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Jun 09 2020

The Voice of the White House
Washington, D.C. June 9 2020: Working in the White House as a junior staffer is an interesting experience.
When I was younger, I worked as a summer-time job in a clinic for people who had moderate to severe mental problems and the current work closely, at times, echos the earlier one.
I am not an intimate of the President but I have encountered him from time to time and I daily see manifestations of his growing psychological problems.
He insults people, uses foul language, is frantic to see his name mentioned on main-line television and pays absolutely no attention to any advice from his staff that runs counter to his strange ideas.
He lies like a rug to everyone, eats like a hog, makes lewd remarks to female staffers and flies into rages if anyone dares to contradict him.
It is becoming more and more evident to even the least intelligent American voter that Trump is vicious, corrupt and amoral. He has stated often that even if he loses the
election in 2020, he will not leave the White House. I have news for Donald but this is not
the place to discuss it.
Comment for June 9, 2020: “The police in the United States have shot to death a number of citizens, some for entirely justifiable reasons and some not. I got a long list of the dead and the official reasons for the police shooting them. It is so long that we broke it down by years. It is depressing but explains the rioting now in America about police violence.”

Trump Approval Rating
Jun. 2-5
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The Table of Contents
• George Floyd death: Why US protests are so powerful this time
• Are they gone for good? The Trump supporters who regret their vote
• Police Attacks on Protesters Are Rooted in a Violent Ideology of Reactionary Grievance
• Lists of killings by law enforcement officers in the United States- 2010 Part 1
• Encyclopedia of American Loons

George Floyd death: Why US protests are so powerful this time
June 8, 2020
by Helier Cheung
BBC News,
Washington DC-Thousands of Americans are taking to the streets to protest about racism – many for the first time in their lives. Why has this particular tragedy struck such a chord?
George Floyd is not the first African American whose death in police custody sparked protests.
There were also rallies and calls for change after Tamir Rice, Michael Brown and Eric Garner were killed by police.
But this time seems different, with the response more sustained and widespread. There have been demonstrations across the US – in all 50 states and DC – including in cities and rural communities that are predominantly white.
Local governments, sports and businesses appear readier to take a stand this time – most notably with the Minneapolis city council pledging to dismantle the police department.
And the Black Lives Matter protests this time seem more racially diverse – with larger numbers of white protesters, and protesters from other ethnicities, standing with black activists.
A number of different factors combined to create “the perfect storm for rebellion” over George Floyd’s death, Frank Leon Roberts, an activist who teaches a course on the Black Lives Matter movement at New York University, told the BBC.
Floyd’s death was particularly ‘gruesome and obvious’
A police officer, Derek Chauvin, kept his knee on Mr Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes – even as Mr Floyd repeatedly said “I can’t breathe” and eventually became unresponsive. The incident was clearly recorded on video.
“In many previous instances of police violence, there’s a possibility of an ambiguous narrative – there’s a partial view of what happened, or the police officer says they made a split-second decision because they feared for their life,” Mr Roberts said.
“In this case, it was a completely unambiguous act of injustice – where people could see this man [Floyd] was completely unarmed and incapacitated.”
Floyd’s death
Many who joined the recent protests were first-time protesters, who said seeing George Floyd’s death made them feel that they simply couldn’t stay at home anymore.
“There are hundreds of deaths that aren’t caught on video, but I think the gruesomeness and obvious hatred of the video woke people up,” Sarina LeCroy, a protester from Maryland, told the BBC.
Similarly, Wengfay Ho said she had always supported the Black Lives Matter movement, but George Floyd’s death was a particular “catalyst” that prompted her to take to the streets for the first time.
It “prompted a lot more emotion, and the call for change is so much more urgent right now”.
It comes during a pandemic, and high unemployment
“History changes when you have an unexpected convergence of forces,” argued Mr Roberts.
Mr Floyd’s death came in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic that has led to Americans being ordered to stay in their homes, and sparked the highest level of unemployment since the Great Depression in the 1930s.
“You have a situation where the entire country is on lockdown, and more people are inside watching TV… more people are being forced to pay attention – they’re less able to look away, less distracted.”
“Fifty plus years later we’re still dealing with the same thing”
The pandemic has already changed the way we live and work, and led to many Americans at home “asking themselves what parts of normal are no longer acceptable”, he added.
And on a practical level, the US’s 13% unemployment level means that more people than usual can protest and campaign without juggling work commitments.
‘It was the last straw’
Mr Floyd’s death came shortly after the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery and Breoanna Taylor.
Mr Arbery, 25, was shot on 23 February while jogging in Georgia, after residents said he resembled a burglary suspect. Breoanna Taylor, 26, was a health worker who was shot eight times when police entered her flat in Kentucky.
Both their names have featured on placards at the latest Black Lives Matters protests, with demonstrators being urged to chant Ms Taylor’s name.
Mr Roberts described Mr Floyd’s death as “the last straw for many communities”, adding that the fact this happened during the summer, when people want to go outdoors, is also significant.
The fact that this is an election year also means that politicians are more likely to pay attention and respond, he said.
These protests appear more racially diverse
While there is no hard data on the ethnicity of protesters, many of the demonstrations appear to have a high proportion of supporters who are not African American themselves.
Both their names have featured on placards at the latest Black Lives Matters protests, with demonstrators being urged to chant Ms Taylor’s name.
Mr Roberts described Mr Floyd’s death as “the last straw for many communities”, adding that the fact this happened during the summer, when people want to go outdoors, is also significant.
The fact that this is an election year also means that politicians are more likely to pay attention and respond, he said.
These protests appear more racially diverse
While there is no hard data on the ethnicity of protesters, many of the demonstrations appear to have a high proportion of supporters who are not African American themselves.

Are they gone for good? The Trump supporters who regret their vote
President’s latest decisions – deploying military forces against protesters, and the church photo op – are chipping away at his base
June 9, 2020
by Matthew Teague in Fairhope, Alabama
The Guardian
Donald Trump once famously boasted he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue, and not lose supporters. For years that seemed true.
But his latest actions – including the deployment of an ad hoc paramilitary force against protesters on avenues around the country – may have been too much.
New polls show Trump’s support is slipping among key groups, some showing him at a double-digit disadvantage to Democratic rival Joe Biden.
Last Monday night, police and soldiers violently cleared protesters so Trump could walk from the White House to St John’s church for a photo opportunity. At that moment, Nolan Fuzzell had seen enough.
Fuzzell is a table server at a restaurant in Lawrence, Kansas, and previously supported Trump. But after the photo stunt he tweeted: “Beginning to regret wearing all Trump gear on Election Day 2016. This is not right, on any level.”
So how did Trump lose supporters like Fuzzell, and are they gone for good?
It’s helpful to remember, first, what the president has asked of Republicans. He has treated the party like Theseus’s ancient ship, replacing one plank at a time until it becomes unrecognizable as itself. From a party whose elites sought to reject Trump in 2016, it has now become almost unerringly loyal and much changed.
Under Trump’s leadership, Republicans have gone to war against their traditional allies, the FBI. They have cozied up to their old opponents, in Russia. Republican leaders have signed off on federal deficits so gargantuan – this year it will top a trillion dollars – they would make Franklin D Roosevelt blush.
Trump adherents have had to boycott the reddest of American sports, professional football.
Towering Republican heroes – political like Mitt Romney, military like John Kelly, both like John McCain – have come under Trump’s withering attack.
Trump’s own former defense secretary, James Mattis, felt compelled to speak out against the treatment of American citizens during protests following the death of George Floyd at the hands of police. Comparing the president to Nazi propagandists, Mattis wrote: “We must reject and hold accountable those in office who would make a mockery of our constitution.”
Among other things Trump has asked evangelical Christians, his staunchest allies, to overlook lurid descriptions of his sexual escapades, hush money paid to a porn actor and – with difficulty – the abandonment of vulnerable Christian communities in northern Syria.
But the most difficult demand of Trump’s followers is unfolding now.
For years, activists on the right railed against the possibility of US military deployment within the country’s borders. A conspiracy theory about such a program – called “Jade Helm 15” – grew so adamant that in 2015 Texas senator Ted Cruz requested an explanation from the Pentagon. It was a figment of the fevered rightwing imagination.
But now, under Trump, the American self-invasion is coming true: squads of troops from agencies that normally oversee prisons, borders and drug enforcement have taken to the streets, often with no identifying insignia, to tamp down protests and riots. This week, active-duty troops mustered outside Washington, awaiting Trump’s command.
The troop build-up alarmed Mattis, a retired marine general.
“Militarizing our response, as we witnessed in Washington DC, sets up a conflict – a false conflict – between the military and civilian society,” he wrote. “It erodes the moral ground that ensures a trusted bond between men and women in uniform and the society they are sworn to protect, and of which they themselves are a part.”
All these circumstances have converged to chip away at Trump’s previously granite-hard base.
Fuzzell, the regretful waiter in Kansas, is not alone.
“If I were a Republican operative, I’d be concerned about some of these numbers,” said Natalie Jackson, director of research at the Monmouth University Polling Institute.
Monmouth’s latest poll shows Trump with an 11-point deficit to Biden. And underneath that margin, Jackson said, there are some previously unseen trends. For example, 47% of white voters with no college degree saw Trump favorably.
“That’s an all-time low,” Jackson said. In 2019 that rating had averaged 52%. “It’s statistically significant.”
Much of the drop may be because those non-degreed white voters – Trump’s hard core – have suffered mightily during the coronavirus outbreak.
“They are more likely to work in the service industry, and are losing jobs at a higher rate, or going to work at a significant risk to their health,” Jackson said.
It’s difficult to know, yet, how the current civil unrest may affect Trump’s support. But the initial signs are not in his favor. Monmouth’s researchers collected their information around the country between May 26 and 31. Midway through that span, protests reached an inflection point when rioters burned down the Minneapolis police’s third precinct building.
So the researchers, curious about the protests’ effect, divided their polling into pre- and post-precinct-burning samples. Among all Republicans, Jackson said, Trump’s favorability dropped a whopping 9% after the precinct fire, from 88% to 79%.
Republican leaders have not turned against Trump, largely, but they have fallen silent. After Trump’s photo with a Bible outside St John’s, senators Mike Enzi of Wyoming and Rob Portman of Ohio told NBC, separately, they couldn’t comment because they were “late for lunch”.
Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, of Kentucky, said he didn’t want to “critique other people’s performances”.
Cruz did offer criticism, of a sort. He leveled charges of abuse of power: “By the protesters, yes.”
But other Republican leaders, those who have less to fear from Trump, have begun to denounce him. The last Republican president, George W Bush, sided with the protesters with a clear reference to Trump. He wrote: “The only way to see ourselves in a true light is to listen to the voices of so many who are hurting and grieving. Those who set out to silence those voices do not understand the meaning of America – or how it becomes a better place.”
Senator Mitt Romney, of Utah, said in a statement: “From the news clips I have seen, the protesters across from the White House were orderly and nonviolent. They should not have been removed by force and without warning, particularly when the apparent purpose was to stage a photo op.”
One voter, who requested anonymity due to threats, wrote in a message: “Considering how far right the Trumpublican party has moved, I’m now considered left.”
So he started a Facebook page, directly titled I Regret Voting for Donald Trump in 2016.
“Many are afraid of posting in public due to fears of being attacked by unforgiving people on the left,” the voter said.
But his page has 8,600 followers now.

