TBR News May 28, 2017

May 28 2017

The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C. May 28, 2017:”It is increasingly evident that Trump is a businessman and not a politician. He orders but does not negotiate and when his orders are challenged, he is swift to react with anger. His total lack of experience in dealing with domestic and global political situations is telling against him in his dealings with world leaders, Congress and the American (and foreign) media. This is not to accuse Trump of being wicked but it is to point out that his lack of practical political skills is causing serious domestic, and foreign, problems. If he can learn and develop such skills, he might yet prove to be a significant president.”

Table of Contents

  • European allies see the two sides of Trump
  • Merkel: Europe can no longer rely on US and Britain
  • ‘Many intl problems can’t be resolved without Russia’ – French President Macron
  • The Control of the American News Media
  • Trump’s nonsensical defense budget just adds to government waste
  • Food stamps: a lifeline for America’s poor that Trump wants to cut 
  • Trump considers White House shake-up as reports link Kushner to Russia 
  • Blessed Prozac Moments!


European allies see the two sides of Trump

May 28, 2017

by Noah Barkin


Taormina, Italy-In Sicily, Donald Trump listened attentively during complex G7 debates over trade and climate change, smiled for the cameras, and for the most part refrained from provocative tweets.

In Brussels, he bashed NATO partners for not spending more on defense, shoved the prime minister of Montenegro and renewed his attacks on Germany’s trade surplus with the United States.

America’s allies witnessed the two sides of Trump on his first foreign trip as U.S. president, a nine-day tour that began with sword dancing in Saudi Arabia and vague pledges in Israel to deliver Middle East peace.

As Trump headed home, European officials were left with mixed feelings: relief that he had been patient enough to listen to their arguments and unsettled by a Jekyll-and-Hyde figure who is still finding his way on the big policy issues.

“It all fits with his strategic ambiguity approach to life,” said Julianne Smith of the Centre for a New American Security. “It may do wonders when dealing with adversaries. But it doesn’t work when dealing with allies,” she said.

Other leaders of the Group of Seven nations had viewed with trepidation their summit, held at a cliff-top hotel overlooking the Mediterranean, after four preparatory meetings failed to clear up differences with the Trump administration on trade, how to deal with Russia and climate change.

But in the end, officials said, the result was better than they had feared.

The final communique acknowledged a split between the United States and its six partners over honoring the 2015 Paris accord on climate change. That followed a debate with Trump that German Chancellor Angela Merkel described as “very dissatisfying”.

However on trade, Trump bowed to pressure from allies to retain a pledge to fight protectionism. And on Russia, he did not insist on removing – as some allies had feared – the threat of additional sanctions for Moscow’s intervention in Ukraine.

“I found him very willing to engage, very curious, with an ability and desire to ask questions and to learn from all his interlocutors,” said Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni, the G7 summit’s host


Still, there was irritation at Trump’s refusal to show his hand on the Paris agreement to curb carbon emissions. Near the end of the summit, he tweeted teasingly that he would make a decision on Paris next week, leaving delegations to scratch their heads about why he could not commit in Taormina.

The most critical words were reserved for Trump’s appearance at NATO headquarters in Brussels, which was described as a “disaster” by more than one European official.

With the leaders of America’s NATO partners standing like school children behind him, Trump upbraided them for not spending more on defense and repeated the charge that some members owed “massive amounts of money” from past years – even though allied contributions are voluntary.

Most disturbingly for allies, Trump did not personally affirm his commitment to Article 5, NATO’s mutual defense doctrine, after pre-trip signals from the White House that he would do just that. Trump also failed to mention Russia, which remains NATO’s raison d’etre in the eyes of most Europeans.

It was a speech that reminded some of Trump’s doom-laden inauguration address in January, one that seemed written for the hardest of his hard-core domestic audience. “Proud of @realDonaldTrump for telling NATO deadbeats to pay up or shut up,” former Republican governor Mike Huckabee tweeted in response.

Trump’s appearance in Brussels was particularly galling to the Germans, who after months of painstaking relationship building with Trump – including Merkel’s invitation to his daughter Ivanka for a G20 women’s summit in Berlin – found themselves under attack from him on two fronts.

Before heading to NATO, Trump criticized Germany’s trade surplus in a private meeting with senior European Union officials.

“If Trump really wants to go down a path of isolation, it will only speed up China’s rise to the top,” one senior German official grumbled.


Beyond the rhetoric, Trump’s body language also confounded his hosts. He muscled aside Montenegrin Prime Minister Dusko Markovic as NATO leaders walked into the alliance’s new headquarters for a photo session.

And he engaged in two alpha-male handshakes with France’s new 39-year-old President Emmanuel Macron, who seemed to get the better of Trump on both occasions.

The macho posturing in Europe contrasted to the images, a few days earlier, of Trump and his team swaying, swords in hand, with the absolute rulers of Saudi Arabia at a lavish welcome ceremony given by King Salman.

Summing up the tour on Saturday, Trump’s advisers seemed most enthused about the Saudi leg, where he clinched a $110 billion arms deal and forged what one aide described as a “personal bond” with the king.

“The president was able to make some of the most amazing deals that have really been made by any administration ever,” enthused his economic adviser Gary Cohn.

Daniela Schwarzer, research director at the German Council of Foreign Relations in Berlin, said the trip had confirmed Trump’s “zero-sum game” view of the world in which you are either a winner or a loser and relationships are transactional.

“His rhetoric and actions suggest he does not consider it a priority to build good and engaging relations with allies the U.S. so far considered its most important ones,” she said.

(Writing by Noah Barkin; Additional reporting by Crispian Balmer; editing by David Stamp)

 Merkel: Europe can no longer rely on US and Britain

The German chancellor’s comments came after contentious meetings with US President Donald Trump at NATO and G7 summit meetings. Trump clashed with America’s allies over global warming, mutual defense and trade.

May 28, 2017


German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Sunday that Europe has to forge its own path forward, as the United States and Britain were no longer reliable partners.

“The times when we could fully rely on others have passed us by a little bit, that’s what I’ve experienced in recent days,” she said while speaking at a campaign rally in Munich.

Her reference was to the contentious G7 Summit meeting in Sicily, which ended Saturday with the world’s democratic powers divided. Most notably they were split “six against one,” as Merkel described it Saturday, on the man-made threat posed by global warming.

Even though Britain agreed with its European allies on the need to combat climate change, its decision to leave the European Union means it, too, will be going its own way on a range of issues.

