying, that a man was shooting into a bar and an officer who was at the business shot back at him and killed him.
2015-02-02 Haglund, Jacob M. (17) Michigan (Bay City) A Bay City Police officer Brandon C. Murphy, responding to a reported home invasion about 1:30 am, tracked Haglund’s footprints in the snow and encountered him about a block away. Haglund did not obey Murphy’s orders, but shot at him, hitting him in the thigh. Murphy returned fire, hitting Haglund several times. Haglund died February 15 after being taken off life support.
2015-02-02 Kassick, David A (59) Pennsylvania (Hummelstown) A man was shot by an officer during a traffic stop, incident is still under investigation. In March 2015, officer Lisa Mearkle was charged with criminal homicide in the shooting and was released on $250,000 bail.
2015-02-02 Rose III, Francis Murphy (42) California (Apple Valley) A man who was allegedly shooting a gun near a home was killed. The San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office found the shooting to be justified


2015-03-31 Quezada, Benjamin (21) Texas (Baytown) Baytown Police responded to call just after midnight of a man standing in an intersection with a weapon. When officers arrived they found Quezada carrying a pellet gun. He did not drop the weapon as ordered and when he turned pointed it at an officer he was killed with a shotgun.
2015-03-31 Anderson, Jeremy James (36) Florida (Tampa) Anderson was killed by members of a task force of United States Marshals and Tampa Police who were trying to arrest him on multiple warrants. Gunfire was exchanged inside the house where Anderson was staying.
2015-03-31 White, Philip (32) New Jersey (Vineland) Residents on the 100 block of Grape Street called police after seeing a man acting strange on the sidewalk. When officers Louis Platania and Richard Janasiak responded to the disorderly conduct call, the situation escalated and 32-year-old Philip White was arrested then taken to the hospital in ‘respiratory distress’ where he was pronounced dead. In the days following the incident, a video from an eye-witness emerged showing one of the officers on Mr White’s back before a police dog is called over. The Officers allow the dog to attack Mr White while the officer on his back continues to punch. The dog is allowed to maul the unconscious body of Mr White, biting and tearing several times on his head, neck and arms while he lay in the road. The video did not show how Mr White came to be in the road.
2015-03-30 Babb, Brian (49) Oregon (Eugene)The therapist of a troubled veteran called 911. Officers responded by driving an armored vehicle onto his property. Babb allegedly shouldered an unloaded rifle and officers shot the man dead.
2015-03-30 Wise, Dominick R. (30) Virginia (Culpeper) Culpeper Police responded to reports of a man walking in circles in the middle of the street. When an officer talked to him he fled. He was tased more than once and several officers subdued him and put him in handcuffs. After paramedics arrived he became unresponsive and soon died at a hospital.The Medical Examiner in Manasas, Virginia attributed the accidental death to heart arrhythmia due to PCP intoxication, restraint and exertion, and the taser.
2015-03-30 Hall, Ricky “Mya” Shawatza (27) Maryland (Fort Meade) Hall and a companion Fleming were driving an SUV they had recently stolen from a third companion. In an apparent error of navigation, they took an exit restricted to NSA employees but refused police commands to stop, possibly because they had drugs inside the vehicle. Police fired on the vehicle, which then crashed into a cruiser. Hall died at the scene.
2015-03-29 Moland, Jason (29) California (Modesto) An off-duty police officer and a woman were at a park when they were approached by Mr. Moland, and a confrontation ensued. Mr. Moland brandished a weapon, and the officer shot him. Later the brandished weapon was identified as a BB gun.
2015-03-29 Allen, John Marcel (54) Nevada (Boulder City) Boulder City Police officers, responding to a call of shots fired, encountered Allen outside his apartment building. When he shot at them police returned fire, killing him.
2015-03-29 Herbert, Byron (29) Kentucky (Elizabethtown) Responding to a disturbance at a store parking lot, an officer confronted Mr. Herbert who was assaulting a woman and brandishing a handgun. Gunfire was exchanged and the suspect was fatally shot.
2015-03-28 Rooker, Robert (26) Ohio (Latham) Pike County Sheriff Deputies attempted to pull over Rooker for speeding Deputies say that when Rooker used his vehicle to ram and to attempt to ram their cars, they shot and killed him.Deputy Joel Jenkins was indicted for manslaughter and reckless homicide.
2015-03-28 Hockaday, Meagan (26) California (Oxnard) Responding to a 911 call of a domestic dispute, two Oxnard police officers went to an apartment about 1 a.m. While an officer was talking with Hokaday’s boyfriend, who had made the call, Hockaday approached the two with a knife. The officer shot and killed Hockaday.
2015-03-27 Kendrick, Gary (56) California (Encinitas) A 56-year-old Encinitas man was shot and killed by a San Diego County sheriff’s deputy Friday.
2015-03-27 Hernandez, Adrian (23) California (Bakersfield) A crime-spree-filled day ended in a police shoot-out in which Hernandez was killed.
2015-03-27 Pope, Aaron (34) Ohio (Toledo) Police responded to a call of Pope acting out of control. Family members said police used too much force when they were detaining the unarmed man, by putting pressure on his chest including an officer holding him down with his knees. Police did not call for an ambulance but transported Pope to the hospital themselves, where he was pronounced dead.
2015-03-27 Oates, Harvey E. (42) West Virginia (Fort Ashby) West Virginia State Troopers received a call about a distraught man in possession of a gun. When an officer attempted a traffic stop the suspect fled his vehicle and ran into the woods with his gun, threatening to shoot officers and himself. After a ninety-minute standoff Oates moved toward the officers and pointed his gun at them. A trooper shot and killed him.
2015-03-27 Hall, Jamalis (39) Florida (Fort Pierce) Hall was wanted on a murder warrant when he was pulled over by a task force including officers from St. Lucie County Sheriff’s office. He was lying on the floor of the van and when he reached for a knife he was shot and killed.
2015-03-27 Seifert, Neil J. (40) Massachusetts (Webster) Webster Police responding to a domestic disturbance call learned that Seifert had left the scene in his girlfriend’s car. When he returned to his girlfriend’s home he had a shotgun which he fired at police. They returned fire, killing him.
2015-03-27 West, Angelo (41) Massachusetts (Roxbury) Boston Police gang unit officers investigating a report of shots fired pulled over a vehicle carrying three men. The suspect stepped out of the car and fled, firing his gun at the officers. One officer was shot in the face. The other officers returned fire, killing Angelo West. The wounded officer was in critical condition at a hospital.
2015-03-26 Solis, Adrian (35) California (Los Angeles) Two Los Angeles Police officers responded to a call of a suicidal man in the Wilmington neighborhood. They arrived to find a man bleeding from a deep cut in his neck. When the paramedics arrived, one officer went outside to direct them, leaving one officer with the subject. Solis jumped up, grabbed two kitchen knives, and approached the officer who had remained. The officer went outside, followed by Solis who continued to advance. An officer shot and killed Solis
2015-03-26 Choate, Deanne (53) Kansas (Gardner) Police were called to a home by a man who said a woman had discharged a handgun inside the home. When they arrived the woman was in bed. The two officers handcuffed the man and put him into their car. They then went into the room and within a few minutes the man heard several gunshots. The officers had shot and killed the woman. Johnson County District Attorney decided that the officers were justified in shooting the woman.
2015-03-26 Smith, Gregory Thomas Joseph (39) Indiana (Crown Point) Smith was being transferred between areas of the Lake County Jail when he had an outburst. Officers used a taser to stun him and he went into cardiac arrest. He was pronounced dead at a hospital.
2015-03-25 Terrazas, Victor Daniel (28) California (Los Angeles) Los Angeles County Sheriff deputies in an unincorporated area of Los Angeles were investigating the murder of a woman when about 1:30 am they found Terrazas in a nearby alley. He was armed with a shotgun and fired upon the deputies who then shot and killed him.
2015-03-25 Kelly, Jeremy L. (27) South Carolina (Johnsonville) Florence County Sheriffs deputies responding to a call of shots fired encountered Kelly in the woods near the scene. The Sheriff’s SWAT team also arrived and tried to negotiate with Kelly. About one hour after the original call Kelly pointed a weapon at the officers and they fired, killing him.
2015-03-24 Brown III, Walter J. (29) Virginia (Portsmouth) An officer fatally shot a drug suspect who fled when police attempted to question him. Police allege he nearly struck a detective with his vehicle as he fled. Police caught up with Brown, and after using a Taser twice, Brown produced a gun and was shot by a responding officer.
2015-03-24 Thomas, Nicholas (23) Georgia (Smyrna) Sgt. Kenneth Owens tried to serve Thomas with an arrest warrant for parole violation. Officers say Thomas got into a customer’s car and tried to run them over rather than be arrested, so Owens shot Thomas.
2015-03-24 Tassinari, Joseph (63) Arizona (Glendale) After allegedly brandishing a firearm in a verbal exchange with a couple at an ATM, Tassinari was traced to his home and confronted by police. He allegedly reached for a weapon in his waistband and was both tazered and then shot dead by an officer.
2015-03-24 Dunham, Scott (57) California (San Jose) Three officers responded to a call of a threatening incident at Dunham’s apartment. Upon approaching the building, Dunham opened fire killing one officer. Return gunfire killed Dunham on his balcony.
2015-03-24 Snyder, Steven T. (36) Wisconsin (Fond du Lac) Snyder, suspected of a bank robbery, was apparently shot and killed in a shootout with State Troooper Trevor Casper (21). Snyder’s shots also killed Trooper Casper in the exchange of gunfire.
2015-03-22 Healy, Christopher R. (36) Oregon (Portland) Portland Police officers were responding to a burglary call and found Healey who had tried to run from the resident. When he refused to lie down as ordered and instead advanced toward the officers with a knife in his hand the police shot an killed him.
2015-03-22 Gaver, Enoch (21) Arizona (Cottonwood) Up to nine suspects were reportedly assaulting a woman at a Walmart store. As officers arrived on scene, at least one of the men fired at the officers in the store parking lot, wounding one in the leg. One suspect was shot dead, and another was wounded in the stomach. Seven other officers received injuries while arresting the men.
2015-03-22 Allen, Alissa (24) New Jersey (Bridgeton) Allen was arrested for a 2012 warrant alleging shoplifting. She was held at Cumberland County Jail in Bridgeton, NJ. After two days in jail, Allen was found dead in her cell. Allen’s death is being investigated by the Cumberland County Prosecutor.
2015-03-22 Brown, Denzel (21) New York (Islip) A Suffolk County Police officer investigating a shoplifting was directed by a witness to where the suspect was hiding outside the store. When the suspect climbed into an occupied car and tried to drive away the officer reached into the car to try to put the car into park, but was unable to stop the suspect. During the chase the officer had tried to tase Brown but the taser was ineffective. Finally the officer shot Brown once. He was able to keep driving but was soon other officers were able to take him into custody. Brown was taken to a hospital where he died.
2015-03-21 Gates, Devin (24) California (Santa Clara) At 2 am, a robbery suspect, Devin Gates, was fatally shot by two police officers after he tried robbing a 7-11 store and fired a shot at the clerk, missing. The gunman walked out the store and was shot by officers.
2015-03-21 White, Richard (63) Louisiana (New Orleans) At the New Orleans International Airport, White sprayed several TSA agents with insecticide and attempted to attack them with a machete. He was shot by a deputy and died one day later.
2015-03-21 Conley, Philip (37) California (Vallejo) Conley held a knife and displayed a fake gun in his waistband when he confronted a Vallejo police officer in a parking lot. The man refused to drop the knife as ordered. When he came toward the officer he was shot and killed. The man left in his vehicle a note to his family apologizing for the trouble he put police through.
2015-03-21 Page, Gary (60) Indiana (Harmony) Clay County Sheriff Deputies responded to a 911 call from Page who requested officers come to his residence and shoot him. When deputies arrived Clay pointed a firearm at them and at bystanders. They shot him and then gave first aid until an ambulance transported him to a hospital where he died.
2015-03-21 Smith Jason L. (42) Ohio (Columbus) A Columbus Police Officer was at a home taking a report about threats made against one of the residents, when the suspect returned to the home. The suspect immediately attacked the officer and a struggle ensued. When the suspect, Jason L. Smith, reached for his own firearm the officer shot and killed him.
2015-03-21 Ellis, James J. (44) New York (Holley) An Orleans County Sheriff Deputy responding to a domestic disturbance call spotted the suspect’s car driving at a high rate of speed on Route 31A. The car got away but was later found crashed. The deputy arrived at the scene and found Ellis in the woods where Ellis shot and twice hit the deputy’s bulletproof vest. The deputy returned fire, killing Ellis. The deputy was taken to a hospital where he was treated and released.
2015-03-20 Fowler, Justin (24)Arizona (Navajo Nation) Fowler was reported to have been assaulting relatives at a home in Shiprock, New Mexico. Fowler lead officers on a car chase into Arizona which ended with a shootout that killed a tribal police officer, Fowler, and wounded two other officers
2015-03-20 Vick, Tyrel W. (34) Oklahoma (Coal County)Vick was a suspect in the murder of his brother Naman Wade Vick (39). When Oklahoma Highway Patrol officers spotted his vehicle they chased it until it crashed. Tyrel Vick fired a gun at the officers and the officers returned fire, killing him.
2015-03-19 Childress, Jamison (20) Washington (Sumas) When he was discovered by two Border Patrol agents Childress sprayed them with some type of “chemical irritant.” . One of the agents shot and killed him. He was wanted for a homicide in Canada.
2015-03-19 Jones, Brandon (18) Ohio (Cleveland) Two officers responded to a call of an early morning break-in at a grocery store. On arrival, they found Jones walking out of the store with a bag containing cigarettes and Canadian coins. A struggle ensued as officers tried to arrest him, and after officers wrestled him to the ground, Jones was fatally shot. He was unarmed.
2015-03-19 Jovicic, Adam (29) Ohio (Munroe Falls) Off-duty Kent, Ohio police officer Sara Berkey called 911 to report that she shot her boyfriend Jovicic after he broke into her home and beat her. He died of the two gunshot wounds.
2015-03-19 Burdge, Robert P. (36) California (Bakersfield) After shooting another man in an apparent love triangle, Robert Burdge, a former Department of Corrections employee, fled to a motel and barricaded himself in the lobby. Bakersfield police officers followed Burdge from the original shooting scene to the motel and attempted negotiations with him. They lost contact with him and about ten minutes later shot him. He was airlifted to a hospital where he died.
2015-03-19 Watkins, Shane (39) Alabama (Langtown) Watkins was reportedly having a schizophrenic episode when he called police reporting that his mother was trying to kill him. When Lawrence County Sheriffs Deputies responded they encountered Watkins in front of the residence holding a box cutter. Authorities say the deputies shot and killed Watkins when he charged at them.
2015-03-19 Alston, Kendre (16) Florida (Jacksonville) A Jacksonville Police officer chased the suspect from a stolen car which had crashed during a chase. The driver pointed his gun at the officer, then turned and ran. The office fired at the driver and then chased him. When he was found the driver crouched down facing the officer, who then shot and killed him.
2015-03-18 Stone, Kaylene (49) Arizona (Peoria) Undercover officers from the Glendale, Arizona Police Department were following a vehicle in which Stone was a passenger. She was wanted on a drug warrant. When the vehicle stopped at a convenience store and the driver went inside the officers approached the vehicle where Stone and a male passenger remained. Stone had a handgun and did not drop it as ordered. The officers fired at least a dozen shots and Stone was pronounced dead at a local hospital.
2015-03-18 Rapp, Brandon (31) Idaho (Middleton) A Canyon County, Idaho Sheriff deputy responded to a domestic disturbance call. The deputy says a man emerged from the residence and pointed a pistol him. The deputy fired several shots, killing Rapp.
2015-03-18 Lee Wingo I, Garland (64) Florida (Tallahassee) At approximately 6:50pm a TPD officer responded to a report of a white male armed with a weapon at a local park. An interaction took place and the TPD officer discharged his weapon, striking Wingo. Wingo died at the scene.
2015-03-17 Shipley, Andrew Charles (49) Oregon (Medford) Medford Police responded when Shipley’s sister called to ask for help because of his mental health problems. His sister escaped the house and police surrounded it the afternoon of Monday, March 16. After a nineteen-hour standoff Shipley fired a shot from inside the house. When a few minutes later he opened the garage door and fired again, the officers shot and killed him.
2015-03-17 Roberts, Askari (38) Georgia (Floyd County) Roberts became unresponsive after a stun gun was used directly on his skin. He began struggling with officers when they responded to his parents’ home for a domestic dispute and assault that may have been substance-abuse related.
2015-03-17 Smith, Eugene Franklin, II (20) Texas (Onalaska) Onalaska Police responded to a call of a man with a shotgun at a convenience store. When the first officer arrived Smith fired at her. She and two other officers shot Smith who died at a hospital in Livingston, Texas.
2015-03-17 Leon, Roberto Jose (22) California (Sacramento) About 3 p.m. Leon was on a motorcycle fleeing from the California Highway Patrol officer, also on a motorcycle. When he was stopped, Leon ran away and attempted to highjack an SUV stopped at an intersection. While Leon was struggling with the SUV driver, the CHP officer fearing Leon was reaching for a weapon in his backpack, fired his weapon and hit Leon several times. Leon got away but he police later learned he was hiding in his home in the Natomas community of Sacramento. Law enforcement from several agencies surrounded the home and called for Police and Sheriffs SWAT. About 7 p.m., with the aid for a robot, the officers searched the home. Leon was found dead.
2015-03-17 Brown, Alice (24) California (San Francisco) Brown was shot by police after she allegedly drove erratically and tried to hit motorists on a street in the Van Ness area. She was shot by two plainclothes officers.
2015-03-17 Alexander, Jeff (47) California (Bakersfield) Bakersfield Police were called by a report of a knife-wielding man in a downtown hotel. Police arrived and entered the hotel. Witnesses heard the police officer telling Alexander to put down the knife before they heard gunshots. Police officials identified Nestor Barajas as the officer who shot and killed Alexander.
2015-03-17 Owen, Declan (24) North Carolina (Dublin) Responding to a call reporting a man with a gun, officers from the Bladen County Sheriff’s Office and the Bladenboro Police Department pulled over the vehicle he was riding in. Owen ran into the woods and police set up a perimeter. After a search officers found him lying on his back facing the road with his head propped up against a tree. Officers say he refused their orders show his hands and when he pointed a gun at them they shot and killed him.The District Attorney found the shooting to be justified.
2015-03-16 Haleck, Sheldon (38) Hawaii (Honolulu) A man in dark clothing was seen acting erratically in the middle of a road. Responding officers tasered and pepper sprayed him before physically subduing him at which point he became unresponsive and later died.
2015-03-16 Tolkinen, Jason Todd (28) Minnesota (Saint Paul) Tolkinen was shot by police after called to an address on the East Side. Tolkinen was brandishing a rifle and appeared to be wearing a bullet-proof vest. Attempts were made by police negotiators. Beanbag rounds were used before the live rounds.
2015-03-16 Poole, William Dean (52) North Carolina (Gastonia) When William Dean Poole placed a suicidal call to a veteran’s hotline four officers from Gaston County Police responded. Police found Poole, armed with a handgun, outside his home. When he fired his weapon multiple times, police shot and killed him.
2015-03-15 Boyd, Troy Ray (36) Mississippi (Ruth) A Pike County Sheriff Deputy was responding to a report of a man with a machete riding a four-wheel ATV. In an attempt to stop Boyd at a roadblock, Deputy Terry Beadle fired his weapon at Boyd who crashed and was pronounced dead at the scene.Beadle, who says Boyd was trying to run over him, was indicted for manslaughter.
2015-03-15 Werblow, David (41) Connecticut (Branford) Branford Police officers responding to a disturbance call found Werblow sitting in a parked vehicle that was not his. Police say he was uncooperative and they used a Taser to force him to exit the vehicle but when they had handcuffed him they realized he was in “medical distress.” Police called an ambulance to take him to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.
2015-03-14 Castilleja, Richard (29) Texas (San Antonio) Richard Castilleja was involved in a bar fight to which San Antonio Police officers were called. Officers found him and Desiree Castilleja (26) outside the bar. An officer saw Castilleja shoot at the people outside the bar; the officer then shot and mortally wounded Castilleja. Two bar customers were wounded by Richard Castilleja. Desiree Castilleja was arrested.
2015-03-14 Siler, Aaron (26) Wisconsin (Kenosha) A Kenosha Police officer chased a car driven by Siler who was wanted on a warrant. Siler crashed his car and ran from the scene. Siler armed himself with an empty bucket; the officer shot Siler six times, killing him. The Kenosha County District Attorney ruled the shooting justified.
2015-03-13 Rodriguez Jr., Salome (23) California (Ontario) Rodriguez was on his way home at approximately 3:30 a.m. when he was shot five times. Rodriguez ran about a block to a parking lot where a friend was located, and then collapsed. He was transported to LA County – USC Medical Center, where he died. The shooting was not reported, but the alleged shooter was Henry Solis, a probationary officer who did not return to work. Solis was fired, and fled to Mexico. As of May 20, the FBI posted a $25K reward for information leading to the Solis’s arrest.
2015-03-13 Jimenez, James (41) California (Napa)Jimenez allegedly tried to pull a gun on an officer while he was on his motorcycle fleeing from police. He was shot three times, with one round striking him in the torso.
2015-03-13 Driver, Andrew (30) California (Fontana) Driver made several calls to dispatch threatening to kill Fontana officers with a knife. When police located Driver, who was armed with a knife, he attacked them. An officer shot him. He died at a local hospital.
2015-03-13 Liggett, Fred E., Jr. (59) Missouri (Kansas City) A United States Marshals task force entering a home to serve an arrest warrant encountered Liggett, who was armed. A task force member shot and killed him.
2015-03-13 Reintzel, Clifton Daniel (53) West Virginia (Follansbee) West Virginia State Police responded to a 911 call about a man cutting himself with a knife. When the officers entered, Reintzel charged them, threatening them with the knife. The officers shot him and he died later at a hospital.
2015-03-12 Gross, Bobby (35) Washington, D.C. Gross was trespassing in a Metro station tunnel and partially clothed when he was encountered by a police officer. Gross allegedly had a tree branch and brandished at the officer. The officer fired and killed Gross.
2015-03-12 Perez, Antonio (32) California (Los Angeles) Los Angeles County Sheriff deputies, searching for a stolen car, found it had crashed. Perez ran from the vehicle and when deputies found him, he reached into his waistband. A deputy shot and killed him. No weapon was found. The Los Angeles County District Attorney found the shooting justified.
2015-03-11 Greenwell, James (31) Tennessee (Memphis) Greenwell’s father called police to tell them his son was drinking, had a mental illness, and already opened fire inside of the house. As police tried to get Greenwell to surrender while he sat on the front porch of his parents’ home with a gun, they say he pointed his gun at the officers and opened fire. Three officers returned fire, fatally shooting Greenwell.
2015-03-11 Valdez, Aaron (25) California (South Gate) South Gate police officers shot and killed Valdez as he drove his car toward them. They were questioning a man detained in an unrelated incident. They believed they were in danger from Valdez’s vehicle.
2015-03-11 Osorio, Benito (39) California (Santa Ana) Santa Ana police officers, responding to a report of someone shooting from a white Toyota pickup. Officers encountered such a truck and followed it until the driver stopped, but refused to get out. The driver, Benito Osorio, eventually shot himself and then exited the vehicle still holding the gun. Police shot and killed him. The Coroner’s autopsy ruled the cause of death to be not the self-inflicted gunshot wound, but the other nine gunshot wounds.
2015-03-11 Burgess, Ryan Dean (31) Arizona (Kingman) Kingman Police officers responding to a domestic disturbance call saw Burgess exiting the front door carrying an automatic pistol and pointing it at one of the officers. The other officer told Burgess to drop the weapon and then shot and killed him. The weapon was a CO2 powered replica of a Colt 1911 automatic.
2015-03-11 Fleury, Gilbert (54) Alabama (Bay Minette) Baldwin County Sheriff Deputies responding to reports of a disturbance with shots fired encountered Fleury as they approached the home. Deputies say that Fleury pointed a shotgun at one of them. That deputy opened fire, killing Fleury.
2015-03-11 Garnett, Terry, Jr. (37) Maryland (Elkton) A Cecil County Sheriff’s Deputy was attempting to make a traffic stop of Garnett. Garnett turned onto a crossroad and drove back toward the deputy, who fired multiple rounds at him. Garnett crashed into a tree and died at the scene.
2015-03-10 Franco, Edixon Ivan (37) California (Ontario) Franco called Ontario police about 10 p.m. reporting he was suicidal. They found his vehicle and attempted to pull him over. After a brief chase they stopped his vehicle and he exited, coming at the police with a sword. They shot him with rubber bullets and when that did not stop him, they shot and killed him.
2015-03-10 Croom, Jamie (31) Louisiana (East Baton Rouge) Croom was being sought for shooting and killing two people when a task force of United States Marshals found him at a motel. As the Deputy Marshals tried to arrest him he engaged the officers in a gun battle. Croom killed one officer and was himself shot multiple in the confrontation. He died Wednesday, 11 March at a local hospital.
2015-03-10 Smith, William Russell (53) Alabama (Hoover) Hoover Police officers were investigating a domestic dispute. When they arrived neighbors described the vehicles in which three of the people concerned had left the home. Police found those three and questioned them. The police then returned to the home to try to talk to Smith, the fourth person involved. When the officers encountered Smith he was armed and two of the officer shot and killed him.
2015-03-10 Johnson, Theodore J., Sr. (64) Ohio (Cleveland) When a woman came into a Cleveland District Police Station reporting her partner was threatening her with a gun, Cleveland Police officers responded. Four officers entered the building and went up the stairs toward Johnson’s residence. When they encountered Johnson on the stairs he fired his forty-five caliber pistol twice, striking the bulletproof vest of one officer. Officers went back down the stairs and told him to drop his pistol. When he refused and raised the weapon the officers fired at least five shots, killing him. The officer whose vest took a bullet was treated and released at a medical facility.
2015-03-10 Moxley, Terrance (29) Ohio (Mansfield) When Moxley became agitated, violent, and incoherent at a halfway house, Mansfield Police officers were called. The officers were able to calm him down and handcuff him, but when they tried to put him into their car he again became violent. They tased him multiple times, At some point in the struggle he appeared to be in medical distress. He was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. The coroner said the cause of death was a reaction to ab-chiminaca, a synthetic cannabinoid which explained his sudden cardiac arrest.
2015-03-10 Mitchell, Christopher (25) Georgia (Port Wentworth) Port Wentworth Police responding to a call of a stabbing at a mobile home park found two stabbing victims and suspect Christopher Mitchell, still armed with a knife. Mitchell stabbed one of the officers but the officer’s bulletproof vest deflected the blade. One or more of the officers shot and killed Mitchell.
2015-03-09 Brown, Lester Randolph (58) North Carolina (Penrose) Officers from several agencies including Brevard Police, Transylvania County Sheriff, North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement and U.S. Department of Homeland Security went to Brown’s home to server a warrant concerning operation of an illegal still. When officers entered his home, Brown ran upstairs and grabbed a rifle. After he refused to put it down the officers shot and killed him.