Police Attacks on Protesters Are Rooted in a Violent Ideology of Reactionary Grievance
June 6,2020
by Ryan Devereaux
The Intercept
The sun was high as the protesters filled Grand Army Plaza. In normal times, it’s easy to forget that the gateway to Brooklyn’s largest park was once a battleground in the fight for American independence, or that its iconic “Soldiers and Sailors Arch” is a monument to those lost in the war to end slavery. But with a global pandemic having taken more than 100,000 American lives in a matter of months, more than 40 million others out of work, and protests against police violence sweeping the U.S., recent days have been far from normal, and as demonstrators took their places on Sunday, the plaza’s place in history felt unusually present.
Kenyatta Reid, a Brooklyn native, was among those gathered at the foot of the arch. Reid and her husband had come to the protest with their three young children, ages 11, 8, and 2. It was the family’s second day in the streets, joining the nationwide wave of demonstrations following the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police Officer Derek Chauvin. The previous night, near the Brooklyn Bridge, Reid and her family had watched as New York City police officers in riot gear beat and pepper-sprayed protesters. “That got really scary for the kids,” Reid told me. Still, her children woke up the next morning asking to go out again — they had even made their own signs. “Am I next?” her son’s read.
As an African American mother raising three kids in the United States in 2020, Reid said the conditions that sparked the protests are the subject of daily parental education, a process of “letting them know that they’re worthy, and the problem is other people, not them.” When asked if they would keep coming out, Reid did not hesitate. “This is their lives,” she said. “You have to.”
Hundreds of miles away, in Cincinnati, reaction to the protests was taking a different shape. While demonstrators were gathering in Brooklyn, a group of Hamilton County sheriff’s deputies dressed in tactical gear and body armor, many of them carrying rifles, hoisted a pro-police flag outside of their office. Ubiquitous in some parts of the country, the flag replaces the red of a traditional American flag with black. The banner incorporates a blue band to symbolize the “thin blue line” that some police officers believe they represent: society’s well-armed firewall, protecting an otherwise defenseless public from the forces of evil.
Sheriff Jim Neil later said that the flag replacement was only temporary, after an image of his deputies’ informal ceremony went viral. The office’s American flag had been lost to vandals, the sheriff tweeted, and the current one was meant to honor an officer whose helmet was struck with a bullet the previous night. “The flag has been removed and we will replace it with the American Flag in the morning,” Neil wrote.
Though minor in comparison to the acts of physical violence and outpourings of grief seen across the country, the episode in Cincinnati was significant. The “thin blue line” flag is the known symbol of a social, cultural, and political movement that is inextricably linked to the country’s current unrest. The flag is the centerpiece in a world of merchandise and policing philosophy, all built around the idea that the police are an embattled tribe of warriors, maligned and reviled by a nation that fails to appreciate their unique importance. The blue line is a reminder that much of the policing community sees itself as separate from the rest of society — and as the nation has witnessed in recent days, in video after shocking video, this well-armed population, imbued with the power to deprive citizens of life and liberty, does not take kindly to those who challenge its authority.
“What we’re talking about here is a worldview that says that police are the only force capable of holding society together,” Alex Vitale, a professor of sociology at Brooklyn College and author of “The End of Policing,” told me. The view turns on the notion that “without the constant threat of violent coercive intervention, society will unravel into a war of all against all,” he explained. Seen through this lens, “authoritarian solutions are not just necessary, they’re almost preferable.”
In the wake of Floyd’s killing, with protests in every state in the union and U.S. security forces at every level called to respond, the country is now witnessing what years of militarized conditioning, training, and culture have wrought: a nationwide protest movement running up against a nationwide police riot.
In New York City, where at least 2,500 people have been arrested in the past week, local officials have imposed an 8 p.m. curfew, which the New York Police Department has used as a pretext to arrest individuals whom it would otherwise have no justification to take into custody. In an emerging pattern that civil rights attorneys have documented in multiple boroughs throughout the city, a number of those individuals have been taken to local station houses where NYPD intelligence officers and FBI agents have interrogated them about their political beliefs, including their views on fascism. Word of the interrogations came just days after Attorney General William Barr released a statement describing the leaderless anti-fascist movement known as antifa as a domestic terrorist organization and announced that the federal government’s 56 Joint Terrorism Task Forces had been activated in a nationwide manhunt for “criminal organizers and instigators.”
In Washington, D.C., heavily armed tactical units took up positions in the nation’s capital, wearing no official insignia. Self-styled groups of mostly white men carrying military-grade weapons were also in the streets, and local police were spotted posing for photos with bat-wielding vigilantes. Far-right, white power groups seized on the unrest to accelerate the country toward a long-desired race war: In Las Vegas, three right-wing extremists with military experience, adherents to the so-called boogaloo movement, were arrested on terrorism charges for allegedly plotting attacks in Nevada.
Michael German, a fellow at the Brennan Center for Justice and former FBI agent specializing in domestic terrorism investigations, said the government’s actions in the past week reflect entrenched, longstanding problems in American policing. From a legal and logistical standpoint, Barr’s statement regarding antifa was “toothless,” German said: “It’s a way of signaling to Trump supporters, both in law enforcement and out, that this is the enemy.”
Time and again, American law enforcement’s response to dissent has followed a pattern, German explained, with police cracking down on movements for racial, social, and environmental justice, while giving violent white nationalists who beat people in the street a free pass. “We already see that there is this dynamic where the police officers view people who protest police violence as enemies they can use further violence against,” he said. “Particularly in protests, it’s not just that the police want to arrest somebody who’s a problem,” German said. “They want to mete out punishment.”
Blue Lines Take Aim at Black Lives
Although the idea of the “thin blue line” has been around for decades, its branding and merchandising evolution began as effort to raise money for the families of slain police officers. The flag itself was created six years ago, when the U.S. was gripped with police brutality protests that gave rise to the Black Lives Matter movement. As those demands for justice picked up momentum, a countermovement, Blue Lives Matter, rose up under the newly created banner. In an article for Harper’s magazine, author Jeff Sharlet details how a white 19-year-old college student named Andrew Jacob came up with the idea for the flag. “The black above represents citizens,” Jacob, founder of the company Thin Blue Line USA, explained. “The black below represents criminals.”
The flag’s creation coincided with the December 2014 killing of two NYPD officers, Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, in Brooklyn. The officers’ deaths sparked a rebellion among New York City cops against Mayor Bill de Blasio. It was a turning point for the recently elected mayor, who had capitalized on demands for police accountability in his run for office. While de Blasio has become a symbol of abject failure in the eyes of nearly all NYPD accountability advocates, the department’s powerful union has continued to publicly batter and berate the mayor on a daily basis in the years since the killings, and recently doxxed his daughter following her arrest while protesting in Manhattan.
The flag’s emergence in 2014 was but one element in a larger ecosystem of police propaganda. Like the weapons, vehicles, and training that flow from the military to police departments across the country, the Blue Lives Matter movement embraces imagery and ideology drawn from U.S. wars abroad.
The same month that the officers in Brooklyn were gunned down, Clint Eastwood’s film “American Sniper” hit theaters. The film, which swiftly became the highest-grossing war movie of all time, told the story of Chris Kyle, a Navy SEAL who, in addition to becoming a hero to many, once boasted about conducting dozens of extrajudicial killings on the streets of New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Though Kyle was already well known following the publication of his bestselling autobiography, the Hollywood blockbuster rocketed the sniper to conservative superstardom.
On the battlefields of Iraq, the calling card of Kyle’s platoon was an image of a skull worn by the comic book character known as the Punisher. In the Marvel series, Frank Castle, aka the Punisher, is a Marine veteran of the Vietnam War who murders people in a self-declared war on crime. In his book, Kyle, who was shot and killed by a fellow veteran in 2013, described his unit’s love for the character and his symbolic skull. “We spray-painted it on our Hummers and body armor, and our helmets and all our guns,” he wrote. “We spray-painted it on every building or wall we could. We wanted people to know, We’re here and we want to fuck with you. It was our version of psyops. You see us? We’re the people kicking your ass. Fear us. Because we will kill you, motherfucker. You are bad. We are badder. We are bad-ass.”
Police officers across the country have developed a similar infatuation for the Punisher’s skull, plastering the vigilante killer’s symbol on T-shirts, squad cars, and other gear. In Milwaukee, a gang of officers adopted “the Punishers” as their namesake and tattooed the character’s logo on their skin. The artists and writers behind the Punisher comics have pushed back on law enforcement’s embrace, describing it as a total misreading of the character. Co-creator Gerry Conway has likened law enforcement’s use of the logo to placing a Confederate flag on a government building. “He is a criminal,” Conway has said. “If an officer of the law, representing the justice system, puts a criminal’s symbol on his police car, or shares challenge coins honoring a criminal, he or she is making a very ill-advised statement about their understanding of the law.”
The violent and militaristic view of policing reflected in the Punisher’s popularity is also present in the training officers receive. In “American Sniper,” the film’s star, Bradley Cooper, delivers a speech to his sons at the kitchen table, explaining that there are three types of people in the world: sheep, wolves, and sheepdogs. The wolves seek to prey on the sheep, and it’s up to the sheepdogs — a smaller yet critical population — to protect them. The lesson is drawn directly from the teachings of Lt. Dave Grossman, a former West Point psychology professor and self-proclaimed expert on killing who teaches courses for police departments and federal law enforcement agencies across the country. Grossman’s first book, “On Killing,” was at one point required reading for FBI cadets.
In his classes, Grossman sometimes tells attendees that police officers have told him that their first killing led to the best sex of their lives, and says that with the proper training, taking a human life is “just not that big of a deal.” In 2014, Jeronimo Yanez, a Minnesota police officer, attended one of Grossman’s “Bulletproof Warrior” classes, administered by Grossman’s business partner. Two years later, Yanez pulled over Philando Castile, a black 32-year-old father, in a traffic stop. Castile informed the officer that he was in possession of a licensed firearm. Yanez grew increasingly agitated and shot him five times. Castile died in the driver’s seat, with his girlfriend and 4-year-old daughter in the vehicle. Yanez was acquitted of all charges in the trial that followed.
In the aftermath of the killing, which prompted waves of protests, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey banned the warrior policing courses. Lt. Bob Kroll, president of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis, bristled at the decision, calling Grossman’s trainings “excellent.”
In an interview earlier this year, just months before the killing of Floyd in his own city, Kroll said he had personally been involved in three shootings and that “not one of them has bothered me.” A 2015 profile by the Minneapolis Star Tribune noted Kroll’s membership in a police biker gang that included white supremacists (the former SWAT officer has denied the characterization), his role as a defendant in a racial discrimination lawsuit brought by five black officers, his targeting in nearly 20 internal affairs complaints (“all but three of which were closed without discipline”), and his suspension following an excessive force complaint.
In the past year alone, multiple investigations by many news organizations have uncovered police and other law enforcement officials sharing wildly racist and violent content in private social media groups. Amid the racism that swirls in these spaces are profound notes of aggrievement expressing the feeling that, in fact, it is the police who are under attack. Those sentiments can be traced, in part, to a theory promulgated in the final years of the Obama administration known as the Ferguson effect, which argued that in the wake of protests against police brutality, law enforcement was pulling back in its war on crime, thus damaging public safety.
The highest-profile proponent of the debunked theory was Barack Obama’s FBI director, James Comey. Addressing a group of law students in 2015, Comey described a “chill wind that has blown through law enforcement,” claiming that developments in the documentation of police violence were causing officers to change the way they worked, leading to a spike in murders. The claim was widely criticized, in part because it lacked evidence and in part because it was the extension of a long and racist history of “crime-fighting on a hunch.”
Ironically, considering the space Comey would come to occupy in the minds of many liberal Americans just a few years later, the former FBI director’s war-on-cops rhetoric complimented the worldview of the man who, at the time, was beginning a successful march to the White House.
The Trumpist Terror
A month after coming to office, Donald Trump signed three largely symbolic executive orders related to domestic law enforcement. While the policy impact the White House could make on the affairs of local police departments was minimal, the culture war messaging was not. Whether it was cops on the beat or immigration agents on the border, the president’s message was the same: Politically correct liberals have held you back for too long, but no more.
“From the get-go, Trump signaled his allegiance to the most reactionary parts of that movement,” Vitale, the Brooklyn College professor, explained. At the 2016 Republican National Convention, Trump received the full-throated endorsement of David Clarke, the former sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. “Blue lives matter in America!” Clark shouted from the podium. Clarke has called Black Lives Matter a terrorist organization and compared the group to the Ku Klux Klan. His tenure as sheriff was riddled with controversy, particularly surrounding the deaths of people in his jail and the shackling of pregnant women. Once in the White House, Trump swiftly applied his powers as president to pardon Arizona Sheriff Joe Arapaio for his conviction for criminal contempt of court. Arapaio, who the Department of Justice concluded ran the largest racial-profiling scheme in U.S. history, used to refer to his notorious outdoor jails as a “concentration camp.”
“That’s the kind of people that Trump embraces because he has decided that the solution to all social problems is criminalization, and that how you make America great again is through authoritarianism,” Vitale said. It wasn’t long before Trump-Punisher gear began popping up online, with the president’s familiar hair plopped on the menacing Punisher skull. Trump’s support from the hard-right, politicized edge of American law enforcement was again on display in October, when the president was welcomed to a Minneapolis rally by Kroll, the police union chief, in defiance of a statement from the mayor’s office that president was not welcome. Kroll wore a red shirt emblazoned with the words “Cops for Trump” (available for $20 on the union’s website). Addressing the “patriots” in the crowd, Kroll said the shirts were a message against hypocrisy.
“The Obama administration and the handcuffing and oppression of police was despicable,” Kroll said. “The first thing President Trump did when he took office was turn that around, got rid of the Holder-Loretta Lynch regime and decided to start letting the cops do their job — put the handcuffs on the criminals instead of us.”
There is no daylight between Punisher-style policing and Trump’s vision of how American law enforcement should operate, Vitale argued. “They are one and the same,” he said. “This is a kind of proto-fascism. Maybe in the next week we’ll find out if it’s a full-throated fascism.” The contradictions in American society, drawn out by the devastation of the coronavirus pandemic followed by the protests, have brought the country to a tipping point. “Historically, when this happens, there is a rupture and it’s not pretty,” Vitale said. “Usually it involves a war. That’s how this fundamental contradiction gets resolved.” The days of police reform, the buzzword of the Obama era are through, Vitale argued. “That’s all done,” he said. “This is a war over the future of the country, and right now it is literally taking place with people fighting cops in the streets. And I think that the question is what does victory for our side start to look like?”
“This is not just about policing anymore,” he said. “This is about the grievances of a whole generation, about the direction of the country, the failure of both political parties, the economic crisis, the environmental crisis.” In the streets of Brooklyn, the familiar chants of “no justice, no peace” have been joined by an increasingly popular demand: defund the police. Starving the policing beast is precisely the solution Vitale has spent the past three years advocating for. “This did not come out of nowhere — we’ve been working,” Vitale said. “It’s not a revolutionary agenda, I know that, but you’ve got to build a movement that has victories and that in the process is dialing back the repressive capacity of the state.”
For now, the protests continue, despite attempts to stop them with curfews and escalating attacks by the police on a citizenry exercising its constitutional rights to free speech and assembly. Quin Johnson was among the thousands of demonstrators who returned to the streets of Brooklyn on Monday. She carried a small cardboard sign listing more than a dozen names: black men and boys beaten or killed by police or racist mobs, stretching back to 1931. “It’s very emotional,” she said, as the crowd marched west. “Today was the first day that I cried.”
Johnson described the traumatic cycle that pervades American life, particularly African American life, of people killed by police and the absence of consequence. “I’m just angry,” she said. “You remember every time, and it builds up and builds up.” The scale of the protests was no surprise, she added, “every community has been affected by this,” nor was the fact that they continue. “They persist because you go back home and you watch the news, and you see what the police are doing to the people,” she explained. “It is the exact reason why people are protesting.”
The present moment is a boiling point, Johnson said — where things go next is uncertain. “It has the potential to be different,” she said. “I hope it’s different.” But if that change does not come, “I will be very happy to watch it all fucking burn.”

Lists of killings by law enforcement officers in the United States- 2010
Part 1

Below are lists of people killed by law enforcement in the United States, both on duty and off duty for 2010. Other years are in preparation
Although Congress instructed the Attorney General in 1994 to compile and publish annual statistics on police use of excessive force, this was never carried out, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation does not collect these data either
The annual average number of justifiable homicides alone was previously estimated to be near 400. Updated estimates from the Bureau of Justice Statistics released in 2015 estimate the number to be around 930 per year, or 1240 if assuming that non-reporting local agencies kill people at the same rate as reporting agencies

January 2010

2010-01-29 Campbell, Aaron (25) Oregon (Portland)
The 25-year-old was shot and killed after he emerged from a Northeast Portland apartment where officers had been called to perform a welfare check on a suicidal, armed man.

2010-01-21 Wall, Timothy (46) New Jersey (Newark)
Irvington police responded to a burglary at a local business, only to chase the burglar into Newark across rooftops and into a backyard. The suspect bit Officer Herne Lacoste, 38, and lunged for his gun; the officer shot him once in the shoulder, killing him. The victim was identified as Timothy Wall, 46.

2010-01-20 Shavers, Jr., Maurice Evans (21) California (Oakland) The incident began when Shavers and Alphonso Mitchell, 40, burst into the drugstore and herded several employees into a back room at gunpoint. Shavers burst out of a rear emergency door and opened fire on both officers, who fired back. One of the CHP officers was shot in the chest by Shavers, who ran from the CHP officers and was then shot dead by Oakland police.

2010-01-19 Humphries, Donald Michael (57) Washington (Sedro-Woolley) Shot while approaching officer and pulling out a .45 caliber handgun. Officer was attempting to pull over Humphries for erratic driving. After a chase, Humphries got out of his car and approached officer.

2010-01-15 Kimbro, Louis Tennessee (Memphis) Kimbro was shot to death when officers responded just before 9 p.m. to a call about an armed man with possible mental problems

2010-01-15 McKinnon, Derek Georgia (Valdosta) Shot after refusing to drop weapon while holding a hostage. Police were monitoring a home for a murder suspect for whom warrants had been issued. The person fled the house to another and took a woman hostage.

2010-01-15 Adams, Daniel, SR. (25) Nebraska (Omaha) Adams made suicidal gestures with a gun before pointing the weapon at officers who then fatally shot him. Police said officers were flagged down by a woman who said she had just been robbed at gunpoint and that her brother was chasing the suspects. “At that time the officers also gave chase and then at some point the officers fired at the suspect.” Adams allegedly pulled a gun and pointed it at Officer Chad Frodyma, who returned fire. Officer Zach Petrick heard the shot and abandoned his chase of the second suspect. He arrived and when Adams allegedly pointed his weapon in their direction again. Petrick also fired at Adams. “Adams was acting in a suicidal manner,” said Omaha Police Chief Alex Hayes. “He pointed a gun at his own head, told the officer to shoot him. The officer was yelling commands at him to drop the firearm. Mr. Adams then took the firearm and pointed it at the officer.

2010-01-13 Ellis, Kenneth, III (25) New Mexico (Albuquerque) Officer Bret Lampiris-Tremba shot and killed Ellis outside a 7-Eleven after Ellis refused to drop the gun he was holding to his head. Ellis had recently returned from Iraq and suffered from PTSD. Ellis’ family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city, and in March 2013, a judge ruled that the shooting violated his Fourth Amendment rights.

2010-01-09Anderson, Tremall Lavar (28) Oklahoma (Oklahoma City)
Anderson (AKA Tremall Lavar Crandell) was driving a black coupe Saturday when he didn’t stop for an officer who tried to pull him over. Anderson shot officer Kris Hunter at NE 23 and Martin Luther King Boulevard during the subsequent chase and was gunned down by officer Daniel Godsil when he got out of his car about two blocks away.

2010-01-09 Renfro, Aaron (32) New Mexico (Albuquerque) APD officer Cook and others pulled over a vehicle for speeding. Officers asked the three men in the car, one of whom was Renfro, for their identifications, police said. Renfro gave a fake name. As it turned out, there was a local warrant out for the bogus name. When Cook and the other officers asked Renfro and the other men to get out of the vehicle, Renfro took off running, police said. When officers yelled at him to stop, Renfro reached into his waistband and pulled a gun, police said. Cook shot him an undetermined number of times.

2010-01-04 Wicks, Johnny Lee (66) Nevada (Las Vegas) Wicks opened fire with a shotgun in a Las Vegas federal building, killing a security guard and wounding a U.S. marshal. Wicks, 66, was killed in a gunbattle with the marshals.

2010-01-02 Davis, Raymond Thane (36) Montana (Hamilton)
Officer Jessop stopped Davis for a traffic violation. Jessop got out of his car, approached Davis’ vehicle. Davis pulled a gun and fired at the officer, Officer Jessop returned fire and hit Davis. Davis sped away but crashed nearby. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

2010-01-01 Eppard, Colby W. (18) Virginia (Free Union) Eppard swiped a Greene County deputy’s vehicle by smashing the window with a rock after the officer left the car locked but running. Police say that he died after firing multiple shots at law enforcement officers who surrounded the vehicle on Route 20 in Free Union.

2010-01-01 Cox, Dennis Gene Colorado (Fort Collins) Shot with handgun in hand when moved to point gun at officers. Police had approached Cox as a suspect wanted by the FBI for suspicion of involvement in a kidnapping and assault.

February 2010

2010-02-28 Ingram, Brent (39) Colorado (Grand Junction) Shot after charging at police with knife raised. Police were responding to report of domestic disturbance.

2010-02-26 Rowe, Nathaniel (26) Oklahoma (Tulsa) During the course of the assault, Nathaniel Rowe attempted to take Officer Elliot’s service weapon and was able to rip the Pepper spray and its holder from Officer Elliot’s duty belt and repeatedly attempted to rip his service weapon away from his duty belt, according to the Tulsa Police Department. Officer Still, fearing for his life and the lives of Officer Elliot and the domestic violence victim, shot the suspect. “The man that kicked that door in – the shell was Nate; the mind wasn’t,” said Grace, an assault victim. “If those police officers had not been here, I wouldn’t have been here to tell you this story.”

2010-02-26 Waits, Jed (30) Washington (Tacoma)
Shot after shooting at deputy. Officers had pulled over Waits’ vehicle as the prime suspect in a recent murder.

2010-02-25 Macias, Brian (17) California (Los Angeles)
Brian Macias, a 17-year-old Latino, was shot and killed Thursday, Feb. 25, according to Los Angeles County coroner’s records. Macias was apparently shot by his father, an off-duty LAPD reserve officer, at the family’s home, authorities said. Macias allegedly confronted his father with a large object and was shot once in the chest, said authorities familiar with the case.

