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TBR News August 27, 2015

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C. August 19, 2015: A very informative, and very well-connected, neighbor has been speaking with us about very imporant, often astonishing, national and international matters. His family connections are beyond question and we have spent the last few weeks making copious notes of our meetings.

It is obvious that the current administation detests Russian president Vladimir Putin. He blocked the take-over of Russian oil and gas companies by joint American/Israeli business and political interests, took advantage of the CIA-inspired Kiev upheavels to lay his hands on the Crimean, an area lusted after by Washington because of its strategic naval base and a great deal of offshore oil deposits. Now, the Beltway Bandits are afraid Putin will block their ongoing efforts to grab the oil and gas deposits in the newly-ice free Arctic.

It is therefore no surprise to be told that a plot has been hatched to assassinate Putin when he comes to New York to attend the 70th Session of the U.N. General Assembly on the 15th of September next.

Given the pattern of earlier assassinations, the deed will be done by an identifiable foreigner, in this case a rabid Chechen Muslim, who will be promptly shot to death so he cannot identify anyone.

Obama will, of course, be horrified and send immediate condolences to Moscow while the CIA is deciding whom they want to put in office as Putin’s successor.

On the other hand, however, the CIA has failed miserable in all of its earlier instigated revolutions, fake and planted news stories, and it remains to be seen if their computer-instigated recent Chinese stock market collapse will be successful.

In our next edition, we will be discussing the destruction, by a false-flaga operation, of a very sacred Muslim religious site to get back at ISIS. Continue Reading »

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TBR News August 19, 2015

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C. August 19, 2015: ”A very informative, and very well-connected, neighbor has been speaking with us about very imporant, often astonishing, national and international matters. His family connections are beyond question and we have spent the last few weeks making copious notes of our meetings.

The first matter I am addressing is the recent series of explosions at the Chinese port of Tianjin. The official story, one embraced by the international press, is that a fire in a dockside warehouse caused several explosions that did considerable damage. Because the Chinese reported the presence of a cyanide-based product, they evacuated all people from a two mile radius. There were reports of considerable damage to buildings, including smashed windows, several miles away.

There has been a covert and on-going war between China and the United States for a number of years. The Chinese detest the Americans, their current government is a communist one and the United States once backed their enemy, Chiang KaiSheck and fought their military in Korea.

The Chinese have been engaged in trade wars with the United States. The Chinese bought up billions of dollars of U.S. Treasury notes, wooed American businesses to China with the promise of low wages, penetrated her most secret computer sites and made common cause with her enemies.

The Chinese are expansionistic and vicious in the extreme and thoroughly crooked in their business dealings. They have made counterfeit tungsten gold bars and coins and flooded the world with them. They sold the Iranian Revolutionary Guards a boatload of highly radioactive waste to be used against Western targets, have begun to build military bases on created islands in Southeast Asia and have flooded the United States with an army of agents. Recently, Chinese computer specialists broke into the American stock exchange computers and caused very limited but potentially dangerous manipulation of the market reportings. They then informed American authorities that this was only the beginning of an economic war that they would win unless American stood aside and stopped any negative actions against the PRC.

The Americans, furious with the Chinese, retaliated by getting into the Chinese stock market computers and causing a very serious slump of their assets. American intelligence has notified the world banking systems about the counterfeit gold the Chinese were using and when that profitable market dried up, the Chinese were outraged.

American policy makers have decided to force a confrontation with the PRC and if China can be pushed into a casus belli, to attack that country with nuclear weapons and destroy them. As China has been covertly considering getting control of Russia’s ecologically rich but population poor Siberia, the Russians have, in private talks, agreed that an attack by the United States on China would not find them  in any kind of support for China.

The first blow was to smuggle a very small atomic device into a Tianjin industrial area. This was not difficult because this is a large, busy port filled with foreign business offices and foreign personnel. A small-yield bomb detonated, sending out a very high thermal wave that burnt thousands of automobiles awaiting dockside shipment. It should be noted that these cars were all burnt in situ.

The atomic blast crisped them but did not tip any of them over as a standard explosive blast would have done. Local residents, miles distant, saw distant flames, heard low level explosions and began to film the fires from their apartments. Suddenly, there was a brilliant white flash, temporary blindness and the destruction of their windows and, often cameras. This flash was so bright it was picked up by a space satellite, something that would not have happened if a warehouse full of cyanide chemicals has ignited.

