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TBR News June 10, 2017

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C., June 10, 2017: “MERS = Mortgage Electronic Registration Inc.holds approximately 60 million Amerrican mortgages and is a Delaware corporation whose sole shareholder is Mers Corp. MersCorp and its specified members have agreed to include the MERS corporate name on any mortgage that was executed in conjunction with any mortgage loan made by any member of MersCorp. Thus in place of the original lender being named as the mortgagee on the mortgage that is supposed to secure their loan, MERS is named as the “nominee” for the lender who actually loaned the money to the borrower. In other words MERS is really nothing more than a name that is used on the mortgage instrument in place of the actual lender. MERS’ primary function, therefore, is to act as a document custodian. MERS was created solely to simplify the process of transferring mortgages by avoiding the need to re-record liens – and pay county recorder filing fees – each time a loan is assigned. Instead, servicers record loans only once and MERS’ electronic system monitors transfers and facilitates the trading of notes. It has very conserbatively estimated that as of February, 2010, over half of all new residential mortgage loans in the United States are registered with MERS and recorded in county recording offices in MERS’ name

MersCorp was the created in the early 1990’s by the former C.E.O.’s of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Indy Mac, Countrywide, Stewart Title Insurance and the American Land Title Association. The executives of these companies lined their pockets with billions of dollars of unearned bonuses and free stock by creating so-called mortgage backed securities using bogus mortgage loans to unqualified borrowers thereby creating a huge false demand for residential homes and thereby falsely inflating the value of those homes. MERS marketing claims that its “paperless systems fit within the legal framework of the laws of all fifty states” are now being vetted by courts and legal commentators throughout the country.

The MERS paperless system is the type of crooked rip-off scheme that is has been seen for generations past in the crooked financial world. In this present case, MERS was created in the boardrooms of the most powerful and controlling members of the American financial institutions. This gigantic scheme completely ignored long standing law of commerce relating to mortgage lending and did so for its own prsonal gain. That the inevitable collapse of the crooked mortgage swindles would lead to terrible national reprecussions was a matter of little or no interest to the upper levels of America’s banking and financial world because the only interest of these entities was to grab the money of suckers, keep it in the form of ficticious bonuses, real estate and very large accounts in foreign banks.. The effect of this system has led to catastrophic metldown on both the American and global economy.

MERS, it has clearly been proven in many civil cases, does not hold any promissory notes of any kind.. A party must have possession of a promissory note in order to have standing to enforce and/or otherwise collect a debt that is owed to another party. Given this clear-cut legal definition,  MERS does not have legal standing to enforce or collect on the over 60 million mortgages it controls and no member of MERS has any standing in an American civil court.

MERS has been taken to civil courts across the country and charged with a lack of standing in reprossion issues. When the mortgage debacle initially, and invevitably, began, MERS always rotinely broght actions against defauilting mortgage holders purporting to represent the owners of the defaulted mortgages but once the courts discovered that MERS was only a front organization that did not hold any deed nor was aware of who or what agencies might hold a deed, they have been routinely been denied in their attempts to force foreclosure.  In the past, persons alleging they were officials of MERS in foreclosure motions, purported to be the holders of the mortgage, when, in fact, they nor only were not the holder of the mortgage but, under a court order, could not produce the identity of the actual holder. These so-called MERS officers have usually been just employees of entities who are servicing the loan for the actual lender. MERS, it is now widely acknowledged by the courty, has no legal right to foreclose or otherwise collect debt which are evidenced by promissory notes held by someone else.

The American media routinely identifies MERS as a mortgage lender, creditor, and mortgage company, when in point of fact MERS has never loaned so much as a dollar to anyone, is not a creditor and is not a mortgage company. MERS is merely a name that is printed on mortgages, purporting to give MERS some sort of legal status, in the matter of a loan made by a completely different and almost always, a totally unknown enitity.”