2010-02-25 Hammond, Andy Jip (43) Arizona (Ash Fork) Hammond pulled a gun on employees at Stoneworld in Ash Fork, Arizona, and left in a 2 1/2 ton water truck. Responding Yavapai County Sheriff’s Deputy Christopher L. Clouse located Hammond at a nearby gas station, where a brief physical confrontation ensued. Hammond pulled a .357 revolver and pointed it at Deputy Clouse, forcing the deputy to use lethal force. Hammond was dressed in full military fatigues and was wearing body armor. Several rifles and a grenade launcher were found in the water truck.

2010-02-23 Jones, Rashid Jihad (25) New Jersey (Vineland) The man authorities believe beat his grandmother to death inside their East Chestnut Avenue apartment Tuesday afternoon was shot and killed by two city police officers when he refused to drop a baseball bat as he approached them, Cumberland County Prosecutor Jennifer Webb-McRae said.

2010-02-23 Jones, Jessica (18) Missouri (Kansas City)The officers exited their vehicles, and Jones turned around and began to drive at the officers. The officers shot at Jones and killed her.

2010-02-23 Greenwood, Shawn (29) New York (Ithaca) Shot by Sgt. Bryan Bangs while trying to escape from officers issuing a warrant. Officers, acting on a tip that Greenwood would be involved in an illegal drug transaction, tried to execute a search warrant. Greenwood attempted to flee with his vehicle and struck an officer. After refusing to stop and he continued to drive on towards the downed officer, lethal force was used. On July 1, 2010, a grand jury released a report clearing Bangs of wrongdoing.[9] On July 11, 2010, Bangs’ home was destroyed in a fire that was ruled to be arson; New York State Police did not officially link the two incidents, although it is widely believed that the arson was retaliation for the shooting. As of June 2013, no arrests have been made in the arson.

2010-02-20 Wheaton, Edward (39) Texas (Greenville) Wheaton said he wanted to go get something to drink. While driving his girlfriend’s unregistered pickup truck on Interstate 30, investigators claim he was recklessly weaving in and out of traffic when they tried to pull him over. Instead, Wheaton took off. The chase escalated when, authorities say, he rammed two vehicles. That’s when authorities opened fire, according to witnesses, shooting 30 to 40 bullets into the truck.

2010-02-18 Frias, Eric (24) Texas (Haltom City / North Richland Hills)
Eric Frias, 24, had recently lost his job and had a terrible fight with his girlfriend. Initially, a junkyard owner called 911 after hearing gunfire and witnessing someone put a body into a car. Frias then fled in the car and several officers began a pursuit. Ultimately, police say, Frias pointed a weapon at the officers at which point Frias was shot by the officers.

2010-02-18 Bowman, Blake (18) Kansas (Kansas City) Bowman, who police considered a suspect in an armed carjacking from last week, was spotted near 46th Street and Sterling Avenue Thursday. Bowman ran into his mother’s house. A two-hour standoff ensued, and finally ended with Bowman coming out of the house with a knife to his mother’s throat. Bowman refused to drop the knife and a sniper fatally shot him.

2010-02-17 Davis, Ryan Rashawn (20) Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh) Officer Triolo encountered a man who matched the suspect’s description—later identified as Mr. Davis—and police said he began assaulting her within seconds. She shot and killed Mr. Davis during the assault. She recovered his semi-automatic pistol at the scene, police said. An officer who arrived within minutes as her back-up said she was visibly injured, with blood on her face and a black eye.

2010-02-16 Tucker, Howard (37) New York (Albany) A two-officer patrol unit attempted to pull Tucker’s vehicle over, but when officers approached his vehicle on foot he sped off, causing his car to spin on the snowy road and hit a telephone pole, authorities said. Tucker then struck one of the officers and pinned him beneath the vehicle before striking an iron fence and coming to a stop with the officer beneath the vehicle. “During that sequence of events, the suspect was shot by our officers.” A loaded handgun was found inside the car.

2010-02-15 Reynolds, Stephen (24) Indiana (Indianapolis) Police said Reynolds brandished a knife and charged at an officer. Reynolds’ mother had called police, claiming that her son was suicidal and that family had taken a gun from him earlier in the day. Officers initially used a stun gun to try to subdue the man inside a home, but it didn’t work. Lee then shot Reynolds in the chest, police said. According to investigators, he had at least two knives.

2010-02-14 Aguilera, John (35) California (West Covina) John Aguilera, a 35-year-old Latino, was shot and killed Sunday, Feb. 14 by a SWAT officer from the West Covina Police Department, according to authorities. Officers found Aguilera holding a hostage at gunpoint, said authorities. The hostage was later identified as Rico Sanchez, a friend of Aguilera. The standoff lasted until 12:30 a.m. At that point, a SWAT officer from the West Covina Police Department shot Aguilera who was pronounced dead at the scene. Sanchez was unharmed.

2010-02-14 Fischer, Patrick John II (27) Maryland (Frederick) The Frederick Police Department reported: Officers were investigating a domestic incident called in by Fischer’s wife. While investigating, they received a separate call of shots fired at passing vehicles. The officers responded and made contact with Fischer, whom they believed was connected to both the domestic dispute and the shots fired call. It was later determined that in addition to the domestic assault, Fischer had shot at and struck a driver and his vehicle before the confrontation with the officers. Upon confronting Fischer, the officers found he was armed. They gave several commands for Fischer to drop his firearm. Instead, Fischer pointed the firearm at officers, and police shot at Fischer.[18]

2010-02-13 Long, Perry (40) Tennessee (Kingsport) Perry Long, 40, was fatally shot Saturday during a domestic violence call. Police said Long pointed a handgun at Wayt, who then shot him. The woman had been beaten.

2010-02-12 Hoffmeister, Kathleen (53) Oregon (Gresham) Hoffmeister was shot and killed by Clackamas County deputy Sgt Jeffrey Grahn. She was a friend of Grahn’s wife Charlotte Grahn (see below). Grahn was drunk and suicided after killing Hoffmeister, Charlotte Grahn and their friend Victoria Schulmerich. In 2015 the City of Gresham settled a lawsuit with the heirs of Hoffmeister for $1.6 million. The suit alleged Sheriff Craig Roberts and two of his top aides knew Grahn was dangerously unstable but failed to intervene.

2010-02-12 Schulmerich, Victoria (53) Oregon (Gresham) Schulmerich was shot and killed by Clackamas County deputy Sgt Jeffrey Grahn. She was a friend of Grahn’s wife Charlotte Grahn (see below). Grahn was drunk and suicided after killing Schulmerich, Charlotte Grahn and their friend Kathleen Hoffmeister. In 2015 the City of Gresham settled a lawsuit with the heirs of Hoffmeister for $1.6 million. The suit alleged Sheriff Craig Roberts and two of his top aides knew Grahn was dangerously unstable but failed to intervene.

2010-02-12 Grahn, Charlotte (53) Oregon (Gresham) Grahn was shot and killed by her husband Clackamas County deputy Sgt Jeffrey Grahn. Grahn was drunk and suicided after killing Grahn and her friends Victoria Schulmerich and Kathleen Hoffmeister. In 2015 the City of Gresham settled a lawsuit with the heirs of Hoffmeister for $1.6 million. The suit alleged Sheriff Craig Roberts and two of his top aides knew Grahn was dangerously unstable but failed to intervene.

2010-02-12 Grahn, Jeffrey (46) Oregon (Gresham) Clackamas County deputy Sgt Jeffrey Grahn was drunk and suicided after killing his wife Charlotte Grahn and her friends Victoria Schulmerich and Kathleen Hoffmeister. In 2015 the City of Gresham settled a lawsuit with the heirs of Hoffmeister for $1.6 million. The suit alleged Sheriff Craig Roberts and two of his top aides knew Grahn was dangerously unstable but failed to intervene.

2010-02-12 Castellanos, Juan (29) California (Fresno) A Fresno Police Detective investigating a carjacking was sitting in his unmarked car near the carjacked vehicle. Castellanos, a suspect in the carjacking walked up to the detective’s car unnoticed, and pointed a shotgun at the detective’s face. The startled detective shot Castellanos in the chest several times. Castellanos was declared dead at a local hospital.

2010-02-10 Sim, Sambo (42) Washington (Tacoma) Shot by police responding to a domestic violence call after Mr. Sim allegedly fired several rounds at police.

2010-02-09 Adams, Tahir (21) New Jersey (Elizabeth) Police were called to the 800 block of Adams Avenue around 4:30 a.m. Tuesday for a report of men breaking into cars. When police officers arrived they encountered at least two suspects inside a stolen car. The preliminary investigation thus far indicates that the vehicle made several attempts to elude the police officers’ attempt to stop them and ignored several commands to turn the car off. The vehicle crashed into a responding police car and into other vehicles and mounted the sidewalk before suddenly accelerating in reverse in the direction of officers who were on foot, approaching the vehicle. At that point several weapons were discharged. One suspect, Tahir Adams DOB: 6/27/1987 of Irvington was pronounced dead at the scene.

2010-02-08 Mitchell, Horace (24) Georgia (Stone Mountain) Shot after firing several times at police officers, injuring one. SWAT team responded to report of domestic violence that included one gunshot wound.

2010-02-07 Kent Kramer (29) Michigan (Sandusky) Shot during verbal confrontation with officer Scott Mintz accusing Kent Kramer of reckless driving for having gotten his car stuck in ice and snow during a severe snow storm. Witnesses helped push Kent’s car back onto the road reporting Kent to have been calm and appreciative just prior to the officer’s arrival.

2010-02-07 McNeil, Darnell (19) New Jersey (Newark) 19-year-old Darnell McNeil, of Somerset, denied entry to a Newark, New Jersey go-go bar, returned with a gun, firing into the lounge, critically injuring an off-duty Essex County Sheriff’s Officer who chased the youth down a city street, firing his service revolver and killing him, authorities said today.

2010-02-04 Morse, Mark (36) Arizona (Phoenix) Morse died after a highway-patrol officer used a Taser on him during an altercation on Interstate 17 in North Phoenix, the Arizona Department of Public Safety confirmed Monday. The officer used the weapon after the man – who was walking northbound in a carpool lane on the southbound interstate – “became combative” and “took a fighting stance” with the officer. Morse suffered a breathing issue after the officer took him into custody. He was pronounced dead at John C. Lincoln North Mountain Hospital. The officer believed Morse was “under the influence of something” during the incident.

Trevino, Patrick Donovan (23) Oklahoma (Oklahoma City) Police said Trevino was shot by one of two officers responding to reports of a fight inside Human Performance Center. Witnesses reported Trevino fought with both officers and tried to take their weapons. The fight reportedly went from inside the facility into the parking lot area where Trevino reportedly grabbed the recruit’s gun and the training officer opened fire – killing Trevino at the scene.

March 2010

2010-03-31 Stuckey, Susan L. (47) Kansas (Prairie Village) Police said the woman made “suicidal and threatening comments”, and barricaded herself in her apartment. She was shot by officers after allegedly threatening the officers with a weapon.

2010-03-30 Guyton, Chester (67) Pennsylvania (Bedford County) Troopers were dispatched to a residence to check a report of a distraught male. They discovered that Guyton was in possession of firearms and threatening to harm himself and others while inside his residence. Guyton then began walking around his yard with the handgun. Troopers tried to negotiate with Guyton for more than 90 minutes. However, Guyton allegedly pointed a loaded handgun at a trooper, prompting a trooper to fire on Guyton.

2010-03-30 Mullins, Randy Wayne (25) California (Escondido) Two officers responding to a report of a domestic disturbance at the duplex where Mullins lived with his wife had arrived to hear a woman crying and a man yelling inside the residence, authorities said. After the officers knocked on the door, Mullins appeared with a shotgun in his hand, and one of the officers grabbed it and tried to wrestle it away. During the struggle, the resident appeared to be trying to point the weapon at the second officer, who responded by firing multiple shots in defense of his life.

2010-03-29 Owings, Mickey (26) New Mexico (Albuquerque) Albuquerque Police received a tip that a vehicle involved in a robbery was parked at a Walmart. Detectives set up surveillance of the vehicle. Eventually a man and woman got into a Jeep parked next to the suspected robbery vehicle. The man matched the description of the robbery suspect, so police closed in and blocked the Jeep from escaping. The man started driving into police cars. An officer fired at the car, at least one of which struck the man. The Jeep fled down the wrong lane of a road before the suspect lost consciousness. According to a lawsuit filed in 2014, Owings was unarmed at the time.

2010-03-29 Wilson, Robert “Bobby” Thomas (27) Minnesota (Cottage Grove) An officer pulled over a vehicle which had been connected to recent counterfeit-currency incidents. The vehicle stopped, but as the officer approached, the driver changed his mind. The officer got caught in the vehicle and was dragged over 500 feet. As a result, the officer drew his gun and fatally wounded the driver.

2010-03-29 Hardy, William (27) Illinois (Chicago) Police, however, said Hardy turned and pointed a gun at officers when he was told to stop during an incident near Hirsch Street and Mayfield Avenue.

2010-03-28 Clark, Linda Carol (38) California (Placerville) Clark, a female patient at Marshall Medical Center stole an ambulance and led officers on a chase. The ambulance struck a patrol car and the impact pushed it into two additional patrol units. Fearing for his life and trying to stop the ambulance, an officer fired his service weapon, firing five shots. One of the shots hit Clark.

2010-03-28 Doyle, Wesley Alan (27) Georgia (Cartersville) Shot after turning on police with pistol in hand. Police were responding to report of man urinating in public. Doyle fled when approached and was chased.

2010-03-27 Jaramillo, Mario (43) California (Inglewood) Mario Jaramillo, a 43-year-old Latino, was shot by police after stabbing himself March 27, said authorities. Officers were called to City Farm Market by employees who reported that a man was in the store threatening people with a knife, according authorities. Upon arrival, officers were informed that the man had been stabbing himself and was hiding in a walk-in refrigerator. The suspect exited the refrigerator holding an ax and made a movement toward an officer, a statement said. Two officers shot the man multiple times, police said.

2010-03-26 McCausland, Aaron (42) Michigan (Centreville) Armed with a shotgun and surrounded by police, McCausland was shot by two St. Joseph County Sheriff’s deputies from a handgun and an assault rifle. A wounded McCausland squeezed off three shots.

2010-03-26 White, Todd Ely (46) Washington (Spokane) Shot after firing four times at officers. Police were responding to report of a man carrying gun in neighborhood.[

2010-03-23 Beal, Damon (26) Nevada (Las Vegas) Beal ran from the officers, then pulled a gun and started shooting at the officers, striking Officer Madland. Madland’s partner returned fire and killed the man, who police identified as 26-year-old Damon Beal.

2010-03-22 Gordon, William Georgia (Midway) Shot after shooting at police. The man’s vehicle was stopped as matching the description from a recent burglary.

2010-03-21 Miller, Thomas Tavon (30Maryland (Baltimore) One of the officers and the 30-year-old driver of the vehicle got into an altercation. The suspect was able to break free and get back to his vehicle, where he drew a .25 caliber semi-automatic handgun and opened fire, Bealefeld said. One of the officers was struck in the right cheek, and another was hit in the hand. The suspect was hit several times and died at the scene.

2010-03-20 Rogers, David Renauld (21) Texas (Houston) While Rogers and an accomplice allegedly attempted a robbery he was fatally shot by one of the responding officers as Hill and Rogers ran out of the store. Rogers had pointed a gun at the officers. One of the officers warned Rogers to put his weapon down, but when Rogers refused to do so, the officer who feared for his life shot his weapon at Rogers.

2010-03-20 Bours, Stephen (30) California (Downey) Stephen Bours, a 30-year-old white man, was shot and killed by police March 20 in Downey, according authorities. Bours was wielding and ax and walking north in the middle of the southbound lanes of Paramount Boulevard about 6:30 p.m., said authorities. Officers ordered Bours several times to stop and drop the weapon, but he refused and advanced toward them with the ax raised over his head. “Fearing for their safety, the officers fired their weapons at the suspect and struck him,” said authorities.

2010-03-20 Washington, Steven (27) California (Los Angeles) Officers shot Washington early Saturday morning after he reached into his waistband for what they believed was a weapon. Washington died from a single gunshot wound to the head shortly after midnight. Although no weapon was found, officers said they feared for their lives because Washington did not respond to their commands and appeared to be reaching for his waistband.

2010-03-19 DeShields, Kenneth (37) Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) After Josey said he was an officer, DeShields tucked his own gun – a 9mm Smith & Wesson – into his waistband and ran. He had not gotten into the cash register and escaped with only some merchandise. Josey ran after, shouting, “Police, stop” and “Don’t pull it out” when DeShields reached toward his waistband. DeShields’ “aggressive movements” continued, according to the statement from prosecutors, and Josey fired six times.

