TBR News October 15, 2019

Oct 14 2019

The Voice of the White House Washington, D.C. October 15, 2019:

“Working in the White House as a junior staffer is an interesting experience.

When I was younger, I worked as a summer-time job in a clinic for people who had moderate to severe mental problems and the current work closely, at times, echos the earlier one.

I am not an intimate of the President but I have encountered him from time to time and I daily see manifestations of his growing psychological problems.

He insults people, uses foul language, is frantic to see his name mentioned on main-line television and pays absolutely no attention to any advice from his staff that runs counter to his strange ideas.

He lies like a rug to everyone, eats like a hog, makes lewd remarks to female staffers and flies into rages if anyone dares to contradict him.

It is becoming more and more evident to even the least intelligent American voter that Trump is vicious, corrupt and amoral. He has stated often that even if he loses the election in 2020, he will not leave the White House. I have news for Donald but this is not the place to discuss it.

Commentary for October 15:” In 1984, over 2,000 extremely rare, nearly mint condition, ancient Greek silver coins, dating from 465 BC, were unearthed near Elmali in Turkey. The horde of coins, in violation of Turkish law, quickly circulated into the international marketplace, and many coins sold for huge sums of money. Discovering that their national treasures had apparently been looted, the irate Turkish government forced the return of most of the horde through legal and diplomatic means. The British Museum inspected some of the rarer specimens and concluded that the entire collection had been recently manufactured at the Bulgarian State Mint in Sofia by that country’s intelligence agency to raise much-needed Western currency. Following this revelation, the value of rare Greek coins toppled as quickly as the British pound had fallen in 1945.


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  • Jihad
  • Trump and Syria: the worst week for US foreign policy since the Iraq invasion?
  • Russia-backed Syrian army sweeps in after U.S. announces abrupt exit
  • Russian and Iranian Mutual Assistance Treaty
  • Unfit for Office
  • ‘Talking in Tongues’ for Fun and Profit.
  • The CIA Confessions: The Crowley Conversations
  • Encyclopedia of American Loons
  • Official Report on corruption in pre-Putin Russia


The usual translation of jihad as ‘holy war’ is misleading; ‘exertion ‘or ‘struggle’ is more accurate: “A general injunction to strive in the way of God” (Albert Hourani: A History of the Arab Peoples, Faber and Faber, 1992)

As a movement for the establishment of Muslim governance, Islamic radicalism was born in the 1920s with the creation of an organization of Egyptian origin known as the Muslim Brotherhood. From the outset, Islamic radicalism opposed not only colonialism, but also Western modernism and non-Islamic Arab governments. The radicalization process intensified with the formation of the State of Israel and the movement itself gradually internationalized, facilitated by the emergence of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, and the Gulf War, to the point of reaching its current dynamism.

Individually considered, the aggregations of greater relevance today are Hizballah or Party of God, Shia, Egyptian, and pro-Iranian, operational since the 1980s; Hamas or Islamic Resistance Movement and Palestine Islamic Jihad, both Sunni, operating in Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank since the late 1980s the former and since the late 1970s the latter; the Armed Islamic Group (GIA), Sunni and Algerian, in existence since the early 1990s, and it spin-off, Salafi Group for Call and Combat; al-Jihad or Holy War and al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya or Islamic Group, both Sunni and Egyptian, formed in the late 1970s; the Abu Sayyaf Group, Sunni and southern Filipino, a spin-off of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front since 1991; Harakat ul-Mujahidin or Movement of Islamic Fighters, Jaish-e-Mohammed or Army of Mohamed, and Lashkar-e-Tayyba or Army of the Righteous, all three Sunni, Pakistani and active primarily in the Kashmir area claimed by both Pakistan and India; and the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, a coalition of Islamic militants from Uzbekistan and other Central Asian states.

Besides aiming at the creation of an Islamic theocratic government in their own country or even in their geopolitical area, all of the above-listed aggregations share one or more of the following characteristics: a dual structure, overt, on the one hand, for political action, religious ministry, proselytizing, fundraising, and social assistance, and covert, on the other hand, for terrorist initiatives; hatred for Israel; the presence of representative organs abroad; terrorist action beyond their own national boundaries; and holy war without quarter against the infidel at the universal level. Some of these groups have enjoyed or still enjoy to this day forms of support from sponsor states governed by either theocratic or secular regimes. Iran has been supporting Hizballah, Hamas, and Palestine Islamic Jihad and is accused by Egypt of supporting also Holy War and the Islamic Group.

According to press sources, Libya has paid ransom to the Abu Sayyaf Group, thus encouraging it to commit further abductions of Western citizens. Sudan has granted asylum to Holy War, the Islamic Group, Hamas, and Palestine Islamic Jihad, which exploit-ed it as an operational base. Moreover, Algeria has charged Sudan with support-ing the GIA. Syria has been assisting on its own territory Hamas and Palestine Islamic Jihad and allows them, as well as Hizballah, to use the Bekaa Valley in Lebanese territory. The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan avails itself of the Iranian radio system to broadcast propaganda. India accuses Pakistan of assisting Islamic terrorist organizations that operate in Kashmir.

Other forms of assistance, primarily financial, issue from private benefactors aware or unaware of supporting domestic and international terrorism, given the dual structure utilized by several of these groups, which, thanks precisely to their dual structure, respond to a socio-economic void unfilled by government or society in many Third World countries. This aspect increases popular following and the relative danger posed by Islamic radicalism.

The most radical Islamic activists, in order to wage holy war against the infidel, have given birth to an international network, not to be confused with the mild concept of ummah that unites the Muslim faithful in the conviction of belonging all to one nation, that is, the nation of Islam. The internationalization of Islamic radicalism draws its origins from the Afghani resistance against the Soviet Union, followed by a further resistance conceived as a struggle against the American and Western occupation of the holiest places of Islam and against West-ern polluting of the Islamic world, nefariously allowed by local regimes viewed as corrupt.

In this context, a series of well known events has taken place: the constitution in the late 1980s of al-Qaida, or The Base, as an umbrella for coordinating, training and supporting various subordinate, semi-autonomous, and autonomous organizations dedicated to holy war at the global level; the training in Afghanistan of approximately 11,000 militants, who subsequently either fought in Bosnia, Kosovo, Chechnya, and Dagestan or returned to their respective countries to conduct an internal struggle or took up residence in the West to set up operational and logistical cells; the issuance of numerous anti-Western fat-was or religious decrees, among which stands out the one of February 1998 undersigned by representatives of al-Qaida, Holy War (Egypt), Islamic Group (Egypt), Jamat-ul-Ulema (Pakistan), and Jihad Movement (Bangladesh), in which all Muslims are called upon to kill Americans and their allies, civilians as well as military, wherever possible; the creation of the World Islamic Front for Jihad against Jews and Crusaders; the fine tuning, until the recent Western military intervention in Afghanistan, of a triad consisting of Osama bin Laden, al-Qaida, and the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan; and about twenty anti-Western terrorist attacks that culminated in the destruction of the Twin Towers and part of the Pentagon.

The purposes and the objectives of Islamic radicalism are clearly defined in a document found in England in May 2000 and titled Military Studies in the Jihad Against the Tyrants, which states in part: The main mission . is the overthrow of the godless regimes and their replacement with an Islamic regime.


Trump and Syria: the worst week for US foreign policy since the Iraq invasion?

October 14, 2019

by Julian Borger World affairs editor

The Guardian

In the week since Donald Trump’s fateful phone conversation with Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the US has entirely abandoned the Kurds, its most effective allies in the Middle East, and with them a Syria strategy that was five years in the making.

The Islamic State flag has been raised once more and the last vestige of US credibility as a reliable partner lies crushed under Turkish tank tracks. It has arguably been the worst seven days for US foreign policy since the invasion of Iraq.

Administration officials have been under orders to deny that Trump gave Erdoğan a green light to invade north-eastern Syria, despite all the indications to the contrary. After the Turkish leader announced his intention to invade, Trump invited him to the White House, one of the most coveted rewards a US president can bestow. And even as his aides are instructed to lie on his behalf, Trump continues to flash a green light on Twitter, and not just to the Turks.

While echoing Turkey’s view of the Kurds as terrorists, Trump declared: “Others may want to come in and fight for one side or the other. Let them!”

Those “others” include the Assad regime, and its Iranian and Russian backers, to whom the Kurds have  appealed for their own salvation, as their US partners pack their bags and leave. A close, very personal and highly effective partnership between US (as well as British and French) advisers and Kurdish fighters in the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which took nearly five years to forge, has been totally undone in a few days.

Since the US started dropping supplies to besieged Kurdish fighters in Kobane in late 2014, that partnership succeeded in rolling back Isis, rooting it out from one stronghold after another. At the same time, it held the regime at bay across a significant swath of Syria.

These were Washington’s limited objectives in Syria, inherited from the Obama administration. And they were achieved at very little cost to the US. The price was paid almost solely by the SDF, which lost 11,000 fighters.

Regime forces are moving northwards into areas that were in the US sphere of influence just a few days ago, at the invitation of the SDF, desperate for assistance in the face of Turkey’s murderous Syrian proxy militias. At the same time, Isis detainees are escaping from SDF detention facilities and the movement is reconstituting. The speed of the unravelling has been breathtaking.

Trump has played down the Kurdish relationship as purely transactional. They had been given a lot of money and equipment, he pointed out. But it was not transactional for the soldiers who fought at each others’s shoulders, and the civilians killed as a result of the Trump-Erdoğan understanding. The US has let the Kurds down before, but Trump’s sheer callousness has made it hard to imagine that this betrayal will be forgiven in the foreseeable future.

The US military is also unlikely to forget being forced to cut and run, and watch a respected ally being crushed. There is considerable anger being reported from junior officers in the field and the generals back in the Pentagon. The next time US soldiers go looking for local partners to act as ground forces, it will be much harder. Who would fight with America now?

After three years of Trump, that is an increasingly difficult question to answer. The president has lavished praise on adversaries such as Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un, while insulting allies in Europe and Asia who he has convinced himself are ripping off the American taxpayer.

The flip side of the impeachment scandal is that while the US president was seeking to force his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, to dig up dirt on Trump’s political rival, he was paying no heed to the supposed priority of his own administration, to bolster Ukraine in the face of the Russian threat. That does not seem to have been a factor for him.

There are even questions about Nato’s survival if Trump wins re-election next year. Erdoğan’s actions have raised doubts about Turkey’s continued membership, while Trump sees the alliance as a club of freeloaders exploiting the US. Until recently he was boxed in by a phalanx of his own officials with traditional Republican pro-Nato views. But the so-called “adults in the room” have dispersed one by one. Trump, increasingly unmoored, convinced of his own “great and unmatched wisdom”, is just improvising, calling foreign leaders and making decisions affecting millions of people.

What guides those decisions is obscure. The sprawling, ramshackle Trump business empire means he is rife with conflicts of interests every time he talks to Erdoğan or Putin or Mohammed bin Salman. Many of those conversations happen with few if any witnesses and any permanent record, as we have discovered in the course of the Ukraine saga, is locked up in a top secret system.

The descent of US foreign policy into chaos is a reflection of a broader failure of its political system. The constitution is supposed to give Congress a decisive say in treaties and the declaration of war, just as it is supposed to stop the US president from receiving emoluments from foreign powers.

None of that is functioning, mostly because Trump has a demagogic hold on the Republican party, whose members fear political obliteration if they dissent. And the president is gambling that the courts have been sufficiently packed with Republican loyalists over the decades that he feels he can afford to flout the law.

At each new demonstration of the president’s venality and volatility, there are predictions that the tide is about to turn, even Republicans have had enough and the republic is about to reassert itself. Such predictions may eventually come true, but it may well be too late for US credibility as an ally. It is already too late for the Kurds.


Russia-backed Syrian army sweeps in after U.S. announces abrupt exit

October 14, 2019

by Ellen Francis and Tuvan Gumrukcu


BEIRUT/ANKARA (Reuters) – Russia-backed Syrian forces took rapid advantage of an abrupt U.S. retreat from Syria on Monday, deploying deep inside Kurdish-held territory south of the Turkish frontier less than 24 hours after Washington announced a full withdrawal.

Washington’s Kurdish former allies said they invited in the government troops as an emergency step to help fend off an assault by Turkey, launched last week after President Donald Trump moved his troops aside in what the Kurds call a betrayal.

Washington’s decision to abandon a policy it had pursued for five years gives Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and Russia’s Vladimir Putin free hands to shape the battlefield of the world’s deadliest ongoing war.

In particular, the Syrian army deployment is a victory for President Bashar al-Assad and his most powerful ally Russia, giving them a foothold in the biggest remaining swathe of the country that had been beyond their grasp.

They will now face Turkish armed forces along a new front line hundreds of miles long.

Syrian state media reported the army entered Manbij, a town near the Turkish border in northeast Syria that had been controlled by a militia allied to U.S.-backed Kurdish forces. Earlier it pushed into Tel Tamer, a town on the strategically important M4 highway that runs east-west around 30 km (19 miles) south of the frontier with Turkey.

State television later showed residents welcoming Syrian forces into the town of Ain Issa, which lies on another part of the highway, hundreds of miles away.

Ain Issa commands the northern approaches to Raqqa, former capital of the Islamic State “caliphate”, which Kurdish fighters recaptured from the militants two years ago in one of the biggest victories of a U.S.-led campaign.

Much of the M4 skirts the southern fringe of territory where Turkey aims to set up a “safe zone” inside Syria. Turkey said it had seized part of the highway. An official of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said clashes were ongoing.


The swift Syrian government deployments underscored how suddenly the strategy the United States had pursued in Syria for the past five years has dissolved. Washington announced on Sunday it was pulling out its entire force of 1,000 troops which had provided air support, ground assistance and training for Syrian Kurds against Islamic State since 2014.

A U.S. official said on Monday a diplomatic team working to help stabilize territory captured from Islamic State had already pulled out. U.S. troops were still on the ground but early phases of their withdrawal had started, the official said.

Two other U.S. officials have told Reuters the bulk of the U.S. pullout could be completed within days.

Sunday’s announcement of the U.S. retreat came just a week after Trump gave what the Kurds consider the go-ahead for Turkey to attack by shifting U.S. troops out of the way.

Thousands of fighters from a Kurdish-led force have died since 2014 battling Islamic State in partnership with the United States, a strategy the Trump administration had continued after inheriting it from his predecessor Barack Obama.

Trump says he aims to extract the United States from “endless” wars in the Middle East.

“After the Americans abandoned the region and gave the green light for the Turkish attack, we were forced to explore another option, which is talks with Damascus and Moscow to find a way out and thwart these Turkish attacks,” senior Kurdish official Badran Jia Kurd said. Jia Kurd described the new arrangement with Assad’s forces as a “preliminary military agreement”, and said political aspects would be discussed later.

It remains to be seen how the Kurds will be treated now that they have invited government troops into their region. Kurdish fighters began carving out autonomous rule in Syria’s northeast early in its eight-year-old war, benefiting from diversions of Assad’s military to fight rebels and militants elsewhere.

Assad aims to restore his government’s authority across all of the country.

Another senior Kurdish politician, Aldar Xelil, called the pact with Damascus “an emergency measure”. “The priority now is protecting the border’s security from the Turkish danger.”


Ankara says it aims to defeat the Kurdish YPG militia which it views as a terrorist group because of its links to Kurdish separatists in Turkey. A “safe zone” would be set up in Syria to resettle refugees, 3.6 million of whom are in Turkey.

“We are determined to continue the operation until the end, without paying attention to threats,” Erdogan said in a speech during a visit to Azerbaijan. “Our battle will continue until ultimate victory is achieved.”

The Turkish Defense Ministry said 560 militants had been “neutralized” since the operation began. Earlier, Erdogan said 500 militants had been killed, 26 surrendered and 24 were wounded so far.

The U.S. exit leaves Turkey and Russia, as well as Iran, Assad’s main Middle East ally, as Syria’s undisputed foreign power brokers. Ankara and Moscow both predicted they would avoid conflict in Syria, even as the front line between them will now spread across the breadth of the country.

“There are many rumors at the moment. However, especially through the embassy and with the positive approach of Russia in Kobani, it appears there won’t be any issues,” Erdogan said when asked about the prospect of confrontation with Russia. Kobani, on the Turkish border, is one of the first Kurdish-held cities where reports emerged of possible Syrian government deployment.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov dismissed the suggestion that Russia could clash with Turkish forces. “We wouldn’t even like to think of that scenario,” he said.

The fighting has raised Western concerns that the Kurds would be unable to keep thousands of Islamic State fighters in jail and tens of thousands of their family members in camps.

The region’s Kurdish-led administration said 785 Islamic State-affiliated foreigners escaped a camp at Ain Issa over the weekend. The British-based war monitor Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, citing sources in the camp, said the number who escaped was smaller, around 100.

Trump, providing no evidence, tweeted on Monday that the Kurds might be releasing Islamic State prisoners deliberately to lure U.S. troops back. Escaped fighters could be “easily recaptured by Turkey or European Nations from where many came, but they should move quickly,” Trump said.

EU countries have threatened to impose sanctions on Turkey over the assault. But at a meeting on Monday they agreed not to impose an embargo. Member countries would instead consider their own restrictions on sales of weapons, a measure likely to be brushed off as trivial, as arms account for just 45 million euros out of more than 150 billion euros in Turkey-EU trade.

Republican and Democratic leaders of the U.S. Congress, who have criticized Trump for abandoning the Kurds, have announced plans for legislation to impose sanctions. Turkey’s trade with the United States is a fraction of its trade with Europe.

Writing by Peter Graff; Editing by Mark Heinrich and Sonya Hepinstall


Russian and Iranian Mutual Assistance Treaty

With the disruptive US withdrawal of troops from Syria and the subsequent abandonment of the Kurds to the tender mercies of the savage Turks (who have been fighting them for years), the political and military situation in the Middle East has drastically, and dangerously, altered.

Once the withdrawal of American troops began, the Syrian military moved into the area, in support of the Kurds and opposed to the Turkish military. The Syrians called upon the Iranians to assist them and also they asked for Russian military assistance and logistical support.

The Russians have negotiated with Iran to pour military supplies to the Syrian military, to include their very effective anti aircraft rocket system, small arms, ammunition and other military material and in return, the Iranian government has concluded negotiations with the Russians to permit the latter to establish a Russian-controlled naval base on Iranian territory and on the Indian Ocean.

The Russians have been leased, on a 90 year long-term basis, a small port at Pas Bandar. This is located at Gwandar Bay and is 44 nautical miles from the Iranian port of Chahbahar.

Russian personnel are being sent overland to the port, to man its defenses and port facilities, and Russian naval units are being prepared for transfer once the facilities are prepared.

The Russians expect the port to be fully operative no later than January 1, 2020.



Unfit for Office   Note: We ran this article yesterday but it proved to be so popular that we are running it again. ed

Donald Trump’s narcissism makes it impossible for him to carry out the duties of the presidency in the way the Constitution requires

October 3, 2019

by George T. Conway III

The Atlantic

In a third-down play last season, the Washington Redskins quarterback Alex Smith stood in shotgun formation, five yards behind the line of scrimmage. As he called his signals, a Houston Texans cornerback, Kareem Jackson, suddenly sprinted forward from a position four yards behind the defensive line

Jackson’s timing was perfect. The ball was snapped. The Texans’ left defensive end, J.J. Watt, sprinted to the outside, taking the Redskins’ right tackle with him. The defensive tackle on Watt’s right rushed to the inside, taking the offensive right guard with him. The result was a huge gap in the Redskins’ l

Special-teams players began taking the field for the punt. But Smith didn’t get up. He rolled flat onto his back, pulled off his helmet, and covered his face with his hands. He was clearly in excruciating pain. The slow-motion replay immediately showed the television audience why: As Smith was tackled, his right leg had buckled sharply above the ankle, with his foot rotating significantly away from any direction in which a human foot ought to point. The play-by-play announcer Greg Gumbel said grimly, “We’ll be back,” and the network abruptly cut to a break. There was nothing more to say.

Even without the benefit of medical training, and even without conducting a physical examination, viewers knew what had happened. They may not have known what the bones were called or what treatment would be required, but they knew more than enough, and they knew what really mattered: Smith had broken his leg, very badly. They knew that even if they were not orthopedists, did not have a medical degree, and had never cracked open a copy of Gray’s Anatomy. They could tell—they were certain—something was seriously wrong.

And so it is, or ought to be, with Donald Trump. You don’t need to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows, and you don’t need to be a mental-health professional to see that something’s very seriously off with Trump—particularly after nearly three years of watching his erratic and abnormal behavior in the White House. Questions about Trump’s psychological stability have mounted throughout his presidency. But those questions have been coming even more frequently amid a recent escalation in Trump’s bizarre behavior, as the pressures of his upcoming reelection campaign, a possibly deteriorating economy, and now a full-blown impeachment inquiry have mounted. And the questioners have included those who have worked most closely with him.

No president in recent memory—and likely no president ever—has prompted more discussion about his mental stability and connection with reality. Trump’s former chief of staff John Kelly is said to have described him as “unhinged,” and “off the rails,” and to have called the White House “Crazytown” because of Trump’s unbalanced state. Trump’s former deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein, once reportedly discussed recruiting Cabinet members to invoke the Twenty-Fifth Amendment, the Constitution’s provision addressing presidential disability, including mental disability.

Rosenstein denies that claim, but it is not the only such account. A senior administration official, writing anonymously in The New York Times last September, described how, “given the instability many witnessed, there were early whispers within the cabinet of invoking the 25th Amendment”—but “no one wanted to precipitate a constitutional crisis.” And NBC News last week quoted someone familiar with current discussions in the White House warning that there is “increasing wariness that, as this impeachment inquiry drags out, the likelihood increases that the president could respond erratically and become ‘unmanageable.’” In September, a former White House official offered a similar assessment to a Business Insider reporter: “No one knows what to expect from him anymore,” because “his mood changes from one minute to the next based on some headline or tweet, and the next thing you know his entire schedule gets tossed out the window. He’s losing his shit.”

Even a major investment bank has gotten into the mix, albeit in a roundabout way: JPMorgan Chase has created a “Volfefe Index”—named after Trump’s bizarre May 2017 “covfefe” tweet—designed to quantify the effect that Trump’s impulsive tweets have on interest-rate volatility. The bank’s press release understatedly observed that its “volatility fair value model” shows that “the president’s remarks on this social media platform [have] played a statistically significant role in elevating implied volatility.”

The president isn’t simply volatile and erratic, however—he’s also incapable of consistently telling the truth. Those who work closely with him, and who aren’t in denial, must deal with Trump’s lying about serious matters virtually every day. But as one former official put it, they “are used to the president saying things that aren’t true,” and have inured themselves to it. Trump’s own former communications director Anthony Scaramucci has on multiple occasions described Trump as a liar, once saying, “We … know he’s telling lies,” so “if you want me to say he’s a liar, I’m happy to say he’s a liar.” He went on to address Trump directly: “You should probably dial down the lying because you don’t need to … So dial that down, and you’ll be doing a lot better.”

That was good advice, but clearly wishful thinking. Trump simply can’t dial down the lying, or turn it off—even, his own attorneys suggest, when false statements may be punished as crimes. A lawyer who has represented him in business disputes once told me that Trump couldn’t sensibly be allowed to speak with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, because Trump would “lie his ass off”—in effect, that Trump simply wasn’t capable of telling the truth, about anything, and that if he ever spoke to a prosecutor, he’d talk himself into jail.

Trump’s lawyers in the Russia investigation clearly agreed: As Bob Woodward recounts at length in his book Fear, members of Trump’s criminal-defense team fought both Trump and Mueller tooth and nail to keep Trump from being interviewed by the Office of Special Counsel. A practice testimonial session ended with Trump spouting wild, baseless assertions in a rage. Woodward quotes Trump’s outside counsel John Dowd as saying that Trump “just made something up” in response to one question. “That’s his nature.” Woodward also recounts Dowd’s thinking when he argued to Trump that the president was “not really capable” of answering Mueller’s questions face to face. Dowd had “to dress it up as much as possible, to say, it’s not your fault … He could not say what he knew was true: ‘You’re a fucking liar.’ That was the problem.” (Dowd disputes this account.) Which raises the question: If Trump can’t tell the truth even when it counts most, with legal jeopardy on the line and lawyers there to help prepare him, is he able to apprehend the truth at all?

Behavior like this is unusual, a point that journalists across the political spectrum have made. “This is not normal,” Megan McArdle wrote in late August. “And I don’t mean that as in, ‘Trump is violating the shibboleths of the Washington establishment.’ I mean that as in, ‘This is not normal for a functioning adult.’” James Fallows observed, also in August, that Trump is having “episodes of what would be called outright lunacy, if they occurred in any other setting,” and that if he “were in virtually any other position of responsibility, action would already be under way to remove him from that role.”

Trump’s erratic behavior has long been the subject of political criticism, late-night-television jokes, and even speculation about whether it’s part of some incomprehensible, multidimensional strategic game. But it’s relevant to whether he’s fit for the office he holds. Simply put, Trump’s ingrained and extreme behavioral characteristics make it impossible for him to carry out the duties of the presidency in the way the Constitution requires. To see why first requires a look at what the Constitution demands of a president, and then an examination of how Trump’s behavioral characteristics preclude his ability to fulfill those demands.

The Framers of the Constitution expected the presidency to be occupied by special individuals, selfless people of the highest character and ability. They intended the Electoral College to be a truly deliberative body, not the largely ceremonial institution it has become today. Because the Electoral College, unlike Congress and the state legislatures, wouldn’t be a permanent body, and because it involved diffuse selections made in the various states, they hoped it would help avoid “cabal, intrigue and corruption,” as Alexander Hamilton put it in “Federalist No. 68,” and deter interference from “these most deadly adversaries of republican government,” especially “from the desire in foreign powers to gain an improper ascendant in our councils.”

Though the Constitution’s drafters could hardly have foreseen how the system would evolve, they certainly knew the kind of person they wanted it to produce. “The process of election affords a moral certainty,” Hamilton wrote, “that the office of President will never fall to the lot of any man who is not in an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications.” “Talents for low intrigue, and the little arts of popularity,” might suffice for someone to be elected to the governorship of a state, but not the presidency. Election would “require other talents, and a different kind of merit,” to gain “the esteem and confidence of the whole Union,” or enough of it to win the presidency. As a result, there would be “a constant probability of seeing the station filled by characters pre-eminent for ability and virtue.” This was the Framers’ goal in designing the system that would make “the choice of the person to whom so important a trust was to be confided.”

Hamilton’s use of the word trust in The Federalist Papers to describe the presidency was no accident. The Framers intended that the president “be like a fiduciary, who must pursue the public interest in good faith republican fashion rather than pursuing his self-interest, and who must diligently and steadily execute Congress’s commands,” as a recent Harvard Law Review article puts it. The concept is akin to the law of private fiduciaries, which governs trustees of trusts and directors and officers of corporations, an area that has been central to my legal practice as a corporate litigator. “Indeed,” as the Harvard Law Review article explains, “one might argue that what presents to us as private fiduciary law today had some of its genesis in the law of public officeholding.” The overarching principle is that a fiduciary—say, the CEO of a corporation—when acting on behalf of a corporation, has to act in the corporation’s best interests. Likewise, a trustee of a trust must use the assets for the benefit of the beneficiary, and not himself (a fundamental rule, incidentally, that Trump apparently couldn’t adhere to with his own charitable foundation).

In providing for a national chief executive, the Framers incorporated the very similar law of public officeholding into his duties in two places in the Constitution—in Article II, Section 3 (the president “shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed”), and in Article II, Section 1, Clause 8, which requires the president to “solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States.” That language—particularly the words faithfully execute—was in 1787 “very commonly associated with the performance of public and private offices,” the Harvard Law Review article points out, and “anyone experienced in law or government” at that time would have recognized what it meant, “because it was so basic to … the law of executive officeholding.” In a nutshell, while carrying out his official duties, a president has to put the country, not himself, first; he must faithfully follow and enforce the law; and he must act with the utmost care in doing all that.

But can Trump do all that? Does his personality allow him to? Answering those questions doesn’t require mental-health expertise, nor does it really require a diagnosis. You can make the argument for Trump’s unfitness without assessing his mental health: Like James Fallows, for example, you could just ask whether Trump would have been allowed to retain any other job in light of his bizarre conduct. At the same time, the presence of a mental disorder or disturbance doesn’t necessarily translate to incapacity; to suggest otherwise would unfairly stigmatize tens of millions of Americans. Someone battling a serious psychological ailment can unquestionably function well, and even nobly, in high public office—including as president. The country, in fact, has seen it: Abraham Lincoln endured “no mere case of the blues”; he suffered such “terrible melancholly,” said one of his contemporaries, that “he never dare[d] carry a knife in his pocket.” Many historians speculate that he suffered from what we would now diagnose as clinical depression. Yet Lincoln’s mechanisms for coping with his lifelong affliction may have supplied him with the vision, the creativity, and the moral fortitude to save the nation, to achieve for it a new birth of freedom. As a writer in this magazine once put it: Lincoln’s “political vision drew power from personal experience … Prepared for defeat, and even for humiliation, he insisted on seeing the truth of both his personal circumstances and the national condition. And where the optimists of his time would fail, he would succeed, envisioning and articulating a durable idea of free society.”

