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TBRNEWS August 31, 2010

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C., August 31, 2010: “Much in the news of late about acts of anti-Muslim activity here and there across this country, and others.

Condemned especially by Jewish groups who greatly fear that at some point, stirring up the public against ethnic groups might turn on them.

Black groups are similarly fearful.

Most of this is being stirred up by fanatics from the far right and promulgated by the three Republican lunatics: Beck, Palin and Limbaugh. Main-line Republicans affect horror but secretly giggle in their tea napkins at the thought of mass national rage boosting their strange candidates into public office…from where they can do even more damage to the national structure.

However, that having been said, militant Islam now poses a great danger to the rest of the world, thanks in part to the stupidity of the Bush administration in invading Muslim countries for fun and profit and also on the part of Israel who, according to Zionist rules, wants to evict all the non-Jewish Arabs from the Arabs ancestral homelands as part f the religious plan to Jewify all of the ancient Judea .

Some kind soul gave me a thick official U.S. Army analysis of the very critical situation in the Middle East that is a blockbuster. It will be published in our next edition and ought to cause as much trouble for the Zionists as they and their supporters are trying to create for the Muslims. Be patient, children, and you will have your bedtime story Wetting the bed after reading it is not part of the plan!” Continue Reading »

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TBR News August 27, 2010

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The Voice of the White House

            Washington, D.C., August 26, 2010: “The anniversary of the 9/11 attack will soon be upon us and we can absolutely depend on floods of introspective articles in the media, paralleled by lunatic rantings from the conspiracy wierdos. Using this inside-job attack on the United States as an excuse, the Organs of Control are tightening their control over even the lowliest of America’s citizens by spying on everyone. Bank accounts, telephone calls, emails, the USPS, the car, aircraft travel, use of the public library, seeking forbidden subjects on Google or Wikipedia, travel both inside and outside of the country and on and on and in growing profusion aarer now part and parcel of the rodent associations. What all of this spying, note-taking and snooping is doing is to totally destroy the public’s confidence in the integrity of their government and to make evasion and deception more and more popular.

            A young man in Plano, Texas, has invented a simple device for blocking GPS identifiers so that if you want to take a trip, be it to Canada or the store, you merely need to snap the switch on the small box to ‘on’ and the snoops get nothing. I was sent one as a gift and it does appear to work. I don’t know about their marketing plans but believe it, the government, seeing one of their main snoop weapons nullified, will run howling to the courts and demand the device be banned.

Of course it will and no one will use it because it will be termed Unpatriotic and conducive to the Promotion of Terrorism!

And believe it will sell.

I have a Finnish device, small and quite compact, battery-operated and designed to shut off any cell phone operating within 300 feet. I am sure this is somehow not legal but I use it anyway and whenever my wife and I go to the mall, we use it. Great crowd of the idiots can be heard screaming: ‘Hello!!! Hello!! into a dead phone. And then, blessed silence. The chatter of idiots is stilled and we have peace and quiet.

And we also have peace and quiet in elevators, in restaurants, in theaters, in supermarkets, on the street and elsewhere. The screams of the uncomprehending when they discover that they have been disconnected are wonderful to hear! And all of this cell-phone babbling sounds like speed night at a group therapy session for the dysfunctional.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News August 24, 2010

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The Voice of the White House

          Washington, D.C., August 22, 2010: “Livid with rage at the collapse of a dim-witted public relations venture, the organs of our government have turned against their own foils. The release of thousands of pages of low-level documentation was intended to give Obama an excuse for pulling out of Afghanistan without drawing the hysterical super-militants of the far right. Instead, the documents supplied to Mr. Assange via the Army and its people created, and is still creating, terrible trouble for the American government and its organs of control.

The brutal personal attacks on Pfc Manning (the obedient New York Times promptly claimed, without any proof whatsoever, that Manning was a rampant homosexual) and subsequently, to claim that Assange was a rapist and molester.

This reeks of the CIA and its long, long and very ugly history of similar vicious smears that we have seen, aimed at individuals and institutions that the government in general, and the CIA in specific, does not like.

