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TBR News July 21, 2016

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C. July 21, 2016: “We have just received a notice from a firm that specializes in digging electronic information out of the woodwork. The firm lists several pages of topics, some of which are unbelievable. They are very expensive but one must assume that their data is correct. We are excerpting some of this list and have included their address for those who have the money to learn the truth as, according to the précis, it has never been available before.

  • Successor to the NSA ‘Harvest” programs that catalog important overseas telephone calls made via communications satellites.
  • In depth information on the DoD’s DISA sytems / VIPER and others
  • USIA/Warrentown files
  • In depth dossiers on members of Congress. These, the list advises us, consists of medical and financial records.
  • A 250 page report on the fake Anthrax scare
  • Firms and individuals in foreign countries known to be friendly sources.
  • Scanned copies of Governor George W. Bush’s personal correspondence and financial records, now hidden in the George H.W.Bush Presidential Library
  • Lists of offshore bank accounts for senior political and military figures
  • The so-called ‘Wilson Blvd.’ technical and scientific records

There are many more fascinating offerings but it should be noted that on the list we were sent, prices are very high indeed but approved credit cards, especially American Express, can be used. We have not availed ourselves of this reported service but as it might prove to be interesting to our many readers, especially those with large amounts of cash, we are including the address for your general information: and one must apply for an entrance code.

Good hunting!

Thoughts of the Forbidden Man

The art of leadership, as displayed by really great popular leaders in all ages, consists in consolidating the attention of the people against a single adversary and taking care that nothing will split up that attention into sections. The more the militant energies of the people are directed towards one objective the more will new recruits join the movement, attracted by the magnetism of its unified action, and thus the striking power will be all the more enhanced. The leader of genius must have the ability to make different opponents appear as if they belonged to the one category; for weak and wavering natures among a leader’s following may easily begin to be dubious about the justice of their own cause if they have to face different enemies.

As soon as the vacillating masses find themselves facing an opposition that is made up of different groups of enemies their sense of objectivity will be aroused and they will ask how is it that all the others can be in the wrong and they themselves, and their movement, alone in the right?

Such a feeling would be the first step towards a paralysis of their fighting vigour. Where there are various enemies who are split up into divergent groups it will be necessary to block them all together as forming one solid front, so that the mass of followers in a popular movement may see only one common enemy against whom they have to fight. Such uniformity intensifies their belief in the justice of their own cause and strengthens their feeling of hostility towards the opponent. Continue Reading »

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TBR News July 20, 2016

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C. July 20, 2016: “ Question from a reader: ‘Any chance the robotics could be used to improve the standard of living, make things cheaper and reduce the need to work and so on? Seems like if the productivity gains could benefit everyone it could be a good thing in the long run. They often talk about post-scarcity economics. Think that’s feasible?’

My answer: ‘In a sense, we have that now. Individuals with computer and allied skills can easily obtain good paying employment while students with degrees in business administration, history, goat breeding and other useless subjects are now scrubbing toilets in MacDonalds. he use of AI and robots will only marginalize everyone else, make more money for the operators and further enlarge the numbers of unemployed.’” Continue Reading »

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TBR News July 19, 2016

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C. July 19, 2016:” The fury of the liberal media over the nomination of Donald Trump is highly entertaining to observe. Right wing Evangelical Christians and oligarchy-sponsored delegates to the Republican convention are in a state of hysteria in their attempts to derail Trump’s elevation to the candidacy. The oligarchs and the entrenched bureaucrats are worried that Trump would not be cooperative with their usual swindles against the taxpayers and even foreign entitles like the PRC do not want him in the Oval Office because he has said he would force American business entities to return to this country from countries with minimal labor costs and provide employment for Americans. Continue Reading »

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TBR News July 18, 2016

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C. July 18, 2016:” For the past ten years, there have been growing fears that somehow, outsiders have been able to penetrate into the confidential computer files of government agencies, business entities such as banks and defense contractors and individuals.

Some of this appeared to be an attempt to obtain highly classified information that could be of use to others and in other instances, attempts to get into the personal, and corporate, bank accounts of individuals and corporations.

This is a brief study of some of the salient aspects of this problem of computer theft and espionage and we will start with the discovery of massive computer penetration in Israel. We will then consider further penetrations of American business and intelligence computer systems by agents of a foreign government as opposed to confidence men and then conclude with the use of the same methods to commit frauds on the gullible in the United States and elsewhere.