More than a diagnosis, what truly matters, as Lincoln’s case shows, is the president’s behavioral characteristics and personality traits. And understanding how people behave and think is not the sole province of professionals; we all do it every day, with family members, co-workers, and others. Nevertheless, how the mental-health community goes about categorizing those characteristics and traits can provide helpful guidance to laypeople by structuring our thinking about them.

And that’s where the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders comes into play. The DSM, now in its fifth edition, “contains descriptions, symptoms, and other criteria for diagnosing mental disorders,” and serves as the country’s “authoritative guide to the diagnosis of mental disorders.” What’s useful for nonprofessionals is that, for the most part, it’s written in plain English, and its criteria consist largely of observable behaviors—words and actions.

That’s especially true of its criteria for personality disorders—they don’t require a person to lie on a couch and confess his or her innermost thoughts. They turn on how a person behaves in the wild, so to speak. If anything, a patient’s confessions in an office may disadvantage a clinician, because patients can and do conceal from clinicians central aspects of their true selves. If you can observe people going about their everyday business, you’ll know a lot more about how they act and behave.

And Donald Trump, as president of the United States, is probably the most observable and observed person in the world. I’ve personally met and spoken with him only a few times, but anyone who knows him will tell you that Trump, in a way, has no facade: What you see of him publicly is what you get all the time, although you may get more of it in private. Any intelligent person who watches Trump closely on television, and pays careful attention to his words on Twitter and in the press, should be able to tell you as much about his behavior as a mental-health professional could.

One scholarly paper has suggested that accounts of a person’s behavior from laypeople who observe him might be more accurate than information from a clinical interview, and that this is especially true when considering two personality disorders in particular—what the DSM calls narcissistic personality disorder and antisocial personality disorder. These two disorders just happen to be the ones that have most commonly been ascribed to Trump by mental-health professionals over the past four years. Of these two disorders, the more commonly discussed when it comes to Trump is narcissistic personality disorder, or NPD—pathological narcissism. It’s also more important in considering Trump’s fitness for office, because it touches directly upon whether Trump has the capacity to put anyone’s interests—including the country’s and the Constitution’s—above his own.

Narcissus, the Greek mythological figure, was a boy who fell so in love with his own reflection in a pool of water that, according to one version of the story, he jumped in and drowned. Psychiatrists and psychologists now use the term narcissism to describe feelings of self-importance and self-love. As Craig Malkin, a clinical psychologist who has written extensively on the subject, has explained, narcissism is a trait that, to some extent, all human beings have: “the drive to feel special, to stand out from … other[s] … to feel exceptional or unique.”

A certain amount of narcissism is healthy, and helpful—it brings with it confidence, optimism, and boldness. Someone with more than an average amount of narcissism may be called a narcissist. Many politicians, and many celebrities, could be considered narcissists; presidents seem especially likely to “rank high in extroverted narcissism,” Malkin writes, although they have varied greatly in the degree of their narcissism. But extreme narcissism can be pathological, an illness—and potentially a danger, as it was for Narcissus. “Pathological narcissism begins when people become so addicted to feeling special that, just like with any drug, they’ll do anything to get their ‘high,’ including lie, steal, cheat, betray, and even hurt those closest to them,” Malkin says.

The “fundamental life goal” of an extreme narcissist “is to promote the greatness of the self, for all to see,” the psychologist Dan P. McAdams wrote in The Atlantic. To many mental-health professionals, Donald Trump provides a perfect example of such extreme, pathological narcissism: One clinical psychologist told Vanity Fair that he considers Trump such a “classic” pathological narcissist that he is actually “archiving video clips of him to use in workshops because there’s no better example” of the characteristics of the disorder he displays. “Otherwise,” this clinician explained, “I would have had to hire actors and write vignettes. He’s like a dream come true.” Another clinical psychologist said that Trump displays “textbook narcissistic personality disorder.”

Not everyone agrees that Trump meets the diagnostic criteria for NPD. Allen Frances, a psychiatrist who helped write the disorder’s entry in the DSM, has argued that a mental “disturbance” becomes a “disorder” only when, as the DSM puts it, the affliction “causes clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning.” The idea behind this threshold is to separate “mild forms” of problems from pathological ones, “in the absence of clear biological markers or clinically useful measurements of severity for many mental disorders.”

In Frances’s view, that dividing line disqualifies Trump from having a disorder, particularly NPD. Trump “may be a world-class narcissist,” he has written, “but this doesn’t make him mentally ill, because he does not suffer from the distress and impairment required to diagnose mental disorder. Mr. Trump causes severe distress rather than experiencing it and has been richly rewarded, rather than punished, for his grandiosity, self-absorption and lack of empathy.”

But from the perspective of the public at large, the debate over whether Trump meets the clinical diagnostic criteria for NPD—or whether psychiatrists can and should answer that question without directly examining him—is beside the point. The goal of a diagnosis is to help a clinician guide treatment. The question facing the public is very different: Does the president of the United States exhibit a consistent pattern of behavior that suggests he is incapable of properly discharging the duties of his office?

Even Trump’s own allies recognize the degree of his narcissism. When he launched racist attacks on four congresswomen of color, Senator Lindsey Graham explained, “That’s just the way he is. It’s more narcissism than anything else.” So, too, do skeptics of assigning a clinical diagnosis. “No one is denying,” Frances told Rolling Stone, “that he is as narcissistic an individual as one is ever likely to encounter.” The president’s exceptional narcissism is his defining characteristic—and understanding that is crucial to evaluating his fitness for office.

The DSM-5 describes its conception of pathological narcissism this way: “The essential feature of narcissistic personality disorder is a pervasive pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration, and lack of empathy that begins by early adulthood and is present in a variety of contexts.” The manual sets out nine diagnostic criteria that are indicative of the disorder, but only five of the nine need be present for a diagnosis of NPD to be made. Here are the nine:

  1. Has a grandiose sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements).
  2. Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love.
  3. Believes that he or she is “special” and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions).
  4. Requires excessive admiration.
  5. Has a sense of entitlement (i.e., unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment or automatic compliance with his or her expectations).
  6. Is interpersonally exploitative (i.e., takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends)
  7. Lacks empathy: is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings or needs of others.
  8. Is often envious of others or believes that others are envious of him or her.
  9. Shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes.

These criteria are accompanied by explanatory notes that seem relevant here: “Vulnerability in self-esteem makes individuals with narcissistic personality disorder very sensitive to ‘injury’ from criticism or defeat.” And “criticism may haunt these individuals and may leave them feeling humiliated, degraded, hollow and empty. They may react with disdain, rage, or defiant counterattack.” The manual warns, moreover, that “interpersonal relations are typically impaired because of problems derived from entitlement, the need for admiration, and the relative disregard for the sensitivities of others.” And, the DSM-5 adds, “though overweening ambition and confidence may lead to high achievement, performance may be disrupted because of intolerance of criticism or defeat.”

The diagnostic criteria offer a useful framework for understanding the most remarkable features of Donald Trump’s personality, and of his presidency. (1) Exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements? (2) Preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance? (3) Believes that he or she is “special” and unique and should only associate with other special or high-status people? That’s Trump, to a T. As Trump himself might put it, he exaggerates accomplishments better than anyone. In July, he described himself in a tweet as “so great looking and smart, a true Stable Genius!” (Exclamation point his, of course.) That “stable genius” self-description is one that Trump has repeated over and over again—even though he has trouble with spelling, doesn’t know the difference between a hyphen and an apostrophe, doesn’t appear to understand fractions, needs basic geography lessons, speaks at the level of a fourth grader, and engages in “serial misuse of public language” and “cannot write sentences,” and even though members of his own administration have variously considered him to be a “moron,” an “idiot,” a “dope,” “dumb as shit,” and a person with the intelligence of a “kindergartener” or a “fifth or sixth grader” or an “11-year-old child.”

Trump wants everyone to know: He’s “the super genius of all time,” one of “the smartest people anywhere in the world.” Not only that, but he considers himself a hero of sorts. He avoided military service, yet claims he would have run, unarmed, into a school during a mass shooting. Speaking to a group of emergency medical workers who had lost friends and colleagues on 9/11, he claimed, falsely, to have “spent a lot of time down there with you,” while generously allowing that “I’m not considering myself a first responder.” He has spoken, perhaps jokingly, perhaps not, about awarding himself the Medal of Honor.

Trump claims to be an expert—the world’s greatest—in anything and everything. As one video mash-up shows, Trump has at various times claimed—in all seriousness—that no one knows more than he does about: taxes, income, construction, campaign finance, drones, technology, infrastructure, work visas, the Islamic State, “things” generally, environmental-impact statements, Facebook, renewable energy, polls, courts, steelworkers, golf, banks, trade, nuclear weapons, tax law, lawsuits, currency devaluation, money, “the system,” debt, and politicians. Trump described his admission as a transfer student into Wharton’s undergraduate program as “super genius stuff,” even though he didn’t strike the admissions officer who approved his candidacy as a “genius,” let alone a “super genius”; Trump claimed to have “heard I was first in my class” at Wharton, despite the fact that his name didn’t appear on the dean’s list there, or in the commencement program’s list of graduates receiving honors. And Trump, through an invented spokesman, even lied his way onto the Forbes 400.

(4) Requires excessive admiration? Last Thanksgiving, Trump was asked what he was most thankful for. His answer: himself, of course. A number of years ago, he made a video for Forbes in which he interviewed two of his children. The interview topic: how great they thought Donald Trump was. When his own father died, in 1999, Trump gave one of the eulogies. As Alan Marcus, a former Trump adviser, recounted the story to Timothy O’Brien, he began “more or less like this: ‘I was in my Trump Tower apartment reading about how I was having the greatest year in my career in The New York Times when the security desk called to say my brother Robert was coming upstairs’”—an introductory line that provoked “‘an audible gasp’ from mourners stunned by Trump’s self-regard.” According to a Rolling Stone article, other eulogists spoke about the deceased, but Trump “used the time to talk about his own accomplishments and to make it clear that, in his mind, his father’s best achievement was producing him, Donald.” The author of a book about the Trump family described the funeral as one that “wasn’t about Fred Trump,” but rather “was an opportunity to do some brand burnishing by Donald, for Donald. Throughout his remarks, the first-person singular pronouns—I and me and mine—far outnumbered he and his. Even at his own father’s funeral, Donald Trump couldn’t cede the limelight.”

And he still can’t. Here’s a man who holds rallies with no elections in sight, so that he can bask in his supporters’ cheers; even when elections are near, and he’s supposed to be helping other candidates, he consistently keeps the focus on himself. He loves to watch replays of himself at the rallies, and “luxuriates in the moments he believes are evidence of his brilliance.” In July, after his controversial, publicly funded, campaign-style Independence Day celebration, Trump tweeted, “Our Country is the envy of the World. Thank you, Mr. President!” In February 2017, Trump was given a private tour of the newly opened National Museum of African American History and Culture, and paused in front of an exhibit on the Dutch role in the slave trade. He turned to the museum’s director and said, “You know, they love me in the Netherlands.”

(5) A sense of entitlement? (9) Arrogant, haughty behaviors? Trump is the man who, on the infamous Access Hollywood tape, said, “When you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything you want”—including grabbing women by their genitals. He’s the man who also once said, “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters.” (8) Envious of others? Here’s a man so unable to stand the praise received by a respected war hero and statesman, Senator John McCain, that he has continued to attack McCain months after McCain’s death; his jealousy led White House staff to direct the Pentagon to keep a destroyer called the USS John S. McCain out of Trump’s line of sight during a presidential visit to an American naval base in Japan. And Trump, despite being president, still seems envious of President Barack Obama. (6) Interpersonally exploitative? Just watch the Access Hollywood tape, or ask any of the hundreds of contractors and employees Trump the businessman allegedly stiffed, or speak with any of the two dozen women who have accused Trump of sexual misconduct, sexual assault, or rape. (Trump has denied all their claims.)

Finally, (7) Lacks empathy: is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings or needs of others? One of the most striking aspects of Trump’s personality is his utter and complete lack of empathy. By empathy, psychologists and psychiatrists mean the ability to understand or relate to what someone else is experiencing—the capacity to envision someone else’s feelings, perceptions, and thoughts.

The notorious lawyer and fixer Roy Cohn, who once counseled Trump, said that “Donald pisses ice water,” and indeed, examples of Trump’s utter lack of normal human empathy abound. Trump himself has told the story of a charity ball—an “incredible ball”—he once held at Mar-a-Lago for the Red Cross. “So what happens is, this guy falls off right on his face, hits his head, and I thought he died … His wife is screaming—she’s sitting right next to him, and she’s screaming.” By his own account, Trump’s concern wasn’t the poor man’s well-being or his wife’s. It was the bloody mess on his expensive floor. “You know, beautiful marble floor, didn’t look like it. It changed color. Became very red … I said, ‘Oh, my God, that’s disgusting,’ and I turned away. I couldn’t, you know, he was right in front of me and I turned away.” Trump describes himself as saying, after the injured man was hauled away on a makeshift stretcher, “‘Get that blood cleaned up! It’s disgusting!’ The next day, I forgot to call [the man] to say is he okay … It’s just not my thing.”

And then there was 9/11. Trump gave an extraordinary call-in interview to a metropolitan–New York television station just hours after the Twin Towers collapsed. He was asked whether one of his downtown buildings, 40 Wall Street, had suffered any damage. Trump’s immediate response was to brag about the building’s brand-new ranking among New York skyscrapers: “40 Wall Street actually was the second-tallest building in downtown Manhattan, and it was actually, before the World Trade Center, was the tallest—and then when they built the World Trade Center, it became known as the second-tallest. And now it’s the tallest.” (This wasn’t even true—a building a block away from Trump’s, 70 Pine Street, was a little taller.)

That human empathy isn’t Trump’s thing has been demonstrated time and again during his presidency as well. In October 2017, he reportedly told the widow of a serviceman killed in action “something to the effect that ‘he knew what he was getting into when he signed up, but I guess it hurts anyway.’” (Trump later claimed that this account was “fabricated … Sad!” and that “I have proof,” but of course he never produced any.) On a less macabre note, on Christmas Eve last year, Trump took calls on NORAD’s Santa Tracker phone line, which children call to find out where Santa Claus is as he makes his rounds. Trump asked a 7-year-old girl from South Carolina: “Are you still a believer in Santa? Because at 7, it’s marginal, right?”

According to Woodward’s Fear, when Trump’s first chief of staff, Reince Priebus, resigned, he found out about his replacement when he saw a tweet from Trump saying that he had appointed John Kelly as the new chief of staff—moments after Priebus and Trump had spoken about waiting to announce the news. Kelly was appalled, and that night apologetically told Priebus, “I’d never do this to you. I’d never been offered this job until the tweet came out. I would have told you.” His predecessor, though, wasn’t surprised. “It made no sense, Priebus realized, unless you understood … ‘The president has zero psychological ability to recognize empathy or pity in any way.’”

Priebus apparently isn’t the only White House staffer to have learned this; in February 2018, when Trump met with survivors of the Parkland, Florida, school shooting and their loved ones, his communications aide actually gave him a note card that made clear that “the president needed to be reminded to show compassion and understanding to traumatized survivors,” as The New York Times put it. The empathy cheat sheet contained a reminder to say such things as “I hear you.” One aide to President Obama told the Times that had she and her colleagues given their boss such a reminder card, “he would have looked at us like we were crazy people.”

Most recently, in July of this year, in a stunning scene captured on video, Trump met in the Oval Office with the human-rights activist Nadia Murad, a Yazidi Iraqi who had been captured, raped, and tortured by the Islamic State, and had won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2018 for speaking out about the plight of the Yazidis and other victims of genocide and religious persecution. Her voice breaking, she implored the president of the United States to help her people return safely to Iraq. Trump could barely look her in the eye. She told him that ISIS had murdered her mother and six brothers. Trump, apparently not paying much attention, asked, “Where are they now?” “They killed them,” she said once again. “They are in the mass grave in Sinjar, and I’m still fighting just to live in safety.” Trump, who has publicly said that he deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, seemed interested in the conversation only at the end, when he asked Murad about why she won the prize.

Another equally unforgettable video documents Trump visiting Puerto Rico shortly after Hurricane Maria, tossing rolls of paper towels into a crowd of victims. He later responded vindictively to charges that his administration hadn’t done enough to help the island, prompting the mayor of San Juan to observe that Trump had “augmented” Puerto Rico’s “devastating human crisis … because he made it about himself, not about saving our lives,” and because “when expected to show empathy he showed disdain and lack of respect.”

In October 2018, a gunman burst into Shabbat morning services at a Jewish synagogue in Pittsburgh and sprayed worshippers with semiautomatic-rifle and pistol fire. Eleven people died. Three days later, the president and first lady visited the community, and the day after that, the first thing Trump tweeted about the visit was this: “Melania and I were treated very nicely yesterday in Pittsburgh. The Office of the President was shown great respect on a very sad & solemn day. We were treated so warmly. Small protest was not seen by us, staged far away. The Fake News stories were just the opposite—Disgraceful!” Similarly, after gunmen killed dozens in the span of a single August weekend in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas, Trump went on a one-day sympathy tour that was marked by attacks on his hosts and on political enemies, and an obsessive focus on himself.

What kind of human being, let alone politician, would engage in such unempathetic, self-centered behavior while memorializing such horrible tragedies? Only the most narcissistic person imaginable—or a person whose narcissism would be difficult to imagine if we hadn’t seen it ourselves. The evidence of Trump’s narcissism is overwhelming—indeed, it would be a gargantuan task to try to marshal all of it, especially as it mounts each and every day.

Yet pathological narcissism is not the only personality disorder that Trump’s behavior clearly indicates. A second disorder also frequently ascribed to Trump by professionals is sociopathy—what the DSM-5 calls antisocial personality disorder. As described by Lance Dodes, a former assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, “sociopathy is among the most severe mental disturbances.” Central to sociopathy is a complete lack of empathy—along with “an absence of guilt.” Sociopaths engage in “intentional manipulation, and controlling or even sadistically harming others for personal power or gratification. People with sociopathic traits have a flaw in the basic nature of human beings … They are lacking an essential part of being human.” For its part, the DSM-5 states that the “essential feature of antisocial personality disorder is a pervasive pattern of disregard for, and violation of, the rights of others that begins in childhood or early adolescence and continues into adulthood.”

The question of whether Trump can serve as a national fiduciary turns more on his narcissistic tendencies than his sociopathic ones, but Trump’s sociopathic characteristics sufficiently intertwine with his narcissistic ones that they deserve mention here. These include, to quote the DSM-5, “deceitfulness, as indicated by repeated lying, use of aliases, or conning others.” Trump’s deceitfulness—his lying—has become the stuff of legend; journalists track his “false and misleading claims” as president by the thousands upon thousands. Aliases? For years, Trump would call journalists while posing as imaginary PR men, “John Barron” and “John Miller,” so that he could plant false stories about being wealthy, brilliant, and sexually accomplished. Trump was, and remains, a con artist: Think of Trump University, which even Trump’s own employees described as a scam (and which sparked a lawsuit that resulted in a $25 million settlement, although with no admission of wrongdoing). There’s ACN, an alleged Ponzi scheme Trump promoted, and from which he made millions (he, his company, and his family deny the allegations of fraud); and the border wall that hasn’t been built and that Mexico’s never going to pay for. Trump is a pathological liar if ever there was one.

Other criteria for antisocial personality disorder include “failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviors, as indicated by repeatedly performing acts that are grounds for arrest”; “impulsivity or failure to plan ahead”; and “lack of remorse, as indicated by being indifferent to or rationalizing having hurt, mistreated, or stolen from another.” Check, check, and check: As for social norms and lawful behaviors, there are all the accusations of sexual misconduct. Also relevant is what the Mueller report says about Trump’s efforts to derail the Justice Department’s investigation into Russian interference in the last presidential election. And given what federal prosecutors in New York said about his role in directing hush money to be paid to the porn star Stormy Daniels, a strong case can be made that Trump has committed multiple acts of obstruction of justice and criminal violations of campaign-finance laws. Were he not president, and were it not for two Justice Department opinions holding that a sitting president cannot be indicted, he might well be facing criminal charges now.

As for impulsivity, that essentially describes what gets him into trouble most: It was his “impulsiveness—actually, total recklessness”—that came close to destroying him in the 1980s. In “response to his surging celebrity,” Trump, “acquisitive to the point of recklessness,” engaged in “a series of manic, ill-advised ventures” that “nearly did him in,” Politico reported. His impulsiveness has buffeted his presidency as well: Think of his first ordering, then calling off, the bombing of Iran in June, and his aborted meeting with the Taliban at Camp David just last month. And remember the racist tweets he sent in mid-July in which he told four nonwhite representatives—three of whom were born in the United States—to “go back” to the “countries” they “originally came from.” Those tweets were apparently triggered by something he saw on TV.

Or consider his impetuous, unvetted personnel decisions, such as his failed selection of Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson, the former White House physician, as Veterans Affairs secretary, and his choice of Representative John Ratcliffe as director of national intelligence. It was just so on The Apprentice, where editors and producers found that “Trump was frequently unprepared” for tapings, and frequently fired strong contestants “on a whim,” which required them “to ‘reverse engineer’ the episode, scouring hundreds of hours of footage … in an attempt to assemble an artificial version of history in which Trump’s shoot-from-the-hip decision made sense.” One editor remarked that he found “it strangely validating that they’re doing the same thing in the White House.” Trump sees none of this as a problem; to the contrary, he prides himself on following his instincts, once telling an interviewer: “I have a gut, and my gut tells me more sometimes than anybody’s brain can ever tell me.”

And lack of remorse? That’s a hallmark of sociopathy, and goes hand in hand with a lack of human conscience. In a narcissistic sociopath, it’s intertwined with a lack of empathy. Trump hardly ever shows remorse, or apologizes, for anything. The one exception: With his presidential candidacy on the line in early October 2016, Trump expressed regret for the Access Hollywood video. But within weeks, almost as soon as the campaign was over, Trump began claiming, to multiple people, that the video may have been doctored—a preposterous lie, especially since he had acknowledged that the voice was his, others had confirmed this as well, and there was no evidence of tampering. “We don’t think that was my voice,” he said to a senator. The “we,” no doubt, was a lie as well.

Again, as with his narcissism, all this evidence of Trump’s sociopathy only begins to tell the tale. The bottom line is that this is a man who, over and over and over again, has indifferently mused about the possibility of killing 10 million or so people in Afghanistan to end the war there, while allowing that “I’m not looking to kill 10 million people”—as though this were a realistic but merely less preferred option than, say, raising import tariffs on chewing gum. As a 1997 profile of Trump in The New Yorker put it, Trump has “an existence unmolested by the rumbling of a soul.”

In a way, Trump’s sociopathic tendencies are simply an extension of his extreme narcissism. Take the pathological lying. Extreme narcissists aren’t necessarily pathological liars, but they can be, and when they are, the lying supports the narcissism. As Lance Dodes has put it, “People like Donald Trump who have severe narcissistic disturbances can’t tolerate being criticized, so the more they are challenged in this essential way, the more out of control they become.” In particular, “They change reality to suit themselves in their own mind.” Although Trump “lies because of his sociopathic tendencies,” telling falsehoods to fool others, Dodes argues, he also lies to himself, to protect himself from narcissistic injury. And so Donald Trump has lied about his net worth, the size of the crowd at his inauguration, and supposed voter fraud in the 2016 election.

The latter kind of lying, Dodes says, “is in a way more serious,” because it can indicate “a loose grip on reality”—and it may well tell us where Trump is headed in the face of impeachment hearings. Lying to prevent narcissistic injury can metastasize to a more significant loss of touch with reality. As Craig Malkin puts it, when pathological narcissists “can’t let go of their need to be admired or recognized, they have to bend or invent a reality in which they remain special,” and they “can lose touch with reality in subtle ways that become extremely dangerous over time.” They can become “dangerously psychotic,” and “it’s just not always obvious until it’s too late.”

Experts haven’t suggested that Trump is psychotic, but many have contended that his narcissism and sociopathy are so inordinate that he fits the bill for “malignant narcissism.” Malignant narcissism isn’t recognized as an official diagnosis; it’s a descriptive term coined by the psychoanalyst Erich Fromm, and expanded upon by another psychoanalyst, Otto Kernberg, to refer to an extreme mix of narcissism and sociopathy, with a degree of paranoia and sadism mixed in. One psychoanalyst explains that “the malignant narcissist is pathologically grandiose, lacking in conscience and behavioural regulation with characteristic demonstrations of joyful cruelty and sadism.” In the view of some in the mental-health community, such as John Gartner, Trump “exhibits all four” components of malignant narcissism: “narcissism, paranoia, antisocial personality and sadism.”

Mental-health professionals have raised a variety of other concerns about Trump’s mental state; the last worth specifically mentioning here is the possibility that, apart from any personality disorder, he may be suffering cognitive decline. This is a serious matter: Trump seems to be continually slurring words, and recently misread teleprompters to say that the Continental Army secured airports during the American Revolutionary War, and to say that the shooting in Dayton had occurred in Toledo. His overall level of articulateness today doesn’t come close to what he exhibits in decades-old television clips. But that could be caused by ordinary age-related decline, stress, or other factors; to know whether something else is going on, according to experts, would require a full neuropsychological work-up, of the kind that Trump hasn’t yet had and, one supposes, isn’t about to agree to.

But even that doesn’t exhaust all the mental-health issues possibly indicated by Trump’s behavior. His “mental state,” according to Justin A. Frank, a former clinical professor of psychiatry and physician who wrote a book about Trump’s psychology, “include[s] so many psychic afflictions” that a “working knowledge of psychiatric disorders is essential to understanding Trump.” Indeed, as Gartner puts it: “There are a lot of things wrong with him—and, together, they are a scary witch’s brew.”

This is a lot to digest. It would take entire books to catalog all of Trump’s behavioral abnormalities and try to explain them—some of which have already been written. But when you line up what the Framers expected of a president with all that we know about Donald Trump, his unfitness becomes obvious. The question is whether he can possibly act as a public fiduciary for the nation’s highest public trust. To borrow from the Harvard Law Review article, can he follow the “proscriptions against profit, bad faith, and self-dealing,” manifest “a strong concern about avoiding ultra vires action” (that is, action exceeding the president’s legal authority), and maintain “a duty of diligence and carefulness”? Given that Trump displays the extreme behavioral characteristics of a pathological narcissist, a sociopath, or a malignant narcissist—take your pick—it’s clear that he can’t.

To act as a fiduciary requires you to put someone else’s interests above your own, and Trump’s personality makes it impossible for him to do that. No president before him, at least in recent memory, has ever displayed such obsessive self-regard. For Trump, Trump always comes first. He places his interests over everyone else’s—including those of the nation whose laws he swore to faithfully execute. That’s not consistent with the duties of the president, whether considered from the standpoint of constitutional law or psychology.

Indeed, Trump’s view of his presidential powers can only be described as profoundly narcissistic, and his narcissism has compelled him to disregard the Framers’ vision of his constitutional duties in every respect. Bad faith? Trump has repeatedly used executive powers, threatened to use executive powers, or expressed the view that executive powers should be used to advance his personal interests and punish his political opponents. Thus, for example, he has placed restrictions on disaster aid to Puerto Rico in apparent response to criticism of him and his administration; directed the Pentagon to reconsider whether to award a $10 billion contract to Amazon because its CEO owns The Washington Post, whose coverage he doesn’t like; threatened to take “regulatory and legislative” action against Facebook, Google, and Twitter, because of their supposed “terrible bias” against him; tried to get White House staff to tell the Justice Department to try to block the merger between AT&T and Time Warner in order to punish CNN for its coverage; attacked his first attorney general for allowing the indictment of two Republican congressmen who had supported him; and ordered the revocation of the security clearance of a former CIA director who had criticized him.

And now, in just the past two weeks, we’ve seen the pièce de résistance of bad faith, the one that’s brought Trump to the verge of impeachment: Trump’s efforts to use his presidential authority to strong-arm a foreign nation, Ukraine, into digging up or concocting evidence in support of a preposterous conspiracy theory about one of his principal challengers for the presidency, former Vice President Joe Biden. As one political historian has put it, Trump’s use of his Article II authority to pursue vendettas is “both a sign of deep insecurity … and also just a litany of abuse of power,” and something no president has done “as consistently or as viciously as Trump has.”

