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TBR News July 31, 2010

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The Voice of the White House

            Washington, D.C. July 31, 2010: “Although the Obama people are directly responsible for the enormous WikiLeaks possession and release of at least 100,000 classified, but not too classified, government documents relating to the Afghan war, they are now facing a growing disbelief on the part of, rightfully, suspicious citizenry. The Internet, the bane of Obama and Cass Sunstein’s existence, has put a spoke in their attempt to discredit the war, blame it on the previous, Repubican, administration, use this as an excuse to gain popular (and Congressional) support for a rapid withdrawal, not only from Afghanistan but Pakistan as well. India, who is now becoming more useful, hence more friendly, to America’s needs, is furious with Pakistan assaults on their country and the only reason India has not physically attacked their Muslim neighbor is because of the massive presence of Americans, military, diplomatic and CIA in that country. Selected documents reflect all these needs. While the documents themselves are original, their content is selected, not random. Interesting that Obama and Sunstein, minority members, so dislike a medium that had attacked their respective ethnic groups and yet turn to it in times of need. What is the old saying? “God and soldiers we implore/ In times of need (but not before)’.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News July 26, 2010

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C., July 26, 2010: “Ah, the media, the bureaucracy and the constant manipulations of the public are so entertaining, and predictable.

For years, we have been subjected to the bleatings of the liberal left that the planet is undergoing Global Warming because of mankind’s cruelty and stupidity and that a return to the fictitious but luring McGuffy Reader Days is strongly advocated.

What we are now experiencing is global weather change, not global warming.

Legitimate scientists, not the fake ones used by bloggers, are aware of the changes but no one knows just why these changes are occurring. Neither do any of the real experts know the duration of these changes.

What is known is that glaciers all across the world, i.e. France, Switzerland, the Himalayas, the immense ice sheets covering Greenland and the Antarctic, the Andes glaciers and on and on, are all melting very rapidly.

The resulting melt water has to go somewhere and the somewhere is the ocean.

The levels of the ocean do not all rise at the same time and what one hears is that “There was a pretty high tide over on the coast last night…freak weather…” and then the tide goes out and all appears to be normal again…for a time.

There is no mystery here about the coming inundated areas…a simple look at a topographic map will show what a sea level rise would cover…but the question is not what but when.

What now passes for “freak high tides” and “unexpected storm damage” to coastal areas will soon enough be discussed in a very reluctant press as ’sea level rises.”

Why ‘reluctant?”

Because of the catastrophic dislocation to plant and population on our east coast, no one wants to be ‘alarmist” so by the time it becomes apparent to everyone that there is a serious problem, real estate along the coast will be totally unsalable and uninsurable. Continue Reading »

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TBR News July 24, 2010

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The Voice of the White House


             Washington, D.C., July 23, 2010: “There is an old saying that if something is too good to be true, it isn’t. This applies to girl friends, wives, bosses, the ads that are choking the Internet (“Free credit scores!”) and so on.

            More sinister are offerings found in the media and touted on the Internet that can lead to very serious consequences for the unwary.

            The general thrust of these dangers are offers of security in communications with others that are illusory because by using them, the victim is exposing himself to the very people he is trying to avoid. In the second case, the victim is lured into believing that if they send off purloined or otherwise illegally obtained sensitive government documents, they will be published for all the world to see and, of course, the sender will never, ever, be revealed. Continue Reading »

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TBR News July 22, 2010

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The Voice of the White House


Washington, D.C., July 22, 2010: “Everywhere you look now, all you can see, hear or feel are spies. The FBI, the NSA, the TSA and dozens of other agencies are very actively spying on all of you and it is going to get much, much worse and invasive as time goes on.

