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TBR News February 28, 2017

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C. February 28, 2017: “The news usually comes in clumps, great excitement, frenzies of supposition, abounding theories, creative fictions, waning interest, silence and then another round.

The American media is living under the misapprehension that they are the voice of the people whereas they are now nothing more than the vice of the people.

Once a determining factor in American social and political life, the media is now reduced to discussing new pizza restaurants, bed weather and heart warming stories about shabby minorities who have made great strides in new hairstyles.

Before the last presidential election, the media boosted the Clinton woman (?) and ignored a Trump that could never, ever win the election because they wouldn’t support him.

Trump won and the post-election wailings of the media would have deafened a tornado.

And when Trump entered the Oval Office, the media, like a pack of starving Chihuahuas, yapped and squeaked about him as if he had stepped on their food bowl.

Which, in essence, he had.

When Trump retaliated by booting the worse ones out of his press conferences, one would believe the Constitution was being burnt in public by a legion of hooded dwarves.

The media and its owners lost.

Get used to it.”

Table of Contents

  • Lavrov vs. McCain: Is Russia an Enemy?
  • Door knocks in the dark: The Canadian town on front line of Trump migrant crackdown
  • House intel head: ‘No evidence’ of Trump campaign contact with Russia
  • The New Yorker’s Big Cover Story Reveals Five Uncomfortable Truths About U.S. and Russia
  • Berlin criminalizes Islamic State-linked ‘Fussilet’ mosque activity
  • Jewish centers and schools cope with another wave of bomb threats
  • Why John Bolton Isn’t Part of the Trump Administration
  • What is Islam? Who was Mohammed?
  • Letter to the Editor, TBR News

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TBR News February 27, 2017

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The Voice of the White House 

Washington, D.C. February 27, 2017: “Is propaganda which involves exaggeration and distortion of facts, however worthy the cause for which it is used, ever justified? Is fiction, labeled with the brand of authenticity, ever impossible?

No doubt Harriet Beecher Stowe, when she wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin, did so prompted by the highest of motives. Yet she, herself, relates the incident when she first met Abraham Lincoln in 1863, when he commented “So you are the little woman who wrote the book that made this great war!”

Few will deny that the printed word in this instance fanned the flames of passion which brought about one of the bloodiest and saddest wars of history, with brother sometimes pitted against brother, father against son. Perhaps if there had been less appeal to the emotions the problems might have resolved themselves through peaceful means. However, almost universally read at the time, few people then recognized the potency of one small book or the injustice done the South through its wide acceptance as a fair picture of slavery in the South.

Propaganda, as a weapon of psychological warfare is even in wider use today. Communists are masters of the art. Often they use the direct approach; just as often they employ diversion tactics to focus the eyes and ears of the world in directions other t h m where the real conflict is being waged. For many years, through propaganda alone, the dead threat of Hitler and Nazism has been constantly held before the public in a diversion maneuver to keep attention from being directed against the live threat of Stalin, Khrushchev and Communism.

Such has been the effect, if not the deliberate intention of many who have promoted its distribution, of a book of dynamic appeal-The Diary Of Anne Frank. It has been sold to the public as the actual diary of a young Jewish girl who died in a Nazi concentration camp after two years of abuse and horror.

Most Americans have read the book or seen the movie version, deeply moved by the real life drama it claims to present. But have we been misled in the belief that Anne Frank actually wrote this diary? And if so. should an author be permitted to produce a work of fiction and sell it to the world as fact, particularly one of such tremendous emotional appeal?

Since actual period documentation does not exist in support of the Holocaust myth, it has always been incumbent on its supporters to create it.

Not only is the “Anne Frank” diary now considered to be a fake, so also is “The Painted Bird” by Jerzy Kosinski. This book, which is a mass of pornographic and sadistic imagery which, has it not been taken so seriously by the Jewish community, would be merely the pathetic manifestation of a self-serving and very sick person.

This was duly exposed as a shabby, but much beloved and quoted, fraud and in Kosinski’s footsteps we find the next perverted fiction entitled “Fragments” by a Swiss Protestant named Bruno Dosseker who spent the war in Switzerland. Dosseker posed as a very young Baltic Jewish concentration camp inmate named Binjamin Wolkomerski and is a highly disordered book that closely paralleled the psychobabble of Koskinski.

Dosseker became the poster boy for the Holocausters and was lionized by the obsessed of the international Jewish community, reaping considerable profit and many in-house awards for his wonderful and moving portrayal of German brutality and sexual sadism.

These sort of pathetic refugees from the back wards seem to be drawn to the Holocausters…and they to them. There are now “Holocaust Survivors” as young as thirty which is an interesting anomaly because the last concentration camp was closed in 1945. Perhaps they consider the last frenzied spring sale at Bloomingdale’s department store to be what they survived.