During its long existence, the CIA has developed “close and working” connections with American media outlets, to include book publishers, newspapers, television entities, and a growing number of bloggers. This is why sniggering innuendos and gross libels pour out of what is alleged to be a free press whenever the masters speak. Remember the moronic Tom Ridge mouthing dire warnings about red days and pink days, don’t you?

It is interesting to note that accusations of misdeeds in others always seem to reflect the secret sins of the attackers.

Inside the Beltway, it is not a secret that many CIA operatives down at Langley are as queer as a three dollar bill but outside, thanks to the media, they are seen as heroic defenders of the country.

The old question is still very valid: “Who will guard us against the guardians?” Continue Reading »

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TBR News August 20, 2010

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The Voice of the White House

            Washington, D.C. August 20, 2010: “We must thank Julian the Apostate for all of his recent activity with purloined and classified U.S. government documents. Julian and others think that there are under some kind of control but in fact, they are not. Manning sent a number of these around to his hacker friends and they, in turn, sent them to other kindred spirits. This is something that can’t go back into Pandora’s Box and I must say, the reading is a revelation in one sense and a confirmation on the other. Believe it, in these cases (i.e. the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan…and now Pakistan) the sins of the fathers will most certainly be visited upon the children.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News August 18, 2010

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The Voice of the White House

            Washington, D.C., August 17, 2010: “There were many more documents dug out of official email files by Bradley Manning than the public is being shown. It strikes me as rather odd that all the critical military papers about our involvement in Afghanistan seem to cover only the period when George Bush was in the White House. This does not mean that there are no papers relating to incidents during the Obama administration but merely that these are not being released. This would indicate to me that there is some hanky-panky going on. Never mind all that because the hacking world has gotten a good deal of fascinating Department of State messaging and this has been circulated to a few interested people. We have been publishing some of the more interesting messaging here and will continue to do so. Ambassadorial reports are much more informative than low-level combat material and some of the machinations of our officials are fascinating to read. The Slaughterhouse Informer will be carrying a discussion of the hidden war between the Army and the CIA over the murderous use of drones against Pakistan and Afghanistan civilians. An interesting, if vicious, turf war indeed! In essence, the Army is angry that the CIA has taken over some of their bases and are using them to launch drones against civilian targets anywhere, and in any country, they choose. The Army gets the blame for this wholesale slaughter and is getting very angry.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News August 14, 2010

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The Voice of the White House (Reprinted with permission from the Slaughterhouse Informer)

            Washington, D.C., August 11, 2010: “Poor PFC Bradley Manning was suckered into providing “a friend” with an enormous number of secret email messages which, he was told, would make the innocent Manning “very famous.” The documents were forthcoming but the “friend” then told his superiors and after the documents were sent to WikiLeaks, as intended, Manning was duly arrested. However, the reason why all of Washington, especially the Department of State and the White House, is terrified is not because of the relatively low-level military reports but the very damaging, and I mean very damaging, diplomatic messaging. Once the authorities discovered the degree and extent of the leakage, they panicked and immediately shoved poor Manning into solitary confinement, Their reason, “a suicide watch” is not the real reason for locking him away. The real reason is to try to find out to whom the explosive DoS documents might have been send, aside from WikiLeaks. Manning is not to talk to anyone but his interrogators and must never, ever be let loose around a computer. Apparently the authorities do not realize that computer code writers and hackers represent the elite of the computer world and they love to interface with each other and pass bits of interesting information back and forth. While Julian can be trusted, others cannot and now the fear is that deadly secrets will suddenly appear. Like here. Like on a thousand websites. Bradley did the right thing but for the wrong reason and as long as he is locked up in solitary confinement, instead of keeping his secrets safe, they will be, in Biblical terminology, “be proclaimed throughout the land and unto all the inhabitants thereof.” Selah!