2015-03-09 Torres, Juan Antonio (67) Texas (Laredo) Torres was in the home of his neighbors, asking for money and threatening the mother and two daughters with a pistol. The two girls ran to the backyard where Torres followed them and killed them. The mother ran out the front door. When police arrived they tried to negotiate with Torres who remained in the house. He came out of the house and when he pointed his pistol at the officers they shot and killed him.
2015-03-09 Hill, Anthony (27) Georgia (Chamblee) Office workers called 911 on a man in underwear in a nearby parking lot. When police arrived, witnesses say Hill ran naked toward the officer, unarmed but with hands raised. The officer yelled for Hill to stop, then shot him. Hill suffered from bipolar disorder.
2015-03-09 Bishop, Cedric Lamont (30) Florida (Cocoa) A deputy from Brevard County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of someone shooting into cars and homes. The deputy encountered someone matching the report’s description and when the suspect saw the deputy he fired at the deputy. The two exchanged gunfire and the deputy shot and killed Bishop who had an extensive criminal history.
2015-03-09 Damon, James Brent (46) Colorado (Craig) A Moffat County Sheriff’s Deputy and a Colorado Parks and Wildlife officer were investigating a vehicle off U.S. Highway 40 when they encountered a man and a woman who took the officers hostage. The Parks and Wildlife officer found a chance to fight with Damon to retrieve his weapon. In the struggle he shot and killed Damon. The woman taken into custody.
2015-03-08 McKillop, Michael L.(35) Delaware (Claymont) A Delaware State Trooper responding to a 1:35 a.m. burglar alarm at a drugstore encountered McKillop at the suspect got into his car. With the trooper at the open door McKillop attempted to drive away, dragging the trooper. The trooper shot McKillop who died a few hours later at a hospital.
2015-03-08 Duarte, Aurelio V. (40) Oklahoma (Oklahoma City) Oklahoma City Police officers responded to a call of shots fired and found a wounded man. Nearby they found the suspect, Duarte, armed with a rifle. When the officer told Duarte to drop the rifle instead he aimed it toward the officer who then shot and killed him.
2015-03-08 Deckard, Monique Jenee (43) California (Anaheim) Anaheim Police officers investigating a stabbing at a laundromat found Deckard in an adjacent apartment complex. When she emerged from one of the apartments she was carrying two knives. She went at the officers and they fired, killing her.
2015-03-07 Reinhart, Adam O’Neal (29) Arizona (Phoenix When Reinhart was in the street acting strangely, Phoenix Police officers were called. As they approached him he pulled a handgun from his waistbad. An officer with a rifle shot and mortally wounded Reinhart who died at a local hospital.
2015-03-06 Williams, Andrew Anthony (48) Florida (Melrose) Williams was shot and killed as he tried to drive away from a drug sting operation conducted by deputies from the Putnam County Sheriffs Office. A Sheriff’s spokesman says Putnam was driving toward the deputies and four of them fired at his vehicle.
2015-03-06 Moore, Bernard (??) Georgia (Atlanta) Moore was crossing the street to get back to work when he was fatally struck by an allegedly speeding police cruiser. Officer Christopher Blaise, the driver, was not responding to any emergency at the time and did not have emergency lights or sirens.
2015-03-06 Robinson, Anthony (19) Wisconsin (Madison) Shooting of Tony Robinson. According to Madison police chief Michael Koval, police received calls for a man jumping in and out of traffic and committing battery. Police officer Matthew Kenny followed Robinson into an apartment, where Robinson allegedly assaulted the officer, who then shot him multiple times. Robinson was unarmed. The prosecutor concluded that this was a lawful use of deadly force and Kenny was not charged with any crime, though a civil lawsuit from the family is pending. Details from the investigation have been publicly released.
2015-03-06 Sizer, James Fred (62) Texas (Austin) Austin Police officers responded to Sizer’s call reporting an armed man was threatening him. Sizer told the 911 operator he was armed to protect himself. When police arrived Sizer was outside his home. Officers told him to get on the ground and when he said he could not, they tased him. As he fell to the ground he struck his head, causing a large cut. He was taken for medical treatment, then to jail, and released the next day. He died March 14. The family claims his death was caused by the injury to his head and has filed a lawsuit.
2015-03-06 Vinzant, Naeschylus (37) Colorado (Aurora) Vinzant, walking in a street unarmed, was shot once in the chest by an Aurora police officer. He was wanted for a parole violation when an officer approached him. It has not been determined what prompted the officer to fire.
2015-03-05 Hubbard, Tyson (34) Nebraska (Lincoln) Tyson Hubbard, wanted for allegedly breaking a man’s eye socket with a drill, was shot and killed after struggling with a Lincoln Police officer and Lancaster County Sheriff deputy who attempted to arrest Hubbard on the driver’s side of his vehicle. A U.S. marshal, approaching from the passenger side, fired several shots after seeing Hubbard reach for a revolver. Per state law, a grand jury will investigate the officers’ actions.
2015-03-05 Navas, Sergio Alexander (36) California (Los Angeles) Los Angeles Police Officers attempted to pull over an erratic driver about 2 am. He did not pull over and a chase ensued. Officers pulled their vehicle alongside his and the officer in the passenger seat fired several shots at Navas, resulting in his death. In December 2016 the City of Los Angeles settled with the family, agreeing to pay $2.5 million. A police board had found the officer violated department policy in the shooting.
2015-03-05 Lawrence, Tyrone Ryerson (45) Wisconsin (Milwaukee) Lawrence was killed by Milwaukee Police as he held a knife to his estranged wife. Although she had secured a restraining order against him for domestic abuse, he had previously violated it.
2015-03-04 Cruice, Derek (26) Florida (Deltona) Derek Cruice was shot in the face during a drug raid for marijuana, he was unarmed and shirtless.
2015-03-04 Lao, Carl (28) California (Stockton) Lao was firing a gun into the air when officers arrived and began exchanging gunfire with him. He died March 27, 2015.
2015-03-03 Metz, Matthew (25) Arizona (Tempe) Matthew Metz was shot and killed after he stabbed an officer responding to a domestic dispute. The Tempe officers heard screams for help, they were attacked as soon as they forced entry into the home.
2015-03-03 Rhinvil, Fednel (25) Maryland (Salisbury) Fednel Rhinvil was shot and killed after police say he pulled a gun on a deputy.
2015-03-02 Barrow, Shaquille (20) Illinois (Joliet) Shaquille Barrow was shot and killed after police say he pulled a gun on officers.
2015-03-01 Gatewood, Darrell (47) Oklahoma (Oklahoma City) Darrell Gatewood AKA Hubbard died in police custody after the police used a taser and OC spray to restrain him.
2015-03-01 Uribe, Jessica (28) Arizona (Tucson) Shot and killed after she advanced toward an officer with a knife.
2015-03-01 Matkins, Donald (49) Mississippi (George County) Killed after a standoff with police.
2015-03-01 Surnow, Jeffrey C. (63) Hawaii (South Kohala) On-duty officer in police car ran into bicyclist Surnow traveling same direction, killing him. Police arrested the officer, 30-year-old Jody Buddemeyer, on suspicion of negligent homicide. He was later “released pending further investigation.”
2015-03-01 Keunang, Charley Leundeu, a.k.a. “Africa,” “Cameroon” California (Los Angeles) Charley Leundeu Keunang was a homeless man who went by “Africa,” “Cameroon,” or “Charley Saturmin Robinet” (a stolen ID). He was ordered by police to come out of his tent after fighting with someone inside the tent. After he allegedly refused the police order, they forcibly dragged him out of the tent. A physical altercation ensued with several police officers, during which one or more officers shot and killed Africa. At least two videos captured the incident.
2015-03-01 Dorsey, DeOntre L. (32) Maryland (White Plains) Dorsey ran his car off the road and deputies from the Charles County Sheriff’s office were investigating the accident. He was described as having seizures while driving, which continued at the roadside. After a deputy tased Dorsey he stopped breathing, went into a semi-vegetative state, and died on 29 November 2015.


2015-04-30 Christian, Alexia (25) Georgia (Atlanta) A woman shot at officers in the front of a patrol car while sitting in the back of the car. Officers jumped out and fatally shot her.
Chavez-Diaz, Luis Martin (27) California (Elk Grove) A Game Warden from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife was among the officers raiding a marijuana grow operation in the Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge. A man was seen carrying a handgun. When he was told to surrender his weapon he refused and pointed it at a game warden who then shot him. The officers rendered first aid but Luis Martin Chavez-Diaz died.
2015-04-30 Rawshannehad, Fridoon Zalberg (42) California (San Diego) A porn shop clerk taking a smoke break in the alley adjacent to the store called 911 reporting that there was a threatening man with a knife. The man allegedly did not comply with the orders of responding officers, charged at them, and was fatally shot. His family filed a wrongful death lawsuit claiming he had no weapon when he was shot. The police department revised its policy to require body cameras be activated when officers arrive at the scene of a critical call.
2015-04-29 Sanchez, Erick Emmanuel (22) Texas (El Paso) Officers were responding to a report of a burglary. Sanchez allegedly grabbed a metal object and threatened to kill the officers. A Taser had no effect. Sanchez then allegedly charged officers with the object and was fatally shot.
2015-04-29 Jackson, Andrew (26) Oklahoma (Chickasha) Chickasha Police responding to a burglary call saw Jackson and another man walking on the street two houses away. Jackson ran into a nearby house but the second man surrendered to police. Police say the officers went into the home at the known address of the second suspect and encountered Jackson who refused to drop a knife as ordered several times. He was shot and killed.Chickasha Police Officer Chad King who killed Jackson was cleared of any wrongdoing.
2015-04-29 Acree, John (53) Tennessee (Nashville) Officers went to serve an arrest warrant for failure to appear in court. Acree ignored officers at the front door and went to the back. He opened the back door holding a semi-automatic pistol. Officer William Wright at the back door, believing Acree was about to shoot, opened fire. Shots were exchanged and Acree died at the scene.
2015-04-29 Deysie, Joshua (33) Arizona (Mesa) A realtor was at a house when a stranger came out of the garage and confronted him. The realtor left and called 911. Responding officers found the man upset, pacing, going in and out of the house, and sometimes showing a gun, during a 20–25 minute standoff. The final time he came outside he had a gun drawn and did not obey orders to put it down; he was then fatally shot.
2015-04-29 Adkins, Jeffery O. (53) Virginia (Emporia) Adkins was mentally ill and family members had sought help from officials. When Greensville County Sheriff’s deputies assisted by Virginia State Police attempted to serve Adkins with an emergency custody order they encountered him outside the residence carrying a sawed-off shotgun. A State Police negotiator was sent to help. About 10 pm, when State Police attempted to gain control of Adkins he fired and was then shot and killed by a Greensville County Sheriff’s deputy and a Virginia State trooper.
2015-04-28 Johnson, Jared (21) Louisiana (New Orleans) Police responded to a report of an armed robbery at a Dollar General store. Officers found suspects leaving and shot and killed one of them.
2015-04-28 Green, Joshua A. (27) Illinois (Marion) Marion Police officers, at about 3:30 am, were investigating a parked car with the dome light on saw ammunition and gloves inside the car. They then heard a scream from inside a nearby apartment and officers were fired on by the suspect. About 7:30 am the suspect, Green, exited the apartment with the hostage, Samantha Holmes. Officers attempted to subdue Green by firing bean bags, but Green fired at officers. Officers returned fire, killing Green and wounding Holmes, who recovered.
2015-04-28 Parker, David (58) Ohio (Mansfield) Monday morning, April 27, Parker pointed a gun at a Columbia gas employee who knocked on his door. That resulted in Mansfield Police sending officers, including a SWAT team. Parker remained in the house, firing with a rifle several times Monday afternoon, ignoring police requests to surrender. He was shot by police late Tuesday morning, April 28 and taken to a hospital where he died. Police report that during the siege “there were 22 instances where shootings occurred from inside Parker’s residence out towards officers.”
2015-04-28 Overstreet, Rashod Bryan (30) Georgia (Sylvester) In a 3:50 am incident a patrol car driven by a Worth County Sheriff’s deputy ran over and killed Rashod Overstreet, who was lying in the road. A spokesman from the Worth County Coroner’s Office reported that the death has been ruled an accident.
2015-04-27 Kellom, Terrance (20) Michigan (Detroit) A fugitive task force including officers from the Detroit Police Department and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) was attempting serve an armed robbery warrant on Kellom. They were inside the home when, say police, Kellom held a hammer as he charged at the ICE officer who then shot and killed Kellom. Wayne County prosecutor Kim Worthy reported that ICE officer Mitchell Quinn acted in self-defense.
2015-04-26 Genova, Dean Kristian (45) California (Fountain Valley) Police were called to a Rite Aid pharmacy shortly after 4 am for a burglary, finding the glass front door smashed open and the suspect inside. The suspect fought with officers trying to detain him, allegedly biting one officer in the arm and grabbing another’s handgun. After repeated commands to let go, he was fatally shot by an officer.
2015-04-26 Hanson, Albert Jr. (76) California (Hanford) A man with two sporting rifles was shot by Kings County Sheriff SWAT team officers while he sat in his vehicle. He had fired one of his rifles before sheriff’s deputies returned fire. The officers had been called by the owner of the property where the man had parked.
2015-04-26 Patrick, Billy Joe (29) Oklahoma (Bunch) A warden from the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife was checking the fishing licenses of three men and when he identified Patrick he learned that Patrick was wanted on a warrant for parole violation. He attempted to take Patrick into custody and there was a struggle during which Patrick held the officer’s head underwater. The warden shot and killed Patrick.
2015-04-25 Lawrence, Brandon (25) Texas (Victoria) Victoria Police Officers responding to an 11 pm disturbance call went to Lawrence’s apartment and saw Lawrence, inside, holding a machete. He complied with orders to come outside, but did not drop the machete as ordered. Officers say they shot and killed Lawrence when he advanced toward them and they had nowhere to retreat. Lawrence’s widow said he suffered from mental illness, including post-traumatic stress disorder.
2015-04-25 Davis, Daniel Howard (58) Florida (Clermont) Davis, who is reported to have had a history of mental illness, was visiting his parents and he told his mother “he was going to die today.” He got into an argument with his parents and they called 911. When Deputies from Lake County Sheriffs Office arrived Davis pulled out a knife. A Taser was ineffective and when Davis thrust the knife at a deputy, the deputy shot and killed him
2015-04-2 Felix, David (24) New York (Manhattan) Plainclothes officers forced their way into an apartment building housing people with mental health issues, falsely claiming to serve an arrest warrant related to a purse-snatching incident at Felix’s girlfriend’s college. After officers found the mentally-ill man watching TV in a sixth-floor apartment, he fled down the fire escape. Police pursued and caught him. During a physical struggle, the man struck both officers with a police radio, which officers considered a weapon. Officers then fatally shot the man at point-blank range.
2015-04-24 Collins, Gary Timmie (63) Oklahoma (Miami) Oklahoma Highway trooper waved Collins over at a checkpoint. Collins started to flee. After a six-block pursuit, he stopped and got out of the car, showing a weapon in a threatening manner, and was fatally shot by the trooper. He died at the scene.
2015-04-24 Hawkins, Mark Cecil (49) Oregon (Salem) Officers responded to reports of a suspicious vehicle and found Hawkins, who fled to a bus that had been converted to an RV. He shot at officers who returned fire. This repeated over the course of a 7-hour standoff. When police determined they had to end the standoff, officers rammed the RV with heavy equipment to punch holes in it and fired shots into the vehicle, fatally wounding Hawkins. A police dog was wounded in the shooting.
2015-04-24 Dye, Todd Jamal (20) Colorado (Trinidad) Police received report of an intruder in a vacant trailer in a trailer park. A responding officer searched the trailer, found a man inside, and told him to get on the ground. He complied, but as the officer began radioing in the report, he jumped up and ran. When the officer told him to stop, he turned around and pointed a gun at the officer, so the officer fatally shot him.
2015-04-23 Morejon, Hector (19) California (Cambodia Town/Long Beach) Officers responded to a residential complex in response to reports of several subjects trespassing and vandalizing a vacant residence. Officers saw Morejon in the residence standing next to a wall. Morejon allegedly turned toward the officer while bending his knees and extending his arm; he was then fatally shot. No weapon was found at the scene. Four others were arrested for trespassing. The city of Long Beach agreed to pay Morejon’s family $1.5 million to settle a wrongful death claim.
2015-04-23 Valadez, Andrew George (26) ,California (Sylmar/Los Angeles) Morning 911 calls reported a man walking around the streets waving a gun and threatening people. Responding officers found the man with the weapon pointed to his head. When they tried to speak with him, he walked away before allegedly turning around and aiming at the officers. At least one officer fatally shot him in the chest.
2015-04-23 Chatman, Terry Lee (48) Texas (Houston) A cyclist was struck and killed by a patrol car before dawn. The car did not have emergency lights or sirens on. The driver claimed to have a green light and claimed he tried to avoid the cyclist but was unsuccessful.
2015-04-23 Potts, Joseph (51) Oklahoma (Rufe) Potts used a semi-automatic rifle to shoot at his neighbors and then at officers from the Hugo Police Department and the Choctaw County Sheriff’s Office as they approached his home. He set fire to his home and came out. When he tried to grab an officer’s gun he was shot and killed. Two officers were shot.
2015-04-23 Dehmann, David Levi (33) Ohio (Mount Vernon) Dehmann was reported as drunk and debilitated when arrested by Knox County police officers on 21 April. In custody, Dehmann, who had autism and Tourette’s Syndrome, was seen in holding cell video talking to and attempting to hug an officer following a pat-down. Leaving for custody, Dehmann pointed towards two officers, one of whom, Deputy Chase Wright, reacted aggressively, prompting a defensive reaction from Dehmann. Deputy Wright then slammed Dehmann’s head into the floor of the custody suite in a take-down move. Dehmann was transferred to hospital, but never recovered from the blow, dying less than 48 hours from arriving at the Sheriff’s Office.
2015-04-22 Janks, Karen (46) California (Sebastopol) Janks was allegedly speeding up to 100 mph on a highway from Windsor to Sebastopol with Sonoma County Sheriff’s Deputies chasing her for 19 miles. At a parking lot of an antique store in Gravenstein Highway, Janks allegedly accelerated towards deputies, injuring three of them; one required hospitalization. Janks was shot by four deputies and died two days later in the hospital.
2015-04-22 Vang, Lue (39) Colorado (Eldorado Springs) Boulder County Sheriffs Deputies responding to a reported kidnapping found the suspect in the back seat of a parked car, with a pistol pointed at the front seat passenger, who turned out to be his brother-in-law. The driver was his father-in-law. A deputy fired his rifle, killing Vang. The shooting was found to be justified.
2015-04-22 Ramirez, Carlos Saavedra (51) Arizona (Bisbee) Bisbee Police officers responded to a call from a woman in her car in a supermarket parking lot. She reported the suspect was banging on her car window and being aggressive. Officers found Ramirez behind the store, carrying a knife. During the encounter he became disorderly or aggressive and an office shot and killed him. Ramirez was a homeless man who is reported to have had mental problems.
2015-04-22 McGregor, Reginald Duane (31) Texas (Fort Worth) McGregor was shot and killed by Fort Worth Police officers who were responding to a 911 call reporting a burglary at the address. Reports say an armed intruder fought with and shot one of the residents and then was killed by police outside the home.
2015-04-22 Efraim, Jonathan (30) New York (Queens) Efraim was involved in an argument and opened fire in a crowded bar, prompting 911 calls. Responding officers pursued Efraim; after about a block he turned and fired twice at the officers, then ran again. When he raised his weapon at the officers again, they shot and killed him.
2015-04-22 Chapman, William L. II (18) Virginia (Portsmouth) Officer Stephen Rankin, responding to a shoplifting call, shot and killed Chapman after a struggle between the two. Officer Rankin had previously shot and killed Kirill Denyakin and had been suspended from street patrol for a few years prior to Chapman’s death. Chapman’s family was not informed until much later in the day after hearing the story on the news, and after his mother called 9-1-1 to file a missing persons report.
2015-04-21 Covarrubias, Daniel (37) Washington (Lakewood) A worker called 911 to report a man running through a lumber yard, in combination with hearing sirens, assuming he was running from officers. Police, who were not looking for Covarrubias prior to the call, found Covarrubias standing atop a 25-foot pile of lumber and say he pointed his cell phone at them like a gun. About six seconds passed between when Covarrubias first stood up and allegedly pointed the phone to when the last shot was fired. He had gone to a hospital hours earlier due to hallucinations.
2015-04-21 Martinez, Luis Molina (35) California (Los Angeles) Los Angeles Police officers were called with a report of a suicidal man. When officers arrived they encountered Martinez who was holding a large knife. When he advanced toward the officers they shot and killed him.
2015-04-21 Davenport, Stephen Gene (40) Mississippi (Meridian) Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Deputies were called to break up a 3 am fight between two men. Davenport resisted and fought with the two deputies, one of whom used his Taser. With the help of two more deputies they subdued Davenport who “became unresponsive” and was transported to a local hospital where he died.
2015-04-21 Key, Kimber (59) South Carolina When Kimber Key became suicidal his brother called for help and two deputies from Lexington County Sheriff’s Office were sent for a welfare check. When deputies encounterd Kimber Key in the kitchen he was holding a knife. A deputy shot him in the chest and he died at a hospital.
2015-04-21 Wolfe, Daniel (35) New Jersey (Union) Troopers were conducting surveillance of an allegedly stolen car (Wolfe’s relatives say he worked for a towing company that owned it) when a man identified as a suspect in a carjacking over a month prior got into the car. Police converged on the car. Wolfe drove it in reverse, ramming a parked vehicle and then accelerated forwards at a trooper, who fired multiple rounds. Wolfe died at the hospital shortly thereafter.
2015-04-20 Hernandez, Santos Cortez (24) Texas (Mission) “Cuate” Hernandez was wanted for burglary, attempted murder, theft, and evading arrest. Hidalgo County Sheriff Deputies say that they then located Hernandez and attempted to arrest him, he reached for a handgun. Deputies shot him five or six times and he died at the scene.
2015-04-19 Cooper, Norman Lee (33) Texas (San Antonio) San Antonio Police officers responding to a “family disturbance” report tried to escort Cooper out of the residence. He resisted and the officers Tased him. After he pulled out the Taser prongs they tased him a second time. Police say he appeared to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. When the officers got Cooper under control they noticed he was unresponsive. He died at the scene.
2015-04-19 Hlavinka, Dana Duwane (44) Nebraska (Sidney) Officers from the Sidney Police Department investigating a domestic disturbance call found Mrs. Hlavinka bleeding and running from the house. When officers entered the house they found Mr. Dana Hlavinka was armed with a knife. Officers fatally shot Mr. Hlavinka.
2015-04-19 Foster, Michael (40) Kentucky (Wilmore) An armed man was shot and killed after confronting officers outside a residence. He had previously called a suicide hotline threatening to kill himself.
Tellez, Erik (43) Arizona (Phoenix) Phoenix Police officers were sent to a park to investigate a man acting suspiciously. The man told police that snipers had rifles pointing at him, then went into a van where he had his gun and shot at the approaching officers. Police returned fire, killing Tellez.[94] Police say there was an order in effect to have law enforcement pick up Tellez and take him to a mental health facility for examination.
2015-04-18 McCarroll, Thaddeus (23) Missouri (Jennings) The man’s mother reported he had barricaded himself in. Officers tried to engage McCarroll but he refused. A few hours later he came out of the house with a knife and Bible. Officers first shot his leg with a rubber bullet which didn’t stop him and he allegedly charged at officers, at which point they shot him.
2015-04-18 Acton, Brian (40) Tennessee (Columbia) Brian Acton, a registered sex offender, died when Columbia Police officer took him into custody at the home of a woman he had sexually assaulted. Police say they used only their hands to control him and put him into handcuffs. He had stopped breathing and was transported to a local hospital where he died.
2015-04-18 Sapp, Grover Zeno, Jr. (45) Florida (Panama City) Panama City Police responded to 5:00 am report of a man carrying a “long gun” on the street. Sapp fired the shotgun as police entered the area. When police approached Sapp and ordered him to put the shotgun down he pointed it at the officers. Police shot Sapp and he was pronounced dead at a local hospital.
2015-04-17 Cavazos, Elias (29) California (Hemet) A Riverside County Sheriff deputy and a California Highway Patrol officer were working with an anti-gang task force when they spotted Cavazos, as a passenger in a vehicle. He was wanted on a warrant as a parolee at large. They stopped the vehicle and Cavazos exited the vehicle and shot at the officers. They shot back, killing Cavazos.
2015-04-17 Kemp, Jeffery (18) Illinois (Chicago) Chicago Police officers on patrol heard gunshots and saw a van speeding away from the area. During the pursuit a man armed with a gun jumped from the van. The man failed to obey orders to drop the gun and pointed it at the officers. One officer shot and killed him.
2015-04-16 Velazquez, Rodolfo (47) California (Shafter) Shafter Police were called to investigate a man, possible armed with a knife, possibly on drugs, who was acting erratically in an alley. Officers reported that the man did pull out a knife when they arrived. He refused to drop the knife and moved toward the officers, who shot and killed him. A toxicology report found a high level of methamphetamine in his system.
2015-04-16 Brown, Darrell (31) Maryland (Hagerstown) Washington County Emergency Services dispatchers received calls from two people shortly after 10:30 pm, police said. One of the callers said a black man wearing jeans and a shirt entered her house, then left and was seen staggering outside. The initial investigation showed the man, later identified as Brown, entered a home on North Prospect Street. Police say they shot Brown with a Taser in front of the home when he acted aggressively and failed to obey the commands of officers. Officers placed Brown in handcuffs and accompanied him to the hospital in an ambulance. Brown was pronounced dead at 12:11 am.
2015-04-16 Shephard, Frank (41) Texas (Houston) The father of 3+, wanted for allegedly making unsafe lane changes, refused to pull over and called 911 threatening to harm a child in the vehicle if police tried to stop him again. A 15-20 minute pursuit ended in a collision at an intersection and he was shot (10-12 shots fired) when he got out of the car. There was no child in the vehicle.
2015-04-16 Kapuscinski, David (39) Michigan (Gilbraltar)Gibraltar Police officers responding to a 3:00 am domestic dispute call used multiple tasers to subdue Kapuscinski, who became unresponsive and died of cardiac dysrhythima. The County Medical Examiner found methamphetamine in his system.
Flores, Ernesto (52) California (Montclair) San Bernardino Sheriff deputies responded to a call of an agitated man barricaded inside his home. The deputies called for him to come outside. Eventually he did come out holding what turned out to be a pellet rifle. After he ignored deputies commands to drop the gun he was shot with several bean bags and went to the ground. While on the ground he pointed the rifle in the direction of deputies and they fired, striking Flores about ten times. He died at the hospital.
2015-04-15 Watson, Stanley (72) Colorado (Cañon City) Cañon City Police officers responded to a man who called in and threatened to kill his wife and himself. When police arrived his wife’s body was on the ground outside the home. After a standoff of several hours the man came out shooting at police who then shot and killed him.
2015-04-15 Adair, Mark W. (51) Missouri (Columbia) A University of Missouri Police Officer encountered Adair, who was wanted for armed robbery, in a parking garage. As Adair raised his pistol and approached the officer the two struggled and Adair was shot and killed.