Next we can expect to see a book based on twenty seven volumes of secret diaries prepared within the current year by an inhabitant of the Warsaw ghetto, describing the Nazi slaughter of tens of millions of weeping Jews by means that would shame a modern African state.

And, predictably, the publication of these howlers would be greeted with joy on the part of the fund raisers and fanatics, praised in the columns of the New York Times and scripted by Steven Spielberg for a heart-wrenching guaranteed Oscar-winning film.

Hundreds of thousands of DVD copies will be donated to American schools and the Jewish community will demand that subservient executive and legislative bodies in America create a Day of Atonement as a National Holiday to balance the terrible Christian Christmas and the wickedly Satanic Halloween.

Conservationists must hate these books because so many otherwise beautiful and useful trees are slaughtered for their preparation.”



Table of Contents

  • Michael Anton and the Limits of Trumpism
  • The Iranian-Saudi Arabian conflict: Does the West have a skewed view?
  • ‘Return’ of Crimea is impossible – Russian senator on latest Ukrainian plan
  • Dozens of headstones vandalized at Philadelphia Jewish cemetery
  • The Social Newtwork Trap
  • Politically Incorrect humor
  • Why Worry About “Importing” Terrorists, When the Regime Can Grow Its Own?
  • Trump administration re-evaluating self-driving car guidance

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TBR News February 26, 2017

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C. February 26, 2017: “After producing endless, and mostly either deliberately skewed or invented, stories critical of President Trump, the media is squealing with childish rage at being kicked out of his press conferences.

At one time, the print media, and then television news, had a powerful effect on the public but as time went on and the Internet developed, once-impressed readers began to discover that the media was feeding them concoctions and pap their owners required and leaving truth and objectivity locked in a public lavatory somewhere.

Trump is paying them back in kind by ignoring them and self-important twits that they are, the media is flopping around like someone with a grand mal seizure (like the epileptic Hillary on-stage during her campaign) but the public isn’t impressed.

The media has rushed to join the Internet but its daily bleatings are so packed with objectionable ads for useless products that it is difficult to read an article without learning what actress is actually a man or the joys of uni-sex lavatories.”

Table of Contents

  • Anti-Trump headlines: Washington Post February 25
  • Trump’s media war threatens journalists globally, protection group warns
  • The Print Apocalypse and How to Survive It
  • Social media stirred up by Trump’s snub of White House Correspondents’ dinner
  • Mexico says Trump won’t see a peso for his border wall
  • Germany hate crime: Nearly 10 attacks a day on migrants in 2016
  • 136 Turks with diplomatic status sought asylum in Germany: ministry
  • Islamic State planning attacks in Britain: anti-terrorism lawyer
  • The great alien invasion
  • The Long History of Deportation Scare Tactics at the U.S.-Mexico Border
  • China swaps bad debt for faint hope
  • Only in America

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TBR News February 25, 2017

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C. February 25, 2017: “President Trump makes statements of intent and if they are too extreme, he always makes reasonable modifications. He is obvious flexible, something the controlled media does not wish to discuss. Because of a constant drumfire of negativity against him in the media, Trump holds conferences and disinvites his most outrageous detractors. This, of course, drives them into a fury and they pour out their anger in columns that sound as if they came from the back wards of mental institutions, places where inmates are only allowed to write with crayons. And some of the media insist that Hillary got a three million vote lead over Trump. Like other accusations, this figure was made up in some boardroom and has no connection with reality. If the country is fortunate, Hillary’s next run will be to the Canadian border.”

Table of Contents

  • ‘US held hostage for too long, Trump right to bar MSM from White House gaggle’
  • Fox News Interview With Fake Expert on Sweden Further Baffles Swedes
  • Hitler phone a fake: German phone expert
  • US govt agency to award contracts for construction of US-Mexico wall by mid-April
  • Iraqi forces push deeper into western Mosul as civilians flee
  • The Increasingly Unhinged Russia Rhetoric Comes From a Long-Standing U.S. Playbook
  • In First, Trump Says He ‘Likes’ Two-state Solution for Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
  • Canadians fear rising xenophobia, hate crimes in wake of mosque attack
  • Trump cuts US debt by $12bn in his first month in office, accuses media of ‘not reporting’ it
  • Trump asks NASA to explore putting crew on rocket’s debut
  • US to Supply Mercenary “Contractors” with Deadly Laser Weapons: “Zap…You’re Blind Buddy.”
  • The United States of Permanent War
  • In sweeping move, Trump puts regulation monitors in U.S. agencies

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TBR News February 24, 2017

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The Voice of the White House 

Washington, D.C. February 24, 2017: “’Parousia’ refers to the Second Coming of Christ as understood by the Christian Pentecostal sect.