Herewith appended is an interesting study in political realities:” Continue Reading »

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TBR News August 10, 2010

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C. August 9, 2010: “As more and more information, garbled and censored though it may be, emerges about PFC Bradley Manning, the more it appears that he ought to be considered a hero like Daniel Ellsberg rather than hidden in a solitary confinement cell in a military jail. Why is Manning there? Because the government is terrified, literally terrified, lest word leaks out about not only the amount of classified government material he passed on to others but what this material contained. It is one thing for WikiLeaks to have these but quite another for anyone in the general community to see any of some of the material. Never mind  the tons of paperwork about low level U.S> military actions but the real terror looms when the Department of State secret messaging from embassies to Washington becomes public. The idea, frantically being fed to the American public, that only WikiLeaks has seen this latter sewage is entirely false. Copies of these papers were sent out, by whom is unknown, to others. The government does not know who received these or believe it, they, too would end up in solitary confinement somewhere while frantic searchers were stealing their computers and ripping through their harddrives to find, and destroy, what promises to be one of the most devastating eruptions in modern history. A number of these messages are being privately, and very carefully, being sent around by an elite circle of advanced hackers. I have seen hundreds of them (but not, I hasten to assure the frenzied searchers, on my own computer) and some, if not all, must be reprinted. Rather put these up in public, we have decided to release selections of the most devastating messaging on The Slaughterhouse Informer. As this is a subscription only entity, it is far safer for some, but not for all. To those who read these, do enjoy!?

Continue Reading »

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TBR News August 7, 2010

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C., August 7, 2010: “I read, stunned, that the floods in Pakistan have been caused by….HAARP! My, yes! And the very same HAARP caused the Haiti earthquake as well. And the Indonesia tsunami/earthquake, too! I always thought it was the Illuminati using Tesla death rays, just like they did on the WTC buildings.

I must say, the Internet is an incredible source for anyone not jabbering on their cell phone while stuffing their face on the other side with fresh, candied hog fat. There is an enormous fund of real knowledge there if only people were interested in searching for it. Instead, they gorge, gabble and stare with vacant eyes at the television set, drooling with glee when ‘American Idol’ or ‘Dancing with the Stars’ comes on.

The unions pushed the wages up so high in this country that the manufacturers had to find cheaper sources of labor outside the country. BP is huge, cuts corners, screwed up in the Gulf and finally fixed their mess. BP did not do this on purpose to give the left something to wail about but predictable, the wailing will go on for another month or so.

There is a difference between greedy carelessness and malice.

The so-called Julian Papers are a joke here. We know who ordered them to be released and anyone out there who believes the official lies that it was a 20 year old soldier who stole and released to the Divine Julian almost 100 k pages of moderately classified papers (all of which reflect the Evil Bush and all of which will help Obama’s plans no end) should be watching FOX News or the Disney channel (which in content are the same thing. (And the hysterically funny Glen Beck looks like an ad for Prozac.)” Continue Reading »

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TBR News August 2, 2010

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C., August 1, 2010: “To paraphrase William Butler Yeats, our national structures are starting to fall apart because it is becoming more and more evident that the center cannot hold. The Bush people started the process by taking controls off the business community, no doubt in return for a piece of the pie, and the housing bubble was the cause of the very predictable economic collapse. Also, the Bush people permitted major American business entities to move their operations to much cheaper overseas labor markets. Not only did this deprive the country of taxes but it also blocked  millions of young Americans of entry-level jobs. The American dream of a job, a wife and family, a car and a house has now vanished. Corruption and financial manipulation have taken millions of American mortgages, sliced, diced and packaged them for sale abroad so that in essence, Americans do not own their homes and never will because no one knows who owns their mortgage. The public no longer trusts the government and treats the American media as nothing more than a propaganda organ for that government,. rendering it useless as a tool for public opinion control. That press tells us, cheerfully, that the economy is rebounding from the collapsed. It isn’t. Yes, the bankers are making money, the stock market is coming back but the public is not. Home sales are down, income has dropped, buying has fallen off and, worst of all, there is a huge, and growing, part of our current society that cannot find any kind of work. Government support of the jobless cannot continue lest it destroy what is left of the economy and unless, and until, more manufacturing jobs are created in this country, the chances of public grow by the day. Lao Tzu said  “Spare me from living in interesting times!” I have used this simile before and I will use it again: If you stop up the spout of a boiling tea kettle, the lid will blow off. Continue Reading »

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