2015-04-15 Barkley, Tevin (22) Florida (Miami) Miami-Dade Police officers were in the area of a shots fired report when they encountered Barkley. There was a confrontation and an officer shot and mortally wounded Barkely. Police found a Cobray M-11 weapon at the scene.
2015-04-15 Noble, Donte Adaryll (41) South Carolina (Spartanburg) Spartanburg Police Officers responding to a 911 call which sounded like a domestic dispute. They broke in, found the suspect stabbing the victim, and shot the suspect. The victim had several stab wounds. Both the victim and the suspect, Donte Noble, died.
2015-04-14 Robinson, Colby (26) Texas (Dallas) The man was the primary suspect in murders of two individuals (and critical injury of a third) in the medical marijuana industry. He was recognized by a 7-11 clerk who had just been shown his photo by police, and followed the suspect to get a license plate number. Desoto Police found the truck and pursued the suspect, shooting him after he left the truck and began fleeing on foot.
2015-04-14 Finley, Christopher Grant (31) Arkansas (Jonesboro) Police officers were sent to a residence where Finley, who was wanted on felony charges, was reportedly in the yard, screaming. When Patrolman Heath Loggians arrived he followed Finley as he fled into the home. Loggains was pushing on the front door when Finley attacked him with a machete. Loggains shot and fatally wounded Finley.
2015-04-13 Nunez, Celin (24) Texas (Houston) Nunez was behaving erratically and witnesses said he appeared to be mentally ill. He climbed into someone’s vehicle and off-duty Houston Police officer David Sudderth, who was working as a security guard, approached the crowd of bystanders. Sudderth thought that Nunez was trying to steal the pickup. When Sudderth, looking through the truck’s tinted windows, thought he saw Nunez pointing a weapon, he shot and killed Nunez. The object Nunez held turned out to be a welding gun.
2015-04-13 Jiminez, Isaac (27) Illinois (Alton) The suspect in a home break-in was believed to be armed, told to drop his weapon, did not comply, and was fatally shot in the chest. Jiminez may also have been involved in a shooting the previous day.
2015-04-12 Weaver, Richard Dale (83) Oklahoma (Oklahoma City) The elderly man did not comply with officers’ order to drop his machete and was shot. He was pronounced dead at the scene.
2015-04-12 Long, Mack (36) Indiana (Indianapolis) The suspect was pulled over during a traffic stop and fled into the woods. Officers chased the armed suspect and gunfire was exchanged.
2015-04-12 Evans, Jason Lee (32) North Carolina (Salemburg) When Sampson County Sheriff Deputies used stop sticks to stop the vehicle of armed robbery suspect Evans, he got out of the vehicle and pointed a gun at Deputy Louis M. High, Jr. The two exchanged gunfire and Evans was killed.
2015-04-12 Gray, Freddie (25) Maryland (Baltimore) Police encountered Gray in a high-crime area and he ran when police approached. According to Gray’s attorney, officers thought he may have been involved in a crime. Police pursued and caught Gray. Less than an hour after being arrested, transported, and held, his spine was broken. After a short while, he was transported to the hospital where he lapsed into a coma, was resuscitated, stayed in a coma, underwent surgery, and died from the injuries a week later, still in police custody. His death was ruled a homicide caused by severe trauma. All six officers involved in his (allegedly illegal) arrest have been charged.
2015-04-11 Allen, Donald (66) Oklahoma (Sand Springs) Police say the Vietnam veteran was experiencing a mental health breakdown when he rushed Barnett holding a loaded pistol, threatening to kill him.
2015-04-11 Corona, Angel Cresencio, Jr. (21) California (Corning) Tehama Co. Sheriffs deputies responded to a report of domestic violence in Corning. A deputy saw Angel Corona, Jr. outside a residence stabbing a man. The deputy shot and killed the suspect. The stabbing victim was reported in stable condition in a hospital. The District Attorney ruled the shooting justified.
2015-04-10 Reed, Richard Brian (38) Kansas (Topeka) After Reed hijacked two cars, crashing the second car into an officer’s patrol car, he shot at offices with an assault rifle. He was then shot by officers from the Topeka Police and the Capitol Police. He died of his wounds Saturday, 18 April 2015, at a Topeka hospital.
2015-04-09 Smith, Don (29) Indiana (Lafayette) When officers responded to a robbery at a machine shop in Illinois, suspect Smith took a woman hostage at gunpoint and took her with her truck, leading police on a chase until the Indiana state line. Smith continued with another armed robbery where employees were also tied up. Another police chase ended when the vehicle was stopped by “stop sticks” and the suspect carjacked another vehicle. When officers surrounded the vehicle, Smith allegedly pointed a gun at officers and they fatally shot him.
2015-04-09 Kimbrell, Gordon Talmage (22) Florida (Navarre) Police arrived at Kimbrell’s home after he was reported to be acting erratically after drinking rum. Kimbrell allegedly threw knives at an officer and attacked an officer with a sword, injuring him. Kimbrell was shot dead by an officer.
2015-04-09 Burgess, Phillip (28) South Carolina (Boiling Springs) Fatally shot when deputies tried to serve a drug-related search warrant at his home.
2015-04-09 Leipold, Jess (31) Pennsylvania (Gettysburg) Leipold went to the Adams County Prison and threatened officers there. After a standoff of about one-half hour outside the prison, Leipold pointed an AR-15 rifle at the prison lobby. State police Sgt. Matt Nickey then shot and mortally wounded Leipold.
2015-04-08 Rodriguez, Roberto (39) California (Los Angeles) Suspect in fatal shooting killed by LAPD.
2015-04-08 Lemon, Michael Earl (57) California (Lake Isabella) Kern County Sheriff Deputies investigating a disturbance of the peace contacted Lemon. When he attempted to walk back into his house a struggle insued with the deputies using batons, pepper spray, and tasers. After they placed him in handcuffs he began having trouble breathing and was pronounced dead at a hospital.
2015-04-08 Weber, Joseph (28) California (Sunnyvale) Weber allegedly robbed a liquor store with a knife and was then shot by a responding officer after unheeded demands that he drop the knife.
2015-04-08 Hanson, Roston Lee (2 months) Kansas (Jetmore) Hodgeman County Deputy Sheriff Kody Hanson was arrested for the death of his infant son, Roston Lee Hanson.
2015-04-08 Smith, Mark (54) Oklahoma (Kellyville) Creek County Sheriff Deputies investigating a domestic violence incident encounterd Smith and talked with him on the phone for about one-half hour. Smith attempted to drive away from the scene, showing the deputies a rifle in his pickup. Smith’s pickup struck one deputy and the other officers shot and killed Smith. The deputy who had been struck was not seriously injured.
2015-04-08 Faith, Douglas Dewayne (60) Texas (San Antonio) San Antonio Police Chief Anthony Trevino said Faith drove away from a traffic stop but was later spotted and pulled over again. Faith exited his vehicle holding a gun causing the officers to back off. He drove away a second time and shot at police during the pursuit. When his vehicle crashed and officers approached he fired at them and they returned fire. He was killed in his car.
2015-04-08 Bethea, Dexter (42) Georgia (Valdosta) While attempting to arrest Bethea after a drug deal, he drove his car toward the officers, who opened fire and killed him.
2015-04-07 Rose, Erick (32) Oklahoma (Pottawatomie County) A high-speed car chase following a burglary ended in a shoot-out with police.
2015-04-06 Larsen, Tyrell (31) Idaho (Bonneville County) Larsen was stopped by a deputy in his pickup truck and picked up a .22-caliber rifle. The deputy shot Larsen.
2015-04-06 Myers, Alexander (23) Indiana (Indianapolis) Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Officers, responding to a report of a suicidal man, met Myers holding a rifle. When Myers pointed his rifle at them and fired, the officers returned fire, killing him. Myers’ mother reported he suffered from depression.
2015-04-06 Willis, Desmond (25) Louisiana (Harvey) Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office Deputies attempted a traffic stop on Willis’ vehicle as part of a narcotics investigation. Willis drove away and after he crashed his vehicle, fled on foot. Willis engaged in a gun battle with deputies and he was shot and killed.
2015-04-06 Forsyth, Jared (33) Florida (Ocala) Jared Forsyth, an Ocala Police Officer, was accidentally shot and killed by another officer during firearms training.
2015-04-05 Hanna, Richard August (56) California (Tehachapi) Tehachapi Police officers, responding to a domestic violence call, found Hanna sitting in his vehicle. He fired once then left the vehicle, unarmed and advanced toward the officers. They shot and killed him. The Kern County Coroner ruled the death a homicide. The Kern County District Attorney ruled the shooting justified.
2015-04-05 Cockerel, Ken (51) Arizona (Phoenix) Phoenix Police responded to reports of a man stabbing himself. Four officers responded and when Cockerel advanced toward the officers with two knives raised, two officers shot and killed him.
2015-04-04 Dick, William J., III (28) Washington (Tonasket) Officers from the U.S. Forest Service and the Washington State Police pursued Dick, an armed robbery suspect, in their vehicles and finally, after his crash, on foot. After they tased him and handcuffed him and he stopped breathing.
2015-04-04 Howell, Justus (17) Illinois (Zion) Howell was shot by Zion police. He had allegedly been involved in the theft of a gun shortly prior to the shooting incident, and was running away with it as he was shot twice in the back. The prosecutor decided that the shooting was justified and that no charges would be filed.
2015-04-04 Scott, Walter L. (50) South Carolina (North Charleston) Walter L. Scott was fatally shot by officer Michael Slager during a traffic stop. Slager was subsequently charged with murder.
2015-04-04 Noll, Ethan (34) New Mexico (Edgewood) Police responded to a call of a man in a neighborhood armed with a rifle and firing shots. A standoff between Noll and officers ensued, and Noll was killed by an officer.
2015-04-04 Anderson, Paul (31) California (Orange) Police stopped a car to serve an arrest warrant on a female passenger in the car. The driver, Anderson, got out of the car and was holding a weapon, and an Anaheim police officer fatally shot him.
2015-04-03 Lynch, David Cody (33) Oklahoma (Warner) A Warner Police Officer responding to a traffic accident was assaulted by Lynch and officers tased him and handcuffed him. When they noticed Lynch was not breathing they had him taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.
2015-04-03 Prevatt, Christopher (38) Virginia (Frederick County) Officers entered the home in response to an emergency domestic call, encountered Prevatt, and shot him. He died at the scene.
2015-04-02 Langford, Darrin (32) Illinois (Rock Island) Responding to a complaint of shots fired, Officer Ryan Derudder confronted and pursued an armed Langford who was subsequently shot dead.
2015-04-02 Hicks, Donald J. (63) Illinois (Metropolis) Massac County Sheriff Deputies responded to a call of a suicidal man threatening to shoot himself. Eventually officers from the Illinois State Police and the Metropolis Police Department also responded. Hicks’s vehicle was stopped by spike sticks deployed by officers from the Metropolis Police Department. He exited his vehicle armed with a handgun and the officers used their tasers but were unable to control Hicks. When he pointed the weapon at officers they shot and killed him.
2015-04-02 Harris, Eric (44) Oklahoma (Tulsa) Harris is seen running from police before a voice shouts “Taser, Taser”. A moment later, there is a single gunshot, and voice says, “Oh, I shot him. I’m sorry.” Harris cries out, “He shot me, man. Oh, my god. I’m losing my breath.” “Fuck your breath. Shut the fuck up,” an officer shouts back in response. Harris was unarmed at the time of the shooting. Part-time volunteer reserve Deputy Robert Bates, 73, was charged with manslaughter. He was convicted and sentenced to four years in prison.
2015-04-02 Rutledge, Aaron, Marcus (27) Louisiana (Pineville) Rutledge has been described as a recruiter for the Louisiana National Guard who returned from overseas service “with problems.” Rapides Parish Sheriff’s deputies had been called to the scene because he was armed and threatening to harm himself or others. Deputies talked to him for over an hour but when he pointed his weapon at the deputies a deputy shot and killed him.
2015-04-02 Ivy, Donald “Dontay” Shaw (39) New York (Albany) Ivy, who was mentally ill, was tased in a 12:36 AM street confrontation with Albany Police Officers. Officers handcuffed him and when they saw that he had stopped breathing they performed CPR and he was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. Ivy’s family says he had heart problems.
2015-04-01 Clyde, Sean (36) New Jersey (Hamilton) Clyde was found repeatedly stabbing his 54-year-old father (and mother when she tried to intervene) and refused to drop the knife. He was shot by police and died in the hospital April 15.
2015-04-01 Washington, Robert (38) California (Hawthorn) Washington and his two half-brothers pursued a woman (Denise Berry) and her twelve-year-old son who may have laughed at them when passing in traffic. Ms. Berry stopped a patrol car to report being followed. The pursuers arrived, and Washington stepped out of the car and opened fire, killing Ms. Berry and wounding her child. The officer in the patrol car returned fire and killed Washington. One of his half-brothers, the driver, was charged with murder and attempted murder; the other half-brother was released.


2015-05-31 Davis, Richard Gregory (50) New York (Rochester) Died after being tasered.
2015-05-31 Bushey, James (47) Texas (Palestine) After a reported robbery at a Walmart, Bushey ran away and hid in the bathroom of a nearby Applebees. After officers detained him without handcuffs, he broke free, showed a BB gun, and was fatally shot by officers.
2015-05-31 Pitts, Jeffrey Scott (36) Georgia (Conyers) Pitts shot and killed a clerk and a customer at a liquor store and shot and injured two more at his parents home nearby. When deputies arrived, Pitts started shooting at them with a high-powered assault rifle. Officers shot back and killed Pitts.
2015-05-31 Morris, James (40) Oregon (Medford) Morris was upset by a breakup with his partner and she called 911 reporting that he was armed and suicidal. Responding officers from the Medford Police Department found him nearby. An officer tried to talk to him but Morris walked toward the officer and pointed his gun. Morris was killed in the exchange of gunfire that followed.
2015-05-31 Jordan, Curtis (45) Alabama (Hunstville) Huntsville Police responded to a domestic disturbance call from the wife about her husband who threatened to set their house on fire. The man threw hot coals on the responding officer and a struggle ensued. The man, Curtis Jordan, became unresponsive and died about a week later in a hospital.
2015-05-30 Rivera, Alexander Tirado (39) Tennessee (Nashville) A suspect tried to rob an Easy Cash Solutions loan business. When police arrived, he took a 21-year-old female employee hostage (on her first day) and brought her outside with an air pistol to her head. At some point, she began fighting with the suspect to try to get away, and when she was about a foot away, Sergeant Scott Carter fatally shot the suspect. Nobody else was injured.
2015-05-30 Box, Robert (55) Oregon (Wilderville) When Oregon State Police responded to a 911 call of domestic violence they encountered Box in the driveway carrying a handgun. Moments later they shot him. He was pronounced dead at a nearby medical facility.
2015-05-29 Proctor, Ebin Lamont (18) Arizona (Cottonwood) Proctor was among six people in a car stopped about 4:00 a.m. by Deputy Steven Gorman of the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office, Proctor fled on foot and Deputy Gorman pursued him. When Deputy Gorman used his taser, Proctor attacked the deputy. While the two fought Gorman shot and killed Proctor. It was later revealed that Proctor, who was in violation of his felony probation, had used alcohol, marijuana, and methamphetamine.
2015-05-29 Fischer, Nehemiah (35) Oklahoma (Okmulgee County) Troopers responded to a report of a stranded vehicle and found two men trying to remove a vehicle from a roadway which was experiencing a flash flood. Troopers tried to rescue the men, who were upset about having to leave the vehicle. After the men reached the troopers, there was an altercation and Fischer was fatally shot. He was armed at the time. The other man, his older brother Brandon, was arrested for assault and public intoxication.
2015-05-29 Collins, Billy J. (56) Kentucky (Louisa) Collins was arrested for driving on a suspended license, lack of insurance, and disorderly conduct. At the Louisa Police Department refused to comply with commands, was struck several times, and then barricaded himself in a foyer. Officers gained access to the room and tased Collins multiple times and beat him. After he was restrained he “showed signs of a medical emergency.” He was taken to a hospital where he died.
2015-05-29 Allen, Kevin (36) New Jersey (Lyndhurst) Allen was wanted for contempt of court when a local law enforcement officer spotted him outside a public library and attempted to engage him there. After moving inside the library and up to its top floor, he allegedly “menaced” and charged police with a large knife in a public library. Officers then fatally shot him.
2015-05-28 Dothard, Kenneth Joel (40) Georgia (Carrollton) Cpl. Chad Cook responded to a report of a suspicious person with a gun near an ATM. The officer questioned the man who first claimed to have a permit for his holstered weapon, then said he didn’t know he needed one, then indicated he knew he shouldn’t have the weapon because of felonies on his record. After Cook called for backup, Dothard became agitated. The officer warned him to not touch the gun or take it out, or the officer would shoot. Dothard allegedly tried to take the gun out, claiming that he had authority because he had been in the military. At that time Dothard was fatally shot multiple times. Audio, but not video, was promptly released at the reference link.
2015-05-28 Baker, Kyle (18) Michigan (Trenton) Police responded to reports of a highly agitated young man at home. Baker attacked officers with a lawn mower blade and was fatally shot. He died about 12 hours later, early the next morning. The officer was treated for a cut hand and released.
2015-05-28 Strong, James Edward (32) Colorado (Brighton) A SWAT team was serving a narcotics warrant when Strong allegedly opened fire. Officers fired back and hit Strong multiple times, killing him.
2015-05-28 Morgan, Darrell (60) South Carolina (Lancaster) Recently separated Morgan followed his estranged wife into a store and the two talked. When he pulled out a handgun deputies from Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office were called. Deputies say they shot after Morgan pointed the weapon at them. He died at a hospital. Darrell Morgan had been Pastor of New Harvest Freewill Baptist Church in Tradesville.
2015-05-28 McAllister, Scott (39) New Jersey (Middletown) McAllister was drunk and armed with a knife and had taken his 17-month old son hostage with threats to harm him, after a fight with the boy’s mother. The mother ran outside and called 911. A SWAT team surrounded the house and after five hours of failed negotiations to get the father to give up the child, the team moved in around 4:30am and shot McAllister twice, killing him. The child was uninjured.
2015-05-27 Hubble, Simon D. (33) California (Alpine) A San Diego County Sheriffs deputy was called with a report of a mentally disturbed and violent man. When the deputy arrived, the man was no longer at the residence but someone at the house said that he planned to provoke officers to shoot him. He was reportedly armed with a screwdriver. Soon the deputy encountered the man in the street. As the confrontation developed, the deputy used his taser, and then shot Hubble, who died at the scene.
2015-05-27 Morad, Feras (20) California (Long Beach) The unarmed college student, who may have been under the influence of drugs for the first time, started acting erratically and allegedly violently. He jumped through a glass second-story window and was hurt; friends called police for help. The responding officer attempted to restrain him using verbal commands, an electronic control device, an impact weapon, physical force, but the officer said Morad kept walking toward the officer and at one point said he was going to attack. At that point the officer fatally shot Morad, even though (a witness claims) Morad was walking away at the time. Morad’s family was not notified.
2015-05-27 Sandeno, Garrett Roderick (24)Oklahoma (Edmond) When Garrett Sandeno’s wife told him she wanted a divorce he became suicidal so she called police for help. Edmond Police officers found him on a street near his home, carrying a pistol. Police ordered him to drop the weapon but instead, officers say, he pointed it at them. An officer fired at Sandeno, striking him in the chest. The weapon was a pellet gun.
2015-05-27 Torrence, Randall C. (34) Kansas (Kansas City) When Torrence began running around and dancing in a parking lot witnesses reported to police. Kansas City Police and paramedics arrived and when the paramedics tried to load him into their vehicle Torrence began striking and kicking people. Police used their stun guns twice as they put him into handcuffs. He went into cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead at a hospital.
2015-05-27 Davis, Harry (57) Georgia (Eatonton) Davis and his son were drunk and arguing in their car which caused a passenger to call for help and Putnam County Sheriff’s deputies responded. Deputies pulled the car over and separated the father and son. Harry Davis threw a knife at a deputy and then returned to his car and got a larger knife. David refused orders to drop the weapon and Deputy Justin Brock shot and killed him.
2015-05-26 Williams, Jessie Nicholas (24) Louisiana (Bossier City) Williams was wanted for kidnapping his 9-year-old niece and taking her across state lines. She was found safe in a motel with Williams, who was killed in a struggle with the authorities. An FBI task force member was shot in the leg during the struggle, but is expected to recover, and reports are not clear if Williams had a weapon.
2015-05-26 Tallant III, Millard J. (62) Washington (Monroe)A deputy was called to investigate suspicious activity. The deputy found the suspect walking along the roadway, with his car in a ditch. The deputy called for backup. By the time backup arrived, the deputy, who was uninjured, had shot the man dead. The cause and manner of death are pending investigation.
2015-05-26 Branch, Dalton (51) New York (Brooklyn) Branch was wanted for fatally shooting a 55-year-old ex-girlfriend earlier that morning in a casino parking lot, then sending taunting messages to the woman’s friend and family. Plainclothes officers found the rented car Branch had used and approached, but he opened fire. The plainclothes officers fired back at least 20 times, several of which struck and killed him.
2015-05-25 Bolin, Cassandra Caye (31) Texas (Austin) Austin Police officers responded to a 1:30 a.m. call from her boyfriend that Bolin was suicidal. SWAT was called out to negotiate with Bolin. After several hours she came out with a pistol and when she pointed it at the officers a SWAT sniper shot and killed her.
2015-05-25 Briggs, Anthony Dewayne (36) Alabama (Huntsville) Briggs got into a fight with his brother and a neighbor, swinging a knife at and cutting both of them. He allegedly charged at responding officers with a knife, refused to put down the weapon, and was fatally shot by officers. The other two men were treated and released from a hospital.
2015-05-24 Walker, Coy Wayne (41) Texas (Weatherford) Parker County Sheriff deputies responded to a domestic disturbance call from a mother about her adult son. The family says it was a medical call because the son had heatstroke. When the deputies arrived they say Walker was combative. During the deputies’ struggle to arrest and restrain Walker, he became unresponsive. Deputies called for an ambulance and he transported to a medical center where he was pronounced dead. The Tarrant County Medical Examiner found methamphetamine in Walker’s system and the cause of death was “undertermined.”
2015-05-23 Robinson, Eric (40) Arizona (Eagar) A suspect allegedly shot a woman in the shoulder at a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Stake Center from his pickup truck, and then fired at responding officers. One was hit but promptly treated and released. Officers pursued the suspect for several blocks until he ran inside a home, then ran out toward a deputy still armed. Officers fatally shot him.
2015-05-23 Horn, James Jr. (47) Missouri (Knob Noster) Horn allegedly kept Sandra Sutton in a box in his home for four months. After she escaped and informed police, they began searching for Horn. Sutton and her 17-year-old son were then killed, with Horn as the sole suspect, and the search intensified. After 23 days of searching, Horn was found, armed and threatening police, refusing to surrender, and was shot dead.
2015-05-23 Jackson, Caso (25) Michigan (Detroit) Jackson was holding his estranged wife and his child hostage in the woman’s home. A Detroit Police special response unit was called to negotiate. It seemed Caso was going to surrender but he came out with his shotgun and fired at the officers. Caso was killed by the officers. One officer was struck by a shotgun pellet but is expected to recover.According to Mrs. Jackson her husband had been threatening to kill himself.
2015-05-22 Lowery, Michael (40) Pennsylvania (Somerset Lowery broke into a Save-A-Lot store at 3:30 AM, tripping a burglar alarm while prying open the back door. Responding officers found Lowery (who had three active felony warrants), armed, and he ignored commands to drop the weapon, instead raising it. Officers then shot him dead. An investigation showed this to be a BB gun modified to look like a real handgun.
2015-05-21 Washington, Javoris (29) Florida (Fort Lauderdale) After a domestic dispute, Washington barricaded himself in a house, taking his girlfriend hostage. SWAT teams surrounding the house tried to negotiate but after tense discussions opened fire and killed Washington.
2015-05-21 Caldwell, Jerome Thomas (32) South Carolina (Charleston) Caldwell was suspected of an ambush shooting of a deputy sheriff (who was alive in critical but stable condition at the time). Officers attempted to serve an arrest warrant, resulting in a 10-hour standoff at an apartment building. Caldwell then ran, firing at police who returned fire, fatally shooting Caldwell.
2015-05-21 Diaz, Elvin (24) New Jersey (Hackensack) Three officers were attempting to check on Diaz, a parolee who had missed a probation appointment. He allegedly pulled a knife on officers, who opened fire. He was taken by ambulance to a hospital and pronounced dead there.
2015-05-21 Gandara, David Alejandro (22) Texas (El Paso) Police shot an armed and possibly suicidal man after he was banging on the back door of a day care center. He ignored orders and allegedly attempted to retrieve a firearm in an alley. He died at the scene.
2015-05-20 Burtsfield, Nikki Jo (39) Wyoming (Gillette) When Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputies tried to approach Burstfield, who was trespassing, she drove away and they chased her. After they used spike strips to stop her vehicle she got out brandishing a knife. She did not comply with commands to drop the knife and some of the five deputies used their Tasers but that did not subdue her. One of the deputies fired twice striking her in the chest and torso. She died a few minutes later. The Campbell County Coroner later found methamphetamine in her system.
2015-05-20 Wheeler, Marcus D. (26) Nebraska (Omaha) Police were attempting to arrest Wheeler in connection with a 2014 shooting. Gunfire was exchanged and both Wheeler and an officer were fatally shot.
2015-05-20 Colley, Jonathan (52) Ohio (Green) A Summit County sheriff’s deputy responded to an altercation between Colley and his step father at their home. Armed with a knife, Colley approached the deputy, despite commands to drop the weapon and a Taser deployment. The deputy fatally shot Colley.
2015-05-20 Talbott, Chrislon (38) Kentucky (Owensboro) Owensboro Police officers conducting a drug investigation tracked Talbott to a motel where he and a woman were in a room. A negotiator was called in to try to talk Talbott into surrendering, but after several hours Talbott came out shooting. He was shot and killed by the police.
2015-05-20 Clark, Markus (26) Florida (Fort Lauderdale) Broward County Sheriffs Deputies called to a robbery at a gas station found Clark struggling with the employees. Several deputies were required to subdue and handcuff Clark. Deputies say he appeared to be under the influence of a drug. Clark was taken to a hospital where he died. His family said used drugs, including “flakka”
2015-05-20 Cooper, James Anthony (43) South Carolina (Charleston) When they received a tip about Cooper’s location, officers from North Charleston City Police and Charleston County Sheriff’s Office attempted to serve an arrest warrant on Cooper. Cooper charged at a deputy with a knife or sharp object, cut the deputy in the face and hand, and they struggled. A Police officer shot Cooper in the stomach. Cooper died at a hospital.
2015-05-19 Gaines, David (17) Colorado (Grand Junction) After a fight at home between Gaines and his father (which injured the father), Gaines left in a pickup truck with a long gun. The truck collided head on with 57-year-old motorcyclist Preston Ellis, killing Ellis, then striking a parked car. Gaines left the truck with gun in hand; witnesses called police. Gaines then attempted a carjacking of an SUV occupied by a woman with two children waiting for a third, who quickly followed his orders to get out. Police quickly arrived en masse and fatally shot Gaines.