Profit? Self-dealing? Look at the way Trump is using the presidency to advertise his real-estate holdings—most notably and recently, his apparent determination to hold the next G7 summit at the Trump Doral resort in Florida. Ultra vires? Trump has made the outrageous claim that the Constitution gives him “the right to do whatever I want as president.” Consistent with that view, he has repeatedly suggested that, by executive order, he can overturn the Fourteenth Amendment’s guarantee of birthright citizenship—an utterly lawless assertion. His core constitutional obligations flow from Article II’s command that he faithfully execute the laws, yet he has told subordinates not to worry about violating the laws. According to one former senior administration official quoted in The New York Times, Trump’s “constant instinct all the time was: Just do it, and if we get sued, we get sued … Almost as if the first step is a lawsuit. I guess he thinks that because that’s how business worked for him in the private sector. But federal law is different, and there really isn’t a settling step when you break federal law.” Federal law is also different, one might add, because he’s in charge of upholding it.

Facing the approach of the 2020 election with not a single new mile of his border wall having been built, Trump, as reported in The Washington Post, has urged his aides to violate all manner of laws to expedite construction—environmental laws, contracting laws, constitutional limitations on the taking of private property—and “has told worried subordinates that he will pardon them of any potential wrongdoing” they commit along the way.

A duty of diligence and carefulness? Trump is purely impulsive, and incapable of planning or serious forethought, and his compulsion for lying has enervated any capacity for thoughtful analysis he may have ever had. He apparently won’t read anything; he himself has said, in regard to briefings, that he prefers to read “as little as possible”—despite occupying what David A. Graham calls “one of the most demanding jobs in the world” precisely because its “holder is expected to consume, digest, and absorb prodigious amounts of information via reading.”

And then there’s the question of honesty. Fiduciaries must be honest. The Framers understood, based upon the law of public officeholding in their time, that “faithful execution” of the laws requires “the absence of bad faith through honesty.” In the private realm, fiduciaries owe a duty of candor, of truth-telling; the standard of behavior was once memorably described by the renowned jurist Benjamin Cardozo as “not honesty alone, but the punctilio of an honor the most sensitive.” Today, in my own practice area of corporate litigation, corporate officers and directors, as fiduciaries, owe duties that include a duty to disclose material information truthfully and completely. Trump, whose lawyers wouldn’t dare allow him to speak to the special counsel lest he make a prosecutable false statement, couldn’t pass this standard to save his life.

Trump’s incapacity affects all manner of subjects addressed by the presidency, but can be seen most acutely in foreign affairs and national security. Presidential narcissism and personal ego have frequently displaced the national interest. Today, the most obvious—and stunning—example is his conduct toward Ukraine: While trying to pressure the Ukrainian president to restart an investigation against Biden, Trump ordered the withholding of vital military aid to that country, thus weakening its ability to withstand Russian aggression and undermining the interests of the United States. But the list goes on: Last summer, in a narcissistic effort at self-aggrandizement, Trump told the Pakistani prime minister about a conversation he had with the Indian prime minister—leading India to deny, indignantly, that any such conversation had ever taken place. Trump reportedly even lied about trade talks with China—announcing that phone calls had occurred that never occurred and that the Chinese denied took place—in an apparent attempt to pump up the stock market and take credit for it.

Trump’s penchant for vendettas also doesn’t stop at the water’s edge—American interests be damned. When confidential cables sent by the United Kingdom’s ambassador to his government were leaked, and were revealed to contain uncomplimentary (but obvious) observations about Trump’s ineptitude and emotional insecurity, and the dysfunction of his administration, Trump went on an extended Twitter tirade against the ambassador, calling him “wacky” and “a very stupid guy,” “a pompous fool,” and ultimately declared: “We will no longer deal with him.” When reports surfaced that Trump was interested in having the United States purchase Greenland from Denmark, and the Danish prime minister understandably described talk about such a purchase as “an absurd discussion” in light of Greenland’s position on the matter, Trump canceled a visit to Denmark, and then attacked the prime minister, calling her comments “nasty”; for good measure, he also attacked some of America’s NATO allies.

At the same time, Trump happily succumbs to flattery from America’s enemies; he received “beautiful … great letters” from North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jong Un, and therefore “fell in love” with him, and rewards him with kind words and meetings even as North Korea continues to develop new nuclear weapons and delivery systems. Of Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, Trump once said on television: “If he says great things about me, I’m going to say great things about him.”

Putin, of course, did more than say great things about Trump, which brings up what was, until the Ukraine scandal surfaced, the most significant way in which Trump’s extraordinary narcissism influenced his presidency—the Russia investigation. Trump made that investigation about himself, and in the course of doing so, committed what appear to be unmistakably criminal acts. At the outset, the Mueller investigation wasn’t about what Donald Trump had done during the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign. It was primarily an investigation about what the Russians had done to interfere with that election and to help the Trump campaign. At its core, it was a counterintelligence investigation—an effort to protect the country, to defend our democracy. An effort to find out exactly what a hostile foreign power had done to attack the United States, so that our nation could fight back, and so that it could take measures to ensure that such an attack never happened again.

But Trump didn’t see it that way. The Mueller report repeatedly describes Trump’s self-obsession, and his disregard for the national interest. Trump viewed “the intelligence community assessment of Russian interference as a threat to the legitimacy of his electoral victory.” He is said to have “viewed the Russia investigation as an attack on the legitimacy of his win.” He thought it would “tak[e] away from what he had accomplished.” The Washington Post has now reported, moreover, that in the Oval Office in May 2017, Trump told the Russian foreign minister and ambassador that he was unconcerned with Russia’s interference in the 2016 election.

And so, contrary to his obligation to act in the nation’s interests rather than his own, and contrary to the criminal code, he repeatedly tried to obstruct the investigation—and therefore, ironically, put himself in the crosshairs of the investigation. Thanks to Trump’s narcissism, the special counsel was forced to devote an entire volume of his report—some 182 pages of single-spaced text—to Trump’s repeated and persistent efforts to derail the investigation. And persistent, Trump was. He tried to get Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who had recused himself from the investigation, to violate ethics rules and unrecuse himself, so that he could get rid of the special counsel and limit the investigation to future election interference only. Trump tried to get his White House counsel to have the acting attorney general remove Mueller on a ridiculous pretext, prompting the counsel to threaten to resign. Trump tried to encourage witnesses to refuse to cooperate with the very government that Trump himself heads. As I’ve argued elsewhere, in his efforts to derail the Mueller investigation, Trump “did much more than this, but all of this is more than enough: He committed the crime of obstructing justice—multiple times.” Trump even obstructed justice about obstructing justice when he tried to get the White House counsel to write a false account of Trump’s efforts to remove Mueller.

All in all, Trump sought to impede and end a significant counterintelligence and criminal investigation—one of crucial importance to the nation—and did so for his own personal reasons. He did precisely the opposite of what his duties require. Indeed, he has shown utter contempt for his duties to the nation. How else could one describe the attitude Trump expressed when, sitting next to Vladimir Putin in late June, he was asked whether he would tell Putin not to interfere in the 2020 U.S. presidential election? Trump smirked, wagged his finger playfully at Putin, and said, “Don’t meddle in the election.” Putin smirked too. The Russian president was in on the joke—the punch line being how Trump treats America’s interests versus his own.

What constitutional mechanisms exist for dealing with a president who cannot or does not comply with his duties, and how should they take the president’s mental and behavioral characteristics into account? One mechanism discussed with great frequency during the past three years, including within the Trump administration, is Section 4 of the Twenty-Fifth Amendment. That provision allows the vice president to become “Acting President” when the president is “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.” But it doesn’t define what such an inability entails; essentially, it lets the vice president and the Cabinet, the president himself, and ultimately two-thirds of both houses of Congress decide.

Certainly it would cover a coma. Had the amendment been in effect in 1919 through 1921, it presumably could have been used to deal with President Woodrow Wilson. A severe stroke had rendered Wilson paralyzed on the left side, but he could still speak, and he could still sign documents with his right hand. Nevertheless, although Wilson had “relatively well preserved intellectual function,” the stroke rendered him “subject to ‘disorders of emotion, impaired impulse control, and defective judgment.’”

Sound judgment, of course, is what a president’s job is all about. And as Jeffrey Rosen has explained, “nothing in the text or original understanding of the amendment” would prevent the vice president, the Cabinet, or Congress from deciding that Trump has disorders of emotion, impaired impulse control, defective judgment, or other behavioral or psychological issues that keep him from carrying out his constitutional duties the way they were meant to be carried out.

The problem is one of mechanics. Section 4, quite understandably, was designed to be extremely difficult to implement. The vice president and a majority of the Cabinet can determine that the president isn’t able to carry out his duties; if so, the vice president immediately becomes acting president. But if the president doesn’t agree—and you know what Trump’s view will be, no matter what—then a constitutional game of ping-pong starts: The president can certify that he is capable, and he can reassume his authority after a four-day waiting period, unless the vice president and the Cabinet, within that period, recertify that the president can’t function. (As a new book on Section 4 explains, this waiting period exists in part because “a deranged President could do a lot of damage if he could retake power immediately,” and, in particular, he “would also be able to fire the Cabinet, which would prevent it from contesting his declaration of ability.”) If that happens, the vice president continues as acting president, and the whole matter gets kicked to Congress, which must assemble within 48 hours and decide within 21 days: If two-thirds of both houses agree that the president can’t function, then the vice president continues as acting president; if not, the president gets his authority back.

No matter how psychologically incapable of meeting his constitutional obligations Trump may be, that route is virtually certain not to work in this case. Would a vice president and department heads who have shamelessly slaked Trump’s narcissistic thirst at Cabinet meetings by praising his supposed greatness, and who of course owe their jobs to Trump, dare incur his wrath by sparking a constitutional crisis on the basis of what they must surely know about his unprecedented faults? Doubtful, to say the least. They would know full well that, if their decision weren’t sustained by Congress, the first thing that Trump would do after reassuming power would be to fire every department head who sought to have him sidelined. (He can’t fire Vice President Mike Pence, of course.) Which brings up the ultimate question upon which successful invocation of Section 4 would turn: whether two-thirds of both houses of Congress would vote to remove Trump. That’s harder than impeachment, which requires only a simple majority of the House in order to bring charges of impeachment to a trial in the Senate (which in turn can convict on a two-thirds vote).

And so it turns out that impeachment is a more practical mechanism for addressing the fact that Trump’s narcissism and sociopathy render him unable to comply with the obligations of his office. It’s also an appropriate mechanism, because the constitutional magic words (other than Treason and Bribery) that form the basis of an impeachment charge—high Crimes and Misdemeanors, found in Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution—mean something other than, and more than, offenses in the criminal-statute books. High Crimes and Misdemeanors is a legal term of art, one that historically referred to breaches of duties—fiduciary duties—by public officeholders. In other words, the question of what constitutes an impeachable offense for a president coincides precisely with whether the president can execute his office in the faithful manner that the Constitution requires.

The phrase high Crimes and Misdemeanors was dropped into the draft Constitution on September 8, 1787, during the waning days of the Constitutional Convention. The discussion before the Convention’s Committee of Eleven was extremely brief. The extant version of what became Article II, Section 4 provided for impeachment merely for treason and bribery. George Mason objected, and proposed adding “maladministration.” Elbridge Gerry seconded Mason’s proposal, but James Madison objected that it was too vague. Gouverneur Morris chimed in, arguing that having a presidential election “every four years will prevent maladministration.” Mason moved to add, according to Madison’s notes, “other high crimes & misdemeanors (against the State).” The motion passed, eight to three. And so, as a result of that brief exchange, Article II of the Constitution of the United States provides that “the President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

As Yoni Appelbaum has observed in this magazine, “constitutional lawyers have been arguing about what counts as a ‘high crime’ or ‘misdemeanor’ ever since.” One of the most compelling arguments about the meaning of those words is that the Framers, in Article II’s command that a president faithfully execute his office, imposed upon him fiduciary obligations. As the constitutional historian Robert Natelson explained in the Federalist Society Review, the “founding generation [understood] ‘high … Misdemeanors’ to mean ‘breach of fiduciary duty.’” Eighteenth-century lawyers instead used terms such as breach of trust—which describes the same thing. “Parliamentary articles of impeachment explicitly and repetitively described the accused conduct as a breach of trust,” Natelson argues, and 18th-century British legal commentators explained how impeachment for “high Crimes and Misdemeanors” was warranted for all sorts of noncriminal violations that were, in essence, fiduciary breaches.

Just as the Framers viewed the presidency as fiduciary, they understood the offenses that might disqualify the incumbent as breaches of that fiduciary duty. And that may well be why the discussion of Morris’s suggestion was so brief—the drafters knew what the words historically meant, because, as a House Judiciary Committee report noted in 1974, “at the time of the Constitutional Convention the phrase ‘high Crimes and Misdemeanors’ had been in use for over 400 years in impeachment proceedings in Parliament.” Certainly Alexander Hamilton knew by the time he penned “Federalist No. 65,” in which he explained that impeachment was for “those offenses which proceed from the misconduct of public men, or, in other words, from the abuse or violation of some public trust.”

What constitutes such an abuse or violation of trust is up to Congress to decide: First the House decides to bring impeachment charges, and then the Senate decides whether to convict on those charges. The process of impeachment by the House and removal by trial in the Senate is thus, in some ways, akin to indictment by a grand jury and trial by a petit jury. In other ways, it is quite different. As Laurence Tribe and Joshua Matz explain in their recent book on impeachment, “the Constitution explicitly states that Congress may not end a presidency unless the president has committed an impeachable offense. But nowhere does the Constitution state or otherwise imply that Congress must remove a president whenever that standard is met … In other words, it allows Congress to exercise judgment.” As Tribe and Matz argue, that judgment presents a “heavy burden,” and demands that Congress be “context-sensitive,” and achieve “an understanding of all relevant facts.” A president might breach his trust to the nation once in some small, inconsequential way and never repeat the misbehavior, and Congress could reasonably decide that the game is not worth the candle.

So the congressional judgment in the impeachment process necessarily includes the number and seriousness of offenses, and even extends well beyond those calculations. Congress must also, in particular, weigh the chances of recidivism; that possibility is precisely why the Constitution provides for removal as the principal sanction upon conviction on impeachment charges. As Charles Black Jr. explained in his classic 1974 book on impeachment, “We remove him principally because we fear he will do it again.” Or as George Mason put it during the Constitutional Convention, “Shall the man who has practised corruption … be suffered to escape punishment, by repeating his guilt?”

In short, now that the House of Representatives has embarked on an impeachment inquiry, one of the most important judgments it must make is whether any identified breaches of duty are likely to be repeated. And if a Senate trial comes to pass, that issue would become central as well to the decision to remove the president from office. That’s when Trump’s behavioral and psychological characteristics should—must—come into play. From the evidence, it appears that he simply can’t stop himself from putting his own interests above the nation’s. Any serious impeachment proceedings should consider not only the evidence and the substance of all impeachable offenses, but also the psychological factors that may be relevant to the motivations underlying those offenses. Congress should make extensive use of experts—psychologists and psychiatrists. Is Trump so narcissistic that he can’t help but use his office for his own personal ends? Is he so sociopathic that he can’t be trusted to follow, let alone faithfully execute, the law?

Congress should consider all this because that’s what the question of impeachment demands. But there’s another reason as well. The people have a right to know, and a need to see. Many people have watched all of Trump’s behavior, and they’ve drawn the obvious conclusion. They know something’s wrong, just as football fans knew that the downed quarterback had shattered his leg. Others have changed the channel, or looked away, or chosen to deny what they’ve seen. But if Congress does its job and presents the evidence, those who are in denial won’t be able to ignore the problem any longer. Not only because of the evidence itself, but because Donald Trump will respond in pathological ways—and in doing so, he’ll prove the points against him in ways almost no one will be able to ignore.

George Thomas Conway III is an American attorney. Conway was on the short list of candidates considered by President Donald Trump for United States Solicitor General.


Talking in Tongues’ for Fun and Profit.

by Cyril Blakeley, DD

The Christian Journal

June 23, 2004

The Pentecostals are a Christian cult that seriously believe in the inerrancy of the Bible, but differ from fundamentalists and other evangelical  Christian denominations by practicing exorcism, speaking in tongues, faith healing, and, in general, seeking supernatural experiences. Some of the better known Pentecostal denominations are Assemblies of God and the United Pentecostal Church.

Most consider the father of Pentecostalism to be Charles Parham, a young college student from Kansas with roots in the Methodist Church. While the Wesleys (John and Charles) could not be defined as Pentecostals, their theology laid the foundation upon which the Pentecostal movement would be built. Principally, it was the Methodist view that sanctification was a second work of grace, separate from salvation, coupled with the Holiness belief of a third experience, the “Baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire,” that intrigued Parham. Parham was also influenced by a fresh desire within his denominational circles to experience divine healing and speaking in tongues — practices that most Christians at the end of the nineteenth century believed had ceased with the apostolic age.

The Pentecostals created the theory of Rapture and the Tribulations, based on strained and improbable misinterpretation of Biblical verses and cobbled together a very irrational dogma that spoke of elevations to some kind of Paradise for cult members, the fictional Battle of Aramageddon, the return of Jesus Christ and other interesting but totally unfounded myths and legends.

In 1900, Parham opened a Bible college to promote these views, which he deemed “Apostolic Faith” theology. An interesting footnote is Parham’s theory that God would soon give His church the gift of tongues, in the form of known languages, so that the world could be quickly evangelized.

This end–time revival, accompanied by believers speaking in known languages they had never learned (xenolivia), would bring to an end the church age and bring back a triumphant Christ.  Later, this theory proved untenable because most of the congregations could barely speak English, let alone other languages, and a more plausible new theory was invented that alleged the ecstatic speeches were actually unknown languages.

In point of fact, recordings of Pentecostals engaged in tongue talking were played to a number of language specialists and all of them stated, without disagreement, that the speech was not connected to any known language and was, in essence, nonsense.

This sort of behavior is known as religious mania and has been seen in societies for millennia. The Middle Ages saw the Dancing Mania and a large number of religious outbreaks of a similar nature. Pentecostals now forbid any recording of their verbal utterances while in the throes of ecstatic “experiences” because their leadership is well aware that “Talking in Tongues” is a psychological manifestation, not a religious one.

While Parham and his followers would not be the first modern day Christians to “speak in tongues” (that dubious honor apparently goes to W. F. Bryant and his disciples in 1896, who later formed the Church of God in Tennessee), Parham was the first to claim that “speaking in tongues”  is the initial ‘evidence’ of “the baptism of the Holy Spirit.” It was at a New Year’s Eve watchnight service in 1900 that Agnes Ozman, one of Parham’s students, finally “spoke in tongues”. Before the week was over, about half of the 34 members of the school, including Parham, had “spoken in tongues”.

In 1905 Parham opened a Bible school in Texas and began publishing a newspaper entitled The Apostolic Faith. Out of this Bible school came a major figure in the Pentecostal movement, William J. Seymour, a southern black Holiness preacher. Seymour soon moved to Los Angeles, where he led a revival at what was locally called the Azusa Street Mission. It was here that a Los Angeles Times reporter wrote that “colored people and a sprinkling of whites practice the most fanatical rites, preach the wildest theories, and work themselves into a state of mad excitement in their peculiar zeal”

Regardless of such criticism, by September 1906 the church reported about 13,000 people had received the “baptism of the Holy Spirit.” Although Seymour would seldom preach, meetings would often begin at 10:00 A.M. and continue until two or three the following morning.

Between 1906 and 1909, several thousand persons visited Azusa Street But while the Azusa Street Revival weathered the external storm of criticism, it soon began to unravel internally. Perhaps the handwriting was on the wall as early as October 1906, when Parham came to preach. He was shocked by many manifestations being portrayed as from the Holy Spirit, but were really, he believed, of the flesh or demonic. Parham and Seymour split and never reconciled. Seymour, from that time forward, eclipsed Parham as the dominant personality in the movement.

The fledgling cult was also beset with heightened racial tension. In the early months of Azusa Street, blacks and whites, men and women, shared leadership, although blacks were predominate. But soon Seymour asked all the Hispanics to leave, and eventually wrote by-laws that prevented anyone except African-Americans from holding office in the Pentecostal Mission. By 1909, the revival movement was spent, and the mission building was torn down after Seymour’s death.

Comment: It should come as no surprise to discover that the Pentecostal, and other pseudo-religious, cults are the strongest supporters of Dnald Trump who himself has been known to talk in tongues. The mad are always amongst us but in these dismal days, their babblings have been elevated to Republican writ and we must all pray to God to take all of them to His bosom, as quickly as possible. Whole or in pieces. Ed.


The CIA Confessions: The Crowley Conversations

October 15, 2019

by Dr. Peter Janney

On October 8th, 2000, Robert Trumbull Crowley, once a leader of the CIA’s Clandestine Operations Division, died in a Washington hospital of heart failure and the end effects of Alzheimer’s Disease. Before the late Assistant Director Crowley was cold, Joseph Trento, a writer of light-weight books on the CIA, descended on Crowley’s widow at her town house on Cathedral Hill Drive in Washington and hauled away over fifty boxes of Crowley’s CIA files.

Once Trento had his new find secure in his house in Front Royal, Virginia, he called a well-known Washington fix lawyer with the news of his success in securing what the CIA had always considered to be a potential major embarrassment.

Three months before, on July 20th of that year, retired Marine Corps colonel William R. Corson, and an associate of Crowley, died of emphysema and lung cancer at a hospital in Bethesda, Md.

After Corson’s death, Trento and the well-known Washington fix-lawyer went to Corson’s bank, got into his safe deposit box and removed a manuscript entitled ‘Zipper.’ This manuscript, which dealt with Crowley’s involvement in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, vanished into a CIA burn-bag and the matter was considered to be closed forever.

The small group of CIA officials gathered at Trento’s house to search through the Crowley papers, looking for documents that must not become public. A few were found but, to their consternation, a significant number of files Crowley was known to have had in his possession had simply vanished.

When published material concerning the CIA’s actions against Kennedy became public in 2002, it was discovered to the CIA’s horror, that the missing documents had been sent by an increasingly erratic Crowley to another person and these missing papers included devastating material on the CIA’s activities in South East Asia to include drug running, money laundering and the maintenance of the notorious ‘Regional Interrogation Centers’ in Viet Nam and, worse still, the Zipper files proving the CIA’s active organization of the assassination of President John Kennedy..

A massive, preemptive disinformation campaign was readied, using government-friendly bloggers, CIA-paid “historians” and others, in the event that anything from this file ever surfaced. The best-laid plans often go astray and in this case, one of the compliant historians, a former government librarian who fancied himself a serious writer, began to tell his friends about the CIA plan to kill Kennedy and eventually, word of this began to leak out into the outside world.

The originals had vanished and an extensive search was conducted by the FBI and CIA operatives but without success. Crowley’s survivors, his aged wife and son, were interviewed extensively by the FBI and instructed to minimize any discussion of highly damaging CIA files that Crowley had, illegally, removed from Langley when he retired. Crowley had been a close friend of James Jesus Angleton, the CIA’s notorious head of Counterintelligence. When Angleton was sacked by DCI William Colby in December of 1974, Crowley and Angleton conspired to secretly remove Angleton’s most sensitive secret files out of the agency. Crowley did the same thing right before his own retirement, secretly removing thousands of pages of classified information that covered his entire agency career.

Known as “The Crow” within the agency, Robert T. Crowley joined the CIA at its inception and spent his entire career in the Directorate of Plans, also know as the “Department of Dirty Tricks. ”

Crowley was one of the tallest man ever to work at the CIA. Born in 1924 and raised in Chicago, Crowley grew to six and a half feet when he entered the U.S. Military Academy at West Point in N.Y. as a cadet in 1943 in the class of 1946. He never graduated, having enlisted in the Army, serving in the Pacific during World War II. He retired from the Army Reserve in 1986 as a lieutenant colonel. According to a book he authored with his friend and colleague, William Corson, Crowley’s career included service in Military Intelligence and Naval Intelligence, before joining the CIA at its inception in 1947. His entire career at the agency was spent within the Directorate of Plans in covert operations. Before his retirement, Bob Crowley became assistant deputy director for operations, the second-in-command in the Clandestine Directorate of Operations.

Bob Crowley first contacted Gregory Douglas in 1993 when he found out from John Costello that Douglas was about to publish his first book on Heinrich Mueller, the former head of the Gestapo who had become a secret, long-time asset to the CIA. Crowley contacted Douglas and they began a series of long and often very informative telephone conversations that lasted for four years. In 1996, Crowley told Douglas that he believed him to be the person that should ultimately tell Crowley’s story but only after Crowley’s death. Douglas, for his part, became so entranced with some of the material that Crowley began to share with him that he secretly began to record their conversations, later transcribing them word for word, planning to incorporate some, or all, of the material in later publication.


Conversation No. 43

Date: Friday, October 25, 1996

Commenced: 3:45 PM CST

Concluded: 4:15 PM CST

GD: Good afternoon, Robert. Everything going well for you? How was your doctor’s appointment?

RTC: Well, no results but I am resigned to being old, Gregory. When you get to my age, you’ll count the day as wonderful if you can open your eyes in the morning. How is it with you?

GD: It goes. Moving to Illinois was not the best of ideas but my son left me little choice. It was move or else.

RTC: Or else what?

GD: He would leave and I would be stuck with a huge rent for a big house with a swimming pool that he insisted we have but he only used once. I used it all the time but I had to clean it and with all the trees and the occasional drowned squirrel, it was a wonderful addition that I would never want again unless I was rich enough to afford a weekly pool service. Of course the scumbag neighbors wanted their filthy kids to use it but I said that was not possible. I told them my insurance forbade it but actually, who wants an army of screaming little assholes using the pool as their private toilet?

RTC: Sounds like you put your Scrooge hat on this morning.

GD: Actually, I like kids. If you barbecue the small ones, they go well with a pitcher of Jack Daniels.

RTC: For God’s sake, don’t ever say that around a Jew or you’ll go stone deaf from the screaming.

GD: Oh, I know you’re right about that one. It’s a little like saying that you’re looking for a chink in someone’s armor and Asian-Americans start shouting. And never call a spade, a spade.

RTC: Yes. We live in an artificial society, Gregory. Our primitive selves still heft the vanished club with which to smite other cave-dwellers.

GD: In the Mueller book, I made reference to the fact that we now have nice-nice titles for people. I said we call janitors ‘sanitary engineers’ and that Mongoloids are now called ‘differently abled.’ And some reader wrote a nasty letter to my publisher about this which he forwarded for my comment. She said she was horrified and repulsed by the use of the Mongoloid idiot implication. Her little Timmy was the sweetest child on earth and I ought to be thrashed for calling him this terrible, forbidden name.

RTC: Did you reply?

GD: Oh yes. I wrote to her that having read her letter with sorrow because she was stuck with a retard, I suggested, very pointedly, that she ought to put some chlorine in her gene pool.

RTC: (Laughter) Gregory, you didn’t.

GD: Why not? Hell, the Greeks knew something about genes and they left their retards out on the mountainside to either die slowly or more quickly when the animals got them. Keeps the race clean if you follow me. Now, we let the innates breed and they are filling what passes for civilization with all kinds of lopsided mongrels. Malthus doesn’t mention eugenics but I feel that the herd should be thinned and the best breeding stock put in a separate pen to avoid two legged goats or chickens covered with fur.

RTC: You sound like a Nazi. As I recall, we had that Dr. Mengele on the payroll. Down in South America where we wanted him to do work on breeding superior people.

GD: Jesus H. Christ, Robert, talk about infuriating the Jews. If they ever found out about that delightful fact, all their newspapers, magazines and television stations would do terrible damage to the CIA. My grandfather was a Nazi but I am not.

RTC: Over there?

GD: No, here. A member of the AO in good standing.

RTC: Pardon?

GD: The Auslands Organization. Party members residing outside Germany. He was a banker with close connections to the Schreoder people in Cologne. Party member since 1923.

RTC: Well, the CIA is now full of Jews so if they find that out, they will do more than keep your books out of the bookstores.

GD: I suppose if I turned my back on them, I might have some trouble. They don’t like confrontation and love to work in the dark or through surrogates. They hate the Mueller books, not because Mueller was anti-Semitic but because he is presented as a human being. To professional Jews, all Germans are evil. Little children of eight were trained to visit the concentration camp in their neighborhood and toss screaming Jewish babies into the giant bonfires that burned day and night.

RTC: Now I know you’re joking.

GD: Of course but that sort of silly crap is very close to what they do.

RTC: Of course it’s to make money and gain moral superiority. ‘Oh Mr. Salesman, my whole family died in the gas chambers. Terrible. Can you give a poor survivor 50% off on that couch?’

GD: Robert, that’s very unkind. True but unkind.

RTC: I remember when they attacked the Liberty and were killing Americans. Deliberate of course and the Navy sent aircraft to wipe them out. Johnson found out about this and stopped the flight. Why? He didn’t want to offend Israel.

GD: What about dead Americans?

RTC: Pales into insignificance when balanced against the vital needs of precious Israel. At the time, they were murdering captured Etyptian soldiers and they didn’t want us listening in so the tried to sink the ship.

