TBR News October 22, 2018

Oct 22 2018

The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Isaiah 40:3-8 

Washington, D.C. October 22, 2018: “Several generations ago, the present Saudi royal family were nomadic camel herders but then when oil was discovered in their territory, they became rich and self-important. They discovered early on that money could buy recognition and respect, they filled the bottomless pockets of western politicians with gold and reaped the rewards from the following obedience to their wishes.

The Saudis are the Sunni branch of the Muslim religion and their enemies are the much smaller Shiites. Their wealth having turned their heads, the royal family determined to establish a Greater Sunni Empire and rid themselves of the Shiite Iranians in the process. To assist them in their imperial goal, the United States supplied the weapons and military training for the IS movement which was formed by the Saudis and finananced by them.

Unfortunately, the CIA was involved and their organization has more top secret leaks than a rotten garden hose and in the end, the Russians, who had treaties with Syria and Iran, saw to it that the IS fanatics were crushed by Russian airpower.

Having lost out, the US began to sanction everyone in sight but to  no real avail because the US is the world’s largest consumer of oil and one of the lowest producers of it.

The erratic and deranged Saudi Crown Prince determined to establish a true empire and to assist in this, he kidnapped foreign officials, extorted money from his relatives and finally murdered a newsman who dared to contradict him.

Like all egomaniacs, he overstepped his bounds and in order to survive, the rest of the royal family will terminate the Crown Prince with extreme prejudice, a term used by the CIA to indicate the murder of one of their untrustworthy employees.

Then Trump, who has benefitted very well from Saudi fiscal generosity will suddenly realize that the dead Prince was truly deranged and evil, so unlike is kind and generous relatives.

And then the bribe monies can flow again and the White House and Congress will prosper.

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  • Donald Trump has said 2291 false things as U.S. president: No. 5The CIA Confessions: The Crowley Conversations
  • Central American migrant caravan continues march toward US
  • Desperate Central American refugees cross into Mexico from
  • Trump vows to cut Central America aid, calls migrant caravan an emergency
  • Jamal Khashoggi case: All the latest update
  • Saudi Prince is “Power Mad Serial Killer” & Sex Deviant- US Intelligence
  • The New Christian Manifesto


Donald Trump has said 2291 false things as U.S. president: No. 57

August 8, 2018

by Daniel Dale, Washington Bureau Chief

The Toronto Star, Canada

The Star is keeping track of every false claim U.S. President Donald Trump has made since his inauguration on Jan. 20, 2017. Why? Historians say there has never been such a constant liar in the Oval Office. We think dishonesty should be challenged. We think inaccurate information should be corrected

If Trump is a serial liar, why call this a list of “false claims,” not lies? You can read our detailed explanation here. The short answer is that we can’t be sure that each and every one was intentional. In some cases, he may have been confused or ignorant. What we know, objectively, is that he was not teling the truth.

Last updated: Aug 8, 2018

  • Feb 27, 2018

“Such a beautiful map, thank you!”

Source: Twitter

in fact: The map Trump praised and promoted on Twitter, purporting to show the county-by-county results of the 2016 presidential election, was falsified: it turned several of Clinton’s “blue” counties into “red” counties for Trump. Trump did not create the map, but we must count it as a false claim of his when he endorses egregious false claims from others.

  • Feb 28, 2018


“The Heritage Foundation has just stated that 64% of the Trump Agenda is already done, faster than even Ronald Reagan.”

Source: Twitter

in fact: Trump was wrongly describing what Heritage, a conservative think tank, actually said. Thomas Binion, Heritage’s director of congressional and executive branch relations, told the Washington Examiner that Trump had implemented 64 per cent of Heritage’s policy recommendations, not 64 per cent of Trump’s own agenda or campaign promises. There is significant overlap between the two, but they are not the same thing.

Trump has repeated this claim 3 times

“I have decided that sections of the Wall that California wants built NOW will not be built until the whole Wall is approved. Big victory yesterday with ruling from the courts that allows us to proceed. ”

Source: Twitter

in fact: The claim that California wants any sections of the wall built now is simple nonsense. California’s governor, Jerry Brown, and its legislative leaders, all Democrats, are staunchly opposed, and polls have consistently shown that strong majorities of state residents are also opposed. A September 2017 poll from the Public Policy Institute of California, for example, found that 73 per cent of California adults were opposed to the wall.

Trump has repeated this claim 2 times

“When you look at this guy in Florida, he walked out with everybody like it was a fire drill. He walked out and he got away. And a policeman did a fantastic job, two towns away.”

Source: Remarks at meeting on school safety

in fact: Nikolas Cruz was arrested in Coral Springs, the municipality adjacent to, not two towns away from, the Parkland high school where he allegedly killed 17 people.

“The fact is, a lot is up to the states. And that’s good. And the states are going to feel differently. Texas, as an example, is very much as to what I’m saying. And you’ve done very well. You haven’t had this problem.”

Source: Remarks at meeting on school safety

in fact: Trump did not define “this problem,” but it is false that Texas has not had the problem of mass shootings, the subject of the meeting. A gunman killed 26 people at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas in November 2017. Another gunman killed five police officers in Dallas in July 2016. Texas has experienced several other mass shooting incidents, including the 1966 massacre at the University of Texas at Austin.

  • Mar 1, 2018

“And drugs are a similar but different problem, in the sense that we have pushers and we have drug dealers that don’t — I mean, they kill hundreds and hundreds of people, and most of them don’t even go to jail. You know, if you shoot one person, they give you life, they give you the death penalty. These people can kill 2,000, 3,000 people and nothing happens to them.”

Source: Remarks at White House summit on opioids

in fact: Stefan Kertesz, a doctor and a professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham who studies addiction, takes issue with the word “kill”: “Drug dealers do not typically go out to find people and force fentanyl into them. They sell to willing purchasers, many of whom have considerable tolerance to opioids,” he said in an email. Leaving that aside, Trump’s claim that the U.S. has been lenient with drug dealers who kill 2,000 or 3,000 people is obviously false: there are no known instances of a dealer killing that many people. “While the number of overdose events that included opioids (among other substances) was high in the U.S. last year, the number of dealer arrests is quite a bit higher. So as a matter of arithemetics it probably is not the case that any single dealer has caused thousands of deaths,” Kertesz said. According to federal data crunched by the group Common Sense for Drug Policy, there were 182,048 arrests for the sale or manufacture of drugs in 2016; the U.S. government says that about 64,000 people died of drug overdoses that year. Not all of the 182,048 people arrested for sale or manufacture can be called “drug dealers,” but it is clearly not true that a drug dealer kills thousands of people.

Trump has repeated this claim 5 times

“I don’t blame the other countries. When I was in China, I said, ‘Listen, President Xi’ — I have a lot of respect for President Xi. I said, ‘I don’t blame you.’ If you’re able to get away with making almost $500 billion a year off of our country, how could I blame you?”

Source: Remarks at meeting with steel and aluminum executives

in fact: Trump is off by at least $125 billion. The U.S. trade deficit with China was $375 billion in 2017 when counting goods alone. When data on trade in services is added, the net number will almost certainly be smaller.