2015-05-19 McIntosh, Jonathan (35) Arkansas (Cabot) During an investigation at a residence, Arkansas State Police officers questioning McIntosh (not the subject of their investigation) learned he had outstanding warrants. They took him into custody, handcuffed him, and placed him in a patrol car. When they returned to the car and opened the door to question him further he began shooting at them. The troopers returned fire, striking him several times. He died at a hospital.
2015-05-19 Nelson, Johnathan (31) Alabama (Albertville) A Marshall County Sheriff’s deputy and Albertville Police officers were involved in a shooting at the deputy’s home. It was reported that Nelson, high on drugs, jumped into one of the deputy’s cars. He was struck with a Taser and then shot. He died a few days later. The Marshall County Grand Jury did not file charges.
2015-05-19 Rials-Torres, Alfredo (54) Virginia (Arlington) Officers from the Arlington County Police responded to a domestic disturbance call and through the open door saw an injured woman. They tried to enter but Rials-Torres tried to close the door and there was a struggle during which Rials-Torres struck one officer with a metal pole, Rials-Torres was tased, and a second officer was accidentally tased, temporarily incapacitating him. The first officer facing Rials-Torres who was still attacking with the pole, shot Rials-Torres three times, fatally wounding him.
2015-05-19 Gomez, Anthony Quinn, Jr. (29) Pennsylvania (Lancaster) Officers from the Lascaster Police went to an apartment to serve an arrest warrant on Gomez. When Gomez did not follow commands he was tased. He shot, striking one of the officers. A second officer shot and killed Gomez.
2015-05-17 Wade, Ronell (45) Illinois (Harvey) Harvey Police officers responding to a reported robbery confronted Wade in a church parking lot. When he fired at police one officer shot and killed Wade. He had tried to hide money in church.
2015-05-17 Goodner, Austin (18) Florida (St. Petersburg) Officers were searching for Goodner at his home, in connection with a shooting earlier in the day. Goodner shot an officer in the leg and allegedly said “Go ahead, kill me. I want you to kill me” before raising his gun and being fatally shot by an officer.
2015-05-17 Jones, Timothy (27) New Mexico (Ruidoso) Police shot Jones after officers responded to a call about an alleged domestic disturbance. Jones died on scene.
2015-05-17 Fiel, Dennis Richard (34) California (San Diego) Police tried to pull over a speeding Jeep, which fled. The driver later bailed out and ran away from officers approaching on foot. While fleeing from police, suspect pulled out a handgun and shot at them, striking one female officer in the upper torso. At least two other officers returned fire, killing the suspect.
2015-05-15 Farrar, Mark T. (41) Illinois (Rockford) Rockford Police were asked to do a welfare check on Mark T. Farrar, whom family members reported to be suicidal. When officers approached the home Farrar fired at them with a semi-automatic rifle. Officers shot and killed him.
2015-05-15 Coates, Matthew (42) California (Sacramento) A neighbor called police to report hearing a domestic disturbance next door. When police arrived over an hour later the woman let them in. Officers found Coates in a bedroom and spoke to him. Officers left the bedroom and asked Coates to come out. At that point, say police, Coates pointed a weapon at them. The woman told them it was only plastic. Police shot and killed Coates. The gun turned out to be a BB-gun. The woman claims that by the time police arrived she and Coates were both asleep and that Coates told the police that he was mentally ill.
2015-05-14 Pelletier, Sean (37) Michigan (Portage) Pelletier’s mother was trying to evict him and his two sisters from a house she wanted to sell. As a result, he was wanted for trespassing there but detectives knew he had weapons inside the house and wanted to make the arrest away from home. Detectives identified Pelletier as a front seat passenger in a vehicle driven by his brother, and attempted a traffic stop. The vehicle fled and officers pursued. During the chase, Pelletier was observed to have a high-powered military-style rifle. After it crashed into a cruiser in front of an apartment complex, Pelletier exited the vehicle with the rifle and was fatally shot by police. The driver, Pelletier’s brother, was also shot but still in critical condition several hours later.
2015-05-14 Martin, Cary Lloyd (53) Florida (St. Augustine) St. John’s County Sheriff deputies responded to the home of a reportedly suicidal man armed with a rifle. When Martin did finally emerge he fired the weapon. Deputies shot and killed Martin.
2015-05-14 Reyes, Denis (40) New York (Bronx) New York Police responded to a call about an emotionally disturbed man and took the man into custody. He went into cardiac arrest and was transported to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.[108] The family, who claim they were calling for medical help for their mentally disturbed son, has filed a complaint against the police. Police and family have different stories about the Denis Reyes’s drug use before the incident.
2015-05-13 Hayes, Lorenzo (37) Washington (Spokane) Spokane Police officers arrested Hayes for violation of a domestic violence no-contact order and for possession of a gun. While in the booking area of Spokane County Jail Hayes became violent and was placed on the floor for a search. When placed in a restraint chair Hayes became unresponsive and was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. No charges were filed against police or jail staff.
2015-05-12 Zalonka, Bruce (46) Hawaii (Honolulu) Eight members of a fugitive task force went to apprehend Zalonka on an outstanding warrant. His van was found in a parking garage and he was in it. He refused to get out. Officers smashed a window and tried to stun him with a Taser. He then reportedly reached for a weapon and was fatally shot. Family and friends claim that Stallworth was too weak to hold a gun due to his multiple sclerosis.
2015-05-12 Ouzounian, Alec (40) California (Rancho Santa Margarita) Orange County Sheriff’s deputies were responding to a report of a suicidal man at a residence. When they entered the home there was a confrontation and the man was shot and killed.
2015-05-12 Stallworth, D’Angelo (28) Florida (Jacksonville) Officers were visiting an apartment to ensure service of an eviction notice, entering the empty apartment with the aid of maintenance workers to find it empty and clean. One officer noticed a man outside on a shared balcony which has laundry rooms at each end. Officers went to question the man, who reached down, threw back a comforter that was on the floor outside the laundry room, and produced a handgun. There was a struggle over the gun but Stallworth broke free and ran down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs he allegedly turned back toward officers, who did not know the gun had been dropped at the top of the stairs. Both officers fatally shot him in fear. Marijuana was later found under the comforter. Family and friends claim that Stallworth was too weak to hold a gun due to his multiple sclerosis.
2015-05-11 Way, Justin (??) Washington (Tacoma) Way was drunk, in bed with a large knife and threatening to hurt himself. His live-in girlfriend took away his bottle of vodka to pour out and called a non-emergency number to try to get him to a hospital for help, saying she did not feel threatened. Two sheriff’s deputies responded with assault rifles, told his girlfriend to wait outside, then they went in and shot Way while he was still lying on the bed. The detective relayed to Way’s mother that “they told Justin to drop the knife and he didn’t—so they shot him because ‘That’s what we do.'”
2015-05-11 Cunningham, Stephen (47) Washington (Tacoma) Officers responded to complaints of loud music. Cunningham allegedly grabbed a gun and walked outside. According to Cunningham’s mother, he had had an altercation with a man earlier in the day and, when the police came, he mistakenly thought that man had returned. He did not fire his weapon at police.
2015-05-11 Goldston Kelvin Antonie (30) Texas (Fort Worth) Goldston had warrants for drugs and assault so when Fort Worth Police received a tip to his location they surrounded the residence. When Goldston exited and got into a vehicle, officers used their vehicles to block him in, getting out of the vehicles. Police say Goldston was shot and killed when he struck an officer as he attempted to drive away.
2015-05-10 Young, Lionel Lorenzo (34) Maryland (Landover) Prince George’s County Sheriff deputies called to a domestic violence dispute pursued Young’s vehicle as he left the scene. After the chase led to a parking lot Young’s vehicle struck two of the deputies cars. They then fired at his vehicle, striking and killing Young.
2015-05-09 Bayless, Martin Eugene (66) Kansas (Carbondale) Police used a Taser on Bayless on May 1 for “fleeing or attempting to elude” a Burlingame Police officer. He died on May 9.
2015-05-09 Holmes, Sam (31) Minnesota (Fridley) During a traffic stop, a man tried to drive away, dragging an officer with the vehicle. The officer shot and killed the driver.
2015-05-09 Gallagher, Michael Tyrone (55) North Carolina (Enfield) Enfield Police officer Jerry Powell responding to a reported break-in encountered Gallagher. In arresting Gallagher the officer used his Taser. Gallagher went into cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead at Halifax County Medical Center.
2015-05-08 Johnson, Shaun (35) Arizona (Kearny) Shaun Johnson was shot and killed after allegedly charging at officers with a samurai sword.
2015-05-08 Marshall, Dedrick (48) Louisiana (Harvey) Deputies from Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office went to Marshall’s home to investigate an aggravated assault. Sheriff’s Office statements say that when Marshall pointed a pistol at the officers, Deputy Justin McLin shot once, killing Marshall.
2015-05-08 Schwalm, David A. (58)[138] New York (Constantia) Oswego County Sheriff’s deputies responding to a call for a welfare check on David Schwalm learned that Schwalm was armed with a shotgun when they arrived. They talked with him on the phone but could not get him to surrender. When he emerged from the house and levelled his shotgun at the officers Deputy Mark Walton shot and killed him.
2015-05-07 Arriguin, Nephi (21) California (Cerritos) A Los Angeles County Sheriffs deputy was investigating a report of a female knocking on a resident’s door asking for someone who did not live at the residence. The deputy found the car matching the description and arrested the woman standing by the car. Seeing a man in the car, the deputy ordered him to show his hands. Instead the man started the car and drove at the deputy so the deputy shot him. The car crashed about a block away. Nephi Arriguin died at the scene.
2015-05-07 Roy, Joseph (72) Georgia (Lawrenceville) Joseph Roy, 72 was shot and killed after officers responding to a suicidal person call. Officers opened fired after allegedly being charged at with an 8-inch steak knife.
2015-05-07 Murphy, Michael G. (35) New York (Beacon) Officers responded to a carjacking at knifepoint at approx. 3:30pm. The suspect abandoned the vehicle and police gave chase on foot through the woods and then over an interstate highway. After crossing the highway, the man was shot dead by officers.
2015-05-06 Kaafi, John Paul (33) Florida (Sarasota) Sarasota Police pulled Kaafi over for a traffic stop, beat him with a flashlight, and Tasered him. Police say they arrested him because of drugs they found in the car. At the jail he complained of an asthma attack and was taken to a hospital where he died.
2015-05-06 Champion, Jason (41) New Jersey (Secaucus) Champion and Laroche (below) were walking away from their disabled vehicle along the left side of the New Jersey Turnpike when they were struck and killed by a patrol car around 1:30 am. The patrol car had damage to the windshield and front end.
2015-05-06 Laroche, Nuwanah (34) New Jersey (Secaucus) Laroche and Champion (above) were walking away from their disabled vehicle along the left side of the New Jersey Turnpike when they were struck and killed by a patrol car around 1 am. The patrol car had damage to the windshield and front end.
2015-05-06 Johnson, David William (18) North Carolina (Wake Forest) After a chase, a depressed teen who had been getting into trouble with the law allegedly got out of his car in a shopping center parking lot and he was seen running away from police. Since a caller to police earlier that evening had alleged Johnson was seen with a handgun, Officers opened fire as he ran off, hitting him multiple times.
2015-05-05 Ma, Thong Kien (32) California (South El Monte) Ma was attacking two people with a meat cleaver in his neighborhood, one who later died from head lacerations. As Los Angeles sheriff’s deputies approached Ma standing in front of a home on a flower bed, he was attacking a man with the cleaver and was demanded by officers to drop the weapon. They shot Ma.
2015-05-05 Glenn, Brendon (29) California (Venice/LA) After a physical altercation between homeless Glenn, who was unarmed, and two officers, he was shot dead. Police chief Charlie Beck said he had yet to see evidence that justified the shooting. In April 2016 a police board ruled the shooting was not justified. In December of 2016 the City of Los Angeles settled with Glenn’s family, agreeing to pay $4 million.
2015-05-05 Frost, Robert (46) Virginia (Pulaski) An officer was checking a storage lot, he saw a truck he believed was empty but as he approached he noticed a man Robert Frost sleeping with a handgun in his lap.Apparently the suspect woke up suddenly and raised his firearm and opened fire. The officer went back to his truck and fired a couple rounds hitting the suspect.
2015-05-04 Cook, Roark K. (36) Washington (Kennewick) Cook, who had a history of mental health issues and domestic violence against women was in an apartment with two women and a child when officers from Richland Police and Benton County Sheriff’s Department, including a SWAT, went to the apartment on a tip from his mother. The officers helped the two women and the boy escape from the apartment, shooting at Cook during the rescue when he appeared with what turned out to be a replica weapon. When officers forced their way into the apartment Cook was mortally wounded but refused to surrender.
2015-05-04 Vasquez, Alfredo (38) Texas (Alvin)Alfredo Vasquez was wanted for kidnapping his month-old child from the child’s mother. When Alvin Police officers found him hiding in his SUV parked at his mother’s trailer they asked him to come out of the SUV. He fired three shots at police from his position in the cab of the SUV. After he told officers that the child was with his mother he fired again and officers returned fire, striking Vasquez in the head and mortally wounding him.
2015-05-03 Simpson, Elton (30) Texas (Garland) Simpson and Soofi (below) were shot dead after opening fire at an art exhibition featuring depictions of the Prophet Mohammed.
2015-05-03 Soofi, Nadir (34) Texas (Garland) Soofi and Simpson (above) were shot dead after opening fire at an art exhibition featuring depictions of the Prophet Mohammed.
2015-05-03 Norton, Kevin Vance (36) Utah (Roosevelt) Police responded to a call about a man with a gun acting erratically. As officers approached, he fled to the woods. After negotiations and nonlethal attempts to disarm Norton, who was on felony probation and not allowed to possess a firearm, he was fatally shot.
2015-05-03 Grimm, Billy (44) New Mexico (Albuquerque) Police were responding to a possible domestic dispute and suspicious vehicle. Grimm was shot and killed. This case is being investigated.
2015-05-03 Asher, Michael (53) Kentucky (Chavies) Perry County Constable Ben Stidham, during a traffic stop, heard gunshots coming from a camper parked nearby so he called Kentucky State Police for help. State troopers tried to make contact with Asher, the camper’s occupant. When Asher came out he raised his gun toward the State Police troopers who shot and killed him.
2015-05-03 Moore, Reginald L., Sr. (44) Mississippi (Greenville) Reginald Moore and his wife Greenville Police Sergeant Kvonya Moore had just returned home from her birthday party when she shot and killed him.
2015-05-02 Mathena, Kenneth (52) Delaware (Smyrna) Mathena was armed with a shotgun and allegedly refused to drop it.The Delaware Department of Justice has concluded that the shooting was justified


2015-06-30 Lickteig, Clay (52) North Carolina (Franklin) Clay Lickteig threatened and fought with Franklin Police officers who were serving him with a felony arrest warrant at this home. During the confrontation officers tased Lickteig and when he shot at the officers they returned fire, killing him. The District Attorney ruled that the officers were justified in killing Lickteig.
2015-06-29 LaPort, Richard (51) New York (Northville) After Laport called 911 reporting that he wanted to kill himself, officers from the Saratoga County Sheriff’s office and New York State Police responded. During a standoff LaPort fired his shotgun several times. When he pointed his shotgun at the officers they shot and killed him. The Saratoga County District Attorney cleared the officers.
2015-06-28 Bellew, Alan Lee (29) Oregon (Portland) Portland Police officers were questioning three people next to their car in a supermarket shopping lot. Police say had been called to the store by a report of a fight. During the questioning, Bellew pulled a starter’s gun from the car and pointed it at the officers. They shot and killed him.
2015-06-28 McIntire, William Dale (60) Florida (Tampa) McIntire was drunk and lying in the road about midnight when he was run over by Tampa Police Officer Jeremy Dabush. A relative of McIntire’s says police told him that Dabush did not realize he had hit anyone and continued driving. The Florida State Attorney’s office investigate the incident and decided not to charge Dabush with a crime.
2015-06-27 Crittenden, Joshua (35) Oklahoma (Tahlequah) When Tahlequah Police officers arrived at a fight between two men, both ran. One, unarmed, was arrested on outstanding warrants. Crittenden hid in an attic and when he came out he shot at the officers. Officer Randy Tanner shot Crittenden who died a short time later at a hospital.
2015-06-26 Cisneros, Joe Angel Texas (San Antonio) Cisneros was pulled over for a traffic violation near John Jay High School where officers were conducting surveillance. When Cisneros ran from the scene an undercover officer pursued him on foot. Police say when Cisneros attempted to climb over a fence a gun fell from his waistband and that when he reached for the gun the officer shot and killed him.
2015-06-26 Matt, Richard (49) New York (Malone) Matt, a convicted killer, had escaped from the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, New York, on June 6, 2015. Convicted killer David Sweat escaped with him at the same time. For several weeks, Matt and Sweat led authorities on a manhunt that gained national attention. Matt was eventually discovered about 40 miles from Dannemora, and was shot and killed by a tactical team from U.S. Customs and Border Protection.
2015-06-25 Vanderburgh, Gilbert(61) California (Madera County) An auto-theft task force from the Fresno County Sheriff Department and the California Highway Patrol followed a man driving a stolen vehicle into the remote foothills of Madera County near Hildreth about 4 AM on June 25, 2015. The two occupants realized they were being followed and when they arrived home they ran into the house. The officers surrounded the house and called for them to come out. One man stood at a window, shouted at the officers, and pointed a rifle toward them. A sheriff’s deputy fired two shots from his rifle, killing Gilbert Vanderburgh. A second man fled but was being sought by officers.
2015-06-25 McCain, Spencer (41) Maryland (Owings Mills) Three Baltimore County Police officers responding to a domestic disturbance call shot and killed Spencer McCain. One of the children at the home had called her grandmother, who called 911. Police arrived, heard screams from inside, and forced their way in. When police encountered McCain they shot and killed him. No weapon was found.
2015-06-24 Harrell, Damien Alexander (26) Virginia (Yorktown) York-Poquoson Sheriff deputies investigating a single-car accident were questioning Harrell but he would not give them his real name. Eventually he pulled a gun on them. The deputies shot and killed him. Officials later discovered that he was wanted on several charges.
2016-06-23 Waddell, Randall Tabor (49) Texas (Weatherford) Weatherford police and an ambulance responded to a report of a “suspicious” man tripping and falling in a traffic median. The suspect pulled a knife on the paramedics (who had arrived first) and walked into a nearby business. A police officer found him in the store and there was a confrontation. The officer shot Waddell who died at a hospital. Waddell’s family later told the media that he was deaf and mentally ill.
2015-06-23 Culbertson, Taylor (32) Nebraska (Omaha) When a convenience store clerk told Douglas County Sheriff’s Deputy Chad Miller that customer Culbertson appeared to be drunk, the deputy went to check Culbertson in his vehicle outside the store. As the deputy approached Culbertson got out of the vehicle pointing an automatic pistol at Miller. Miller fired two or three shots, wounding Culbertson. Culbertson died in a hospital on August 9.
2015-06-23 Wilson, Jonathan P. (22) Kansas (Hutchinson) A call to 911 reported that Wilson had confessed to a murder and was armed with a knife. Hutchinson Police officers responded and found Wilson with three small children in the residence. Wilson was agitated, threatening the officers and breaking windows while police got the children out of the house. Officers fired their rifles, killing Wilson.
2016-06-23 Dyer, Joshua (34) Indiana (Indianapolis) Officers from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department approached a car that was parked in an unauthorized area. The car sped off and there was a chase of several blocks until the car crashed. When the driver backed up officers fired into the car, killing Joshua Dyer, the passenger.
2015-06-22 Reyes, Eduardo (35) California (Citrus Heights) Eduardo Reyes was shot and killed by Citrus Heights Police officers responding to a report of a domestic dispute. Police were told that Reyes was beating his wife and was armed with a handgun. When police arrived Reyes shot at them from a second-story landing at the apartment. Four police officers shot and killed Reyes.
2015-06-22 Wicks, Tyler (30) Georgia (Augusta) Richmnond County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a call about a man with a gun. The suspect was inside a home, armed with a rifle, and threatening to shoot law enforcement officers. The deputies several times ordered him to put down the weapon but he did not comply. Tyler Wicks was shot by one of the deputies. He was taken to a hospital where he died.
2015-06-22 Barrett, James Monroe (60) North Carolina (Ronda) When he exchanged gunfire with law enforcement officers investigating a domestic dispute Barrett was shot and killed. Barrett, who had wounded two civilians before the officers arrived, also wounded a Wilkes County Sherriff’s Sergeant.
2015-06-22 Harris, Tyrone Dale, Jr. (20) Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh) Officers from Pittsburg Police, Alleghany County Sheriff, and the Port Authority responded to reports of a man firing an AR-15 type rifle on city streets and carjacking a vehicle.[46][47] Tyrone Harris, who had had problems with drug use, was killed in a shootout with Pittsburgh Police and transit officers.
2015-06-21 Simental, Adrian (24) California (Azusa) Azusa Police responded to a call of a man acting bizarrely who had injured himself and broken into a neighbor’s home. An officer found Simental, injured and bleeding, lying on the back patio. Police report he said, “Shoot me.” While the officer was holding him at gunpoint, Simental suddenly stood up. The officer shot and killed him. The medical examiner found an elevated level of methamphetamine in Simental’s body. The District Attorney found insuficient evidence that the officer acted unlawfully.
2015-06-21 Hernandez, Allen (23) Idaho (Homedale) Hernandez was involved in a traffic accident and he went to a nearby home, letting himself in. After receiving permission to call 911 Hernandez got into a fight with the residents. When deputies from the Owyhee County Sheriff’s Office arrived Hernandez struggled with them. While police held him down Hernandez stopped breathing and was taken to a hospital where he died two days later.
2015-06-21 Marshall, Charles David (49) Texas (Houston) Harris County Sheriff’s Deputies responding to a woman’s call about he husband who was drunk and hurting himself arrived at the apartment to find Marshall a cordless power drill. Marshall asked the officer if he was going to kill him. When Marshall refused to put the drill down Sergeant Ben Russell shot and killed him.
2015-06-20 Cockerham, Alfontish (23) Illinois (Chicago) Cockerham was shot by Chicago Police Officer Anthony Babicz who was responding to a report of a man with a gun. Babicz chased Cockerham when he ran from a group of four men as the officer approached. A police official says that Cockerham pointed a gun at Officer Babicz. Cockerham died June 25. Some witnesses and Cockerham’s family dispute the police account of the shooting. Laquida Cockerham, his widow, filed a lawsuit against the City of Chicago and Officer Anthony Babicz.
2015-06-19 Atencio, Louis (50) Colorado (Greeley) Greeley Police officers responding to a report of a “bloody woman asking for help” encountered Atencio in the street, armed with a handgun.[60] Officers say that when Atencio pointed the weapon at them, they shot him.
2015-06-19 Hummons, Trepierre (21) Ohio (Cincinnati) Hummons called 911 to report “a black man…getting belligerent with a gun.” When the first Cincinnati Police Officer, Sonny Kim, arrived, Hummons engaged him in a firefight, shooting and mortally wounding Kim. Hummons shot at Spc. Thomas Sandman,the second officer to arrive, but Sandman was able to shoot Hummons. Both Hummons and Kim died at Cincinnati Medical Center. The Cincinnati Police Chief said it was “suicide by cop.” Hummons had been charged with a sex crime earlier that day.
2015-06-19 Laboy, Santos Massachusetts (Boston) Santos Laboy was fatally shot by state troopers on Storrow Drive after Laboy brandished a knife at police officers. Police spotted Laboy who had outstanding warrants. Laboy then fled when police approached.
2015-06-18 Tcherniak, Oleg (58) New York (New York)In the Brighton Beach neighborhood, a man tried to wrestle a woman, who he had a dispute with earlier at a store, at the Ocean Parkway subway platform. A 24-year-old NYPD officer, with two years of experience, arrived on the scene and was slashed and injured in the neck by the suspect after be pulled out an 11-inch hunting knife. The officer then fired two shots in the suspect’s torso, killing him. The woman suffered minor injuries and the officer suffered non-life threatening injuries with stitches to the wounds.
2015-06-17Lanphier, Kenneth (48) New Mexico (Hobbs) Four officers from the Hobbs Police Department responded to a call about a suicidal man. Lanphier was armed with a gun and shot at the police. During the exchange of gunfire a fifty-three year old woman, believed to be Lanphier’s roommate was struck by gunfire and later died. Police shot and killed Lanphier.
2015-06-17 Chappell, Wendy Michelle (40) mAlabama (Clanton) Local and State Alabama law enforcement officer used spike strips to stop Chapelle’s vehicle after her husband reported that she had threatened to shoot him. Once Wendy Chappell was stopped there was a brief standoff, then she pointed her weapon at officers who shot and killed her. The Alabama State Bureau of Investigation was investigating the incident.
2015-06-16 mDeLeon, Chris (28) California (Visalia) Visalia Police were investigating an empty building which had been used by transients. They heard a gunshot and saw DeLeon running from the building with a weapon in his hand. When he failed to put down the weapon as ordered, police shot and killed him.
2015-06-16 Charboneau, Joe (31) North Dakota (Fort Totten) Tribal Police and a Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Police Officer on the Spirit Lake Indian Reservation were searching a home to serve a warrant. Joe Charboneau was also in the home, covered by a blanket. Police say that when the officers saw that he was holding a pistol they ordered him to drop it. When he did not drop the weapon BIA Police Officer Terry Morgan shot and killed him. Federal prosecutors found that the shooting was legally justified.
2015-06-15 mJackson, Kris (22) California (South Lake Tahoe) A single bullet fired by a South Lake Tahoe police officer in the early morning hours of June 15 killed Kris Jackson, 22, of Sacramento. Jackson was trying to flee out of a window at the Tahoe Hacienda Inn when fired upon. No weapon was found.
2015-06-15 Higgenbotham, Kevin (47) New Jersey (Trenton) Trenton Police responding to a call about a verbal dispute used pepper spray and their batons on Kevin Higgenbotham. He remained in a coma until he died 13 March 2016 at a Trenton hospital.
2015-06-15 Seidle, Tamara (51) New Jersey (Asbury Park) Neptune, New Jersey Police Sergeant Philip Seidle shot and killed his estranged wife Tamara Seidle. Philip Seidle (51) pled guilty aggravated to manslaughter and child endangerment in return for a prison term of less than life.
2015-06-14 Garcia, Kenneth (28) California (Stockton) Stockton police officers saw Garcia inside a truck hitting a woman. They tried to approach him but he drove away and a high-speed chase ensued. Once police had stopped Garcia and got out to walk toward his vehicle, he drove toward the officers. They responded with gunfire, hitting him several times. Garcia was taken to a hospital where he died.
2015-06-14 Terryn, Zane (15) Florida (Cocoa) Zane Terryn and his sixteen-year-old girlfriend were in her pickup at a rest stop off Interstate 95 when a Florida Highway Patrol officer noticed their headlights weren’t working. The officer had approached the driver’s side of the truck where the girl sat to talk to her about the light when Terryn pulled a handgun from under the seat and fired several times, wounding the officer. The officer shot back, killing Terryn. Authorities say that the two had formed a suicide pact.