The next step is to await the inevitable Chinese retaliation and, if it is strong enough, to launch a prepared attack.

A senior and well-placed intelligence official is reported as saying that this time we would launch a Pearl Harbor attack. Note that the entire story of the devastating blasts and evacuations has vanished from the world media. If an atomic explosion did, in fact, happen, the radiation from it would enter the atmosphere and be detected by the concerned Japanese and later, by American sensors.

Believe it that there is no way such radiation could be effectively kept from the public.

This material came from one conversation. There were others, including plans to assassinate Vladimir Putin. More to follow! Continue Reading »

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TBR News August !4, 2015

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The Voice of the White House

The Pope and Obama were on the same stage in Yankee Stadium in front of a huge crowd.


The Pope leaned towards President Obama and said, “Do you know that with one little wave of my   hand I can make every person in this crowd go wild with joy? This joy will not be a momentary display, but will go deep into their hearts and they’ll forever speak of this day and rejoice!”

 Obama replied, “I seriously doubt that! With one little wave of your hand….Show me!

 So the Pope backhanded the shit out of him.

And the crowd roared and cheered wildly and there was happiness throughout the land!

 Kind of brings a tear to your eye, doesn’t it? Continue Reading »

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TBR News August 10, 2015

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C. August 10, 2015: “The strong personality and outspoken expressions of Donald Trump are infuriating the American liberal press and delighting a public fed up with chattering, treacherous and corrupt American politicians. If one believes the media, no one likes Trump and he will surely fail but reliable political polls show that Trump is way ahead of his rivals in popularity. This is known to the media but they will not mention it, choosing instead to downplay his messages and claim that his run for high office can never succeed. A motion picture that speaks ill of illegal immigrants that the media calls “our brown brothers” will be trashed with equal mendacity, even though millions of Americans are flocking to the theaters. We also see constant references to the superior intellect of the African originated Neanderthal man. This entity did indeed spring from the loins of an erect monkey but he was replaced by the Cro-Magnon man, the father of us all. In the main, the small of mind and weak of spirit always hates a superior entity and squeals “equality” and “brotherhood” whenever possible.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News August 3, 2015

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The Voice of the White House

 Washington, D.C. August 1, 2015: “ I have just finished reading one of the most interesting, and entertainiing books I have read in a long time. Fiction, it is entitled “The Season of Evil” and covered the adventures of some of the most amoral people imaginabie. It is very humorous, but the humor is very black. Here is an excerpt to prove my point:

“The print shop was located in a strip mall, wedged between a pet shop that had a dead rabbit and live flies in its window and a telephone answering service with a bright pink door.

“Instaprint” had no one at the front desk when Cyril walked in but there was the sound of a loud argument in the back that indicated that the OPEN sign was not lying.

“You filthy fuck!” screamed one voice, “you buggered up the entire fucking order! Jesus, you should have stayed in the fucking nut house!!”

“It’s not my fault Myron, I told you we ran out of brown ink way last week and you didn’t reorder because you got no credit! And I’m not a nut either. I was in a hospital for my nerves! Don’t shout at me!”

Cyril rapped on the counter with his car keys. Continue Reading »

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TBR News Augustd 1, 2015

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C. July 25, 2015: “We are waiting with baited breath for the next news eruption to occupy our boring life. Another lunatic shoots people in a movie theater, the police riddle a black five year old because the lollypop he pointed at one of the just might have been a machinegun, The State of Georgia sues a man for copyright violations because he dared to reprint their state constitution, and the Greeks have left the headlines and are engaged in interior-lihne mud throwing in advance of being booted out of the collapsing EU. The First World War breoke out in August so there is still hope for more excitement for news buffs. Donald Trump is driving most politicians crazy because his anti-immigrant speeches are being well-received from an American public tired of Kumbaya nonsense and rants about brotherood and the loving of neighbors. If Trump ever gets elected to the White House, there will be hell to pay in editorial rooms and other determiners of what the public ought to hear, or not hear. But since Trump’s attitudes do not impinge on the activities of the CIA, he is relatively safe from assassination.” Continue Reading »

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