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The Voice of the White House

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The Voice died in a car crash this past Tuesday.  It was quick. Going this way was easy for him, but a devastating loss for those of us who were blessed with his company.

It is fitting the posting below should be his last words for it was always the threat – his insurance policy,  he would say.

What he doesn’t tell you in this piece but would tell his friends who would listen, is it also wormed its way into the backups so when you reinstall backed up data onto new computer hardware, it starts the clock all over again.

What he also doesn’t say below but you should probably know, he always claimed it was connected to a deadman switch,  his hand being the deadman’s hand. If he did not regularly deactivate the switch, which only he could do, in a short time it would activate itself automatically, and the clock would begin its countdown.

Well,  he’s dead.  Are the above and below true?  Who knows?  Guess we’re going to find out,  aren’t we?

For all of you who read him,  some of you will miss him, some of you won’t care, some of you will celebrate, and some of you will be quaking with terror.  We know that, because we have tracked IP addresses back to some rather odd places, such as the middle of a  lake or a literal swamp … or Langley Virginia.

Speaking entirely for the people behind the scenes, we shall both miss him and celebrate him. He was our friend.  May he rest in peace.

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TBR News June 13, 2010

Jun 13 2010 Published by under Uncategorized,Voice of the Whitehouse

The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C., June 12, 2010: “Washington leaks like a rotten garden hose and Obama and his people want desperately to stop it.

Once, Jewish interests controlled the American media and they were generally obedient to the wishes of the White House and its supporters, and of course, their own agendas.

Now that the American public is going to the Internet for their news, the papers are shrinking rapidly as readers dump them in increasing numbers and aside from the left, which watches MSNBC, and the right which watches FOX, television, viewers, too, are turning to the Internet.

Although the American media gave the recent Israeli piracy some small coverage and then rushed to jabber about the Gulf oil problem (on purpose, of course) the foreign media gave the horrific incident a great deal of coverage. And the Internet duly covered this and it was spread about, to the distress of Israel and her friends in Washington.

Cass Sunstein, the White House official determined to gain iron control of the Internet to prevent just such revelations, has sent one of his many, many position papers to Obama in which he, hysterically, insists that total government Internet control is becoming more vital with the passage of every day.

Obama might have started out with the best and most noble of intentions but like his predecessor, Woodrow Wilson, he is rapidly heading towards the total censorship and control of the public that Wilson successfully implemented in 1918.

After Wilson connived to push America into the First World War, he muzzled any objections as effectively as did Josef Stalin or Adolf Hitler who arose from the wreckage of pre-war Europe and who could thank Wilson for paving their way to power.

Here is a very accurate quote from an excellent work on the period:

“He had created a vast propaganda machine, an internal spy network, a bond-selling apparatus extending to the level of residential city blocks, He had even succeeded in stifling free speech, in the summer of 1918 arresting and imprisoning- some for prison terms longer than ten years- not just radical labor leaders and editors of German-language newspapers but powerful men, even a congressman.” (The Great Influenza John M. Barry, Viking, 2002 pps300-301)

I can safely say that no government program, no secret paper, no diplomatic venture can be considered secret. The extent of the leakage is astounding but it is doubtful if anyone watching the public is truly aware of the degree and extent of the leakage.

The Obama people are now viciously pursuing a former employee of the NSA who was trying to stop gross mismanagement in that agency and, horror of horrors, frustrated by official indifference to his calls for internal help, cared to pass his fears to the media. This poor soul, however, is only one of many such essentially loyal and concerned intelligence employees. The Obama people, according to an internal memo, want to make an example of a few of these people.

The only ones, of course, who would escape official vengeance are those who give top secret papers to Israel.

Since the CIA is now full of militant Hebrews, one can safely predict that any secret the CIA has concerning Israel is in Tel Aviv before the sun sets. Franklin, a government employee, who leaked massive amounts of highly sensitive information to the AIPAIC people initially was sentenced to 13 years in Federal prison but, like his co-religionist Libby, had his sentence quietly reduced to a few months of private house arrest once the furor died down.

Like a hysterical and manipulative woman, Israel is now screeching to Obama about the importance of their needs (concerning the universal condemnation of their piracy) and one of their needs is to prevent any publication of information that Israel does not want.

Will they succeed in this?

Only if their co-religionist, Sunstein, has his way.

At the present time, many American agencies, to include the FBI, the NSA and the CIA are able watch all of us through various mediums. Of course any phone call is subject to being listened to, taped and filed, as are any emails.

And the FBI has a agreement with Google to automatically notify them any time an American looks at topics on that information site that is of interest to the FBI. This reportage is automatic, by the way, and the subjects of interest change regularly. The CIA has its hooks into Wikipedia and while they do not get reports on viewers, they do control the public airing of any information they deem to be negative that might be posted on that allegedly “free and public” site.

Also, the CIA had strong influence over the editorial rooms of the New York Times and the Washington Post but as both papers are rapidly losing readers, the CIA is setting up new web sites to reflect their views or paying off established sites.

On the other hand, both the DoD and the CIA’s attempts at propaganda are virtual buffoonery and as obvious as a turd on a bedsheet.

And do not forget the looming (but still unnoticed by the public) fact that about 50 million American mortgages are controlled by MERS, a government entity, which effectively will, and does, prevent a mortgager from ever getting a clear title to their property. If this one ever goes really public, there will be real domestic violence!” Continue Reading »

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