Some of the first public notice of this problem surfaced first in Israel in 2004 when  Israeli law enforcement cyber crime experts discovered that what is known as a Trojan Horse (illicit spyware planted on an unsuspecting computer) had been inserted into about 60 major Israeli businesses. Isreali law enforcement subsequently indicted various members of three of Israel’s largest private investigative agencies on charges of criminal fraud. These spyware plants were in various commercial areas such as : Israeli military contracting, telephone systems, cable television, finance, automobile and cigarette importing, journalism and high technology. These intrusive spyware plants were nearly identical with ones developed by the American NSA and widely used inside the United States to glean political, economic and counter-intelligence information from a huge number of American businesses and agencies. Israeli investigators believed that there was illicit cooperation between the American agency and a counterpart in Israel.

These Trojan horses that penetrated the Israeli computers came packaged inside a compact disc or were sent as an e-mail message that appeared to be from an institution or a person that the victims thought they knew very well. Once the program was installed, it functioned every time the victim’s computer system was in use, logging keystrokes or collecting sensitive documents and passwords before transmitting the information elsewhere.

This clandestine theft of valuable commercial, military and political secrets is certainly not limited to Israel and many important agencies and individuals have become increasingly concerned about what is called “phishing” in which both con men and foreign (and domestic) intelligence agencies can locate, capture and use valuable personal, political and financial information. In September of 2005, the Anti-Phishing Working Group, an ad hoc group  of corporate and law enforcement groups that track identity theft and other online crimes, said it had received more than 13,000 unique reports of phishing schemes in that month alone, up from nearly 7,000 in the month of October, 2004..

In late 2005, a new form of phishing, called “spear-phishing” emerged.

So-called spear-phishing is a highly concentrated and far more effectove version of phishing. That’s because those behind the schemes bait their hooks for specific victims instead of casting a broad, ill-defined net across cyberspace hoping to catch throngs of unknown victims.

Spear-phishing, say security specialists, is much harder to detect than phishing. Bogus e-mail messages and Web sites not only look like near perfect replicas of communiqués from e-commerce companies like eBay or its PayPal service, banks or even a victim’s employer, but are also targeted at people known to have an established relationship with the sender being mimicked. American banks such as Chase and Bank of America are among those whose names are faked and also the online auction house of Ebay and the international money transfer firm of PayPal receive considerable attention from the international conmen and credit thieves. These thieves are not necessarily gangs operating for financial gain but also include theft of trade secrets, private corporate banking and highly sensitive military and political information.

While some of these phishers are merely out to make money, others are interested in securing military secrets and political activities, all at the highest and what is hopefully considered as the most secure.

As a case in point, in June of 2005 , the National Infrastructure Security Coordination Centre, a British government agency that monitors national UK computer security, took the step of publicly warning about a spear-phishing campaign of “targeted Trojan e-mail attacks” aimed at industrial and government computer networks. The warning noted that the e-mail messages appeared to come from a trusted sender, that antivirus software and firewalls was completely incapable of  protecting  recipients, and that, in fact, there was no way to completely protect any computer connected to the Internet from the Trojan attacks once recipients opened and downloaded a faked e-mail message containing a virus.

The report noted that: “Files used by the attackers are often publicly available on the Web or have been sent to distribution lists,” the warning said. “The attackers are able to receive, trojanise and resend a document within 120 minutes of its release, indicating a high level of sophistication.”

Also,a more traditional phishing scam infected about 30,000 individual computers worldwide, according to CipherTrust, a computer security firm. Consisting of what CipherTrust said was about 50 million e-mail messages that a German hacker deployed simultaneously, the communiqués purported to come from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Central Intelligence Agency and a German intelligence agency and tried to convince recipients to provide personal information and open a file containing a virus. The F.B.I. issued a warning about the scheme and a spokeswoman said that thousands of people swamped the agency with phone calls inquiring about it. Public awareness and FBI actions sharply reduced and finally obliterated this specific form of fraud but no information has been released to the public by the FBI concerning the identity or motives of many of the hackers. No bank or financial institution ever contacts their depositors and customers by email with warnings about misuse of their credit cards or errors in their personal accounts. The phishers have advanced technologically to the point where actual company logos can be snatched from Web sites to build customized databases of corporate logos. Any email message purporting to come from any bank or financial institution, most especially one that has the proper company logo and format but contains grammatical errors should ever  be responded to.