Trump has repeated this claim 51 times

“Same thing with the solar panels. We had 32 companies, of which 30 of them were out of business, they were closed. And the two were on mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. They were finished. They would have closed pretty quickly. And now, the two are doing much better and they’re talking about opening seven or eight of the old plants that were closed.”

Source: Remarks at meeting with steel and aluminum executives

in fact: In referring to “the two,” Trump appears to mean the two solar companies that brought a trade complaint to the U.S. International Trade Commission, Suniva and SolarWorld Americas. It is not true that they were the only two solar manufacturers remaining in the U.S., but it is not exactly clear what Trump is saying. Regardless, Trump’s claim that “they’re talking about opening seven or eight of the old plants that were closed” is entirely false. Suniva filed for bankruptcy last year, and its current status is “unknown,” Greentech Media reported in a fact-check of Trump’s claim in February. SolarWorld, meanwhile, announced it would hire 200 additional workers, but it did not say it would open any new plants. It never had seven or eight U.S. plants in the first place; rather, it has one major plant in Oregon that has been operating under capacity.

Trump has repeated this claim 7 times

“Well, you know, I tell the story that, a couple of months ago, we put tariffs on washing machines coming into the country, because they were dumping the machines all over the place and we had lost our manufacturing abilities for washing machines. Now we have plants being built; put a 30 per cent tariff on. And we have plants being built, and nobody has seen that in many, many years, and it’s happening at a rapid pace.

Source: Remarks at meeting with steel and aluminum executives

in fact: Trump’s new tariff on washing machines is 20 per cent on the first 1.2 million imports, then 50 per cent after that; there is no tariff of 30 per cent.

Trump has repeated this claim 5 times

“Well, you know, I tell the story that, a couple of months ago, we put tariffs on washing machines coming into the country, because they were dumping the machines all over the place and we had lost our manufacturing abilities for washing machines. Now we have plants being built; put a 30 percent tariff on. And we have plants being built, and nobody has seen that in many, many years, and it’s happening at a rapid pace.”

Source: Remarks at meeting with steel and aluminum executives

in fact: There is no evidence of even one additional plant being built as a result of Trump’s tariff on washing machines. Whirlpool Corp. has announced it is adding 200 jobs at an Ohio factory in part because of the tariff, but it is not building new plants, and there is no evidence of a widespread industry expansion. Further, there were washing machine plants built during the Obama era. Whirlpool’s South Korean competitor Samsung opened a plant in South Carolina in January, ten days before Trump announced the tariff, and fellow South Korean competitor LG already had a plant under construction in Tennessee.

Trump has repeated this claim 3 times

  • Mar 2, 2018

“When a country (USA) is losing many billions of dollars on trade with virtually every country it does business with, trade wars are good, and easy to win.”

Source: Twitter

in fact: We’ll leave aside Trump’s claims that “trade wars are good, and easy to win,” both of which are hotly disputed. It is false, though, that the U.S. is “losing many billions of dollars on trade with virtually every country it does business with.” While the U.S. has a substantial overall deficit — $566 billion in 2017 — it has surpluses with many individual countries, according to data from the U.S. government’s own International Trade Commission. In 2017, the U.S. had surpluses with Brazil, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Australia, Chile, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Kuwait and dozens more countries and territories — in all, more than half of U.S. trading partners. And that’s only counting trade in merchandise; when you count trade in services too, the U.S. also has a surplus with Canada.

Trump has repeated this claim 21 times


The CIA Confessions: The Crowley Conversations

October 21, 2018

by Dr. Peter Janney

On October 8th, 2000, Robert Trumbull Crowley, once a leader of the CIA’s Clandestine Operations Division, died in a Washington hospital of heart failure and the end effects of Alzheimer’s Disease. Before the late Assistant Director Crowley was cold, Joseph Trento, a writer of light-weight books on the CIA, descended on Crowley’s widow at her town house on Cathedral Hill Drive in Washington and hauled away over fifty boxes of Crowley’s CIA files.

Once Trento had his new find secure in his house in Front Royal, Virginia, he called a well-known Washington fix lawyer with the news of his success in securing what the CIA had always considered to be a potential major embarrassment.

Three months before, on July 20th of that year, retired Marine Corps colonel William R. Corson, and an associate of Crowley, died of emphysema and lung cancer at a hospital in Bethesda, Md.

After Corson’s death, Trento and the well-known Washington fix-lawyer went to Corson’s bank, got into his safe deposit box and removed a manuscript entitled ‘Zipper.’ This manuscript, which dealt with Crowley’s involvement in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, vanished into a CIA burn-bag and the matter was considered to be closed forever.

The small group of CIA officials gathered at Trento’s house to search through the Crowley papers, looking for documents that must not become public. A few were found but, to their consternation, a significant number of files Crowley was known to have had in his possession had simply vanished.

When published material concerning the CIA’s actions against Kennedy became public in 2002, it was discovered to the CIA’s horror, that the missing documents had been sent by an increasingly erratic Crowley to another person and these missing papers included devastating material on the CIA’s activities in South East Asia to include drug running, money laundering and the maintenance of the notorious ‘Regional Interrogation Centers’ in Viet Nam and, worse still, the Zipper files proving the CIA’s active organization of the assassination of President John Kennedy..

A massive, preemptive disinformation campaign was readied, using government-friendly bloggers, CIA-paid “historians” and others, in the event that anything from this file ever surfaced. The best-laid plans often go astray and in this case, one of the compliant historians, a former government librarian who fancied himself a serious writer, began to tell his friends about the CIA plan to kill Kennedy and eventually, word of this began to leak out into the outside world.

The originals had vanished and an extensive search was conducted by the FBI and CIA operatives but without success. Crowley’s survivors, his aged wife and son, were interviewed extensively by the FBI and instructed to minimize any discussion of highly damaging CIA files that Crowley had, illegally, removed from Langley when he retired. Crowley had been a close friend of James Jesus Angleton, the CIA’s notorious head of Counterintelligence. When Angleton was sacked by DCI William Colby in December of 1974, Crowley and Angleton conspired to secretly remove Angleton’s most sensitive secret files out of the agency. Crowley did the same thing right before his own retirement, secretly removing thousands of pages of classified information that covered his entire agency career.

Known as “The Crow” within the agency, Robert T. Crowley joined the CIA at its inception and spent his entire career in the Directorate of Plans, also know as the “Department of Dirty Tricks,”: Crowley was one of the tallest man ever to work at the CIA. Born in 1924 and raised in Chicago, Crowley grew to six and a half feet when he entered the U.S. Military Academy at West Point in N.Y. as a cadet in 1943 in the class of 1946. He never graduated, having enlisted in the Army, serving in the Pacific during World War II. He retired from the Army Reserve in 1986 as a lieutenant colonel. According to a book he authored with his friend and colleague, William Corson, Crowley’s career included service in Military Intelligence and Naval Intelligence, before joining the CIA at its inception in 1947. His entire career at the agency was spent within the Directorate of Plans in covert operations. Before his retirement, Bob Crowley became assistant deputy director for operations, the second-in-command in the Clandestine Directorate of Operations.