2010-03-19 Valencia, Albert (32) California (Los Angeles) Officers were called to a health club about 9 a.m. Patrons reported a man was acting strangely and threatening people, according to authorities. Upon arrival, officers attempted to stop Valencia, who was driving his car out of the parking lot. The officers reported that they saw Valencia brandish a knife as they approached him. Valencia stopped his vehicle and fled into a yard, where officers became involved in a “physical altercation” with him and used a Taser, according to the statement. Shortly afterward, Valencia became unresponsive, and officers performed CPR until the fire department arrived. He was taken to a local hospital and pronounced dead.

2010-03-19 Rodriguez-Muñiz, Jonathan (21) Wisconsin (Milwaukee) Rodriguez-Muñiz was fatally shot by Milwaukee Police after he pointed a gun at them as they attempted to arrest him for outstanding warrants, according to the Milwaukee Police Department. Rodriguez-Muñiz ran from the house and officers pursued him on foot. At one point, Rodriguez-Muñiz fell and a gun fell from his person. He retrieved the gun and pointed it at officers. After refusing multiple commands from officers to drop the gun, and fearing for their safety and the safety of others in the area, the officers discharged their weapons fatally striking Rodriguez-Muñiz multiple times.

2010-03-18 Ornelas, Isaac (30) California (Los Angeles) Isaac Ornelas, a 30-year-old Latino, died Thursday, March 18, the day after he was shot by police several times, according to Los Angeles County coroner’s records. Officers had responded to a call for service at a residence. When officers arrived, they were directed to a detached structure at the back of the house where they encountered Ornelas armed with a semi-automatic handgun. When the suspect reached for his weapon, officers opened gunfire. Ornelas was struck in the upper torso and taken into custody. Los Angeles Fire Department personnel took Ornelas to a hospital where he died in surgery.

2010-03-17 Skinner, Jonathan (20) Tennessee (Gallatin) Gallatin police say that Jonathan Skinner, 20, and David Christopher Cotton, 20, were suspects in a bank robbery in Gallatin. Police say Cotton entered the bank wearing a leprechaun outfit, and carrying a large-caliber weapon. After stealing money, Cotton joined Skinner in a getaway vehicle. After a chase with police, Cotton and Skinner ran and exchanged gunfire with officers. Police say Skinner was killed and Cotton committed suicide.

2010-03-15 Wall, Larry Edward Jr. (30) Georgia (Savannah-Chatham) A Savannah-Chatham police officer fatally shot a man who authorities say had stabbed the patrolman with a knife. The officer was taken to an area hospital with wounds described as not life-threatening; the suspect, identified as Larry Edward Wall Jr., 30, died at the scene.

2010-03-14 Barrera, Charles Allen (39) California (Anaheim) Anaheim police said Barrera was “highly agitated” and was using profanities before attacking an off-duty Gardena police officer at a Del Taco restaurant. Martinez said he didn’t know what led to the attack, but the officer fired his weapon and shot the man outside the east entrance. The officer suffered a broken rib and had injuries to his nose, jaw and face resulting in some cuts and swelling.

2010-03-14 Black, Gerald (51) Texas (Dallas) Two officers responded to a family violence call involving a gun in the 2800 block of Materhorn Drive. When officers entered the home they encountered Black, who attempted to grab one of the officer’s weapons. The second officer discharged their patrol rifle, fatally striking Black.

2010-03-12 Wallace, Reginald Dewayne (40) Tennessee (Memphis) A burglary suspect died after he was shot by a police officer who thought he had a weapon, Nashville police said. Officer Joe Shelton responded to a call about a home burglary and found the suspect fleeing the home. “Shelton saw him trying to go for something,” he said. “He could see something was silver – not knowing what the suspect was about to do – fearing that the suspect was about to put him in imminent danger with some type weapon, Officer Shelton fired.” Police said the man was unarmed, but he had a silver iPod that he allegedly stole from the home.

2010-03-11 Shaw, Malcolm (43) Tennessee (Memphis) According to investigators, Bartlett police Det. Patrick Cici acted in self-defense when he shot Malcolm Shaw, 43. Bartlett police were serving a warrant at Shaw’s home in North Memphis when he came from a back room of his home armed with a gun. Cici saw the gun fired once. Memphis police ruled the shooting as a justifiable homicide.

2010-03-11 Hayes, Tyler (23) Oklahoma (Oklahoma City) Tyler Hayes, 23, an escaped fugitive from the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, was shot and killed March 11, 2010 in Oklahoma City after Officers pursued Hayes driving a stolen vehicle, police said. “The suspect failed to comply with those commands [to stop the vehicle], put the vehicle in reverse and violently spun that vehicle around in a 180. During this incident, both officers discharged their duty weapons,” said Oklahoma City Police Capt. Patrick Stewart.

2010-03-10 Alexander, Gaylon (31) Texas (Dallas) A relative said Alexander was high on drugs and had been randomly firing a gun at an apartment complex. Alexander stopped on Dryden, opened the SUV’s door and fired at officers, police said. Police fired back, fatally injuring him.

2010-03-07 Okot, David (26) Maine (Portland) Shot after brandishing handgun. Police were responding to report of intoxicated man with handgun.

2010-03-07 unnamed male Georgia (Redan) Shot after confronting officers with a knife. The man had broken into his own home using a brick at which point the babysitter called police. Officers twice attempted to subdue man with Taser.

2010-03-07 Wheeler, Joshua (30) Pennsylvania (Harrison Valley) Police received a report of an intoxicated man walking around a neighborhood carrying an assault rifle. Police were dispatched to the scene and Mr. Wheeler barricaded himself in his residence. Attempts were made to resolve the situation peacefully by Troopers, family, friends, and a SERT negotiator with negative results. Mr. Wheeler indicated that the situation would end in bloodshed and him leaving in a body bag. After hours of negotiation Wheeler began firing rounds at Troopers. After further negotiations and rounds shot from the residence, one or more officers opened fire on Wheeler, fatally wounding Wheeler.

2010-03-06 Long, Lloyd (33) Ohio (Columbus) Franklin Township police responded to a call about a theft from the Kohl’s department store at 4050 W. Broad St. Police saw a man run out of Kohl’s and get into a car driven by a 26-year-old woman. Police pursued the car into Columbus, where it stopped in front of 1366 Birch Dr., a dead end on the South Side. An officer approached the car, and Long got out. Jim Gilbert, president of Fraternal Order of Police Capital City Lodge No. 9, said the 6-foot-5-inch, 250-pound Long struck the officer and pulled out a gun. The officer fired in self-defense, Gilbert said.

2010-03-05 Brooks, Alberta (40) Louisiana (Shreveport) Shreveport police say an officer shot and killed Alberta Brooks, 40, who attacked him with a screwdriver and was unaffected by a stun gun. Brooks’ girlfriend had called early Friday to say he was causing problems and she wanted him out of their house. He says Brooks was gone when police arrived, but apparently forced the door open later.

2010-03-04 Tanner, Michael (26) Louisiana (Ouachita Parish) Cpl. J.R. Searcy was a sheriff’s deputy responding to a reported aggravated assault. He was attempting to handcuff suspect Tanner when Tanner pulled out a handgun from behind his back and shot Searcy. Another deputy shot and killed Tanner. Searcy died in the hospital a week later.

2010-03-03 Amaktoolik, Joseph (38) Alaska (Golovin) Upon arriving at a residence where Amaktoolik was believed to be, Amaktoolik confronted the trooper at the door brandishing a firearm. The trooper fired upon Amaktoolik. Amaktoolik was fatally wounded.

April 2010

2010-04-30 Wehinger, Adam Eiman (34) Oregon (Medford) Wehinger barricaded himself in a residence and was in possession of a firearm. There were reports of gunshots prior to the police arriving, and he allegedly fired additional shots inside the residence after police arrived. He was shot by officers when he opened the front door and brandished his weapon at them. Wehinger had earlier made statements to the effect that he wanted officers to kill him.

2010-04-28 Smith, Dominique (20) Texas (San Antonio) Just after 3 a.m. officers followed Smith after learning the 1986 Cadillac he was driving had been reported stolen. Smith stopped at an intersection and the officers pulled up behind him and turned on their lights. The officers told Smith to show his hands, which were in the front pockets of a sweatshirt. Instead, Smith reached back into the car. When he stood up, he again wouldn’t show his hands. Smith moved aggressively toward the officers and when he refused to stop, both officers fired.

2010-04-26 Hoffman, Donald (27) New Jersey (Hammonton) Hoffman was fatally shot by Detective Keith Carmack and Detective Michael Kelly members of the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office Emergency Response Team after he pointed a handgun at an officer and refused to obey repeated commands to drop the weapon.

2010-04-26 Harris, Johnny (48) Wisconsin (Oak Creek / Caledonia)Harris had just led Oak Creek officers on a chase into Caledonia and crashed into a vacant building. He then used the vehicle to hit one of the officers multiple times in an attempt to run him over. Another officer shot Harris.

2010-04-26 Sarten, Bradford (55) California (San Diego) Sarten, who family members said suffered from paranoid schizophrenia, reportedly grabbed a knife and got into a confrontation with police. His family had called the police to “evaluate the man’s mental health”. When they arrived he was armed with a knife. When ordered to put down the knife, he refused and instead told officers they would have to kill him. He then approached the officers, one of whom fired his gun, fatally wounding Sarten.

2010-04-26 Chaffin, James (30) Nevada (Nye) Police responded to a 911 call from a woman who claimed Chaffin shot at her. She fled to a local casino with Chaffin following in another vehicle. Just as cruisers arrived in the casino parking lot and officers exited their vehicle, Chaffin fired multiple shots at one of the officers, killing the officer. Another officer, reacting to the incident, shot and killed Chaffin.

2010-04-25 Grissom, Lejoy (27) California (Culver City) Officers responded to a report of an armed robbery at a store. According to witnesses, the robber brandished a chrome handgun and fled with merchandise from the store. A Culver City police officer saw a car driving unusually and noticed that the passenger, Grissom, matched the description given of the suspected robber, officials said. The officer pulled the car over. While getting Grissom to exit the car, the officer fired his weapon, fatally wounding Grissom. Sheriff’s Lt. Dave Dolson told the Associated Press: Grissom “steps out of the car and at some point, despite commands to keep his hands up, he drops his hands to his waistband area. He made some furtive moves, and so one of the officers thought he was going for a gun and so shot him.” “We have some independent witnesses who have corroborated the officers’ version of events,” Dolson said. Authorities said a chrome handgun was recovered at the scene.

2010-04-24 Jackson, Izael (18) Illinois (Chicago) Chicago Police say they shot Izael Jackson after he jumped out of a vehicle and opened fire on officers following a traffic stop Saturday night.

2010-04-23 Costa, Gary (37) California (Pittsburg) Costa was fatally wounded by police after charging at officers with a knife following a pursuit in which he was driving a stolen car. He was a suspect in the murder of his girlfriend and setting her apartment on fire.

2010-04-23 Hollis, Reuben (29) Georgia (Fulton County) After an officer pulled a vehicle over one of three people inside the vehicle got out with a weapon and was shot by the officer. A weapon was recovered from the deceased suspect, and two other people inside the vehicle were arrested. The suspects were believed to have been involved an overnight carjacking.

2010-04-22 Garcia, Julio (46) California (Cudahy) Julio Garcia, a 46-year-old Latino, was shot and killed by a Maywood police officer April 22, according to authorities. The incident took place shortly before 9:30 a.m. and Garcia was pronounced dead at the scene minutes later. No officers were injured in the incident, authorities said. The shooting is under investigation by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

2010-04-19 Reynolds, Clevonta (18) Texas (Arlington)Reynolds was shot during a melee among teenagers. An officer identified himself as such, then approached the teens and told Reynolds to take his hands out of his pockets, but Reynolds refused. A gun was found in Reynolds’ pocket.

2010-04-19 Bagley, Gene Mason (59) Georgia (Lawrenceville)
Shot after lunging at police with knife in hand. Police were responding to report of man damaging a vehicle with a knife. When police arrived Bagley refused to drop knife.

2010-04-16 Elcock, David (28) New Jersey (Patterson) Police officers and a negotiation team gathered outside of the home of David Elcock. They spent four hours trying to coerce Elcock into surrendering. At approximately 7:00 p.m., Elcock fled and refused warnings from police to drop his weapon. He fired at the police officers, who returned fire, killing Elcock.

2010-04-15 Hanson, Timothy Scott (55) Minnesota (Woodbury) Officers arrived about 11:30 p.m. Gunfire erupted. Police Chief Lee Vague said Friday that Hanson fired first. He was shot and killed.

2010-04-14 Gannon, Joseph Patrick, III (48) Alaska (Anchorage) Gannon was making threats at police officers and his elderly mother during a standoff. He then came out of her apartment holding an air pistol made to look like a real handgun. His actions were perceived as an immediate deadly threat and three officers fatally shot him. The Office of Special Prosecutions said the use of deadly force was justified.

2010-04-14 Reeves, Zak Edward Robert (35) Colorado (Denver) Officers responding to a 9-1-1 call from Reeves’ wife, encountered him on his porch with a 12″ meat cleaver and a 13″ knife. Reeves charged officers, and was hit with a “sponge” bullet from a less than lethal weapon. Reeves continued to advance on officers. A Denver PD officer then fired one shot at Reeves. Reeves died less than an hour later.

2010-04-09 Doza, Russell (49) Oklahoma (Tulsa) Doza was shot at the clubhouse of a motorcycle club while officers were attempting to serve a drug warrant.

2010-04-09 Harris, Brian (39) Louisiana (New Orleans) The officers began speaking with Harris, who had barricaded himself in a bedroom. Officers also said that he was armed with a knife. The whole exchange between Harris and police took just 10 minutes. It ended with officers tasing Harris (who pulled the taser prongs out of his body both times), then opening fire.

2010-04-06 Howard, Nathan (40) Arizona (Scottsdale) Officers responded to a call from a woman in an apartment complex. The woman who called said her husband, Nathan Howard, 41, was out of control, breaking things and suicidal said a police spokesman. As an officer approached the front door to the residence he was confronted by Howard who was holding two knives. Howard ignored verbal commands to drop the knives and charged at the officer, who then fired his service pistol and wounded the suspect. Howard stopped his attack and was handcuffed. Howard remained conscious and combative as more officers arrived. He was taken to a medical center where he was pronounced dead about three hours later.

2010-04-04 Gallegos, Armando (29) Colorado (Walsenburgh) According to a Walsenburg Police Department Press Release, around 9:30 p.m. two officers arrived at 45 Stacy drive. One officer went to the front of the home, the other to the back. The officer-involved in shooting says he saw Armando Gallegos, 29, about to kill his girlfriend. He then opened fire to, “protect the woman from a deadly attack.”

2010-04-03 Miller, Willie (25) Illinois (Chicago) Officers gave chase northbound on Christiana and into the west alley. They say that is where Miller turned and pointed his weapon at pursuing officers. Police said at this point, one of the officers fired and fatally wounded Miller. Miller’s mother and sister, who was also at the party, dispute this version of events and said he did not have a gun.

2010-04-02 Hale, Ronald (33) Georgia (Atlanta) Shot after pulling out a gun. Police were approaching Hale for questioning regarding a report of domestic violence.

2010-04-01 Romero, Michael (32) New York (Brooklyn)Romero leaned into the window of an undercover officer’s vehicle, aiming a pistol at the driver’s head. A second officer exited the passenger side of the car, ran around the car and fatally shot Romero

2010-04-01 Lyles, Reshird (28) Illinois (Chicago) Police said plainclothes officers were patrolling around Pine Avenue and Huron Street due to “an ongoing gang conflict” in the neighborhood when they heard gunshots. Officers saw several people running away, one of them with a gun in his hand, police said. The officers ordered him to stop, but he ran through a gangway and into an alley, police said. An officer approached the man and ordered him to drop the gun. The man pointed the gun at the officer and the officer shot him, police said. The department said a gun was recovered at the scene.

May 2010

2010-05-28 Welch, Michael (20) California (Pinole) Officers shot and killed the 20-year-old parolee, suspected of being involved in a shooting earlier that day, because they thought he was reaching for a gun. Police had ordered him to raise his arms, but instead he reached for his waist. It later turned out to be a black cell phone.

2010-05-27 Flores, Jose (19) California (Los Angeles) Two gang unit officers responding to a call tried to stop Flores, said a Los Angeles Police Department spokesperson. Officers saw a handgun in the man’s hand, and he refused to drop the weapon, according to LAPD. “That’s when the officer-involved shooting took place,” the spokesperson said. It’s believed Flores was in the middle of an alleged drug deal before he was approached by police, according to KTLA. Police said Flores was a known gang member and parolee.

2010-05-27 Morales, Oscar (21) California (Los Angeles) Oscar Morales, a 21-year-old Latino, was shot and killed by Los Angeles police Thursday, May 27, according to Los Angeles County coroner’s records. Officers responded to “a call for service involving a man with a history of suicide threats”, according to an LAPD news release. When officers arrived, family members directed them to Morales. The officers approached Morales, who they described as initially cooperative. According to the LAPD account, he then suddenly grabbed a fireplace poker and came at them, allegedly refusing to drop the poker. At that point an officer opened fire on Morales.

