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TBR News March 11. 2019

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The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Isaiah 40:3-8 

Washington, D.C. March 11, 2019:” Rising sea levels could threaten 180 U.S. coastal cities by 2100, according to new research led by University of Arizona scientists.

The coastal cities the research team identified had 40.5 million people living in them, according to the 2000 U.S. Census. By 2100, that number will certainly be exponentially higher.

The report states that the Gulf and southern Atlantic coasts will be particularly hard hit. Miami, New Orleans, Tampa, Fla., and Virginia Beach, Va. could lose more than 10 percent of their land area by 2100 due to sea-level rise.

The paper appears in the journal Climatic Change Letters.

Global sea level rose during the 20th Century at a rate of about two millimeters (.08 inches) per year. That rate increased by 50% during the 1990s to a global rate of three millimeters (.12 inches) per year, an uptick frequently linked to global warming. Rising sea level has consequences for coastal development, beach erosion and wetlands inundation. Higher sea levels could cause increased damage to coastal communities and beaches, especially during coincident high tides, storm surges and extreme wave conditions.”


The Table of Contents

  • Trump budget chief claims president’s new $8.6bn wall demand is ‘fiscally sane’
  • Trump Proposes a Record $4.75 Trillion Budget
  • Don’t let America turn North Korea into another Iraq
  • Miami’s fight against rising seas
  • The CIA Confessions: The Crowley Conversations
  • The growing world of groundless conspiricies
  • Next flu pandemic ‘a matter of when, not if,’ says WHO
  • The 1917 World-Wide flu epidemic

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TBR News March 10, 2019

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The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Isaiah 40:3-8 

Washington, D.C. March 10, 2019: “ Last weekend, I attended a showing of a Russian surveillance tape at  very expensive Dupont Circle apartment.

Present were the hostess, the wife of a very high level administration bureaucrat, a number of members of Congress and several foreign diplomats.

The film was in awful taste but genuine, not like the reams of invented photo shop junk being aired on daily YouTube productions.

It was made by Russian intelligence in Moscow and, in short, shows Donald Trump, quite naked, being urinated on by a very attractive Russian woman.

This is called ‘The Golden Shower’ and does not show our Stunning President at his best. Trump has a large, rubbery food bag with a navel that would accommodate a pineapple and one also notes that nature was not kind to Trump.

He is, to be entirely honest, hung like a stud cricket.

Viewers generally expressed disgust and at least one prominent member of the Trump government announced their intention to resign their duties.

While a number of the men laughed, many of the women were disgusted and said so very often and very loudely, after the showing.

It is intended to release this disgusting bit of history to the voting public in advance of the next election.

I wonder how the Jesus Freaks who think Trump is wonderful and lust after an autographed Bible will view this?

“Why that’s just what Reverend Timmy does with the Girls Choir” many will no doubt say.

It’s acceptable if Jesus or his salesmen used to do it, seems to be the trend here.”


The Table of Contents

  • U.S. Air Force Secretary Wilson to resign, leaving new vacancy
  • Exclusive: In budget, Trump to ask Congress for $8.6 billion for border wall
  • Elizabeth Warren is right – we must break up Facebook, Google and Amazon
  • The CIA Confessions: The Crowley Conversations
  • Treatment of unvaccinated Oregon boy with tetanus cost nearly $1m, CDC says
  • A startup says used tissues are safer than vaccinations. Should you trust it?
  • Is the Earth Flat?
  • The CIA’s Psychic Spies
  • Germany: Storms halt trains, disrupt motorways

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TBR News March 9, 2019

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The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Isaiah 40:3-8 

Washington, D.C. March 9, 2019: ”First we have Trump desiring a Hitler-style Washington military parade in his honor (which the Pentagon denined him) and now we have him piously signing Bibles for adoring rednecks.

Next, no doubt, we will see him in Papal-style robes blessing the multitude at Easter from the steps of the Washington Cathedral.

By his actions at home and abroad, Trump is doing terrible damage to the image of the American people and if the public organizes in a timely manner, they can deny him the pleasure of a second term.”