US President Donald Trump, who campaigned as a global-warming denier – calling it a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese – refused to go along with his six counterparts in reaffirming their support for the 2015 Paris Agreement, which aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions in order to limit the rise in global temperatures.

“For that reason,” Merkel continued, “I can only say: We Europeans really have to take our fates in our own hands.”

Of course, that must be done in a spirit of friendship with the United States and Britain, she said, “But we have to wage our own fight for our future, as Europeans, for our fate.”Franco-German ties

Towards that end, she said special emphasis was needed on warm relations between Germany and newly-elected French President Emmanuel Macron.

But global warming wasn’t the only issue where Trump found himself at odds with his European counterparts.

Prior to the G-7 summit he was in Brussels for a meeting with heads of state from the 28-member NATO alliance. Trump conspicuously refused to publicly endorse Article Five of the NATO charter, which guarantees that member countries will aid the others if they are attacked.

The omission was particularly striking given that Trump unveiled a memorial to the victims of September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks against the US, the only time NATO’s mutual defense clause has been triggered.

Trump also criticized Germany while in Brussels, calling its trade practices “bad, very bad” and complained that too many German cars are being sold in the US

Sunday’s event saw Merkel renew ties with the Christian Social Union (CSU), the Bavarian sister party to her own center-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU), ahead of a parliamentary vote in September.

Polls show the chancellor, who has been in power since 2005, likely to be re-elected for a fourth term.

‘Many intl problems can’t be resolved without Russia’ – French President Macron

May 28, 2017


French President Emmanuel Macron acknowledged the importance of dialogue with Russia in resolving certain international problems during the G7 summit in Italy. The statement comes ahead of his meeting with Vladimir Putin in Paris on Monday.

“Many international problems cannot be resolved without Russia,” Macron said, as cited by TASS. He stressed the necessity of talking to Moscow at a news conference after the two-day meeting of G7 leaders in Sicily, which wrapped up on Saturday.

The French leader noted that he will seek a “demanding dialogue” with Russia, but “that still means having dialogue.”

Elaborating on the particular issues that demand Russian participation, he emphasized the situations in Syria and Ukraine – among the topics to be discussed during his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Paris.

“I am going to discuss the situation in Syria during the meeting in Versailles,” he said, adding that the crisis can be resolved through a comprehensive political approach.

The French president said that a Normandy format meeting, including Russia, Ukraine, Germany, and France, should be held in the nearest future to discuss the Ukrainian conflict as well.

Macron said that “it is necessary to go forward with the implementation of the Minsk agreements,” which outline a roadmap for peace for eastern Ukraine.

According to Macron, the sanctions against Russia imposed over the Ukraine crisis and Moscow’s alleged meddling in it must remain in place until the situation is resolved.

The sanctions on Russia – which has repeatedly denied being a party to the conflict, while stressing its commitment to the Minsk agreement – were touched upon during this year’s G7 summit.

While acknowledging the need to keep the sanctions in place and even possibly expanding them, the international leaders also stressed the importance of further cooperation with Moscow over international issues such as terrorism.

The Russian president will arrive in Paris at the invitation of his French counterpart on May 29 to discuss a wide range of issues, including international affairs and bilateral relations.

This will be the first time Putin has met Macron after being elected as the French president on May 7, defeating Marine Le Pen in the second round of the election.

The Control of the American News Media

May 28, 2017

by James Kelso

A covert policy, formulated by Ronald Reagan in conjunction with the CIA, was termed “perception management” and was formalized on January 14, 1983 when President Reagan signed the National Security Decision Directive No. 77.  The Reagan White House and the CIA felt that a resurrection of anti-war activism in the United States as had occurred during the prolonged and futile Vietnamese war could curtail or halt the Reagan/CIA policy of  “aggressive containment,” specifically in Central America.

This project was also called ‘public diplomacy’ and while it was ostensibly created to develop American public support for Reagan’s foreign policy, it also was constructed to effect control over the opinions of the American public through control of the American media, both TV and press reportage.

Under the “perception management/public diplomacy” program, the CIA was instructed to take a number of steps to bring the American public’s perceptions into line with an official U.S. governmental policy.

The first step in this program was to fully analyze the cultural, ethnic, political and religious backgrounds of the general population and attempt to discover what themes resonate best with the greatest number of Americans. When this was been achieved, the next step was to create specific themes to address these cultural weak spots, or “points of public concern.”

The second step was to gain control over organs of public information such as existing media outlets, so-called “think tanks” ( the Rand Corporation}, political opinion polling agencies, national news wire services, and the creation and promotion of media news personalities entirely in the pay of the government and obedient to their demands.

Although the Central Intelligence Agency is not mandated to operate within the United States, nevertheless, it has been heavily involved in influencing domestic American public opinion almost since its inception in 1948. The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Hoover long had a friendly and very effective relationship with the media but the CIA siezed upon Hoover’s idea and made it their very own.

Through their efforts, many major American newspapers, and early television stations, were developed as CIA-responsive entities. In return for valuable news information, the media was expected to support international policies of the CIA, protect its interests by not reporting certain matters and, most especially, to attack individuals and organizations that were felt to either be hostile or potential impediments to CIA policies. These policies were initially foreign in nature but later, under the Nixon administration, expanded to cover domestic issues as well.

The Cold War was, in essence, not an ideological war between capitalism as represented by the United States and communism as represented by Soviet Russia. It was in reality a trade war between the two countries and in America, the CIA was in close connection with, and heavily influenced by, American commercial interests. Many top CIA officials had the closest economic and social connections with the business leadership of the United States and more often than not, acted as their enforcing arm in international matters. Governments hostile to American business interests were undermined and overthrown by CIA operatives by misrepresenting the aims of these foreign governments to the President and Congress.

While one element of the CIA had put Fidel Castro in power in Cuba (because Batista was considered unacceptable to several major American business concerns) another branch sought to remove him because he had, among other acts, nationalized the nickel industry (owned by American interests) and the lucrative casinos. The latter were owned and operated by the American Mafia who also had strong connections with the CIA. When Guzman in Guatemala tried to nationalize United Fruit holdings in that country, the CIA forced his ouster and replacement by a CIA informant, Arbanez.

In addition to foreign policy matters, the public resistance to the war in Vietnam was of great concern to not only the Johnson White House but also to the CIA. The US had initially entered that area at the request of the withdrawing French because the vast and very profitable rubber plantations in Vietnam were being threatened with seizure. CIA units under William Colby were brought into Vietnam for the express purpose of removing any anti-American elements from South Vietnam while American military units were detailed to put down the guerrilla activities of the North Vietnamese Viet Cong.