Bob Crowley first contacted Gregory Douglas  in 1993  when he found out from John Costello that Douglas was about to publish his first book on Heinrich Mueller, the former head of the Gestapo who had become a secret, long-time asset to the CIA. Crowley contacted Douglas and they began a series of long and often very informative telephone conversations that lasted for four years. In 1996, Crowley told Douglas that he believed him to be the person that should ultimately tell Crowley’s story but only after Crowley’s death. Douglas, for his part, became so entranced with some of the material that Crowley began to share with him that he secretly began to record their conversations, later transcribing them word for word, planning to incorporate some, or all, of the material in later publications.

Conversation No. 14

Date:  Friday, May 10, 1996

Commenced:  10:03 AM CST

Concluded:    10:21 AM CST

GD: Good morning, Mrs. Crowley. Is Robert available?

EC: Oh good morning, Gregory. Yes, he’s right here.

GD: Thank you.

RTC: Hello, Gregory. I’ve dug out quite a bit of material on the Kennedy business for you and once I get it collated, I’ll send it on.

GD: Any surprises there?

RTC: Wait until you’ve read it and I would prefer not to discuss this on the telephone. There are aspects of this that should be kept very private and, let me add, I would request that you not address this in print until after I am gone.

GD: Understood but that could be ten years from now.

RTC: Oh, I doubt that. I’m getting older by the day. I might hold out for a few more years but not much longer. Emily has been at me to have more X-rays because the last ones showed some spots on my lungs but I think that if it was cancer, I would be dead by now. After all, we took those some years ago.

GD: You smoke?

RTC: A small sinful pleasure but not as much. That and coffee kept me going and these get to be ingrained habits. At any rate, eventually I ought to have more tests but I really don’t worry too much about this.

GD: Just one brief question about Kennedy if it’s all right.

RTC: Ask me and I’ll make a judgment call.

GD: Was it Oswald?

RTC: No, he was a patsy. Had nothing to do with it and that answers that question. Now, on to other things if you don’t mind.

GD: Thank you and go ahead.

RTC: I was thinking about the Pollard business we talked about a few days ago. Looking over some of my files, I am certain you were accurate about tipping them off. There was an unspecified confidential source and I suppose if I had someone dig into it further, it would cinch it all up. We thought it was someone from the Israeli side with a guilty conscience.

GD: No, just a peeved WASP.

RTC: Of course, what was the worst aspect of this Pollard business is that the little traitor passed an enormous amount of very, very sensitive information to Israel, among which were reams of top level coded material. We found out later that all of this was sent to Russia, to the KGB and the GRU within hours of it getting to Tel Aviv.

GD: Did they work with the Russians?

RTC: No, some of the refuseniks that went to Israel were Soviet plants and they took with them enough information to convince the Israelis that they would be good agents. That’s the terrible thing about the Pollard matter, Gregory. It cost us millions upon millions to rework our codes but that only covered on-going matters. My God, the Soviets were reading all our top level messages. The damage that little shit caused is not to believe. Weinberger wanted to shoot him out of hand but that never happened. Pollard will never get out of prison alive. Did you know that the Israelis made him an honorary member of their Knesset and deposited large sums of money into a bank account they opened for him there?

GD: That’s a bit gross, isn’t it?

RTC: Figure it. And they have been bombarding Clinton to pardon him but that will never happen, even if his wife is Jewish. I don’t much care for Clinton but he is certainly a smart man. He moves with the tides, Gregory, and if he dared to pardon Pollard, there would be serious problems for him. It’s been said that if this looked like it might go through, the BoP people would have one of their convicts stick a knife into him while he was taking the air in the prison yard. I think he should be found hanging in his cell some morning and then we can pickle him, put him in a box and ship him off to Israel, collect.

GD: Frau Clinton is Jewish?

RTC: Family came from Lodz in Poland, went to Manchester in England, changed their names and some of them came over here. Her branch ended up in the cloth business in Chicago. They don’t talk about this but it’s something to consider. One thing I can say about the Clintons. They both are really too fond of women.

GD: When I lived in California, I had a friend in the state police in Sacramento and he was telling me that Hillary left law school at Yale and interned with Bob Treuhaft in Oakland. He’s a communist labor lawyer. His wife is Decca Mitford who wrote the book on funeral home ripoffs. Decca’s sister was Unity Mitford, who was one of Hitler’s lady friends. Anyway, he said that Hillary worked with the Black Panthers in Oakland and got involved with their descent on the legislators in Sacramento. They all had guns and everyone freaked out. Apparently, the police went around rounding them all up and they found Frau Clinton naked in bed with a black woman. It’s all in a report he copied. And he said that about a week after Clinton became President, the FBI swooped down and grabbed the original files on all of this.

RTC: Too bad there’s no copy.

GD: Oh, there is. I sent a copy of it around to the media but all I got was complete silence. But note that Herb Caen, a columnist for the Chronicle, wrote about this and I don’t think the FBI can do much about that. Of course, people forget very quickly, Robert. Cold beer in the fridge and a sports game on the tube and they’re contented. Consider the bulk of the public as if it were a hibernating bear in Alaska. Now if the far right and the far left stand in front of his den, screeching at each other and throwing dung and snowballs at each other, the bear is oblivious. But supposing they decide to move into the den and continue their petty squabbles. And if by accident, one of them managed to kick brother bear squarely in the balls, then we see something else. The bear awakes with a roar, promptly kills both of the invaders of his bedroom and goes back to sleep again. That, Robert, is what happens when the public is aroused and that is why politicians are careful to keep out of the bear’s den.

RTC: An interesting analogy.

GD: Revolutions don’t start overnight. The French Revolution had its roots in the determination of a burgeoning middle class to obtain equal rights along with the monarchy, the clergy and the nobility. Things got out of control and the mob woke up and wreaked bloody havoc on France for some time. Read Carlisle on this subject. Or read Eric Hoffer. I recommend The True Believer for a very penetrating analysis of mass movements and their fanatic adherents. We don’t have this problem here, at least now, but things change and if we don’t change with them, then there are problems.

RTC: I think the older we get, the less we welcome change.

GD: Routine can be comforting at that. But suppose some stuffy bureaucrat got up one morning, shoved the family cat into the microwave, turned it on, drove his van across the neighbor’s lawn and crushed the stone dwarves and then ran all the red lights on the way to the office? And when he got to his work pen, he set the contents of his desk on fire and ran around the office buck naked?

RTC: I have a feeling he would be locked up somewhere for some time. You have a very active imagination, Gregory, or did you do this?