The Table of Contents

  • U.S. judge may force Trump administration to reunite more families separated at Mexico border
  • Neither Rain, Sleet, nor Snow Will Stop the Post Office From Spying on You
  • Trump’s private talks with Putin may contain clues to his Russia romance
  • Alabama’s Roy Moore, undone by allegations, considers new Senate run
  • Trump is mocked online for signing copies of the Bible like they were his own book during a visit to a tornado relief center in Alabama
  • Christ the Essene
  • The CIA Confessions: The Crowley Conversations

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TBR News March 8, 2019

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The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Isaiah 40:3-8 

Washington, D.C. March 8, 2019 ”The educational level in America today is so low one needs a well-drilling tool to see it. The average Millennial has very little general knowledge but is an expert at text messaging useless nonsense to others of his stripe.

One of them told me Egypt was in South America but another said it was next to Australia. Their pockets are full of childish electronic toys that enable them to exchange useless information with others.

This is due, almost entirely, to a public school system that would do justice to a similar system in Uganda and a system run by teachers who are so stupid they couldn’t pour urine out of a boot if the directions were on the heel.

Both Millennial men and women like to wear layered clothing.

A woman will have knee-length blue socks, mis-matched golf shoes, three skirts, one apron and five sweaters to keep her warm and encourage the development of body lice while her male counterpart wears bib overalls, two shirts and three sweaters with the same goal.

Even with a PhD from Bad Seepage University in Advanced Basket Weaving, all a male Millennial can find in the work market is the shepherding of twittering autistics to the local park to root for small insects and the occasional worm that pops its head above ground.

He puts them, dog collars and all, on a gang leash and has to walk to the park because he is forbidden to put them on public transportation because many of them are known to bite.”

The Table of Contents

  • Trump’s lying ears
  • The how, what and why of a Trump lie
  • Evaluation of Mr. Trump as an asset for Russian interests
  • The CIA Confessions: The Crowley Conversations
  • Soviet/Russian Atomic Demolition Munitions

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TBR News March 7, 2019

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The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Isaiah 40:3-8 

Washington, D.C. March 7, 2019:” “Not only are bad credit risks used to create and sell mortgages on American homes that were essentially worthless but by grouping all of these together and selling them abroad, the banks all made, and are marking,  huge profits. When the kissing has to stop, there are two major groups holding the financial bag. The first are the investors and the second are, not those with weak credit, but those who have had excellent credit and who have been able, and willing to pay off their mortgages.

Unfortunately, as no one knows who owns the title to any home, when the legitimate mortgage holder finally pays off his mortgage, or tries to sell his house, a clear title to said house or property cannot ever be found so, in essence, the innocent mortgage payer can never own or sell his house. This is a terrible economic time bomb quietly ticking away under the feet of the Bank of America and if, and when, it explodes, another bank is but a fond memory.”


The Table of Contents

  • North Korea rebuilding rocket test site: report
  • Yes, Let’s Defeat or Impeach Donald Trump. But What If He Refuses to Leave the White House?
  • Ex-Trump attorney Cohen hands over new documents to Congress
  • Bread, Circuses, and Duct Tape
  • American Civil War 2: US media will have only itself to blame if all hell breaks loose
  • Trump dealt blow as US trade deficit jumps
  • Arctic Oil: Who owns it?
  • The CIA Confessions: The Crowley Conversations
  • Mark Zuckerberg Is Trying to Play You — Again

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TBR News March 5, 2019

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The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Isaiah 40:3-8 

Washington, D.C. March 6, 2019:” In these times, as earlier, many of the public thrive on conspiracy theories because it gives them a feeling of being part of something large and thrilling.

I have studied conspiracy stories for years and have come to the conclusion that 99% of them are the result of stupidity and the attempts to cover it up.

“But the birds were seen flying the other way! Isn’t that significant? The New York Times has an excellent article on these suspicious birds, written by a Famous Scientist (who doesn’t want his name used, of course)”

Bureaucracies are filled with people who couldn’t get a real job and whose government paychecks ought to be gift-wrapped.

Governments are desperate to prevent any kind of a public uproar that might disturb the status quo so they lie, not to cover up plots but to cover theirs, and others, political asses.

The recent mine tragedy and the misreporting of the survival is a typical example. The underlying cause of this is gross neglect and criminal carelessness not only on the part of the cost-cutting owners but the lax, and under Bush, criminally negligent pro-business regulatory agencies.