This “civil pacification” program was called “Operation Phoenix,” and was run by Colby with the aid of South Vietnamese police and security forces, supported by US Special Forces. This program, which failed in its goals, unleashed a bloody terror that surpassed anything the Third Reich’s SS Combat Groups ever did in Eastern Europe.

The eventual failure of the Vietnam campaign and the resultant collapse of the liberal Johnson administration brought a very conservative Republican Nixon into power. This president was clearly determined to halt the growing anti-war, and by definition liberal, movement in the United States and to fully prosecute the policies of “aggressive containment” throughout the world.

Nixon and his administration viewed the American media as liberal and anti-conservative and during both his first and into his second terms, Nixon sought by every means, legal and otherwise, to break up anti government groups by using the FBI against them, to destroy their leadership by any means available and to bring the American media under control.

The CIA was involved in much of this, opening first class mail, electronically spying on many Americans in direct competition with the FBI and both agencies engaged in ferocious territorial wars. Too much of this manipulation became public, again through the medium of the press, and Nixon was eventually forced from office, the FBI and CIA publicly discredited and much of their power greatly curtailed.

As American conservatives regrouped after their defeat, they became firmly determined to both regain power and prevent the media from its perceived anti-governmental policies during the Vietnam struggle.

Out of the political ruins, Richard Nixon’s former Treasury Secretary William Simon  was one of the leaders of a powerful movement to not only establish better control of what they viewed as a far left media but to set up various support organizations like think tanks and supportive private economic organizations that would fully support government policies, whatever they might be. From many wealthy individuals and corporations, millions of dollars were raised. In addition to open sources, even more money was obtained from dubious sources, such as the Reverend Moon and a number of Asian groups whose names never appear on any donors list, although a number of them are known to international law enforcement agencies involved with the interdiction of narcotics. The CIA first got into the drug business when they inherited a complete system from a former KMT General operating against the Communists in Burma. When the CIA discovered the incredible amounts of off-the-books money they could make running, and later refining, opium products, they took to the business like a duck takes to water. Much of this illegal money went back into the political coffers of whatever political organization that could best keep secure the CIA’s official position in whatever administration chanced to be in power.

As George H.W. Bush had been DCI in 1976, his elevation to Vice President under Reagan and later, to the Presidency itself was considered to be of great importance to the Republican/CIA axis of power and many ultra-conservative CIA agents were brought into both the Reagan and, especially, into the following Bush administration..Chief among these émigrés were Donald Gregg and Walter Raymond, Jr. who left the CIA and moved into the White House. After the promulgation of the National Security Decision Directive No. 77.Raymond, who had conducted what was euphemistically called “public awareness” for the CIA took over the duties of the Reagan “public diplomacy” section of the White House. A small army of professional “psywar” (or psychological warfare) experts from the CIA, the DIA and the NSA flooded into the White House to develop and firmly cement a strong, coordinated policy of complete media control. Their agents, acting under the highest authority, developed working relationships with mainstream book and newspaper publishers and the rapidly-amalgamating television industry. Blandishments were tried, followed by veiled threats and eventually, a strong network of massive American print and television media cooperation was secured.

During the Reagan-Bush administrations, powerful media controls were developed and successful tactics for the destruction of any opposition and the media support of any and all ultra-conservative ventures solidified.

With the unexpected loss of the White House to the liberal Clinton, the fury of the dispossessed Republicans knew no bounds and they renewed their plans for the discrediting of any liberal elements in American politics and the strengthening of the machinery needed to remain in what they hoped would be permanent power.

Determined to regain the White House and hopefully, control of both the Senate and the House, the Republicans, allied with fanatical Neocons and the equally fanatical Christian Right, launched a long and thoroughly vicious campaign against the liberal Democrat Clinton. This did not result in his being removed from office as his enemies devoutly prayed but gave the political very far right the foundation for the next campaign. George W. Bush, a political cipher, was chosen as their candidate because it was well known that he was easily controlled and with his nomination, the state was set for an unprecedented campaign of savagery and massive vote fraud. In all of this, the American media, attempting to avoid the stigma of liberalism, joined in the attacks and often spearheaded them.

In the 2000 Presidential campaign, an obedient media turned from savaging the liberal Clintons to an ugly campaign against Al Gore and this pattern of  conservative viciousness started again in the 2004 campaign but as public perception of Bush’s gross and growing failures both in Iraq and the field of domestic economics grew, the media began to alter its stance. Presidents come and Presidents go but the media wishes to abide so allegiances shift. The business community, seeing Bush’s growing and deep unpopularity with a significant part of American consumers, now hedges its bets. No one likes to back a loser and CEOs are not idealists.

The Republican “informational message” machine, taking a leaf from the activities of Hitler’s brilliant Minister of Propaganda, Josef Goebbels, became unrivaled in its ability to shape how a majority of Americans perceived events. All media is dependant for income from advertising revenues. With their unrivalled and powerful business connections, the Republicans have been easily able to use economic pressure against media entities that they viewed as uncertain. Also, most of the news in the United States does not come from local reporters but from the wire services. Firm control of the few remaining American news services guarantees that a newspaper in Keokuk, Iowa and Alviso, California receive the same news copy at the same time as the major papers and television stations. De facto Republican  control of the wire services guarantees that a small paper without correspondents in Washington or Moscow are forced to take what is called “boilerplate” (fully controlled)  news for their local papers and other media outlets.

It is interesting to note that the public Internet has made great inroads into the once-exclusive domains of the American media and the public, obviously disbelieving and disillusioned about the accuracy and fairness of the media are turning more and more to the Internet as a source of news. There exists a great body of highly accurate, non-controlled and very informative news information available to the American public. This consists of hundreds of very reputable news sites but unfortunately, they are only available on the Internet. Among these are: The British Guardian, the Observer, the Independent, the French AFP, the Toronto Globe and Mail and many mid-East, Russian and Asian English-language daily news sites. Much of this uncensored and objective news is culled by various American news website operators and given to a public on a daily basis. Anyone who does not believe that the American media is a fully controlled entity need only look at foreign news sites to see what may be known by but is never reported in the American press. This growing trend is frightening to both the Republicans and their allies in the mainline media  because it is free and the Internet sites are not responsive to pressure from any governmental agency or corporate advertising entity.

It is a sad commentary on the decline of the American media’s  reportage when 65% of Americans between 18 and 25 openly acknowledge getting all of their news from the satiric John Stewart’s program. “The Daily Show”  and not from the major networks.

