The Voice of the Whitehouse (The Slaughterhouse Informer – 2 June 10)

Jun 05 2010

Editor’s note: Our last issue of the Slaughterhouse Informer contained clear and concise reporting on the Israeli piracy in the Mediterranean. It received so much comment that we are reprinting this part of the newsletter:

Letters To the Editor, Slaughterhouse Informer Edition 99:

“This is perhaps the most thorough and detailed coverage of this event. (The Israeli pirate attack on an aid convoy in international waters. Ed ) Most media accounts are woefully vague and rely upon fuzzy images of silhouettes striking something out of view. Perhaps they were flattening the veal for schnitzel that evening. Much of what you relate is not generally available. The American press is rabidly pro-Israeli, Pravda is predictably anti-Israel, and it is difficult for the naive reader to understand the issue, whether this is the new Turkish Islamic administration attempting to discredit Israel through blockade breaking or if it is just another example of Israeli arrogance in attacking whomever it wishes in any way it desires.


“ Your so-called publication is nothing but a vile attack on the Israeli people and rank anti-Semitism. Israel has the moral right to defend her shores against attacks by Arab and pro-Arab terrorists and this phony “aid flotilla’ was just another attempt to kill and maim Jews. I find this sort of reporting very biased and obviously anti-Semitic and I want to cancel my subscription!”

Editors note: We lost four subscribers because of this coverage but gained twenty-two more!

The Voice of the White House (Slaughterhouse Informer)

Washington, D.C., June 2, 2010: “On June 8, 1967, the Israeli air force and navy attacked a U.S. Navy ship, the USS Liberty, and in a lengthy attack using torpedoes, rockets and machine gun fire, did extensive damage to the ship and killed thirty four American sailors and injured scores more.

This was to prevent the Liberty, which was an intelligence-gathering ship, from listening in on secret Israeli radio messages that discussed the wholesale murder of Egyptian prisoners of war. President Lyndon Johnson, learning that the U.S. Navy was sending aircraft to the rescue of the Liberty, ordered that no defense of the ship be made and that the naval aircraft already enroute to the attack scene be recalled.

The matter was then shut up entirely. When word leaked out to the American public, the Israeli government offered to pay a total of $13 million in damages to the survivors and the families of the dead. It should be noted that Israel never paid a cent. As far as money is concerned, Israel has taken in billions of American dollars into her banks and other financial institutions from American Jewish swindlers Madoff and Shapiro and will never return a cent. And believe it, the U.S. government will never bring this matter up and neither will the American media ever mention it.

Now, we have the piratical and murderous attack by masked units of the Israeli military on relief ships in international waters. The dead have not been counted, the ships seized and taken to Israeli ports and the occupants of the ships taken prisoner and jailed in Israel. If Americans wonder why the Arab activists attack them, here is the clearest reason. Israel is not America’s friend. Israel has attacked the United States on one occasion, spied regularly on her, bribed her legislators and openly boasted of her control of the actions of both the White House and Congress.

This time, however, Israel has gone too far and has brazenly defied both international law and international opinion, believing that her American friends will support her. That we should not is obvious and the best course for the United States to follow in this matter would be to follow the dictum of George Washington and remain strictly neutral. Israel has been the Spanish Fly in Middle Eastern politics ever since a small army of Polish DPs bombed and shot their way into control of Palestine in 1948, a Palestine that had no connection with their people whatsoever.

By committing aggression against the Turkish ships and citizens, Israel is playing with real fire and this ugly and criminal episode can well ignore a violent response against her territory by Hezbollah using long range rockets. The United States ought to promptly back away from any military or economic support of Israel and adopt a policy of strict neutrality.

The Turks have threatened diplomatic rupture and naval support of a future aid convoy but the chubby, cross-dressing Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is as crazy as Glen Beck or the Divine Sarah Palin, so given the players on this board, there could well be very serious problems in an area we would well be advised to avoid.

If, indeed, Israel is our friend, we will never need another enemy!”

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