Table of Contents

  • The Worst of Donald Trump’s Toxic Agenda Is Lying in Wait – A Major U.S. Crisis Will Unleash It
  • Donald Trump survived Comey’s testimony, but the fallout could be fatal
  • Far-right group aims to stop informal migration to Europe
  • Sweden is the gateway to the alt-right anti-immigrant agenda in Europe
  • Muslim Mayor of London says there’s no money to monitor returning Muslim jihadists…because police are too busy chasing after alleged anti-Muslim hate incidents –
  • Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Sensation
  • London Bridge attackers had tried to hire 8.3 ton truck: police
  • CrowdStrike, The DNC’s Security Firm, Was Under Contract With The FBI

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TBR News June 9, 2017

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C., June 9, 2017: “The devastating results of the British election coupled with the failure of the oligarchy in America to put Hillary into the White House shows clearly that the machinery of control is falling apart. Trump has so upset a Europe that had gotten used to American control of its policies that they are returning to an independent Europe. NATO and the EU were both set up to facilitate American economic and military control. And many European intelligence agencies like the British and especially the German BND were firmly in the CIA’s pockets. Now, with the shifting of power, America’s poodles will end up in the dog pound.”

Table of Contents

  • Earn minimum wage in the US? You can afford to live in exactly 12 counties
  • James Comey, a Washington Operator, Knows How to Play the Game
  • Donald Trump lawyers to file complaint against ‘leaker’ James Comey
  • Theresa May has ‘no intention of resigning,’ strikes deal with Democratic Unionists
  • Theresa May’s devastating miscalculation
  • Are Google, Amazon and others getting too big?
  • N.S.A. Contractor May Have Mishandled Secrets Before, Prosecutor Says
  • Полное Внесение в список Всех Единиц Флота российской Республики    “The Entire Russian Fleet”
  • Interview with Jean-Claude Juncker

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TBR News June 8, 2017

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C., June 8, 2017: “”In American intelligence circles there have been growing fears that somehow outsiders have been able to penetrate into the confidential computer files of government agencies, business entities such as banks and defense contractors and individuals.

Some of this appeared to be an attempt to obtain highly classified information that could be of use to others and in other instances, attempts to get into the personal, and corporate, bank accounts of individuals and corporations.

Some of the first public notice of this problem surfaced first in Israel in 2004 when Israeli law enforcement cyber crime experts discovered that what is known as a Trojan Horse (illicit spyware planted on an unsuspecting computer) had been inserted into about 60 major Israeli businesses.

Israeli law enforcement subsequently indicted various members of three of Israel’s largest private investigative agencies on charges of criminal fraud. These spyware plants were in various commercial areas such as : Israeli military contracting, telephone systems, cable television, finance, automobile and cigarette importing, journalism and high technology. These intrusive spyware plants were nearly identical with ones developed by the American NSA and widely used inside the United States to glean political, economic and counter-intelligence information from a huge number of American businesses and agencies. Israeli investigators believed that there was illicit cooperation between the American agency and a counterpart in Israel.

These Trojan horses that penetrated the Israeli computers came packaged inside a compact disc or were sent as an e-mail message that appeared to be from an institution or a person that the victims thought they knew very well. Once the program was installed, it functioned every time the victim’s computer system was in use, logging keystrokes or collecting sensitive documents and passwords before transmitting the information elsewhere.”


Table of Contents

  • Infamy at Sea: Israel’s Attack on the USS Liberty 50 Years Later
  • Remembering the U.S.S. Liberty
  • Germany withdraws troops from anti-IS base in Turkey row
  • North Korea launches missile salvo at area where US aircraft carrier fleet had sailed
  • Notes on Saudi Arabia 
  • A report on Israeli/Iranian conflicts
  • James Comey Statement Describes Unsettling and Awkward Meetings With Trump

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TBR News June 7, 2017

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The Voice of the White House

      Washington, D.C., June 7, 2017: “There are no secrets anymore. Those who work in huge complexes in small cubicles think that their organization is so well-guarded that nothing ever finds it way outside the glass walls. The President makes a phone call to a top official, knowing that his system is totally secure. The CIA sends reports to Langley, knowing that their communications system can never be breached. The FBI’s enormous files on citizens is, they absolutely know, is totally secure. In fact, all of these beliefs are fictional. One agency has broken into the secure system of another and one country knows the secrets of another. Isn’t it amazing how Vladimir Putin always is one or two steps ahead of the neo-con and CIA plottings? Either this is an example of second sight or, more than likely, insight.”