2010-05-27 Dickan, Abraham (79) New York (New York Mills)Dickan walked into a cellular phone store with a .357 magnum in his hand, and shot Seth Turk. Rome, New York Police Officer Donald J. Moore, who was off-duty, but in the store as a customer at the time of the shooting and was carrying his own .40 caliber handgun, shot fatally Dickan.

2010-05-27 Bass, Anthony Bernard (24)South Carolina (Beaufort) Officers approached Bass to question him when he suddenly pulled a weapon and opened fire on the officers. The officers returned fire and continued to exchange fire with the suspect as they chased him down the street into a yard.

2010-05-27 Johnson, Carl D. (48) Maryland (Baltimore) Johnson was driving home from bible study when he went into diabetic shock and began driving on the shoulder. Police arrived on the scene in response to 9-1-1 calls of other drivers. According to officers, Johnson “did not cooperate” with them as they approached his vehicle. Officers responded by spraying Johnson with pepper spray, striking him with their batons, tasing him twice, and punching him in the face, before handcuffing him. Johnson went into cardiac arrest and died one hour later

2010-05-24 Caprio, Andrew (42) California (Los Angeles) Caprio was described as driving erratically and committing several traffic violations. Police attempted to make a traffic stop but Caprio would not pull over. He then led the officers on a pursuit which ended with his crashing into a guard rail, center divider and another vehicle. Police said Caprio emerged from his vehicle holding a large knife, allegedly attacking one of the officers. At least two officers opened fire on Caprio.

2010-05-22 Soliz, John Jessie, III (19) California (Bakersfield) Soliz was found, armed with a rifle, in the backyard of an apartment to which police had responded to a report of shots fired. Bakersfield Police Department Officer Timothy Berchtold told Soliz to show his hands. Soliz pointed the rifle at Berchtold who fired his AR-15 several times, killing Soliz.

2010-05-20 Pouliot, Alfred (27) California (Covina) Pouliot was wanted for a series of violent crimes, according to the Sheriff’s Department. Covina, California police officers located him at a hotel on May 20. They set up a surveillance operation and observed him leave and enter a white pickup truck. Pouliot saw the officers in their vehicle and, according to the Sheriff’s Department, intentionally rammed his truck into the officers’ vehicle. Pouliot then stepped out of the truck and allegedly pointed a handgun at the two officers. At that point, at least one officer shot Pouliot several times.

2010-05-20 Manning, Nathan (31) California (San Diego) Nathan Manning of North Park died Thursday after he and a roommate engaged in a violent fight. A San Diego Police Department detective was unable to calm Manning down and the two ended up wrestling on the ground, witnesses said. The detective pulled out his gun and fired once. Noah Manning said his brother was unarmed at the time of the shooting.

2010-05-20 Kane, Jerry Jr. (45) Arkansas (North Little Rock) Jerry Kane Jr., 45, of Forest, Ohio, and his son Joseph Kane, believed to be 16, were killed during an exchange of gunfire with officers in a Walmart parking lot, Arkansas State Police said Friday. The shootings came about 90 minutes after West Memphis, Tennessee police Sgt. Brandon Paudert, 39, and Officer Bill Evans, 38, were attacked with AK-47 assault rifles after they stopped a minivan on Interstate 40 in West Memphis on Thursday, authorities said.

2010-05-20 Kane, Joseph (16) Arkansas (North Little Rock) Jerry Kane Jr., 45, of Forest, Ohio, and his son Joseph Kane, believed to be 16, were killed during an exchange of gunfire with officers in a Walmart parking lot, Arkansas State Police said Friday. The shootings came about 90 minutes after West Memphis police Sgt. Brandon Paudert, 39, and Officer Bill Evans, 38, were attacked with AK-47 assault rifles after they stopped a minivan on Interstate 40 in West Memphis on Thursday, authorities said.

2010-05-20 Roger-Vasselin, Victoria Helen (67) California (Yuba City) Roger-Vasselin came to the door with a shotgun. … “These two officers are standing in the path of this female, who is advancing toward them with a shotgun pointed at them. They repeatedly ordered her to put the gun down, and when she did not comply with those orders, it left them no other alternatives but to shoot.” Pavey said Roger-Vasselin was pronounced dead at the scene.

2010-05-17 Vieira, Jose (21) Texas (Fort Worth) Vieira called 911 about 5 a.m. Monday, stating he was suicidal and armed with a large-caliber gun… Police said two of the four officers opened fire after Vieira emerged partially from the vehicle then lunged back inside for what they believed was a gun. Vieira, who died from a gunshot wound to the chest, was pronounced dead at the scene.

2010-05-17 Williams, Melvin (33) Georgia (East Dublin) Shot after fighting with police officer. Williams’ vehicle was pulled over for unspecified reasons.

2010-05-16 Stanley-Jones, Aiyana Mo’Nay (7) Michigan (Detroit) A member of an elite Detroit Police Department team failed to follow his training when he stormed a house looking for a murder suspect with his finger on the trigger and shot a 7-year-old girl who was asleep on the couch, a prosecutor said … All sides acknowledge that Aiyana Stanley-Jones’ death was not intentional. But prosecutors say Officer Joseph Weekley’s actions in 2010 were a crime because he handled his submachine gun in a reckless manner.

2010-05-14 Multanen, Monty Edward (70) Multanen, Sue (69) Washington (Tacoma) Shot by son-in-law and off-duty deputy Allen Myron who then killed himself.

2010-05-14 Yzaguirre, Vincent Matthew, (20) California (Bakersfield) Yzaguirre was the driver of a stolen car stopped by two Bakersfield Police officers. When he backed up into the patrol vehicle, Officers Timothy Berchtold and Jason Felgenhauer fired multiple times, killing him.

2010-05-13 White, William Keith (50) Texas (Sulphur Springs) Officers were called to White’s residence for a welfare check, during which the situation worsened. Eventually the officers were shot at by White, and fire was returned in response, fatally injuring White

2010-05-12 Otis, Keaton Dupree (25) Oregon (Portland) Shot after shooting at and wounding police officer during traffic stop. Use of Taser was ineffective.

2010-05-10 Ellis, Darryl (44) Illinois (Chicago) An off-duty Chicago Police Department officer shot and killed a man who authorities said tried breaking into the apartment building owned by the officer. Darryl Ellis, 44, died Monday after he was shot multiple times. Police say Ellis swung a tire iron at the officer after the officer caught him trying to force his way inside.

2010-05-10 Morris, Donovan (35) California (Los Angeles) While holding a handgun, Morris exited the car and turned toward police, according to authorities. At that point, an officer fired at Morris, fatally wounding him. Earlier in the day Morris had shot and killed his wife, Ivy Bodkins, 29.

2010-05-07 Cherry, Rasheed (18) New Jersey (Bloomfield) Cherry, a suspect who allegedly fired several rounds into a crowd of 1,500 carnival attendees, was shot by a police officer and later died from his wound, authorities said.

2010-05-07 Mercado, Genaro (36) Arizona (Phoenix) Officers caught up with the Mustang and conducted a high risk traffic stop. After stopping, police said, Gemaro Mercado, 36, left the car and came toward officers, shooting at them with a hand gun. Four officers fired back and killed Mercado.[26]

2010-05-05 Ware, Phillip V., Jr. (18) Ohio (Shaker Heights) Officers responded to a complaint that a man was breaking into cars. When police arrived, the suspect ran. He cut through yards and ran toward Fernway Road. Police said he pulled out a gun during the chase. An officer shot the suspect.

2010-05-03 Medina, Jason (26) Texas (San Antonio) Gary Mucho, a 12-year veteran of the department, shot Medina once during an arrest attempt after he allegedly refused to obey orders to turn off a car and, police said, attempted to put the car in gear, endangering another officer standing in front of the vehicle.

2010-05-03 Jones, Jason John (21) Minnesota (St. Paul) Jones, a co-suspect in the fatal shooting of a police officer earlier that morning, as well as an armed car jacking prior to that, struck another officer repeatedly in the face with a heavy blunt object. The officer fell down and the man straddled him. The officer was able to get up. He shot the suspect, who died.

2010-05-01 Starks, Dumone D. (22) Missouri (Springfield) Police say an officer arrested the driver (DWI) and asked three other passengers to get out of the car, including 22-year-old Dumone D. Starks. Starks ran and an officer chased him. Starks then loaded and pointed a gun at police. When Starks refused to drop the weapon, the officer shot and killed the suspect

June 2010

2010-06-30 Collender, Julian (25) California (Yorba Linda) Shot to death in front yard of family residence by off-duty detective of Brea PD with a high-powered assault rifle. Collender was shot to death at close range (6–8 ft away) after failing to “freeze” in a “timely manner.” Collender was unarmed at the time of his murder.

2010-06-28 Weaver, Robert (27) Texas (Dallas) Dallas officers responded to a burglary of a motor vehicle call at an apartment complex at 13015 Audelia Road. As the officers were speaking with the 9-1-1 caller, Weaver drove through the complex in a vehicle. When Weaver stopped at the exit gate and waited for the gate to open, an officer approached his vehicle. The officer gave Weaver verbal commands to exit his vehicle, which he ignored. Weaver then reached for an object and pointed it at the officer. The officer discharged his weapon, fatally striking Weaver. Further investigation determined Weaver was unarmed.

2010-06-28 Enriquez, Arturo (36) Colorado (Denver) Shot after pointing a weapon at officers responding to a “man with a gun” 911 call

2010-06-27 Brogli, Scott A. (45) Ohio (Beavercreek) An apparently intoxicated retired military man charged at police with an 8- to 10-inch-long kitchen knife Sunday before he was shot to death by a five-year veteran of the Beavercreek police force.

Bennett, Normane (23) Missouri (St. Louis) Bennett was shot after he fled from police who tried to arrest him for alleged drug activity. Police at the time said Bennett’s family attacked officers, allowing him to flee, and that Bennett pulled a revolver, pointing it at the detective chasing him. The family disputed many of these claims, including that Bennett was armed, in a federal suit.

2010-06-25 Tutt, Matthew (21) Florida (Lakeland) According to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, deputies confronted a suspicious white male riding a bicycle. After being stopped because his bike didn’t have lights or reflectors on it, the suspect was initially cooperative. However, when the deputies asked for permission to search him, he pulled out a handgun and opened fire. “He just busted out with this firearm all of a sudden without any warning at all,” Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said. Both deputies were shot, but managed to return fire and the suspect fell to the ground.

2010-06-24 Champommier, Zachary (18) California (Studio City) As a multi-jurisdictional task force organized by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration gathered in a parking lot for a debriefing, they noticed a man looking inside parked cars, including those belonging to task force members, said authorities. When one of the agents confronted the man, he began a struggle with the officer. A deputy went to the agent’s aid, drawing his gun and ordering the suspect to the ground. A second man behind the wheel of a vehicle, later identified as Zachary Champommier, appeared suddenly, driving the vehicle at high speed toward the group. He rammed the deputy, who was thrown up onto the car before falling to the ground. A deputy and a task force member opened fire on Champommier.

2010-06-22 Phillips, Jahad (19) New Jersey (Newark) Jahad Phillips, of Newark, was fatally shot by an officer as he was being pursued as a robbery suspect. Newark police said Phillips was shot after he charged toward a police cruiser with a gun drawn.

2010-06-20 Garcia, Daniel (32) California (Montebello) A caller described a robbery suspect and that a citizen was following the suspect. Officers located the alleged assailant, later identified as Garcia, and chased him to a yard where it was believed he was hiding. Authorities said police gave specific commands to Garcia to lie down on the ground, but he allegedly attacked the officers while holding a knife. Commands were given again and he refused to follow them, according to the news release. Officers used their Tasers. Allegedly, Garcia did not stop and continued to go after the officers, holding the knife in front of him. Fearing for their safety, officers fired shots, striking Garcia. Investigators said they recovered a knife, as well as evidence linking Garcia to the robbery, at the scene.

2010-06-20 Brown, David Jr. (27) Texas (Lancaster) Police were called to an apartment complex to investigate the fatal shooting of a man on the sidewalk. Brown was a suspect in the shooting, and became involved in a shootout with police in which both Brown and Officer Shaw were fatally wounded. Brown was the son of the Dallas police chief, suffered bipolar disorder, and was abusing drugs before the shootout. He told [his girlfriend] that his father Dallas Police Chief David Brown, Sr. was against him and believed his grandmother along with everybody else hated him. His girlfriend reported that he had been smoking ‘WET’ [marijuana or tobacco soaked in embalming fluid] the day before. … He told her he was hearing voices in his head. His behavior was psychotic, paranoid. Brown had a brief stay at a psychiatric hospital in 2006, when he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. According to a report, he had stopped taking his medication some time before the fatal shootout.

Points, Jamyrin (17) Louisiana (New Orleans) Three New Orleans police officers shot and killed a 17-year-old youth Sunday night in the St. Roch neighborhood after he allegedly pointed and leveled an assault rifle at the officers. The coroner’s office determined that Jamyrin Points was shot 12 times, all in the back of his body. The New Orleans Police Department said that private surveillance footage from the scene shows the man raising the rifle at officer.

2010-06-17 Harding-Perkins, Veronica (46) Maryland (Libertytown) Harding-Perkins was killed by a trooper who fired several shots early Thursday morning after she pointed a gun at him from inside her doorway, police said.

2010-06-16 Luckett, Dexter (23) California (Bellflower) Deputies responded to a call of shots fired, according to a sheriff’s news release. When they arrived several informants confirmed they heard gunshots in the area. Authorities located Luckett, who they said matched a description of the shooter. A deputy ordered Luckett to raise his hands, walk to the car and place his hands on the hood. At first, Luckett raised his hands then allegedly dropped his left hand toward his waistband. According to sheriff’s officials, at that point the deputy again ordered Luckett to raise his hands and he complied, but as he reached the hood of the car, he quickly dropped his left hand to his rear waistband area, out of the deputy’s view. Believing the suspect had retrieved a weapon and in fear for his life, authorities said the deputy fired from his duty weapon, hitting Luckett.

2010-06-15 Mayne, Thomas (58) Maine (Old Orchard Beach) Shot after firing at federal agents who were attempting to arrest him.

2010-06-12 Lira, Donnie Joe (66) Minnesota (Virginia) Lira, wanted for opening fire on a house where his estranged wife and children were staying, was driving erratically when an officer attempted to pull him over. When Lira eventually did so, he pushed the driver’s side door open and emerged carrying a rifle. “Drop the gun!” the officer yelled at Lira, over and over. “Drop the gun or I will kill you.” Lira jacked a shell into the 7mm rifle’s chamber, hoisted the gun to his shoulder and aimed at the officer. At that point the officer opened fire on Lira.

2010-06-11 Cole, Trevon (21) Nevada (Las Vegas) Cole was unarmed when he was shot by a Las Vegas police officer who was serving a search warrant at his apartment. Officer Bryan Yant shot Cole once in the head with an AR-15 rifle. Cole’s fianceé, who was in the apartment, said Cole had his hands up. Police said Cole made a “furtive movement” toward the officer. However, physical evidence indicated Cole was on his knees at the time he was shot. Also, the warrant was based on bad information and that Yant had confused the identities of two people with the same name, leading him to believe that Trevon Cole had a history of weapons charges. The Cole family received a 1.7 million dollar settlement.

2010-06-09 Aguilar, Anthony (25) California (Azusa) An off-duty LA County sheriff’s deputy was driving through a condominium complex when he witnessed a male and female near some parked cars acting suspiciously, according authorities. The deputy pulled up in his vehicle beside the two, identified himself as a deputy sheriff, and asked what they were doing in the area, authorities said. The male, later identified by the coroner’s office as Anthony Aguilar, then allegedly reached for his waistband, investigators said. Fearing Aguilar was arming himself, the deputy fired one round from his duty weapon, striking him, according to sheriff’s officials.

2010-06-08 Ballou, Michael W. (34) Washington (Sedro-Woolley) Shot after failing to follow commands to surrender.

2010-06-07 DuPriest, Kelly “Amber” (39) Nevada (Henderson) DuPriest was strung out on methamphetamine June 7 when she drove a stolen car toward a group of Henderson police officers, ignoring repeated commands to stop.

2010-06-07 Hernández Güereca, Sergio Adrián (15) Texas (El Paso) / Ciudad Juárez, Mexico While standing in a cement culvert along the U.S.–Mexico border, Hernández Güereca was shot by Jesus Mesa Jr., a U.S. Customs and Border Protection agent who was on the U.S. side of the border and claimed Hernández Güereca had been throwing rocks at him, a claim that was contradicted by cell phone video. U.S. officials declined to prosecute or extradite Mesa for the killing. The boy’s parents tried to sue for damages, and their case has reached the U.S. Supreme Court twice.

2010-06-06 Joyce, Jeffrey Kilton (38) Texas (Galveston) Joyce’s girlfriend called police to check on a man threatening suicide. When they arrived at Joyce’s residence, he rushed toward an office brandishing a butcher knife. The officer shot Joyce to avoid being attacked.