Some computer security specialists suggest at least one basic approach that might allow e-mail recipients to learn right away that a communiqué appearing to come from a company like actually originated somewhere in the Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Russia or any of the other places that law enforcement officials say are hot spots for phishing scams.
According to CipherTrust, a spear-phisher can rent a server for about $300 month after paying a $100 setup fee; install spam-sending software on the server for about $1,200 a month; and get spam-sending proxies, a database of e-mail addresses, and other necessary add-ons for another $1,900 a month. How much phishers make depends on how many victims they hook, but the relatively small expense means the work can be lucrative. According to a research report issued in June by Gartner Inc., a consulting firm, about 2.4 million Americans reported losing about $929 million to phishing schemes during the previous year.

In 2016, is has been estimated by the FBI and private cyper-protection agencies that about 82 million American adults who use the Internet believed that they received an average of more than 50 phishing e-mails during the prior 12 months. And that, of course, is just what Internet users actually know might be happening.

Phishers main goal is to obtain a victim’s checking-account number and, in addition, credit card and A.T.M. card numbers, which they can copy onto bogus cards they have manufactured for the purpose of extracting money and goods from a victim’s account.

It should be noted that many American banks have serious security gaps in the software used to analyze magnetic stripe coding on the back of A.T.M. cards, and these gaps have permitted card hijackers to use bogus copies. American regulators, concerned about online vulnerabilities at the country’s banks, have sharply tightened security requirements at financial institutions.

Although Interner Provider (IP) numbers lead to Italy, the Netherlands, the Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, and Russia, a secret investigation by NSA and other American domestic and foreign intelligence agencies has disclosed that almost all of the scams originate inside Israel and that while the Israeli authorities are aware of this, the fact that information considered “vital to the interests of the State of Israel” is part of the intercepts, no action has been taken against operations that are not directed against Israeli agencies or individuals.  Further, one of the caveats to the continued functioning of these enormously profitable computer frauds is that any monies gleaned from them must be deposited in Israeli, and not foreign, banks.

Isreali intelligence, having formed a cooperative association with Israeli internet swindlers, has, according to an NSA report, not hesitated to spy on their American counterparts.

Among the Israeli corporations on the receiving end of stolen information were two telecommunications affiliates of Bezeq, the country’s largest telephone company. The Israeli government held a controlling interest in Bezeq until it sold most of its stake to private investors, including Los Angeles media mogul Haim Saban, shortly before the Trojan horse scandal became public. A lawyer representing Bezeq and the two affiliates, YES and Pele-Phone, declined to comment on the investigation; Mr. Wismonsky said that Bezeq itself appeared to have been a victim, not a recipient, of stolen information.”  Continue Reading »

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TBR News July 17, 2016

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C. July 17, 2016:”The Turks, always arrogant and violent, have seized an Amerian air base in Turkey and are using this to order the American government to deport a Turkish religious leader whom their dictatorial president dislikes and who claims instigated the failed military revolt recently put down by force. The Turks are walking on a soda cracker bridge and it is starting to rain. They have alienated the Russians and now they are ordering the US government to obey them. The Achilles Heel of Turkey lies in her conflicts with their Kurdish population. The Kurds represent 25% of Turkish population and are organizing for a separatist movement. Turkey will not allow this and, true to form, are murdering Kurdish civilians in a most brutal manner and destroying their villages. An outside entity has been clandestinely arming the Kurds and much more will be heard about this in the coming months.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News July 16, 2016

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C. July 16, 2016: “Fanatics never think about the future, only the present. By their recent spate of mass murder in France, Sunni IS is unifying, not breaking, Western resistance to their Saudi-supported dreams of religious empire. IS does not consider their own death tolls but in the end, the American and Russian attacks on them, both in the Middle East and soon, in Europe, will destroy them, just as Genghis Kahn destroyed the Assassins in their mountain lairs.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News July 15, 2016

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C. July 15, 2016 “The international communities with large Muslim populations have been secretly meeting to agree upon corrective steps to deal with the

growing problem of fanatical Sunni Muslim terrorism aimed at the Christian communities. The commission is called ‘Energy Control Commission’ and its members are: The United States, India, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy.

Russia is now being considered for membership.

This commission has been secretely meeting on a monthly basis in Copenhagen since July of 2006. Its sole purpose is to address the flood of potentially dangerous Muslims into Western countries.

A good deal of intelligence material has surfaced in which telephone and internet communications between various Muslim activist groups point very clearly to deliberate infiltration of non-Muslim countries with the double goal of overwhelming the native populations with numbers and threats of physical violence.

