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TBR News February 1, 2014

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The Voice of the White House


I would be surprised to find one of my friends on Facebook, or any other social network scam. But many millions are and the FBI (and other agencies) are happy they are. It saves them so much trouble in building files.


But if I started a fake religion (are there genuine ones?) about the Easter Bunny, wrote a tome entitled “The Book of the Bunny” and carried on with a choir and orchestra, in a for-rent restaurant dining room, believe me, there would be many thrilled by the Virgin Birth of the Great Rabbit, various miracles wrought by Him and His lessons and preachments would capture the imagination.


The sort of bipedal idiot that read their daily Bunny Lesson would also be on Facebook, Twitter, Tweet, Grunt, etc. seriously engaged in trying to spangle their shriveled and pathetic lives with thrilling imaginary experiences, new friends and, best of all, attention.


I do not recall exactly how many times I have been breathlessly invited to “join all your friends” on Facebook.


On the other hand, I might do this and lard my pages with sly references to the “secret headquarters” of a powerful new organization that has been developed to spy on the agencies.


A few hints would lead the blubber-guts with the comb-overs, badges and black vests into a dense woods and, thinking the hut over there on the little hill is where the organization meets, waddle out into the very damp ground and push through the reeds to the point where they fall into the quicksand and drown, screaming for their mothers to help them.


Is this murder or pest control?


The pathetic public is slowly but surely becoming aware of the true nature of Facebook and the other information-gathering entites, and leaving them. They will find substitutes and believe it, Our Protectors will rush to set up something in that area.


And whenever you see a story in the compliant ‘New York Times’ about an “absolutely secure telephone scrambling system,” do not fall for this. The system has a trapdoor built into it that one could drive two semi-trucks through, side by side.


Swift was dead-on and so was Barnum.  Continue Reading »

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TBR News January 24, 2013

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The Voice of the White House


         Washington, D.C. January 23, 2014: “Great waves of mass madness sweep over societies from time to time. The notorious South Sea Bubble was one classic example and now we have the Social Network lunacy working its way, like a splinter, out of the skin of the public.


A frantic desire on the part of insignificant people to become noticed and, in theory at least, entertain a huge horde of new friends who will love and admire them for their brilliance, beauty and importance has produced a flood of Internet sites.


To say that no one really cares about them in not entirely true because it is well-known that American governmental snoop agencies, like the FBI, the DHS, the IRS and others, welcome Social Networks with great glee and evident pleasure.


If they have not actually founded these Loser sites, they flock to them as a cheap and effective way to gather data on potential enemies of the Administration and their own growing transgressions against public privacy. The FBI or the DHS does not really care about Maudie-Mae’s new kitties but they now have her address and a good deal of concrete information available to them without spending a dime on investigations.


In time, when this weapon against privacy is understood, empty ruins will mark the social phenomenon and then the public, in its frenzied attempt to gain recognition before the obliteration of death, will have found other palliatives.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News January 20, 2014

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The Voice of the White House



            Washington, D.C. January 20, 2014: “Aside from citizens who are denizens of clinics and life on pills, most Americans pay little or no attention to the print and television media. These entities have long ago sold out to politicians and business interests and publish, or air, only what what they are to to. If anyone doubt tis, look at the Guardian or Novosti websittes and compare their contents to the front pages of the New York Times or the Washington Post. And the waffling in the White House over the NSA mass snoopings is not difficult to understand when it is realized that these wholesale spying ventures are not to catch “terrorists” but to pinpoint potential resistance on the one hand and to spy on potential enemies of the Administration. Also, one group of American businessmen, with proper connections, can steal the business secrets of their rivals without a problem.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News January 14, 2014

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The Voice of the White House



          Washington, D.C. January 11, 2014: “The Internet has proven to be the greatest source of information since lunatic Christians burnt down the library of Alexandria. Anything being sought, be it an address or an in-depth analysis of Dead Sea scrolls, is there and is the main reason that the famous Encyclopedia Britannica has gone out of business.


            At the same time, because it is open to one and all, the Internet is also a breeding ground for a legion of strange persons with a frantic desire to air their pet theses, themselves and their friends.


            We see earnest discussions about the 1963 assassination of President Kennedy, , the Sinister Truth about Hurricane Katrina, Tesla Death Rays used to bring down the buildings of the WTC, balanced with other information proving beyone a shadow of a doubt that Russian bombers were used. We also discover the evil plottings of the Illuminiati, a group that has been long gone, or that the Rothschild banking house had taken over the whole world. And from one source, now long  vanished, we discover that Houston was destroyed by a nuclear bomb set off by Jewish radicals or that the Fukishima disaster was really caused by an Israeli submarine, using German-made nuclear torpedos!


            And please do not forget that President Obama was born on Mars and flown to this planet in a special helicopter, piloted by the Evil Xenu! Remember, scientists have proven this so it must be true!


            Yes, the Internet can entertain as well as inform.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News January 3, 2014

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The Voice of the White House


Washington, D.C. January 2, 2014: “The current darling of the far right-wing, Phil Robertson, a backwoods duck hunter and exponent of the strange social behavior so popular in the backwards rural areas of this country, has caused himself, and his yapping supporters, more public relations problems.

Robertson made negative comments about gays and blacks, was temporarily suspended by A&E from his National Farm and Home hour program and after he was reinstated by the network, had another of his warm ideas discovered wherein he suggested that his friends ought to marry 15 year olds!

That this is illegal apparently does not bother either Robertson or A&E but it does bother a very large number of normal citizens.

There is a joke that applies here very clearly. The question is: Where does a man in Arkansas go for sex? The answer is: The family room. After all, these inbreds argue, the family that lays together, stays together.” Continue Reading »

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