2010-06-05 Hill, Stephen (34) California (Los Angeles) Alleged porn-star killer Stephen Hill (AKA Steve Driver) died Saturday night following a day-long standoff with police that ended when officers used what they said was a stun-gun/Taser (according to others, and/or perhaps bean-bag projectile) against him and he stumbled back and took a fatal fall off a cliff in West Hills. Hill, who performed in adult films as Steve Driver and was a suspect in the killing of a fellow porn-star, was holding a Samurai-style sword at the edge of the cliff and threatening to kill himself.

2010-06-05 Williams, Dwayne M. (30) Maryland (Elkton) Williams called 911 just before 1 a.m. to report a man with a gun outside a Pharmacy. When officers arrived, Williams got out of his pickup truck and raised and pointed his gun at the officers, prompting an exchange of gunfire. Delaware and Maryland police have said they later found a suicide note at his home.

2010-06-05 Faulkner, Audy (18) Missouri (Rolla) A Rolla police officer shot 18-year-old Audy Faulkner on June 5 after the teen repeatedly pointed a gun at the officer following a traffic stop. Police said the incident started when an officer stopped a vehicle after seeing it run a stop sign.

Leday, Albert, Jr. (49) California (Santa Rosa) Deputies had been called to an apartment complex by a woman who said she was fearful of her ex-boyfriend who was on the premises, and that he had earlier assaulted her. Deputies spotted Leday in his car, who led them on a high speed chase, where he crashed into a light pole and got out of his car. Police and witnesses said he appeared to reach behind his back and pull up his waistband. The deputies fired upon Leday in reaction to this motion.

July 2010

2010-07-28 Royalty, Markiese (26) Arizona (Phoenix) Officers who were staging a sale of $250,000 worth of marijuana inside a home in Phoenix. A gunfight broke out during the staged sale, leaving one officer and two suspects dead.

2010-07-28 Tatum, Roger (32) Arizona (Phoenix) Officers who were staging a sale of $250,000 worth of marijuana inside a home in Phoenix. A gunfight broke out during the staged sale, leaving one officer and two suspects dead.

2010-07-27 Farias, Angel Hernandez (24) California (Mendocino) Authorities entered a marijuana garden on U.S. Forest Service land close to the Glenn County, California line in the Covelo, California, area. A Hispanic man in his 20s, Angel Hernandez Farias, and another suspect entered the garden about quarter to seven. According to law enforcement, Farias, age 24, pointed a gun at them. An unidentified officer fired back, wounding the suspect who attempted to run but was brought down by a K-9 unit. Farias died at the scene.

2010-07-23 Netter, Matthew (23) Washington (Silverdale) Matthew James Netter was still buckled in the drivers seat when he was shot and killed by a Poulsbo, Washington, police officer during a July traffic stop. Media reports state Netter had jumped out of his car and pointed a weapon at Poulsbo officer Darrel Moore but eyewitness statements and dashcam video confirm Netter never left the vehicle – and Moore is heard on the audio repeatedly stating, “I thought I saw a gun.” Three days later, when a search warrant was obtained, officials reported finding a Military/Police issued weapon that was in the trunk of Netters police impounded car. There are hundreds of crime scene photos and video – no weapon was recovered, documented or photographed immediately after the shooting.
Netter, from Bremerton, Washington, was shot eight times at point blank range. The officer fired until Netter stopped moving, according to a report issued Friday by Kitsap County, Washington, Prosecuting Attorney Russell Hauge. Hauge found that Moore was “absolutely justified” in his use of force during the stop near Silverdale’s Whaling Days festival July 23. The report relied on audio and video evidence from Moore’s patrol car camera, along with the statement of a U.S. Navy officer who was a “ride along” observer who had also against protocol – exited Moore’s vehicle during the traffic stop near the Whaling Days festival.

2010-07-22 Stokes, Erik Demond (34) Maryland (Baltimore)Erik Stokes, 34, was under surveillance by authorities who were investigating a counterfeiting ring, said a police spokesman. When police attempted to arrest three suspects, two ran away and a third (Stokes) pulled a handgun and shot at detectives. Two detectives returned fire and killed Stokes.

2010-07-22 Rivera, James (16) California (Stockton) Rivera had escaped from San Joaquin County Juvenile Hall, where he was being held pending felony charges. He was shot and killed following a short police pursuit involving a minivan and driver who matched descriptions given in an armed carjacking, said Stockton Police Department. Officers intentionally collided with the minivan to stop it. The driver, Rivera, lost control and crashed. When the minivan began moving backward toward officers, SPD said they feared for their lives and fired at the back window.

2010-07-21 Santa Cruz, Pedro (40) California (Los Angeles) A patrol unit was called to investigate a prowler, according to LAPD. Officers saw a man a block away matching the description of the suspected prowler, police said. As they approached the person, later identified as Pedro Santa Cruz, he turned and began punching one of the officers, police said, and a physical altercation began. According to the LAPD, the officer’s partner believed Santa Cruz was stabbing his colleague and so the partner fired his gun upon Santa Cruz. The officer involved in the fight sustained injuries to his head and hand.

2010-07-21 Johnson, Naquan (21) New Jersey (Gloucester Township) Johnson was fleeing an apartment where he Tasered and sexually assaulted a woman and shot a man, authorities said. When officers tried to take him into custody, he a “made a threatening gesture” with a handgun, prompting officers to open fire, according to authorities.

2010-07-20 Kemp, Jason (31) Colorado (Grand Junction) Officers forced entry into Kemp’s home regarding a recent automobile accident and possible DUI. Kemp made a threatening move in the dark and was shot to death by an officer.

2010-07-19 Hamby, Dennis (50)Georgia (Douglasville) Hamby was fatally shot in the parking lot of a Motel 6 in Douglasville, Georgia, by a Douglasville police officer on July 19, 2010. The deceased allegedly attempted to run over an officer after he was caught selling meth. The officer was pinned by the automobile and Hamby was shot in response to his action. Several uniformed and undercover officers were present and the incident was recorded by dashcam.

2010-07-18 Harris, Rodney Eugene (48) Tennessee (Oak Ridge) Oak Ridge, Tennessee, Police said Harris was advancing toward four officers, large knife in hand, and refusing repeated commands to drop the weapon. Harris had just stabbed a police dog and yanked an embedded Taser barb out of his body that had been fired by one officer in a bid to subdue him, Beams said.

2010-07-17 Stevenson, Tyron L. (26) Pennsylvania (Reading) According to police: The department got a call of a gunpoint robbery involving two victims about 2:30 a.m. On arrival, a witness pointed out Stevenson as involved in the robbery. Officers tried to stop Stevenson, but he ran. Police chased him, and he got into a scuffle with an officer. During that scuffle, Stevenson fired a shot at the officer but missed, and the officer fired one shot at Stevenson, which killed him. Police said a pistol was recovered at the scene, and the weapon had a spent shell casing jammed inside.

2010-07-17 Collins, Fred (48) California (Oakland) Oakland Police Department said they received 911 calls reporting a man who was believed to have been carrying weapons. Collins was encountered by two BART Police officers who attempted to subdue the man before he led them on a foot chase. Officers then attempted to Tase Collins twice while ordering him to drop two knives he was brandishing at the officers, police said. After the failed attempts at using the taser, authorities said Collins lunged at one of the officers while holding the knives in his hand. Police opened fire on the man and Collins died at the scene.

2010-07-16 Reyes, Luciano (35) California (Los Angeles)LAPD officers from the Foothill Division responded to a domestic violence call about 12:40 a.m., said a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles Police Department. According to preliminary information provided by the coroner’s office, Reyes allegedly confronted officers while pointing a gun at them, at which point he was shot.

2010-07-16 Gaymon, DeFarra (48) New Jersey (Newark) Shot after reportedly lunging at police officer and threatening to kill him.

2010-07-15 Privacky, Seth (30) Michigan (Chippewa County)The three inmates stole a tractor-trailer and crashed it through a fence at the Kinross Correctional Facility near Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, on Thursday. Seth Privacky, 30, who had been serving a life sentence for killing five people near Muskegon in 1998, was shot dead by a corrections officer.

2010-07-14 Gilbert, Rashaan (33) New Jersey (Newark) Two Newark Police Department detectives identified as members of the city’s gang investigations unit shot and killed Rashaan Gilbert, 33, of Newark, New Jersey, after he allegedly approached them on a South Ward street corner with a loaded weapon and refused to drop it.

2010-07-13 Hummell, Lance G. (23) New Mexico (Las Cruces) Hummell drew a nearly 4-foot Samuari sword as he exited the vehicle, raised the blade and walked toward the officers. … Rivera and Camp drew their weapons and ordered Lance Hummell to stop. He did not, continuing to advance slowly toward the officers. … Wormuth found the officers to be no further than 27 feet from Lance Hummell when Rivera shot and killed him.

2010-07-11 Hassell, Jamarr Virginia (Norfolk) Police spotted a vehicle driving erratically at 2:22 a.m. When they tried to pull the vehicle over, they say the driver fled on foot and was seen carrying a handgun. A press release states ‘officers instructed the suspect to drop his gun. The suspect turned toward officers and began to raise his weapon when officers fired.’ Family members say Hassell was running through a field when officers shot him in the back. Hassell’s brother was asked whether Jamarr had a gun. ‘Maybe he did, but that’s not the point, ‘he said.

2010-07-10 Rueda, Javier (28)California (Sun Valley) Officers noticed a motorist, later identified as Rueda, who appeared to be driving under the influence, according to authorities. As police tried to pursue Rueda, he led them on a chase. He then stopped his car and exited with a handgun, police said. According to the news release, Rueda immediately began shooting at the officers who returned fire. Rueda was hit by several gunshots. He was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.

2010-07-10 Scott, Erik B. (38) Nevada (Las Vegas) U.S. Army Veteran and Concealed Carry Licensee killed by police after Costco employees called and reported a man with a gun.

2010-07-09 Avila, Traveon John (15) California (Bakersfield) Police said Avila led the officers on a car chase after the officers tried to stop him for driving a stolen vehicle. The chase ended on a dead-end street where Avila attempted to back the car into the officers as they walked up to him. That’s when they shot Avila multiple times, killing him.

2010-07-09 Booker, Marvin (56) Colorado (Denver) Booker was being restrained using a chokehold, and even after handcuffed and from video taped recordings, appeared subdued, was tasered.

2010-07-08 Hope, William Jr. (25) Illinois (Chicago) Two plain-clothed officers wearing visible police identification approached William Hope as he sat in his car in the parking lot of a Popeye’s Chicken and Biscuits. When the officers began to question the 25-year-old about burglaries and other criminal activities in the area, he became “erratic” and attempted to run over the officer, authorities said. As the officer attempted to reach in the vehicle and put the car in park, he became lodged in the window and Hope attempted to run him down, injuring the officer. The officer’s partner opened fire four times, fatally shooting him. Police recovered a loaded 9mm pistol from the Hope’s left pocket.[29] In 2012 a federal jury found against the City of Chicago and officers Armando Ugarte and Michael St.Clair, awarding $4.6m to the Estate of William Hope, Jr.

2010-07-08 Baumgardner, Joseph (24) California (San Ramon) Baumgardner ordered a 7-Eleven clerk to leave the store, said authorities, and the clerk went across the street to call police. The gunman spent the next hour drinking beer from the store’s refrigerators. Officers contacted Baumgardner by phone and tried to coax him out of the building. Baumgardner demanded marijuana and refused to come out. Then, at 3:24 a.m., Baumgardner emerged from the 7-Eleven with a beer in one hand and the gun in the other. He then threw down his beer and pointed the weapon at the officers, who fired at him. “Officers had no other alternative,” said authorities.[31]

2010-07-08 Popkowski, James (37) Maine (Medway)Shot after armed confrontation with police. Officers were responding to report of gunshots in woods near hospital.

2010-07-07 Owens, Phyllis (87) Oregon (Boring) Owens threatened her mobile home park manager with a semi-automatic handgun. She started yelling, ‘What in hell are you doing, making all this racket at this time of night?’. Police were called to the scene and began negotiating with her. She agreed to put the gun down but when officers moved toward her she picked it up again. The officers tased her at this point. She was rushed to a hospital where died about an hour later.

2010-07-07 Devangari, Mayceo (49) Washington (Kent) Shot after two-hour standoff by police responding to a domestic violence call. Police claim they believed Mr. Devangari was reaching into his pocket for a weapon, which they claim turned out to be a silver/chrome-colored crank flashlight. Devangari had made threats that he was armed and said that he wanted to die.

2010-07-07 Clausen, Jeffrey Lee (33) Minnesota (Cottage Grove) Authorities say Clausen attempted to sell a rifle to an undercover officer and left in a car driven by his girlfriend. Police later stopped the car to arrest Clausen. Officers say Clausen got out of the car holding something that appeared to be a weapon. He was fatally shot by four members of the Washington County Special Response Team.

2010-07-05 Moore, DeCarlos (36) Florida (Miami) The officers pulled Moore’s car over and got out of their car. … Brown-Williams testified that Moore got out of the car, walked toward the officers, then quickly returned to the Honda, reaching in through a window and turning toward Marin. Marin said he saw something that looked metallic in Moore’s hand as he faced them … he thought Moore was retrieving a weapon and fatally shot him in the head. Prosecutors said no weapon was found at the scene, but some aluminum foil containing crack cocaine was discovered nearby. The car actually was not stolen.

2010-07-01 Worthy, Edward Swan (34) Michigan (Southfield) Worthy was the prime suspect in an armed robbery, and police had his apartment under surveillance. Authorities were alerted that the suspect had used a shotgun in the robbery. Worthy attempted to flee his apartment in his car but eventually spun out and crashed. As officers converged at the crash scene, Worthy fled on foot. At that time officers began firing at Worthy. The suspect was struck multiple times. It is not clear whether Worthy was armed at the time he tried to escape on foot.

August 2010

2010-08-31 Zevola Sr., Edward C. (61) Pennsylvania (Baldwin Borough) When Officer Kim Reising arrived, Zevola was sitting in a chair on the front patio with a rifle … He said, ‘I’m a Vietnam veteran. I have seven rounds. I won’t shoot for your Kevlar (bulletproof vest). I’ll shoot for your head,’ ” … Reising tried to calm Zevola and to get him to drop the weapon. Another officer approaching through nearby woods saw him raise his rifle and point it toward Reising. The officer fired a single shot that struck Zevola.

2010-08-31 Young, David Charles (23) Washington State (Federal Way) Shot while advancing a pickup truck towards officer “in an aggressive manner” after vehicle crashed following a chase. Police had pursued Young on suspicion of driving a stolen vehicle.

2010-08-30 Williams, John T. (50) Washington (Seattle) The victim was John T. Williams, a 50-year-old of Native American ancestry who was known for his wood-carving. Officer Ian Birk saw Williams carrying a piece of wood and a three-inch blade. He ordered Williams to drop the knife. Williams was slow to respond. And from a distance of nine feet, Officer Birk shot at Williams five times.

2010-08-28 Mateos, Leonel (20) California (Los Angeles) LAPD officers found Mateos standing in the street after getting a call reporting an “assault with a deadly weapon, suspect there now,” according to an LAPD news release. Officers said they observed Mateos striking the driver’s side window of a stopped car with what they believed to be a handgun. There were two people inside the vehicle. At that point, Officer Shane Bau and his partner shot Mateos, authorities said. After the shooting, authorities determined Mateos was wielding a wooden baseball bat, not a gun.

2010-08-27 Barrett, Brandon (28) Utah (Salt Lake City) Shot after shooting at police and injuring one officer in the leg. Police were responding to report of man armed with a rifle pacing on a busy street.

2010-08-25 Creach, Wayne Scott (74) Washington (Spokane Valley) Shot with handgun in back waistband after approaching unmarked police car in parking lot of Creach’s business around 11 pm. The family reported the Creach thought he had heard a burglar and had gone outside to investigate.

2010-08-23 King, Garfield Romale (32) Illinois (Chicago) Police say King led officers on a car chase after an attempted traffic stop. The chase ended with a crash. Police say King then rammed his car into another squad car, pinning and injuring a third officer. The impact also caused King’s car to catch fire. Officials said that’s when they opened fire, killing King.

2010-08-20 Gaye, Tarnorris Tyrell (19) Florida (Miami) Shot after pointing shotgun at officer.

2010-08-16 Ariel Rosenfeld (43) Washington (Seattle) Shot after man pulled gun from his waistband during fight with police. Officers were at man’s place of employment to arrest him for investigation of domestic violence the night before.

2010-08-14 Belizaire, Gibson (21) Florida (Miami) Shot after firing at police officers multiple times.

2010-08-13 McClendon, Maurell (88) Texas (Lufkin) Preliminary investigations indicate when officers arrived they found a man, later identified as Maurell McClendon on the front porch armed with a shotgun. Witnesses told investigators the initial officers on the scene commanded McClendon to “drop the gun,” but instead the alleged shooter moved toward his ex-wife who was already down. There are conflicting reports that McClendon fired a shot at his ex-wife before officers shot him.