Trump’s nonsensical defense budget just adds to government waste

May 18, 2017

by William Hartung

The Hill

The Trump administration isn’t scheduled to release its detailed budget proposal for fiscal year 2018 until next week, but the debate over how much money to give the Pentagon is already well under way.

According to advance information supplied to Bloomberg News by administration officials, the proposed $54 billion increase for the Pentagon will include just one additional ship and no additional combat aircraft over the Obama administration’s proposal for the same time period. This news prompted one analyst to describe Trump’s proposal as a “paper budget.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

It’s true, as Todd Harrison of the Center for Strategic and International Studies has noted, that Trump’s proposed Pentagon spending blueprint is not one of the biggest increases in recent memory, but it is substantial nonetheless. The $54 billion is comparable to the entire military budget of France and larger than those of the United Kingdom, Germany, or Japan.

It’s important to remember that the proposed Pentagon increase comes at a time when the department’s budget is already at historically high levels, higher than the peak level of the Reagan buildup of the 1980s, even after adjusting for inflation. Current spending levels are greater than the next eight nations in the world combined, six of which are U.S. allies.

What is all this money being spent on?

For one thing, there are considerable amounts of waste in the current budget. A study by the Defense Business Board, which the Pentagon tried to bury, estimated that the Pentagon could save $125 billion over the next five years just by eliminating bureaucratic overhead.

The Department of Defense employs roughly one million civilians, or nearly one bureaucrat for every member of the active duty military. While many of these civilians do essential work, there is still considerable room for reductions. This is especially true when one considers that the department employs at least 600,000 private contractors, many of them carrying out tasks that duplicate work done by government employees.

Another source of unneeded spending, acknowledged by the Pentagon, is excess infrastructure, mostly in the form of military bases that no longer serve any strategic purpose. The Pentagon estimates that it has 22-percent more infrastructure than it needs, and would gladly shed it if it were not blocked from doing so by members of Congress who want to protect their home state facilities.

Congressional leaders, like House Armed Services Committee chair Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-Texas) and Sen. John McCain(R-Ariz.), who have argued that the Pentagon needs more money for training and maintenance, should aggressively press their colleagues to allow another round of base closings to move forward. Past rounds of closures have saved billions of dollars.

The current Pentagon budget also includes spending on weapons we don’t need at prices we can’t afford. As the Project on Government Oversight has noted, the F-35 may never be ready for combat and is being rushed into production before basic performance issues have been solved.

This approach will lead to costly retrofits down the road to fix problems that weren’t caught during initial production. Instead of adding F-35s to the budget, as Congress has done in recent years, the program should be scaled back.

Another questionable procurement program is the Pentagon’s plan to spend $1 trillion on a new generation of nuclear warheads and nuclear-armed submarines, bombers and land-based missiles over the next three decades. The Pentagon already has far more nuclear weapons than it needs to deter another country from attacking the United States with a nuclear weapon.

Finally, as former Pentagon official Lawrence Korb of the Center for American Progress has pointed out, the U.S. military is “not facing a readiness crisis and the current level of spending on readiness and procurement is more than adequate.” Large infusions of cash based on the need for more readiness funding are not justified.

One area of spending that will definitely go up if the Trump budget goes through is a significant increase in troops, but the administration has yet to give a persuasive argument for this move.

Even if it increases troops in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, as it seems primed to do, these changes will pale in comparison to the more than 160,000 troops that were deployed in Iraq at the height of the Bush administration’s intervention there, or the roughly 100,000 troops that were in Afghanistan during the Obama administration’s “surge.”

The hard, cold truth is that large, boots-on-the-ground, nation-building efforts like those undertaken in Iraq and Afghanistan have not worked, and in some ways have made bad situations worse. They should not be part of U.S. strategy going forward.

Furthermore, more troops are not needed to deal with potential adversaries like Russia or China. It would be the height of recklessness to engage in a ground war with either of these nuclear-armed nations, and any moves to bulk up the U.S. presence in Europe can be accommodated within current force levels.

Unfortunately, key players like Thornberry and McCain want to increase Pentagon spending by tens of billions of dollars beyond the ill-considered increase being proposed by the Trump administration. Instead of throwing more money at the Pentagon, Congress should carefully scrutinize its budget to eliminate waste and cut back on unnecessary expenditures.

Food stamps: a lifeline for America’s poor that Trump wants to cut 

Residents of the Congress Heights section of Washington tell of the devastating impact the president’s plan to cut food stamps would have on their families

May 28, 2017

by David Smith in Washington and Dominic Rushe in New York

The Guardian

Wendell Britt does not know where he will sleep tonight. It might be a park bench, a pavement, a shelter – “You go to a shelter and they take your fucking phone” – or, if he’s lucky, a friend’s house. “Wherever I lay my head,” he says, wearing a Chicago Bulls cap.

The 55-year-old also does not know where his next meal is coming from either – but he does have a lifeline. “Food stamps help me get food in my stomach,” he said this week. “They help a lot of people.”

This is Congress Heights in Washington, a predominantly black neighbourhood just five miles south-east of the White House where last week the Donald Trump administration unveiled a budget proposal that would slash the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Snap), as food stamps are officially known.

Losing food stamps altogether would be devastating to Britt, who spent 17 years in prison for robbery and drugs-related offences and is trying to go back to work as a barber. “If I’ve got no food, nothing to eat, I’m just out here. I might go to the trash can when I need something to eat; I might get sick in my stomach but it’s a chance I have to take. I might steal something because I’m going to be hungry.”

In, February about 42 million Americans received assistance via the Snap program, which cost the government benefits cost $70.9bn in 2016. Most recipients, about 72%, live in households with children, and more than a quarter live in households with seniors or people with disabilities. The federal scheme has been widely applauded by economists and academics as a cost-efficient method of helping the most needy.

“In recent memory, in the late 1960s and early 70s, we had a problem of severe malnutrition in this country. Not everywhere, but in poor communities around the country we had problems with severe hunger,” said Stacy Dean, the vice-president for food assistance policy at the non-partisan thinktank the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. Snap “largely solved that problem.”

Dean said she found the budget cut proposal worrying. Abdicating responsibility for ending hunger as a national issue is “a proposal to take us back to a dark time in our history,” she said.

The District of Columbia in comparison with US states has one of the highest proportion of the population to be on food stamps, for instance, 21.97% of residents were on them in 2014, a report from the USDA nutrition service reported in 2015.

Many residents of Congress Heights, a disadvantaged area a 20-minute drive from the executive mansion, depend on food stamps and would soon feel the pain of cutbacks.