2015-06-13 Boulware, James (35) Texas (Hutchins) Boulware opened fire on the Dallas Police Department headquarters and placed explosives around the building. He escaped in his armored van, but was stopped by police in a parking lot in Hutchins. After a standoff, Boulware was shot by a police sniper.
2015-06-13 Hodge, Anthony W. (46) Indiana (Fort Wayne) When Anthony Hodge, armed with a handgun, was causing a disturbance, neighbors called police. Fort Wayne Police officers arrived at Hodge’s home and he met them at the door armed with a handgun. After he refused several times to put down the weapon, the a police officer shot and killed him. Hodge had previously been charged with resisting police and with intimidation with the use of a deadly weapon. The Allen County Prosecutor cleared Officer Nicholas Lichtsinn, ruling the shooting as self-defense.
2015-06-13 Payne, James Jr (51) Ohio (Clayton) Clayton Police Officer Mark Gau driving a patrol car, struck Payne who was on his motorcycle. After a review by the Montgomery County Processor Officer Gau was charged with vehicular manslaughter.
2015-06-13 Manyoun, Deng (35) Kentucky (Louisville) Louisville Police Officer Nathan Blanford stopped his car and approached Deng Manyoun, a pedestrian, because Manyoun matched the description of an assault suspect. A video shows that Manyoun, apparently agitated, walked off camera and returned with a flagpole which he used to strike the officer. Blanford retreated as he was struck several times, then shot and killed Manyoun. The Commonwealth of Kentucky Attorney General’s office reported it will not pursue any criminal charges against Blanford in the case.
2015-06-13 Blakley, Candace L. (24) South Carolina (North Augusta) Aiken County Sheriff’s Deputy Matthew Blakley was arrested for shooting and killing his wife, Candace, at their home. Deputy Blakley was charged with involuntary manslaughter.
2015-06-13 Williams, Alan Craig (47) South Carolina (Greenville) Williams was riding his moped on Poinsett Highway when he was struck from behind and killed by a patrol vehicle driven by a Greenville County Sheriff Deputy. Williams’ family has filed a lawsuit.
2015-06-12 Haendiges, Shelly Lynn (17) Indiana (Kokomo) Kokomo Police officer Roy Smith responded to a report of an armed robbery at a convenience store and encountered Haendiges pointing a gun at a store clerk. When she pointed the gun at the officer he shot and killed her. The gun turned out to be a CO2 powered pellet gun. The County Prosecutor ruled that Officer Smith acted reasonably and in self defense. The family reported that their daughter suffered from mental illness and was a psychiatric outcare patient.
2015-06-11 Flores, Mark Anthony, Jr. (28) Texas (San Antonio) After he was shot by his son, Mark Flores went to his neighbors who called police. He was still outside his house when four Bexar County Sheriff Deputies arrived and went inside. Authorities say that when the deputies encountered the son he shot at them, striking one deputy in the arm. Two of the deputies then shot and killed him. Both parents believe their son was schizophrenic.
2015-06-11 Phillips, Raymond K. (86) Tennessee (Columbia) Police were called about a man who had left home with his car and weapons threatening suicide. Police pulled him over and say he exited his car pointing guns at officers, who fatally shot him.
2015-06-11 Severe, Fritz (46) Florida (Miami) Fritz Severe, a homeless black man, was shot five times and killed by Miami Police officer Antonio Torres. Police say that Severe was threatening the officer with a metal pipe.
2015-06-11 Ziegler, Charles Allen (40) Florida (Pompano Beach) Receiving a tip about the location of bank robbery suspect Ziegler, Broward County Sheriff Deputies went to the home and followed him to a parking lot. When they attempted to arrest Ziegler, he grabbed a handgun from the floor of his car. Four deputies shot and killed him
2015-06-11 Peralta-lantigua, Raymond (19) New York (Bronx) Peralta-lantigua was “going crazy” damaging things around his mother’s apartment. She locked herself in her bedroom and dialed 9-1-1, reporting that he had a knife. He threw a rock at the first police car to respond and rushed a second officer with the knife, before being fatally shot by police.
2015-06-10 mHampton, Isiah (19) New York (Bronx) Officers responding to a domestic violence call found a 19-year-old woman shot in the arm. They say the armed suspect pointed a gun at officers, who fired back, fatally striking him in the chest.
2015-06-09 Hartley, Gregory Scott (45) Tomball, Texas Hartley, wanted on a felony warrant and armed with a pistol grip shotgun was shot and killed by officers from the Tomball Police Department and the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department when he got out of his vehicle after a high-speed pursuit and pointed the shotgun at them. The pursuit had begun after police had received a report of a driver pointing a shotgun at other drivers.
2015-06-09 Bolinger, Ryan Keith (28) Iowa (Des Moines)Bolinger pulled up beside a patrol car that was pulled over for an unrelated traffic stop. He was close enough that he blocked the cruiser’s driver side door. Bolinger got out of his own car and danced around before getting back in and driving away. Officer Vanessa Miller was not amused and pursued him, along with another cruiser. When Bolinger was forced to stop his car, he got out and started walking “with a purpose” toward Miller’s cruiser. Miller fatally shot him through her own rolled-up driver’s side window. Bolinger was unarmed and it’s not clear what “purpose” is alleged.
2015-06-09 Howard, Randy (65) Tennessee (Lynchburg) Bail enforcement officer Jackie Shell, who is also a former police officer, attempted to take country singer Howard into custody for outstanding warrants. Howard opened fire on Shell, wounding him. Shell returned fire, killing Howard.
2015-06-09 Hicks, QuanDavier (22) Ohio (Cincinnati) Officers went to the man’s home on a complaint. He came to the front door and officers engaged in a brief struggle with him. Police said he reached for a rifle, at which point they fatally shot him.
2015-06-09 Linhart, Jeremy J. (30) Ohio (Findlay) Linhart was a passenger during a traffic stop in which he and the driver were ordered to get out of the car, and both complied. Linhart attempted to get back into the car and was shot in a scuffle with the officer. Police say they found a gun in the car.
2015-06-08 Garcia, Rene (30) California (Anaheim) Garcia, whose family reports he has had mental health issues, stopped his truck near Anaheim motorcycle officer Steve Anderson, who was conducting a traffic stop. Garcia had a butcher knife in hand when he ran toward the officer, swearing at him. Officer Yesenia Escobar was nearby on a separate task when she saw Garcia running toward Anderson. Garcia did not obey Anderson’s orders to stop, but ran past him, toward Escobar. Both Anderson and Escobar fired multiple shots, killing Garcia.
2015-06-08 Warolf, Richard (69) Arizona (Sun City) Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a 911 call from a woman who said her husband, who was armed, had been drinking and was threatening suicide. Once they had arrived at the residence the deputies negotiated for three hours during which the man did come outside the home occasionally. The deputies distracted him with a percussive device and when he was distracted they rushed at him. He then pointed his gun at deputies who shot and killed him.
2015-06-08 Anthony, Ross Allen (25) Texas (Dallas) Anthony was “exhibiting erratic behavior” including running through traffic, band striking vehicles with his hands. When Dallas Police officers tried to remove him from a vehicle he resisted and one of the officers tased him. After being handcuffed Anthony showed signs of “medical distress.” Emergency workers took him to a hospital where he died.
2015-06-08 Johnson, James (54) Indiana (Beech Grove) Beech Grove Police Officers went to the scene of a reportedly suicidal person and found Johnson, armed with a gun. Johnson, sitting on a porch, waved the gun saying “shoot me.” Not complying with orders to drop the gun, Johnson walked toward the officers. When he pointed the weapon at them they shot and killed him. Neighbors said that Johnson had a history of mental illness.
2015-06-08 McDaniel, Matthew Wayne (35) Florida (Melbourne) Six Melbourne Police officers followed McDaniel, a robbery suspect, to a Burger King parking lot. They blocked in his car and when he got out of the car police say he waved a gun. Police shot and killed him.
2015-06-08 Ocasio, Mario (51) New York (Bronx) New York City Police responded to a call from Ocasio’s girl friend that he was high on drugs and acting erratically. Police say when they arrived he was brandishing scissors. Officers tased him and placed him in handcuffs. He went into cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead at a Bronx hospital.
2015-06-07 Marshall, Gene (53) Washington (Woodland) Marshall’s wife called 911 to report that Marshall was armed and suicidal. Officer Terry Casey arrived and when Marshall approached Casey with a handgun, Casey shot Marshall dead.
2015-06-06 Fernandez, Alejandro Campos (45) California (Watsonville) Officers had set up surveillance of Fernandez, hoping to apprehend him away from the home as they expected he would have firearms in the him. Fernandez ran away and ignored officers’ orders to stop. After running along a trail, he kneeled and shot at an officer, who was struck in the upper torso, blocked by a bulletproof vest. A second officer joined in fatally shooting Fernandez. The hit officer was treated at a hospital and released.
2015-06-06 Smillie, James (53) Florida (North Port) Sgt. Mike Laden shot Smillie when Smillie allegedly reached for an unidentified weapon during a negotiation stand-off. The two had previously been talking on a cell phone connection after response to a domestic dispute. Smillie had previously complied with police orders to put down a rifle.
2015-06-06 Hogg, Demouria (38) California (Oakland) Officers spotted a man sleeping in a stolen car. He woke up in response to bullhorns and bean bag rounds and a metal pipe smashing the passenger side glass, but would not get out. There was a loaded gun on the passenger seat, though it’s not clear if he used it at all. He was also shocked with a taser and fatally shot with a gun.
2015-06-06 Ramirez, Damien James (27) Colorado (Strasburg) While an Arapahoe County Sheriff’s deputy was investigating an accident on Interstate 70, a state trooper noticed a walking man carrying a gun. The man hijacked a vehicle and fled. About fourteen miles away the man rolled the hijacked SUV. As he got out of the vehicle, still armed several law enforcement officers arrived. There was an exchange of gunfire and the suspect was killed by a Sheriff’s deputy.[152] Damien James Ramirez was wanted on two outstanding warrants. The District Attorney investigated and found the officers’ actions justified.
2015-06-06 Nevels, Joe Don (42) Texas (Midland) When a man was walking in and out of a liquor store, acting suspiciously, a store employee called police. Midland Police officers responded and encountered the man, carrying a box cutter, outside the store. Police say he was shot and killed when he charged at the officers, threatening them with the box cutter.
2015-06-05 Cathers, Christie L. (45) West Virginia (Morgantown) Deputies responded to a call about a person with a knife. Cathers allegedly tried to run over a deputy and fled the scene. Deputies pursued and Cathers struck a deputy’s cruiser. A deputy then shot Cathers dead.
2015-06-05 Gomez, Jesus Quezada (50) California (Santa Maria) Santa Maria police responded to a call from Gomez that he had stabbed his wife, he was armed and heintended to shoot anyone nearby. Officers responded with an armored vehicle and when Gomez came out of the house armed with a pistol and a rifle or shotgun they tried to negotiate. They attempted to subdue him with a less than lethal round but that missed. When Gomez pointed the rifle in the direction of the officers two of them fired their rifles. He was mortally wounded and died at a local hospital. His wife was found dead in the house.The Santa Barbara County District Attorney found the shooting justified.
2015-06-04 Ellerbe, Andrew (33) Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) An off-duty detective was waiting for food at a pizzeria when Ellerbe and an accomplice attempted to rob him of $20, putting a gun to his head and forcing him to the ground. When they turned around to the owner and employee at a counter, the officer identified himself and pulled out a gun. The suspect fired two blanks at the officer, who then fatally shot Ellerbe. The accomplice fled.
2015-06-03 Garza, Lorenzo Jr. (46) California (Delano) Officers responded to reports of criminal threats and a drive-by shooting. Officers began to pursue a specifically identified suspect, who took off in a vehicle, firing at officers during the pursuit. Officers fired back, killing Garza. No officers were injured; 11 fired their weapons.
2015-06-03 Baca, Rudy (36) New Mexico (Los Lunas) After a call from Rudy Baca’s mother, Valencia County Sheriff’s deputies went to make a welfare check on Baca, who had been drinking. When deputies arrived the convince Baca to come outside but there was a confrontation and a deputy shot and mortally wounded Baca who died June 4 at a hospital.
2015-06-03 Hernandez, Edelmiro (33) Texas (Houston) A Houston Police officer on patrol near an apartment complex saw a vehicle matching the description of one associated with recent burglaries of the complex. The driver of the large SUV noticed the officer and drove away. There was a pursuit which ended when the vehicle crashed and was disabled. Two officers ordered the driver out of the SUV but he did not comply. After a twenty-minute standoff they sent in a police dog and when the suspect tried to hurt the dog with his knife, the officers shot and killed him.
2015-06-03 Martinez, Miguel (18) Texas (Forreston) Martinez and his brother Daniel Dankert (23) were pulled over by Italy, Texas Police for a traffic violation, handcuffed, and placed in the back seat of the police SUV. Martinez climbed into the front seat and drove off in the police vehicle. During the hour-long pursuit a police officer negotiated with Martinez over the vehicle’s police radio. When Martinez finally stopped the vehicle a gunshot was heard from inside the vehicle then Martinez got out holding a gun. The police shot and killed him. Daniel Dankert died in the vehicle but it is unclear if his death was suicide or homicide.
2015-06-03 Byrd, Sherman (24) Pennsylvania (Chester) A woman reported that she was robbed of her cellphone and cash at gunpoint. Deputies heard a radio alert and spotted an armed man matching the description on a bicycle. Officers pursued and a patrol car hit the suspect, killing him.
2015-06-03 Neal, Ronald (56) New Jersey (Byram Township)
Byram police received a call at 3:38 PM saying that a man had barricaded himself in his home and that he was armed. SWAT teams dispatched to the location. Neal, who lived in the home with his wife, was killed by a Byron police officer.
2015-06-02 Rahim, Usaama (26) Massachusetts (Boston) Rahim was under 24-hour surveillance by the FBI for death threats against police. At 7 am, according to authorities, officers encountered Rahim in a CVS parking lot in the Roslindale neighborhood and attempted to question him over the alleged threats. Police allege that Rahim pulled out a military-style knife and brandished it at the officers, the officers demanded Rahim drop the knife, and then discharged their firearms. Surveillance video is not sufficient to confirm or deny this. Rahim died later that day in a hospital.
2015-06-01 Ladd, Joseph M. (23) New York (Greece) Police were looking for a missing and possibly suicidal person, and found him in a mall parking lot. Officer Eric Hughes identified himself to the man and an altercation began. At some point, Hughes felt threatened and fatally shot the man.
2015-06-01 Dajani, Kamal (26) Texas (Azle) Dajani, a stabbing suspect, was shot at least once by a Tarrant County sheriff’s deputies when he was reportedly stabbing a woman and refused to drop the knife inside his family’s home.


2015-07-31 Hatch, Jeremy (34) New Mexico (Roswell) Federal agents and officers from the Roswell Police Department and the Sheriff’s Office involved in a drug investigation approached three men outside a Roswell restaurant. Hatch, in a vehicle, shot at the officers who returned fire, striking him thirteen times. One police officer, wearing a bulletproof vest, was shot in the abdomen. He was treated and released at a hospital. Two other men were arrested.
2015-07-31 Molina, Rafael, Jr. (33)
New Mexico (Albuquerque) A witness told Albuquerque Police he saw a dispute where a man pushed a woman into a vehicle and drove away. Responding officers tried to stop Molina’s vehicle. During the pursuit the woman jumped out. After the vehicle was stopped police say Molina ran from the car carrying a handgun. Police say when Molina raised the weapon two officers shot and killed him.
2015-07-31 Vallejo, Philip “Flip” (30) Texas (Fort Worth) Fort Worth Police officers patrolling on bicycles observed an altercation involving two groups of people. Police say one man had a weapon and officers ordered him to drop it. An officer says he fired when he believed Vallejo was about to shoot. Vallejo was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. Fort Worth Attorney David Cantu said witness statements contradict the official report.
2015-07-30 Vrenon, Ryan Daniel (25) California (Mount Shasta) California Highway Patrol officers investigating a vehicle stopped on the side of Interstate 5. The officers saw a gun in the vehicle and the driver sped away. The vehicle was stopped sixteen miles away with spike strips and pulled into the center divider. As the officer approached the vehicle there was an exchange of gunfire and Vrenon was killed.
2015-07-30 Raiyawa, Filimoni (57) California (San Francisco) San Francisco Police officers were called to the scene of a traffic accident where Raiywawa had walked away. When officers found him nearby the 265-pound Raiwaya attacked them and walked away again. When several officers finally struggled with Raiyawa and got him into handcuffs he stopped breathing and died at the scene. Sonoma County officials say that Raiyawa was wanted for beating to death ninety-six year old Solomon Cohen, for whom he was a caretaker.
2015-07-30 Perkins, Mark (48) Nevada (Gardnerville) Douglas County Sheriff’s deputies, including SWAT and Negotiations teams were preparing to arrest Perkins on charges including assault with a deadly weapon when he came out of his house armed with two weapons. Authorities say that when he pointed the weapons at the deputies six of them shot and killed him.
2015-07-29 Romero, Oscar Lotari (47) California (Whittier) Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputies responded to an 11 p.m. call about a family disturbance at a residence. The Department reported that when deputies arrived Romero, apparently drunk, attacked one the officers with a metal stick. The deputy who had been struck shot Romero and the other deputy used his Taser. Romero was declared dead at the scene.
2015-07-29 Malone, Michael (34) New Mexico (Las Cruces) Deputies from the Doña Ana County Sheriff’s Office went to arrest Malone on charges related to an ongoing domestic violence investigation. When they tried to arrest him at a Las Cruces motel he climbed out the back window of his room and was confronted by deputies there. A Sheriff’s Office spokesperson said he shot at deputies. Malone was shot and killed by Chase Thouvenell, a member of the special response team.
2015-07-29 Barker, Roger Darrin (53) Utah (Logan)Logan Police officers were called to the home of a man reported to be suicidal. Learning he was armed, the officers called in the SWAT team. There was a three-hour standoff with the man in his home. When Barker came out and shot at the officers a Cache County Sheriff deputy and a Logan Police officer shot and killed him.
2015-07-29 Delgado-Soba, Wilmer (38) Massachusetts (Worcester) When Delgado-Soba entered a convenience store market and began running around, knocking items off the shelf, officers from the Worcester Police Department called for an ambulance and tried to calm him down. When they could not talk Delgado-Soba down and he resisted their attempts to handcuff him, they shocked him with a stun gun. He was handcuffed and taken by ambulance but on the way to the hospital he fought with paramedics and showed medical distress. He died early the next day. One officer at the store talking to the police dispatcher had said, “..he’s tweaking…”
2015-07-28 Johnson, Timothy (41) Arkansas (Manila) Officers from the Manila Police Department responded to a report of a disturbance at the camper where Johnson and his girlfriend lived. Johnson had a knife and when he advanced toward an officer instead of dropping the knife as ordered an officer shot and killed him.
2015-07-28 White, Allan F., III (23) Tennessee (Cleveland) White was killed by Bradley County Sheriff’s deputy Tiffany Oakley after he “accosted” her outside her home. She attempted to arrest him and they struggled. Deputy Oakley used her Taser stun gun and then her pistol, shooting and killing him.
2015-07-27 Forgy, Samuel (22) Colorado (Boulder) Forgy was high on LSD and wielding a hammer in an apartment complex. As officers arrived, Forgy approached them and reportedly did not listen to demands to drop the hammer. At least one officer opened fire.
2015-07-27 Falgout, Jean Paul (45) Louisiana (Houma) Falgout[33] was wanted for theft when his vehicle was spotted. After a twenty-mile pursuit he ran over officers’ spike strips and was stopped. By that time his vehicle was surrounded by officers from Houma Police, Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office, and Louisiana State Police. Falgout got out of the vehicle brandishing a handgun and eventually pointing it in the direction of the officers. Eight of the officers shot and killed him. The weapon was a pellet gun. Authorities described the incident a “suicide by cop.”[34] Friends and family say Falgout had problems with drug addiction and had pledged to die rather than go back to prison.
2015-07-27 Milliken, Timothy (56)[36] South Carolina (Columbia) Two deputies from the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department called to the scene of a family disturbance found Milliken attacking a family member with a knife. The deputies shot and killed Milliken.
2015-07-26 Westly, Khari Louisiana (Shreveport) Shreveport Police officers responded to a call from Westley’s sister who said she and her cousin had been held hostage at gunpoint by Westley. Officers found Westley at a nearby intersection where he turned and shot at them. The four police officers fired twenty-five rounds, striking Westley four times, mortally wounding him.
2015-07-26 Hammond, Zachary (19) South Carolina (Seneca) Hammond was stopped by police during a drug sting while he was inside his car with female passenger in a Hardee’s parking lot. According to police, Hammond drove his car towards the officer. The officer fired two shots through the driver’s side window, striking Hammond in the shoulder and torso.
2015-07-25 Day, Brian Keith (36) Nevada (Las Vegas) Las Vegas Police officers were investigating a home invasion beating at the apartment adjoining Brian Keith Day’s when Day came out to the balcony in front of the apartments. Officers say they told him to go back inside his apartment or to leave while they investigated the crime scene. He went into his apartment and came out with a pistol in his waistband. Refusing officers’ orders to show his hands, Day shot one officer in the face with the pellet pistol. Three officers responded by firing fifty-nine rounds, striking Day twenty times, killing him.
2015-07-25 Olmsted, Christopher (60) Louisiana (New Orleans) Olmsted, whose family says had a mental illness and was skipping his medication, drove a pickup and struck a house and several other vehicles before he crashed and came to a stop. A New Orleans Police officer was in the area and approached Olmsted’s vehicle. Authorities say Olmsted struck the officer and reached for the officer’s gun before the officer shot and killed him.
2015-07-25 Jackson, Earl (59) Florida (Micanopy) A Florida Highway Patrol officer was checking on a car parked at the side of Interstate 75 and saw a man on the ground. The suspect fired several shots as the trooper took cover. The suspect fled into the woods and there was a four-hour manhunt (during which several shots were fired) until Jackson was spotted about 1:00 PM. Shots were exchanged and Jackson was killed.
2015-07-24 unnamed Louisiana (New Orleans A man, after having an argument with his wife, drove his car down his street, hitting other cars and homes. When he was stopped by New Orleans police he got out of his vehicle and began to fight with an officer, who shot and killed the man.
2015-07-24 Raines, Seth (44) California (Los Angeles) A man opened fire in Studio City, when police arrived they took cover behind their patrol vehicles, the man raised his gun at the police and police opened fire, killing the man.
2015-07-24 Braswell, Roger (50) Georgia (Brinson) Decatur County Sheriff’s Deputies went to Braswell’s home because he had made suicide threats. During the four-hour negotiations Braswell also made threats against the deputies. He stepped out the back door and shot at deputies. One deputy shot back forcing Braswell to go back inside. Deputies entered the home and found him wounded. He died at a hospital.
2015-07-24 Gerston, Lee Aaron (33) North Carolina (Pinnacle) Gerston armed with knives, allegedly robbed a hair salon and took the husband of the owner hostage. They went to a residence where Stokes County Sheriff’s Deputies found them and a standoff followed. After a few hours Gerston emerged armed with knives and approached the deputies, refusing to drop the knives. Deputies say they hit him with a stun gun but that did not stop him. Four officers shot and killed him.
2015-07-23 Satre, Tamala Anne (44) California (Meadow Vista) Placer County sheriff’s deputies were sent to a home in Rio Vista based on a report of a suicidal woman. A deputy found Satre outside the home and asked her to show her hands. She pulled out a handgun and the deputy shot and killed her.
2015-07-23 Edison, Robbie Lee (47) Wyoming (Douglas) Shortly after midnight, a Converse County Sheriff’s deputy was investigating a suspicious vehicle parked under a bridge on a rural road. A man was in a tent near the vehicle. The deputy learned the vehicle was stolen[58] and the man, Robbie Lee Edison, had a warrant from South Dakota. When Edison emerged from the tent holding a pistol, the deputy shot and killed him.
2015-07-23 Stortzum, Brian (32) South Carolina (Myrtle Beach) Police were called to Stortzum’s residence following a domestic dispute. When police arrived Stortzum showed a gun and threatened the lives of the woman and 3 children living with him. After refusing police orders to put down the gun police opened fire, killing him.
2015-07-23 Wolfsteller, Derek (31) Minnesota (Plymouth) Wolfsteller, who had recently struggled with his mental health, had ended up in a Plymouth Arby’s. Both Wolfsteller and an Arby’s employee had called the police requesting assistance. Wolfsteller was requesting to be taken to a hospital due to suffering from a severe mental health crisis. The Plymouth Police Department had been contacted by Wolfsteller’s grandparents the previous day trying to have him forcibly brought to a hospital to undergo treatment for his mental health issues. When a police officer arrived on the scene at the Plymouth Arby’s, she deployed her taser, which was ineffective. She then attempted to subdue him physically. Per the Plymouth Police Department, Wolfsteller began grabbing at her service sidearm. The police officer regained control of the weapon, shooting Wolfsteller in the head, killing him. Per eyewitness accounts, the officer was only on the scene for 20 minutes prior to Wolfsteller being killed.
2015-07-23 Martin, Dontae L. (34) Ohio (Dayton) Montgomery County Sheriff’s deputies were sent to the scene where a driver had struck a parked car in a driveway. Martin was still inside his car when they arrived at the scene. As deputies looked into the car they could see Martin pointing a handgun at them. Deputies shot and fatally wounded Martin who died at a hospital. The Montgomery County Grand Jury returned no indictment for both deputies involved in the shooting.
2015-07-22 Williams, Andre Dontrell (26) Oklahoma (Oklahoma City) Four Oklahoma City Police officers went to a residence to investigate a rape and found the suspect hiding under a bed. When Williams[66] emerged holding a knife the officers first tased him and then shot and killed him.
2015-07-22 Benitez-Santiago, Francisco (25) Wisconsin (Monroe) Monroe Police and Green County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a call reporting the location of a man wanted for a homicide about 20 minutes earlier. When officers found the man hiding behind an apartment he pointed a gun at them from about 10-15 feet away. The officers shot and killed Benitez-Santiago. Benitez-Santiago’s pistol was empty.
2015-07-22 Bush, James T. (20) Michigan (St. Clair Shores) Bush was riding his motorcycle about 9:30 P.M. when he struck the front passenger door of a police car which was turning left across the road in preparation to make a traffic stop. The left turn put the police vehicle directly in the path of the motorcycle, which the officer did not see. Bush was taken to a hospital where he died.
2015-07-22 Guisherd, Devon (26) Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) Guisherd, a homicide suspect, was killed during a shootout with police that stemmed from police serving an arrest warrant at his home. An officer was wounded in the shooting.
2015-07-21 Fuller, Joseph (24) Florida (Oakland Park) Fuller[75] had fled from two traffic stops earlier in the day and was discovered to be wanted for a parole violation. When a Broward County Sheriff’s detective pulled him over the third time Fuller reached for a revolver between his legs. The detective shot and killed him.
2015-07-21 Tyre, Jerrod (35) Georgia (Jesup) Wayne County Sheriff’s Deputies investigating a domestic dispute heard several shots. They made contact with Tyre and the Special Response Team also arrived. Instead of surrendering as requested Tyre “aggressively approached” the deputies. A member of the Special Response Team fired several shots, killing Tyre.