GD: And Pollard…

RTC: Oh my, yes and even now they want us to liberate him. They made him an honorary member of the Knesset and put big bucks away for him in a private account. And this for an American who was stealing important secrets and giving them to what was supposed to be an ally.

GD: Did you ever read the Bunche report?

RTC: Ralph Bunche. The UN man?

GD: Yes. After the Jews murdered Folke Bernadotte, head of the Swedish Red Cross and one of their royal family, solely because he refused to allow them to butcher Arab farmers, they killed him and Bunche, who was on Cypress dealing with refugees, was given his job. The UN prepared a chronology of violence in Palestine from ’44 until ’48…day by day. A wonderful chronicle of arson, murder, kidnapping, poisoning and God alone knows what atrocities. Blowing up hotels full of people and so on. I got a copy from an Army friend and if you like, I can send you a photo copy.

RTC: That I would like to see although there’s nothing I can do about it now.

GD: And when you were in the CIA?

RTC: I never liked dealing with those people. Jim Angleton loved them and kissed their asses but I never trusted any of them.

GD: Especially our allies?

RTC: Oh no, they are not our allies. If it weren’t for the fact that Jews have lots of money and own almost all the newspapers and TV stations, we wouldn’t be so eager to kiss their hairy asses, believe me.

GD: Well, the wheel turns, Robert, and one day there will be a reckoning of sorts. I don’t forsee enormous gas chambers being built in Detroit but the public can get very unpleasant when it gets angry.

RTC: But without the papers and TV and with political correctness in full swing, I can’t see mobs in the street burning down kosher meat stores.

GD: Who knows the way the wheel turns?

RTC: But don’t put any of this into future books, Gregory. Not a good idea. You will be accused of masterminding the assassination of Lincoln.

GD: Well, they may have the newspapers but there are other avenues. I remember once when I was giving a lecture, some old bitch came up to me afterwards and began telling me how her whole family had been turned into lampshades and soap at Auschwutz. She dared me to respond but I did.

RTC: And? God help us all, what did you say?

GD: Why, I said my uncle had died at Auischwitz during the war. She blinked and asked me if he were a Jew.

GD: I told her no, he was not. I said he got drunk on the Fuehrer’s birthday, fell out of a guard tower and broke his neck.

RTC: My God, you have balls, Gregory. What did she do?

GD: I think she swallowed her false teeth. However, everyone around us started laughing so not everyone was mad at me. She waddled off before I could tell her about the new German pizza oven that seated four.

RTC: Gregory, do let us change the subject. Suppose some Jewish FBI agents were listening to this?

GD: I would offer a special bargain on hand soap. I could set up a booth at a fair with hand soap in piles and a sign saying ‘Find a Relative!’ over it. Probably not a good idea. They would ask me for a 50% discount. Oh, by the way, to change the subject…

RTC: Thank God…

GD: Yes. Did you know that the British Prince Consort, Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, was a German, not a Greek. He also had been a uniformed member of several Nazi organizations before he joined the Royal Navy. His brother had been a member of the SS and his sister had been a German nurse so they never got invited to the royal wedding. His uncle was Prince Phillip of Hesse who lived in Italy where he married their Crown Princess. He was Hitler’s art dealer in Italy. Phillip is related to the last Empress of Russia, the German Kaiser  and others. His uncle was a general in the SA. I have a snapshot of him in his Hitler Youth uniform, dagger and all, with a friend of mine when both were at a Hitler Youth rally. I would imagine the IRA would love to buy that one.

RTC: I had heard something about this. Phil is a nasty piece of arrogant work. Anthony Blunt…

GD: I know all about his going to Germany and hiding references to Phillp’s Nazi past. That’s why he never got arrested when he was exposed as a Russian spy.

RTC: You do get around, Gregory.

GD: If we got together, I could tell you lots of interesting facts, Robert. Well, enough evil for the moment. My dog is making go outside noises so I had best leave you. I will call you later, OK?

RTC: Salud.

(Concluded at 4:15 Pm CST)



Encyclopedia of American Loons

Sherry Shriner

Oh, heavens.

The rabbit hole is a fascinating place, but the webs of lunacy are often woven according to logics so foreign to any rational mind, that unravelling the ideas going into them is tricky. For instance, the National Economic Security and Recovery Act (NESARA) was a set of proposed economic reforms suggested during the 1990s by one Harvey Francis Barnard, who printed 1000 copies of his proposal titled “Draining the Swamp: Monetary and Fiscal Policy Reform” (note that first part) and sent copies to members of Congress, believing it would pass quickly on its merits. It didn’t. Instead the ideas, unbeknownst to Barnard, took on life as a cult-like conspiracy theory promoted by Shaini Candace Goodwin, a.k.a. “Dove of Oneness”, a former student of The Ramtha School Of Enlightenment and “cybercult queen”, who claimed, contrary to all fact and reason, that the act was actually passed with additional provisions as the National Economic Security and Reformation Act, and then suppressed by the Bush administration and the Supreme Court, who orchestrated e.g. the 9/11 attacks and the Iraq War as distractions from NESARA. Goodwin has managed to recruit a number of drone-like followers, including real, physical groups of people at least in Utah and the Netherlands, who pass out fliers and organize weirdly incomprehensible public protests. Sheldan Nidle is one of the followers, and has added his own mix of UFOs and prophecies into the conspiracy. Another active promoter of NESARA is one Jennifer Lee has, who has produced reports on how various otherworldly and “interdimensional” beings are helping behind the scenes to get NESARA announced.

But these loons are not the topic for the present entry. And Sherry Shriner, who is, is not a NESARA cultist. Shriner, who apparently thinks of herself as an Internet evangelist (“Servant, Prophet, Ambassador, Daughter, and Messenger of the Most High God”), does indeed take NESARA seriously, but instead of joining the cult she sees NESARA as a conspiracy run by malevolent reptiloid aliens she feels have been controlling the U.S. Government for a long time. I suppose it is best to just quote a section from one of her many websites, nesarasucks (hyperlinks in the quote are removed and replaced by ours): “BEWARE Of The Deceiver Maitreya & Sananda Esu Immanuel!! See Maitreya’s involvement with the H1N1 Vaccine and RFID Bracelets … Mass Chip Implantation and Murder See the Bible Codes at [hyperlinks removed]. He’s an evil, wicked, liar who wants to destroy mankind. Wake up People!!! The Lies of the 5th Dimension & The Coming Lies of Maitreya – Who is now being replaced by Sananda! Why? Because Maitreya was destroyed by our Orgone! Sananda has been stood up to replace him! NESARA is the economic and political program of the Antichrist. Known as the National Economic Security And Reformation Act it is better described as a

National Evil Snake, Annunaki (and) Reptilian Association or simply,Neo-logical Excrement Spread Artfully Round America.” And so on. “Once these Reptiles and Lizards are in control they will ratify parts 2&3 of NESARA that nullify part 1 and begin their own agenda of cannibalism and murdering the inhabitants of America,” proclaims Shriner. Readers may imagine the color schemes and font variations in the original for themselves.

Shriner, though, promotes lots of other stuff, too, including prophecies about crashing starships and upcoming locust invasions, angels, Planet X, FEMA concentration camps, the “New Age Alien Agenda”, Jesus – not the fake Jesus promoted by the church, but the real one – and “her ancient grandfather King David” (there are apparently zombies, too, involved in the conspiracy). There is, unsurprisingly, a lot of stuff on Zionism as well (“The Talmud and the New World Order”). Apparently, her side is winning, though: “Governments in Terror over Twin Sun’s Arrival – The Twin Sun has arrived into our atmosphere and the aliens and evil beings are in TERROR! They’re all in a panic folks because it signals their coming demise!!” You haven’t noticed that “The Second Sun – The Second Sun is Here”? Well, that is because “[t]hey are trying to hide it with volcanic ashes and extreme clouding.”

Of course, we cannot do the range and depth of Shriner’s ideas any justice here. But it isn’t all innocuous, silly nonsense. Shriner actually drew some media attention to herself in 2017, when a former follower of hers, Barbara Rogers, shot and killed her boyfriend after Shriner warned said boyfriend that Rogers was a “Vampire Witch Reptilian Super Soldier” who would do him harm. A recurring feature of Shriner’s teachings is that the evil forces that manifest in or take over humans can only be discovered through minute details in their appearances and interests, so her followers should be wary and careful around friends, colleagues and family members (we suspect that becoming a follower of Shriner will quickly limit the number of people in the first two categories). In the case of Rogers, it was apparently a picture of Rogers enjoying beef tartare that set off Shriner’s alarm clocks. The subsequent murder of course only confirmed Shriner’s suggestions: “When the demon manifested in her, if it was the demon or a lizard, if she had both, a human’s no match for that kind of supernatural strength,” said Shriner, and she wondered whether Rogers was “triggered” to kill her boyfriend after watching a movie in the Resident Evil series with him; Shriner said that the movie is based on a female “super soldier,” whom she knows. Resident Evil is not based on someone Shriner knows.

Shriner’s website offers extensive information on Orgone blasters that will ostensibly kill zombies and evil beings, and keep away aliens and demons. We are sure that there will be few zombies and demons around after you deploy an orgone blaster. Shriner has raised more than $125,000 in a GoFundMe campaign to deploy the blasters.

Diagnosis: At least she is pushing at the limits of hysterical gibberish, but it is only harmless nonsense until someone gets hurt. She should have received the help she needs a long time ago.


Official Report on corruption in pre-Putin Russia

Foreword by the translator:

This is the translation of the report of the commission of the State Duma of the Russian Federation about corruption in the highest government circles.

It deals with the amounts of misappropriated funds of some TEN TRILLION dollars, with the stolen gold bullions in the amounts of over 4500 tons, as well as diamonds, silver, other precious and strategic metals, millions of tons of oil, natural gas, steel, machinery, tens of thousands of trucks, hundreds of helicopters, weapons.

Misappropriation of funds on this scale is a very serious threat to the world stability. On one hand, the criminals, who are capable of doing this, are at the very top of the government of Russian Federation and if they see no problem with plundering the national resources of their own people, what would prevent them from selling weapons or even nuclear materials to the terrorist organizations or the regimes of the rogue states for profit?

In addition to that, an impoverished country with a vast nuclear arsenal poses a threat to other countries, as nuclear materials and installations cannot be protected properly, they cannot get adequate maintenance.

As an illustration, after the sinking of the nuclear submarine Kursk in August 2000, there were reports, that it had only been getting TEN percent of the required maintenance.

Exactly the same reality applies to nuclear warheads, missiles, nuclear production and storage facilities, and other components of the nuclear arsenal.

In addition to that, people at the lower levels, who are entrusted with servicing and protecting the nuclear installations, might be tempted to steal and sell whatever can be sold, just to survive.

And, of course, in view of such massive corruption extending to the VERY TOP of the government circles, one may want to sabotage something just out of a perfectly natural frustration and desire for revenge.

That is why this should be of great concern to the people all over the world.

But, in any case, whatever one might feel about the political side of this issue, corruption on this scale is without parallels in human history and it reads like a detective novel with a great many contract killings of witnesses, intermediaries, associates in crimes, moreover, many of those contract killings have been committed on the orders of the people, who occupy the top positions in government.

The original Russian-language document mentions some foreign names and business entities. Unfortunately, the names in the language of origin or residence of those persons were often not provided. In addition to that, some instances of transliteration into Russian are ambiguous, which makes it impossible to derive the original version of those names with certainty.

In view of that, it was decided not to struggle with those cases, but to provide them in Russian in square brackets.

Since this document contains a great many non-English words, software spell checking was not done, as it would take very long. The only spell checking was “by eye”.

Numerous Russian acronyms are used in the original text, but they have been completely omitted in the translation.

Nobody in Russia says or writes “Interior Ministry”; acronym “MVD” is used instead, but for foreign readers it would naturally be easier to have it the other way.

Some cases mentioned in this document are so grotesque, that they seem almost unreal, but such is the reality of living in a legal vacuum of post-communist Russia, as well as totally centralized government.

For example, there are no municipal or regional police forces in Russia, federal police force is the only one, be that a small village or a big city.

Such total centralization is very conducive to corruption.

The original document lists many regions and districts by name in relation to the events that have been taking place there, but it would probably be too much to expect that a foreign reader would want to plod through numerous names of the smaller regions; that is why mostly the larger geographical areas are mentioned, such as “Siberia” or the “Far East”.

When referring to the reference numbers of various documents, Russian letters have been retained, as this is the only way to preserve authenticity of this translation, that is why, if you want to save this document, you should save it in Unicode or UTF, plain text (ANSI) would not render the Russian letters.

The document lists all monetary amounts in US dollars and Russian roubles. The amounts in roubles have only been converted to dollars when a specific time period had been mentioned in relation to a particular event. This is the only way to make a reasonably accurate estimate. In other periods of time the rouble could have been depreciating very fast as a result of criminal emission of huge amounts of paper money, thus making any estimates rather meaningless.

As for the artificially created inflation, this is a standard trick of the criminals in the banking system and government designed to rob people of their savings and assets.

Runaway inflation allows the criminals in government to take loans, buy tangible assets and repay those loans with depreciated money.

The period of runaway inflation is normally followed by issuance of new money in larger denominations, which is then offered to the population for exchange in limited amounts per household or individual, thus effectively robbing people of their savings.

Issuance of new money is normally accompanied by high interest rates, which is presented to the masses as an alleged cure for runaway inflation.

In the meantime the criminals in the banking system are buying up national assets at pennies for a dollar on bankruptcy sales.

These financial crimes have been routine in post-communist Russia.

The original Russian text contains some repetitions, obviously, those also appear in the translation.

All instances of names proper in foreign languages have been left as they are in the original document, even if they appear to be incorrect, as could be in the case of the Belgian Kreditbank (a bank name with the word “credit” in it is more likely to be written as “KREDIET” in local languages)਍ഀ

This document had been hastily compiled, text in some places is poorly composed, moreover, some passages contain contradictory information. Notes from the translator had to be added to those sections, they are marked with an asterisk * in the beginning and a double asterisk ** at the end.

Another group of notes refers to the positions different people occupied in government. The original document has very few such notes, but they have been added in translation. The word “former” was omitted; considering the fact that the events described here span several decades, it would probably make little sense to “drag along” the references to any particular time frame.

The authors of this document clearly assume that its intended audience is familiar with the background of the events that are described here. But there is relatively little information for a casual foreign reader to “connect” all the details.਍ഀ

V.M.Kuznetsov, the author of this report is mentioned several times in connection with transfers of very substantial amounts of money, one can even get an impression that he himself was a part of this criminal cartel.

Very few details are provided, but it appears that his involvement was through the holding company “Mir”, which was an intermediary in transferring funds for the program to destroy chemical weapons. Most likely, his intent was to honestly do his part, but on several occasions he ended up being manipulated by those who had different ideas about how to use those funds.

This document is not a freestyle writing but a summary of a great many other documents, that is why it should be judged not by its composition or style, but by the civic courage of its author who had exposed a gang of criminals, doing it at a very serious risk to his life and the lives of his family members.਍ഀ

Those criminals have more resources at their disposal than the state budgets of many countries and they would do anything to cover up their crimes, a big list of contract murders mentioned in this document is a proof of that.਍ഀ

The Russian text of this document is available on many sites, those can be found by doing a search on [Кузнецов В.М.] (Kuznetsov V.M. the author of the report) or on any other “unique” Russian-language terms, which have been preserved in this translation, such as the reference IDs/numbers of court documents.਍ഀ

Russian transliteration of foreign names and business entities can also be convenient “keywords” to locate this document in its original version.

Search can be done on any Russian-language search engine, such as GOOGLE.RU, YAHOO.RU, YANDEX.RU and others.

It cannot be excluded that the Russian-language report will be undergoing additional editing, corrections, modifications and other changes, however, plodding through the posible new versions of this document and comparing them with this translation is very time consuming and that is why the original translator has no plans of doing it.

Readers who can translate this document into other languages are encouraged to contribute to this project for the sake of the world peace and basic justice.

Criminals in positions of power are a threat to humanity and they should not be allowed to profit from their crimes.

There are several claims in this report that many parties in countries other than Russia are a part of this criminal cartel. The scale of complicity can be judged from many media reports about the “new Russians”, who took BILLIONS of dollars abroad and shocked the world with their extravagant lifestyles, buying many exclusive properties, yachts with a price tag of over a QUARTER BILLION, soccer clubs, etc.

Those who saw a stream of those reports, would attest that they all go like this – as the communism was collapsing in Russia and more and more economic opportunities were becoming available, the first wave of Russian entrepreneurs started driving taxi cabs, opening coffee shops. Then they started buying factories using the proceeds from coffee sales, then they developed those factories into vibrant enterprises, sold them, packed up their billions and moved to the West to pursue other opportunities.

After you read this report, you will know that the truth is very much different!

This document contains many allegations, which may appear unsubstantiated because no background information is provided at the point when the allegation is made, or such information is very sketchy.

There is even an allegation that the officials of the International Monetary Fund had accepted bribes in the amount of 400 MILLION dollars for their part in a certain financial scheme, which allowed a group of criminals around Yeltsin to pocket IMF loans in the amounts of BILLIONS of dollars.

Since the translation had to be done as authentically as possible, all such allegations had to be reproduced.

Russia has the French (Napoleonic) legal system, that is why there are numerous references to the office of a “prosecutor”. And even though this translation is somewhat “liberal”, an alternative to that should probably be a rather big discourse about the Napoleonic legal system.





Russia, 125057, Moscow, Leningrad Avenue 75-416, Tel./[fax]  ++7 499-158-6251, E -mail: ihc-mir@mail.ru  (E-mail address is protected from spam.)

On: April 20, 2009. № VK -15 \ 146

To: President of the Russian Federation D. A. Medvedev

In the State Duma of The Russian Federation


The working group dealing with the struggle against corruption in the higher echelons of the State, which acts within the State Duma of the Russian Federation (RF), submits herewith, exceptionally important information for examination and use in the matter of the struggle against corruption, both past and present. Further, this report also addresses the protection of the constitutional system in Russia and of possible coups or revolts on the part of the exceptionally corrupt highest-level current  bureaucracies, and, first and foremost, the management of law-enforcement agencies.

The former individuals represent the highest bureaucracies, and the latter the corrupt senior officials of the law-enforcement agencies of the country, who have concentrated in their hands, both inside the country and abroad, enormous stolen and otherwise misappropriated funds, which far exceed the current operating budget of Russia, and which are the basic reasons for the present financial and economic crisis in this country. If the current opponents of the Russian government had possession of these looted funds they would be more than able to carry out schemes to undermine the state and to instigate and fund social upheaval and then assume for themselves, political power..

Over a period of the last two decades, very high ranking bureaucrats entered into so-called Yeltsin “Mafias,” with the ongoing assistance and funding of  intelligence agencies of both the United States and  Israel, with the full knowledge of and  protection by officials of Russian law-enforcement agencies, and by these means, did illegally take from the state enormous amounts of money and other valuable assets, to include money, gold, oil, steel, diamonds and other assets. Almost all of this fiscal looting was duly removed from the state and deposited , or otherwise concealed, in diverse foreign banks to  the accounts of dummy entities. As a result of the inactivity of the Russian power structure and law-enforcement agencies, the removal of assets continues up to the present time and conservative estimates are that  50- 70 billion dollars (USA) per month. As a case in point, in December of 2008, this criminal group attempted to export from the country over 4 trillion rubles.

All information  cited herewith,  have been positively and reliably confirmed in hundreds of criminal cases, which may be found to be without resolution in SU and SK MVD, SK with the Attorney General’s Office RF, the General Procurator’s office and the FSB of Russia, which did not provide legal permission, but objective information about them. Almost all of this information is currently hidden or otherwise concealed from the highest leadership of the country and community. Analysis of the studied materials of the criminal cases of № 1416959, 18 \ 230278-02 (“Chechen Order”), № 145023 on the charges against M. N. Zagrebelnogo, on the fact of the illegal removal of gold, silver, and oil, 18 \ 6220-91 (gold ), № 18 \ 221050, № 18 \ 277048-99, № 18 \ 24393-01, 18 \ 171843-97, № 18 \ 24362-01, № 144107, 87207, 10994, 85536 and many others, investigated in the different years by SK MVD and by the General Procurator’s office RF, and also the presence of the financial documents, to include bank statements, attests to the fact that in Russia today an organized international-orientated  criminal association of current and past Russian officials created actions which, since 1993 and up to the present time, exported abroad vast amounts of gold, silver, diamonds, oil, helicopters, armaments, Kamazov automobiles, money, intellectual property of alcoholic production and other material assets.

They accumulated these riches of Russia on the particular accounts of fictional  citizens of Russia “M. N. Zagrebelnogo” , “Ushakov”, “Khayrulin”, and “Shakirov”, and also of citizens of the USA:  :A. Magelaeshu”, in Canada one “Fraser”, and diverse others. Into the composition of this loose-knit criminal association we find members of  so-called ‘Yeltsin criminal family’, in specific:  – Chernomyrdin, Khadzhoev, Chubais, Berezovsky, Shaymiyev, Vavilov, Gerashchenko, Piskunov, Smolensk, Tumanov, Laszlo Benedzhi and many others. These tangible assets were subsequently hidden  in different banks in Belgium, Germany, England, Switzerland, the USA and other countries of the European Union,, Asia, and Canada. Protection for all financial “shady” operations, including the fictitious “Chechen Order” and the removal of the riches of the country, with the knowing and willingl connivance of the very highest level of the Russian government as well as the Central Bank of the RF, was empowered and concealed at the highest leadership of the Attorney General’s Office RF, the MVD and the FSB of Russia, in connivance of Attorney Generals and their deputies: V. Ustinov, V. Kolmogorov, Yuri Biryukov; MVD – V. Erina, A. Kulikov, V. Rushaylo; FSB – N. Kovalev, Zherebchikov and others. For this very reason, not one major Russian governmental official has ever been accused or indicted in what is one of the greatest embezzlements of the century and the investigative agencies of the state have deliberately concealed information on lawbreakers, protected them and ensured that not one of them has ever appeared in a court of law to answer for their crimes against the state and the people of Russia.

Moreover, senior officials have personally ordered the murder a large number of potential witnesses and even their own members who have dared to attempt to reveal this criminal activity, and the banks which actively participated in “money laundering” were subsequently shut down and their records removed and destroyed. In these  cases, the large and widespread clique of embezzlers, which specifically includes of a number of the highest bureaucrats of the country, including of those currently in direct management of law-enforcement agencies, workers in the Central Bank RF, and other co-conspirators,  have acquired enormous personal wealth and their stolen Russian assets are safely banked in institutions outside the control of Russia

Due to these enormous concealed asserts , many very high officials of the former Yeltsin administration are still in power in Russia and are easily able to block any attempts on the part of the current administration of Russia to locate and seize these enormous assets for the economic needs of the state and people of Russia. Many of these blatant thieves to this day remain in positions of great power in the government of Russia and are easily able to block any attempts to prevent ongoing thefts or to recover stolen state funds  There exists a strong body of proof of thefts, embezzlements and murder, all arranged by the former assistant to the President of the country (one of the key men of this corrupted octopus) V. P. Ivanov. The most active part in the operations of laundering the money from the “Chechen Order” were the leaders of Tatarstan and the leaders of the banks of “Stolichnaya” and “Chara Bank” and,, specifically, A. Voloshin, who governed financial transactions for the interests of the Yeltsin crime family. Today in Russia, immense money and its associated power are located, not in the hands of the President of Russia, but in the hands of high ranking criminal gang members who have deliberately and willfully been looting Russia and exporting a large proportion of her wealth from the country back to the 1990s of the past century. They have systematically blocked anyone from investigating or otherwise exposing their ongoing criminal activity and have, in many instances, cooperated with foreign intelligence and governmental agencies in both the United States and Israel to the detriment of the current Russian government

Concrete circumstances, the realized activities of the international criminals of the association indicated, consist of the following:

It is known from the records of the above-indicated criminal cases that in 1991-1992, American businessmen,  by secret but documented agreements with the G. H. W. Bush administration, on behalf of the American business community,  transmitted for investment on the request of B. N. Yeltsin to Russia for the purpose of the creation of presidential funds approximately 35 billion US dollars. Assets in the form of gold bullion were earlier transferred from the USSR to the USA to aid the Communist Party of this state. Much of this money was given to prominent American political figures to ensure safety from prosecution. From indications of one of the colleagues of the Department of Precious Metals, during Premier Pavlov’s administration about 400 tons of gold were exported abroad, while according to the data of the criminal case of № 18 \ 5220-91 not less than 1,300 tons of gold were exported abroad in the Gorbachev period.

From the end of 1991, until the beginning of 1992, $35 billion US dollars cash resources of the USA were ‘unofficially’ sent into Russia , through the American Department of State in diplomatic pouches, for the specific purpose of bribing certain Russian government officials and were given  personally to B. N. Yeltsin and added to these U.S. “unofficial” funds, there were also large cash donations by the American CIA in the sums of $5 million US by the  Central Intelligence Agency, for the purpose of furthering the complete disintegration of the USSR. The CIA person responsible for the distribution of these cash bribes to B.N. Yeltsin, was the CIA officer Bruce Alexander, aka James D. Federman, 2725 Connecticut Ave.20008. For their legalization through the Central Bank, according to the recommendation of the advisers of the USA and Israel, (in particular one Rapoport,) under the guise of the so-called “Chechen Order,” these American dollars were laundered into the Russian economy, and subsequently they were acquired and immediately used by Russian professional criminal associations, mostly Russian Jews,  for the purchase of gold, diamonds, oil, and other assets, which were then removed from Russia and sent abroad. The activity of this organized international criminal association led to extraordinary inflation at the beginning of the 90’s in Russia, and also the creation of a huge financial debt on the part of Russia to the IMF (International Monetary Fund).

In 1992-1993 the basis of this criminal association was composed of colleagues of the Central Bank of Russia, and the Chechens Aksal Curie: Issac Vakhiev,  Mussu Velkhiev, Salanbek Khadzhoev, Suleyman Khadzhiev, Suleyman Yusupov, Revzan Abdulkadyrov, and Abdullah Shahidov. These persons, according to the agreement with the corrupt high-level member of the Government of Russia and its law-enforcement agencies, under the so-called  Operation “TAN”, headed by S. P. Shashurin, and by means of the false “Chechen Order,” stole thereby the sum of approximately 1 trillion rubles. From this sum, 5 billion rubles was returned to Shashurin as a bribe for his silence, who, without having understood the entire scheme, used these monies for the development of the social sector of his people and region, and adjusting of economic relations in many branches of industry, and 995 billion rubles was used by the criminal association for the purchase of gold and silver in 88 cooperatives of the country, located in Magadan, Chita, Amur, Yakutiya, and Khabarovskiy Kray. Shashurin concluded agreements for the purchase of gold directly in the office of the gold prospector Tumanov in March – April 1993. After the signing of the agreements, Shashurin together with Shevchenko and Kinsvayterom approached the banks “Capital” and “Chara Bank”, where they met with the leaders of the banks and negotiated the obtaining money with the Central Bank and deposited to their the credit of their accounts in the 88 cooperatives. For these purposes by the Central Bank, and for the bank “Capital” and “Chara Bank,” there were  illegal sums of embezzled money in the amounts of  995 billion rubles, i.e., for that sum, which Shashurin agreed with the financial group.

The direct  management of the embezzlements processed through the Central Bank, of the sum indicated, was achieved by one Salanbek Khadzhoev, the former Vice-Premier of Government, and the workers of the Central Bank Mussa Velkhiev, Issac Vakhiev, Aksal Curie, and Suleyman Khadzhiev. All operations on the fictitious “Chechen Report” and the purchase of gold were led personally V. S. Chernomyrdin through vice-premier Salanbek Khadzhoev.

Immediately after this infusion of money, Khadzhoev, through Gerashchenko and his deputy  Kazantsev,  and workers of the Central Bank: Mussa Velkhiev, Issac Vakhiev, Curie, and also Shakhidova, Khadzhieva, Kinsvaytera, Shevchenko and others, executed all fictitious transfers on the “Order” through the Central Bank of Russia into other banks of the country. Critical in the management of the criminal activity of this group was Vavilov from Minfin (Ministry of Finance). It was subsequently established that by this criminal association through the fictitious “Chechen Order,” in 1993 alone, was stolen not less than 4 trillion rubles. 1 trillion rubles was stolen through the association “TAN”, and the remaining 3 trillion rubles through the Smolensk Bank. One of the participants in the financial group and critical for the sending of the false order, directly from Vladikavkaz, was Khamzat Kazimamedov, who on the order of A. R. Koch, P. Avven, and A. Vavilov, transferred the fictitious order for the transfer of large cash resources of the Central Bank into different banks of the country, utilized by the persons indicated for the acquisition of gold, diamonds, and steel and their removal abroad. These actions were led directly by Salanbek Khadzhoev. The bulk of the flow of money on the fictitious order was diverted for the acquisition of oil, which was then stolen, and was made through the banks: Capital Bank, Inkombank, Minatep, and Promstroybank” and the transfers of assets between the banks was directed by Smolensk, through its assistant Peter Dretser.

