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TBR News July 22, 2012

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The Voice of the White House


Washington, D.C. July 21, 2012: “There is information, from a source whose son works in the Justice Department, that there are on the drawing board, plans to implement a so-called “National Security State.”

            This bit of fascistic nonsense is not new but has been updated and is now waiting for the “right moment.” This moment is stated to be a response to the next serious terrorist incident within the US.A protocol of this report is available but all I have is a listing at this point in time.

This plan calls for:

1.Federal control of all domestic media, the internet, all computerized records, through overview of all domestic fax, mail and telephone conversations,

2.A national ID card, universal SS cards being mandatory,

3.Seizure and forced deportation of all illegal aliens, including millions of Mexicans and Central Americans, intensive observation and penetration of Asian groups, especially Indonesian and Chinese,

4.A reinstitution of a universal draft (mandatory service at 18 years for all male American youths…based on the German Arbeitsdienst)

5. Closer coordination of administration views and domestic policies with various approved religious groups,

6. An enlargement of the current “no travel” lists drawn up in the Justice Department that prevents “subversive” element from flying, (this list will include “peaceniks” and most categories of Muslims)

7. The automatic death penalty for any proven acts of sedition,

8. The forbidding of abortion, any use of medical marijuana,

9. Any public approval of homosexual or lesbian behavior to include magazines, websites, political action groups and so

There are about a hundred other categories and I am stressing that these plans are not going to be implemented unless, and until, there is an overriding excuse for them at which time the public will see the need to be protected. Once the lid goes on, it will not come off voluntarily.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News July 17, 2012

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The Voice of the White House

                Washington, D.C. July 16, 2012: “I pay taxes and  one of the things that annoys me the most is the patent thick-headedness of government operatives, in this country and around the world. Rising public unhappiness breeds an eruption of spies and floods of disinformation to befuddle and misdirect public unhappiness. I am attaching an article that illustrates my point. Several years ago, the New York Times carried a story about a man who had developed “an absolutely secret” telephone scrambler and, contrary to the paper’s policy, included an email address for prospective buyers to look at. The system had huge trap doors built into it and of course if someone in the agencies knew you were using the “unbreakable system” they could read your secret messaging as if it were a post card.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News July 7, 2012

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The Voice of the White House

            Washington, D.C. July 7, 2012: “The coming elections will merely be much of the same. The rabid right-wing Republicans are determined to help the rich (which many of them are via massive bribing by K Street lobbyists ) and screw the poor. If it were up to Romney and his friends, like the Koch family, all Social Security, food stamps and Medicaid would be abolished. What those who depend on these programs to survive will do will be eventually take to the streets and, as the French were wont to say, go to the barricades. To prevent this, the government has redoubled its surveillance efforts to detect, identify and eventually neutralize any group that could reprise the widespread public anti-war and anti-government movements of the Vietnam war period. The well-armed public would eventually erupt into full-scale rebellion and the soon-to-be flooded national capitol would have legions of crooked officials dangling from lampposts or the local trees whilst the burning official buildings lighted the scene. The economic problems this country suffers from now are directly the result of the Republican deliberate removal of market controls designed to prevent economic bubbles from reprising the 1929 boom-and-bust economy. But they do not need to worry if the Republicans gain the White House. The Republicans want to pass laws through Congress neutering possible resisters and at the same time, protect themselves and their thieving friends.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News July 4, 2012

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The Voice of the White House

             Washington, D.C., July 1, 2012: “Now that the Supreme Court has validated Obama’s Health Care bill, we hear howl of animal rage from the far right in Congress. It is their determination to close down all aid programs, not tax their rich friends and do everything they can to stuff their pockets with lobbyist’s money and throw themselves at the feet of the rich and all-powerful bankers. These bankers have cut up and sold millions of home and business mortgages to foreigners and because of the structuring of these sales, are totally unable to locate the actual mortgage owners. What does this mean? It means that over 70 million Americans can never get clear title to their homes because if they pay the mortgages off or have to sell their homes to move, there is no way to gain a clear title to the home they have been paying on for years. The big banks not only do not know to whom they sold the mortgages, they do not care because they reason that when the crap hits the fan, they, like our President and most of Congress, will be long and very comfortably retired. In short, the American dream of owning a home is nothing but a Republican-engineered nightmare.” Continue Reading »

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