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TBR News August 31, 2013

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Controlling the News


            Washington, D.C. August 31, 2013: “When the polymorph and perverse George W. Bush, and Dick Cheney, his puppet master, concocted various lies to convince Congress and our allies that Iraq was planning to use atomic weapons on various precious people, the public more or less bought the bs and off we went.

            Bush got to be a wartime president, land on aircraft carrier decks and strut his stuff like a Washington black man with a new brass watch. Cheney, with many Halliburton stock options, got very rich off blatant thievery during the following useless and very costly war.

            Now, the monkey house on the Potomac is up to the same game again. Since they feel the stupid public bought the story about how our brave and clever SEALS killed bin Laden (when he had actually died, years before, in a Pakistani military hospital of renal failure) the creepos then decided to assist their Israeli friends and attack Iran.

            This died a natural death when the military indicated it would not take part in yet another oil war but the chimpanzee brigade then decided to go after Putin and Syria, his client state, because Vladimir had the nerve to reject Obama’s shrill demands for their extradition of Snowden.

            Firstly, Snowden had exposed Obama’s spy program and then, secondly, he could not be seized, tormented like Bradley Manning, and put in prison for life.

            When a small-minded man is challenged, he seeks revenge.

            Now, more “positive proof” of Syrian chemical warfare has been declared (although the public will never see any of it nor will they ever see pictures of the assassinated bin Laden for the obvious reason that neither of them exist.) and more billions are spent on murdering yet more civilians.

            Obama ought to realize that Franklin Roosevelt was planning to use mustard gas on the German forces in Italy and only the Luftwaffe’s attack on Bari and the subsequent destruction of the cargo ship carrying the gas prevented this country from launching what Kerry now bleats is “unacceptable and terrible” actions.

            And there is more than enough proof that subsequent American admiistrations intended to lanuch bubonic plague against the Russians and hired a Japanese and a German general who specialized in such things to start the ball rolling.

            They their “unacceptable and terrible” plottings bore no fruit was not for want of trying.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News August 29, 2013

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Controlling the News


             Washington, D.C. August 28, 2013: “This interesting, and accurate, appraisal of the foolish actions of our President and his friends, came in earlier today and is well worth reprinting, without comment:” Continue Reading »

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TBR News August 25, 2013

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Controlling the News


          Washington, D.C., August 15, 2013: “Although it is not talked about in public, the Obama administration is more that frightened about just what secret material Edward Snowden managed to locate and remove. No one knows just what he took and he has admitted that he took a job with a government-contractor solely for the purpose of locating and extracting material that would reflect extensive domestic spying. There is also the growing fear that Snowden managed to locate material that, if released in public, would do terrible damage to American prestige in foreign countries. One episode of recent Intelligence history concerns the humped up “assassination” of Osama bin Laden. Press releases would have it that bin Laden, once a CIA employee was gunned down in Pakistan but it is known that he died of renal failure in a Pakistan military hospital in 2003 and that the CIA was putting on a circus show with badly faked “bin Laden tapes,” filmed in Texas with an Arab-speaking actor. American spying on her purported allies, highly undue Israeli influence in Washington, the covering up of the immense mortgage scandals and other items of unpleastness are also being spoken of by people who are in a position to know what they are talking about. No wonder the word is out that the CIA is trying to get a Russian hit man to kill Snowden! Continue Reading »

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TBR News August 24, 2013

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Controlling the News


Washington, D.C. August 23, 2013: “When I worked in the White House, during the Bush administration, I was known as the Voice of the White House. But I soon grew tired of the utter right wing loonies and the Jesus freaks that packed the offices so I resigned and went to work in the Washington media.


I had worked in the print media before but reentering the field was a revelation. Americans who think that we have a free press in this country are sadly in error.


We do not.


While small town papers with their stories about local marriages, loose cattle on Main Street and defective traffic lights are not of any interest to the Power Elite but the mainstream media content certainly is.


It is well known in the trade that the New York Times is “strongly influenced” by the desires of the CIA.


 If something occurs that the CIA does not like to talk about, the NY Times never talks about it or, if it does, gives it a small paragraph back in the truss ads.


If Americans want to read the actual news, I suggest the Guardian and, very often, RIA Novosti.


The former is loathed by the Obama people but has immense courage, and the business sense, to push the Snowden matter to the point where Obama leaves messes on the Oval Office floor.


He has no intention of stopping a massive and all-inclusive domestic surveillance program, which he fully supported, and still does.


The recent attack by the authorities on the Guardian’s computers was the result of many calls by the State Department to the British Prime Minister’s office.


And the controlled media cannot totally ignore such debasing stories as the Snowden papers but they always manage to point to something less interesting.


This is like a mother, trying to keep her children from looking at a squashed kitty on the highway by saying: “Oh, children, look over there at the pretty donkey! See him running around the field? My, isn’t he pretty?”


When Obama gets tired of news about Snowden, the press starts talking about bird flu or a cute kitty trapped in a tree in Buffalo Breath, Montana.


My advise to the reading public who are interested in accurate and valuable reporting to read the foreign press.


I especially recommend the Guardian.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News August 21, 2013

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The Voice of the White House

  Washington, D.C. August 21, 2013: “From the moment that the Guardian started pubishing the devastating inside intelligence material about the enormous domestic spying programs now working full tilt inside the country, there has been frenzy, fury and fear manifested in the higher levels of governmenr.

The President, according to a friend in the White House, is screaming for Edward Snowden’s head and various other agencies are working over time with the burn bags and egging computer geeks into greater action in cleansing their computer files of damaging information.