Table of Contents

  • Fifty Years Later, NSA Keeps Details of Israel’s USS Liberty Attack Secret
  • How Do I watch You? Let me count the ways….

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TBR News June 6, 2017

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The Voice of the White House  

Washington, D.C. June 6, 2017: “The roots of current Islamic terrorist aimed at the West can be found in the occupying of a basically Arab Palestine by eastern European Jewish refugees in 1948.

These invaders, while of the Jewish faith, were not Semitic in origin and had no origins in Palestine. Eastern European Jews originated as a Turkish tribe, the Khazars, who lived on the west bank of the Caspian Sea and converted to Judaism about 900 CE.

The invaders of Palestine were savage in the extreme, killing and destroying any perceived enemy until the British, who controlled the area, finally withdrew.

Surrounding Arab states and the newly-formed state of Israel made periodic war upon each other and the United States, much in error, got involved because of domestic pressure from influential Jewish groups.

Eventually, this blind support of Israel made the US, and other western countries, the target of rising Muslim nationalism and today we see the results throughout Europe.

The IS movement was begun by the Saudis to enhance their position in the Middle East and, as usual, the US supplied arms and training to this group.

And again, as usual, the results have been a disaster and the only reason that the United States has been spared IS attacks is because she is allied with, and is a major business partner, of Saudi Arabia.

If these connections ever cease, believe that IS terrorism will erupt in the US as is has throughout Europe.”


Table of Contents

  • This Is Why Saudi Arabia and Its Allies Suddenly Cut Ties to Qatar
  • Saudi beef with Qatar may be about gas, not terrorism
  • German troops at Incirlik, Turkey ‘ready for a transfer’
  • Will the Neocons’ Long War Ever End?
  • Avoiding Apocalypse on the Korean Peninsula
  • 1967 war: How Israel occupied the whole of Palestine
  • Israeli Invasion of Lebanon, 2006: Fact and Fiction

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TBR News June 5, 2017

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The Voice of the White House  

Washington, D.C. June 5 , 2017: ” A planned new route into Europe for Turkish heroin has been discovered as the result of investigations by European law enforcement agencies, to include Interpol and Europol and the American FBI. An Albanian-based group of professional drug smugglers, operating out of two Albanian ports on the Adriatic and are now planning to off-load the heroin at the small Italian seaports of Marano Lagunare or Ausa Como and move it into the mountains of southern Austria.

This group is part of the so-called “Balkan connection,” the Istanbul-to-Belgrade heroin route. The heroin originates as opium, grown in Afghanistan. As a result of a weak American military presence there, opium growing is now exceeding its pre-American occupation levels.

The new state of Kosovo is considered by European enforcement agencies as the crossroads of global drug smuggling routes. Kosovo is primarily a state of ethnic Albanians and for hundreds of years, Kosovar Albanian smugglers have been among the world’s most accomplished dealers in contraband, aided by a propitious geography of isolated ports and mountainous villages. Virtually every stage of the Balkan heroin business, from refining to end-point distribution, is directed by a loosely knit hierarchy known as “The 15 Families,” who answer to the regional clans that run every aspect of Albanian life.

The Kosovar Albanian traffickers are so successful, says a senior U.S. State Department official, “because Albanians are organized in very close-knit groups, linked by their ethnicity and extended family connections.”

The Italilan ROS agency has been conducting an intense investigation of Albanian drug smuggling and one of their official reports reads: “Albanians from Kosovo …are among the most dangerous traffickers in drugs and in arms. They are determined men, violent and prepared to go to any lengths. They are capable of coming up with men and arms in a matter of hours. They have deep roots in civil society.”