Last week, Kozette Green, a 44-year-old single mother, dropped into a convenience store on Alabama Avenue with her nine-year-old twins Jerzey and John; she also has a daughter, Nija, 18. Green has been on food stamps since Nija’s birth in 1998 prompted her to leave her job in childcare. “They made a big difference because I don’t really make a lot so it helped me bring food for my kids.”

Green receives $273 a month for herself and her children. If that was taken away? “Oh my god, I don’t know,” she replied. “My kids probably wouldn’t get as much as they do now. I think it’s horrible. It’s going to be harder on the people who don’t have jobs trying to eat and provide for their families.”

Walking by the store, Reginald Porter-Bey, 59, who used to work as a printer at the Pentagon, started using food stamps a decade ago when he was homeless and jobless. “They’re very important to get through the month. You’ve got to know how to find bargains.”

Porter-Bey, who has five children, added: “It would have a hell of an impact. That’s taking food out of my mouth and other people’s mouths who’ve got kids. That’s not fair. People voted for Trump and he slapped them in the face. There are people in West Virginia who are poor just like here. He doesn’t care because he’s all right.

“We’ve had people robbing from another just to survive. No man is not going to allow his kids to eat, not if he’s a man.”

His friend Donald Greenfield, 36, a cook, added: “It’s gonna hurt a lot of people. A person’s got to survive. For him to take the Snap and not put something in its place is totally wrong. You’re taking money out of kids’ mouths who are hardly making it.”

Conservative media outlets such as Fox News have previously referred to food stamp users as “moochers”, “parasites” and “takers” instead of “makers”. Last week Trump’s budget director Mick Mulvaney said: “If you’re on food stamps and you’re able-bodied, we need you to go to work.”

But according to the government’s own figures, most families on Snap – 55% of them – do have a family member working. The issue is that they do not make enough money to feed their families. “This budget is not an evidence-based exercise in policy-making. It’s oriented at cutting government spending in order to lavish tax cuts on the wealthy,” said Dean.

Daimond and Georgia Gibson have a six-year-old son and receive food stamps worth $350 a month. Daimond, 44, suffered a slipped disc in his back and lost his job as a manager about 18 months ago. He said: “I voted for Trump: what a mistake. He’s a businessman, and I thought he’s going to run the country like a business. I can’t see it.”

If the family lost food stamps, he said, “it would be a major blow. We’d have to come down from three meals a day to maybe one or one-and-a-half. We’re in the nation’s capital and prices are high. We feed the third world countries; why not feed us?”

Georgia, 25, who could not vote because of a past felony, described the proposal to slash food stamps as “ridiculous”. She said: “If he doesn’t look after poor people now, he’s going to see a lot more poverty.”

She said of Trump: “He’s tearing our country apart. There’s so much hate. He’s dividing our people. There has always been racism and we knew it was a problem but we clearly see it now.”

Others in the neighbourhood – which includes fast-food outlets, convenience stores with bulletproof glass, police cars on regular patrol and Martin Luther King Jr elementary school – warned that they might turn to desperate measures without food stamps.

Rodney Crowder, 51, is diabetic, has mental health problems, spent three years in prison for robbery, and is homeless, forcing him to sleep in a car. “Trump is a good guy, but he’d better not take any food stamps. He can’t do that shit. People need help. It would make me want to rob again. What the hell do you think? I ain’t got no food stamps, I’m gonna steal. I gotta eat.”

Ralik Turner, 52, a community developer and social worker, offered a different perspective on the proposal. “It will just be the direction the country has been going for years. Bill Clinton started the cuts and I like Clinton. Like any underground network, people are going to find a way because they have no choice.

“Food stamps is a subsidy. It’s not making the bread of any household in this country. In no way does it take the credit for the situation of freedom in the black community. Most of the elderly get $6 to $14 a month on food stamps; no one can live on them; it means nothing. This lie proposed that food stamps is an industry making poor people rich is bullshit.”

Trump considers White House shake-up as reports link Kushner to Russia

Returning to Washington scandals after relatively serene international tour, president complains of anonymously sourced stories by ‘fake news writers’

May 28, 2017

by Jamiles Lartey

The Guardian

The Trump White House is reportedly considering a major personnel shake-up, in response to the latest in a string of Russia-related scandals that have kept the administration on the defensive for weeks.

Donald Trump returned to the US from a relatively successful nine-day international tour on Saturday – a day after the Washington Post reported that Jared Kushner, his son-in-law and senior aide, sought to set up secret “back channel” communications between Russia and the Trump presidential transition team in December 2016.

The White House did not directly comment on the report, although national security adviser HR McMaster told reporters in Sicily on Saturday he was “not concerned” and on Sunday homeland security secretary John Kelly told NBC he did not “see any big issue here relative to Jared”.

Speaking on ABC’s This Week, Kelly said “back channel” communications were “both normal, in my opinion, and acceptable. Any way that you can communicate with people, particularly organizations that are maybe not particularly friendly to us, is a good thing.”

The Trump administration remains under pressure, however. The FBI and several congressional committees are currently investigating contacts between Trump aides and Russian officials.

According to press reports citing anonymous sources, the White House is in the process of putting together a new public relations operation, known in DC parlance as a “war room”, to deal with ongoing revelations. Trump is also reported to be considering retooling the way his administration communicates with the press and public.

This could include, as the Washington Post reported, a smaller role for press secretary Sean Spicer, more campaign-style rallies – although an event scheduled for Iowa on Thursday was canceled this weekend – and perhaps the return of Corey Lewandowski, who was fired as Trump’s campaign manager last year.

It was not initially clear if Kushner stepping down or taking on a reduced role is part of the potential reshuffle. On Sunday Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House intelligence committee, told ABC’s This Week that reports about Kushner were “obviously very concerning … in the context of an election campaign where the Russians had been intervening to help Donald Trump and to hurt Hillary Clinton.”

Congress, Schiff said, needed to “get to the bottom” of the allegations against Kushner, which if they were true would mean “there’s no way” Kushner should be allowed to keep his security clearance.

Kushner has expressed a willingness to testify about his meetings with Russian officials including the ambassador to the US, Sergey Kislyak.

“Mr Kushner previously volunteered to share with Congress what he knows about these meetings,” attorney Jamie Gorelick said on Thursday. “He will do the same if he is contacted in connection with any other inquiry.”

Earlier this week, before the “back channel” allegations surfaced, it was reported that the FBI was looking into Kushner’s contacts with Russia, indicating that its investigation has reached not only the Trump’s inner circle but his family. According to the Washington Post, the FBI is looking at a Trump Tower meeting between Kushner and Russian diplomat Kislyak as an item of “investigative interest”.