Obama, furious at being balked by Putin in the matter of getting his hands on Snowden, is ordering his minions to terrify anyone remotely connected with him.

From the Oval Office, calls have been made to try to pressure the judge in the Manning case to put him in prison for as long as possible.

The Department of State is still pressuring both the British government and that of Sweden to get their hands on Julian Assange so they can try him for treason and put him in prison for life.

This is rather interesting because Assange is not an American citizen so the question of treason is of a kindergarten nature.

What all of this motley crew is terrified of are future revelations about their misdeeds. They reason that if the American public gets wind of everything they did, and are doing without interuption by the way, there will be a revolt not seen since 1776.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News August 17, 2013

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The Voice of the White House


            Washington, D.C. August 16, 2013: “It is not unexpected to observe the growth of anti-Obama sentiment, expressed as a racial issue.


            It was certainly a positive action on the part os the American electorate to elect a black President but there have always been undercurrents of racism moving just under the surface of the American political scene.


            Initially appplauded as an intellectual reformer, Obama is now seen as a petty dictator who persecutes whistleblowers, intends on keeping the sweeping official spying on the public in place, giving only mild and obviously token disapproval.


            One of the unpleasant results of all this is an increase in racial remarks and attitudes throughout the country. Someone in Memphis, Tenn founded a ‘Tar Baby Club’ in late July and this has spread across the country and even into Canada and, at the last report, into Germany and England.


            This is not illegal per se but I have no doubt that AG Holder is searching the Federal law books to find some kind of punishment.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News August 11, 2013

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The Voice of the White House

          Washington, D.C. August 11, 2013: “With the growing illegal intrusions into the private lives of many millions of perfectly harmless citizens world-wide, the public is wondering if there is any protection against this. Here are a number of random comments, taken from my own inside knowledge of how the snoopers work and how they can be thwarted

            If you have a television set that is hooked up to a cable system, and the government has mandated that you must have a cable system, know that your television set can serve as a snooping device and will make any conversation held nearby audible to snoopers. How is this done?

            At some secret NSA or FBI location?

            No, the snoopers must go to your cable head, the offices where your cable system is housed, and then they can connect with your system. They can reverse the AM-FM system inside your TV set and listen in to anything you, or your family or friends say.

            They need no warrant for this and all the American cable companies are happy to accommodate the snoopers.

            How can you prevent this?

            Quite simply. Just disconnect the cable from the wall hook up and say what you, or your family or friends wish to say and then hook up the cable when you are finished. If you feel particularly malicious, say something like: “Here are the secret CIA plans, gentlemen and let me read certain parts to you….” And then disconnect the cable!

            This will drive the knuckle-dragging creeps mad.

And a friend of mine routinely types numbers out onto a page in a word document. He randomly types out hundreds of numbers, then breaks them up into five number groups. These he attaches to a document he posts, over the Internet, to some email address in a foreign country. Know that this will at once be intercepted by the NSA snoops. They will see what they believe to be some kind of a code and will try to run it through their computer system for reading. Since the numbers make no sense at all (because they are random in nature) the spies will rush about chattering like irate chipmunks in frustration.

Readers have been asking about such happy projects recently.

Another more serious defense is the new laser flashlight, made in France and now on the market, although privately. This looks just like a regular smallish flashlight but projects a laser beam that has an effect on the eyes. In sum, it destroys the optics so that the target is permanently blinded.

Under most state laws, a home owner (or renter) may use necessary force against a person invading their home, if they fear for their lives. Imagine if you are sitting in your living room with the lights out. Someone has called you a dozen times about a half an hour ago and you are too tired to answer. Then, sitting quietly in the darkness, you hear a scratching at your front door lock. This is the clicking noise a lock pick makes when a burglar is trying to break in. At this point, you stand to one side, pick up your laser flashlight and when some fat dude with a comb over and black jacket creeps inside, make a loud noise and shine the light directly onto his face.

His screams of pain will be heard three blocks away and you simply push him outside, call the local police and tell them some crazy person with a gun is running around in front of your house, threatening to shoot you. When the police come, he will be incoherent with pain and they will find a lock pick set in his pocket and, hopefully, a pistol under his jacket.

Eventually, his agency will get him out but from then on in, it will be white cane time for him.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News August 7, 2013

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The Voice of the White House

          Washington, D.C. August 6, 2013: “It is truly amazing how little the administration respects the intelligence of Americans. I am speaking here of the NSA universal surveillance and the public objections to being constantly spied on. And now to see the “defense” of this project, approved, by the way, by the President himself. Now, the stupid public is supposed to believe the childish official stories about “fanatical Arabs about to bomb our embassies.” And of course that they won’t do this (because they never intended to) and were thwarted by our Brave Protectors is on a par with “Sorcha Faal’s Planet X.” We, the public, pay the salaries of these boobus americani and their paycheck ought to be gift wrapped!? Continue Reading »

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TBR News August 5, 3013

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The Voice of the White House


            Washington, D.C. August 5, 2013: “It with utter predictability that we see the highly entertaining stories about “Muslim bomb threats to US embassy buildings” in the Middle East. These brilliant disclosures are credited to the “wonderful and very important” work of the NSA, work that simply must go on unimpeded. This is the sort of bad fiction we see daily on government controlled blogs and in the pages of such government (here read CIA) friendly newspapers like the captive New York Times. If the CIA wants a story killed, the New York Times will kill it. If the CIA wants to plant a story, the New York Times prints it, above the fold. Since the Internet would be impossible to totally control, the government agencies are having a difficult time shoving their ongoing lies, perversions and bovine feces onto a public that no longer believes a word they say.” Continue Reading »

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