2015-07-21 Wilson, Darren (47) Georgia (Bartow) A man wielding a stick was shot by a Bartow deputy after lunging at him.
2015-07-20 LeBoeuf, Joshua Blaine (35) Texas (Winnie) Chambers County Sheriff’s deputies were attempting to arrest LeBoeuf[81] for violation of a protective order when he broke free and grabbed a gun from his truck. Authorities say LeBoeuf fired at least one round and the deputies returned fire, killing him.
2015-07-20 Ibarra, Juan Adolfo (24) Texas (Houston) Harris County Sheriffs deputies were working security outside a nightclub about 3 a.m. when Ibarra fired his pistol into the air while he was leaving the club. A deputy asked Ibarra to put down the gun. Ibarra ran alongside a pickup truck firing the weapon. When Ibarra turned toward the deputies one deputy shot and killed him.
2015-07-20 Brown, Stephen Ray (54) Oklahoma (Choctaw) Off-duty Midwest City Police lieutenant Lacky Harkins was checking on his in-laws’ house while they were on vacation. He saw the door open and when he entered the home he encountered an armed burglar whom he shot and killed.The Oklahoma County District Attorney cleared the officer in the killing.
2015-07-20 Godinez, Heriberto, Jr. (24) Illinois (Chicago) Godinez was arrested as a burglary suspect by Chicago Police. Police say he was sweating and breathing heavily when they restrained him and placed him in their car. He collapsed and police called paramedics but he was pronounced dead at the scene. The Cook County Medical Examiner attributed the death to cocaine and alcohol poisoning and the physical stress of being restrained.
2015-07-20 DuBose, Samuel (43) Ohio (Cincinnati) Samuel DuBose was pulled over by a University of Cincinnati police officer for a missing front license plate. He was asked for his driver’s license, and DuBose allegedly declined to step out of the car. The officer fired one gunshot as DuBose put the key into his car’s ignition and began to drive away, hitting DuBose once in the head. On July 29, Officer Ray Tensing was charged with murder.
2015-07-20 Francis, Troy (54) California (Fremont) Fremont Police were called when a man with a knife threatened two women. Two officers found Troy Francis in the front yard, holding a knife. The officers say that Francis did not obey commands to drop the knife and that they shot him when he charged them. He died of his wounds about a month later.
2015-07-19 Wheat, David (22) Colorado (Fort Collins) Wheat was causing a disturbance and made suicidal threats at an apartment complex near Colorado State University at 4 am, prompting police calls. Wheat then stabbed and injured a woman in the arm. As officers approached him, Wheat allegedly advanced towards them with the knife and was shot.
2015-07-18 Gomez, Estevan Andrade (26) California (Farmersville) Gomez was in the Tulare County Sheriff’s Department booking room in Farmersville being processed on a parole violation by officers from the Farmersville Police Department. He began to fight with the officers and struggled to grab one of their weapons. He was shot by the officers and when medical aid arrived he was declared dead.
2015-07-18 Snyder, Kevin Thomas (46) Arizona (Phoenix) After Snyder’s ex-girlfriend returned home to find Snyder in her home and he took her hostage at gunpoint she was eventually able to alert police with a silent keypad alarm. When Phoenix police officers arrived Snyder had left the home but officers found him hiding in the neighborhood. He pointed his weapon at the police and one officer shot at him. Snyder shot back at police and in the exchange one officer’s shot killed Snyder.[
2015-07-18 Dewey, Charles (65) Kansas (Colby) Colby Police officers went to Dewey’s home to investigate a domestic disturbance. Dewey had left the home and officers from Colby Police, Thomas County Sheriff’s Office and Kansas Highway Patrol searched for him. They found him hiding under a trailer. Authorities say that when Dewey fired at the officers he was shot by Colby Police officers and a deputy sheriff.
2015-07-18 Gonzales, Antonio (29) Wisconsin (Wauwatosa) Gonzales was armed with a sword and was shot by police during a domestic incident at his house.
2015-07-18 Goode, Troy (30) Mississippi (Southaven) Southaven Police were called when Goode began “acting strange” after attending a rock concert. When he was arrested and placed face-down with hands and feet bound, Goode said he was having trouble breathing. He was taken to a hospital and died two hours later. An autopsy by a Mississippi Medical Examiner that attributes death to LSD toxicity is challenged by the family’s lawyer who released an autopsy saying the cause of death was due to being hog-tied.
2015-07-18 Welsh, Robin George (55) Florida (Orlando) Welsh was riding a bicycle about 1 AM when he was struck by a vehicle driven by Orlando Police officer Ricardo Duenas who was driving with lights and siren active. Welsh died 24 July in a hospital.
2015-07-17 Smith, Sam Toshiro (27) Washington (Seattle) Seattle Police Officers were looking for a car which had rammed a police car on Interstate 5, causing the car to wind up in a ditch. When an officer found a car matching the description there was a confrontation with the driver who carried a large knife. The officer shot and killed Smith.
2015-07-17 Brand, Jackie, Jr. (50) California (Needles) San Bernardino County Sheriff deputies went to check on Brand’s welfare after friends reported that Brand had said he wanted to hurt himself. When deputies located Brand at a residence he pointed a pistol at them, refusing to drop it as ordered but pointing at a deputy. The deputies shot and killed him.
2015-07-17 Rodriguez, Jose Roman (24) Texas (Brownsville) Brownsville Police officer Rolando Trujillo Jr pulled over a vehicle about 2 a.m., believing the occupants might be involved in a strong-arm robbery of a liguor store. The passenger fled on foot and Trujillo approached the door of the driver, Rodriguez. Apparently Rodriguez attempted to drive away and Trujillo shot four time, killing Rodriguez.Officer Trujillo was cleared in the shooting.
2015-07-17 Stewart, Darrius (19) Tennessee (Memphis) Stewart was a passenger in a car with a broken headlight pulled over by Memphis Police Officer Connor Schilling. When a check by the officer showed Stewart had arrest warrants, the officer attempted to handcuff and arrest Stewart. The two fought and Officer Schilling shot and killed Stewart.
2015-07-17 Davis, Albert (23) Florida (Orlando) At 1 am, at an apartment complex pool facility, Davis was shot during a struggle with an officer.
2015-07-17 Gonzales, Antonio (29) Wisconsin (Wauwatosa) When Gonzales became violent his house-mate called Wauwatosa Police. When police arrived Gonzales came out of the house brandishing a sword and did not comply with the officers’ orders to drop it. Police say that as he approached the officers they shot and killed him. Gonzales’ roommate said that he did have mental health issues.
2015-07-16 Hack, Saige Dell (23) Wyoming (Cheyenne) Cheyenne Police officers were responding to a disturbance call about a woman running from a house, claiming the man inside had a gun. When police approached the residence the suspect shot at them. Police returned fire and the suspect went back inside the house. Three hours later Hack was found dead inside the home, having been shot in the chest by police.
2015-07-16 Pippin, Patrick Stephen (30) Kansas (Kansas City) U.S. Marshals were preparing to serve a warrant at a Gladstone, Missouri residence when they saw their subject drive away. The pursuit went into Kansas City, Kansas where the suspect’s vehicle blew a tire. Pippin emerged from the vehicle with a gun and was shot by the Marshals. He died at a hospital.
2015-07-16 Koellner, Pierre Gabriel (29) Alabama (Opp) After he was involved in a traffic accident on U.S. 84, Koellner fled from Opp Police officers who were investigating the accident. Authorities say that when the officers found Koellner he pulled a gun from his pocket and refused orders to put it down but instead fired the weapon. Officers shot Koellner who died 22 July at a hospital in Pensacola, Florida.
2015-07-16 Foster, Edward (35) Florida (Homestead) Police were called to the corner of a street in reports of a man armed with a gun. Police opened fire on Foster, who was allegedly armed with a handgun.
2015-07-16 Smith, Anthonie (25) California (Moreno Valley) About 3 a.m. Riverside County Sheriff deputies responded to call from a family member about a mentally ill person assaulting a family member. When the deputies arrived at the home, the subject injured a deputy and then fled. About 6 a.m. Smith stabbed another man. Shortly the deputies found him armed with a knife and a metal hand tool. The deputies attempted to control him with a taser, to no effect. When he advanced toward the deputies, still armed, he was shot and killed.
2015-07-16 Abdulazeez, Muhammad Youssef (24) Tennessee (Chattanooga) Abdulazeez was shot by police after having attacked a naval reserve center, resulting in the deaths of four members of the United States Marine Corps and one member of the United States Navy, and the wounding of another Marine, and a member of the Chattanooga Police Department.
2015-07-15 Kailing, Eugene (43) Michigan (Marion) Michigan State Police Trooper Scott Taylor was sent to the scene of a man behaving erratically in a vehicle on its side near a road. When Taylor made contact with Kailing, Kailing rushed toward the trooper with a metal pipe. Taylor used his Taser stun gun and when that did not stop the attack he shot and killed Kailing.[139] In a report by Osceola County Prosecutor Tyler Thompson clearing Kailing in the shooting, Thompson also noted that acquaintances of Kailing knew him to have “mental issues.”
2015-07-14 Maharrey, Larry Eugene (59) California (Bakersfield) Kern County Sheriff’s deputy Marvin Gomez was driving with lights and siren westbound on Norris road while Maharrey was riding his motorcycle eastbound. When Deputy Gomez made a left turn at Airport Drive, Maharrey’s motorcycle struck the side of his patrol car. The California Highway Patrol investigated the incident and recommended that Gomez be charged with manslaughter. The Kern County District Attorney reported they will not be filing charges against Gomez.
2015-07-14 Crandall, Charles D. (76) Ohio (Southington) Crandall first shot at his neighbor’s truck with a .22 rifle, then when Trumbull County Sheriff’s deputies arrived at his house and knocked on his door, he shot at the deputies. The deputies shot and killed Crandall.
2015-07-14 Avant, Chacarion (20) Florida (Mascotte) Lake County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a 3 AM call from a home invasion victim hiding in her closet. When Avant exited the home he pointed a rifle at deputies who shot and killed him.
2015-07-13 Castaway, Paul (35) Colorado (Denver) Castaway was charging at two officers with a knife in his mobile home neighborhood. Officers shot him in the torso.
2015-07-1 Davis, Jason California (Los Angeles) Davis was carrying a knife outside a coffee shop in Venice, Los Angeles, and was shot by LAPD officers. A box cutter was found at the scene. Davis died July 15 at a hospital.
2015-07-13 Graham, Matthew Ryan (23) California (Dunsmuir) Graham was wanted as a person of interest in the disappearance of his six-month old daughter. He was tracked in connection with a carjacking by deputies from Siskyou County Sheriffs Department, Shasta County Sheriffs Department, and California Highway Patrol. Officers surrounded the garage where he was hiding and ordered him to surrender. Graham refused and fired his handgun. Officers shot and killed him.
2015-07-13 Brown, Nyal “Bud” (77) Ohio (Columbus) Brown died when he pulled his van out of a parking lot and was struck by an SUV driven by a Franklin County Sheriff’s deputy. The deputy was driving with lights and siren on his way to assist another deputy.
2015-07-13 Stafford, Bruce Dean (55) North Carolina (Hendersonville) Bruce Stafford, who had been arrested for attempting to sell stolen puppies,struggled and suffered a “medical emergency” while being processed at the Henderson County Detention Center. He was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. The district attorney announced no criminal charges will be filed against the deputies involved.
2015-07-13 Suazo, Rafael Esteban (23) Massachusetts (Lynn) Suazo was shot and killed by Lynn Police detective Stephen Emery, who was working undercover in a drug investigation and had observed Suazo making a drug transaction. When Suazo attempted to flee the scene, striking Detective Emery with his vehicle, the officer fired one shot through the windshield, killing Suazo.
2015-07-12 Benton, Christopher Charles (27) Wyoming (Casper) Casper Police were serving a search warrant at Benton’s[160] residence about 7:50 p.m. When he failed to open the door at their knock, the broke through the door. Encountering Benton holding a pistol, an officer fired seven or eight times, killing Benton. The District Attorney ruled that the use of deadly force was necessary and justifie.
2015-07-12 Lepine, David Allen (62) Texas (Austin) Austin Police were questioning Lepine at his home in response to a call from a woman reporting a man following her in a truck. While questioning Lepine officer noticed blood on his clothing and truck and were preparing to detain him in handcuffs when he ran and pulled a handgun. Lepine was ordered to drop the weapon but instead pointed it at officer Patrick Cheatham who then shot and killed Lepine. The District Attorney reported that a County Grand Jury concluded the officer will face no charges.
2015-07-12 Watson, Matthew (24) Illinois (River Forest) Watson was shot and killed when he shot at River Forest Police officers who had responded to a 911 call. He had shot and wounded his mother and killed her boyfriend.
2015-07-12 Ellswood, Salvado (36) Florida (Plantation) Plantation Police Officer Erik Carlton encountered Ellswood behind some office buildings about 9 P.M. and questioned him. Ellswood struck the officer and in the confrontation that followed the officer used his Taser stun gun and then shot and killed Ellswood.
2015-07-12 Farmer, Frederick (20) Georgia (Stone Mountain) Dekalb County Police officers responding to a report of a shooter at an apartment complex were met with gunfire when they arrived. One officer was shot five times. Police say officers returned fire, killing Frederick Farmer.
2015-07-11 Maine, Billy Jack (31) California (Olivehurst) Yuba County Sheriffs Deputies responded to a call from Maine’s girlfriend reporting he was making threats toward his sons. They arrived to find Maine standing atop a vehicle holding a shotgun pointed at his head. When he repositioned the shotgun deputies shot and killed him.
2015-07-11 Ware, Anthony Dewayne (35) Alabama (Tuscaloosa) Anthony Dwayne Ware died after being pepper sprayed by Tuscaloosa police.
2015-07-11 Mann, George (35)[176] Georgia (Stone Mountain) When a neighbor called about an irate man in a garage five Gwinnett County Police officers responded and attempted to make contact with George Mann. In the struggle that followed officers used a stun gun directly on Mann’s body. He became unresponsive and was transported to a medical center where he was pronounced dead. Police say methamphetamine was found at the scene. The family says the 911 call was made because Mann needed medical attention.
2015-07-10 Todora, James (54) Nevada (Las Vegas) After a Las Vegas Police officer pulled over Todora’s vehicle for a broken taillight, the encounter escalated. Todora pulled a handgun and there was a shootout between Todora and the three officers who were by then at the scene. Todora, who had been involved in a ongoing domestic dispute with his wife, was pronounced dead at the scene.
2015-07-10 McSwain, Eugene (25) Illinois (Chicago) McSwain was a passenger in the seat of a truck which was pulled over by Chicago Police. A police statement said he pointed a pistol at the police. He was shot in the back of the head and died. A gun was found on the floor of the truck.
2015-07-10 Blue, Freddie Lee (20) Georgia (Covington) Blue was one of four men in a car pulled over by Newton County Sheriff’s deputies who suspected the vehicle was involved in an earlier crime. Authories say that when the deputies were getting two of the men out of the car one of them pointed a gun at the deputies The deputies shot and wounded two men. Blue died at a hospital and the other man released from the hospital.
2015-07-09 Hurtado, Cyrus Evencio (17) California (Boulder Creek) Santa Cruz Sheriff deputies responded to a call about a family dispute and encounterd a man holding a rifle coming out of the home. Deputies say he pointed the rifle at them and they fired their weapons, striking Cyrus Hurtado four times. He was taken to a hospital where he died. Hurtado’s mother said that he suffered from a mental disorder.
2015-07-09 White, Neil Peter (38) California (Los Angeles) Responding to reports of a man on a skateboard breaking windows, Los Angeles Police Department officers encountered White on his skateboard. When they attempted to detain him he resisted and during the struggle which followed the first officer tased White. When White grabbed the Taser and used it on the first officer, the other officer drew his weapon and shot and killed White.[190][191] The Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners found the shooting was not in compliance with department policy.
2015-07-09 Hammonds, Robert (68) Arizona (Phoenix) When Phoenix police tried to contact the driver of a car with stolen plates, the car took off. A police helicopter found the car an apartment complex where the driver Hammonds and passenger fled on foot, pursued by officers. During the foot pursuit Hammonds pointed a gun at officers. One officer shot and killed him. The second suspect was arrested.
2015-07-09 Palmisano, Rocco Joseph, III (50) Utah (Parowan) Parowan Police Officer Tyler Uresk was sent to Palmisano’s home based on a neighbor’s report of domestic violence. When Uresk arrived he encountered Palmisano, armed with a pistol in a holster, in the driveway. In the confrontation which followed Palmisano, with his hand on his holstered gun, approached to within seven feet of the officer. He failed to comply with the officer’s orders to raise his hand away from the gun. The officer shot twice, striking Palmisano in the chest. He died on the way to the hospital.
2015-07-09 Washington, Jimmy Lloyd, Jr. (53) Texas (Holiday Lakes) Holiday Lakes Police Chief Harold Douglas responded to a call about a man pounding on doors around 2:30 a.m. When Chief Douglas arrived at the scene, Washington[199] attacked him. The Chief was assisted in the struggle to subdue Washington by some residents. Washington became unresponsive and died at a hospital.
2015-07-09 Hawkins, Javon (21) Missouri (Kansas City) Hawkins was in a park wielding a sword when he was confronted by Kansas City Police officers. When Hawkins did not put the sword down as ordered and an officer felt threatened, the officer shot Hawkins four times. Hawkins was taken to a hospital where he died.
2015-07-09 Milliner, Martice (27) Illinois (Chicago) A Chicago Police officer reports that while attempting to detain a man fitting the description of a man with a gun, saw the man (Millilner) pull a gun from his waistband. The officer shot Milliner who fell to the ground. The officer says that Milliner still had the gun in his hand so he shot a second time, killing Milliner.[205][206] Khadija Farmer, Milliner’s sister, is suing the City of Chicago.
2015-07-08 Westrich, Michael Terence (59) Oregon (Beaverton) Beaverton Police officers responding to a domestic disturbance call found Westrich throwing bricks out of his mobile home and breaking windows. As officers approached, Westrich fired at them, striking one officer who survived. Officers returned fire, killing Westrich.
2015-07-08 Sanders, Jonathan (39) Mississippi (Stonewall)
2015-07-08 Shatley, Dallas (62) North Carolina (Crumpler) Shatley’s neighbors called officers to the home reporting Shatley was creating a disturbance. After Ashe County Sheriff’s deputies arrived, Shatley tried to drive away, reportedly dragging an officer. He was shot and killed. In September 2016 former deputy Joshua Hopkins was charged with second-degree murder in the case.
2015-07-07 Hernandez, Daniel Jr. (47) California (Bakersfield) About 6 pm two Bakersfield Police officers responded to calls of a man in a park firing a gun. Police report that when the officers confronted the man he pointed the gun at them and refused to drop it. Both officers fired, killing Hernandez.The Bakersfield Police Department Critical Incident Review Board found that the shooting was within department policy.
2015-07-07 Lopez, Jose Graciano (39) Texas (Edinburg) Lopez, a suspect in a domestic dispute,[ barricaded himself in his home and there was a three hour standoff with Edinburg Police officers, during which he threatened suicide. Police say when Lopez fired his rifle at police, four officers fired their weapons, killing Lopez.
2015-07-07 Cody, Joe (59) Texas (Dallas) Dallas Police sought Joe Cody, a registered sex offender, on a parole violation for a sex-related crime. When four officers found him he was holding a handgun and refused to drop it. The four officers opened fire, killing Cody.
2015-07-07 Burley, Marcellus Jamarcus (18) Texas (Missouri City) Houston Police chased a vehicle with three people suspected of attempted armed robbery in the parking lot of a convenience store. After a five-mile vehicle pursuit two suspects left the car and police chased them on foot. When one of the suspects, weapon in hand, turned toward the officers, an office shot both of them killing Burleyand wounding the other suspect.
2015-07-07 Booth, Nicholas (35) Missouri (Sugar Creek) Independence, Missouri Police officers spotted and chased a stolen car until the driver went into a dead end and left the vehicle. Police say he shot at the officers who returned fire, killing suspect Nicholas Booth.[224] Booth had hijacked the car at gunpoint about thirty minutes earlier
2015-07-07 Blough, Joshua S. (28) Kentucky (Elizabethtown) Elizabethtown Police responded to woman’s call expressing concern about Blough. When two officers encountered Blough he was armed with a knife and refused officers’ orders to drop it. He came toward the officers and they shot and killed him. The autopsy showed Blough tested positive for methamphetamines.
2015-07-07 Dantzler, Tremaine (37) New Jersey (Atlantic City) Dantzler was shot and killed by an Atlantic City Police officer outside a market after Dantzler had stabbed to death a store employee. It is reported that Dantzler was a drug addict not taking his medication.
2015-07-06 Dujanovic, Adam Edward (33) Arizona (Mesa) When Dujanovic was knocking on stranger’s doors, asking for people who did not live there and attempting to enter the homes, Mesa Police were called. Officer King arrived in the neighborhood and Dujanovic grabbed a pry bar from the back of a truck and walked toward the officer. King ordered Dujanovic to stop and when he didn’t, the officer shot and killed him.
2015-07-06 Gormley, Shane Patrick (30) Utah (Ogden) Ogden Police trying to arrest Gormley for an earlier car hijacking when he fled from his girlfriend’s apartment. During the pursuit Gormley tried to hijack a car but the woman inside fought him until police arrived. Officers used their stun guns four times as they tried to get him into custody. He collapsed from a heart attack and was taken to a hospital where he died July 13.
2015-07-06 Rogers, Tyler (20) Oklahoma (Oklahoma City) Oklahoma City Police officers responding to a 1:30 a.m. auto burglary report found Rogers hiding in a nearby yard. Police say that when Rogers pointed a gun at Sgt Jeff Lunow, Lunow shot and killed him.
2015-07-06 Esty-Lennon, Hagen (42)[239] New Hampshire (Bath) Esty-Lennon was in a car accident, and officers responded to the scene. As officers approached Esty-Lennon, he brandished a knife. He walked towards officers and at least one officer pulled out a Taser, and then a gun, and fired. Esty-Lennon was hit six times, from about 10 to 15 feet away. The shooting was ruled justified by the county’s attorney general’s office.
2015-07-06 Hendley, Jason M. (29) California (Los Angeles) Los Angeles Police Department officers were responding to a report of an assault at a home in the Sylmar neighborhood when they saw a man covered in blood and carrying a knife. The man, later identified as Hendley, refused to comply with their orders and walked toward the officers. The officers fired and Hendley was fatally wounded, dying the next day at a hospital. Hendley had earlier killed his mother’s fiance during an argument.
2015-07-06 Berry, John Leonard (31) California (Lakewood) Los Angeles Sheriffs deputies shot and killed Berry while he was in his car in front of the home he shared with his mother and some siblings. He had a mental illness and appeared to be off his medication so his brother had called the local Sheriffs station asking for a mental health evaluation team. He was told deputies would be sent instead.[244] The deputies reported that as they tried to remove him from the car he drove it in reverse, bruising the legs of a deputy. Four deputies fired several shots, killing him.
2015-07-06 Sarabia, David Oliva (27) California (Atwater) Sarabia was being sought for a domestic violence-related kidnapping when Atwater Police spotted his car. When his car stopped after a high speed chase, Sarabia exited the vehicle and eventually, with knife in hand, charged the officers. After a Taser proved ineffective, an officer fired four or five times, killing Sarabia.
2015-07-05 Van De Putte, Neil (25) Forked River, NJ While crossing Lacey Road with a friend in the early hours of the day, Neil Van De Putte was struck and killed by a speeding patrol car driven by Officer Andrew Slota. Slota was responding to a service call in his marked 2006 Ford Crown Victoria on the eastbound side of Lacey Rd at 3:21 a.m. when he struck Van De Putte, launching him 240 feet away from the collision. The vehicle then swerved off the road and wrecked into a utility pole. During the investigation, it was noted that the officer had a green light at the time of the accident; however, the car did not have its emergency lights and siren activated. Though, the investigative report stated that the vehicle’s headlights were on. At the point of impact, Slota was traveling 80+mph, according to the vehicle’s black box, in a 45 mph zone. The Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office found no grounds for filing charges against Officer Andrew Slota after a nearly six-month long investigation.
2015-07-05 Deming, John (19) California (Pleasanton) Deming broke into a car shop and was vandalizing cars and equipment and screaming. Officers arrived on the scene and fired less lethal weapons to restrain Deming. According to Pleasanton officers, Deming charged at an officer and assaulted him with his fists. One officer fired three shots at Deming.
2015-07-05 Anderson, Johnny Ray (42) California (Hawaiian Gardens) Los Angeles County Sheriffs deputies were investigating a report of a prowler about 9:40 p.m. when a deputy found Anderson in the backyard of an abandoned house. A Sheriff’s spokesman said Anderson was trying to grab the deputy’s weapon. The deputy shot and killed Anderson. An attorney for Anderson’s family said a neighbor saw Anderson with raised hands several feet away from the deputy.
2015-07-05 Munroe, Richard Alexander (25) Texas (Austin) Dispatchers sent Austin Police to respond to a call from a suicidal man about 4:00 a.m. When police got to the door the man, Munroe,had a weapon. They ordered him to drop the weapon, then tased him and he went back inside. Police say when he came back out again he pointed the weapon at them and that is when they shot and killed him. The weapon was a BB pistol. Munroe’s family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the City of Austin and police officers involved.
2015-07-05 Holt, Michael Mcgregor (35) Texas (Austin) Holt was killed by Austin Police Officer Carlos Lopez after Holt pointed a rifle at him. Lopez was responding to a report of a man with a rifle killing a cab driver and shooting up the lobby of an Austin hotel.
2015-07-04 Bauer, Bryan David (36) Nevada (Henderson) When a man in a Henderson hotel room fired multiple shots in his room and out the window, Henderson Police were called. When officers approached his room, the shooter emerged holding a handgun and rushed toward the officers,[261] who then shot the suspect. Bauer[ was taken to a hospital where he died.
2015-07-04 Malone, Robert Elando (42) Oklahoma (Oklahoma City) When a man with a gun was reported to be walking around an apartment parking lot checking cars, Oklahoma City Police responded. A police helicopter was used to locate the suspect. When Malone raised his arm to point his weapon at the helicopter an officer shot at him. Malone then fired at the police and two officers shot and killed him.
2015-07-04 Gaby, Michael Shannon (37) Tennessee (Morristown) When he was pulled over by Morristown Police officer Rocky White, Gaby was discovered to have an outstanding arrest warrant. Police say that when White attempted to arrest him Gaby pulled a handgun. White shot and killed Gaby.
2015-07-04 Rabasa, Maximo (52) Florida (Miami) Rabasa, who had a history of mental problems, was clad in boxer shorts and carrying a knife when a Miami Police officer encountered him. Rabasa attacked the officer who then locked himself in his patrol car and called for backup. When additional officers arrived they attempted to subdue Rabasa with several shots from their Taser stun guns. During the scuffle Rabasa collapsed and was transported to a hospital where he died the next day.
2015-07-04 Beaty, Kawanza Jamal(23) Virginia (Newport News) Newport News Police officers were responding to calls from a confidential informant about a man with a sawed-off shotgun. When officers found and confronted the suspect they saw the shotgun. When Beaty pointed the shotgun toward an officer another officer shot and killed him. The shotgun was not loaded.