Italian investigators have reported that Italy is the most important base for these organizations and it is precisely in Milan that negotiations between the Kosovar bosses and those of the Tirana – based Albanian gangs take place. And Milan, again, is the theater in which exchanges with our own domestic crime bosses take place.

According to detectives, the “Ndrangheta receives and parcels out some 50 kilograms of heroin every day. And it is precisely by following this drug trail that the detectives have succeeded in discovering a fully fledged organization with ramifications throughout Europe: Groups have been identified that operate in France, in Switzerland, in Spain, in Germany, and in Norway. But the Albanians have a particularly aggressive attitude. On the basis of phone calls that we have intercepted, we have discovered that the drugs are not only a source of wealth but also a tool in the struggle to weaken Christendom.”

The new route, which has been uncovered by a joint international investigative effort, is from Albanian Adriatic ports, up the Adriatic to the Italian ports of Marano Lagunare or Ausa Como through Italy via the A 23, over the Nassfeld Pass into Austria and from there, through Hermagor, to the scenic lake, Weissensee in Carinthia. This lake, which has a number of small hotels and bed-and-breakfasts, is perfect for a drug distribution point because it is very private and had only one road, Number 87, which leads from Highway E66 and a direct route to Italy.

The Kosovo smugglers have recently established a connection with elements of Scientology now in the Austrian province of Kärnten. The Scientology group is reported to be FLEXIM Austria GmbH, which through its head, Christian Halper, a German citizen, have targeted the scenic lake as a headquarters. These people have been secretly purchasing property in the Weissensee area and this includes:

  • Hotel Alpenhof, Obernaggl (total about 70 hectares) – about 35 rooms – Hans Zoehrer – 5.5 M Euros:
  • Hotel Fergius, Neusach (only a few square meters of land) – 38 rooms – no price available:
  • Hotel Sonnenstrahl, Oberdorf, holiday apartment house (no land) – about 15 apartments – no price available:
  • Private house, Gatschach, near the post office (with over 2,000m² of land) – 1.5 M Euros:
  • Private house, Neusach (with over 2,000m² of land) – 1,8 M Euros:

The Weissensee area is very secluded and peaceful. There is only one road into the lake to the western end and no exit to the east. The lake is the summer destination of more afflunent visitors and in winter, the frozen lake is used for winter sports and the southern slopes, for skiing. The new plan is to buy up as much property as possible so as to be able to fill up the area with German Scientologists who can vote their members into local offices for better control.

Also, the large Alpenhof Hotel has been gutted and is going to be torn down. Its replacement, according to investigative reports, will have large, concealed cellars where the Albanians can repackage the Turkish heroin for transhipment to Vienna and Munich. Other smaller hotels and apartment houses have been selected to house personnel and a computer system designed to break into computers of drug enforcement agencies worldwide and have also been shut down in order to install bunks, armoured doors, electronic surveillance equipment and other unobtrusive security materials. It is interesting to note that the Scientologists hate both the Germans and the Russians who, like the Germans, have basically booted them out of their countries. While one smuggler’s route leads northeast towards Vienna, the other goes north to Munich.

From an already established distribution point located on the Hohenzollern Strasse, the heroin moves north to the German Baltic Sea port of Sassnitz. Once there, it is put onto the MV Translubeca, owned by Finnlines-Deutschland GmbH of Lübeck. Two Scientologists are crew members on this large cargo-passenger vessel, which leaves Sassnitz, DE on Sundays at 8 AM and docks at St. Petersburg, Russia, on the following Tuesday at 8 AM, where the cargo is offloaded and channeled into Russian mob hands.”


