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Jun 05 2010

The Watchbird is Watching You!

Special to TBR News

June 3, 2010

by Harry Brunser

Charlottesbille, Virginia, is a quiet town, home to the Montecello estate of Thomas Jefferson and the top-rated University of Virginia. It is now also the new home of a special section of the CIA, located just north of town and also north of town is a most interesting company. It is about this that I am now writing.

Not content with its control of all domestic aircraft passengers, iron ties to all credit reporting againcies, the Internet II and the contents of the social networks, our FBI is now engaged in a new scheme to keep physical tabs on each and every American citizen whenever they wish and whereever their targets go.

This program is called ‘MAGNUS II’ and has been in train for over five years now. Its very clear intent is to “tag’ as many Americans as possible so as to be able to follow any given American (pets excluded) whenever the FBI wishes. This agency has jealously guarded MAGNUS, especially from the CIA, the DHS and, initerestingly enough, from the strong Mossad presence now working in the CIA.

This program was conceived eight years ago and it has taken this long to bring it to pass.

This program consists of putting a ‘tag” into the body of every American  possible so that if the FBI suddenly develops an interest in a citizen, , they can use their special computer system to instantly track a person. The tiny chip remains in what is essentially a closed circulation system and in virtually impossible to detect by medical tests. This program will enhance other programs that include, but are not limited to, using cell phones and car tracking systems.

Charlottesville has a number of interesting companies settled in its secure local, safe from the furor of Washington. I could list Mikro Systems up at 1180 Seminole Trail who do really wonderful, small electronic projects. They have recently been doing contract work for Siemens of Germany.

The overall plan is to for the government to fake a national health emergency of some gravity and once the obedient press has trumpeted it about, the government will mandate that all citizens must receive an immunization shot against the fictional disease and threaten legal action against any person refusing to bo ‘imunized.’ Some citizens  will slip through the dragnet but most will not and soon enough they can chisel a new motto in the marble façade of the top FBI offices on Pennsylvania Avenue: ‘Thou, God, seeset me!” And what God does not see, the FBI will. They now can track you in your car and if this little project is launched, they can track you anywhere.

However, at this point in time, the American public has become intensly suspicious of anything the government tries to shove down their throats and there is some reason to believe that the planting of GPS chiplets in the entire population  will not be as easy as it might have been ten years ago.

And we now know that at least 50% of all recent census forms were not filled out nor follow-up workers spoken with. That shows very clearly what the American public thinks about the reliability of their government agencies. Census figures are very important in helping in the apportionment for Congressional seats and other assistance for the continued running of the government and by their resistance to the census,  the public has just flipped the bird to the government and voted disapproval by their inaction.

Don’t say you weren’t warned!

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