Now, look for both management and government to conspire to blame the mine problems on something that won’t expose them for the conspirators they are.

And how will they accomplish this? By use of the friendly media and, most important, by having their pet “bloggers” and paid website managers concoct wierd stories about death rays, missing cell phones, secret gas leaks, alQuadea trained gophers intent on industrial sabotage and on and on.

The credulous public, ever frantic for more and increasingly thrilling conspiracies to nurture their small egos, will get their hands on these inventions, water and fertilize them and send them around to others with their own little invented additions.

In the end, the criminal stupidity is effectively masked by the created images and management and government can prepare for the next disinformation campaign.

Those who believe in mysterious conspiracies ought to recognize that they have become unknowing parts of a real conspiracy, the conspiracy of obfuscation, lies and official disinformation.

This applies, equally, to the Katrina disaster, the SEA tsunami, 911, the Kennedy assassination, severe weather events, ship sinkings and on and on. Pick one of the above and Google it to see that the number of breathless conspiracy sites proliferate like fungus after a good rain.”


The Table of Contents

  • Mike Pompeo’s War Warning to China
  • North Korea rebuilds part of missile site it promised Trump to dismantle
  • Beyond the report: Mueller’s Russia probe designed to live on
  • I defied mother to get vaccinated for safety of me and others, US teen says
  • Revealed: AmazonSmile helps fund anti-vaccine groups
  • Stem cell transplants and HIV: What you need to know
  • Top 10 most dangerous viruses in the world
  • Myths and Legends of the 9/11 attack: Death Rays and Super-Thermite
  • The CIA Confessions: The Crowley Conversations

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TBR News March 1, 2019

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The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Isaiah 40:3-8 

Washington, D.C. March 1, 2019:” The Antichrist is described by Pentecostals as the “son of perdition” and the “beast”!

They claim that this interesting creature will have great charisma & speaking ability, “a mouth speaking great things”.

The Antichrist, they allege, will rise to power on a wave of world euphoria, as he temporarily saves the world from its desperate economic, military and political problems with a brilliant seven year plan for world peace, economic stability and religious freedom.

The prophet Ezekiel names him as the ruler of “Magog”, a name that Biblical scholars agree denotes a country or region of peoples to the north of Israel. Many have interpreted this to mean modern day Russia. It could also be Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, perhaps one of the Baltic States or even the lewd and dissolute Socialist Sweden.

His power base will include the leading nations of Europe, whose leaders, the Bible says, will “give their power & strength unto the beast.”

The Bible even gives some clues about his personal characteristics. The prophet Daniel wrote that the Antichrist “does not regard the desire of women.” This could imply that he is either celibate or a homosexual. Daniel also tells us that he will have a “fierce countenance” or stern look, and will be “more stout than his fellows”–more proud and boastful.

Unfortunately, the so-called Book of Daniel was written during the reign of the Roman Emperor Nero, not many decades earlier as its proponents claim, and has been extensively modified by early Christian writers to predict the arrival of their personal Messiah, or Christ, on the Judean scene. The so-called “wonderful” prophetic statements put into the mouth of Daniel are absolutely and wondrously accurate…up to the reign of Nero and then fall as flat as a shaken soufflé afterwards

It is well known that Pentecostals loathe homosexuals, among many other groups not pleasing to them, and would like nothing better than to shove them into a bottomless pit filled with Catholics, rock and roll fans, teenaged mothers, Communists, gun control advocates, Tarot card readers, Christian Scientists, abortionists, Wayne Newton fans, Asians, Jews, African-Americans and Latino Surnamed Hispanics.”


The Table of Contents

  • Back home from Hanoi, Trump faces more political headwinds
  • Factbox: Democrats in U.S. Congress take aim at Trump with multiple probes
  • ‘God knows how I’m alive’: how a teen defied his parents to get vaccinated
  • How Facebook and YouTube help spread anti-vaxxer propaganda
  • Looking for Life on a Flat Earth
  • The Reptilian Elite
  • Secret Societies Control the World
  • YouTube turns off comments for videos showing kids
  • The CIA Confessions: The Crowley Conversations

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