Table of Contents

  • No, Your Phone Didn’t Ring. So Why Voice Mail From a Telemarketer?
  • Robocalls Flooding Your Cellphone? Here’s How to Stop Them
  • Of course Washington is plagued by leaks. That’s a good thing.
  • Madrid to Manchester to London: A chronology of terror in Europe
  • Blessed Prozac Moments! Zero Hedg
  • Beyond ‘Blowback’: Islam and Terror
  • Syrian army captures 1,400 square km from IS in desert
  • British people ‘will not want to carry on as beforeErik Prince’s dark plan for Afghanistan: Military occupation for profit, not security
  • A 50-Year Occupation: Israel’s Six Day War Started With a Lie

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TBR News June 4, 2017

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The Voice of the White House  

Washington, D.C. June 4 , 2017: “The latest fanatic Islamist murderous attack in London will most certainly not frighten the Brutish from their cooperation in the military attacks on IS in Syria.

Throughout Europe, especially in France, Sweden and now, England, there is a growing anger in the general population against rabid Muslims.

There have also been terrorist incidents in Norway and Germany.

Earlier toleration of Muslim immigrants by liberal governments has resulted in large numbers of potential terrorists coming into their countries and if these governments do not take prompt and decisive action, the public anger will manifest itself in bloody retaliation during the course of which many innocent Muslims will be killed or driven out of the countries involved.

What is needed to prevent this latter-day holocaust would be a firm but just governmental reaction and that would consist of rounding up and deporting any immigrant known to be hostile to their host country.

Given the muddle-headed mediocrities that run most modern governments, reason will not prevail and when a tipping point is reached, the public will react with violence, not reason.”

Table of Contents

  • Is America On The Path To Suicide?
  • London attackers kill seven, PM May says ‘enough is enough’
  • ‘Oi, cowards!’: Londoners fought back as killers rampaged
  • Police arrest 12 in connection with London terror attack
  • London attack: 12 arrested in Barking after van and knife attack
  • Saudi Arabia Lavishes Conservative U.K. Officials With Gifts, Travel, And Plum Consultancies
  • China ‘fully committed’ to stopping North Korean missile program
  • When it comes to a real estate contract, be sure you understand what you’re signing
  • Examples of modern political assassinations, foreign and domestic

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TBR News June 3, 2017

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The Voice of the White House  

Washington, D.C. June 3 , 2017:” “No one knows precisely when the Cold War ended.  It could have been November 9th, 1989, when the Berlin Wall began to crumble.  Or a month later, on December 3rd, when President George Bush (41) and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev convened a summit in Malta aboard the Russian cruiser Maxim Gorky.

Exactly how this war was won is less known.  Truth is, the Operations Directorate of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), ran four strategies concurrently that harmonized better than Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.  So well, in fact, that the Soviet Union collapsed ten years ahead of what CIA’s Intelligence Directorate had forecast:

Strategy One:  In the mid-1970s CIA embarked on a program to “educate” a new generation of Soviet leaders.  Hope for ending the Cold War lay with the “boomers.”  The old fogies in the Kremlin seemed to understand this, too, which is why they passed leadership to sick, dying men.  Leonid Brezhnev could barely stand for the last eight years of his life, while the Soviet system stagnated.  His successor Yuri Andropov was already dying from liver disease when he took over.  And his replacement, Konstantin Chernenko, was practically a living corpse.

Finally, at the urging of Foreign Secretary Andrei Gromyko, a younger man was chosen:  Mikhail Gorbachev.

Gorby’s closest adviser was Alexandre Yakovlev, who had probably been working for CIA since 1959 when he studied at Columbia University.  The Soviets sent their brightest brains to the United States for higher education—and many were recruited.

How was that so easy?  Most Soviets who arrived in the USA to study were smart enough to realize, despite their Leninist indoctrination, that communism as practiced in their Motherland was a cruel fraud.  CIA’s biggest challenge was getting them to return to Moscow, to climb the professional ladder.

Slowly, a network of influence was constructed in every professional arena:  politics, banking, industry, scientific research, media, and, of course, the KGB.

Slowly, in their respective arenas, moles chewed away at communist rule.