GD: No but when I see the automatons on the road or marching in lockstep on the sidewalks of the financial district, such thoughts are not unnatural to me. I love to do the unexpected. I recall once when a friend’s father, who ran a local Penney store, gave me a half a dozen obsolete window dummies. My God, sir, did I have my fun. We took a little girl, cute thing with pigtails, cut a hole in her back and filled her insides with lots of raspberry Jello. Then we put a pinafore and a pair of nice shoes and socks on her, took her down to the SP tracks and set her up just this side of the railroad bridge. My Russian friend and I sat in the bushes and when the Del Monte Special, filled with the idle rich, came down the line doing 80, the headlights picked up the little darling on the tracks, illuminating her winsome form for the people stopped by the track gates. Horns blowing, howling drivers, panic and then when the train hit her squarely, a great fan of red Jello and papier-mâché body parts descended on the stopped cars. Now that was something to remember, Robert. Engineer slammed on the breaks, dropped sand, skidded with many sparks and blaring air horn into the local station and I will always remember the idle rich flying all over the interior of the illuminated club car. We got away with it but only barely. Booted police stamping all around our bushes, looking for the fiends. We didn’t do that one again but believe me, it was worth it.

RTC: (Laughter)

GD: I see you do have a sense of humor, Robert. There were other dummies to be put to good use. Sometime later I can give you more cheerful anecdotes to make your day.

RTC: I hope all of that is behind you, Gregory.

GD: Oh yes, long ago but not forgotten. By the way, speaking of things behind, can you give me one word that describes what happened when a very fat woman backed into a rotating airplane propeller?

RTC: Not offhand.

GD: Disaster.

RTC: Are you smoking something illegal?

GD: No, too much coffee and too many fond memories. Let me go back to the book and leave you thinking about the chaos inside the Embassy when you turn on your noise box.

RTC: That’s probably enough for now.

GD: ‘Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof,’ Robert, and I will talk to you later.

(Concluded at 10:21 AM CST)


Central American migrant caravan continues march toward US

  • Several thousand Central American migrants who managed to cross from Guatemala into Mexico have vowed to continue marching toward the US.
  • President Donald Trump has politicized the caravan ahead of the midterm elections.

October 21, 2018


A US-bound caravan of at least 3,000 Central American migrants arrived in the Mexican city of Tapachula on Sunday after an hourslong march from the Guatemalan border.

Several hundred Mexican police in riot gear manned the main highway from the frontier as the group progressed north.

Some of the migrants, most of whom are from Honduras, entered through the official border crossing on a bridge spanning the Suchiate River.

Many also entered illegally, circumventing immigration authorities by swimming or paddling across on makeshift rafts.

US President Donald Trump has condemned the caravan, threatening to close the US-Mexico border if it doesn’t turn back.

Full efforts are being made to stop the onslaught of illegal aliens from crossing our Souther[n] Border (sic),” Trump tweeted. “People have to apply for asylum in Mexico first, and if they fail to do that, the US will turn them away.”

“We don’t yet know if we will make it to the [US] border, but we are going to keep going as far as we can,” Rodrigo Abeja, one of the caravan’s leaders, told The Associated Press. To get there, he will have to travel at least 2,000 kilometers (1,200 miles).

Bottleneck at the border

On Saturday, Mexican authorities refused to allow the caravan mass entry from Guatemala. Instead, only about 640 migrants were allowed through the official Suchiate River border crossing. Officials warned that those entering illegally would face deportation. The slow pace of processing meant about a thousand migrants were still trapped on the bridge.

Mexican authorities have insisted they will have to file asylum claims one-by-one to gain access to the country. It remains unclear whether their applications are likely to be accepted.

Local media in Guatemala reported Sunday that a further thousand migrants were on their way to the Mexican border.

Mexico’s Interior Department said in a statement that federal and Chiapas state authorities were providing food and medicines to migrants, as well as legal counseling for those who applied for asylum.

Meanwhile, the Guatemalan government has organized a fleet of buses to take the migrants back to their native Honduras. Initial estimates suggest over 300 people have already taken up the offer.

Trump: Migrant caravan politically motivated

Trump has sought to make the caravan and US border security a central issue ahead of midterm elections in just over two weeks’ time.

During a rally in Elko, Nevada, on Saturday, the president said: “The Democrats want caravans, they like the caravans. A lot of people say ‘I wonder who started that caravan?'”

Trump went on to praise Mexican authorities for trying to halt the caravan’s progress. “Mexico has been so incredible. Thank you Mexico and the leaders of Mexico, thank you,” he said. “And you know why, because now Mexico respects the leadership of the United States.”

Trump has threatened to cut aid to the region, deploy the military and shut down the US-Mexico border if authorities do not stop the migrants.

The caravan began in San Pedro Sula in northern Honduras last week, and grew in size as it traveled through Guatemala towards Mexico.

Honduras has seen violent street gangs brutally rule over large swathes of turf for years. With a homicide rate of nearly 43 citizens per 100,000, the country ranks among the poorest and most violent in the Americas.


Desperate Central American refugees cross into Mexico from river

Thousands travelling in migrant caravan circumvent border gate in attempt to reach US

October 21, 2018

Associated Press in Ciudad Hidalgo

A growing number of refugees from Central America have resumed their advance towards the US border in southern Mexico, despite Mexican efforts to stop them at the border with Guatemala.

The “caravan” swelled to about 5,000 overnight and they set out walking at first light on Sunday toward the Mexican town of Tapachula, 10 abreast in a line stretching back approximately a mile.

About 2,000 people had gathered on the Mexican side on Saturday night. The newcomers appear to be drawn from people who who had been waiting on the bridge over the Suchiate River or in the Guatemalan town of Tecun Uman and who decided to cross during the night. At dawn, there were still an estimated 1,500 people on the Guatemalan side hoping to enter legally.

On Saturday, many of those waiting to cross the border officially became impatient and circumvented the border gate by crossing the river on rafts, by swimming or by wading in full view of the hundreds of Mexican police at the blockade on the bridge. Some paid locals the equivalent of $1.25 to ferry them across the muddy waters. They were not detained on reaching the Mexican bank.

As the caravan passed through Mexican villages on the outskirts of the border city of Ciudad Hidalgo on Sunday, they drew applause, cheers and donations of food and clothing from Mexicans.Olivin Castellanos, 58, a truck driver and mason from Villanueva, Honduras, said he took a raft across the river after Mexico blocked the bridge. “No one will stop us, only God,” he said. “We knocked down the door and we continue walking.” He wants to reach the US to work. “I can do this,” he said, pointing to the asphalt under his feet. “I’ve made highways.”

The refugees, who said they gave up trying to enter Mexico legally because the asylum application process was too slow, gathered at a park in Ciudad Hidalgo. They voted by a show of hands to continue north en masse, then marched to the bridge crossing the Suchiate and urged those still on it to join them.

The decision to reassemble the refugee caravan capped a day in which Mexican authorities again refused mass entry to migrants on the bridge, instead accepting small groups for asylum processing and giving out 45-day visitor permits to some.

Sairy Bueso, a 24-year old Honduran mother of two, abandoned the bridge and crossed into Mexico via the river. She clutched her two-year-old daughter Dayani, who had recently had a heart operation, as she got off a raft.

“The girl suffered greatly because of all the people crowded on the bridge,” Bueso said. “There are risks that we must take for the good of our children.”