The circumstances concerning  the bank “Capital” and “SBES Agro” were previously completely confirmed and were investigated in the criminal case with respect to Smolensk. The investigation, conducted under “control of especially large transactions” by the General Procurator’s Office RF, was illegally ended by order of the former first deputy Attorney General RF, Yuri S. Biryukov. Gold, which on behalf of association “TAN,” was concealed in 88 cooperatives, in a quantity of 786 tons and 460 tons of silver, were illegally exported from Russia in the period of 1993-1996 to Switzerland, England, and Germany, and then deposited in the Belgian bank “Kreditbank” to the Account №  4536281560-27 for private individuals M. N. Zagrebelnogo and citizen of the USA, A. Magelaeshu These persons are proven now to be a false names supplied by the US Central Intelligence Agency. M. N. Zagrebelnogo was of interest due to his use of false Russian and even US passports.  It now well-known that the American Department of State knowingly supplies false American passports to individuals at the specific request of the Central; Intelligence Agency.

For the justification for the transfer of large cash resources from “Promstroybanka” on the fictitious order, so-called “gold certificates” to not- yet mined gold were presented. The basic sums of the transferred money from “Promstroybanka”, which were sent on the fictitious order  in the cooperative through the association “TAN,” were called “gold credits.” Under the cover of these “gold credits” for the recovery of gold, actual Russian gold was then exported illegally from Russia to foreign banks and financial institutions. Most of the gold was exported through the cooperative “PLUS”, which obtained large credits to the ownership of most of the gold exported.

The leader of the cooperative in that period was Salmen, then the President of the Republic of Adygeya, and from this cooperative, one Aslan Dzharimov directly oversaw the removal of gold over the Russian  border. Participants in the collection of precious metals, their illegal financing and “secret” removal to the borders were: President  of Tatarstan M. Shaymiev, President of Saha-akutiya Nikolayev and the mayor of Yakutsk P. Borodin, the governor of Magadan region Mikhaylov, the former agriculture minister G. Kulik, the Deputy Finance Minister S. Vavilov, all of which operated under the cover of V. Chernomyrdin, the General Procurator’s office of Russia and its regional leaders in the gold-prospecting regions, Yuri Skuratov, Yuri Chayki, V. Kolmogorov and also director of the FSB Russian Federation N. Kovalev.

Newly- mined gold from the cooperatives, instead of  being legally refining by the official government refineries were, , on the authorization of Shaymiev, (who after the arrest of S. Shashurin took upon himself all leading organizational questions concerning the operation “TAN”), secretly diverted to co-conspirators in Naberezhnye Chelny at the foundry of KamAZ (Kama Automobile Plant), where it was smuggled into the commodity production of the automobile factory, after which it was exported abroad to banks and other financial institutions of the United States, Switzerland, Israel, and England. The illegal transportation of precious metals inside Russia and from Russia to the West was achieved by cargo aircraft (Il-76) of the Kazan airline “Aerostan” subordinated to the President of Tatarstan. In this case, for the purpose of the concealment of the illegal diversion of contraband gold and silver, initially it was moved from Russia, not to Western Europe, but to Uzbekistan, where other Uzbek documents were extracted, and from there it was trans-shipped under the guise of a joint Uzbek- Russian cargo on the same Tatar aircraft into Western Europe to the precious metals refining plants of Lichtenstein. The pilots interrogated in the criminal case confirmed the facts of the transportation of gold into Uzbekistan, and then into Europe on documents formulated by the personnel of English company “Heavy Lift,” (now known to be a “front” company for the US Central Intelligence Agency) that participates in the shipping of gold bullion.

The formulation of fictitious ownership documents to the exported gold was secretly achieved by high-ranking officials of the Central Bank RF, and Minfin (Ministry of Finance) RF. After outflow of the gold, almost all documents on this question in the customs-houses, in the Central Bank and Minfin were destroyed by these people and their agents. So in Minfin with the formulation of fictitious documents for the export of gold directly dealt with leaders of Minfin  Kotlyar and Rudakov, who then forgot to destroy incriminating documents. However, later,  these documents in Minfin were discovered and subsequently destroyed. In turn, on the examination in the Procuratorship, the Deputy Finance Minister RF A. Golovaty, during the removal of gold that treated currency transactions with the precious metals stated that on the orders of the government of Russia, Ministry of Finance, together with Ministry of Mines and by the Ministry of Foreign Economic Ties prepared the projects of the resolutions of government about the sale of gold for export. The same individual personally participated in 1992-1995 in the preparation for two such authorizations for the export of two gold consignments, each of 300 tons. In this case it asserted that there were numerous government orders for the removal of small shipments of gold of 10-15 tons. The release of these authorizations, and then their withdrawal from stockpiles, was led by the Deputy Finance Minister S. Vavilov.

Furthermore, for the transfer of money from “Promstroybank” for the purchase on the fictitious order, the conspirators created the so-called “gold certificates” for  allegedly unmined gold, in consequence of which, the basic sum of those transferred from “Promstroybank” for the cooperative of money through the operation “TAN” were called “gold credits,” and under the guise of recovery of these credits, gold in large tonnage was exported from the country. Additionally, exported with the documents “TAN” the gold and silver was supplemented with a considerable quantity of large precious stones. Simultaneously through the money from the order, gold of the former USSR in a quantity of 1,300 tons “without leaving a trace” was diverted from the country in the period of the collapse of USSR, and during the accession to power of the government of V. Pavlov.

After the physical removal of gold and silver from Russia and its refining, it was stored in banks of Lichtenstein, Switzerland, England, Germany and Belgium, on the basis of which M. Zagrebelnogo, together with the financial director, Maxim Khan, let out the gold certificates of the private capital on the established international form, which were in 1996 verified by the Belgian bank of ” Kreditbank,”  under which were located Russian assets in the form of gold for the sum of 7.3 billion dollars USA, and 6.9 billion dollars USA in the form of oil. In this case the given assets after thorough checking by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the European Union, were acknowledged completely legitimate. Thus were the embezzled assets of Russia laundered by the joint connivance of corrupt Russian and diverse foreign banks and financial and, especially, U.S political institutions.

On the basis of these securities, the  Belgian Kreditbank, for the past 3 years, had showed  unprecedented growth rates, after becoming one of the leading banks in Europe It subsequently changed its name  to “KVS Bank,” and at the present time now is a member of the entire banking system of the Czech Republic. For the use of these assets, this bank paid enormous dividends to M.N. Zagrebelnogo, investing the borrowed money into highly remunerative financial programs. These assets have earned enormous money not only for high ranking current Russian high-level political figures and certain known  Russian intelligence and law-enforcement agencies and also for the governments of Belgium, of the European Union, and of the USA, and their intelligence agencies such as the CIA. In this case it is necessary to note that M. Zagrebelnogo gave out three forms of the gold certificates, with which is conducted investments on the Western stock market. The first were backed by physical gold, exported to the West. The second were backed by proven gold reserves of gold deposits located in Russia, evaluated, but not thus far developed. The third was backed by large deliveries of Russian export oil. They all are incorporated in the financial dealings.

In this case, it is necessary to note that M. Zagrebelnovo’s financial director, Maxim Khan, after their release of the gold certificates and their arrangement for the business in the Belgian bank, was killed in Hungary by unknown persons, and an urn with his ashes was sent to his family in Russia. No persons were ever arrested or found guilty of his death.

The following are known to have participated in the following embezzlement schemes: oil for Zagrebelnogo, gold for Shaymiev, Rahimov, Khodarkovsky, petroleum conglomerates “Suvar”, “Taif”, “YUKOS”, etc. Furthermore, Russian assets – precious metals, money, securities, obtained as a result of these criminal embezzlement operations, have been distributed and/or used for the formation  of circulating capital; and also for the creation state-sponsored funds for the firms: “Lukoil,” “YUKOS,” “TNK,” “Alpha”, and “Glory Oil,” the hotel chains “Slavyanskaya,” “Sheraton,” and Mariott,” and the retail outlet networks of “Perekrostok”and “Three Kita.”

Personal involvements in the distribution of these embezzled assets were  Berezovsky, Rushaylo, Khodarkovsky, Nevzlin, Abramovich and other oligarchs. In Kreditbank Belgium, in September 1996 on the account of M. Zagrebelnogo, the so-called financial group, were found 14.3 billion dollars US derived from Russian oil and gold. The presence of these monies confirms the international audit, which was carried out in Germany by VNF Bank in April 2006, which confirmed the presence of assets on the personal accounts of Zagrebelnogo and a subsequent hundredfold increase of his capital. Security of the special certificates in the total amount of 7.3 billion US dollars, in specific, backed by Russian gold,  was also credited to the account of Zagrebelnogo in the Belgian bank “Kreditbank” , confirmed by  the Russian commercial bank of “Informprogress” , to which the Central Bank gave out for these purposes special license. This bank, after verifying all valuable documents of Zagrebelnogo, in  conclusion indicated that the special certificates, released by the bank “Nikolskiy” , printed NII (Scientific Research Institute) by the goznak of Russia, confirmed by the Ministry of Justice Russian Federation, are original and legal and are backed with placer gold.

Besides bank accounts of Belgium, Zagrebelnogo has accounts of the private capital in various banks in England: “Standard Bank of London,” “ING (U.K.) Capital Ltd. London”, “Westminster Capital Markets London”, “Bank Handlovy W. of Warsaw S.A. London branch”, “ING Bank NV of London”, “SBV Finanze FG Zurich”, “Boatmens National Bank of  St. Louis”, and also in “National Westminster Bank” (Switzerland); “Barclays Bank” (Belgium); “Zentrale Handelsbank” (Austria); “Bank of America” (USA); “Bank of New York” (USA); “Chase Manhattan Bank” (USA), “Deutsche Bank, Dresden” (Germany) and others and on its personal unofficial statement on its personal accounts have been discovered about 6.5 trillion US dollars.. Zagrebelnogo is moreover, the simultaneous in the financial circles West the finance minister of the Maltese order, and also by the Director-General of English firms “metal of [korporation] [LTD], of ” To [marti] [Foynens]” , by the owner of the charitable foundation for children “[Pokoyanie]” of international consortium “society – to children”, by the leader of privately held company “[Yakutzolototrast]” and by many other companies, that are used to conceal significant sums of looted monies.

Up to August 29,.2006, the personal account, № 4536281560-27, of Zagrebelnogo in the KVS Bank had listed  108 billion dollars of the USA. But in all, according to the conclusions of experts,  since 1992, gold illegally exported from Russia amounted to approximately 4.5 thousand tons with the current sum total of 1`42 billion dollars of the USA. exported illegal gold, since 1992 on the present time of approximately 4.5 thousand tons of illegally exported gold  and 50 million tons of illegally exported Russian oil, whose assets are concealed by the dummy accounts of  Ushakov, Zagrebelnogo, Tokarev and several others, all known, and this embezzled money have been hidden in no less than 32 banks of the West. The estimated total of these thefts is certainly no less than  10 trillion dollars of the USA. All these cash resources are used ” [khozyaevami]” Zagrebelnogo, Voloshin, Chernomyrdin, by Chubais, Shchaymiev, Rushaylo, by Vavilov and others for personal purposes, through the specially created Western European financial front companies  of the ARIA Firm  of International Investments Inc. , “Sitichaus”, which accumulate all accounts of dummies, which are located in 32 banks of Europe and USA. On the indication of ” [khozyaev]” Zagrebelnogo, right to the part of the active memberships communicated to others, in particular to Riazanov, Efremov, Khayrulin, Morozov, Kozlov, Yuri F. Zakharov , G. Shakirov, V. M. Kuznetsov, E. Tokarev, V. V. Gurkin, Kuzmin, Orlov, to the citizens of the foreign states of Canada, Monte Maurice Frizner, and Lawrence Khiz, to leaders Carlyle Coutts Capital Corporation S.A and other this entire activity of Zagrebelnogo and persons, he transferred rights to whom to obtaining of credits, constantly it was found under the cover of intelligence agencies Russian Federation. Riazanov afterward obtaining documents from Zagrebelnogo in European banks obtained large sums of money on 300, 150 thousand dollars of the USA, and also obtained money from Frizera 845 thousand dollars of the USA. In the bank Landesbank Leichtenstein is located the personal account of Deputy of the State Duma from Tatarstana Khayrulina, which under exported gold has in this bank securities for the sum of 40 billion dollars of the USA and account in 1 billion dollars of the USA the real money, which it regularly obtains and uses them for mercenary purposes according to the agreement with the actual of ” [khozyainom]” account – [Shaymievym].

Also has a account in the amount of 20 billion dollars. of the USA in the Swiss bank the former deputy minister of justice Russian Federation Of [shakirov] Of [gabaz], which placed securities under not obtained another gold of the gold-prospecting cooperative, which works in the region Of the [sherlovaya] mountain in the Chita province. From the statements of the former colleagues the FSB it is a known fact that directly treated [Zagrebelnogo] from the side of president’s administration RF, besides Voloshin, the deputy according to the personnel of the leader of apparatus V. P. Ivanov. This activity he achieved through the Generals the FSB by jumps and [Zherebchikova] and the minister of MVD [Rushaylo]. Directly accompanied the actions Of [zagrebelnogo] Colonel the FSB it was N. M. Zinovev. On the instruction of its these treating persons, [Zagrebelnyy] in the interests [Rushaylo] and others he monthly transferred to them on 5 million dollars of the USA to the accounts into different banks and these money were used by these persons for personal purposes. Treating primary the structures pointed out above retained [Zagrebelnogo] in the interests of ” [khozyaev]” under the tight control. Thus, when [Zagrebelnyy] in the secret from ” [khozyaev]” for personal purposes in the group with the others it attempted to obtain the part of those meaning on its account of cash resources, in the relation its SK MVD RF under the control of the former deputy of Attorney

General Kolmogorov [V].[G]., one of the participants in the criminal association, 19.06.97 there was the excitedly criminal case of № 145024. This criminal case is excited on the fact allegedly of the embezzlement of food products from the firm “agro-khanfor”/[Knyazhestvo] Lichtenstein and the petroleum products of firm “petroleum [LTD]” of/[Velikobritaniya]/, organized By [zagrebelnym] without the agreement of its ” [khozyaev]”. It is on business established that [Zagrebelnyy] in the group with the colleagues the FSB by Chernenko, [Zasovym], wind, [Sorokinym], directly accomplishing its tracking, from its account, opened into “[Kreditbank]” of/[Belgiya]/., obtained 500 thousand dol of the USA, which he used for the purchase of food products and petroleum products abroad and imported they to Russia, where these products were realized. The despite the fact that indicated states, where were acquired these goods they did not present to The [zagrebelnomu] and Russia what or claims on the fact of the removal of foodstuffs, SK MVD and the General Procurator’s office RF, in order to retain [Zagrebelnogo] in the obedience of ” [khozyaevam]” , they recognized illegally in its actions also of other persons, the composition of crime – swindle, in the absence suffered side.

The [simonovskiy] district law court Moscow under the control of Kolmogorov also recognized [Zagrebelnogo] and all his companions, as the guilties of this of ” [moshennichestve]” and it condemned The [zagrebelnogo] to 5 years deprivation of freedom, and the remaining persons to the conditional measures of punishment. After censure, [Zagrebelnyy] actually was contained, not in the places of the deprivation of freedom, but it was directed for the serving of punishment to the very “strange colony” in the Krasnodar edge, where the veins in the fashionable hotel under the protection 30- TI of the colleagues of MVD and from where it repeatedly on the personal order of the Head of the President’s Administration of the country Of [a].[Voloshina] on the aircraft they reached into Moscow. In the capital it was arranged in luxurious presidential number of one of the best hotels. On the order of ” [khozyaev]” the gold active memberships, placed in “[Kreditbank] bank” Belgium, [Zagrebelnyy] in 1996 transmitted the part of securities to the President of holding company “Mir” to Kuznetsov [V].[M]., who on the instruction personally of Yeltsin [B].[N]. communicated to their leaders of the bank structures “Of [promstroybank]” and to privately held company commercial house “bridge”. However, when [V].[Kuznetsov] and the manager of the Austrian bank Of kreditanstalt-Bankverein Mr. Schmidt they signed the contract, on which Austrian bank was ready to accept all active memberships of the Belgian bank Of kreditbank in the amount of 7,3 billions, which belong To [m].[Zagrebelnomu], on the basis what it allotted to holding “Mir” credit in the amount of 2 billion 300 million US dollars, then they here tore away this transaction the intelligence agency of Russia. To Kuznetsov, to the members of his family, and also Mr. Schmidt the colleagues of these services threatened with murder. At the same time, leaders “[Promstroybank]” and “bridge” [Dubenetskiy] and [Malyshev] on the transmitted to them Kuznetsov of these securities obtained in the western banks of approximately 1 billion dollars of the USA for the destruction of chemical weapon in Russia. However, these cash resources to Kuznetsov were not returned for the destruction of chemical weapon, but [Dubenetskiy] and [Malyshev] on the agreement from ” [khozyaevami]” gold active memberships, the obtained cash resources were used at their discretion for personal purposes. In this case [V].[Kuznetsov] in the course of consequence it asserted that in the course of organizing the credit, it personally was encountered with the main holder of the finances of Belgian bank to Mark [Skardyu] and were obtained all assertions from its side, that the certificates Of [m].[Zagrebelnogo] are completely provide ford with bank gold and were acknowledged legitimate. It confirmed the possibility of obtaining under these certificates of money credit, but with the condition of the moderation of these of finances from the side of leaders TsB RF.

Thus, the specific grave figures TsB RF in the course of the secretly exported into Western Europe Russian of ” [tenevogo]” gold, and they completely control work with it, obtaining from it large [devidenty], which hide from the present management of the country. Subsequently, on the fact of the theft of the cash resources through “[Promstroybank]” on the statement of Kuznetsov [V].[M]. with the General Procurator’s office of Russia in 2002 began checking; however, soon, after the beginning of checking “[Promstroybank]” it was acknowledged by bankrupt, but cash resource in the sum is not less than 1 billion. dollars. The USA of those stolen on these securities disappeared; also disappeared materials transmitted into the General Procurator’s office RF. In the course of consequence were revealed the facts, when leaders “[Promstroybank]”, after obtaining from the gold-prospecting cooperative of ” [Zabaykalzoloto]” one ton of gold for obtaining the credit, they appropriated this gold, but credit so they did not give out, after which bank was premeditated become bankrupt and on the law court liquidated. It is also known of the materials of the above-indicated criminal cases that was in 1992 created diamond – gold the obtaining union, into which they entered the squeakers, [Shashurin], the Philip, [Gerashchenko], [Dubenetskiy], [Bozhenov], fogs. The chief of club was Philip [A]. [Eta] structure, and appeared the basic for the removal 786 tons of gold from Russia and his laying into the bank “Of [kreditbank]” of Belgium. Due to inserted gold in Russia are created the banks “[Lanta] bank” and bank “Russian credit”. The part of the means went to the forming of regulation capital “[Oneksimbank] bank”, “[Inkombank]”, also, into the consequence “OF [SBS] of agro-”. [Gerashchenko] under the guarantee of gold, placed in “[Kreditbanke] of Belgium redeemed Austrian bank “credit -[Anshtel]”, where it is transferred by 5 billion dol of the USA. The part of the means it is transferred into the bank “the bank of [of] new – York” and is then created “World Bank”. Due to the means, the obtained as a result fictitious aviso, is created regulation the captain of Moscow bank, and also the part of Gusinsky’s capital into the company of NTV, the part of Berezovsky’s capital into THE UNIT VECTOR was financed firm “[Abba]”.

Due to obtaining of cash resources with the fictitious aviso the President of Yakutiya Nikolayev through TsB and by participation [Gerashchenko] completed the embezzlement of gold and diamonds for the sum total of 5 billion dol of the USA and, capital from which [sosredotochenny] in Singapore and Australia; however, on these facts, although there were materials of checkings and criminal cases, they in connection with the corruption of law enforcement authorities to the end were not brought and by production were ended. Directly gold is stored in the Singapore bank “Of [mosknarbank]”. 40% of regulation capital of this bank 15 billion dol of the USA belong to TsB of Russia, and remaining founders are the public companies “Of [almazyuvelireksport]”, “the Russian arms export and import organization”, “[Rosoboroneksport]”. Through the fictitious credit aviso, passing through the Central Bank in Tatarya and Tyumen’, was conducted the embezzlement and the removal abroad of oil, and capital from sale to oil were transferred into Asia and they are stored in the Singapore bank “[Mosnarbanke]”, banks Of [malaazii], Australia, Hong Kong. Means from sale to oil in [Tatarstane] and Siberia also are stored in the bank “credit -[Anshtal]”, acquired [Gerashchenko], through the certificates, obtained from gold in the bank “Of [kreditbank]” of Belgium. Manages the stolen active memberships from sale to oil Of [bogachev], now manager of national bank in [Tatarstane].

They obtained large sums of money on the fictitious aviso through the Central Bank, were transferred also into the bank “[Pares] the bank”, located in Lithuania. Bank carried out transit functions about the delivery of gold from Russia into England and Germany, where are concentrated 17 billion dol of the USA, which belong to Russia. Interrogated in the criminal case № 18 \ 230278-02 general director privately held company “[Yakutzolototrast]” [Zagrebelnyy] [M].[N]. it showed that the active memberships (gold, silver, oil), which were placed in Belgian “[Kreditbanke]” they were formed into 1992-1996[g].[g]. and documentary they were designed by it in this bank in August – September 1996 to its personal account. [Zagrebelnyy] further showed that at the proposal of business circles “large City” of London it personally in [ofshore] on Maine island with the assistance of the documents, signed by vice premier Chubais and [zavupravdelami] of the State Duma For [brusnitsynym], created company by the name “[MET] Corporation [LTD]” with the registration in London for including the fund mechanisms of management in Europe and Russia. On behalf this company it let out on August 5, 1996 for the guarantee with active memberships in the form 786 tons of gold and 460 tons of silver 162 securities – special certificates of the private capital for the sum of 7,3 billion dol of the USA. After checking from the side of the financial, juridical and insurance companies of Europe, USA and Russia, declares [Zagrebelnyy], these special certificates were accepted by the national Belgian bank “Of [kreditbank]” now “OF [KVS] bank” and was opened the account of the private capital of № 4536281560-27 on which on August 22,28 and on September 2, 1996 were accepted the certificates indicated, about which the bank gave out to it, [Zagrebelnomu] 53 depository receipts for the sum of 7,3 billion dol of the USA with discount 1.5%. In the bank was simultaneously opened the account to its name, to which 2.09.1996 “[Kreditbank]” was accepted entire documentation, which explains the presence, origin and legitimacy of the resources, indicated in the certificates. In the course of consequence [Zagrebelnyy] and the others named Riazanov [A].[I]. and [Efremova] [V].[YU]., founders and the leaders of the firm of ” [OTEK]” , where can be located the documents, which confirm the facts of the removal of gold, silvers and oils and the accumulation of their active memberships in the bank “Of [kreditbank]” of Belgium. After this, by inspector by Rodionov, it was inquired in [Biryukova] [YU].[S]. sanction for conducting of search in those indicated [Zagrebelnym] of the persons for the purpose of search and withdrawal of the documents indicated. However, the first deputy Attorney General RF of morose fellows [YU].[S]., misusing by official authorities, without the explanation of reasons, refused in the sanction during conducting of search. Moreover, when by the law-enforcement agencies of Belgium on it is international – to investigation commission from Russia were prepared documents with the interpretation of all accounts and persons, that obtain up to now currency means under the above-indicated quantity of exported from Russia gold, silver and oil, morose fellows [YU].[S]. personally with other two colleagues [Markelovym] and Barkovsky (now leaders SK with the General Procurator’s office RF) it left in the period with 24.10.2003 on 27.10.2003 to Belgium, where were obtained the solicited documents, which convict of the high ranking officials of Russia of the embezzlement of gold, silver and oil.

However, these obtained documents of morose fellows [YU].[S]. it did not transmit into the criminal case, after hiding them from the consequence, after which, it required to without delay end criminal case for the fact of the removal of gold, in spite of the opinion of inspector, who investigated this criminal case. Despite the fact that by inspector in the criminal case of № 18 \ 230278-02, was carried 24.12.2002 decision about the isolation from the criminal case of № 141695, on the fact of removal from Russia into 1992-1996[g].[g]. of 786 tons of gold, 460 tons of silver and excitation of individual criminal case, to that there was sufficiently bases morose fellows it, however, required to end this criminal case as a whole after the absence of the event of crime. Moreover, after the curtailment of this criminal case to the inspector began pressure for the purpose of his early retirement from the procuratorship on pension at will. Besides this, on the indication Of [biryukova] [YU].[S]. basic witness in this criminal case – former deputy [GD] RF Shashurin] [S].[P]., on statement of which was revealed the fact of the removal of the large number of gold and silver, there was again illegally excitedly criminal case, and it was sequential time illegally arrested and condemned. As a result the activity of the above-indicated international criminal association of the consisting of the high officials state, achieved under the cover of the management of law-enforcement agencies, only with the use [ASER] of ” [Tan]” the huge embezzlements of the material values of the countries, which were accompanied by numerous contract killings, were perfected. These crimes, first of all, include: 1.[Khishchenie] through the accounts [ASER] “OF [TAN]” and the associated organizations, under the cover of the law-enforcement agencies through, the so-called fictitious “Chechen aviso”, one trillion rubles, and then after illegal arrest and attraction for the criminal responsibility on the political motives in 1993 Of [shashurina] [S].[P]., was still stolen with the participation of other dummies through this company, not less than three trillion rubles in the prices of 1992-1993[gg] these of all 4 trillion rubles passed along the documents through the accounts [ASER] “Of [tan]” and, were partially used to the purchase of gold, exported from Russia 786 tons of gold and 460 tons of silver, or diamonds, oil of steel. The large part of these riches of the country was “secretly” exported to the West and placed in the depositors the western banks, under which were released the valuable bank paper, used and [neispolzuemye] for obtaining the long credits, for the participation in the financial highly remunerative programs, and also free conclusion from Russia of its natural resources without their payment, under the guarantee of securities indicated. As a result, only on securities Of the [m].[Zagrebelnogo] in the form of the gold certificates, released under secretly exported from the country gold, silver, precious stones and oil was obtained hundreds of billions of US dollars, from those enrolled on the personal account Of [m]. [Zagrebelny], 6.5 trillion the US dollars, which today work in the shady structures of Russia and West, about which it is partially indicated above. This operation was realized with the participation Yeltsin of the management of the country and the law-enforcement agencies, management of the republics Of [tatarstan] of those days and Saha- Yakutiya, and also a number of the gold-prospecting regions, the high-ranking officials TsB RF the Boards of Exchequer with the participation of the authoritative foreign persons and bankers. In the course of the realization of this huge to the scales criminal operation, everything almost persons of middle and lowest link, who in it took direct part by the hands of bandits and workers of law-enforcement agencies were physically destroyed for the purpose of the concealment of the tracks of crime. [Shashurina] [S].[P]. one of the key persons of this operation, miraculously remained among the living and for a period already of 15 years it attempts to present proofs on the embezzlement of gold, [Kamazov], steel, helicopters, oil and other active memberships. But the highest leadership of the investigation organs of Russia in every way possible does not want and does not desire to see these documents as completely, to investigate these facts.

At the same time, according to the data, located By [shashurinym] [S].[P]., data of money were used By [a].[Chubaysom] and [A]. Koch for the privatization in personal interests of hundreds of the most profitable enterprises of the countries, which passed into the property of the persons on the undercharges approximated by it in particular the metallurgical plants of Lipetsk, Chelyabinsk, Magnitogorsk and others from the indications Of [shashurina] [S].[P]., it, being by Deputy of the Gosduma, by the deputy chairman of Duma committee on struggle against corruption, on [M]. [Zagrebelny]’s request personally invited him into Moscow, when that served sentence. In this case [Zagrebelnyy] was encountered with it in the presidential number of hotel “gold ring”. In order to show its significance, it advised To [shashurinu] to be detained in the vestibule of hotel, and to see, who to it walks to the method. In Hall soon appeared first [A].[Voloshin], and after it [S].[Mironov], each of which was [u] Zagrebelnogo] not more 30- and minutes.

On the assertion Of [shashurina] and the information of Kuznetsov, tightly working with the financial reconnaissance European Union and the Interpol, Russia to the West, and on the conclusion of the independent experts was also exported about 4,5 thousand tons of gold, and also the large number of the precious stones and other active memberships, including Soviet [invalyutnye] rubles. This was made under the documents OF [ASER] “[Tan]” and other analogous companies, the information about which was known to intelligence agencies.