2015-07-03 Lopez, Arturo (46) California (Lancaster) A gang unit from the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department was patrolling in Lancaster when they stopped their vehicle to talk to two men. As they exited their vehicle one of the men pulled a semi-automatic assault pistol from under his jacket and the shooting began. Lopez was killed and his companion ran away.
2015-07-03 Juarez, Cesar A. Limon (27) California (West Covina) West Covina Police responded to a call about Cesar Juarez who stabbed his brother and then walked away from their residence. An office encountered him on a nearby street, still armed with a kitchen knife. In the confrontation which followed the officer shot Juarez with his Taser but Juarez stood up and came at the officer. The officer shot and killed him.
2015-07-03 Nguyen, Ton (60) California (San Diego) Nguyen was acting erratically and assaulted a man in an apartment complex in Black Mountain Ranch. As officers arrived, Nguyen was armed with a kitchen knife and charged at officers. One officer fired one shot to Nguyen’s torso.
2015-07-02 Siqueiros, Christian (25) California (Montclair) Montclair Police officers responded to the scene of a man behaving strangely and causing a disturbance. As officers tried to take him into custody there was a struggle and Siqueiros[279] suffered an apparent heart attack and died.
2015-07-02 Joseph, Julian (40) Florida (Miami Beach)Suspected bank robber Joseph was located in his apartment about two blocks from the bank and surrounded by officers from the Miami Beach Police Department. After a standoff of several hours SWAT officers entered the apartment and shot and killed him.
2015-07-02 Larosa, Victor Emanuel (23) Florida (Jacksonville) Larosa fled from Jacksonville Sheriff’s deputies as they closed in on him at an undercover drug sting operation. Larosa ran went through yards and climbed over fences until he fell and Detective Mike Boree caught up with him. Police say that as Larosa got up he reached toward his waistband. Detective Boree fired eight rounds, killing Larosa.
2015-07-02 Johnson, Brian (59) West Virginia (Meadow Bridge) Officers from the West Virginia State Police and the Sumners County Sheriff’s Office responded to a domestic hostage situation. Authorities had heard the man may have wanted to commit “suicide by cop.” When officers arrived suspect Brian Johnson shot an arrow at them with his crossbow. Officers returned fire and killed him.
2015-07-02 Buckley, Douglas (45) Massachusetts (Brockton) Buckley’s wife called 911 reporting Mr. Buckley had been drinking, was suicidal, and had BB guns. When Brockton Police officers arrived Buckley pointed a handgun at the officers. Both officers fired, killing Buckley. The handgun was a BB gun. The Massachusetts Attorney General ruled the shooting was just.
2015-07-01 Judson, Kevin (24) Oregon (McMinnville) Judson was in a vehicle which was pulled over by a deputy from the Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office. He fled the scene the deputy called for assistance. He was shot after he got into a struggle with an assisting deputy when he attempted to flee in that deputy’s vehicle.
2015-07-01 Landon, Caleb (32) Oregon (Wolf Creek) When Yreka, California police found a dead body in the home occupied by Landon, they put out a bulletin which included a description of his car. Oregon State Police pulled Landon over on Interstate 5 near Wolf Creek, Oregon and agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives joined them. After a standoff the officers shot and killed Landon.
2015-07-01 Jeffries, William Dale (57) West Virginia (Weston) When Weston Police Officer Eric Riddle responded to a report of a drunk and disorderly person urinating in public he encountered Jeffries. During a scuffle which followed Jeffries struck his head on the police car and his neck snapped. Jeffries died 16 July. After an investigation Officer Riddle was found not to have violated any law.


Rippley, William (45) Colorado (Loveland) Police arrived at Pizza Ranch, 3451 Mountain Lion Drive for a report of a man throwing his bicycle into traffic in the 3400 block of Eisenhower Boulevard. William Ripley, 45 of Loveland, ran inside the Pizza Ranch on Mountain Lion Drive and held a patron hostage. Loveland police officer, Jennifer Hines, shot and killed Rippley inside the restaurant. She was cleared of charges in September 2015.
2015-08-28 Flores, Gilbert (41)Texas (San Antonio) Police arrived to Flores’ home, where he was involved in a domestic disturbance with his wife and child, which led to his wife being slashed. Flores had his hands in the air when he was shot by police. In one video, Flores appears to be unarmed, although police stated in another video he had a knife in one hand while his hands were raised.
2015-08-28 Hober, Robert Arthur (54) California (San Diego) San Diego Police officers were called to a CVS Pharmacy by reports of a man was threatening employees with a boxcutter. When the officer arrived he encountered the man, still holding the boxcutter, outside the store, and told him to put the boxcutter down. The man ignored the orders and advanced toward the officer who retreated behind his car. The suspect continued to advance and the officer fired several shots, killing Robert Arthur Hober.
2015-08-27 Alehegne. Yonas (30) California (Oakland) Oakland Police officer Jennifer Farrell was responding to a reported assault in a parking garage. She was leaving the garage when Alehenge stepped in front of her patrol car. When she got out of her car Alhenge attacked her with a chain, striking her head and face several times. She shot and killed Alhenge. It was later confirmed that Alhenge was a suspect in the original assault reported.
2015-08-27 Soriano, Manuel (29) California (Los Angeles) Los Angeles Police officers were called to a reported dispute between neighbors. They arrived about 11:40 p.m. and when they found and questioned the suspect he armed himself with a “hard object” and struck one or more officers. The officers fired their pistols and killed the man who was later identified as Manuel Soriano, homeless.
2015-08-22 Alderman, Jason Lee (29) California (Bakersfield) Two Bakersfield Police officers were in the parking lot of a Subway restaurant when they observed the subject inside the restaurant and it appeared he was committing a robbery. One of the officers shot Alderman. He died later at a local hospital. Senior Officer Chad Garrett was cleared of any wrongdoing in the shooting by the Bakersfield Police Department and the Kern County District Attorney.
2015-08-21 Rushton, Alan (38) North Carolina (Wake Forest) Rushton was shot by police who responded to a domestic disturbance at his home. According to officers, he was charging at officers with a kitchen knife.
2015-08-21 Hall, Charles (30) Maryland (North East) Hall was shot in the torso during an altercation with a police trooper near a Wal-Mart store. There was allegedly an arrest warrant for Hall.
2015-08-20 Allen, Wade North Carolina (Waynesville) Shot during an exchange of gunfire with police at a church.
2015-08-20 Herrera, Raul III (17) California (Ontario) The boy allegedly robbed a fast food restaurant and fled on a skateboard. He brandished a handgun at officers who responded to the scene. He left a suicide note.
2015-08-20 unnamed (50) Alabama (Tuscaloosa) A man allegedly tried to assault an officer, who responded by shooting him.
2015-08-19 Ball-Bey, Mansur (18) Missouri (St. Louis) Ball-Bey was shot in the back by police, who alleged he was aiming a gun at them.
2015-08-17 mJacquez, Richard California (San Jose) Jacquez Richard, suspect in a homicide, was pursued by San Jose Police. When he ran toward a home police shot and killed him.
2015-08-16 unnamed Texas (Kerrville) Police responded to a domestic disturbance, and a man armed with a rifle stepped out to his porch and allegedly brandished it at officers. At least one officer fired.
2015-08-16 unnamed California (San Jose) A homicide suspect was shot by police after he allegedly brandished a handgun at them.
2015-08-16 Castillo, Matthew (29)California (San Jose) San Jose Police Officers investigating an August 13 homicide encountered Castillo at a strip mall. When the officers attempted to take Matthew Castillo into custody he allegedly reached for his handgun. The two officer shot and killed him.
2015-08-15 Baker, Allen Matthew, III (23) California (Sunnyvale) Two men ran away from police near a motel. One men, Allen Baker, was shot by police. Baker, a San Diego resident, ran away from a hotel where prostitution activity was reported, and was spotted near the hotel armed with a handgun. Police said that they demanded Baker to drop his weapon, and then shot him.
2015-08-15 Unsworth, John Indiana (Hansworth) Shot by police four times after charging at an officer. He was Tasered prior to being shot.
2015-08-15 Ruiz, Oscar (44) California (Irwindale) Baldwin Park Police officers responded to a call of a man acting strangely and lying on the sidewalk. When officers arrived at the location, witnesses directed the officers across the street (into the City of Irwindale) where others told officers the man had stolen a flag and flagpole and was waving it at traffic. The police then saw Ruiz with the flagpole and pursued him. An officer tased him and after a struggle he was held down and handcuffed. He became unresponsive so the officers removed the handcuffs and performed CPR. Oscar Ruiz was pronounced dead at a local hospital.
2015-08-15 Ashley, Benjamin Peter (34) California (Inyokern) Ashley was being sought by law enforcement officers on a murder warrant. Kern County Sheriffs deputies, responding to a tip, found him at a mini-mart in Inyokern. When they confronted Ashley, he drew a weapon from his waistband. Both deputies drew their weapons and fired, killing Ashley.
2015-08-14 Manley, Asshams Maryland (Prince George’s County) shot during struggle with an officer’s gun.
2015-08-14 Tyree, Garland New York (New York) Garland exchanged gunfire with police from his Staten Island house. He also shot and wounded a firefighter.
2015-08-14 unnamed Texas (Boerne) Shot after allegedly brandishing a gun.
2015-08-13 Anderson, Christopher (53) Connecticut (Manchester) A bank robbery suspect was shot dead by police during a high-speed chase. Anderson crashed his car, and walked out of the car with a handgun in his hand, and officers fired. Anderson died from his injuries at a Hartford hospital on August 16.
2015-08-13 Smith, William New Mexico (Hobbs) shot by police while a passenger in a car.
2015-08-12 Hughs-Lance, Randal Texas (Waco) Shoplifting suspect shot by police after wielding a knife.
2015-08-12 Jones, Redel Kentel (30) California (Los Angeles) Woman allegedly advanced towards officers with a knife, after a robbery was reported in Baldwin Hills.
2015-08-12 Wilks, Nathaniel California (Oakland) An armed robbery suspect was shot by three police officers near downtown. The suspect was attempting a carjacking, and was holding a pistol when confronted by police.
2015-08-12 Vallejo, Anthony Lorenzo (27) California (Hemet) Wanted on a parole violation, Vallejo was being sought by Riverside County Sheriff’s Deputies. Deputies had tried to pull over Vallejo’s vehicle but he sped away until he crashed. He emerged from his pickup and pointed a gun at the deputies, who shot and killed him.
2015-08-12 Marshall, Reginald Ohio (Toledo)
2015-08-11 Alacorn, Casey (34) Idaho (Sandpoint) A man was shot and killed in a confrontation with police in a house.
2015-08-10 Green, Andre (15) Indiana (Indianapolis) Green was shot by police during a carjacking.
2015-08-09 Quinn, Patrick (77) Pennsylvania (Pittston) shot by police in apartment complex.
2015-08-09 Rivera, Edrian (22) California (San Jose) A man stabbed and seriously wounded a man, and the suspect was found a mile away from the scene in a tract housing complex. Officers tried to confront the suspect, who tried to run away but eventually raised his arm with the knife towards officers while shouting obscenities. At least one officer opened fire on the man, who later died in a hospital from his injuries.
2015-08-08 McDaniel, Kevin (49) Washington (Spokane) McDaniel, an auto parts theft suspect, was shot by police during an exchange of gunfire.
2015-08-08 Palmer, Shamir (24) South Carolina (Summerville) Shot by police after raising a gun.
2015-08-08 Keckhaser, Mark (53) Montana (Superior) Keckhaser allegedly swerved his vehicle towards a deputy’s car, and was shot by him.
2015-08-08 Wilkes, Jeffrey Clyde North Carolina (Gastonia) Accused of shooting a neighbor to death, killed by officers in a shootout.
2015-08-07 Marchese, Aaron Allen (30) California (Fresno) Fresno Police officers responded to a report of a man armed with a shotgun, found Marchese, who matched the description. When officers ordered him to show his hands, he pulled an object from his waistband. An officer fired and hit Marchese who died a short time later. The “weapon” was a fake.
2015-08-06 Ponce, Gustavo Kentucky (Elsmere) mA suspect in the fatal stabbing of a person in his home was shot by police.
2015-08-05 Montano, Vincente David (29) Tennessee (Antioch) 29-year-old homeless man Vincente Montano attacked three people in a movie theater with an axe and pepper spray while carrying a gun. He was shot and killed by a SWAT team 41 minutes after the attack began. Montano had a history of mental illness.
2015-08-05 Hargrove, Kesawhn Dominique (20) Virginia (Richmond) 20-year old convicted felon Keshawn Hargrove was killed in a shootout with the police after a 911 call about a man with a gun. One police officer was injured in the exchange of gunfire. Hargrove had recently been released from jail for unlawful possession of a firearm as a felon. He had previously shot his girlfriend in the leg when he was 15.
2015-08-07 Taylor, Christian (19) Texas (Arlington) 19-year-old college football player Christian Taylor broke the front windshield of a car, then drove a vehicle through the glass doors of a car dealership at 1:00 AM (CST), setting off the burglar alarm. In the course of being apprehended, Taylor was shot dead by a police officer.
2015-08-05 Hodge, Raymond Hawaii (Maui) Hodge was shot by police at a park, after reports of suspicious behavior.
2015-08-05 Galvaiz, Jason (40) Washington (Tacoma) Galvaiz, a robbery suspect, was shot by an off-duty officer.
2015-08-03 Malave, Joseph (18) Pennsylvania (Campbelltown Malave burglarized a gun store and was shot by police during an altercation.
2015-08-03 Clements, Antonio (49) California (Oakland) Clements, a sexual assault suspect, fired at police with an assault rifle, on Martin Luther King, Jr. Way. A sergeant was wounded in the shootout.


2015-09-29 Johnson, Brandon L. (28) West Virginia (Beckley) Johnson, who was wanted for a murder in Rockdale County, Georgia, was spotted by police driving a blue Dodge Intrepid at a high rate of speed on Interstate 77. After the car was stopped using spike strips, police say Johnson got out of the car and pointed a gun at the troopers, who responded to the threat by firing their weapons. Jones died at a Beckley hospital.
2015-09-28 Hernandez, Alberto (59) California (San Diego) San Diego Police officers responded to a 911 call from a man who said he wanted to shoot a woman before the call was disconnected. When police arrived at the door they encountered a man holding a gun. Officers retreated down the stairs but the man followed them, pointing the gun at them. Three officers opened fire and the man was killed. The gun turned out to be a replica and the woman in the apartment was not injured.
2015-09-27 Guzman, Norma (37) California (Los Angeles)
Los Angeles Police responded to a report of a woman with a knife. During their encounter, one or more officers shot and killed Norma Guzman.
2015-09-26 Lindsey, Kylie (17) Georgia (Carrollton) Kylie Lindsey and Isabella Chinchilla were killed in a motor vehicle crash involving now former Georgia State Patrol Trooper A.J. Scott. Trooper Scott was not on a call and was traveling over 90mph (35mph over the 55mph speed limit) seconds before the crash with no lights or siren. Trooper Scott was subsequently fired by the Georgia State Patrol. He was cleared of wrongdoing by a Carroll County grand jury on February 17, 2016.
2015-09-26 Chinchilla, Isabella (16) Georgia (Carrollton) Kylie Lindsey and Isabella Chinchilla were killed in a motor vehicle crash involving now former Georgia State Patrol Trooper A.J. Scott. Trooper Scott was not on a call and was traveling over 90mph (35mph over the 55mph speed limit) seconds before the crash with no lights or siren. Trooper Scott was subsequently fired by the Georgia State Patrol. He was cleared of wrongdoing by a Carroll County grand jury on February 17, 2016.
2015-09-23 McDole, Jeremy (28) Delaware (Wilmington) Jeremy McDole was shot by Wilmington Police. He was reported to have a gun while he was sitting in his wheelchair.
2015-09-22 Osborne, Dante (32) California (San Leandro)Dante Osborne was wanted in connection with a drive-by shooting earlier that day. Alameda County Sheriffs deputies spotted him driving on Interstate 580 and tried to stop him. He drove off the freeway, abandoned his vehicle, and fled on foot. Deputies pursued him and he was killed in an exchange of gunfire with the deputies.
2015-09-22 Torngren, Tim Kyle (55) California (Anderson) Shasta County Sheriffs Deputies were sent on a welfare check of Torngren who had sent a suicidal letter to his daughter. Deputies report that when they arrived at the residence in the community of Happy Valley, Torngren was armed with a handgun and a rifle. Several shots were fired and Torngren was killed. None of the deputies was injured.
2015-09-21 Spaits, William (27) California (Sand City) Williams Spaits and Tina Money were wanted on no-bail warrants when they were shopping in Sand City. Store security had detected their use of a stolen credit card and called police. Sand City Police officers found Spaits and Money as they were about to get into a car. In the confrontation that followed both sides fired shots. Spaits and Money were killed and two officers were wounded.
2015-09-21 Money, Tina (23) California (Sand City) Williams Spaits and Tina Money were wanted on no-bail warrants when they were shopping in Sand City. Store security had detected their use of a stolen credit card and called police. Sand City Police officers found Spaits and Money as they were about to get into a car. In the confrontation that followed both sides fired shots. Spaits and Money were killed and two officers were wounded.
2015-09-18 Johnson, Nicholas Alan (32) California (San Bernardino) San Bernardino County Sheriffs deputies attempted to arrest a home invasion suspect and he fled, leading to a high-speed chase with the suspect travelling the wrong way on Interstate 215. An officer armed with a rifle in a sheriffs helicopter shot the fleeing suspect, which led to a crash on the freeway. The suspect exited his vehicle and died. Three people in the vehicle he struck were hospitalized.
2015-09-18 Lacy, Cecil D. (50) Washington (Snohomish County) Lacy, a member of the Tulalip Tribes, was walking intoxicated in the middle of the road in darkness. The attempt of police officers to bring him home safely ended in the use of an electronic stun gun and the subsequent collapse and death of Lacy.
2015-09-16 Wilhelm, Carlos Joseph (39) California (Los Angeles) As Los Angeles Police officers responded to reports of gunshots at a home, an officer in a police helicopter saw a man with a rifle in front of the home and advised the officers on the ground. As the officers approached Wilhelm “engaged” with the officers. They shot and fatally wounded him. The body of a dead woman was found in the home. Wilhelm died later at a hospital.
2015-09-15 Chaidez, Florencio (32) California (Los Angeles) Los Angeles Police officers, responding to a report of a man wearing beige clothing and carrying a gun. About 30 minutes later and one-half mile away the officers spotted a man similarly dressed. A police spokesman says the man “presented a handgun.” An area resident reported hearing three shots. The suspect was killed and a handgun was on the ground near his body.
2015-09-14 Powell, David (28) California (Barstow) Barstow Police responded to reported assaults at the same house three times in one evening. On the third visit officers encountered the subject in the back yard and there was a struggle. The officers shot and killed David Powell.
2015-09-10 Tapia, Eddie (41) California (Downey) A man holding hostages at gunpoint in a diner was shot as law enforcement officers freed the hostages.
2015-09-10 Ma, Tian (31) New York (Potsdam) Ma, a 31-year-old student at Clarkson University, stabbed a fellow student to death at an apartment complex. He was fatally shot by a Potsdam police officer when he refused orders to drop the knife.
2015-09-10 Reid, Austin (32) California (Lodi) Officers from the Lodi Police Special Investigations Unit were seeking Reid in connection with a parole violation and a previous shooting. When police encountered him near a McDonald’s restaurant he ran, exchanging gunfire with the detectives. Police shot and killed Reid.
2015-09-10 Burce, Santino (34) California (Fontana) A Fontana Police officer was checking on a pedestrian at 11:30 a.m. when the man pulled a knife. The officer shot Santino Burce, who died at a hospital.
2015-09-09 Chau, William (59) California (El Monte) El Monte Police officers responded to a call about a house fire to find Chau holding a knife to a woman. Both had visible burns. When Chau did not drop the knife as ordered, the officer shot him. As the police investigated they found another woman and another man, both with burns and stab wounds. Chau and both women (his wife and mother-in-law) died.
Casillas, Casmero “Shane” Carlos (45) California (Fresno) After Casillas had fled from a traffic stop, Fresno Police officers found him in the backyard of a home, holding a two-foot long piece of pipe. When he ran toward them, one of the officers shot him in the chest. Casillas died in a local hospital. In March 2019 a federal jury awarded $4.75 million to Casillas’ family in their lawsuit against the City of Fresno
2015-09-05 Perry,Angelo Delano (35) Virginia (Virginia Beach) Angelo Perry, a Reggae artist from Atlanta, Georgia was killed by the Virginia Beach Police SWAT team during a planned “take down” operation targeted at Mr. Perry. Sixteen VBPD SWAT officers surveilled Mr. Perry in the passenger seat of the vehicle driven by India Kager, a Navy Veteran and resident of Maryland for several hours during visits with family in the Virginia Beach area. The VBPD SWAT officers then performed a high risk vehicle take-down where a flash-bang was utilized while SWAT officers approached the vehicle. Perry opened fire on the SWAT officers striking the uniform of one. SWAT officers returned fire striking Perry and the driver, India Kager. Ms. Kager’s 4 month-old son was in the back seat of her vehicle. India Kager and Angelo Perry were killed while the infant survived the attack. VBPD released a narrative stating that Mr. Perry was a person of “interest”, however, there was no active warrant out for his arrest but that the department had actionable intelligence that Perry was on his way to carry out a “hit” on a rival drug dealer. VBPD Police Chief, Jim Cervera publicly admitted that India Kager was not the subject of any investigation and claimed that her killing was “accidental and not intended”. Colin Stolle, the Virginia Beach Commonwealth Attorney chose not to criminally charge the four officers who fired into Ms. Kager’s vehicle. The shootings were later ruled to be justified solely by Colin Stolle.
2015-09-05 Kager, India Jasmine (27) Virginia (Virginia Beach) India Kager, a resident of College Park, Maryland was a mother and Navy Vet killed by the Virginia Beach Police SWAT team during a planned “take down” operation targeted at Angelo Perry. Sixteen VBPD SWAT officers surveilled Ms. Kager operating her vehicle for hours before performing a high-risk vehicle take-down where a flash-bang was utilized while SWAT officers approached the vehicle. Perry retrieved a loaded firearm by his feet and opened fire on the SWAT officers striking the uniform of one. Ms. Kager’s 4 month-old son was in the back seat of her vehicle and Angelo Perry was in the passenger seat. In less than nine seconds, India Kager and Angelo Perry were killed while the infant survived the attack. VBPD released a narrative stating that Mr. Perry was a person of “interest”, however, there was no active warrant out for his arrest, but that the department had actionable intelligence that Perry was on his way to carry out a “hit” on a rival drug dealer. VBPD Police Chief, Jim Cervera admitted that India Kager was not the subject of any investigation and claimed that her killing was “accidental and not intended” although witnesses from a prior drive-by murder committed in the weeks leading up to this fatal encounter stated Perry fled the scene in the same vehicle being operated by a female. Colin Stolle, the Virginia Beach Commonwealth Attorney chose not to criminally charge the four officers who fired into Ms. Kager’s vehicle. The shootings were later ruled to be justified solely by Colin Stolle.
2015-09-05 Wenceslao, Luis Guillen (32) California (Ontario) Officers from the Ontario Police Department responded to a domestic violence call. When they arrived at the residence, Wenceslao, holding a metal pipe, charged at the officers. They shot and killed him.
2015-09-04 Kelley, Richard (27) California (Weitchpetch) Kelley, on a stolen motorcycle, was being pursued by a Hoopa Valley Tribal Police Officer. Kelley fired at the officer and the officer returned fire, killing Kelley. The District Attorney decided that no charges should be filed against the officer.
2015-09-03 Centeno, Freddy (40)California (Fresno) Freddy Centeno was shot seven times by two Fresno Police officers about 11 AM on September 3, 2015. They were responding to a 911 call reporting a man with a gun. They found Centeno walking on the street. Police say when they told him to show his hands and get on the ground he pulled a “pistol-looking object” from his waistband. The officers fired nine times, striking Centeno seven times. The object turned out to be water sprayer. He was taken to a local hospital and died on September 26, 2015. His brother Roger Centeno said that he was bipolar, schizophrenic, and abused drugs. Freddy Centeno had had previous contact with the police relating to his mental health and drug abuse. The family has filed a lawsuit against the Fresno Police Department.


2015-10-28 Dehart, Andrew (36) Oregon (Forest Grove) Oregon State Police and U.S. Marshalls pursued Dehart who was wanted in connection with murder and kidnapping charges. The pursuit, during which Dehart fired at the pursuing officers, lasted for about 17 miles on U.S. Highway 26. Three officers ahead of the chase waited for Dehart’s vehicle to approach their position and they shot as he drove toward them. He was hit and he died later at a local hospital.
2015-10-28 Adams, Jasper (36) Oregon (Salem)An Oregon State Police trooper attempted to pull Adams over for a traffic stop on Interstate 5 but Adams did not stop. Adams’ vehicle went off the road and at least two State troopers approached the vehicle. When Adams aimed a handgun at them one of the troopers shot and killed him.
2015-10-27 Ashford, Anthony (29) California (San Diego) An officer from the San Diego Harbor Police approached Ashford because he was looking into windows of parked cars. Ashford attacked the officer and as they struggled the officer’s taser was triggered, striking both officers. Ashford tried to take the officer’s weapon and the officer shot and killed him.
2015-10-26 Brunson, Kevin (45) Maryland (Frederick) Brunson was shot four times by a trooper at a Sheetz gas station after ramming the car of a Frederick police officer and lunging at the trooper. Police said Brunson had a large folding knife in his possession, but it was not clear whether he was holding it before he was shot.
2015-10-24 Hutchinson, Dominic (30) California (Cathedral City) Hutchinson was shot and killed by Cathedral City police officers during their investigation of a domestic disturbance.
2015-10-24 Turner, John Harley (36) Georgia (Talking Rock) Turner was shot and killed by Pickens County deputies and Georgia State Troopers following a dispute between two hunters and Turner. A Pickens deputy initially fired bean bag rounds at Turner after entering the Turner property. Turner subsequentially returned fire with his weapon so the officers & troopers shot and killed him. The confrontation between Turner and law enforcement lasted more than 45 minutes before the bean bag shots were fired.
2015-10-24 Ulloa, Juan (34) California (Riverside) When California Highway Patrol officers pulled over a vehicle for a traffic stop about 2 a.m., the driver got out of the vehicle and shot at the two officers, striking their car at least twice. The officers returned fire, wounding the man who then got back into his vehicle and drove away. He slammed into a fence and died at the scene.
2015-10-22 Ludd, Adrienne Jamarr (36) California (Carmichael) After being pulled over for an expired registration, Ludd sped away from Sacramento County Sheriff deputies. When finally stopped, Ludd exited the vehicle armed with a handgun and aimed at the officers. The deputies fired several shots, killing Ludd.
2015-10-21 Galena, Miguel Angel Marin (35) California (Calexico) A U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer shot Galena four times and killed him as Galena, holding a knife, approached the officer at the Calexico West Port of Entry.