In public on Sunday, Trump and senior administration figures sought to deflect the focus onto “leakers” and the press.

In a string of early morning tweets, of which some were deleted and reposted for spelling errors, Trump said it was his opinion that “many of the leaks coming out of the White House are fabricated lies made up by the #FakeNews media”.

Saying it was “very possible that those sources don’t exist but are made up by fake news writers”, Trump also complained about leaks believed to have come from US intelligence sources regarding the suicide bombing in Manchester earlier this week in which 22 people were killed.

“British prime minister May was very angry that the info the UK gave to US about Manchester was leaked,” he wrote. “Gave me full details!”

News stories quoting anonymous sources are a staple of US political journalism. Trump himself has frequently cited anonymous sources, notably in his public criticism of the Obama administration, most infamously when announcing in 2012 that an “extremely credible source” had told him Barack Obama’s birth certificate was fraudulent – a demonstrably untrue claim.

Speaking on NBC’s Meet the Press, Kelly said it was “borderline, if not over the line of treason” to leak highly classified information from foreign intelligence.

“It’s darn close to treason,” he added.

The homeland security secretary was specifically talking about information leaked relating to the bombing in Manchester, but the comments had broader implications under a presidency that has been either implicated in or the victim of numerous leaks of sensitive information.

Obama director of national intelligence James Clapper, meanwhile, told NBC Kushner’s reported attempt to initiate back channel talks with Moscow “certainly arouses your concern about what is going on, given [that] Russia, at least for my money, is our primary adversary”.

“They are not our friends,” he said. “They are in to do us in.”

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The week of June 1,2017


Well, just see how APIC is being harassed in the so-called “liberal” media. How soon they would like to forget that Israel is America’s only ally in the Arab world. I realize this, of course, but most Americans simply will not realize the enormous debt that they owe to Israel. Our President Trjump is certainly Israel’s best friend but even he strays from the path and has criticized Sharon from time to time. Can this be real or is he only doing this to convince the American people that he is truly neutral? Of course I know that he is not neutral but how many others have my insight? Not many! By the way, I would like my friends to know that my new baby is starting to talk now! And he is ony three months old! Well, it is obvious it is in the genes.  My wife, Sara, fixed a fine dinner for the three of us last night and we were discussing the situation in Iraq. Of course Bush must continue on the course. If he shows weakness, it will only encourage the Muslim animals to increase their pathetic attempts to drive a determined Trump away. We both agree that if the US pulls out, Israel will have no choice to but neutralize the Iranian nucular sites at once but then we know that America supports our people in securing a lasting peace in an area that has been ours for countless generations. I thought I would tell you what I think about the new Pope. If he doesn’t snap to and start asking Israelis for forgiveness for his own misdeeds, (we know from our sources that Benedict XIV was a member of the dreaded Hitler Youth during the war and that we all know that these evil children went around German cities killing Jewish babies with sharp sticks). Yes, and Benedict should be careful. My friend Ben agrees with me on this as does his lovely wife Rachel and their three children, Seth, Aaron and Wally. Such lovely children too. We all went on a picnic to Sharp Rock Park on Sunday and Sara fixed her usual superlative potato salad for all of us. Seth got poison oak all over his legs but didn’t cry at all. Well, now my many friends know what we are thinking about really important matters and that’s what counts.   maccabeus on May 30,2017


“My, at it again,  Benjamin? We all know you have your hebrew head up your ass so why try to impress us? Why don’t you post a picture of your baby on this site? I put a picture of my cat, Wumples, up and got many compliments about how beauitiful he was. And I don’t know why you completely ignore the Gannongate when all the other really important bloggers are working day and night to expose him. I read a truly wonderful piece on Starbaron’s site on Sunday. We must not lose sight of the fact that Gannon is actually Johnny Gosch and this was revealed to us by an FBI agent! BTW, the local planning commission has refused to hear my complaint about the terrible cell-phone tower down on Medical Center Drive. Their director, Tim Vogelman, simply ignored me at the meeting so I am blogging all of my friends, except for Irma who is back in the hospital because her Special Problem (which I wrote about last month if you remember.) That was when I posted my delicious Bran Muffin recipe I got from Mom! Read it and see how the Satanic Octopus is gaining daily control over all of us.WonderWoman May 30, 2017


“never mind the muffins, wonderlady and we all know about the fake Octopus i want to talk about the seriousness of the new gannon postings. we now that he is a mutant spy sent out by the scientologisst people and why wont the rest of you reelise this? my own wife norma is not feeling well now because her dad died in akron, oh of a stroke and they found him after three days in the hotelroom and he was really not reel nice to look at and my wife had to id him and threw up for two days. and when are the korreans going to niuke japan? I seen this on the web on Friday. I warn you not to believe anything you reed on the web about my broinlaw. All of that crap is fake and the eggplant didn’t work at all. Bobtherebel May 30, 2017


“Well, we can see that the Powerboys are lying again. Sure, who is going to believe that this Felt dude was Deep Throat? I and my friends, Al, Doris, Timmy and BobbiJo have been putting our noses to the grindstone and we all come up with the same thing… This was part of a scheme cooked up in Russia to get even with us for destroying the Soviet Union. When we publish our revealing report, that will shut all the unbelievers up!”  Bikerboy32 on May 30, 2017


“Jesus H. Christ, what a fucking moron! Did you fall off your bike once too often? Where do you come up with this Russian revenge shit, bone head? I know you are the Iowa Chairman of the International Blogger’s Union but let’s get real here. The Soviet Union went down in flames in 1991 and the Nixon business was in 1974 or so. What are you smoking, buddy?” KnowsTheTruth, May 30, 2017


“Biker is dead wrong, as usual. Recent disclosures on my blog spot proves for a certainty that Deep Throat was Manuel Gonzales, a White House carpet cleaner who snuck into Nixon’s office and lifted all the papers from on top of his desk! I don’t believe any of you jerks and won’t you eat something nasty when the New York Times give me the credit!” WallyBob 128May 30, 2017


“You are all full of it! If you bothered to look at the Hiden Hand site you would reelise that Marion Berry, the mayor of DC was the man, not this FBI jerk. That’s why Berry got busted for a fake coke beef, just to shut him up. Read about this on a real blog site, jerks, and just shut up. BTW can anyone tell me how to get blood stains out of a carpet?” Amazon49 May 30, 2017


“Use your useless tongue, bitch!” Bikerboy 31, May 30, 2017


“ы глупые американцы не могли опоер моча из обуви с инструкциями на основании! Хорошо, Вы выбирали Буша, и Вы получите то, чего Вы заслуживаете”


IvantheTerrible, May 30, 2017 Comment:

“My boyfriend, Tommie, and I are going to Des Moines next months for the big Bloggerfest there. I am bringing pictures of little Doreen and I can’t wait to show them to all of my many blogger friends! I am sad to announce that what we thought was a new baby to keep Doreen company was really a tumor as big as a mush melon! I am trying a new hair color. Tommie thought green was a little extreme but he had gotten used to it now. Last week we had quite an adventure at the PBM theater complex in Wetumka when I got stuck in the seat and it took three men, including Tommie and the ticket man, to pull me out. I was sore for three days, believe me. Oh yes, a picture of the evil Satan has been appearing on the back window of the local library but we went down and threw rocks through it because some punk rockers were burning candles in front of it.”

