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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C., May 9, 2010: “ Our pushing the fact that the mortgage “protection” service, MERS, is a Federal cover to keep homeowners from learning that their home or business mortgage has been so sliced and diced (and sold abroad) that no one with MERS “protection” will ever be able to get a clear title has brought forth a paniced response from the Obama administration. It is a form letter, to be signed by the sucker brigade and it won’t take a Harvard graduate to see that if you sign it, you are screwed to the wall and can never get your title. If you are dumb enough to sign this, you deserve what you get, buddy.”

“Dear [Borrower and Co-borrower name (s)]

“If you are looking for help selling your home and avoiding foreclosure,  the federal government has introduced the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives (HAFA) Program to help you.  As your mortgage servicer,  we are offering you the opportunity to participate in this program by utilizing HAFA’s short sale option.”

It goes on to explain the program,  and then at the bottom of page 3 of 7 it reads:

“By signing this letter,  you are agreeing not only to a short sale,  but also to a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure if a short sale is not successful.  If you have any questions about the deed-in-lieu of foreclosure,  please call us before signing and returning this letter.]”

We know from our studies that the odds of pulling off a short sale are remote because you are negotiating with the servicer,  not the investor,  and because of MERS,  the investor can never be found.

So,  the Government is setting you up for hope in getting out of your house without having to go through a foreclosure,  and then when you can’t (oh,  too bad,  we tried),  you are forced to give it up.  You are signing away all hope of fighting an illegal foreclosure.

Short sales & loan modifications are a suckers game.  And now it is the government who is getting in on the act of throwing people out of their homes with no hope.

Hope for America’s homeowners.  Change you can count on.”

Well, you count on being yenched yet again by your predatory and useless government. And attached, find an interesting observation on the same subject:

“Advocates and judges have only recently become aware of just how failed this whole system is.  Some judges are just covering their eyes, holding their noses and continuing to grant foreclosures despite the growing body of evidence that the law firms and the clients they represent are engaged in such widespread and systemic improper practices.  This will all come back to haunt every American for decades to come. The biggest problem is this represents a fundamental breakdown in the rule of law.  Courtrooms and judges are no longer owed respect and honor and fear…the pressures placed on our courts have turned them into fast food flop houses operating in servitude to the Millionaire Foreclosure Mills.  The only real objective is to plow through these hundreds of thousands of foreclosures as quickly as possible so that the foreclosure mills and their clients can continue to make millions.”

Matt Weidner  Fl Foreclosure Defense Atty.


Terror Scare in Times Square

Blowback from Predator Terror in Pakistan Continue Reading »

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Special Addition to TBR News

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Special to TBR News

As the webmaster and organizer of the Chink in the Armor site, I have been swamped with emails, mostly from frustrated, and alarmed, mortgage holders.  I have the ability to allow questioners to see if they have a MERS-controlled mortgage (which will prevent them from ever getting a clear title to their property) and, if they have, to try to direct them to a real estate attorney in their area.   

However, given the enormous number of MERS victims (almost 50 million!) several of my corresponding lawyers have suggested that justice would be better served through the concept of a class-action law suit which would be designed to get a court-ordered clear title.

It has also been suggested that interested Americans could benefit by organizing themselves to gain, and share, information, and participate in a class action suit. I should note here that people involved in class action suits do not have to get a personal attorney nor pay the kind of fees he would charge.

I already have a weekly newsletter concerning all of this that covers the latest information, etc. and I get more subscribers on a daily basis.

Any concerned reader who would like to become involved in this can write to me at: info@chinkinthearmor.net and can subscribe at: http://chinkinthearmor.net/Newsletter___Blog.html


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TBR News April 19, 2010

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C. April 18, 2010: ” The website is being reconstructed under a new Webmaster after the sudden departure of the original one. I think we have a much nicer format and expect to see daily postings instead of weekly ones. There will be more interaction from readers (but no blog conversations, please!) and now to business. I have been saying for many months now that the economic collapse was rigged and that the American public has been royally screwed by the big bankers, working hand in hand with members of the bureaucracy.

I have said this on a small scale and the New York Times has been on it on a much larger scale. Now, we can learn, that the mighty, and arrogant, Goldman Sachs has been deliberately allowing its investors to be ripped off, only as long as they and their immediate, and crooked, friends, can prosper. What the mainline media has not dared to mention is this: As a direct result of the deliberate frauds in the mortgage business, caused by the thoroughly crooked Mosilla and company at Countrywide Mortgage (quickly bought up, bad mortgages and all, by the Bank of America), millions of “good” mortgages were bundled together with fakes, turned into a sort of investment sausage and quickly shoved off all over the world by large American banking houses who were fully aware they were selling junk. Continue Reading »

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TBR News April 12, 2010

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C., April 10, 2010: “China has been loudly boasting about her wonderful, surging, economy but there is some humor in the reality of this.

China counterfeited what purported to be U.S. government gold bars but which, in reality, were tungsten bars, gold plated. With these, China was able to buy up enormous amounts of merchandise and raw materials and, still using these fake bars deposited in the major world’s banks, reap a huge reward.

But the Swiss discovered the fraud and China then began to wail that the wicked Americans were shoving fake gold off on them. Of course the fact that China was dumping millions of dollars in counterfeit American gold and silver coins onto the American collecting market somehow never gets mentioned in our worthless print media.

The real humor lies in the fact that the MERS concealed “packaged” mortgages sold very well to an unsuspecting China. Alan Shapiro, who was behind much of the crooked Countryside falsified mortgages, detested the Chinese and saw to it that they, and certain wealthy Arab countries, were jammed full of these worthless objects.

Why worthless? Continue Reading »

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