In addition to those who crossed the river, immigration agents processed migrants in small groups and then took them by bus to an open-air, metal-roof fairground in Tapachula, where the Red Cross set up small blue tents on the concrete floor.

Mexico’s interior department said it had received 640 refugee requests by Hondurans at the border crossing. It released photos of migrants getting off buses at a shelter and receiving food and medical attention. At least half a dozen migrants fainted in the crush.

People in the caravan cited widespread poverty and gang violence in Honduras, one of the world’s deadliest nations by homicide rate, as their reasons for fleeing.

Juan Carlos Mercado, 20, from Santa Barbara, said corruption and a lack of jobs in Honduras had stymied him. “We just want to move ahead with our lives,” he said, adding that he would do any kind of work.

The caravan elicited a series of angry tweets and warnings from Donald Trump early in the week, but Mexico’s initial handling of the migrants at its southern border seemed to have satisfied him.

“So as of this moment, I thank Mexico,” Trump said Friday at an event in Scottsdale, Arizona. “I hope they continue. If that doesn’t work out, we’re calling up the military not the [National] Guard. They’re not coming into this country.”

Since you’re here…


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Trump vows to cut Central America aid, calls migrant caravan an emergency

October 22, 2018

by Makini Brice and Delphine Schrank


WASHINGTON/TAPACHULA, Mexico (Reuters) – President Donald Trump on Monday vowed to begin curtailing tens of millions of dollars in aid to three Central American nations and called a caravan of migrants bound for the United States a national emergency as he sought to boost his party’s chances in Nov. 6 congressional elections. “Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador were not able to do the job of stopping people from leaving their country and coming illegally to the U.S. We will now begin cutting off, or substantially reducing, the massive foreign aid routinely given to them,” Trump wrote in a series of Twitter posts.

Trump and his fellow Republicans have sought to elevate the caravan, which has made its way into Mexico bound for the U.S. border, and immigration as campaign issues ahead of the midterm elections, in which his party is fighting to maintain control of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

“Remember the Midterms!” Trump wrote in Twitter posts decrying the caravan and attacking Democrats on immigration.

Trump, who has taken a hard line toward illegal immigration since taking office last year, also wrote that he had alerted the U.S. military and Border Patrol “that this is a National Emergy,” though he did not say what actions he was planning.

In campaigning for Republican candidates last week, Trump highlighted the caravan issue. Trump travels to Texas, a key border state, later on Monday to campaign for Republican U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, who is seeking re-election.

Since Trump became president last year, the United States has already moved to sharply decrease aid to Central America.

In 2016, the United States provided some $131.2 million in aid to Guatemala, $98.3 million to Honduras, and $67.9 million to El Salvador, according to official U.S. data. By next year, those sums were projected to fall to $69.4 million for Guatemala, $65.8 million for Honduras, and $45.7 million in the case of El Salvador. Combined, the cuts amount to a reduction of almost 40 percent for the three nations.

Trump was not specific about how much more he wanted to cut the aid.


At least 5,000 migrants, mostly Honduran, massed late on Sunday in the Mexican city of Tapachula near the Guatemalan border, local police said. About another 1,000 migrants were walking toward them from Ciudad Hidalgo further south, according to a Reuters witness.

Seeking to escape violence and poverty in their home countries, the migrants – men, women and children – have defied threats by Trump that he will close the U.S.-Mexico border if they advanced, as well as warnings from the Mexican government.

Most of the migrants are expected to stay in Tapachula through Monday, according to Mexican police at the scene. Police in riot gear shadowed the caravan’s arrival along a southern highway but did not impede the migrants’ journey.

“Sadly, it looks like Mexico’s Police and Military are unable to stop the Caravan heading to the Southern Border of the United States,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

Lieutenant Colonel Jamie Davis, a Pentagon spokesman, said that while National Guard troops are currently supporting the Department of Homeland Security on the border, the Pentagon had not been asked to provide additional support. There are currently 2,100 National Guard troops along the border in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California, according to the Pentagon.

Representatives for the White House and the U.S. Border Patrol did not immediately reply to requests for comment.

Congress has not fully funded Trump’s proposed wall along the U.S.-Mexican border, which he has argued is needed to combat illegal immigration.

In April, he raised the prospect of sending active-duty military forces to the U.S.-Mexico border to stop illegal immigrants, raising questions in Congress and among legal experts about troop deployments on U.S. soil.

A 19th-century federal law restricts using the Army and other main branches of the military for civilian law enforcement on American soil, unless specifically authorized by Congress. But the military can provide support services to law enforcement and has done so on occasion since the 1980s.

Later in April, Trump and Defense Secretary James Mattis authorized up to 4,000 National Guard personnel to help the Department of Homeland Security secure the border in the four Southwestern border states.

Some specific statutes authorize the president to deploy troops within the United States for riot control or relief efforts after natural disasters.

In a tweet on Monday, Republican U.S. Senator Marco Rubio wrote: “While unlawful migration to U.S. from Central America is caused by real crisis, the migrant ‘caravan’ was manufactured by supporters of a radical agenda who are using poor & desperate people to try & embarrass & undermine the U.S. in the region. But it’s going to backfire on them.” He did not provide further details on who the supporters were.

Mexico’s government has said the migrants must register with authorities so their claims to asylum in Mexico may be assessed. That way, the government hopes to break up the train of people. If they do not qualify for asylum, those in the caravan are liable to be sent back to their home countries.

Reporting by Makini Brice and Idrees Ali; Additional reporting by Susan Heavey; Writing by Will Dunham; Editing by Jonathan Oatis



Jamal Khashoggi case: All the latest updates

Turkish authorities say Mustafa al-Madani left Saudi consulate after journalist’s killing, wearing Khashoggi’s clothes.

October 22, 2018


Saudi Arabia has admitted Jamal Khashoggi was killed inside its consulate in the Turkish city of Istanbul.

Khashoggi – a Saudi writer, US resident, and Washington Post columnist – entered the building on October 2 to obtain documentation certifying he had divorced his ex-wife. He never came out.

After two weeks of repeated denials that it had anything to do with his disappearance, the kingdom admitted on Saturday the journalist died in a “fist-fight” inside the consulate.

Here are the latest developments:

Monday, October 22

Four phone calls made to Mohammed bin Salman’s office from the Saudi consulate the day Khashoggi was killed

Maher Abdulaziz Mutreb, a well-known travel companion of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, also known as MBS, made four phone calls to the royal’s office from the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul the day Khashoggi was killed there, a Turkish newspaper has reported.

Yeni Safak reported on Monday that Mutreb, who was a member of bin Salman’s entourage on trips to the United States, France and Spain earlier this year, made four calls to Bader al-Asaker, the head of bin Salman’s office.

It said another call went to the US.

Saudis ‘brought Khashoggi body double’

Newly leaked surveillance footage appears to show a man walking around Istanbul wearing Khashoggi’s clothes after his murder.

CNN aired the footage on Monday, citing a Turkish official as describing the man as a “body double” and a member of a 15-man Saudi team sent to Istanbul to target the writer. He was identified as Mustafa al-Madani.