IrineDeLoach,May 30, 2017


“My comrades at the Freedom League and I have begun our investigation into certain Secular Humanists (and possible secret Muslims)  who were spreading rumors about former president Bush being gay! My boyfriend, an FBI agent, is very impressed with our actions, believe you me! When I told Bunkie about how we broke into their headquarters while they were out of town and looted their files, he said to put them into a bag and leave them on the back seat of his car. He said it had to be a black bag! Hah hah, hah! We just got a lovely picture of our President and his wife to hang in our Command Center (in Patsy’s root cellar) and Audry will be in charge of keeping the candles lit.!”

Bureauauexilliary 32 May 30, 2017

We like to say that we are members of the reality based community. But to say that, we have to legitimately live in the reality based community.

So to those who keep passing around that ridiculous “911 caused by hijacked jets” — stop it!

I don’t know how many times this bullshit rumor has to be shot down.

And the best debunking  comes from dear Pusblog community member Lucille T. , co-founder of  The 911 Truth Forum

For two solid years now, Eunice McWhorter and I have followed the official lies and the unfolding story about the truth of 911,  literally on a daily basis. We haunt the Internet sites dealing with, both those governmental tools who support the now- (thanks to Pusblog) discredited story about “hijacked commercial airplanes” “destroying:” the WTC buildings.- In fact, the two of us have grown adept at digging the Real Truth from  the news media

For about the past year and a half, Eunice and I have been joined in the research by  Timmy T.., an historian in the Washington D.C. area, and by Mavis O., another researcher whose husband is a former Boeing consultant!. So that makes four of us brilliant and thoroughly competent bloggers searching the news media and the propaganda, each and every day mind you, for those hidden truths that have eluded the rest of the world..

And after all this time, we all four of us concur. Yes, there are a few outwardly disturbing elements that have been published on pro-government sites but these have no real significance., and rumors of  certain “independent technical reports” of the collapse allegedly point to so-called “errors of logic” on the part of the Pusblog reality squad. There are no “errors of logic” on our part. Our team is the best in the world at this point and there are no official “facts” anywhere that can disprove our findings. We’d have found them if there were.

Here’s something that might interest you. If you go to our homepage, you’ll notice a place up top that says “911 Facts and Fictions”. Click on that. That’ll take you to our fully searchable database.

When you get there, scroll down to the bottom of that page to where the Filters are. I’m finding that many people simply don’t realize these handy, dandy little tools are there. Go over to the right to where it says “Official Lies” … and select, say, “Pentagon” from the drop down list. Then hit the “Apply Filter” button over to the left.

Voila … a list of so-called fictions made up by establishment public relations people to discredit Pusblog team members. Anyone looking at our findings realizes at once that our findings are fact, not fiction. And we want you all to realize that our incontrovertible findings have so frightened the government that they have never even dared to comment on the following postings, discovered by our primary team:

  • They cannot explain why many Russian aircraft engine parts were found on the streets surrounding the WTC after the alleged aircraft hits..
  • They cannot explain why the statement of over 500 witnesses who saw teams of U.S. Special Forces carrying explosives pouring into the WTC buildings just after the faked “hijacked aircraft” impacts.
  • They cannot explain why the statements of Dr. Lowell Farckas, DDS, DVM who actually witnessed a certain Hollywood sound studio replicating the WTC buildings and digitally “crashing” a “hijacked commercial aircraft” into the buildings.
  • They cannot explain why the statement of Ervin Kleine, former US government investigator into aircraft crashes was never used and which absolutely proved that jet fuel burns at such a low temperature that you can actually hold your hands in the flames and not get burned!

We are sure that you know that many very important people, both in Washington (including ten Congressmen and two Senators) report to the Pusblog team daily so that nothing can escape our steely gaze!

We have been hearing rumors that the Pusblog team might just be in line for a Nobel prize in the near future but we are more interested in alerting the American public to the lies and deceptions of everyone else. We at Pusblog know that we are supreme and we do not care about the other, false, sites who dare to make fun of us. It is always this way when pioneers of the truth bring out the real truths about a major incident. Our sister team, now working on the blockbuster story about the Australian use of the Tesla bomb to create the Christmas tsunami to destroy the SEA tourist industry and open the market up to Australian resort owners has been experiencing the usual mockery and cynicism from inferior sites who are jealous of us and our fierce intellect that puts the spotlight of truth on official lies!” miracleman May 30, 2017


“Bravo, Miracleman and your matchless team! You make my whole day and I am sure God will give you a Nobel prize! What about the Pulitzer prize for superior jouirnalism? I can’t wait until you next wonderful posting!” Butterfly 288  May 17, 2017


“Jesus H. Christ! Such inhouse butt kissing! Next you will be telling us how you brilliantly found either end of yourself in a dark room. Someone must have died and made you God, I guess. Every time I get up on the net I find at least a dozen sites like yours, all claiming to have had the Revealed Word of God coming out of your anus. Why don’t you get a real life and do comparison shopping for WalMart? Only a moron would believe the stupid shit about rockets hitting the buildings or bombs going off. God, get a life, why not?” Bikerboy31 May 30, 2017


“I agree with Maracleman 100%. My sister Sophie saw the so called fake planes hit and she recognized the plane as a Russian Tupulov and not a Boeing. Boy, the FBI wouldn’t even talk to her because they didn’t want the truth to come out.