2010-08-11 Johnson, Joeell Lee (16) Florida (Miami) Shot after pointing a gun at an undercover officer during a robbery Sting operation.

2010-08-10 Geske, Troy (41) Colorado (Pueblo) Died from “positional asphyxia” while being restrained face down in police custody in the forensic unit of the state mental hospital

2010-08-06 Wells, Eric (30) Indiana (Indianapolis) Killed when the motorcycle he was riding was struck by a patrol car driven by on-duty officer David Bisard, whose blood-alcohol level at the time of the accident was 0.19.

2010-08-05 Carl, Joey (17) Minnesota (Duluth) Video shows Carl coming out from behind two cars and charging at the squad car with a baseball bat. He starts smashing in the squad’s windshield. Keast attempts to reverse his car as the teen continues to strike. The squad car hits a vehicle behind it and comes to a stop. Carl then makes his way to the driver’s side window and continues pounding on the squad car. Keast yells at him telling him to put the bat down. A single shot is fired and hits Carl in the chest.

2010-08-04 Daniels, Garry Ray (24) California (Bakersfield) Daniels had injured the manager of the Rankin Hotel and was brandishing a knife when he was shot twice and mortally wounded by Bakersfield Police Officer Christopher Knutson. Daniels died at Kern Medical Center.

2010-08-01 Vigil, Alfred Raymond (62) Colorado (Denver) Vigil called 911 and stated that he wanted to die via “suicide by cop”. Officers arrived on scene to find Vigil holding a gun to his head. After ignoring repeated calls to drop the weapon, Vigil pointed the weapon at the officers. The four officers fired a total 12 rounds, killing Vigil.

September 2010

2010-09-30 Moton, Alfred Sr. (54) New Jersey (Pennsauken) Moton shot his three sons, fatally wounding two and critically injuring the third, and set their tidy southern New Jersey home afire before police killed him.

2010-09-30 Withers, Danny (21) Ohio (Cleveland) Withers was shot once in the chest when he jumped out of a closet in a darkened basement, surprising officers who were serving a warrant for his arrest.

2010-09-29 Layten, Jeff (39) Nebraska (Omaha) Police say the man shot by two officers inside Creighton University Medical Center died Wednesday afternoon following a morning confrontation with police. The two officers were wounded.

2010-09-27 Williams, Jerome (15) Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh) A 911 caller reported that two to three people with guns had broken into her home. Officers responding to the scene chased three boys as they fled the home, but Jerome turned toward them and ignored their orders to drop his gun, Chief Harper said. Instead, Jerome fired multiple shots at the officers, he said. One or both of the officers fired multiple shots back, and the boy was fatally struck in the head.

2010-09-24 Moroni, Matt (39) Michigan (Sterling Heights) Matt (suicidal) came out with a handgun and pointed it at police. They say when Matt wouldn’t put the gun down, they opened fire, killing him.

2010-09-24 Elias, Rita (31) California (Stanislaus) Physical altercation between Elias and Kari Abbey (off-duty Stanislaus sheriff’s detective). At one point Elias went back into the home and came back out with a branch in her left hand and a gun in the right. Abbey fired at Elias, striking her multiple times. It was later revealed Elias was holding a BB gun.

2010-09-24 Cockren, Lonnie George, Sr. (58) California (Bakersfield) Cockren was shot and killed by Bakersfield Police Officer William Caughell after Cockern pulled a revolver from his waist and pointed it toward officers.

2010-09-22 David, James, Sr. (60) Ohio (Bellevue) Police received a call from a resident who reported a man was brandishing a handgun. Two officers responded and found Mr. David sitting on his front porch holding the gun. The officers identified themselves and the man stood up and ran toward the front door of the house. Officers said they then ordered him to drop the weapon and stop, but he instead ran back toward the end of the porch and pointed the gun at police. Both officers then fired at Mr. David.

2010-09-18 Seavey, Harry (51) Ohio (Cincinnati) Shot during gunbattle with police. Undercover agents were approaching bar where Seavey was standing guard and fired on agents.

2010-09-16 Blair, Todd (45) Utah (Ogden/Roy) Blair, 45, was shot three times by Strike Force Sgt. Troy Burnett as agents entered his home with a no-knock search warrant, officials said. The warrant was issued on allegations Blair was selling meth and heroin from his home. Blair was brandishing a golf club when he was shot, officials said.

2010-09-11 Bayliffe, Brent (30) Washington (Olalla) Shot after attacking an off-duty state trooper at the trooper’s home.

2010-09-11 Serna, Manuel (38) California (Fresno) Serna’s relatives called Fresno County Sheriffs Deputies to the house after he had fired a rifle and threatened to shoot deputies if they arrived. Serna fired more shots after the deputies arrived. After a standoff of several hours a SWAT team stormed the house and Serna was shot and killed.

Lookabill, Nikkolas W. (22) Washington (Vancouver) Shot after refusing to commands to drop weapon. Police were responding to report of a man walking the neighborhood armed with a handgun

2010-09-06 Pao, Kevin B (22) Georgia (Augusta) Shot while reaching for gun in a bag during struggle with officer. Police were responding to report of a man bathing in the restroom of a restaurant.

2010-09-05 Ramirez, Manuel (37) California (Los Angeles) Three officers with the bicycle unit from the LAPD’s Rampart Division were patrolling the area when a pedestrian flagged them down and told them a man with a knife was threatening people, authorities said. Officers approached Ramirez, ordered him to drop the knife and fired the fatal shots when he didn’t comply, he said.

2010-09-03 Chesney, Michael Lewis (54) Tennessee (Knoxville) When an officer lifted the bed skirt on a bed, Chesney fired a round from under the bed from a 9mm semiautomatic pistol at Officer Brandon Stryker, hitting him in the torso. Police said Stryker and two other officers returned fire. Chesney died at the scene.

2010-09-03 Sims, Richard Wayne (64) Washington (Tacoma)Shot after refusing commands to put down knife and then raising knife in an overhand threatening manner. Police were responding to a report of a man waving a knife around in front of a bus stop.[19][

2010-09-03 Rocha, Amin (32) Texas (Houston) A Houston Police officer was working an off-duty, extra employment job at an apartment complex located at 2500 Old Farm Road. While he was at the location, the officer heard a female screaming for help. When the officer went to investigate he witnessed a male attempting to drag a female into a vehicle. The officer approached the male, identified himself as a police officer and ordered the male to put his hands on the vehicle. As the officer continued to approached, the male drew a firearm and pointed it at the officer. The officer discharged his weapon, fatally striking the male.[

2010-09-03 Ferreira, Joshua (19) California (Fresno) Fresno Police plainclothes officers were patrolling for stolen cars when they say Ferreira get into a stolen Neon. They followed him until he stopped and then tried to box him in with their two cars. In an attempt to get away he drove onto a sidewalk, where an officer was standing. The officers shot and killed Ferreira.

2010-09-02 Dawkins, Lance (24) Oklahoma (Oklahoma City) Oklahoma City Police said security officers were trying to clear a nightclub at 2am when a man in the crowd pulled out a gun and started shooting at officers. They returned fire, hitting three people. 24-year-old suspect Lance Dawkins died from his wounds.

2010-09-01 Lee, James J. (43) Maryland (Montgomery County Lee, an environmental militant, was killed Wednesday at the end of a tense hostage standoff at Discovery Communications headquarters in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland.

October 2010

2010-10-31 Sullivan, Nicodemus (24) (Sonoma County) Sullivan was shot and killed by four Sonoma County Sheriff’s deputies and a California Highway Patrol officer after he showed up at his mother’s house in unincorporated Sonoma County, near Santa Rosa. Police came to the neighborhood where Sullivan was in his car, and Sullivan accelerated towards the patrol cars, striking one car with a deputy inside. Police also feared Sullivan was reaching for a weapon while attempting to ram their vehicles. Sullivan was hit 11 times.

2010-10-30 Wickham, Kenneth (63) Washington (Tacoma) Shot after refusing to stop waving gun after numerous police orders to do so. Police were responding to a report that Wickham was threatening to kill himself.

2010-10-29 Dang, Henry (15) Connecticut (Windsor Locks) Off duty Officer Michael Koistinen, who had been drinking alcoholic beverages for hours, struck 15-year-old Henry Dang with his car while the teen was riding his bicycle home from a friend’s house at night. Koistinen was driving more than 70 mph in a 35 mph zone when he hit Dang, police said. Police believe Koistinen was drunk at the time. Koistinen’s father, Sargeant Robert Koistinen, who was the highest-ranking Windsor Locks police officer to initially respond to the accident, removed his son from the accident scene, placed him in the back of the department’s SUV, and drove him back and forth to the police station several times. Sargeant Koistinen prevented officers from the regional accident reconstruction team from performing a blood/alcohol test on Michael Koistinen.

Mackey, Tobias Arthur (25) Texas (Dallas) Tate claimed he shot Mackey because he thought he was reaching for a gun. A Dallas County grand jury cleared Tate last year of any wrongdoing. … The suit claims that after being shot, Mackey said: “Why did you shoot me? I don’t have anything.” Tate then shot him again, at close range, the suit alleges. He was shot a total of nine times, according to the lawsuit.

2010-10-29 Cunningham, Samuel Thomas III (53)Georgia (Athens) Shot while holding knife to another man’s throat. Police officer on foot patrol heard an argument and entered apartment.

2010-10-27 Nunn, Michael (40) Indiana (Gary) The officers ordered Nunn to drop his knife, and he charged at them, Roberts said. At least one officer shot Nunn.

2010-10-26 Kelly, William Lee (40) Washington (Longview) Shot after shooting at police. Officers were pursuing man as prime suspect following the armed robbery of a market. After man’s vehicle’s tire blew out, man exited vehicle with rifle and fired at police.

2010-10-26 Ostling, Douglas (43) Washington (Bainbridge Island) Bled to death after being shot in leg through door. Officers were responding to a 911 call from Ostling in a reported state of “excited delirium.” Ostling opened the door to officers while holding an ax, then retreated and closed door. Ostling was left unattended for 75 minutes after being shot.

2010-10-24 Hyman, Nelson Gray (22) South Carolina (Summerville) Coroner Chris Nesbit says Hyman tried to run over the cop with his truck. Hyman was then shot in the upper torso and crashed his truck and as a result he died on the scene.

2010-10-24 Dodd, Quentin (50) Washington (Spokane) Shot after charging at deputies with obsidian knife in hand and after yelling “Shoot me.” at officers. Officers were responding to report that Dodd was threatening roommate with knife.

2010-10-24 unnamed male Georgia (DeKalb County) Shot after engaging in a criminal act. Two off-duty police officers work security at an apartment complex “approached the suspect and at some point were forced to shoot.”

2010-10-23 Brown, Larry (58) Colorado (Delta) Shot after shooting at police. Officers were responding to report of gunshots in neighborhood.

2010-10-22 Burnett, Marques Ra’Shawn (28) North Carolina (Greensboro) Burnett was shot by Cpl. M.W. Chandler while officers were responding to a disturbance call. A 911 call reported a man outside yelling that he was going to kill someone. Burnett knocked Officer Gillis unconscious and Officer Chandler shot Burnett, who died at the scene. It is unclear whether Burnett had a weapon or was under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the incident. Witnesses to the shooting disputed that a Taser was used in the incident, but saw Burnett knock the female officer unconscious.

2010-10-22 Ramirez, James (33) California (Santa Monica) Authorities, responding to a shooting call, found a female who told authorities her husband (James Ramirez) had shot her. According to the investigation, after the shooting Ramirez fled on foot with a handgun. As he was fleeing he approached officers, who ordered him to stop. He refused to do so, and instead pointed his gun at the officers, at which point the officer-involved shooting occurred.

2010-10-19 Gonzales, Daniel (56) New Mexico (Albuquerque) After trying to negotiate with Gonzales by phone for more than an hour and a half, Gonzales stood at the front door with shotguns in both hands at about 10:30 p.m. and threatened police, Garcia said. An Albuquerque SWAT team member or members fired at Gonzales, killing him.

2010-10-17 Henry Jr., Danroy Thomas (20) New York (Thornwood) Henry was shot three times and killed by police in the midst of a brawl outside Finnegan’s Grill in the shopping center after striking an officer with his car. The father of a passenger in the car said that the driver headed away because he thought police wanted him to move. Roughly six months later, the head of the New York police union, presented Aaron Hess, the officer who shot and killed Danroy “DJ” Henry, with an “officer of the year” award.

2010-10-10 Cuevas, Jonathan (20) California (Los Angeles) A lone deputy approached three men. One of the men, later identified as Johnathan Cuevas, allegedly reached into his waistband as he started to run. Seeing this, the deputy fired several times, striking Cuevas, said a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy. A handgun was recovered at the scene, the deputy said.

2010-10-08 Voute, Albert James III (36) Connecticut (Danbury) State police stopped the car that Voute was driving on eastbound I-84 about 6:20 p.m. Friday near Exit 4, and he fled on foot. Voute had a handgun that he “directed at” a state trooper, who responded by shooting Voute, according to state police. Voute later died from the gunshot wound.

2010-10-07 Brookins, Rashaad (23) Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh) Pittsburgh police were called to a social club just after 1 a.m. for a reported burglary. Officers found the front door forced open; an officer went in and encountered a man, later identified as Mr. Brookins, and ordered him to show his hands. Police said Mr. Brookins refused and then “lurched” at the officer. An assisting officer yelled “knife!” as Mr. Brookins was about to attack, police said, and the first officer fired in self-defense.

2010-10-07 Davis, James (18) California (Los Angeles) LAPD officers patrolling the housing projects encountered a group of males, one of whom ran away, police said. The officers chased the suspect, later identified as James Davis. According to LAPD, Davis pointed a gun at the officers, prompting at least one officer to fire a weapon. Police said a weapon was recovered from the shooting scene near 114th and Grape streets.

2010-10-07 Johnson, Patrick (19) Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) When officers arrived, Johnson confronted them with a stick and at one point tried to set it on fire. They say that officers trained in crisis-intervention were called to the scene but that Johnson failed to respond to repeated verbal requests to calm down, and that a Taser gun had to be used to subdue him.

2010-10-05 Rodriguez, Danny (28) Arizona (Phoenix) Rodriguez and his pit bull were shot and killed by officer Richard Chrisman after reports of a domestic disturbance at their home. Chrisman claimed that Rodriguez tried to attack him with a bicycle. According to prosecutors, Chrisman killed Rodriguez without a possibility of a threat. Chrisman was charged with second-degree murder and animal cruelty, and was convicted of the lesser charge of manslaughter and assault. He was sentenced to seven years of prison in 2013.

2010-10-05 Fiorini, Rod (23) California (Fresno) After drinking an alcoholic energy drink, college student Fiorini went into his backyard and fired a shotgun. His roommate called police. Police say when they arrived and found Fiorini sitting on the porch holding the shotgun they ordered him to drop his weapon. They say he did not comply moved toward them. Fearing for their safety the eight officers fired sixty-three shots. Fiorini died at the scene.

2010-10-04 Linthicum, Reginald (43) California (Los Angeles) Officers responded to a robbery call at a flower store, where shots were reportedly fired and a man told officers he was wounded. While there, officers got a report that a similar man had robbed the Radio Shack. A suspect fitting the description was seen and a pursuit ensued. The chase concluded when Linthicum abandoned his vehicle and made an effort to carjack another. Authorities said the officer-involved shooting occurred at that point.

2010-10-03 Wnek, Dougles (37) New Jersey (Middle Township) Wnek was fatally shot by members of the Cape May County Regional SWAT team after Wnek allegedly threatened police with firearms and failed to comply with orders to drop his weapons during a standoff at his residence.

2010-10-03 Paulino, Emmanuel (24) New York (New York City) A man who called 911 and ranted about killing police was shot and killed in Inwood as he waved a knife at officers Sunday.[

2010-10-01 Adams, Letha (38) Oklahoma (Muskogee) Adams tried to take [the officer’s] weapon. Police said the two then got into a scuffle. “She was just swinging and she was on top of him and going crazy,” said [a Muskogee resident]. Police said a second officer, identified as Ginny Bemo, arrived and quickly went to her partner’s aid, firing shots at Adams.

November 2010

2010-11-28 Poccia, Richard (60) California (Napa) Shot in front of his home by police after Richard’s wife reported he was distraught and had threatened suicide.

2010-11-26 Acosta, Alexander (31) California (Los Angeles) According to an LA County Sheriff’s Deputy: Authorities were called by a woman who told them that her son (Acosta), was attacking her boyfriend. Officers arrived and saw Acosta “slashing a man’s head with a meat cleaver.” The deputies ordered the suspect to stop and drop the cleaver several times, but the suspect ignored the deputies’ command and continued slashing the victim. One of the deputies then fired his weapon, striking Acosta three times in the torso.

2010-11-24 Ferguson, Xavier (23) Illinois (Chicago) Police said uniformed officers were on routine patrol at 1:20 a.m. when they saw people throwing items out the window of a van. The officers activated their lights and tried to curb the van but it did not immediately stop. It eventually pulled over. Several of the van’s occupants then ran off, but one of them “lunged at the officer and attempted to disarm him,” according to the statement. “A struggle ensued, at which time the weapon discharged, fatally striking the offender,” police said. A family member identified the man as Xavier Ferguson.