All of our one-private personal information to include: bank accounts, credit information, mortgages, safe-deposit boxes, travel, telephone and computer personal messages, business communications, and even the most intimate personal medical information are at the beck and call of an ever-expanding domestic intelligence network. Continue Reading »

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TBR News July 19, 2010

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The Voice of the White House


            Washington, D.C., July 19, 2010: “The 9/11 attacks were instigated by the Bush people to turn George into a wartime president. The commandeered commercial flight destined to slam into the U.S. Capitol in Washington and take out part of Congress, thus allowing Bush to pass an emergency law permitting him to rule by decree failed, entirely due to the courageous passengers who fought the Saudi-based terrorists and crashed the aircraft into the ground. But the planned increase in the power of the intelligence bureaucracy went right ahead. How many of you can remember the moronic Tom Ridge pontificating about “red days” or “lavender days”? and this did work because the assholes did this scare business just before they needed public support for some idiot project. But when Bush and his gang of thieves left Washington to spend their bribe monies, the intelligence (sic!) communities continued to expand until now they are at a point where they are close to achieving their universal goal: total observation possibility for every American citizen. Note that the immense “no fly” list has the names of many two and three year old children, persons who have been dead for years plus tens of thousands of Americans who have expressed anti-government sentiments at some time in their life and have been denounced by neighbors, spiteful relatives or the vast army of unpaid governmental snitches. Something has to be done about this and I would welcome constructive suggestions. Readers are invited to share their own experiences with the rat-like snoops or disgusting snitches with me. Why not address these to me at: Just address them to VOTWH. Unlike WikiLeaks, I promise not to pass anything on to the government!” Continue Reading »

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TBR News July 17, 2010

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The Voice of the White House


            Washington, D.C. July 16, 2010: “Il occasionally like to discuss what our dear friends in the PRC are doing to our pets and our economy. Their badly tainted pet food killed at the least, 35 thousand animals but the American media, who is told by the American business community not to unduly annoy the precious Chinese, claims that only 35 animals died! And I have spoken about the Chinese faking American (and foreign) gold and silver coins. Especially destructive are their Nicholas II gold and silver rubles, now in extensive circulation throughout the world coin markets. It seems that the Chinese are even permitting a forgery of all of their numismatic valuable Panda coins. The gold ones were first minted in 1982 and the silver ones in 1983. I would like to stress, without listing hundreds of coins, minting dates, etc. that without exception, all of the coins of each year have been copied and dumped onto eager collectors around the world. The Chinese have also been faking U.S. Treasury gold bars. These are made from tungsten and heavily gold-plated. However, the Chinese do not have the proper numbering system so banks now refer the numbers on alleged American gold to the U.S. Treasury to see if the bars are genuine. This has resulted in the discovery that China has been on a global spending spree and has jammed literally tons of fakes into countries around the world. In addition to any kind of fish or shellfish from China (which must never be eaten under any circumstances due to deadly concentrations of chemicals) the American public ought, at the least, to avoid the funny stories about huge caches of silver Morgan dollars ‘just found in a Kansas bank vault’ and spend a few dollars on a digital scale. Weighing the gold and silver coins now being sold will immediately show that the fakes always weigh far less than originals.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News July 14, 2010

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The Voice of the White House

             Washington, D.C., July 15, 2010: “The FBI’s  National Security Branch Analysis Center (NSAC) have presently assembled over  1.5 billion records from public and private sources for a massive data mining operation.. The records collected by the FBI include:

  • financial records from corporate databases, such as hotel and rental car company transactions; millions of “suspicious activity reports” from financial institutions. All voluntarily supplied;;
  • fifteen million records from commercial data firms, given voluntarily;
  • a multitude of law enforcement and non-law enforcement government databases; and
  • public information from the personal sites on the internet, telephone and utility records and a large area of information taken from published news articles.  Continue Reading »

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TBR News July 12, 2010

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The Voice of the White House