Among gold, exported for the boundary, is registered gold of party, in connection with loss of which the General Procurator’s office excited the criminal case of № 18/6220-91, but which long years lies without the motion. In this matter is also established the dummy – Ushakov, to whom, as to The [zagrebelnogo], are designed active memberships in the foreign banks, which up to now uses Gorbachev [M].[S]. and approximating it persons. As a whole, speaking about the embezzlement of higher than the gold hoard indicated, it should be noted that this crime is abundantly watered by the human blood, by means of the huge amount of contract killings. All to one mediator so were killed, including the criminal authorities, who participated in search and removal of the gold-prospecting cooperatives of the Far East and Siberia.

The pilots of all 4th crews Il-76 of those flown with gold of Russia and exported it into Western Europe were interrogated and gave acknowledgments in the perfect crime to inspector in the especially big deals of the Attorney General’s Office [Zauru] To [khakimovu]. When these protocols they delivered into the General Procurator’s office it, with the strange circumstances, it was suffocated and rejected into Moscow river. The procuratorship Moscow deviated from the investigation of this contract killing, after advancing the unjustified version – murder from the usual robbery and criminal case stopped. On Arbat in Moscow is shot down the governor of the Magadan region Of [v].[Tsvetkov], who started to direct a strict account in the gold-prospecting cooperatives of region, including in detail to investigate commercial the removal from the region of the large volumes of gold in official enterprises for its further sale. As a result what it is flowering it left to the participation of the import of gold for the boundary through [ASER] of ” [Tan]” , which represented large danger to [M].[Shaymieva] and confronting after it people. In Naberezhnye Chelny in his own house were killed the Director-General of foundry KamAZ (Kama Automobile Plant), [V].[Faber], in closed shop of which on to the order Of [shaymieva] was produced “left” [ofinazhka] of Siberian gold, sent further for Western Europe. With the mysterious circumstances died the number, the well-known gold prospectors of Russia, who referred to the collection “shady gold hoard”. In this case the main law-enforcement agency, which blocks the investigation of the embezzlement of gold indicated is the General Procurator’s office of its Russia and connected with them with murders in person Attorney General and his deputies. Specifically, these officials, who obtain from this gold large [devidenty], which is established reliably, do not give the possibility of attraction to the responsibility of the guilties. The reliable confirmation of this are the upright acknowledgments of the Attorney General of Russia Ustinov and his deputies, given at the encounter number system. [Shashurinym], the taken place on the demand of vice Speaker State Duma Of [l].[Sliski]. At the session of the State Duma under the chairmanship Of [l].[Sliski], dedicated to crime control and corruption in the country, on which with the report before the deputies about the activity of the Attorney General’s Office for the guarantee of law, appeared very Attorney General Of [v].[Ustinov], deputy [S].[Shashurin] appeared with the public charge in the address of the Attorney General’s Office for blocking by it the criminal cases, connected with the embezzlement “shady gold hoard” of the country, and also other associated criminal cases, connected with “Chechen aviso”, numerous contract killings. However, as soon as a question visited about the embezzlement of gold, [V].[Ustinov] here left from the answer, after referring to its lack of information, and it reported that it will in writing answer [S].[Shashurinu], after which, it here attempted literally to run away from the chamber of the State Duma. But it was stopped [L].[Sliskoy], which categorically required from the Attorney General of immediate personal encounter on this question number system. [Shashurinym], and warned [V].[Ustinova] that it took this question under its personal control. Ustinov [V].[V]. personally accepted [S].[Shashurina] and he frankly proposed to the latter not to more stir “gold” and another matter, investigated by the General Procurator’s office RF, in exchange for the fact that [Shashurin] [S].[P]. will be included in the composition of those, who obtain [devidenty] from the work on the western stock market for that stolen from the country through [ASER] of ” [Tan]” gold. After the failure Of [shashurina] [S].[P]. of the proposal of Ustinov, Ustinov caused his deputies and returned indications To [yu].[Biryukovu] personally to depart into Belgium and to take away long ago prepared for the procuratorship RF the materials, which completely explain situation with the arrangement and the financial work of exported gold and his authentic masters. Morose fellows [YU].[S]. together with the assistants [Markelovym] and Bykovskiy they departed into Brussels and Zurich, complete information in the Belgian bank was obtained relatively stolen gold, and also the part of the gold certificates brought into Moscow all materials on this question. However, after the arrival into Russia Of [yu].[S].[Biryukov] it categorically refused to acquaint with the brought documents of the inspector of Rodionov of this year, that leads the criminal case of № 18 \ 230278-02, after referring to the high secrecy of these materials. After which it ordered to end the investigation “gold matter”, that also was made 12.01.2004[g]. At the same time, on this question Of [s].[Shashurin] it was repeatedly personally encountered with The [yu].[Biryukovym], [V].[Kolesnikov], [V]. by Kolmogorov and [Khapsirokovym]. In this case [V].[Kolmogorov] in the conversation number system By [shashurinym] it was recognized that they live to [devidenty] of stolen gold and they learn in Europe its daughter. “Gold matter” became epochal for strengthening of the collective corruption of entire management of the General Procurator’s office RF. This is connected with the fact that all attorneys of Russia, where was obtained gold in the process of the buying up of gold through [ASER] “Of [tan]”, was accomplished on the instruction of the minister of MVD Of [v].[Erina], of Attorney General and president’s administration operation on the cover of the buying up of that stolened in state by the prospectors of gold and its transportation into Tatarya, after the successful realization of this “black” operation on the removal of gold, since 1993, into the central apparatus into Moscow they were transferred the attorney of the Irkutsk The [yu].[Chayka] region, the attorney of republic Saha- Yakutiya [V].[Kolmogorov] and the mayor of Yakutsk Borodin [P].[P]., attorney [Buryatii] Of [yu].[Skuratov], the attorney of the Khabarovskiy Kray Of [semuchenkov]. All these people were not only in the course of events with the embezzlement of gold, and precious metals from Russia, they personally participated in this process, which made their all united criminal octopus in the pursuits, which block the investigation of this criminal case for the present time by all forces. 2. Besides gold, on the documents of joint stock company “[Kadik]- center” founder of which was [ASER] of ” [Tan]” , by director [N]. Ushakov were exported abroad into Switzerland, Israel, Belgium and Holland in the large numbers diamonds and diamonds from [Gokhrana] RF, and also obtained from the republic of Angola, transmitted to Russia almost for the trifle as the debt. Data of [dragkamni], transferred and exported through the dummies of kid and [Levaeva], were placed in UBS Switzerland bank for the sum of 6 billion dollars of the USA, which then in the form the same “gold certificates” were used for obtaining the large money for personal purposes of officials. 3. Removal and the embezzlement through [ASER] “Of [tan]” of 5700 [Kamazov]. This criminal case was excited on April 6, 1993 on the statement of S. P. Sashurin, SU MVD of the Republic of Tatarstan, which investigated this criminal case, instead of the attraction to the criminal responsibility of true culprits in the embezzlement of motor vehicles, they drew in October 1993 applicant himself – S. P. Shashurin. In the course consequence inspectors initially attempted to bring to Shashurin immediately all embezzlements of cash resources on ” Chechen aviso,” the embezzlement of Kamazov and murder, storage and the embezzlement of the weapons, which were in Tatarstan and beyond its limits. However, as a result the further investigations with the active of the participation of S. P. Shashurin himself were revealed with the entire obviousness all above-indicated facts of the embezzlements of gold, diamonds, helicopters, [KAMAzov], steel, oil and other material values, about which declared Shashurin in his numerous statements, which did not desire to investigate the law-enforcement agencies of Tatarstan and the General Procurator’s office RF. On these facts there are numerous criminal cases in the General Procurator’s office RF, the republic of Tatarstan, the Procuratorship of the Ulyanov province and the Procuratorship of Volga administrative division. After the curtailment of the criminal case of № 18 \ 230278-02 by the General Procurator’s office RF in the relation S. P. Shashurin, after the absence in its actions of the composition of crime, morose fellows [YU].[S]. was not quieted, but, misusing by official authorities, gave indication into the Procuratorship of Tatarstan, to draw S. P. Shashurina for the slander, in order to force him to become silent. Tatarstan Attorney K. V. Amirov at first excited criminal case with respect to Shashurin for the slander on those of the statement, where Shashurin indicated concrete high-ranking officials in the embezzlement of gold, [Kamazov], steel, helicopters through his firm and custom-made of the nature of a number of the murders, which were passed to Kazan. Despite the fact that facts indicated Shashurin, were confirmed by the materials of criminal cases, the Procuratorship of Tatarstana on March 24, 2004 again arrested Deputy of the State Duma S. P. Shashurin on the charge for the slander, and then excited one additional criminal case about the embezzlement allegedly of grain, [solyarki], vodka, which were forwarded BY [ASER] of ” [Tan]” in the gold-prospecting cooperatives for the purchase of gold. Then the law court Kazan condemned S. P. Shashurin to 7.5 years of imprisonment. After serving 4 years in prison S. P. Shashurin was freed in March 2008. At the same time, in the course of consequence it is established that on the personal indication Of [shaymieva], with the participation of all highest persons of the state and law-enforcement agencies of Tatarstan was stolen from the plant KamAZ (Kama Automobile Plant) not less than 30,000 automobiles of this model with the illegal export of most of the motor vehicles into China, the countries of southeastern Asia, countries of the CIS and others for the sum total are more than 450 million dollars of the USA. Major portion of stolen [Kamazov] it was registered on the documents [ASER] of ” [Tan]” , about which indicated previously S. P. Shashurin. preparation for “the theft of century” it began even in [gaydarovskie] times, when was designated for the plant “KamAZ” credit in the amount of 6 billion rubles. But on plant this credit did not fall, but it fell into the commercial bank – [MIB], where the long time “it twisted itself” in the profitable financial programs. Then it settled on accounts of one of the daughter firms of the plant, headed by Director-General Lomonosov. And only then “daughter” carried out a recovery in 1994 in the prices of 1992 700 times less from that she obtained. This operation was covered by MVD of Tatarstan. So that this operation it would not be revealed in 1995, to order the minister of MVD Galyamov it would be killed the manager “of the agro-bank” of Russia Likhachev, through whom passed the credit indicated that disputed with M. Shaymievym regarding its use. For this credit the plant paid off by trucks on “rigid” fixed price – 200 thousand rubles. After automobile, which allegedly were set to Russian peasants. All accounts conducted through [ASER] “Of [tan]”. But in reality they on the indication of M. Shaymiev and MVD of republic “contraband” way were sent for China, southeastern Asia and countries of the CIS on the price of 150 million rubles for one. Direct by sending was occupied the former inspector in the especially big deals of Tatarstana V. Nefedov. Entire profit is accruing To M. Shaymiev and to management MVD. Furthermore, 5 thousand automobiles were returned in Moscow to Mr. Gordon, that works in Luzhkov. Direct management on the embezzlement of [Kamazov] assumed the deputy minister of MVD RT A. Vazanov, at that time one of the workers of the investigation committee of Tatarya. The inspector of the Procuratorship of Tatarstan, V. Nefedov, which on the documents OF [ASER] “[Tan]” at first stole 134 automobiles of KamAZ (Kama Automobile Plant) then the 730 additional automobiles, and then on the warrant of S. Shashurin 24 thousand additional machines. To the money pointed out above, obtained from the realization of [Kamazov], were built the breweries “Red East” in Kazan and “Baltic Region” in St. Petersburg. V. Nefedov at present according to the data of foreign press is hidden in England, after leaving together with the colleagues of the company YUKOS, when those escaped from the country after criminal complaint with respect to Khodarkovsky. For the purpose of the concealment of the tracks of the embezzlement of [Kamazov] in 1993, on the indication of M. Shaymiev, with the personal management of the former minister of MVD Tatsrstan General Eskander Galimov – now the deputy minister of MVD of Russia – was set fire the plant of engines “KamAZ.” From the indications of S.P. Sashurin, E. Galimov were controlled OPG “29th complex” and OPG “GES” Naberezhnye Chelny, which completed the arson of the plant of engines “KamAZ” and were destroyed all documents, card indexes to the released engines. Besides the arson of the plant E. Galimov gave the instruction of OPG “29th” complex g. Naberezhnye Chelny to liquidate the journalist “new newspaper” I. Domnikov, who was independently occupied by the investigation of the embezzlement of metal on by Lipetsk metallurgical combine, connected with “KamAZ (Kama Automobile Plant)”. Journalist Domnikov gathered large material about customers and executors of this crime and was prepared for the publication in the newspaper of a devastating article. Journalist was killed, materials disappeared. In spite of the requirements of Galimov, the chief of the 6th division MVD of Tatarstan A. Khamatov in a short time independently opened the custom-made arson of plant and revealed, he established not only the executors, but also the customers of the arson. All materials in this matter it did not report in MVD of republics, understanding, that main customer is the minister of MVD Galimov, and he prepared to transmit the materials of consequence into Nizhniy Novgorod. To the final idea to their higher investigation chiefs, A. Khamatov presented documents fully to the editor of newspaper “top secret” A. Borovik, and he in turn, removed documentary film about A. Khamatov and S. Shashurin, also, about the embezzlement “Of Kamazov”, which was shown the television (by the 2nd channel Russia). Next day after the showing of film on the indication of M. Shaymiev, people of E. Galimov organized attempt on A. Khamatov after creating car wreck on the road during the trip of inspector with documents and cassettes of the examination of those suspected about the arson of plant from G. Kazan of Nizhny Novgorod. As a result custom-made [DTP] the colleague of the police of A. Khamatov perished, documents and the cassettes, which he was conveying for the transfer to the higher officials of law-enforcement agencies, disappeared. After this, S. Shashurin immediately rang Artem Borovik and warned him about the fact that to it Tatars without fail perfect attempt, in Artem Borovik was the large number of copies of documents and records of examination, suspected of the arson, which was extremely dangerous for M.Shaymiev and E. Galimov. This fact was two weeks before the catastrophe Yak-40 in the airport, where the journalist perished in the result of the air crash, where also perished a large number of people. Thus, M. Shaymiev and his near associates, together with the management MVD of Tatarstan, completed “the theft of century” and burnt the largest plant, having carried for this not of what punishment, about which there are materials of the criminal cases, which are hidden by the General Procurator’s office RF, but about this fact knows entire community of Tatarstan. The restoration of the burnt plant of engines KamAZ (Kama Automobile Plant) managed Russia in 1 billion dollars. USA. From the indications of S. P. Shashurin and of E. Galimov, now the department head of the criminal search MVD of Russia is customer and the organizer of the large number of the sounding ordered assassinations, in particular: [Galimov] he was until 1988 the chief of UVD g. N- canoes, and then by the chief of UVD Kazan. [Galimov], occupying the posts indicated, he was simultaneously the leader of OPG “Borisov” Kazan. This OPG dealt with contract killings and embezzlements for the ransom of people. In addition to this, To [galimovu] were also subordinated by OPG “29th complex” of g. N- canoes, OPG “[Tageryanovskie]” N- canoes, OPG “Tatars” Nijhnekamsk, OPG “[Pervogorkovskie]” in Kazan. All these criminal groups controlled entire Tatarya, and also were achieved custom-made murderous actions in the territory of the entire country under the cover of organs MVD. [Galimov], being since 1991 by the minister of Tatarstan, he directly led bandits, who were being occupied by shootings in Tatarya and beyond the limits, with the participation of the colleagues of MVD of Tatarya. They killed the traders, on balance of whom, there was the expensive property or goods, which they stole after murder. Among this property there were helicopters, aircraft, gold, precious stones, computers and office equipment, oil, petroleum products, and also they fired back directors and the basic shareholders of large plants. On the indication of Glimov after the removal from Siberia and the Far East “shady gold” into 1993-1998 through [ASER] “Of [tan]” were destroyed all mediators, who in this participated – this several ten people only in Tatarya (matter about the group “teapots” killed 15 people, the matter “of dragon”, the matter “[Khaydara]”). Being located in MVD of Russia, explains S. P. Shashurin, Galimov continue to lead OPG for the accomplishment of the contract killings up to now, which [umyshlenno] are not revealed, since they are under the control of Galimov himself. 4. In the course of consequence in the criminal case about ” Chechen aviso” Shashurin revealed the facts of embezzlement in Tatarstan of 60 helicopters MI-8. The part of the helicopters was stolen through [ASER] of ” [Tan]”. The criminal cases were excited on the separate embezzlements; however, embezzlements guilty of these were not drawn and criminal cases are illegally ended. In the course of consequence in these criminal cases were established the customers and the executors of theft, and also customers the executors of numerous contract killings. The fault of all persons was proven; however, large part of them was not brought to the law court in connection with the blocking of these matters from the side of President Tatarstan, or leaders of the law-enforcement agencies of Tatarstana. On the helicopters is established that three helicopters were stolen from [ASER] “Of [tan]” in 1994 on the documents, signed by the chairman of committee on [gosimushchestvu] of Tatarstana Gazizullinum, by the director of airline “Airlines Tatarstana” – by Nesterov and former director of Aeroflot Khakimullinym. All proofs are assembled, but for the incomprehensible reasons the Procuratorship of the republic of the Mary -[El], which is occupied on the indication of the General Procurator’s office RF by consequence, already twice illegally ceases this criminal case. It is known that one of these three helicopters crashed, which occurred through the fault of the drunk colleagues of the privately held company “Ttatnefteprodukt”. As a result perished 5 people, a pilots obtained heavy solid damages. However, in spite of the fact that there was no official registration of this helicopter and admittance of vessel to the flight, and there was no permission and insurance, nevertheless, dummies, could obtain insurance in some millions of rubles, and to appropriate these its and actions are covered by the colleagues of law-enforcement agencies, who investigate this criminal case. 6 helicopters were stolen through KB “Tattorgbank” with participation of former prime minister Tatarstan Sabirov, who in the course of consequence gave indications, that he this made on the order of the President of the republic Shaymiev. However, Shaymiev under the pressure of racketeers subdivided the helicopters between themselves indicated and by bandits, after leaving to itself 4 helicopters, and to bandits after returning two. As a result of this crime was killed the real owner of 6 helicopters – the former Deputy to the Supreme Soviet RF from the Chelyabinsk province. Directly by the stage of helicopters abroad into Ecuador and Mexico on the indication of M. Shaymiev was occupied the members of OPG [Tagiryanovskie] Kazan, which completed the contract killing of the true owner of helicopters. With these helicopters is connected still one more contract killing – Deputy of the Gosduma Golovlev, which referred most straight direct to helicopters, working in the Chelyabinsk province. 7 helicopters on the indication of the management of the republic of Tatarstan were stolen from the territory of the Kazan helicopter plant through the firm “Vidzhina”, which acquired them in 1992. In this case, after the acquisition of helicopters were here killed the leaders of the firm Videsenkov and his driver Soldatov. Helicopters on the order of the director of helicopter plant Lavrentyev were driven away and resold abroad. In this case the murders indicated were achieved to order the minister of MVD Of Tatarstan Galimov, and money from the realization of the aircraft came to the management of Tatarstana and the MVD. In this case of Ecuador the part of the payment for available data was realized in the form partly of narcotics, which through OPG ”Tagiryanovskie” was sold to drug pushers on the entire European part RF. Besides the stolen helicopters it was revealed also the embezzlement of 18 helicopter engines. Under their guarantee in the bank district Kazan was obtained the credit in the amount of 1 billion rubles. In this case, participants in this transaction Zarakhovich, Skryabin, Botyagin and husband of the manager Devyatiy Bank were killed by the members of OPG ”Tagiryanovskie.” However, one of the chief founders of bank district Lavrentyev used the stolen engines for assembling of helicopters, thus, after hiding the prime cost of aircraft. As a result the embezzlement of helicopters on the indication of the management of Tatarstan of illegal way were stolen on the whole about 500 million US dollars. 5. The motion of the investigation of the criminal case of Shashurin the law-enforcement agencies of Tatarstana greatly were attempted on the indication of Galimov to impute Shashurin article for the illegal storage and use of firearms and murder from it of people. For these more entire To [shashurinu] repeatedly into the office and the machine they attempted to toss up automatic weapons and individual parts of the pistols and automatic weapons, and also explosive, by means of which were achieved the sounding ordered assassinations. For this purpose the workers MVD Of [tatarstana] put to [Shashurinu] of driver – [Lykova]. [Lykov] he was informant MVD, and it with the aid of one of the criminal authorities tossed up into the baggage carrier of the machine Of [s].[Shashurina] two automatic weapons [AKM]. These automatic weapons were withdrawn by the workers of the procuratorship Of [tatarstana] in its machine, and because of this fact For [s].[Shashurinu] was produced charge in the illegal storage of weapon. However, in the course of consequence it was explained that these automatic weapons proved to be from [GSVG] (Germany) and groups of forces were stolen from the storages. Did arise a question – as these automatic weapons they did prove to be in [Tatarstane], and who brought them from Germany? Weapon could fall into [Tatarstan] on the same Il-76 of the Tatar airline “[Aviastat]”, on which in their time into Russia were left the Mercedes [P].[Gracheva]. In the course of consequence it was established that under the cover of Mercedes illegally from Germany was imported the large party of automatic weapons and another weapon from [GSVG]. Taking into account the fact that loading aircraft in Germany, achieved the officers OF [GRU], and in Russia automatic weapons into the machine Of [s].[Shashurina] were tossed up by one of the murderous authorities on the nickname “Frenchman”, and by his driver [Lykovym], the [Shashurin] in the course of court trial stated requirement about the attraction of the Interpol for the investigation of weapons smuggling from Germany to Russia and in particular into [Tatarstan]. This statement Of [shashurina] caused the indignation of attorneys and militiamen [Tatarstana]. Procuratorship immediately excluded from the charge Of [shashurina] episode with the illegal storage of the automatic weapons, discovered in its motor vehicle. The week after this statement Of [shashurina], in Moscow was exploded the journalist [D].[Kholodov]. Cold, written about the Mercedes [P].[Gracheva], and prepared, as more lately it was possible to explain [S].[Shashurinu], undressed article about the smuggling of the large of the parties of weapon, which further it had to go for the armament of personal guards Of [shaymieva] in [Tatarstane], and also Russian of OPG. [D].[Kholodov] it had to obtain this information from the officers OF [GRU]. On this article learned [V].[Erin] and [P].[Grachev], and also FSS Director [N].[Kovalev], which immediately understood that this article for them will cost, the occupied by them posts, and national disclosure. Was in consequence of which accepted the solution about the immediate liquidation Of [d].[Kholodova] by transfer to it instead of the documents of mine, which must ball operate with the discovery of briefcase. Account was to the fact that the explosion will occur on by Kursk train station, but, as is known, explosion it occurred in the editorial staff of newspaper. [Shashurinu] [S].[P]. later became known from the personal conversation with the colleagues of the slaughter division of 12th control of Moore headed by of Petrov, that this they organized and killed [D].[Kholodov] and required from deputy [Shashurina] so that would give from the State Duma the proposal about the release of landing force members, illegally accused of this crime. When [Shashurin] refused to satisfy their requirement, then they threatened, that they will toss up to its assistants that explosive itself, by which it was exploded [D].[Kholodov]. [S].[Shashurin] reported this to the Attorney General, the minister of MVD, the chief of investigation committee, but answer it did not follow. After the murder Of [d].[Kholodova], into the camera of investigation insulator in Kazan, where it was contained under the guards Of [shashurin] [S].[P]., it arrived the chief of insulator captain [Kapitonov] he said that if [Shashurin] does not become silent about the weapon, then it will explode as [D].[Kholodova]. The fact of the presence of small arms, including of automatic weapons, which contraband was transported into Russia from Germany together with the Mercedes Of [gracheva], [Shashurinu] confirmed Major General Silvestrov, who was contained under the guards together with The [shashurinym] in the same insulator. Silvestrov answered before The [p].[Grachevym] for the transportation of Mercedes and weapon. According to Silvestrov, the bulk of the weapon, brought from Germany contraband, was directed to [Tatarstan]. This weapon sold criminal groups under the management of Sergey Timofeev and [O]. [Kvantrishvili]. After dacha [Shashurinym] of indications on the facts indicated, all persons, including Of [lykov], which acknowledged on the confrontation fixture with The [shashurinym] about the murder of 6 people to order of its chiefs from MVD, were killed, including and those, who were contained already in the places of the deprivation of freedom. With the weapon, exported from Germany, showed [Shashurin], it was connected and death of another journalist – V. [Listeva]. Leaves was encountered with the cold and from it learned about the weapon and its basic customers – To [shaymieve], [Galimove] and [Gracheve]. Inclined to the loud public disclosures, leaves invited to itself to the transfer “rush hours” President [Tatarstan] and in straight ether it began to pose the questions about the personal guards Of [m].[Shaymieva] and the illegal weapon in the republic, about the outrages of the minister of MVD, about the enormous embezzlements and the lawlessness of authorities. This caused fright in President [Tatarstan] for its fate. Literally to [Listeva] was next day perfected attempt by the same workers of the 12th administration for Moore, which completed murder it was cold. Next day after the murder Of [listeva] the same chief of the investigation insulator Of [kapitonov] again warned [Shashurina] about the fact that he was obligated to forget about the automatic weapons, and him will otherwise kill as [Listeva]. Blackmail with respect to [S].[Shashurina], connected with the weapon, it continued also after its release. In November 1998 to the apartment to its assistant [Gneushev], where also it was located and its second assistant of aircraft, broke the colleagues of the police for conducting the unsanctioned search. In the course of search they threatened, that if deputy [Shashurin] will not cease to write in the procuratorship, then by them they will be tossed up to the assistants to this Deputy of the Gosduma muffler from the pistol, from which it was killed leaves and the explosive, by which it was exploded cold. In this case, two days after this case 18 hours of evening to deputy receiving [Shashurina] on the eyes of voters there was perfectly armed attack of people in the camouflage, which to deputy and for his assistants was possible to reflect. During the attack near the receiving the numb with cold corpse of the killed citizen of blinov with the bullet injuries was tossed up, and in the quite receiving cases from the automatic weapon were scattered. Through several minutes after the accomplishment of the provocative armed attack of unknowns in receiving deputy [Shashurina] appeared the colleagues of the police. Headed this group the deputy chief of the police of the settlement distant, on territory of which is found receiving of deputy. These persons appeared unexpectedly, although their no one had time to cause. The substitute of the chief of the police immediately began to unambiguously assert that blinov killed guard [Shashurina], although that did not have any guards and any weapon. MVD Of [tatarstana] after this again began to illegally pursue [Shashurina]. However, in the course of the investigation of criminal case participation to this murder Of [shashurina] did not find its confirmation. The weapon, brought from Germany, was stocked Of [khabibrakhmanova] [R].[G]., which is one of the most significant shady figures in [Tatarstane] and is man of weight for the highly placed persons from MVD Of [tatarstana] and Russia. This leader of the criminal groups Of [tatarstana] is participating to many episodes of the embezzlement of oil, money, participation in the deliveries of weapon to Chechen fighters. On the storages Of [khabibrakhmanova] in [Tatarstane], explains [Shashurin], was stored the entire railroad car of the stolen automatic weapons [AKM] from Germany, which then were used for the terrorist actions and the criminal settlements and the murders, and also the supply with the weapon of fighters from Chechnya. 6. according to the indications Of [shashurina] [S].[P]., the data in the course of consequence into 1993-1995 and 2002 – 2003, through the accounts [ASER] “Of [tan]” they stole 600 000 tons of steel from the Chelyabinsk, 166 000 tons of steel from the Magnitogorsk and about 100 000 tons from the Lipetsk of metallurgical plants. But law-enforcement agencies ignored these indications and generally they deviated from the investigation of these circumstances. At the same time, on these facts former condemned on the nickname ” [Alim]” from OPG of ” 29-[kompleks]” that serving sentence together with The [shashurinym], told it, that it was the witness, when the citizen Of [meshakov], with the use of documents [ASER] of ” [Tan]” , through [NTK] repeatedly accomplished the embezzlement of the large number of steel, and by echelons directed this steel into Germany, Italy and other countries, and they took shape on the documents about the export in the Ukraine. Obtained from sale to this steel cash resources, accumulated in Cyprus. To the embezzlement of steel was participating also the Deputy of the State Duma from [Tatarstana] Of [s].[Akhmekhanov], which ” [Alim]” and To [meshakovu] it proposed apartments for the participation in the realization of steel. This steel also Of [meshakov] was supplied to KamAZ (Kama Automobile Plant) to Naberezhnye Chelny and for this steel were obtained there [Kamazy], which it transferred to Gordan, who sold the motor vehicles into Moscow and other places. [S]. [Akhmekhanov], stated ” [Alim]” he is connected between OPG of ” [Tagiryanovskaya]” and ” 29 [kompleks]” and [Shaymievym] on the fulfillment of the orders of the latter. Besides the above-indicated facts, in the course of the consequence Of [shashurin] [S].[P]. as early as 2002-2003 it gave detailed indications about the numerous facts, participations of the leaders of MVD Of [tatarstana] to the numerous contract killings, which up to now remain not opened in connection with the concealment of customers and executors of these murders, the law-enforcement agencies Of [tatarstana]. They appear among such murders: 1. murder of the general director [OOO] Of [kompyuterservis]” [Nail]. In May 1992 [M].[Shaymiev] into the reward for the preparation and the signing of the agreement about the separation of authorities between the Russian Federation and the republic Of [tatarstan] isolated to the highly placed persons from Moscow, who dealt with preparation and advance of this document in the management of the country ([G].[Starovoytovoy], To [s].[Shakhrayu], [G].[Yavlinskomu]) personal quota for the export on 30 thousand tons of Tatar oil, and it also partially paid off with them By [kamazami]. The financial installation of oil had to be achieved by a firm “[Kompyuterservis]”, which headed [Nail], and delivery – by oil company “[Suvar]”. Through half a year after the signing of the above-indicated agreement c.c. To [shashurinu] arrived the Tatar criminal authorities Of [arslanov] and [Kondrashin] and they gave [Nailya]. They proposed to urgently sell [vorkutinskiy] coal through the firm [Nailya]. [S].[Shashurin] flatly refused [im]. next day Of [nail] was killed. After learning about this, [S].[Shashurin] urgently caused to itself to the encounter of the authorities for explaining the reasons for murder indicated. It turned out that on the indication Of [m].[Shaymieva] oil was sold through the firm “[Kompyuterservis]” under the management Of [nailya], which was completely controlled by bandits on the commission Of [e].[Galimova]. In this case to the money from the oil in India were bought on the undercharges the large parties of the computers, which were imported to Russia. The nearest partner Of [nailya] in this business he was [G].[Yavlinskiy]. It turned out that during the day of the murder Of [nailya] to Moscow ([a]/[p] Sheremet’yevo Airport) arrived flying from India two” Boeing”, in which were located more than 2000 computers. All computers, brought from India, without leaving a trace disappeared. Soon in the hotel “[Izmaylovskaya]” was killed one of come c.c. To [shashurinu] of authorities [Yu]. [Kondrashin]. 2. Galina [Starovoytovoy]’s murder also is directly connected with the management and the law-enforcement agencies Of [tatarstana], and also the mayor of S- Petersburg With [v].[Yakovlevym]. Its portion of the being been due profit from [zaklyuchennogo] in favor [Tatarstana] of the agreement about the differentiation of the authorities Of [g].[Starovoytova] was obtained by money. Furthermore, it was introduced in the founders of oil company “[Suvar]”, from where it obtained for the realization oil and petroleum products. By in turn this oil company to the mrs. Of [g].[Starovoytovoy] it was isolated on the documents of association “[TAN]” of four hundred automobiles KamAZ (Kama Automobile Plant) for sale on account of bribe. To these money Of [g].[Starovoytova] it constructed together with the Tatars of 15 Finnish benzine servicing in S- Petersburg. After withdrawal from the post of the mayor of the city Of [a].[Sobchaka] and accession to power Of [v].[Yakovleva], and also end of the period of the powers of a deputy in quite [G].[Starovoytovoy], [M].[Shaymiev] together with The [v].[Yakovlevym] refused to it in the financial deductions. When [G].[Starovoytova] again became Deputy of the Gosduma, then [M].[Shaymiev] and [V].[Yakovlev] extremely frightened its vengeance, since she knew well about all embezzlements, contract killings, contraband gold, which were achieved by management MVD Of [tatarstana] and the machinations, connected with KamAZ, and also dark financial operations, accomplished in Saint Petersburg by its management. It threatened [M].[Shaymievu] with large scandal and required to urgently return by it the not paid money, especially because they to it were very necessary both for the political affairs and for the business affair in Saint Petersburg. [Shaymiev] forced was to transmit To [starovoytovoy] large amount of money, but here returned money, after its murder. This murder Of [starovoytovoy] was ordered by Tambovo OPG for the indication Of [v].[Yakovleva] and [M].[Shaymieva]. These materials were presented [S].[Shashurinym] into the General Procurator’s office, the executors of murder were found and drawn, but customers remained not touched, since they are found under the cover of the General Procurator’s office RF. After the murder Of [starovoytovoy] on the instruction of the same customers was after several days killed its nearest companion on the business in Saint Petersburg [Rinat] on the nickname “Of [ruzhe]”, which in its time transmitted to it for the realization 400 stolen [Kamazov], and it was also occupied by petroleum business in the city on its commission. 3. “gold matter” has the most direct relation and is the basic reason of the contract killing of substitute [Predsedatelya] TsB RF Of [a].[Kozlova]. Goats, being by deputy chairman TsB RF, it was occupied by the control of the activity of banks, also, in the process of this activity, it revealed the facts of embezzlement, which passed into 1993 – 1995[g].[g]. of enormous money through “Chechen aviso” and contraband the removal of gold. It required from the administration of the banks of strict reports on these questions, after threatening with the opinion of licenses and with the transfer of the matters to the procuratorship about the attraction of the leaders of banks to the criminal responsibility. The widespread scandal ripened, since [A].[Kozlov] it went not to what concessions. As a result [A].[Kozlov] it was killed. 4. in the course of investigation measures in the relation [S].[Shashurina] and after its release was reliably established the participation of investigation organs in the accomplishment of contract killings. Investigation organs and procuratorship of the country are directly participants in the number of contract killings, transferring to hired killers the weapon, which was withdrawn by inspectors at the places of the [sovershennykh] murders and it passes in the investigated criminal cases. Thus, from one and the same pistol in g. Naberezhnye Chelny was killed authority “thrust”. On the spot crime was discovered the pistol, withdrawn by the organs of the consequence Of [tatarstana]. In two months from the same pistol was killed [Skryabin], participating to the embezzlement of helicopters MI-8 from the Kazan’ helicopter plant. Although after the first murder this stem was found in investigation control. From the same pistol was killed the subsequently brother of the criminal authority “Of [bibika]” (OPG “[Pervogorskaya]”) – Vasiliy. The customers of this contract killing, as it was established, were the leaders of MVD Of [e].