2010-11-24 Reyes, Ruben (20) Colorado (Evans) Shot after killing deputy.

2010-11-21 Sappleton, Karl (18) Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) Sappleton and an accomplice carjacked and stole a Cadillac. The victim called Police who broadcast a description of the vehicle on police radio. Officers observed the Cadillac and tried to pull the vehicle over. The Cadillac sped away with police right behind. The driver of the Cadillac lost control and jumped the curb, striking a concrete barrier. Penn police picked up the chase on foot. The suspects started shooting at the officers, and the officers returned fire, killing Sappleton.

2010-11-17 Scrivner, Curtis (47) Idaho (Riggins)Shot during shootout with deputy. Officers were searching for Scrivner after he had displayed a firearm and fled when contacted by a deputy regarding a felony warrant in Colorado.

2010-11-12 Corporon, Ethan (29) Washington (Spokane)Shot after firing shotgun at police and in the air. Police were responding to report of man firing shotgun at a house.

2010-11-08 Jones, Derrick (37) California (Oakland) Oakland Police were called to the scene where Derrick Jones had been accused of assault by a neighbor. When Officers arrived Jones ran. The police claim that when they caught up with him, he reached for his waistband. Officers fired several shots at the suspect killing him. The officers said they thought Jones was armed, but all he had was a small silver colored scale.

2010-11-08 Thomas, Robert (21) California (Los Angeles) Deputies approached a group because people were drinking in the lawn area of a residence, but they then noticed Thomas acting suspiciously. Thomas ran from the deputies, where he came to a locked fence. Authorities said Thomas turned to the deputies while holding a handgun. One deputy fired “multiple rounds,” striking Thomas. Authorities said a handgun was recovered at the scene.

2010-11-08 Nance, Alexandra (20) Illinois (O’Fallon) A police officer shot and killed a 20-year-old woman in a pickup stopped in the driveway of an O’Fallon home early Monday after she pointed a gun at the officer, police say

2010-11-06 Davis, Jahind (25) New Jersey (Elizabeth) Authorities said officers confronted 25-year-old Jahind Davis and 18-year-old Jaquil Spruill, who had allegedly broken into two rooms of a hotel. They also robbed and beat a man, authorities said.

2010-11-05 Allen, Eugene Lamott (40) Delaware (Wilmington) Police were called about two people fighting in a roadway. A tropper tried to escort 40-year-old Eugene Lamott Allen out of the roadway, but Allen allegedly resisted arrest. Police said the trooper then used the Taser on Allen. Two more troopers arrived and Allen continued to resist arrest, another trooper used his Taser. Allen was put in handcuffs when troopers realized he had gone into cardiac arrest. He was later pronounced dead at a hospital.

2010-11-02 Madison, Joshua (21) Illinois (Chicago) Officers from the Gang Enforcement Unit tried to stop a vehicle involved in a drug transaction, a police statement said. As officers came up to the vehicle on foot the offender tried to flee. One officer became “lodged by the man’s vehicle” and was dragged for nearly a block, the statement said. The driver disregarded repeated commands to stop the vehicle and an officer, “in fear of his life,” fired his weapon, fatally wounding the man.

December 2010

2010-12-31 Moore, Darryl (52) Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) Officers tried to stop a green van driven by Moore after he ran a red light. Moore led the officers on a chase for four or five blocks, in and out of narrow streets, before getting stuck on ice. As officers approached Moore’s car, Moore fired gunshots out of his driver’s side window and struck one of the officers. In return, officers opened fire on the vehicle, killing Moore. Two weeks prior, Moore shot a security guard and robbed a gas station.

2010-12-30 McCully, John Timothy (24) Florida (Pembroke Pines) A family member called 911 to report McCully as “needing medical attention for a mental disorder”. He complied with police orders but did not agree with being baker acted after two officers attempted to shoot him with stun guns but missed. An officer then fatally shot McCully in the side as he fled, attempting to escape through the back door. Allegedly claiming McCully had a “large kitchen knife,” also claiming it was allegedly necessary to defend his own life. However, it was later confirmed McCully was unarmed nor belligerent. First hand accounts discovered officers gave false testimonies and placed a kitchen knife at the scene in order to protect themselves. An officer involved in the events died due to undetermined circumstances in 2017.

2010-12-30 Preston, Reggie Darnell (32) Arkansas (North Little Rock) Police say the man indicated he was suicidal and pulled a gun on the two officers. Police say they fired an unknown number of times, killing Preston.

2010-12-29 Butler, David Dwayne (26) Texas (Houston) Two Houston Police Department officers were on patrol when they observed Butler riding a bicycle in the 3800 block of Jensen Drive.
Butler was riding his bicycle on wrong side of the road without a headlamp. When officers began to question Butler, he started to reach into his pants pockets. The officers gave Butler verbal commands to not reach into his pockets, which he ignored. Butler then reached into his pants and pulled out a revolver and turned it toward one of the officers. One officer discharged his weapon, fatally striking Butler.

2010-12-25 Wooten, Keven (23) California (Los Angeles) LAPD officers were called regarding an assault with a rifle. When police arrived they saw Wooten riding toward them on a bicycle. He was holding a rifle and ignored their commands, prompting them to shoot, police said. Police say an assault rifle was recovered at the scene.

2010-12-25 Williams, Ephraim (24) California (San Bernardino) According to authorities: Officers were dispatched on a report of a man with a gun. Officer Loera saw Williams, who matched the description given by callers, and Williams ran away. As Loera chased him he saw Williams reach into his waistband, looking back at Loera as he ran. Loera fired his gun but thought he had missed. Soon after it appeared that Williams tripped. After he had fallen, he continued reaching into his waistband and looking toward the direction where Loera was, “as if trying to find the officer as a target.” Williams was pronounced dead at the scene. Later, the coroner found a loaded gun in Williams’ pants.

2010-12-25 Pogue, Daniel (54) Utah (South Jordan) Shot after ignoring order to stop running, threatening bystanders, and drop his weapon. Pogue was armed with “two shotguns, a rifle, several swords, and a machete.”

2010-12-20 Culver, Dawud (16) New Jersey (Newark) An off-duty Newark police officer shot and killed a teenager who allegedly tried to rob the officer at gunpoint about 4:45 p.m. The officer opened fire and struck Culver once in the chest, the teen fled and dropped his weapon at the scene. Culver was found shortly afterward in East Orange General Hospital and was transferred to University Hospital in Newark, where he was pronounced dead.

2010-12-20 Edwards, Obataiye (19) California (Oakland) Oakland Police Department received information that gang members planned to commit a shooting. They also learned that a 1990 maroon Lincoln would be used, and that the occupants of the car were armed. The same car was linked to an incident where shots were fired into a house. Undercover officers spotted the Lincoln in West Oakland. The vehicle failed to stop for police and a pursuit began. The Lincoln crashed into the corner of a house and the four occupants jumped out and ran. Two officers pursued Edwards down a walkway between two houses. Edwards stopped and pulled a semi-automatic pistol. They said he pointed it at them before they both opened fire with their pistols, hitting him numerous times. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Police said the pistol Edwards had was loaded, as was an SKS assault rifle found in the Lincoln.

2010-12-20 Brown, Dionne (29) Wisconsin (Milwaukee) According to authorities, a woman who had been beaten by Brown called police. Brown was also wanted for violating his probation after being convicted of being a felon in possession of a gun. Two officers who arrived at the home were told Brown was hiding in a small crawlspace in the attic. “Officers repeatedly ordered the suspect to show his hands and to come out of the space,” a department news release says. “He refused and instead turned to them, making a motion toward his waistband and lunged at them.” The officers shot Brown, who died at the scene. Brown did not have a gun, but police found a knife at the scene.

2010-12-20 Cavin, Yahree (Indiana (Fort Wayne) Fort Wayne Police arrived on Dec. 20, 2010, at Cavin’s apartment where they found Cavin in possession of what appeared to be a handgun. One officer tased Cavin and another officer shot and killed Cavin when he refused to put down the gun, which turned out to be a toy handgun.

2010-12-20 Knight, Christopher (35) Georgia (Brunswick) Died after being shocked with a Taser. Knight was being arrested for having rammed his car into another vehicle. Police used a Taser on Knight for resisting arrest, after which he rolled over and stopped breathing.

Cabanas, Jose Olguin (41) California (Long Beach) Police were flagged down by a woman regarding a sexual assault involving a minor who was related to a 41-year-old suspect, police said. After conducting interviews, officers determined a crime had occurred and went to a home to find the suspect, authorities said. “As officers contacted the suspect inside a residence, the suspect produced a handgun and an officer-involved shooting occurred,” said a Long Beach Police Sgt.

Lucero, Jose California (Rosamond) Jose Lucero, who was mentally ill and a recovering drug addict, had relapsed and called 911 several times. Deputies from the Kern County Sheriff’s Department responded to the home where he lived with his parents and decided to take him into custody. The deputies used pepper spray, tasers, and batons in their attempt to subdue Lucero. Deputies were finally able to get Lucero into handcuffs and transferred him to an ambulance outside the home. His respiration and pulse dropped. Paramedics could not prevent him from dying a few minutes later. In December 2012 Lucero’s parents won a lawsuit against Kern County, the Sheriffs Department, and three deputies.[

Darryel Dwayne Ferguson (45) Oregon (Portland) Officers arrived and went to the apartment door to make contact with the suspect. Within seconds, the officers broadcast that shots had been fired and that the suspect had pointed a gun at the officers. The shooting happened at the threshold of the apartment door.

2010-12-17 Foster, Brandon (22) Florida (Miami) Shot by police after failing to drop gun. Witnesses say that it was possible that Foster was attempting to pull up his pants. His family says that he was on his way to sell his rifle.

2010-12-16 Lee, Ciara (20) Texas (Houston)
Lee and an accomplice robbed a man of his wallet, cell phone & laptop outside of his apartment in Southwest Houston. After being robbed the man followed Lee and the accomplice’s vehicle to an apartment complex at 9802 Forum Park Drive and call 9-1-1. The responding officer began to investigate and approached Lee and her accomplice in their vehicle. When the officer attempted to detain them the male accomplice immediately fled on foot. As the accomplice was fleeing, Lee got out of the vehicle armed with a handgun. The officer gave Lee verbal commands to drop the gun, which she ignored. When lee turned and pointed the gun at the officer he discharged his weapon, fatally striking Lee.

2010-12-12 Zerby, Doug (35) California (Long Beach) Zerby was in his friend’s backyard playing with a hose nozzle while drunk. He was shot by two police officers who responded to a call of a man with a handgun in a backyard of a home. The officers and the caller said they believed that the hose nozzle appeared to be a gun.

2010-12-12 Jones, Gary Huel (29) Georgia (Mableton) Shot after confronting police with knife. Officers were responding to a report of a man armed with a knife.

2010-12-11 Jarreau, Guy (34) California (Vallejo) Shot to death in an alley by Officer Kent Tribble after flashing a revolver at the officer. Police were responding to a report of a man with a gun.

2010-12-10 Hoapili, Kyle L. K. (27) Washington (Bremerton) Shot while fleeing police in vehicle and then on foot. Hoapili was wanted on a warrant accusing him of escape.[

2010-12-09 Ellison, Eugene (67) Arkansas (North Little Rock) Ellison attacked two officers. They pulled their batons and tried to subdue him with blows. That didn’t work, so he was sprayed twice with pepper spray. He continued to battle. Hastings said Ellison managed to take the baton from one officer and began using it as a weapon. They called for help. A third policeman arrived, who arrived with siren blaring just in time to witness the shooting from outside on the balcony. Ellison had by then grabbed a heavy wooden cane. He was beating both officers, who were standing side by side, when he was shot. Lesher fired two shots that struck Ellison in the chest.

2010-12-08 Ault, Raymond (49) Colorado (Fort Collins) Shot after escaping from community corrections and making a threatening movement toward officers. It was later determined that Ault held a flashlight. The man was wanted for “burglary and menacing, theft and eluding”.

2010-12-07 Menchaca, Tony (32) Texas (Dallas) Dallas Police Department officers responded to a call involving an armed individual in the 3100 block of W. Davis Street. When officers arrived they observed Menchaca holding an object, which he tucked into his rear waistband. Menchaca then began to tell officers that he had a gun, he wanted the police to shoot him and he was going to take an officer with him. When Menchaca reached for his rear waistband, five officers discharged their weapons, fatally striking Menchaca. Further investigation determined the weapon Menchaca was armed with was a simulated handgun made out of cardboard cigarette packaging.

2010-12-04 Billups, Ontario (30) Illinois (Chicago) The officer claims Billups “appeared to be selling drugs”, refused to comply with her orders, put his hands in his pockets, made “aggressive movements” toward her, and she “feared for her life”. Billups wasn’t armed.

2010-12-04 Groom, Jeremy (34) Washington (Spokane) Shot after refusing command to drop weapon. Groom was in a shooter’s stance and pointing a handgun at another man’s head.

2010-12-03 James, Clayton Earl (46) North Carolina (Pasquotank County)North Carolina State Highway Patrol Trooper Hardison stopped James about 10:30 p.m. on Old U.S. 17 after spotting James driving erratically. During an attempted arrest, James struggled with Hardison, who then used his stun gun with no effect. James fled, and the trooper pursued on foot and caught up to him, where the two struggled again. Hardison used the stun gun on him a second time with no effect. The trooper handcuffed James and waited for backup. James continued to struggle, then became unresponsive. James was given CPR and treated with a defibrillator. James was taken to Albemarle Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

2010-12-02 Cullum, Tavan (31) Texas (Boerne) An armed man, identified as Tavan Cullum, set his house on fire and led officers on a motorcycle chase Thursday before police gunfire cut him down, police said. Officers were dispatched and found the man standing on the roof, armed with a handgun and a samurai sword. Before fleeing on his motorcycle, the man set the house on fire. He then led officers on a chase 25 miles into Boerne, Texas where he stopped and pointed his gun at officers.

2010-12-01 Stone, Larry (61) Tennessee (Memphis) Shot after failing to drop gun.

Encyclopedia of American Loons

Mark Tooley

Mark Tooley is a Methodist writer and president of the D.C.-based Institute on Religion and Democracy (IRD), a wingnut fundie think tank vehemently opposed to any hint of religious or social liberalism. Tooley is also a signatory to the Manhattan declaration.
Like most fundies, Tooley is concerned with tendencies and movements that he perceives as threats to Christianity or as going against the gospels, and he interprets the latter threats pretty broadly. Occupy Wall Street, for instance, was not only a movement dominated by feelings of “grievance, entitlement, idealism, and youthful naiveté” but by activists who “want an all-powerful state to seize and redistribute wealth according to some imagined just formula […] It’s a utopian dream, not based on the Gospels [note the elegant way he just throws that in there, without even trying to back it up], always monstrous when attempted, and premised more on resentment than godly generosity,” wrote Tooley, “[b]ut it’s a message that will always have an audience in a covetous world.” Yes, in the process Tooley mistakes for reasoning, Occupy Wall Street turns into the greedy part here, driven by material desires. And yes: the reasoning is rather good for illustrating something important about Tooley’s (and his ilk’s) particular brand of Christianity: it’s the poor who exhibit greed and materialism and thus sin.
Par for the course from this type of source, we suppose. As is Tooley’s views on gay marriage. To the World Congress of Families in 2015 he declared that too many Christians fail to realize that God himself has ordered government to fight same-sex marriage and access to abortion. Then he complained about unchristian government overreach, pointing out that “God’s vocation for government” is apparently limited to “providing for public order – jailing criminals and deterring or defeating external aggressors”, not to be a “maternal provider, who feeds, clothes, heals, educates and reaffirms,” callings that should be left to the discretion of parents, families and the church. Yet the state should apparently definitely intervene in social issues when people have views Tooley doesn’t like, and yes: he is utterly oblivious to his own flirtations with the limits of coherence here. The IRD has also criticized the U.S. State Department for promoting the human rights of LGBT people.
Tooley is generally very concerned about immigration border security and the IRD has criticized evangelicals supportive of immigration reform, such as the Evangelical Immigration Table, for being front groups for George Soros. Indeed, perhaps Tooley’s main qualification for receiving an entry in our Encyclopedia is his criticism of pro-immigration reform leaders’ ostensibly “superficial ‘God-talk’” and his suggestion that religious leaders should not be spending their time on immigration reform, which is not of the same “moral order” as “marriage, human life, and religious liberty;” indeed, when speaking about immigration, Tooley says it is “very problematic when people of faith start to claim that the Bible gives them very direct guidance on a particular contemporary political issue.” Because he and the IRD would never invoke the Bible on immigration or other contemporary political issues.
Diagnosis: Lack of self-awareness is common, and we are probably all guilty of it at times, but rarely do anyone reach the rarefied levels of self-delusion inhabited by deranged fundie Mark Tooley. He is, however, a force to be reckoned with on the religious right.

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