CNN says the man walked out of the consulate via its back exit with an accomplice, then took a taxi to Istanbul’s famed Sultan Ahmed Mosque, where he went into a public toilet, changed back out of the clothes and left.

Khashoggi criticised crown prince for Israel rapprochement

In a previously unheard interview with London-based outlet The New Arab (Arabic), Khashoggi is heard criticising bin Salman’s increasingly warm ties with Israel.

Khashoggi said Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas would not succumb to the prince’s pressure to accept a peace plan by the Trump administration because of the popular anger he would face.

In the interview, which took place in February this year, the Washington Post columnist said:

“Abu Mazen (Abbas) told (Mohammed bin Salman) ‘hey brother, I cannot do this. My people will eat me alive’.

“Abu Mazen knows the reality on the ground, he knows his people, his situation is bad when it comes to his administration.”

He also dismissed suggestions that Saudi Arabia before 1979 was a better-run state than it is now.

“Saudi was not a liberal state before 1979. It was a religious extremist state,” Khashoggi said.

The Saudi crown prince has promised to reduce the influence of religious leaders in the country, which he says increased after the Iranian Revolution in 1979.

Crown prince’s bodyguard ‘took part of Khashoggi’s body’

Turkish officials believe that part of Khashoggi’s body was taken out of Turkey by a well-known travel companion of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s bodyguards, according to a report by the Middle East Eye.

Maher Abdulaziz Mutrib is reported to have been seen carrying a large bag, which was not checked as he bypassed security checks through a VIP lounge at Istanbul’s Ataturk airport.

Turkish consulate employees give statements

Five Turkish employees of the Saudi consulate in Istanbul are giving statements as witnesses in the investigation into the killing of Saudi journalist Khashoggi, Turkish broadcaster NTV said on Monday.

Last week, 20 consulate workers gave statements to prosecutors in relation to the incident, NTV had reported previously.

Canada could scrap Saudi arms deal

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in an interview broadcast Sunday that Canada could cancel a multibillion-dollar defence contract with Saudi Arabia following the death of Khashoggi.

Trudeau, speaking on French-language talk show, Tout Le Monde En Parle – recorded Thursday before Riyadh confirmed Khashoggi’s death at its Istanbul consulate – insisted Canada would “always defend human rights, including with Saudi Arabia”.

Canadian regulations for the sale of military equipment include restrictions related to human rights violations and stipulations that military hardware cannot be used against civilians.

Asked about a key deal with Riyadh for the sale of light armoured vehicles worth CAD15bn ($11.4bn), Trudeau said: “in this contract, there are clauses that must be followed in relation to the use of what is sold to them.”

“If they do not follow these clauses, we will definitely cancel the contract.”

Relations between Canada and Saudi Arabia have been tense in recent months.

After Canada criticised the Saudi arrest of human rights activists, the kingdom retaliated by expelling the Canadian ambassador, recalling its own envoy to Ottawa and freezing trade and investment between the two countries.

On Sunday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said her country would not export arms to Saudi Arabia amid the uncertainty around Khashoggi’s death.

Indonesian president calls for ‘transparent’ probe

Indonesian President Joko Widodo called for a “transparent and thorough” investigation into the death of journalist Khashoggi at a meeting on Monday with Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister, Adel al-Jubeir.

WSJ: ‘Why the outrage?’ Saudi crown prince asked

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Saudi crown prince called presidential adviser and Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner on October 10, eight days after Khashoggi went missing.

“Why the outrage?” the prince asked in English, according to people briefed on the conversation, the WSJ said.

Erdogan and Trump discuss Khashoggi case on the phone

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and US President Donald Trump spoke on the telephone to discuss Khashoggi’s disappearance, the Turkish state-owned Anadolu agency said on Monday morning.

“Erdogan and Trump agreed the Khashoggi case needs to be cleared up with all aspects”, Anadolu said.

Saudi king, crown prince call Khashoggi’s son to express condolences

Saudi King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman both called Khashoggi’s son, Salah, to express their condolences, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

Saudi Arabia has said Khashoggi, 59, died in a fight inside its Istanbul consulate – after two weeks of denials that it had anything to do with his disappearance.

Khashoggi’s son thanked the king and the crown prince, the report said.

Foreign Minister al-Jubeir also extended his condolences to Khashoggi’s family.

“This is a terrible mistake. This is a terrible tragedy. Our condolences go out to them. We feel their pain,” al-Jubeir told US broadcaster, Fox.

“Unfortunately, a huge and grave mistake was made and I assure them that those responsible will be held accountable for this.”

Some observers have speculated the powerful crown prince ordered the killing of Khashoggi – who had criticised bin Salman -Â but the Saudi leadership has denied any involvement.

Erdogan, Trump agree all aspects of Khashoggi case need to be cleared up

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and US President Donald Trump spoke on the telephone to discuss Khashoggi’s killing, Anadolu news agency reported.

“Erdogan and Trump agreed the Khashoggi case needs to be cleared up with all aspects,” it said.

Anadolu added the two leaders also discussed American pastor Andrew Brunson, cooperation in the fight against terrorism and the roadmap on Syria’s Manbij.

US treasury secretary’s Saudi trip back on

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin defended his decision to visit Saudi Arabia later this month despite the continuing turmoil following Khashoggi’s killing.

Last week, Mnuchin announced he would not attend a major economic conference in Riyadh after talks with President Trump about the assassination.

But speaking during a stop in Jerusalem, Mnuchin said the US’s strategic and economic relationship with the Saudis was too important to be put in jeopardy over Khashoggi’s murder.

“We have an important relationship with Saudi, focused on combating terrorist financing and focused on our common interests of stopping Iran’s spread of both terrorism and other issues,” Mnuchin was quoted as saying by The New York Times.

“I am going to go there and meet with my counterparts and continue to focus on what’s in the treasury’s domain, as it relates to this issue.”

The three-day Future Investment Initiative, dubbed “Davos in the desert”, begins on Tuesday in Saudi Arabia. Many corporate heavyweights and prominent politicians have pulled out over Khashoggi’s murder.


Saudi Prince is “Power Mad Serial Killer” & Sex Deviant- US Intelligence

Although the Prince is married and has children, he is also well-known to US intelligence agencies as an aggressive homosexual with a preference for small Filipino boys, a significant number of whom seem to have totally vanished from his palace, never to be seen again.

“The Deadly Gay Saudi Camel Jockey”

by Caleb Einwechter


October 21, 2018

In official Washington, but very privately, the notorious Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud  is known as the Saudi Gilles de Rais, Baron de Rais. The baron was a friend of Joan of Arc was later was convicted and confessed as a rapist and serial killer of small children.

His behavior after he manipulated himself into the top ranks of the Saudi royal family have also earned him the disrespectful but accurate name of Caligula, the Rag Head Camel Jockey

He is the son of King Salman from his third spouse, Fahda bint Falah bin Sultan bin Hathleen.