2015-10-21 Rodriguez, Ryan Christopher (21) California (West Goshen) Rodriquez was shot by two officers of the Tulare County Sheriffs Department and the Farmersville Police Department as they were attempting to arrest him on a warrant for domestic violence charges. The two officers were participating in a multi-agency domestic violence detail.
2015-10-20 Jones, Lamontez (39) California (San Diego) Two motorcycle officers from the San Diego Police Department attempted to contact a man they saw running in traffic causing a disturbance. As the officers chased him he pulled a semi-automatic pistol from his backpack and aimed it at the officers. When he refused orders to drop the gun, the officers shot him. He fell down but still refused orders to drop the weapon so the officers shot him again. He died shortly thereafter at a local medical facility. The gun he displayed turned out to be a replica.
2015-10-20 Grossman, Jonathan T. (21) Iowa (Cedar Rapids) Grossman was shot and killed by Cedar Rapids Police Officer Lucas Jones and other officers during a traffic stop. Police say the officers stopped the vehicle as part of a narcotics investigation. Grossman allegedly ran from the officers and pointed a gun at them before they killed him.
2015-10-19 Ramirez, Dion Lamont (40) California (Los Angeles) Deputies from the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department say they followed Ramirez car because he was driving recklessly. They followed him to a cul-de-sac where he turned around and a woman passenger got out of the car. Deputies say Ramirez then accelerated the car toward a deputy standing by his car. When he struck the car the deputy opened fire, killing Ramirez. The passenger says that Ramirez was in his car with his hands on the steering wheel when the deputies approached and shot him without provocation.
2015-10-18 Jones, Corey (31) Florida (Palm Beach Gardens) Jones was an African-American man who was shot by an off-duty police officer while waiting by his disabled car in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.
2015-10-18 Ekizian, Krikor (28) California (Fresno) Fresno Police were called about 3:00 AM by a homeowner reporting an intruder. Before police arrived the man had grabbed a knife and left, running to his uncle’s house nearby. The intruder, later identified as Krikor Ekizian, 28 stabbed his uncle several times. The police arrived and, along with a neighbor, gave aid to the victim. Ekizian came out from hiding and attacked the officer. The officer shot Ekizian four times, killing him.
2015-10-17 Cole, Rayshaun (30) California (Chula Vista)
Cole was shot and killed by his girlfriend at their apartment. Melissa Hayes-Spencer, 30, who is an officer with U.S. Customs and Border Protection, had called 911 to report the shooting, claiming it was in self-defense as her boyfriend was hitting her. She was arrested but released without being charged.
2015-10-17 Paredes, Gino (22) California (Modesto) After robbing a convenience store armed with a black-painted Airsoft pistol, Paredes was shot and killed by off-duty Modesto police officer Mike Callahan who was filling his car with gasoline and had seen him robbing the market.
2015-10-16 Ball, Ricky (26) Mississippi (Columbus) Ball was a black man who was shot and killed by an officer from the Columbus, Mississippi Police Department when Ball fled from a traffic stop. Former Columbus Police Officer Canyon Boykin is being charged with manslaughter in the case.Canyon Boykin’s trial is scheduled to begin February 27, 2017.
2015-10-16 Rangel, Johnny Angel (25) California (Valinda) A Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy who responded to a call concerning a home intruder shot the man who grabbed for the deputy’s gun after being verbally ordered to surrender. A knife – presumably belonging to the suspect – was found at the scene.
2015-10-15 Shurtz, David Elwood, Jr. (54) California (Davis) Davis Police officers were called to a motel where a man was heard screaming and breaking things inside his room. Officers say he was also reported as making statements about a gun. At least six officers arrived and attempted to talk to him to calm him down. Believing there might be another person in the room they broke through the door and attempted to restrain him, which he violently resisted. After he was handcuffed he stopped breathing and died despite CPR treatment by medics on the scene. A report from the Yolo County Coroner listed the cause of death as cardiorespiratory arrest during the struggle with officers brought on by Shurtz’s methamphetamine intoxication.
2015-10-15 Benitez, Herbert (27) California (San Francisco) Two San Francisco Police officers tried to restrain Benitez when he was throwing glass bottles into the street and mumbling incoherently. As they grabbed his arms he resisted and wrestled with the officers, bringing one of them to the ground. When Benitez took the officer’s gun, the other officer shot Benitez twice and killed him.
2015-10-15 Peña, Jonathan (27) California (West Hollywood) Two pedestrians walking on the sidewalk of Santa Monica Boulevard were hit by a speeding patrol cruiser with its lights and sirens on which veered off the road. One male pedestrian died two hours later in a hospital while the other suffered serious injuries.
2015-10-14 Clark, Michael Donald (59) California (Seaside) Three Seaside Police officers responded to a call from Seaside Auto Mall of a man acting strangely. When police arrived the man shot at the officers. One of the officers shot Clark eight times, killing him. Monterey County District Attorney’s office ruled the shooting justified.
2015-10-14 Villarreal, Samuel (18) California (Indio) Indio Police officers investigating an auto theft attempted to stop Villarreal as he drove a stolen vehicle into an apartment parking lot. Police say that when Villarreal backed his vehicle into a police car at least one officer opened fire. He was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.
2015-10-11 Ortiz, Joe Pasquez (34) California (San Bernardino) San Bernardino Police officers responded to a 911 call from a seven-year-old girl who said two men were threatening to shoot her father. The victims pointed out two suspects who were said to be armed, one of whom was detained by the officers while the other fled on a bicycle. An office confronted the man in an alley and shot several rounds, killing him. No weapon has been reported found.
2015-10-10 Combs, William Daniel (38) California (Piñon Hills) San Bernardino County Sheriffs deputies responded to a report of a man inside a fenced facility of the Phelan Piñon Hills Community Services District. They found a man and a vehicle inside the facility. The man, who was acting irrationally, claimed to have a bomb and there was a standoff of several hours. When the man drove toward the deputies they shot and killed him.
2015-10-09 Wagner, Margaret (62) California (Aguanga) When a Riverside County Sheriffs deputy arrived at the scene of a domestic violence call, a woman pointed the gun at the deputy. The deputy shot her and she retreated inside the apartment. She was later found dead in the apartment.
2015-10-06 Miller, Donald Thomas, II (36) California (Monterey) When Miller was seen “acting irrationally” and waving a gun in a public shopping area, some people called Monterey Police. The officer who arrived confronted Miller and fired six shots, killing Miller. The weapon was an old non-working revolver that Miller had stolen that day. Police arrested and released Miller earlier that day. Miller had mental health issues.
2015-10-03 Byrd, James Joseph (45) California (Los Angeles) Two Los Angeles police officers were stopped at a red light in the Van Nuys neighborhood when the back window of their car shattered. They believe they were under fire, got out of their vehicle, and fired at the man they believed responsible, killing him. It was determined that Byrd had shattered their window by throwing a large beer bottle. No weapon was found.
2015-10-02 Jepsen, Phyllis (55) Oregon (Aloha) Washington County Sheriffs deputies were responding to a call about a suicidal woman. When they arrived they found Jepsen armed with a knife. In the confrontation they used both lethal and non-lethal weapons. Jepsen was struck by at least one bullet and killed.
2015-10-02 Pena, Christian (26) California (Rialto) Rialto Police officers responded to a report of domestic violence and encountered Pena whom they describe as combative. There was a struggle and the officers tased Pena. When he pulled a knife, an officer shot him in the chest and killed him.


2015-11-29 Celio, Hugo Fernando (23) California (Bakersfield) About 2 AM Bakersfield Police officers were dispatched to bar where a fight had broken out. One of the suspects ran and was chased by police. The suspect, Celio, pulled a gun and fired at the officers. Police returned fire and hit Celio. He died later at a local hospital.
2015-11-26 Thomas, Andrew (26) California (Paradise) Thomas, a suspect in a drunken driving crash that killed his wife, was shot by Paradise Police Officer Patrick Feaster after standing up while inside the overturned vehicle. Feaster claimed the gun accidentally discharged. Thomas was paralyzed from his wounds, and died from his injuries on December 19, 2015.Feaster was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in Thomas’ death in 2016.
2015-11-23 Kirk, Barry (50) Ohio (Columbus) After shooting a family of four living across the street, killing three and wounding the older daughter, Kirk was chased by police and shot multiple times while returning to his home in the Hilltop neighborhood.
2015-11-23 McEniry, Thomas Joseph (32) Nevada (Las Vegas) McEniry refused to show his hands and police said they might have found the weapon.
2015-11-22 Hall, James (46) California (Fontana) Fontana Police responded to a 4:15 am 911 call reporting a robbery in progress at a gas station. Officers arrived to find the suspect who went back into the store, armed with a knife and a rock. Police say that he was shot and killed when he advanced toward the officers.
2015-11-21 Marshall, Michael Lee (50) Colorado (Denver) Mentally ill and homeless inmate was put on life support after allegedly being restrained by multiple deputies, losing consciousness and going into a vegetative state, eventually taken off life support nine days after the incident.
2015-11-20 Rivera, Martin (56) California (Fontana) Fontana Police responded to a 12:30 a.m. call from a resident who complained that a neighbor was banging on his door and he feared the neighbor had a weapon. When officers arrived they contacted the man in the front yard of the residence. When the man did not comply with police orders the officer shot and killed him. A gun was found with the body of Martin Rivera. Rivera was reported to have had mental problems.
2015-11-19 Pickett, Nathaniel Harris (29) California (Barstow) A deputy from San Bernardino Sheriffs Department saw Pickett jump a fence into a motel parking lot. The deputy questioned Pickett who gave a false name. When the deputy tried to handcuff Pickett they fought and the deputy shot and killed him.
2015-11-16 Clark, Jamar (24) Minnesota (Minneapolis) Clark was shot in the head by and later died in hospital after allegedly interfering with paramedics’ efforts to aid a woman with whom he was allegedly in a physical altercation. Police and witness accounts differ on whether Clark was already handcuffed when he was shot.
2015-11-15 Perkins, Richard (39) California (Oakland) Oakland police officers responding to a sideshow were standing at the site when one of the officers saw Perkins walking toward them pulling a gun from his waistband and shouted a warning to the other officers. The four officers shot Perkins fifteen times, killing him. The gun turned out to be a pellet gun. The family, who has filed a civil rights lawsuit against the city say that a video surveillance camera shows Perkins was dropping the weapon on a sidewalk and not walking toward the officers.
2015-11-14 Salazar, Ramon (31) California (Jurupa Valley) Riverside County Sheriffs deputies responded to a report of trouble at a Subway store and found a suspect carrying a hammer. When he did not drop the hammer as ordered deputies tased him but that was ineffective. Deputies say the suspect charged toward them so they shot him. Ramon Salazar was taken to a local hospital where he died. Subway employees had called because the man had been using the hammer to break things in front of the store. They had called a second time reporting he was inside the store.
2015-11-13 Gamino, Ernesto (25) California (Jurupa Valley) A deputy from Riverside County Sheriffs Department responded to a call about a man drinking in Rancho Mira Loma Park. The deputy got into a fight with Ernesto Gamino and shot and killed him.
2015-11-12 Nerio, Moises (42) California (Sunnyvale) Nerio was shot and killed by Sunnyvale police officers when he charged at them with a knife. Police were at the apartment complex in response to a woman’s call reporting an attack.
2015-11-11 Lopez Garcia, Javier Ivan (25) California (San Francisco) Lopez Garcia robbed a sporting goods store at gunpoint and stole a shotgun, telling the clerk he wanted to die.. He then went to a hospital construction site and climbed to the sixth floor. When police arrived they heard his shots and climbed up near his location. When he pointed the shotgun toward police, they shot and killed him.
2015-11-10 Sanchez, Eddie Gabriel, Jr. (34) California (Chico) Chico Police were watching a residence in preparation for serving a robbery warrant on Sanchez. When Sanchez walked away from the home detectives attempted to detain him. As he ran away he pointed a handgun at the detectives. One of the detectives fired three shots from his pistol, hitting Sanchez twice, killing him.
2015-11-09 Hudson, Dale (26) West Virginia (Lewis County) According to the U.S. Marshals Service, deputy marshals, along with West Virginia State Police, were attempting to arrest a fugitive in a rural location near the Lewis and Braxton County line when they were fired upon. Officers returned fire, striking both fugitives, killing one and injuring the other.
2015-11-09 Acevedo, Leonel (45) California (San Jose) San Jose Police responded when a man with a handgun was seen forcing a woman into a house. Police surrounded the house. Hours later a man with a gun was seen exiting the house. Police say an officer opened fire when Acevedo shot at them. Acevedo was killed at the scene.
2015-11-09 Cano, Miguel (34) California (Los Angeles) Cano, a drifter who was reported to have problems with alcohol abuse, apparently was injured in an encounter with skaters according to a witness. He walked away from two people who were trying to help him and out into the street. Moments later the friends heard gunfire. They soon learned that he had been shot by police who had been trying to arrest him for acting strangely and standing in traffic. Police say that in their attempt to arrest Cano they used a taser which was ineffective and they tried to use a bean bag shotgun. When Cano took the bean bag weapon and shot at the officers they fired at him, killing him.
2015-11-06 Johnson, Michael (51) Oregon (Portland) Portland Police officers responded to a call of a man with a gun to his head in parking lot near Good Samaritan Medical Center. After the first two officers arrived police also responded with the Special Emergency Response Team and the Crisis Negotiation Team. During the encounter Johnson twice fired his weapon into the ground. When Johnson fired his weapon a third time, members of the Special Emergency Response Team shot and killed him. The tactical officers say the third shot was directed toward the officers.
2015-11-05 Romonaski, David (48) West Virginia (Morgantown) Romonaski was killed in his home while police were executing search-and-arrest warrants in a first-degree robbery investigation. Police said 2 women and a teenage boy were in the home and complied with deputies. Investigators believe the shots fired on Romonaski were from one deputy. Romonaski was armed with a shotgun and handgun at the time of the shooting, according to police.
2015-11-04 Mohammad, Faisal (18) California (Merced) Faisal Mohammad was shot dead by UC Merced police after stabbing and injuring four people on campus.
2015-11-04 Smith, Timothy Gene (47) California (San Diego) A San Diego Police officer spotted Smith, a wanted felon, and pursued him on foot with the help of a police helicopter Smith. Smith did not surrender as ordered but continued to try to evade officers. When Smith reached into his pocket an officer shot Smith in the torso, fatally wounding him. No weapon was found on Smith.
2015-11-03 Mardis, Jeremy (6) Louisiana (Marksville) Multiple marshals opened fire on a vehicle, killing a 6-year-old boy and wounding his father, who was the driver of the car. Four days later, two marshals were arrested and charged with second-degree murder and attempted murder.
2015-11-01 O’Quinn, Killian Shane (20) California (Eureka) When pulled over by a California Highway Patrol officer for a traffic stop, O’Quinn exited his vehicle and shot the officer in the leg. The officer, Steve Curtis, returned fire, killing O’Quinn.
2015-11-01 Yantis, Jack (62) Idaho (Council) Rancher shot dead by sheriff’s deputies while putting down stray bull, conflicting info from police and witness


2015-12-31 Childress, Keith (23) Nevada (Las Vegas) Childress, a suspect in an attempted murder, was confronted by police in a residential neighborhood. He had a cell phone in one hand, which police on scene said they believed was a firearm. They opened fire on him.
2015-12-30 Veach, John Randall (39) Wyoming (Rawlins) A man was shot by police outside a Kum & Go gas station.
2015-12-30 Perez, Fred (55) California (Fresno) Police responded to several 911 calls reporting a man beating a woman at a Fresno motel near N. Weber and N. Thorne Avenues. Upon arrival the officers saw a man stabbing a woman. They entered the room and fired a bean bag at him, but he continued stabbing the woman. They fired their weapons striking the man who died a few hours later. The woman who had suffered at least 12 stab wounds was in stable condition at a local hospital.[
2015-12-29 Hua, Tien (33) California (Rosemead) Hua, a suspect in a Hollywood Hills murder, was shot and killed after a six-hour SWAT stand-off at his home.
2015-12-29 Velega-Nuufolau, Siolosega (50) California (Santa Nella) Someone called 911 because Velega-Nuufolau was in the neighbor’s driveway, screaming for someone to call 911. When the Sheriffs deputy arrived, Velega-Nuufolau, holding a knife, charged at the deputy. He shot her and she died at the scene. A Sheriffs office spokesman said that Velega-Nuufolau had a history of mental problems and run-ins with the officers.[
2015-12-28 Achstein, Corey (28) Virginia (Suffolk) Suffolk Police received multiple calls at around 5:15 p.m. about an armed individual chasing someone. According to police, Achstein was threatening to kill three juveniles while pointing a gun at them. Police said in a press release, “Based upon actions of the suspect and concern for safety, an officer fired one shot striking the suspect. A handgun was recovered in close proximity to the suspect. The investigation has revealed that the gun was actually a realistic style pneumatic bb gun.”
2015-12-26 LeGrier, Quintonio (19) Illinois (Chicago) After he was threatened by his teenage son with an aluminum bat, the father called police in the early hours of Boxing Day. The Northern Illinois University student was fatally shot in the house together with a downstairs neighbor around 4:25 a.m. while charging at entering police officers.
2015-12-26 Jones, Bettie (55) Illinois (Chicago) Mrs. Jones was accidentally shot by a law enforcement officer after opening the entrance door for the police at the request of her upstairs neighbor Antonio LeGrier.
2015-12-26 Niesen, Lonnie (46) Arizona (Phoenix) After striking a police car with a heavy object, Niesen threw objects, believed to be rocks or bricks, at the police precinct, shattering the front glass to the lobby. Niesen then walked away, still clutching the objects. When the officers approached him, he refused to stop, drop the objects or obey any police commands. He then turned toward two officers and attempted to hit one in the head with the object, hitting the officer’s hand. That officer returned by shooting one time with his gun, striking the suspect.
2015-12-25 Raff, William David (31)[13] California (Palo Alto) A man armed with a knife was shot by police outside a mental health clinic in downtown Palo Alto.
2015-12-24 Westbrook, Daquan Antonio (18) North Carolina (Charlotte) At Northlake Mall, a man armed with a firearm shot another man during an altercation. An off-duty police officer who was working for mall security shot dead the alleged gunman.
2015-12-24 Ventura, Omar (23) California (Porterville) Police were interviewing a woman at the scene of a domestic disturbance when the suspect (Omar Ventura), armed with a knife, returned. He advanced toward the woman, not dropping the knife as the officers ordered. One of the officers fired, killing Ventura.
2015-12-21 Barsnick, Brandon E. (30) California (Smartsville) A regional SWAT team from Yuba County Sheriffs Department and Marysville Police Department went to Barsnick’s home to serve a warrant and found him sitting outside the home, holding a rifle. When he pointed the rifle at the officers they shot and killed him.
2015-12-21 Quiroz, Guadalupe (34) California (Hemet) Hemet Police officers responded to an early-morning call about a man waving a gun in a mobile home park. When they arrived about 3 a.m. and confronted the man, he brandished the gun so they shot and killed him.
2015-12-20 Browning, Leroy T. (30) California (Palmdale) Los Angeles County Sheriffs Deputies were investigating an accident where an apparently drunken man had crashed into a fast food restaurant.[23] They had placed the DUI suspect in the back of a patrol car. When they attempted to place him in handcuffs and arrest him he fought the deputies. A Sheriffs’ Department spokesperson said he attempted to grab a deputy’s gun and another deputy shot and killed him.
2015-12-19 Herrera, Ruben Jose (26) California (Torrance) Herrera had been injured during his arrest for vandalism and was taken for treatment to Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. He was treated without incident and handcuffed to a gurney. When the handcuffs were briefly taken off he picked up a chair and swung it as a weapon. In the struggle he reached for the officer’s weapon. The officer then shot and killed him.
2015-12-19 Nelson, Roy (42) California (Hayward) Hayward Police responded about 1:00 am to a request for an emergency mental health evaluation.[27] They put Roy Nelson in the back seat of their car and during the drive to the hospital he began to kick at the back window. They stopped to place him in a leg restraint. The police say he suffered a “medical emergency.” Emergency services were called but were unable to revive him. He was pronounced dead at a hospital.[
2015-12-17 Fletcher, Christopher (24) California (Modesto) Modesto police attempted to stop Fletcher who was riding his bike on a sidewalk about 2:10 p.m. They followed him into a parking garage and saw that he was carrying a weapon. When he failed to drop his weapon as ordered, the two officers fired several shots, mortally wounding Fletcher. He died at a local hospital. Police say he was on probation.
2015-12-16 Duncan, Bryant Neil (23) California (Camarillo) Duncan took a cordless telephone from a convenience store and called 911 to report that a crime was about to take place. When an officer from the Ventura County Sheriffs Department arrived Duncan, holding a knife, walked toward the officer and told the officer to kill him. As Duncan approached, the officer fired several shots, killing him.
2015-12-14 Toney, Mark (33) West Virginia (Mount Hope) aw enforcement were dispatched to a home in response to an intoxicated man with a knife. When Mount Hope Police officers first arrived on scene, the man was allegedly carrying a shotgun in the front yard. When police asked the suspect to drop his weapon, he pointed the firearm in the direction of oncoming officers. Mount Hope Police responded to firing several shots at the man. He was pronounced dead on the scene.
2015-12-14 Saycon, Mharloun Verdejo (39) California (Long Beach) Long Beach Police were called to a business because a man was waving a knife around and customers were afraid. When officers arrived Saycon was seated, still holding the knife. When he did not obey officers’ orders to drop the knife they used their “electronic devices” and then batons to try to subdue him. During the struggle police shot and killed Saycon.The family, in their legal claim filed later, say that he had been diagnosed with bipolar schizophrenia.
2015-12-14 Alvarez, Hector (19) California (Gilroy) Gilroy Police officers were directed to a domestic disturbance call. When officers arrived at the carport area, Alvarez confronted one of them charging at the officer. One of the officers shot and killed Alvarez. The shooting occurred within ninety seconds of the officer’s arrival.
2015-12-13 Leiataua, Feagaiga Tausaga “Nephi” (30) Washington (Lacey) Deputies responded to reports of a victim with multiple stab wounds saying he’d been attacked by his cousin, Leiataua, who was now holding a 3-year-old hostage with a knife. After a three hour standoff, a police sharp shooter killed Leiataua, “due to imminent concern” for the safety of the child.
2015-12-12 Robertson, Nicholas (28) California (Lynwood) Multiple 911 calls reported a man firing a gun in the air while walking through a residential area. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies confronted Robertson in front of a gas station. They shot him 33 times after he refused to drop the gun.
2015-12-12 Carreon, Roy (49) California (San Bernardino) San Bernardino Police officers were flagged down for a disturbance and saw Carreron in an apartment holding a woman and threatening her with a knife. The woman got away but Carreron did not follow officers’ order to drop the knife. The police shot four or five times, striking Carreron who later died at a hospital.
2015-12-12 Todd, Andrew Joseph (20) Pennsylvania (East Stgroudsberg) Todd was reportedly suicidal, and was brandishing two firearms and a machete at customers inside a Wal-Mart. Police ordered him to drop it, and then opened fire on Todd.
2015-12-10 Gendereau, Thomas Arthur, Jr. (54) California (Marina) When a woman called 911 to report her husband was attacking her, Marina Police officers responded. When they arrived Thomas Gendereau continued to stab his wife. One officer shot Genderau. Both Genderau and his wife were taken to a hospital, where both died.
2015-12-10 Name Withheld California (Hemet) Hemet Police officers shot and killed a man whom they report was agitated and brandishing a handgun. They also say he was wanted on a felony warrant. They withheld his name.
2015-12-06 Azevedo, Raymond (35) Washington Seattle Employees at a downtown coffee shop reported seeing a man with a gun to police. The man, Azevedo, fled, carjacking a series of vehicles and firing at police as they pursued him. Azedevo was shot dead after aiming his car at officers.
2015-12-05 Perez, Juan (38) California (Indio) An Indio Police officer investigating a theft of a golf cart encountered a suspect matching the description given. The officer attempted to apprehend the suspect who was armed, and shots were exchanged. Juan Perez was killed.
2015-12-02 Farook, Syed Rizwan (28) California (San Bernardino) After committing a terrorist attack during a staff meeting at the Inland Regional Center around 11.00 am together with his wife, both were stopped in their black Ford Expedition SUV after a tip off around 4 hours later on East San Bernardino Avenue and killed in a shootout with law enforcement officers.
2015-12-02 Malik, Tashfeen (29)California (San Bernardino)Committed together with her husband the San Bernardino terrorist attack and was killed together with him about four hours later.
2015-12-02 Woods, Mario (26) California (San Francisco) Woods, a suspect in the stabbing and wounding of a man the same day, was allegedly armed with a kitchen knife while he was confronted by at least five police officers in Bayview-Hunters Point. A video captured by a bystander showed Woods having his arms towards his sides and slowly walking towards one officer and away from four other officers. One officer stepped towards Woods, and opened fire. At least fifteen shots were fired by the officers.[
2015-12-01 Gonzalez, John Anthony (18) California (Norwalk) Gonzalez and another man were stopped as pedestrians by deputies from the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department working with the Department’s “Safe Streets” program. As the two deputies approached, one man drew and dropped a weapon; Gonzalez pointed his weapon at the deputies. The deputies shot and killed Gonzalez. The other man was arrested. A sheriffs department spokesman said both men were gang members.

The Encyclopedia of American Loons

Steve Toth

Steven Hixson Toth is a wingnut who represented District 15 (suburban Montgomery County, part of the Houston Metro area) in the Texas House of Representatives between 2013 and 2015, and was reelected in 2018. Toth, who is partially responsible for allowing college and university officials to carry concealed weapons, the Firearms Protection Act (HB 1076) restricting federal control and regulations of firearms, and various heartbeat bills against abortion, is also the kind of wingnut who blames sex ed and Planned Parenthood for teen pregnancy and for kids having sex (no really: he seriously thinks instructions on proper use of condoms make teens who otherwise wouldn’t have thought about sex “hot and bothered”), supported by unverified and unverifiable anecdotes a person of his age and in his position really shouldn’t have had access to if they were true (unlikely).
A long-time sufferer from the Obama-derangement syndrome, Toth has for instance claimed that “Obama is taking the US to war with Syria and Russia so he can support his friends from Al-Qaeda in Syria.”
He has also been involved in the Texas education wars, leading the 2013 wingnut campaign against CSCOPE, a curriculum management tool created through a collaboration of state Education Service Centers, based on the manufactured charge that the program’s lessons were anti-American and anti-Christian and promoted Marxism and Islam, a charge as baseless as it is revealing of the bias and post-truth-politization-of-facts mindset of people like Steve Toth (Dan Patrick and David Dewhurst were others making similar charges). He has more recently made good friends with the anti-vaccine group Texans for Vaccine Choice, who describes him as someone who “already has a strong baseline knowledge of our issue.”
And lest you’d think that Toth’s loss in the 2015 reflected a modicum of sense on the part of the Montgomery electorate, you should know that he was replaced by Mike Keough, who thinks that the separation of church is a humanist, socialist plot.
Diagnosis: Looney wingnut with a tendency toward endorsing deranged conspiracy theories – a typical representative of the post-truth phenomenon in the current political climate. Ultimately, however, it seems to be the voters of Montgomery County that are to blame here and who really should have been awarded with this entry.

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