Strategy Two:  Ronald Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative (“Star Wars”) scared the Soviets stupid.  They were already spending most of their money on their military-industrial complex instead of ensuring that people got fed.  The U.S. essentially said, “Now you have to spend a whole lot more!”

The Soviets did not have a whole lot more, but were scraping to sustain what they had.  The arms race was over at that point.

And it was all based on a bluff.  The U.S. wasn’t spending anywhere near what the Soviets believed it was spending on “Star Wars.”  Through tactical disinformation, President Reagan made them believe he was capable of anything.  The CIA did not want the Soviets to give up the arms race; it wanted to bankrupt them out of existence.

After President Reagan’s “joke” into a live microphone—“We begin bombing in five minutes”–KGB Chairman Vladimir Kryuchkov convinced himself it was only a matter of time before our president would launch missiles, and Mr. Kryuchkov thus created Operation RYAN—a top priority secret mission to establish precisely when, not if, a U.S. sneak attack would occur.  Their operatives scurried around in circles trying to pinpoint something that did not exist.  It drove them nuts, while CIA proceeded with…

Strategy Three:  CIA wanted an Eastern-Bloc country that would pull off what Hungary had attempted in 1956 and Czechoslovakia twelve years later.  Soviet leaders had grown old and weary and sick, and their system had become stymied in apparatchik ineptitude.  And further quagmired in Afghanistan, a war they could never win, which depleted their military muscle and took their eye off the ball (Eastern Europe).  CIA studied the possibilities, from the Baltic to the Black Sea.  It settled on Poland, whose elements had synchronized:  A fiercely independent people devoted not to communism but Catholicism (92 percent); a dissatisfied intelligentsia; a labor force on the verge of rebellion.  All CIA had to do was stand back and watch—and be ready to jump when…

The volcano erupted in August 1980 at the shipyards in Gdansk and evolved into a Solidarity movement that paralyzed the country.  CIA saw to it that Poland’s intelligentsia jumped onto the bandwagon.  With that, the government capitulated.  But Solidarity tried to do too much too fast; a military crackdown was inevitable.  However, telecommunications had come a long way since the Prague Spring of 1968.  People the world over could see on live TV the harsh, oppressive reality of communism and martial law.

Solidarity went underground.  Through the Vatican, CIA channeled millions of dollars to the outlawed Solidarity movement, giving it technology to interrupt state TV news broadcasts with announcements like, “Don’t believe these liars!”

The Soviets, beleaguered by Afghan polo (which featured captured Russian officers as the puck), were horrified.  They knew they were looking at their own future.

Strategy Four:  CIA chipped away at the Soviet federal structure in all of the enslaved republics, from the Baltics to the Stans, firing up nationalist fervor, destabilizing the system for mass secession—an implosion.

The Soviets roundly deserved this.  Moscow had exploited all of these republics to the max, trading their natural resources for foreign currency banked in Moscow, with only a pittance trickling back to the republics.  Not only did the Kremlin not care about the people it governed, it did not care what happened to their environment.  The Aral Sea in Central Asia dried into a desert because of an ill-conceived Soviet policy to maximize Uzbekistan’s cotton crop.

The leaders of these republics did not need for CIA to point this out to them; they simply needed secret reassurance as they strove for self-determination.

Of much less help was the State Department, which wanted to deal with the republics through Moscow.  Not only was this easier for them then, say, creating new embassies and posting diplomats to Tashkent, Tbilisi, and Bishkek, etc, but it did not wish to embarrass the Kremlin.

Yet through CIA’s guidance, a new generation of leaders in the republics was poised to establish their independence.

And so the Cold War ended in late 1989.  Its demise created the erroneous impression—conveyed by Congress and the media—that the world had become safe for all Americans; time to spend less money on intelligence and security; time to become lazy and complacent—all through the 1990s.

James Joyce had a line for that:  “In moments of happiness, don’t despair, tragedy lurks around the next corner.”

Around the next corner came 9/11.