Although the Crown Prince is married and has children, he is also well-known to US intelligence agencies as an aggressive homosexual with a preference for small Filipino boys, a significant number of whom seem to have totally vanished from his palace, never to be seen again. A small severed arm, with an identifiable tattoo was discovered in a trash dump near the royal palace but of the others, there has never been any sign of them or their obviously dismembered bodies.

Donald Trump has always had excellent relations with the Saudi royal family and in August of 2016, his son, Donald Jr. met with a representative of the Crown Prince who was offering to assist Trump’s presidential campaign. Also at the meeting were one Joel Zamel from Israel, an expert on social media manipulation and the controversial American Erik Prince, brother of Elisabeth DeVos, Trump’s Secretary of Education and founded of the notorious Blackwater professional military mercenaries.

t should be noted that when Trump’s financial manipulations led to bankruptcy, the only banks that would loan him money were Saudi banks. And on the day he became Crown Prince, U.S. President Donald Trump called Mohammed bin Salman to “congratulate him on his recent elevation.” Trump and the new crown prince pledged “close cooperation” on security and economic issues, according to the White House, and the two leaders also discussed the need to cut off support for terrorism and mutual support in the Saudi fight to establish a Sunni empire throughout the Muslim world.

On 10 January 2016, The Independent paper reported that “the BND, the German intelligence agency, portrayed…Saudi defense minister and Deputy Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman…as a political gambler who is destabilizing the Arab world through proxy wars in Yemen and Syria.” German officials afraid of “serious physical and economic retribution” reacted to the BND’s memo, saying the published statement “is not the position of the federal government”.

In November of 2017, Mohammed bin Salman tricked the Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri into visiting Saudi Arabia and had him seized and forced to resign. The Crown Prince hated Hezbollah, a Shiite militant group based in Lebanon, whom the Saudis fear as hostile to a Sunni empire being constructed. Hariri eventually was released, went back to Lebanon and immediately annulled his resignation.

In October 2018 Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi journalist and a critic of the Crown Prince vanished after entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. The Turkish government has stated officially that Khashoggi was murdered at the consulate, and has specific video and audio recordings proving that Khashoggi was first tortured and then murdered and that a medical forensics expert was part of the 15-man Saudi team seen entering and leaving the consulate at the time of the journalist’s disappearance.

Detailed American intelligence reports clearly indicate that the Crown Prince is a deviant, a serial killer, “power mad, sexually degenerate and completely unbalanced” and whose conduct is so bizarre and vicious that the end result of his actions will result in public revolt and a probable toppling of the current Saudi royal family.

That Saudi Arabia has been a major supplier of oil to the United States, coupled with their thinly veiled bribery of President Trump is well known and has prevented Trump from openly sanctioning Saudi Arabia or in breaking diplomatic relations with that corrupt and murderous regime.


The New Christian Manifesto

October 12, 2018

(From an internal Pentecostal website)

To Our Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Greetings!

It is with glowing pride that we contemplate the growing control and spiritual influence of True Christians in establishing strict control of the American political and educational realms. America was founded in 1620 by Religious Dissenters, True Christians, who fled from secular persecutions in England. They set up a religious community in Plymouth Bay and flourished greatly. But in subsequent years, America drifted away from her True Christian origins and became a nest of Secularism. Americans have turned away from the One True God to worship Mammon and materialism! Self-indulgence has replaced self-discipline and the cell phone has replaced Our Lord Jesus Christ in daily importance! But rejoice in your hearts because the True Disciples of Christ have organized to save America from Secular Humanism and hedonism and we are now at the very gates of the True Kingdom of Heaven on earth! The True Disciples have begun their Sacred Mission by gaining virtual control over the Republican Party in almost every state in the Union, have elected a President of our One True Faith, have filled the halls of Congress with Representatives of both the people and Christ the Lord! We are well on our way to reestablish the True Christian nation, under God Almighty, that was founded in 1620.

The Politics of God

Now, with the advent of a True Christian as a second-term President of the United States, we Christians stand closer now to establishing a truly Christian-based government in this country since 1620!

By faith and determination, we have placed many of our people into the ranks of the Republican Party; have organized local elections to put our members on vital school boards where they can, and have, successfully supplanted the false Darwinism with the Divinely Inspired Biblical Creationism. We have elected members to serve in Congress who are sensitive to our needs and wishes but we need far more in order to establish a firm majority.

Since 2001 dozens of True Christians, by Presidential order have been placed in key positions within the Department of Health and Human Services, the Federal Drug Administration and on commissions and advisory committees where they have made serious progress. Three years later God-sent Bush Administration has established one of the most righteous sexual health agendas in the Western world.

As one example of the growing power of the Lord in American politics, the Texas Republican Party Platform for 2002, called for rescinding United States membership in the United Nations and removing the United Nations from US soil. Pat Robertson, in his book, “The Millennium”, depicts the United Nations as a Satanic plot to take control of the world. And in the LaHaye “Left Behind” books, we can see that the United Nations is firmly in the hands of the anti-Christ!

Herewith we present our Watchwords and our Credo to you for your guide and inspiration.

1.Rule the world for God!

2.Give the impression that you are there to work for the Republican party, not push an ideology.

3.Hide your strength.

4.Don’t flaunt your Christianity.

Our Credo is:

Jesus Christ is Lord in all aspects of life, including civil government.

Jesus Christ is, therefore, the Ruler of Nations, and should be explicitly confessed as such in any constitutional documents. The civil ruler is to be a servant of God, he derives his authority from God and he is duty-bound to govern according to the expressed will of God.

The civil government of our nation, its laws, institutions, and practices must therefore be conformed to the principles of Biblical law as revealed in the Old and New Testaments.

In confronting Secular Humanists and Satanists, we must realize that it is vital to stress the following Proclaimed Truths:

  1. The unique divine inspiration of all the canonical books of the Old and New Testaments as originally given, so that they are infallible and uniquely authoritative and free from error of any sort, in all matters with which they deal, scientific and historical as well as moral and theological.
  2. Special creation of the existing space-time universe and all its basic systems and kinds of organisms in the six literal days of the creation week.
  3. The full historicity and perspicuity of the biblical record of primeval history, including the literal existence of Adam and Eve as the progenitors of all people, the literal fall and resultant divine curse of the creation, and worldwide cataclysmic deluge and the origin of nations and languages at the Tower of Babel.

Brother Pat Robertson said in 1992,

“We want…as soon as possible to see a majority of the Republican Party in the hands of pro-family Christians…”

Ralph Reed said in 2001,

“You’re no longer throwing rocks at the building; you’re in the building.”

Once dismissed as a small regional movement, Christian conservatives have become a staple of politics nearly everywhere. Christian conservatives now hold a majority of seats in 36% of all Republican Party state committees (or 18 of 50 states), plus large minorities in 81% of the rest, double their strength from a decade before.

Active Christian Conservatives who are obedient to Almighty God and his Commandments in the United States Senate are:

Bill Frist, TN, Mitch McConnell, KY, Rick Santorum, PA, Bob Bennet, UT, Kay Bailey Hutchinson, TX, Jon Kyle, AZ, George Allen, VA, Richard Shelby, AL, Zell Miller, GA, Sam Brownback, KS, Sen. Lindsey Graham, SC

These True Christians deserve our heartfelt thanks and our continued support, both fiscal and personal.