[Galimov] and [A].[Safarov], but they to the criminal responsibility are not assigned. In other sensational case – the murder Of [g].[Starovoytovoy] figures the automatic weapon [AKM], from which it was killed and withdrawn by the inspectors on the spot of crime. Specifically, from the same automatic weapon, in five years, were killed in Naberezhnye Chelny the director of metallurgical foundry, entering the association “KamAZ (Kama Automobile Plant)”, [V].[Faber]. Farber for the indication Of [m].[Shaymieva] dealt with illegal illegal activity in the refining of the huge amount of gold, exported from Siberia and Far East for “shady gold hoard”, which was subsequently exported into Western Europe and designed to The [m].[Zagrebelnogo]. This bears out the fact that both these murders have one customer executors, namely – management MVD Of [tatarstana], which directly entrusted into the hands of killers one and the same automatic weapon. 5. furthermore, [S].[Shashurin] has the irrefutable proofs of the personal participation of the leaders of MVD Of [a].[Safarova] and [E].[Galimova] in the murders as as the customers, so even executors. Thus, from the indications Of [shashurina] it is known that the present minister of MVD Of [tatarstana] Of [a].[Safarov], being by the chief of the personal protection Of [m].[Shaymieva], in the court of house in the region of settlement Cuba Kazan under the dove cote shot down the citizen Of [yu].[Yakovleva] (nickname “drying”) on the eyes of sister, which he did not note. Besides the facts under the management Of [a].[Safarova] and [E].[Galimova] indicated and with attorney [Amirov]’s participation occurred the following contract killings in [Tatarstane]: 6.1992[g]. – the murder Of [r].[Sadykova], one of the deputies – [S].[Shashurina]; 7.1992[g]. – the murder Of [a]. [Sharafutdinov], the chief of [turagentstva] – “satellite”; Both these persons were killed for the fact that they independently exported into the Arab emirates 6 railroad cars of aluminum, after obtaining in this case large money. On this it became known in MVD Of [tatarstana]. By the executors of murders they were OPG “Borisov” and “[Pervogorskaya]”. The direct customer of murders was attorney [Tatarstan] [K]. [Amirov], who itself controlled aluminum and gold business in [Tatarstane], and was also mixed in the smuggling of diamonds, automobiles KamAZ (Kama Automobile Plant). In this case it feared, which [R].[Sadykov], that gave grateful indications on the embezzlements of aluminum, to which [K].[Amirov] had the most straight direct relation, will expose entire its contraband criminal activity. Money in both killed taken away and disappeared. 8. murder Of [t].[Andatulova], director of firm “[Vostokpeydzher]”. This murder is realized by OPG “[Pervogorskaya]”. The executors of the murder Of [sargaev], [Lukoyanov], [Kirshin] made presence with the guilty, but the minister of MVD Of [a].[Safarov] hid this, since itself was the customer of this murder. 9. for the gigantic agreement of the first and most authoritative persons of state for the realization of large-scale joint operations within the secret division of the spheres of influence in Russia was in 1992 created [promassonskaya] organization “order of white Orel”, into composition of whom, entered itself President [Eltsyn] [B].[N]. by the master of order was selected [zolotodobytchik] – Vadim [Tumanov], who directly answered for gold. Subsequently into this order entered all highly placed persons enumerated above, connected with the embezzlements of gold, [KAMAZov], diamonds and false Chechen aviso. Later them they joined [A].[Lebed], [A].[Pugacheva], [I].[Kobzon], [B].[Nemtsov], [G].[Yavlinskiy]. Into the composition of this order entered also criminal authorities – [Tayvanchik], [Yaponchik], [Tarantsev]. Initial payment in it at the beginning of its formation was $10 000 USD. Subsequently order grew to the unprecedented scales. To the honorable members of this organization they entrusted “order of white Orel”. It is remarkable, that To [b].[Eltsinu] it was entrusted four times. The President of Ingushetia Of [r].[Aushev] obtained him in Lichtenstein. Chechen fighters were one of the basic power tools of order, and all Chechen money washed clean in the banks of Vladikavkaz, makhachkala and Groznyy with the use “Chechen aviso”. The activity of members of club was covered by the General Procurator’s office, which in face of the Attorney General and his [zamov] obtained its share from exported gold, about which it is in detail indicated above. This club actively acts, until now, being one of the most powerful shady structures of Russia, after arranging through former assistant [Prezidenta] the countries Of [v].[Ivanova] of its people to the substantial part of the key positions of our state. Abroad the means of order are concentrated in the company Of rochcster Of foundation Of inc. 10. it should be noted that the president’s performance [Tatarstan] and adjacent Bashkirya it was directly connected with the leaders of Chechnya, since these both leaders rendered active aid fighters as in the delivery of weapon, and also to the transfer of money and gold to the arms procurement were supplied drugs and ammunition with waging of two wars in Chechnya. In the first Chechen war Chechen fighters were treated in the suburbs of Kazan and Ufa on the [obkomovskikh] dachas and the recreation centers. During the Chechen war in the period of military operations on the personal indication Of [m].[Shaymieva] from the republic children’s sanatorium, which was located only in 100 meters from its personal State grant, were in haste exported child- invalids. In their place they were placed for the secret treatment of 50 people of Chechen fighters. In this case at this time only in one kilometer from this place in s. [Bormatyusheno] the minister of MVD RF [V].[Rushaylo] carried out All-Russian conference with the management MVD RF regions on interaction of parts MVD in the military operations against the fighters in Chechnya. 11. In the course of the examination Of [shashurin] [S].[P]. it also gave indications, that on the initiative [Shaymieva] for the transmitted to them bribe in a volume of 7 million tons of oil, through [ASER] Of [tan]” and “[Suvar]” of substitute to the minister of MVD To [a].[Kulikovu] and to FSS Director To [n].[Kovalevu], was released from the environment in s. first-of-May Chechen field commander [Salman] [Raduev]. Tatar oil for this service Of [a].[Kulikova], until now, is transferred to the realization to his son for the indication Of [m].[Shaymieva]. At present the substantial part of the former Chechen fighters together with the families those formed into the combat forces compact concealed live in [Tatarstane] and Bashkirya under the cover MVD of these republics and are used by their management for the accomplishment of their particular objectives, presenting enormous danger to the country. 12. Signings the agreement about the differentiation of authorities between Russia and [Tatarstanom] converted [Tatarstan] into the basic center on “the washing” of money in Russia, and also to the center of the uncontrolled embezzlement of the enormous material active memberships in the form of oil, coal, metals, automobiles, wood, chemical production and so forth in this case, the majority of embezzlements was achieved by means of the installation of money through the widely [razvetvlennuyu] network of the firms of the association “[Tan]”, whose activity personally controls [M].[Shaymiev]. All accounts [ASER] “Of [tan]” are concentrated into four basic banks Of [tatarstana]. In this case the extractions of bank installations according to the accounts of this firm during the period since 1991 and on the present time are capable of completely revealing the substantial part of the corruption transactions in our country. However, it should be noted that into 2002 and 2003 [g].[g], when was investigated criminal case with respect to [Shashurina] [S].[P]. by the General Procurator’s office RF, then on the indication Of [shaymieva] on the base [ASER] “Of [tan]” were created during December 2002 hundreds of similar firms “[Tan]”, where were transferred the large money of Sumy. At present in RF work 147 [Tanov], in this case only in [Tatarstane] their 89. All [Tany], in spite of that their chief founder [S].[Shashurin] during this period was situated in the prison, on the will of high-ranking officials, were illegally re-registered under the control of the Justice Department RF. Moreover, after re-registration of their larger part from the founders was removed [S].[Shashurin] itself (it he remained founder only in 19 [Tanakh]), and instead of it were introduced into the composition of founders others on discretion of highest officials in particular Vasil’yev and others 13. The embezzlement of money and property by the management Of [tatarstana] together with the management Of [kalmykii] ([M].[Shaymiey] and Of [k].[Ilyumzhinov]) for release of the management Of [kalmykii] not than of the not provided for actions “Caspian Region” for sum of 1 (one) billions of 149 million rubles, which proved to be secretly they were credited on the accounts [ASER] “Of [tan]”. As it was explained, under them were secretly credited the property of central department store Kazan, department store “children’s peace”, tobacco and macaroni factories, and also two aircraft “Il-76[td]” of the airline “balloon”, masters of which were the manager of branch “[Promstroybanka]” in [Tatarstane] Of [mingazov], the son of the President of airline “[Aerolinii] Of [tatarstana]” Nesterov and representative [K].[Ilyumzhinova] in the Federation Council Of [iskhakov]. Specifically, on these aircraft there was transported all stolen in RF gold, left weapon to the Taliban for Afghanistan, and also to fighters into Chechnya. In this case the pilots of airline well know the fighter pilot of the Taliban, which came out by mediator in the arms deals and his illegal transportation. The aircraft of this airline was arrested in Afghanistan in 1998, on the basis what arose extremely international incident unpleasant for Russia and it produced charges in the illegal weapons smuggling. And only with the aid of the ashlar v. for these pilots it was possible to escape from [Avganistana]. Another Il-76 was stopped the FSB at that moment when it, having aboard a powder, intended for the Chechen fighters, it was prepared for the departure into Chechnya. The organizer of departure he was [A].[Orlov]. 14. Paul’s murder [Teytmana] (owner of hotel “Slav”) was connected through his firms were with the fact that carried out money from “Chechen aviso” and shady gold, exported abroad, to which was built the hotel. This hotel, one of profitable in Moscow, greatly wanted to have into his property the mayor of Moscow [Yu].[Luzhkov]. Meadows it proposed to Paul to sell to him his portion for $30 mln., but that refused to make this. After which, to order [Yu].[Luzhkova] on Paul began the visits of Chechens. To its death Paul it was turned in search of the protection from the Chechens to by Kazan’ OPG, about than here they learned in MVD RF, which simultaneously controlled both those and, etc. After which on Paul was perfected attack, and it was killed, and hotel proved to be in the hands Of [yu].[Luzhkova]. 15. Audacious embezzlement in [ASER] “Of [tan]” Kazan and [Gokhrana] of the republic Of [tatarstan] by the assistant to President [Tatarstan] [M]. [Murakaev], by the minister of MVD RT [Safarovovym], by the liaison officer Of [b].[Eltsina] [S].[Terebilinym] and [i].[o]. of the President of the association “OF [TAN]” [A].[Petrenko] with the participation of the companies of alphas-group, SO, Lukoil of three echelons of vodka (for the sum of 48 mln. rub. with course 1: 16), and also 129 kg. of bank gold and six exclusive diamonds by weight is more than 10 carat each. Money from the realization of that indicated higher than the embezzlements directed by President [M].[Shaymiev] toward the organization for the unifying congress of parties “fatherland” and “entire Russia” in Saint Petersburg, as a result which was formed party “united Russia”. In this of the embezzlements of vodka, petroleum products was in 2004 on the indication Of [biryukova] and [Amirova] accused [Shashurin] itself and it was condemned to 7.5 years. The stolen exclusive diamonds proved to be in the hands Of [a].[Safarova], whose husband as the proof of the concern about it of husband publicly presented one of stolen from [Gokhrana] RT of diamonds personally to the minister of MVD of Russia To [nurgalievu] on the public domestic evening Of [a].[Safarova]. [Shaymieva] Of [gokhran] Of [tatarstana] was completely liquidated for the purpose of the concealment of the facts of the embezzlement of diamonds and gold on the order. 16. President [Tatarstan] [Shaymiev] is constant of [peredaet] large amounts of money to highest [goschinovnikam] in the president’s administration, in the apparatus of government for the solution in essence of personal questions. The basic agent for the accomplishment of this objective for a period of many years was Deputy of the Gosduma [S]. [Akhmekhanov], whom for this of [obnalichival] of money from the accounts in KB “Of [sotsbiznesbank]”. In this case, after the money to it into the State Duma constantly it came the assistants to the President of marmots, [Khopsirokov] and others. Furthermore, [S].[Akhmekhanov] on the indication Of [m].[Shaymieva] constructed in the Moscow area enormous cottage for the chairman Superior Court of the Russian Federation [V].[Lebedeva] as the bribe for the evasion of the responsibility of the assigned to the law court Tatar bandits and the high-ranking officials, and also for the censure of the objectionable To [shaymievu], [Galimovu] and to Safarov the persons, in particular [Shashurina]. [Shashurin] [S].[P]. stated that it was personal the witness, when in 2003 [S].[Akhmekhanov], after obtaining on the order Of [shaymieva] dollars in the bank of ” [Sotsbiznesbank]” for the murder Of [fabera]. The leader of bank Frenkel transferred these dollars To [s]. [Akhmetkhanov] and that when transported these money, fell in [DTP]. As a result [DTP] the machine, in which were transported these dollars, was broken. [S].[Akhmekhanov] it asked in [Shashurina] [S].[P]. machine in order to transport money. [Shashurin] [S].[P]. yielded machine the driver Of [yusupov], he told then [Shashurinu], that with the driver [S].[Akhmekhanova] overloaded the bags with the dollars into the baggage carrier of motor vehicle, which was completely oppressed by these bags. These dollars brought in the bags to the building of the State Duma and they transferred into [S]. [Akhmetkhanov]’s office in the State Duma RF. After this, into the office c.c. To [akhmetkhanovu] it arrived marmots. [Shashurin] [S].[P]. further explained, what during the presence in the places of the deprivation of freedom, he talked with the killer – [Tagiryanovym]. The latter explained, that to it they did not pay for the executed order – the murder Of [fabera] because between the customers it occurred conflict, after which, itself [S]. [Akhmekhanov] soon with the unexplained circumstances passed away, but criminal case for the fact of his death is ended. 17. Embezzlement for a period of 15 years of the enormous volumes of oil, which on the President’s Decree of the country were isolated the company of ” [Mir]” under the management Of [v].[M].[Kuznetsova] for financing the international program on the destruction of chemical weapon. Within the period only of 1992 – 1998 of the country under this edict it was exported oil for the sum more than $150 billion USD. However, where located these money, until now, not established, in spite of the numerous demands Of [v].[M].[Kuznetsova] into the Attorney General’s Office and to the President of the country regarding the embezzlement of this oil and money from the realization of this oil. Oil and the converted products of oil to the West from [Tatarstana] and other regions of the country to the purpose allegedly of the destruction of chemical weapon for the company of ” [Mir]” they penetrated the privately held company of ” [Tradeks]”. The accounts of this company were opened in [Promstroybanke], [Onesimbank], KB practice – bank. Through the privately held company of ” [Tradeks]” passed about 40 million tones of petroleum residue per year. Only in 1996-1997 [Tatarstanom] not these purposes were isolated 7 million tons. Privately held company of ” [Tradeks]” it realized the obtained oil and the petroleum products through hundreds of false firms both in the territory of Russia and in the West. Basic cash resources from the realization of the stolen million tons of oil [sosredotachivalis] on the accounts [OOO] of ” [Ekslyuziv]” , The privately held company of ” Lawrence [Grupp], [OOO] of ” [Tokm]” through “[Promstroybank]” and other banks, and then were appropriated participants in the criminal association. Blacksmiths [V].[M]. in the course of checking presented to the organs of consequence the list of the concrete firms, which realized the stolen oil, and also the numbers of the accounts in [Promstroybanke], through which millions of US dollars were stolen; however, the organs of consequence ignored these lists, accounts did not react on them. These embezzlements are directly connected with the murder of chief engineer [Moskovskiy] [NPZ] Of [malysheva] and the left installations of money through “[Oneksimbank] “bank” and KB “Of [minatep]”. To the money from the realization of the stolen oil were created with KB “zenith”, KB “Of [divon]”, was created financial group “THE BRIDGE” of Gusinsky, KB “of icons”, KB “imperial”, although the implementation of the directly most international program it entered not cent. On these embezzlements of the oil through the privately held company of ” [Traydeks]” the President of the holding company of ” [Mir]” Blacksmiths [V].[M]. it gave statements in the law-enforcement agencies. After several days after the supply of statement, the director of the privately held company of ” ” [Traydeks]” [Krasnolobov] it was killed, and its firm ended its existence. As a result the activity of law-enforcement agencies the murder Of [krasnolobova] is not opened, the embezzlement of oil is not revealed, documents disappeared. 18. Management [Tatarstana] and MVD of republic in the person Of [a].[Safarova] were personally occupied by the illegal embezzlement of weapon, by its storage and sale, including to Chechen fighters. The military prosecutor’s office of Kazan’ garrison excited criminal case for the fact of the murder of hour Kazan’ tank school, from where boxes with the weapon were stolen. Later of the stolen automatic weapon in the presence Of [a].[Safarova] on carelessness was killed [podchinennyy] to it man. In this case as it was possible to establish [S].[Shashurinu], on the storages of school were stored the stolen automatic weapons, which on the instruction of the minister of MVD RT Of [galimova] must were secretly transported to the new place of storing. But during the removal of this weapon unexpectedly appeared the cadet- hour, who was killed by people Of [a].[Safarova]. During the departure from the storages for the reliability the bandits moved by KamAZ (Kama Automobile Plant) through the corpse of cadet. One of the participants in this crime appeared with the guilty at deputy [S].[Shashurin] and described in all details everything about this crime. [S].[Shashurin] presented this important witness personally to FSS Director To [n].[Kovalevu], which described to it and inspector the FSB all circumstances about the participants the embezzlement of weapon and the executors of the murder of hour. However, [N].[Kovalev] took no measures, after hiding this crime. Moreover, this information became the property of Tatar MVD, after which witness was audaciously beaten. No concrete actions on the objective investigation of this crime it was made the military prosecutor’s office, which deviated from the disclosure of the fact of the murder of hour. Was also hidden the fact of the embezzlement of containers with the weapon from the train on st. Of [buinask] in [Tatarstane]. Command for unloading of containers with the weapon at this station gave the minister of MVD RT Of [galimov]. The unloaded weapon was stored on the base “Of [tatnefteprodukta]”. It randomly revealed the colleagues Of [laishevskogo] [ROVD], which attempted to excite criminal case; however, this fact of embezzlement was hidden under the pressure Of [galimova]. Later this weapon was sold to OPG. 19. under the management Of [v].[Chernomyrdina] and President [Tatarstan] [M].[Shaymieva], and also the premier RT Of [m].[Sabirova] until 1997 were copied the petroleum active memberships through the companies “[Narsi]-[oil]” and “[Suvar]”, and so from the companies “Tatneft’ (Association of the Petroleum Industry of the Tatar ASSR)”, “Bashneft’ (Association of the Bashkir Petroleum Industry)”, “Lukoil”, [TNK], “[Sedanko]”. These active memberships were copied through KB “guarantee” – Nizhniy Novgorod. Director KB “guarantee” was at that time [S].[Kirienko] and the very same the President “[Narsi]-[oil]”. Then this group exported for the boundary more than 10 billion US dollars. In connection with the disease Of [b].[Eltsina], [S].[Kirienko], being already by premier, it attempted to return these of 10 billion dollars secretly to itself back to Russia in the form the loans of credit the IMF (International Monetary Fund) by two [transhami] on 4,8 billion US dollars and plus for these money 400 million dollars of the USA it was returned to the colleagues of the IMF as the bribe, for the cover of embezzlement and legalization of these trenches. However, the State Duma did not ratify this [zaym]. As a result what [S].[Kirienko] it transferred these money into Australia into the republic of Nauru and forced he was for the concealment of this stealing according to the agreement with Chubais, Berezovsky, by Abramovich, [Kasyanovym] and Ignat’yev to declare default. Default in 1998. was caused precisely by the fact that the taken shape secretly credit the IMF (International Monetary Fund) (two [transha] on 4,8 billion dollars of the USA) lay down on the budget of the country, and a splash of inflation and an artificial increase in the exchange value of dollar in connection with the default, they hid the perfect embezzlement and the washing of the entered currency and illegal actions the IMF in the concealment of the financial flows under the guise of these two credits, whose obtaining it was impossible, without the guarantee in the form of gold, oil and petroleum products. With the investigation of the criminal case of № 18 \ 221050-98 it was established that first [transh] the IMF in amount of 4 billion 782 was dear. US dollars, which arrived to Russia in July 1998. it was only partially used on the support of ruble in amount of 217 million. dol of the USA, and 1 billion 450 is dear. dol of the USA it was used on GKO, and rest 2 billion 350 million. dol of the USA were stolen and directed to Germany, and then into Bank of Of new Of york, into the Australian bank and into London bank, toward the accounts [Dyachenko], [Yumasheva], Kirienko, Chubais, [Dubinina], Berezovsky and Abramovich. The second of [transh] the IMF in the amount of 4.8 billion dol of the USA, isolated on August 14, 1998 was formed in the Federal Reserve bank of the USA on the account of № 999091, but it entered, not on [korschet] TsB of Russia, but on the order of Kirienko and [Kosyanova] these money of 14.08.1998[g] directed toward the account of № 608555810 to the Swiss branch of the bank Of republic Of national Of bank of Of new Of york, owner of which, was Edmond [Safra]. Subsequently Of republic Of national Of bank of Of new Of york: -2 billion 350 it is dear. dol of the USA directs not into Russia, but into Australia and these money they are enrolled to the accounts Of banka of of open Kirienkos’s Sidney in this bank and then they are transferred into the accounts of the firm, where Tatiana [Dyachenko] has 25% of actions. – 2 it is dear. 150 thousand dol of the USA Republic Of national Of bank of Of new Of york directs to Berezovsky’s account into Nationai Of westminster Of ban[k] in London – 780 it is dear. dol of USA 14.08.1998 and 270 is dear. dol of USA 18.08.1998 is transferred into the Swiss bank Of credit Of suisse, 1 billion 400 million dol of the USA is directed at first to the accounts Of bank of Of new Of york; however, here it returns to Switzerland to branch into Bank Of york – Intermaritime, and then they are transferred to the accounts of the united bank and the [treydingovuyu] company “[Runikom]”, owners of which were Abramovich and Berezovsky. Thus, two [transhe] indicated those obtained from the IMF (International Monetary Fund) in effect were stolen in sum total of 7 billion 150 million. dol of the USA settled on the personal accounts of Kirienko, [Kosyanova], [Dyachenko], Abramovich, Berezovsky, Chubais, [Chernomyrdina], [Dubinina], which led in the final analysis to Rossi’s default in August 1998. In the course of consequence it was also established that besides the embezzlement of two [transh] the IMF at the end 1998 through TsB Rossi were stolen 2 more billion 45 million. dol of the USA, which are distributed between The [chernomyrdinym] – 1.4 billion dol of the USA, 780 is dear. – To Chubais and 270 it is dear to Berezovsky. The circumstances indicated were completely confirmed by Procurator-General of Russia Yuri Skuratov during the investigation of criminal case, for which it was discharged, since it attempted to open this enormous embezzlement. The same circumstances confirmed Swiss inspectors, who investigated leader Republic’s activity National Of bank of Of new of Edmond [Safr]’s York. In the course Of [e]. [Safr]’s consequence it described about these circumstances to Swiss law-enforcement agencies, for which also it paid soon by life. It in December 1998 together with the family members, with the strange circumstances choked in the bunker, where it was hidden from Berezovsky. Swiss inspectors the materials of the criminal case, which are concerned the distribution of [transha] the IMF communicated to the Russian procuratorship through the inspector it was Volkov; however, when wolves it brought these materials into Russia and it transmitted their [Biryukovu] [YU].[S]., then that hid they and subsequently the criminal case of № 18 \ 221050-98 was ended, and also was soon discharged very inspector of wolves. The circumstances indicated, were indirectly confirmed, and during the interview in straight ether of the first channel on December 1, 2003 ; in which they participated [S].[Mironov], [P].[Borodin], [S].[Shashurin]. In the course of the telecast Of [p].[Borodin] publicly recognized this fact of embezzlement, but in the larger sum of 17 billion dollars., which it allegedly brought into Russia, in consequence of which, it itself was arrested in the USA. Furthermore, from the documents it became known that [P].[Borodin] carried out the commission Of [b].[Eltsina] on the concealed arrangement of the active memberships, including of gold stolen from the country abroad for the attraction of the resources through the guarantee on the balance of management of the affairs of the President RF. In this case on its personal accounts in one of the banks g. [Lugano], Switzerland are stored $2 by billion dollars. USA, stolen via the illegal of outflow of gold. The separate materials of consequence about this huge embezzlement [S].[Kirienko] of two trenches of the IMF (International Monetary Fund) were also known to the law-enforcement agencies of the USA. They were partially transmitted to Deputy of the Gosduma [Yu]. [Shchekochikhin], who attempted to realize them in Russia, about which it, repeatedly raised the question in the State Duma RF. For these actions it was poisoned by unknown substance and after short disease passed away. Although the fact of poisoning [Yu]. [Shchekochikhin] was obvious, the General Procurator’s office RF deviated at that time from criminal complaint. Up to now the money, stolen [S].[Kirienko] and by its [podelnikami] in our state, located in New Zealand, Australia and London, working on “the family” of Yeltsin, Berezovsky, Abramovich, Chubais. In the concealment of crimes in [Tatarstane] besides the procuratorship of republic is occupied also the chairman of the Supreme Court RF Of [v].[Lebedev]. Specifically, he does not get underway in the law court to the matters for the embezzlement of automobiles KamAZ (Kama Automobile Plant), it set fire plant, and also holds in control the investigation of the sounding assassination, connected directly from [semey] Of [m].[Shaymieva], for which for Lebedev for the indication Of [shaymieva] was built the cottage. 20. In Kazan in the settlement Of [solmachi] to order of the close relatives Of [m].[Shaymieva] was perfected the monstrous murder of the 4th persons. In itself house was brutally killed [Rinat] Of [akhmadeev], its two young children (5 and 6 years) and the woman, who at the moment of murder randomly proved to be in the house Of [rinata]. [R].[Akhmadeev] earlier was married on the niece Of [m].[Shaymieva], who died of the heart insufficiency. Sister and nephew [Ilshat] required R. [Akhmadeeva] to return his children To [m].[Shaymievu]. It refused to make this and threatened, that if [M].[Shaymiev] will exert pressure on it, then it will reveal all financial machinations of the family Of [shaymievykh], about which he knew well from its dead wife. Although about this murder it is known to entire settlement however the procuratorship Of [tatarstana] deviates from attraction to the criminal responsibility of the persons guilty of the murder. 21. Special apprehension for the national national safety causes the activity of the highest corrupted law-enforcement agencies, connected with embezzlements of tens of trillions of rubles through the depository accounts of these organs and the fund law-enforcement agency, which was created in the Yeltsin period. The despite the fact that this fund is liquidated in 2002, through it continues embezzlement and removal of cash resources abroad. a). Thus, only in the criminal case of № 141695, excited on the statement Of [shashurina] in 1993, on which were arrested 2 billion 270 million rubles, which are found on the account [ASER] of ” [Tan]” and enumerated to the account of № of 140101 ” Deposits of law-enforcement [organov]” are stolen trillions of rub., about which it will be indicated additionally lower. b). Through the same [depozitnyy] account of № 140101 it is stolen by senior officials MVD and procuratorships into 1994-1995[g].[g]. of 3 trillions. 838 million rub., which Smolensk transferred in March 1998 from the account of the bank [SBS] of ” [Agro]” , which it in turn stole in 1992. through the bank of ” [Stolichnyy]” and it transferred into the Austrian bank of ” [ABN]-[AMRO]-[BANK]” to the accounts of the firm of ” G Of [finants] of [und] Of [fermegenefervaltung] Of [gmbKh]” , where the owner of this firm, was the wife of Smolensk. After these stolen the Smolensk cash resources it purchased in England for the son the plant of sport machines and real estate in England and France, with cost in are somewhat dear. dol of the USA, where now it lives. These all cash resources were obtained on the basis machinations with “Chechen aviso”. The suppressing sum of these money, obtained from TsB, penetrated the hands of Smolensk as main coordinator, about which it is indicated above. About these money they knew well in MVD, procuratorship and the FSB. Therefore after the contract killing of the controlling “agro-bank” of Likhachev, to whom were copied the matters from ” Chechen of [avizo]” , as the condition of the designation of Smolensk by the leader OF [SBS] “of agro-” and the guarantees of his personal safety, the leaders of law-enforcement agencies RF advanced the condition for the immediate recovery of the exported for the boundary money to the accounts “of the fund MVD pointed out above” instead of TsB RF. Thus money from one pilferer – Smolensk passed to another – “the fund MVD” for the satisfaction of the personal needs of the top of [pravookhraniteley]. These money actually repeatedly stolen Smolensk already from the accounts [SBS] of ” [Agro]” , but this no longer interested law-enforcement agencies. The circumstances indicated were established by the General Procurator’s office RF during the investigation in the criminal case, excited with respect to Smolensk; however, on the indication of the former first deputy of Attorney General [Biryukov] [YU].[S]. this criminal case as hundreds of many analogous matters, it was illegally ended. c) analogously entered the colleagues of the General Procurator’s office RF in 2001 on the indication Of [biryukova] [YU].[S]. and in the criminal case of № 18/277048-99, excited in the attitude of the workers [AKB] of ” [Mosnatsbank]”. It is established in this matter that [AKB] of ” [MNB]” it is created in 1993. Its shareholders were [GK] of ” [Rosvooruzhenie]” , DITCH ” [Zarubezhneft]” , [GVO] of ” [Prommashimport]” and a number of commercial structures. Taking this into account, the bank had significant means, including entered from the budget for financing of long-term state programs and budgetary organizations. On October 16, 1996 on the initiative the leader OF [AKB] of ” [MNB] Of [simonenkova] [YU].[E]. is concluded with the off-shore corporation of ” [AKO] bank. [Korp].” the credit agreement of № 012-96/001. According to this agreement [AKB] of ” [MNB]” to the account of ” [AKO] [Korp].” bank; are enumerated 50 000 000 dol of the USA. Analogously on July 31, 1997 on behalf bank concluded the credit agreement of № 015-96/001 with the off-shore company of ” [Veksmark] the bank of [ink].” , where were enumerated 68 600 000 dol of the USA. Furthermore, into off-shore the companies indicated, registered in the republic of Nauru (central oceania) it was to its enumerated [Simonenkovym] agents – To [koloyanu] 20 additional million dollars of the USA. All currency means indicated jar are not returned and stolen by the persons indicated, which is proven in the criminal case of № 18 \ 277048-99. Was on business obtained sufficiently proofs of fault [Simonenkova] and [Koloyana]; however, the leaders of the General Procurator’s office RF, after obtaining to account № 140101 specific sum, enumerated from the bank indicated, deviated from the dacha of sanction to the arrest of these persons and only after leaving by these persons of the country, they were declared in the search, and consequence is stopped. In June 2006 [Simonenkov] it was delayed in the USA, in it were withdrawn more than 200 million dol of the USA and American side was intentional to transmit it and the means of Russia. However, the General Procurator’s office of Russia did not demand [Simonenkova] from the USA, in connection with the fact that on business was revealed participation to these embezzlements Of [stepashina] and [Kosyanova], which was hidden by the law-enforcement agencies of Russia. d). Through the account of № 140101 shady officials of the closed-end investment trust for law-enforcement agencies Orlov [S].[V]. and other attempted to steal and to export from the country at the end 2008 of 4 trillion rub., with the following circumstances: In the connection, with the present financial and economic crisis in Russia, the President by western financial company “[Sitikhaus]” Great Britain Parviz Of aria Of ceo, where are concentrated the stolen cash resources from Russia through the accounts [ASER] of ” [Tan]” , and this only of 32 banks of Europe, where all shady accounts of participants in the above-indicated criminal association actually are fixed, after negotiations with [Shashurinym] [S].[P]., it agreed to return the part of the stolen means. Return of these means on the condition of delivering allegedly the western investments to the Russian economy. For the isolation of these investments financial by company “[Sitikhaus]”, according to the agreement with [Shashurinym] [S].[P]., through the controlled to it company ARIA INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENTS, INC signed agreement with the Director-General OF [OOO] “bus center metal” Moscow by Tokarev [G].[I]., to the right of conclusion of a contract for financing of the state and commercial major projects of the Russian Federation. After obtaining such right Tokarev [G].[I]. recently and it is occupied, by conclusion of a contract, after concluding at the present time about twenty large contracts for financing of programs on the developments of economy and social sphere [stranym]. le of what criminal case with respect to Smolensk was ended. After learning about this non-budgetary financing by Tokarev and [Shashurinym], participants standard are above criminal association, they began to actively counteract the work of Tokarev and [Shashurina]. At the same time, they, after understanding that their criminal activity in connection with the undressed activity Of [shashurina], can be ended, cash resources attempted to export those stolen with the use of this account, accumulated on it. Under the guise the conclusion of a contract, to the purchase in the USA of aircraft “Boeing” for the needs of Russia, on behalf one of the leaders of air carrier, the financial adviser “of the fund for the deposits of law-enforcement agencies” Orlov s. v. and one of the leaders of the same fund, [Rapotin] [V].[A]. in the middle December 2008, organized encounter with Tokarev [G].[I]. To this encounter, besides Tokarev, went and By [shashurinym] [S].[P]. with conducting of negotiations, Orlov [S]. [V]. and [Rapotin] [V].[A]. on behalf of the high ranking officials MVD of Russia, they proposed to Tokarev [G].[I]. the advantageous transaction, whose essence, consisted in that, in order to through the accounts of the firm joint stock company of ” Bus is the center Of [mET]” , to export from Russia 8 by [transhami], on 500 billions, only 4 trillion rubles from account 140101, which is located in [Sberbanke] of Russia. In this case, Orlov [S].[V]. was ready to move money although tomorrow any first aircraft or transfer them to the accounts of any bank of the country. In the course of the negotiations Of [shashurin] [S].[P]. it explained and openly stated to Orlov that this of money his, belonging [ASER] “Of [tan]”, which penetrated his accounts to 1993-94 years and they were without leaving a trace stolen after his arrest. This confused Orlov [S].[V]., and it ended negotiations. Then, before the new 2009, Orlov [S].[V] urgently rang Tokarev [G].[I] and, almost in the ultimate form, he required from the latter, that immediately gave out to it for the transfer of the first money at least of what either [SKR] or is simple letter, in the comfortable form from the company “[Sitikhaus]” about the fact that joint stock company of ” Bus is the center Of [met]” guarantees transfer into those indicated by the fund MVD of the account, Euro of instead of rubles with its confirmation on the telephone by the officer of western bank. In this case, it was almost in hysterics. Furthermore, Orlov [S].[V]. requested so that during the negotiations more than there would not be [Shashurina] [S].[P]. Tokarev [G].[I]. it would answer Orlov, that it on behalf “[Sitikhaus]” will work only strictly on the bank procedure and not what “left” documents from its side give will be, but work can begin, only after the new-year holidays, when Russian banks begin to work. Eagles [S].[V]. forced it was with this to agree. However, to this transaction did not agree [Shashurin] [S].[P]., which, in turn, reported this attempt at the removal of the huge sum of cash resources abroad into the law-enforcement agencies. In the course of checking the activity of Orlov [S].[V]., it was established that it is actually the financial adviser “of the fund for the deposits of law-enforcement agencies” and has a task from the present management MVD of Russia the urgent conclusion of money from the country for the boundary, fearing that these money either fall for exchange or there will be the sharp depreciation of ruble, or will be arrested by control organs, in view of the fact that MVD and procuratorship, no longer they can govern these money, t to they no longer have a right of further under the guise their arrest “secretly” to turn.