And the Saudi-organized and CIA-trained IS.”

Table of Contents

  • Illinois bond payments face court-ordered spending threat
  • This Ramadan Could be Even Bloodier Than Previous Years
  • Hacked Emails Show Top UAE Diplomat Coordinating With Pro-Israel Think Tank Against Iran
  • ‘Give them a pill’: Putin accuses US of hysteria over election hacking inquiry
  • Donald Trump’s Triumph of Stupidity
  • Billionaire Koch brothers lurk behind Trump Paris deal pull-out, but endgame is murky
  • Goldman Sachs applies for Saudi equities trading license: sources
  • Orban launches personal battle with Soros over Hungary

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TBR News June 2, 2017

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The Voice of the White House  

Washington, D.C. June 2, 2017:”We have a most interesting situation that has developed.

WikiLeaks has been releasing to the public, great troves of highly embarrassing intercepted emails.

No one has said they were faked.

WikiLeaks is always stated to be controlled by Julian Assange, an Australian who once worked for the US DARPA intelligence program.

Assange is in the Bolivian Embassy in London and is quite incapable of sending the WikiLeaks messages.

It did not take any kind of trouble to have a computer specialist check on the actual location of WikiLeaks and they at once came up with the Moscow address.

But officialdom and their captive media have never, ever, mentioned this fact although there has been loud and incoherent screaming about this.

And a list of the entities whom WikiLeaks has plundered the computers of is as long as a telephone book.

Our first article today shows only some of the more prominent ones.

More will follow.

And the Russian computer offensive is a reaction to long harassment of that country by the United States and its trained poodles.”

Table of Contents

  • Who Owns WikiLeaks?
  • Spying on You, Spying on Me, Spying on the President
  • James O’Keefe Hit by Group He Stung With Million-Dollar Lawsuit
  • Top Defense Contractor Left Sensitive Pentagon Files on Amazon Server With No Password
  • Trump delays moving U.S. embassy to Jerusalem despite campaign pledge
  • What Did John Brennan and Anonymous Sources Really Say?
  • Shadowy Chinese Conglomerate Cultivated Ties to the Most Powerful U.S. Politicians
  • How China Rolled Up a CIA Network
  • Haven’t We Had Enough of Afghanistan?
  • Kill them All!
  • The awful David Clarke and the homeland security behemoth
  • Giant iceberg close to separating from Antarctic ice shelf
  • Gunman torches Philippine casino, killing at least 36 people

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TBR News June 1, 2017

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The Voice of the White House  

Washington, D.C. June 1, 2017:” It is always a pleasure to watch a skilled man at work, approve of his actions or not as may be. Vladimir Putin’s actions on the global chessboard are those of a skilled man. The CIA, which exerts far too much control over American foreign policy, does not like him because they cannot buy him as they did Beria and Yeltsin. Because the Russians have managed to gain access to the top-level American intelligence, and domestic, internet communications, a well-informed Putin is always many steps ahead of his opponents at Langley. Trump, devoid of diplomatic skills or knowledge of global politics, went to Saudi Arabia and sold them weapons. He rejoiced in this act, which will only further disrupt the Middle East but Putin made a deal with the Saudis on oil production which will benefit his country’s economy. It is a pity that the United States cannot find, somewhere, a leader who is as dedicated to his country’s welfare as Putin is for his Russia.”

Table of Contents

  • Germany seeks to block NATO summit in Turkey: report
  • ‘Axis of love’: Saudi-Russia detente heralds new oil order
  • US arming Syrian Kurds will lead to ‘big collision’ with Turkey
  • Even Elizabeth Warren Gets Harassed by Debt Collectors — And It’s About to Get Worse for Everyone
  • Faked paper Trails
  • Operation Car Wash: Is this the biggest corruption scandal in history? 
  • A huge crack across one of Antarctic’s largest ice shelves is reaching its breaking point
  • Sea level is rising—and at an accelerating rate—especially along the U.S. East Coast and Gulf of Mexico.

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