            Washington, D.C., July 12, 2010: “I have been involved with politics for many years and I have never seen anything like the current attitudes in Washington. The Republicans are openly greedy with no interest in anything but destroying our first black President and the Democrats are timid and without leadership. In fact, aside from a few people, this country is without leadership. But if I had a choice between Republican control of Congress or Democratic control, I am afraid I would have to chose the Dems. Why? Because the surviving GOP members are vicious, openly greedy and filled with hate. It is a mixture of greed and racism and as far as the rest of the country, they couldn’t care less. I once was a very active member of the GOP but I have walked away from these creeps and probably never will go back. A party run by Michelle Bachmann, Rush Limbaugh and the crazy Saran Palin is not a party I want to belong to. These are, of course, only my opinions but a great many people in both Washington and the rest of the country are in agreement with me. And I was reading a very long study by some senior FBI official about them developing the ability to keep an eye on any American citizen they want. Bank accounts, vehicle ownership, airline travel, telephone conversations, computer activity and even the USPS are part of their master plan. It’s not ready yet but they are getting there. I will go into this more later.” Continue Reading »

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Conversation with the Crow

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When the CIA discovered that their former Deputy Director of Clandestine Affairs, Robert  T. Crowley, had been talking with author Gregory Douglas, they became fearful (because of what Crowley knew) and outraged (because they knew Douglas would publish eventually) and made many efforts to silence Crowley, mostly by having dozens of FBI agents call or visit him at his Washington home and try to convince him to stop talking to Douglas, whom they considered to be an evil, loose cannon.

Crowley did not listen to them and Douglas made through shorthand notes of each and every one of their many conversation. TBR News published most of these (some of the really vile ones were left out of the book but will be included on this site as a later addendum ) and the entire collection was later produced as an Ebook.

Now, we reliably learn, various Washington alphabet agencies are trying to find a way to block the circulation of this highly negative, entertaining and dangerous work, so to show our solidarity with our beloved leaders and protectors, and our sincere appreciation for their corrupt and coercive actions, we are going to reprint the entire work, chapter by chapter. (The complete book can be obtained by going to:🙂

Here is the eleventh  chapter:

Conversation No. 11 b

Date:  Monday, April 29, 1996

Commenced: 2:09 PM  CST

Concluded:  2:28  PM CST

GD: Back again, Robert. Are you OK for time?

RTC: I have enough time, Gregory. What is it?

GD: I had a chat with Kimmel today and I made a mistake. I had read something once about forged evidence and innocently mentioned faked fingerprint evidence used in a Federal case. He got very testy about this and tried to lecture me about minding my own business.

RTC: That would be a very sore spot with Kimmel. He has to defend his turf. Faked evidence? The Bureau has been known to stoop to that on a number of occasions. If they know, or believe you did something but can’t quite get you, why lo and behold they find your fingerprints all over something. Possibly a gun used in icing Martin Luther King or a blood stained print at the scene of a mob killing. Faking evidence and suborning perjury is nothing new for the Bureau. No one likes to talk about it because of the uproar it would cause. All kinds of lawsuits by innocent and framed convicts would follow. Kimmel is very protective of the Bureau but I think he spends more time trying to rehabilitate the Admiral. Still, I don’t know if he dirties his hands with such goings on but he surely knows about them. I certainly do  Continue Reading »

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TBR News July 10, 2010

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The Voice of the White House

            Washington, D.C. July 10, 2010: “Up until the piracy against the Gaza aid flotilla by the IDF, the subject of Israel was more or less sacred to the Western media. But following that brutality and murder, the attitudes of said media have begun to change. Now, we see a good deal of negative material concerning Israel…and rightfully so…and even in some of the American media we can find more objectivity. The deficient Senator Lieberman and the AIPAC boys can yap like small dogs at a passing cat but American politicians are slowly, but surely, moving away. This notwithstanding occasional puff pieces in the media praising Israel and claiming their ties with America are stronger than ever. They were only strong in a few areas and since one of these, the banking industry, has been savagely beaten in the eyes of the public and very few people pay any attention to Lieberman any more.  Now, ideas like declaring a national holiday called ‘Remembrance Day’ to honor the 60 billion Jews who were turned into soap and ashes by the evil Nazis (many of whom went to work for our CIA after the war) vanished into the mud like a dead turtle. It is high time that the United States followed the excellent dictum of George Washington and stand back from the battle of others. Neutrality in the Middle East would sooth the tempers of Islamic terrorists who have only attacked this country and its citizens because of our perceived closeness to and perpetual support of, the State of Israel.”: Continue Reading »

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