The twin surges of Christians into GOP ranks in the early 1980s and early 1990s have begun to bear fruit, as naïve, idealistic recruits have transformed into highly proficient operatives and leaders, building organizations, winning leadership positions, fighting onto platform committees, and electing many of our own to public offices at all levels of American governance.

Christians need to take leadership positions. Since Republican Party officers control the membership and our legislative bodies, it is very important that mature Christians have a majority of leadership positions whenever possible, God willing.

One of our brilliantly successful tactics in gaining control of Republican organizations is to tie up the meetings for hours until people left. Then we appointed ourselves leaders and make key decisions. Once we took over the local leadership throughout our target State, we can then control the state party apparatus. Once we have a target state under Christian control, we can then use the same tactics in other states until we build a solid Christian foundation that can control any election, state or national.

The strategy of the coming Christian Based Republican Party is simple.

First, enact a permanent tax cut which will eliminate $6 trillion in revenue over the next 20 years. This will in effect starve the federal government so it will be unable to fund many liberal and essentially anti-Christian governmental functions instituted since the Communist-inspired New Deal.

Second, fill the liberal and secular federal judiciary with Christian advocates whose judicial philosophy will reverse the disastrous trends on civil rights, environmental protections, religious liberty, reproductive rights and privacy and so much more.

Third, mandate the teaching of Divine Creationism in all public and private schools and remove from all school curriculums the Secular Humanist false theories of Darwin and others.

Fourth, revise the Federal Constitution so that it better reflects Divine Will and strips away false secularism entirely.

A Constitution that conforms to Biblical Law will rely on the Ten Commandments of the Old Testament as its guiding source. Therefore, the Ten Commandments hold a special meaning. The New Christian lawmakers are going to pass legislation in various state legislatures that will mandate government posting of the Ten Commandments in all public buildings.

Rev. Joseph Morecraft is pastor of the Reconstructionist Chalcedon Presbyterian Church in Marietta, Georgia and he states his belief in the persecution of nonbelievers and those who are insufficiently orthodox is crystal clear. Reverend Morecraft describes democracy as “mob rule,” and states that the purpose of “civil government” is to “terrorize evil doers. . . to be an avenger!” and “To bring down the wrath of God to bear on all those who practice evil!”

“And how do you terrorize an evil doer?” he asks. “You enforce Biblical law!” The purpose of government is “to protect the church of Jesus Christ,” and, “Nobody has the right to worship on this planet any other God than Jehovah. And therefore the state does not have the responsibility to defend anybody’s pseudo-right to worship an idol!” “There is no such thing” as religious pluralism, he declared. Further, “There has never been such a condition in the history of mankind. There is no such place now. There never will be.”

“When God brings Noah through the flood to a new earth, He re-establishes the Dominion Mandate but now delegates to man the responsibility for governing other men in order to protect human life. He does this by instituting capital punishment – the backbone of civil government.” U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

Now let us begin with some realistic soul-searching. Let us define the purposes and directions of our ranks for, although we may see the same Enlightenment in different ways, in the end, we are all True Christians.

A definition of the True Christian membership:

The implementation of Biblical Law is central to the mission of building the Kingdom of God on earth. The way to get to Biblical Law is through politics. Therefore, God’s law as manifested in the Bible should govern. References to the Ten Commandments are more than symbolic. It reflects a belief that the Bible, not the Constitution, represents the final legal authority.

1)       The federal government should recede into the background through massive tax cuts. This concept, heartily embraced by President Bush, has more than one benefit. As money available for corrupting so-called “entitlements” dries up, there will not be funding for welfare leeches, birth control programs, support for the army of illegal aliens now flooding out country and the notorious Social Security give-aways.

2)       Churches should be mandated to take over responsibility for welfare and education by Faith-based initiatives and school vouchers. By these means, True Christians can establish a firm control over the education of American youth. We can, and will, instill Christian Values in our youth and by this means insure a growing body of young Christians, ready, willing and able to assume leadership positions in a Christian United States.

3)       Capitalism is the sole reason that America is now the greatest nation on earth and the Christian Community firmly believes that this engine of national success and power should be freed of current regulations that harmfully restrict America’s major corporations in achieving their maximum growth potential. We are therefore opposed to so-called “environmental” rules and regulations, restrictive and repressive work safety regulations, involvement by the Federal government in civil rights matters. We must first and foremost introduce and secure legislation to halt devastating personal injury lawsuits against Corporate America.

4)       The U.S. Constitution should conform to Biblical Law

The Death Penalty for Homosexuality

Among those of us who embrace “reconstructionism,” which advocates imposing a radically fundamentalist interpretation of “Biblical law” onto American society are many outspoken advocates of the Christian America concept. On the September 4, 1998 Armstrong Williams talk show, Colorado talk-radio personality Bob Enyard called for the death penalty for gays and adulterers. Last year, a Christian radio talk-show host in Costa Mesa, California said, “Lesbian love, sodomy are viewed by God as being detestable and abominable. Civil magistrates are to put people to death who practice these things.” The announcer urged listeners to contact legislators and ask that they enact capital punishment for homosexuality. The station manager called the program “an honest dialogue concerning Christian beliefs.” Congressional candidate Randall Terry, former head of Operation Rescue, extends this view of “Biblical law” to include a removal of all homosexuals from positions of influence in American society with especial reference to the American education system at all levels. This even extends to suspected perverts as well as brazen practitioners of perversions

In addition, the battle cry against “special rights” was the centerpiece of opposition to a federal anti-discrimination bill, the Employment Non Discrimination Act (ENDA), which was defeated by one vote in the U.S. Senate in 1996. More recently “no special rights” was the core message of the Religious Right’s campaign to overturn President Clinton’s executive order banning discrimination against gays in the federal workplace. Carmen Pate of Concerned Women for America said the executive order was “not about equality under the law, but about special privileges.” In the last instance, the rhetoric was so plainly and patently untrue that a sufficient number of Republican members of Congress voted in favor of equality on the job and the executive order was allowed to stand.

Our Church has launched many attacks on corporations that offer domestic partner benefits and make it very clear that our leaders’ anti-gay ideology will not permit any special treatment or recognition of their gay employees. A few years ago, American Airlines was attacked for its gay-acceptance policy in hiring and for its support of gay community organizations. A host of Religious Right leaders, including D. James Kennedy, Gary Bauer, James Dobson (Focus on the Family), Beverly LaHaye (Concerned Women for America), Don Wildmon (American Family Association), and Richard Land (Southern Baptists) signed an open letter, printed as a newspaper ad, attacking American Airlines. American Airlines officials met with Christian Community leaders but rejected demands that they discontinue marketing to the gay community.  This is a battle to which we will certainly return and we now plan to extend our efforts to other large American corporations. We are planning to promulgate a nation-wide boycott against any such corporation that either hires homosexuals or supports the so called “Special Interest” programs cleverly designed to introduce gays into normal society by making them acceptable to the gullible and uninformed.



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