Reason to that, the Court decision Kazan dated December 27, 2008. on the removal of arrest from the accounts [OOO] “Of [tan]”, where were transferred the accounts [ASER] of ” [Tan]”. Since, Tokarev and [Shashurin] did not agree to participate in the illegal, the shady the removal of 4 additional trillion rub., highly placed persons, international criminal the association from the number of the officials of organs MVD indicated, the FSB, the financial reconnaissance of the countries, which control the activity of Russia banks, for a period of already three months, the blocked accounts joint stock company of ” Bus is the center Of [met]” in Russia banks and do not pass the cash resources, isolated by the financial company of ” [Sitikhaus]” and to other Russian firms for the non-budgetary financing of the economy of Russia. These actions lead to strengthening of the economic and financial crisis in the country.

This opposition ended by the fact that for provocative purposes, by this group, it was proposed to Tokarev [G].[I]. to conclude contracts with the American company Castelross Consortium (Reg No 98-20520) of 1435 Martel Ave, #210, Los Angeles, California 90046, USA. The President of this company where the President of company is the mrs. of Romanov [T]. [A]. [Et] company for the [trastovomu] contract from 05.03.2009, signed with [OOO] “[Avtobustsentr] metal”, represented [khard] of the copy of the bank receipts of securities in the sum total 40 608 500 000 US dollars, which after their presentation in [VTB] caused suspicion and doubts about their authenticity. The it is possible that produced bank tools and active memberships after them, bear criminal nature, in connection with which, these copies of [kharda] of receipts for the indicated in them sums, they are directed to the law-enforcement agencies toward the object of checking their authenticity and legality, and concluded contract here Tokarev [G].[I]. in the one-sided order was they will cancel. After the curtailment of criminal case with respect to [Shashurina] [S].[P]. after the absence of the composition of crime into its actions, it is desired at the end 2008 it turned into the law court about the return of the arrested and withdrawn indicated above 2 billion 270 million rubles in the prices of 1993 taking into account the rate of refinancing. It was explained with the examination of this action that the located on the [depozitnom] account cash resources indicated, which belong To [shashurinu] [S].[P]., and enrolled to the account of № 140101 were stolen and used by the prosecutor and militia high-ranking officers of the republic Of [tatarstan] for personal purposes.

In particular, the leaders of ” [Energobanka]” , where was opened the account [ASER] of ” [Tan]” they stated that the arrested cash resources [ASER] of ” [Tan]” on the indication of attorney [Tatarstan] [Amirova] [K].[V]., were transferred to the accounts of other firms and were used to the building of cottages for the high-ranking officers of procuratorship, police and administration Of [tatarstana]. Of entire, in the course court trial it is established that due to illegally taken from the account [ASER] of ” [Tan]” the arrested cash resources was built not less than 300 [kotedzhey], the cost of each of approximately 1 mln. dol of the USA, on 43 hectares the earth, which is found in the property [ASER] of ” [Tan]”. Besides this, it is also revealed, that on the order Of [shaymieva] and Safarov instead of [ASER] of ” [Tan]” was created the understudy OF [ASER] of ” [Tan]” and hundreds of another similar [Tanov] on the territory Of [tatarstana] and other regions of Russia, through accounts of which were accomplished the much billionth embezzlements of the above-indicated cash resources, gold, diamonds, oil and [Kamazov]. On the order of the minister of MVD of Safarov’s [Tatarstana] by the Director-General OF [OOO] of ” Diamond – [Tan]” , after the arrest Of [shashurina] was assigned citizen [Petrenko], acting of the President OF [ASER] ” [Tan]”. [OOO] of ” Diamond – [Tan]” it was created With [shashurinym] in 1996, it was founder and owner 50% portion of this society, second 50% belong to one of the citizens Of [izraylya]. To this society belongs The [oykhalakskiy] mining – enriching combine, located in Yakutiya. On the instruction of Safarov this combine was redrafted to attorney Vasil’yev, and then to it was re-registered very [OOO] of ” Diamond – [Tan]”. After becoming the owner OF [OOO] of ” Diamond – [Tan]” and the combine under the cover MVD indicated, Vasil’yev subsequently, through this society stole precious metals: raw material and diamonds, gold, which was transferred including to Chechen fighters for the arms procurement and waging of war with the federal troops of Russia. The facts of obtaining from Tatarya gold, diamonds and other precious metals confirmed in his interview for Russian television and the emissary of Chechnya, who is located in Turkey and who led all fighters in Chechnya and who ensures delivery to the fighters of weapons, ammunition, armaments and cash resources from the West for waging of two wars with Russia. Through [OOO] of ” Diamond – [Tan]” were stolen in particular in 1998 by 129 kg. of gold, obtained [Gokhranom] [Tatarstana] from the Chita province, and also 6 large diamonds. After the opening of the fact of the embezzlement of these precious metals, for the concealment of the organizers of the embezzlement By [shaymievym] was accepted the solution about the liquidation generally Of [gokhran] of republic. It is known from the investigated materials of criminal cases that [Shashurin] [S].[P]. as the authentic owner [ASER] “Of [tan]” and as the member of the commission of the State Duma for struggle against corruption, became witness (data carrier) and victim from the largest embezzlements of [gossobstvennosti] in our country of those indicated above. In connection with the fact that for the elongation already 15 years Of [shashurin] [S].[P]. attempt together with the working group on the struggle against corruption in the higher echelons with the State Duma RF to reveal these embezzlements of century; however, this cannot be made up to now in view of [korrumpirovannosti] of the senior officials of law-enforcement agencies. [Shashurin], as noted above three times unjustifiably was assigned to the criminal responsibility and three times was condemned, and then it was justified and was rehabilitated after trials in the vessels.

At present continues court trial about the rehabilitation Of [shashurina], on its last censure in 2004. As noted above, [Shashurin] illegally was drawn in the criminal case of № 141695, excited on its statement about the embezzlement from [ASER] of 134 [Kamazov]. In this matter Of [shashurin] were arrested 26.09.1993 years and charge illegally was produced for it, it was contained under the guards to 10.07.1995[g]. After the examination of this criminal case in the Supreme Court of the republic Of [tatarstana], the law court came to the conclusion that [Shashurin] to this crime was not participating, and 10.07.1995 year law court freed its from under guards. Simultaneously the Supreme Court required to conduct objective investigation and to summon of the guilty persons in the embezzlement Of [kamazov]. This solution was when accepted, it was already stolen through [ASER] of ” [Tan]” 5700 [Kamazov], and in all, as noted above, are stolen about this 30 thousand types of motor vehicles. The organs of consequence instead of the establishment of the guilty persons, themselves led these embezzlements, since main coordinators on the embezzlement of these motor vehicles they were inspector in the especially big deals Of [tatarstan] Of [nefedov] and the leader of the commercial structures Of [churaev] [V].[P]. Of [nefedov] was the relative of Nikolayev, one of the assistants Of [chernomyrdina], and [Churaev] was located and up to now it is located in the friendly relations with The [surkovym]. After the last release Of [shashurina] [S].[P]. from the places of the deprivation of freedom in September 2008, on its initiative into the investigation committee with the General Procurator’s office RF is made the deputy’s inquiry through deputy [Gudkova] [G].[I], with the request, to examine a question, about the renewal of the illegally ended criminal case for the fact of the removal of gold, oil, [Kamazov] and other, indicated above criminal association.

In this case, were presented the additional documents, which confirm fact of the removal of gold and obtaining under this gold of large cash resources to Riazanov, [Khayrulinym] and by others. Inspector in the especially big deals investigation committee with the General Procurator’s office Rodionov of this year, after studying the entered additional materials and, taking into account the materials of the matter of № 18 \ 239278-02, wrote the report to the chief for main investigation administration SK with [GP] RF To [markelovu] [S].[I]., in which it indicated about the need for the excitation of new criminal case for the isolated with it previously materials, on the fact of the illegal of the removal of gold and oil. However, the chief for main investigation administration SK with the Attorney General’s Office RF of the Markels [S].[I]. personally, interested in the concealment of this fact, since it personally together with The [biryukovym] in October 2003 left to Belgium and were obtained documents on these facts, it hid them, and also were obtained multimillion bribes in other matters, it did not agree with Rodionov’s opinion of this year and it gave order to prepare negative answer on the deputy’s inquiry. Rodionov refused to carry out the clearly illegal and nonobjective decision of this official, after which, Rodionov of this year was forcedly discharged from the investigation committee [GP] RF, and itself of the S. I. Markels gave answer on the deputy’s inquiry, that there are no bases for the excitation of the matter.

At present, the working group on the struggle against corruption in the higher echelons under the management of the President of holding company “Mir” V.M. Kuznetsov and S. P. Shashurin have available the additional materials, which confirm the fact of the removal of gold and oil abroad and the use of active memberships under these material values for personal purposes of the above-indicated persons, the corrupted officials and it is ready to present these documents in the case of criminal complaint, since those documents, which were represented V.M. Kuznetsov and S. P. Shashurin earlier, these organs hide and deviate from making of legal decisions. V. M. Blacksmiths he left to Switzerland and was met with the President of the European International Institute of the Economy Werner Valtser.

The latter proposes its services according to the idea of information on the accounts of the concrete corrupted officials of Russia and the forming of fund to the ecological programs in Russia. The mechanism of the forming of fund, is his right of Valtser as agent, in the collaboration with other bank structures, to govern the financial assets entrusted to it, including the assets of Russia, exported as gold, silver, oil and other, in exchange for the obligations of the government of Russia to carry out the appropriate intergovernmental agreements and conventions on this question. This fund is created in Europe and the leader of this fund is the head of bank “Landes-Bank” in Leichtenstein.

Blacksmiths simultaneously brought the proposal for the President of Russia the leader of the governing Democratic Party of the USA James [Bekya] about the assistance to improvement of the ecological situation between Russia and the USA, also, as a whole in the world. By American side it is proposed to conclude mutual agreement in the ecological region between both states and for these purposes they are ready to represent by the company the Peace Corps Grant in the amount of 70 billion dollars of the USA for the Russian holding company “Mir”. Also by American side is proposed the aid of Russia in the recovery through [KHK] “Mir” of the cash resources, previously stolen and exported by the criminal groups of Russia and stored in different Western banks. The American side indicates about the possibility of recovery into Russia under the control of the President of Russia of approximately 6.5 trillion dollars of the USA and use of these cash resources for the output from the economic and financial crisis. These proposals were transmitted by Kuznetsov for the President of Russia through his assistants; however, unknown did reach these proposals, since it followed no reaction to these proposals. Moreover, by arrangement of Kuznetsov and Shashurin with [Valtserom], already at present the English financial company “[Sitikhaus]” without waiting until of the political solution and resolutions of the law-enforcement agencies of Russia, it is ready to invest Russian economy, to return in the voluntary order the part of the stolen means to the accounts [ASER] “Of [tan]” through [OOO] of ” Bus is the center Of [met]” in the amount of 100 billion Euros, about which it is indicated above.

With the aid of Werner Valtser and his connections in the political and financial circles, working group on the struggle against corruption in the higher echelons can organize the procedure of recovery into Russia stolen through the accounts [ASER] “Of [tan]” about 4 trillion rubles, accumulated on the personal accounts of [zagrebelnogo] and others in the foreign banks. Working group on the struggle against corruption in the higher echelons proposes to create with the participation of the owner of the company OF [ASER] “[Tan]” of S. P. Shashurin a state corporation for the non-budgetary financing of the economy of Russia under the control of state and these flows of money to use to the social sphere and the national projects on the overcoming the crisis. Information about the above-indicated circumstances of the criminal activity of the above-indicated criminal association of S. P. Shashurin at the end January 2009 was directed personally to the President of Russia D. A. Medvedev through his assistants. Assistants reported that the information obtained from Shashurin reported to D. A.  Medvedev, also, in connection with this, was assigned the commission of the colleagues the FSB, who check this information. At the end of March 2009 in the office, where works S. P. Shashurin, arrived V. P. Churaev, who was the Vice President of [ASER] of ” [Tan]” and he expressed in the address of Shashurin, his noncompliance by the actions of Shashurin, connected with the fact that raises the question before the President of Russia about the criminal complaint for the fact of the removal of gold and other questions.

In this case, V. P. Churaev in the ultimate form stated to S. P. Shashurin that nothing in the latter not to come out, since to it personally the Deputy Head of the President’s Administration of marmots, and one of the deputies Attorney General of RF, with which it recently was encountered, stated to it – To [churaevu] that marmots and this [zamgenprokurora] they will not allow criminal complaint for the statements Of [shashurina]. [Churaev] [V].[P]. so confirmed [Shashurinu], in the presence of other colleagues, that actually it was witness and participant in the removal on the documents [ASER] of ” [Tan]” on the agreement with the high-ranking officials of the large number of gold, about 20 thousand [Kamazov], helicopters and other material values; however, about this never it will be proven by consequence, since, the law-enforcement agencies Of [tatarstana] and Russia, president’s administration, will not allow this, as in this it convinced marmots. [Churaev] explained, that it personally transferred to the officials of procuratorship and MVD Of [tatarstana] and Russia as the bribes into 1992-1994[g]. not less than 75 passenger motor vehicles of the models of ” [Zhiguli]” , ” [Volga]” , ” [Moskvich]” , which it exchanged for, stolen by it [Kamazy] through [ASER] “Of [tan]”. [Churaev] so said, To [shashurinu] that in connection with the transfer by them bribes were ended the criminal cases, excited on the statement Of [shashurina], including, also, in its relation, [Churaeva] on the facts of the embezzlement Of [kamazov] and other facts. This statement Of [churaeva] [V].[P]. expressed [Shashurinu], it is combined with the fact that law-enforcement agencies I do not actually take meaningful actions for the opening of that information, that previously represented [Shashurin] in the address of the President of Russia, in connection with which, working group was forced to turn to you repeatedly with the same most complete information. Thus, on the basis of the materials of many criminal cases, those documents, that they are discovered lately in the different organs for [ASER] of ” [Tan]” evidently, that to forming and obtaining of money from illegally exported gold, diamonds, oil, steel, custom-made numerous murders have a relation following high ranking [goschinovniki]: President [Tatarstan] [M].[Shaymiev], the President of Bashkirya [M].[Rakhimov], the mayor Moscow [Yu].[Luzhkov], the former assistant to the President of the country for personnel [V]. Ivanov, former is the Head of the President’s Administration [A].[Voloshin], the assistants to the Head of Administration Of [kh].[Khapsirokov], marmots, the former minister of MVD Of [v].[Erin], [V].[Rushaylo], [V].[Kulikov], chairman workers TsB [V].[Gerashchenko], [S].[Dubinin], [T].[Paramonova], [S].[Ignatev], the secretary of the union Of [p].[Borodin], that was of director the FSB [N].[Kovalev], [I].[N].[Patrushev], the chief for the main investigation administration Of [s].[Markelov], his deputy Bykovskiy, the chairman of the Supreme Court RF Lebedev, that was and present Attorney General RF [Ilyushenko], Ustinov, [Chayk], their deputies of morose fellows, [Kolmagorov], attorney [Tatarstan] [Amirov], the members of the Yeltsin family: [T].[Dyachenko], [B].[Berezovskiy], [M].[Kasyanov], [Derepaska], [R].[Abramovich], [Mordashev], the President Of [kalmykii] Of [k].[Ilyumzhinov], which was are the premiers of the government Of [e].[Gaydar], [V].[Chernomyrdin], [M]. Cassian, [S]. Kirienko, the members of the government Of [soskovets], [A].[Pochinok], [Lopukhin], snipe, [A].[Vavilov], [A].[Kudrin], Chubais, Koch., bankers Likhachev, [M].[Zotov], [Dubenetskiy], Smolensk, [Malyshev], [V].[Gusinskiy], [M].[Fridman], [P].[Aven], oligarchs and the businessmen: [Potanin], Prokhorov, [A].[Usmanov], [Vekselberg], brothers black, [M].[Khodarkovskiy], the workers of Minfin (Ministry of Finance) [A].[Bychkov], [Yu].[Kotlyar].[Predstavlennye] above materials are only the part of the largest crimes in our country, the connected with the enormous embezzlements material values and them illegal by removal for the boundary by the highest bureaucracies and by their agents, whom the management of law-enforcement agencies, which auto accomplishes unprecedented to  their scales crimes, accompanied by numerous contract killings and flouting of law, covers.

If the President of Russia not the signs of measures for changing of the soon indicated leaders and replacement by their others, then the danger of strengthening the economic crisis appears, since hidden abroad and inside Russia ” [tenevye]” money present enormous danger to the national safety and its political system. They at any moment can be used by dissatisfied Generals for financing of coup d’etat and overthrow of the President and government, and also payment of large bribes for the designation of their people to the key state offices, the contract killings, financing the shadow economy under their cover.

Working group chairman on the struggle against corruption in the higher echelons with the State Duma RF

[V].[M]. Kuznetsov


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