Activist Muslim groups are strongly anti-Christian and are most especially vindictive towards any country that has engaged in military action against any Muslim country. The United States is considered a prime target for infiltration and domestic terrorism while Great Britain, Ireland, Sweden and France are also high on activist terrorist lists.

The general agreement between all parties is that Muslims cannot remain in basically Christian countries because of their often-stated desire to not only take over these countries by population increase but also by the on-going threat of terrorism. Once the final plans for the expulsion of Muslims from member countries, a country will be  opened up as a designated ‘Country of Welcome’ and when this happens, mass deportations of Europe, and America’s, Muslims will begin.

This Islamic Diaspora will be implemented by a joint team of multi-national military personnel using aircraft and shipping that has already been allotted.” … Continue Reading »

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TBR News July 14, 2016

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C. July 14, 2016 “I know nothing about the so-called K2 imitation marijuana but the sheepies will try anything.

They all rush to text message, Twitter, gabble like mindless geese on Facebook and ignore the ruthlessness of living.

Heroin pure will kill so it has to be cut. If it isn’t, the user is dead with the needle still in the vein.

Regular pot has no such problems.

That having been said, governmental agencies are in support of legal pot because they can regulate its growth and make huge money taxing it.

I well recall the ’60s when half the population staggered around, glassy-eyed and torpid.

“Stoners” we used to call them.

Sat around in very shabby apartments with orange-crate furniture mumbling to each other.

Too spaced out to work, they would steal from garbabe cans to survive.

Electronic toys have replaced pot to a large degree and the new Stoners spend half their time playing key-punched games.

Unemployment (over 25%!) is upon us so the fascination with the world of electronic escapism is rampant.

“Too lazy to work; too stupid to steal” is what we used to call the sheepies.

The so-called ‘for profit’ ‘universities’ and ‘colleges’ deliberately shove ‘student loans’ off on legions of those who attend their business ventures.

These loans, thanks to the crooked Clinton, cannot be discharged in bankruptcy so the student will never be free from large monthly payments.

And the interest on these loans always builds, month by month.

I wonder how much pay off Clinton got under the Oval Office desk?

The students are told about the Golden World that exists just outside the institution of lower learning and the student is assured that with a degree in advanced bird watching, they will be welcomed upon graduation with screaming hordes of employers waving frantically at them.

Of course the schools know this will never happen so PhDs are scrubbing tables at Taco Bell and living at home with Mom and her cat.

But there will not be Stoners because even pseudo chemical pot costs too much.

They end up dumpster-diving.

With an army of 30 million Mexican and Central American illegals packing the countries’ job market, an army willing to work for $2.00 an hour without complaint and off the corporate book, the mortar-boarders are shit out of luck.

But just down the street lurk new electronic toys and other thrilling distractions so the unwashed and semi-literate masses shuffle onwards towards infirmity and the edge of the quarry.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News July 13, 2016

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C. July 13, 2016: “Our dear friends the PRC people have been told by the Permanent Court of Arbitration that their occupation of Pacific islands belonging to other countries is illegal. True to form, the Chinese have given the finger to the rest of the world and threatened everyone in sight with their displeasure. The Chinese hate Trump because he has stated his intention that if elected president, he will force the large number of American businesses now making their products in China (for cheap prices and depriving millions of Americans jobs) to return to the United States. Also, the PRC has been actively considering getting Russia and the United States involved in military activity against each other so China can move up into Russian Siberia and take it over. They want to do this because China is now an ecological disaster. Her rivers are heavily polluted and drying up and in the north, the Gobi desert is moving slowly toward Beijing and blanketing that city with blinding clouds of dust. Grabbing the land of others is an old Chinese custom.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News July 12, 2016

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C. July 12, 2016: “We recently got an advertisement for an anti-Trump bumper sticker.

I have an even better bumper sticker.

It is in red letters on a white background and it says:

‘Hillary is a dyke’

I had the original, official State of California state police report on her mattress polkas when she was connected with the Oakland Black Panthers (she worked for Bob Treuhaft who represented them) and in a moment of intense pleasure, I gave it to my neighbor who is a friend of Trumps.

The Trump staff were most happy with the original report (which will come into play later) and I gave my friend, who owns a factory, 200 of my bumper stickers for his employees to put on their cars.

When Jerry Brown, a Jesuit seminary reject, ran for governor of California the first time, I had 5,000 bumper stickers printed up and given away.

This one said:

‘Brown for Queen’

The Brown people were livid but the truth always hurts.

So does a strap-on.” Continue Reading »

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