Scribonia May 30, 2017 Comment:

“While the Pusblog team is revealing the truth, can’t you do another story about the Black Hilicopters? I saw three of them last week over the pond and Agnes, my neighbor, was kidnapped by them and anally probed five times! Agnes wants to get the truth so she has gone back to the lake every night now for the whole week but the helicopters and the men with the big eyes never came back. Carl, her husband, doesn’t believe her and Agnes wants your team to come and take pictures of what these space aliens (or are they CIA?) did to her. She hasn’t been able to sit down for six days now. Please help us!” goatgirl90 May 30, 2017


In Memoriam: We at Pusblog are deeply saddened to report the death of Iowa Bloggerett Nadine T. Nadine died on Saturday, of Dutch Elm Disease. according to her loving husband, Erwin Nadine will be remembered for her ground-breaking work on the Aspartame Erectile Dysfunction scandal as well as her monumental study of  Cloned African Killer Bees. Nadine was a winner of the Steven Ambrose Accuracy in Media Award of 2003. She will be sadly missed.

The Pusblog leadeship: Tom, Edna, Rolly, Little Benny, Martha, Irene, Wally, Esther, “Tomboy” “Cheesegrater II, and Wanda-Sue.


“I am speaking about the comments by the Super Patriot Big Eagle in your last posting. I agree fully with his brilliant analysis of the treacherous and disloyal TBR news people and their terrible lies about the false allegation that our Department of Defense is deliberately lying about the number of heroic dead in the War against Terrorism! From my own long service as an American military man (and proud of it. While it is true I never fired a shot in anger at an armed enemy, while I was in ‘Nam I was personally responsible for the eradication of Communist agents in the rear areas, some of whom tried to escape detection by pretending to be old cripples or young children. I still have my Ruger .22 that I put the number 201 on a silver plate on the grips. That was my score and I am proud how many of our enemies I blew the brains out of!) I know that if it were not for men like myself and Big Eagle, America would have been invaded by the Iranian army months ago! All traitors should be ejected from the United States who dare to question our wonderful and protective leaders! We need more Big Eagles and fewer west coast liberal Jew-loving communist agitators!” captainpissgums May 30, 2017


“I just love to read some of the contributors to the DailyPus blog. I am taking courses in Abnormal Psychology and I get more information from your site, and the others like it, than from any textbook. It is much more concentrated than information I could get by sitting in on Group Therapy sessions at the local Clown House. This last one is a classic nut and probably did run around Vietnam assassinating old people and children. The police in this country, and much of the military, are filled with such sickos and the Bush people, being of the same inclination, eagerly encourage such sadistic perversions. We should guard against the proliferation of such creeps rather than give them medals and little bits of metal for their shoulder boards. The best thing for them would be to get a dose of their own medicine.” RusselK. July 15,2005


“Good for Captain Pissgums! And shame on Russel K! My wonderful nephew, Randy, is now in Iraq with the Marines and he has sent me dozens of heartwarming pictures of dead Moslem terrorists that he burned up with a flamethrower. These evil, Satan-worshipping devils look wonderful all crisped up! Keep it up Randy, we all pray for you to be even more victorious every Sunday. But never mind all of this because I want to warn all of the wonderful Christians at DailyPusBlog about a terrible crime being committed, right in our own Christian United States! The evil, satanic Harry Potter book is now being put into American bookstores to poison and pervert the minds of young Americans! Yes, this book is a deliberate Secular Humanist plot to satanize America’s youth with luring stories about the “fun” of witchcraft, spells and other anti-Christian perversions! Our family are truly devout and believing Christians and all of us should write to DailyPusBlog to let our wonderful President and his true supporters in Congress know about this so this evil book can be rounded up from the satanic bookstores that carry it and burned right out in front of God Himself!” ChristianLady  July 14, 2005


“What you say about the Potter books is 100% correct! Our son Pauli, who was only 9 years old, set the cat on fire last week and poor Mr. Spats made terrible cries and ran around the living room until he burned up. He ran under a couch and set it on fire and my husband, Karl, was so upset that he chased Pauli outside and beat him with a garden hoe but in the meantime, the couch set the house on fire and Grandma Tom was asleep upstairs and didn’t make it out. We found the Potter book in Pauli’s tree house along with terrible pictures of naked ladies and an empty muscatel bottle so I agree that these books have to be banned forever! Now that Pauli and Grandma Tom are dead, the writer of this book and the bookstores that sell it ought to be shot. Maybe we can get CaptainPissGums to do this for us. Won’t a fellow blogger help us? America turns her eager eyes to you, sir!” Lola S. July 14, 2005

“The truth must be made known about Planet X! The reason for not announcing it is due to religious beliefs it would cause the world to go into physiological panic. It was discovered by NASA probes Pioneer 10 and 11 and was announce on the Paul Harvey news cast as a possible 10th planet but when our government realized the implications of an incoming body which has its unique elliptical orbit around two suns.  It has turned into a national security issue, our government knows and is afraid of panic.  The whole story of planet X (Nibiru) one of many names for Planet X comes from ancient clay tablets 4000 BC describing a tenth planet and its life on it. They were called The Anunnaki which means in Summerian language they who came from heaven to Earth.  They taught us math, building techniques, farming and etc.  The Summerian land is where IRAQ is now.  The word NIBIRU means planet of crossing.  It has a history or else I would take this as all BS.  These Anunnaki were giants they were 8 to 10 feet tall.  They used the inhabitants to dig for gold they needed for there atmosphere.  I believe in UFOs and the possibility that these aliens was the cause of all religions. This is what our government is afraid of us finding out the real truth.

I have been studying Planet Xes history on xfacts.com and zetatalk.com for four years now.  Planet X orbits two suns about every 3657 years and is in our solar system now it is four times the size of Earth and it’s mass = 23 Earths. Planet X has many names from most countries, the most common name is Nemesis. This is what’s causing the Earth changes and disasters were seeing today. Our planet weighs nothing in space any magnetic disturbance will have disastrous affects on weather and tectonic plates and volcanoes. Planet X caused the Great Flood there was a pole shift that melted the poles. They said that this coming pole shift will be worst the Earth’s outer crust not the oceans will rotate 90 degrees because the Earth will line up with Nemesis as it crosses our skies. The Bible calls Planet X (Wormwood). The Incas called Planet X (Hercolubus), The Babylonians called Planet X (Marduk), the ancient Hindu astronomers named Planet X Treta Yuga and the destruction it causes Kali Yuga. So it has a history which makes it real.  Almost every time it comes into our solar system it affects the surface of every planet it crosses. It’s coming in from our blind side (sun side). There seems to be a Government cover-up on this subject matter. WHY? Do they fear panic? We must warn people for survival reasons if theirs a fighting chance to survive we must take it.”

Powermagnet 98 May 30, 2017





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