This second coming assumes a first coming (here, the facts are not in evidence) but the fixation on bringing about the latter appearance is intense and determined.

It is the belief of Pentecostals that when certain conditions are met, Jesus Christ will return to earth, take his elect (the Pentecostals) physically to Paradise in an event known as Rapture. Those not belonging to the Pentecostal elect will have to remain behind for Satan to deal with.

When Parousia happens,it is believed, there will be a great battle fought at Armageddon between the forces of Jesus and the Devil and his antichrist and Jesus, quite naturally, will be triumphant.

All of this, the Pentecostals assure their membership, can be found in the book of Revelation.

Unfortunately for this interesting thesis, the struggle between good and evil at Armageddon is not found in the book of Revelations. Revelations 16:16 only mentions the name of the long-forgotten town but there is nothing about an epic struggle mentioned anywhere else other than twisted interpretations in cult literature.

This strange book was allegedly written by St. John the Devine, a disciple of Jesus when, in fact is believed by most reputable Biblical scholars to have been written by a certain John of Patmos who lived many years after the period ascribed to Christ’s ministry.

John of Patmos was a hermit/monk on the Greek island of Patmos and contemporary historical reference briefly dismisses him as a lunatic. No one has been able to understand a word of what he wrote, and his confused and mystic writings easily lends themselves to all manner of interpretations by various dimwitted and obsessed religious fanatics.

When Martin Luther prepared the Protestant Bible, he discarded Revelations, and other books then found in the Bible, as being ‘unworthy and filled with nonsense.’

The Second Coming has as one of its primary requirements that a Jewish nation must be reestablished in Palestine (which it was in 1948) and, even more important, that the great Jewish temple of Solomon must be rebuilt before Christ can return to earth and elevate his elect.

The first temple of Solomon was destroyed by the Babylonians and the more elegant second, by the Romans when they crushed the Jewish revolt in the first century.

Unfortunately for the Pentecostals, the former site of this temple is now occupied by the much-revered Muslim Dome of the Rock mosque.

The Jewish temple cannot be rebuilt, therefore, as long as the Muslim mosque occupies its space and therefore, it would be necessary to destroy this very holy building and replace it with a new edifice of another religion.

However, if this lunatic act were consummated, there would be an immediate and  terrible rising in the Muslim world and a savage religious war would burst forth on an already-ravaged Middle East.

The Pentecostals are, by their very nature, uncaring and fierce fanatics and such a war would, to them, be a fulfillment of the spurious prophecy of the manic Revelation’s non-existent Battle of Armageddon.

Already we can hear comments from prominent Pentecostals that the Muslims are the forces of the anti-Christ and must therefore be engaged by the forces of Jesus in a final hecatomb of blood and destruction. This pending bloodbath means nothing to Pentecostals because, according to their beliefs, they will be safe in Paradise and those left behind are of no consequence

These God-intoxicated fanatics have managed to capture the White House and place their people in high official positions within the Bush Administration.

In the face of all reason and logic, they are pushing a suicidal, hidden agenda that will have terrible consequences for everyone concerned.

In light of this, perhaps it is now far easier to understand what really stands behind the apparent fierce determination to invade a shattered and disorganized Iraq while studiously ignoring a very real danger from North Korea’s declared intentions of building nuclear weapons.

After all, North Korea is not mentioned in Pentecostal dogma and there would be no Parousia because of a terrible nuclear war launched by that country.

Jesus is quoted as saying that he did not come to ‘bring Peace but a Sword,’ and this seems to be the real motivation of his more deranged followers.”

Table of Contents

  • The Russia-connected allegations have created an atmosphere of hysteria amounting to McCarthyism.
  • Trump promises border wall ‘soon, way ahead of schedule’
  • ‘American Exceptionalism’ and Our Warped Foreign Policy ‘Idealists’
  • Report: Germany’s spy agency monitored journalists across the globe
  • Documents Indicate Germany Spied on Foreign Journalists
  • Scottish government believes it can call, win new independence vote: sources
  • Police Recommend Criminal Charges Against Netanyahu’s Former Chief of Staff Ari Harow
  • Donald Trump Plans to Bypass the Courts to Deport as Many People as Possible
  • German entrepreneurs see pickup in Russia business
  • Heroin-related overdose deaths quadrupled from 2010-15 – US govt
  • Iraqi jets strike Islamic State in Syria for first time as troops advance in Mosul
  • Bitcoin hits record high above $1,200 on talk of ETF approval
  • 500 inches and counting: Snow has clobbered California ski resorts this winter

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TBR News February 23, 2017

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The Voice of the White House 

Washington, D.C. February 23, 2017: “We will be out of the office until February 24. ed”

Table of Contents

  • Mosul offensive: Iraqi forces recapture airport in bid to retake city
  • Seven new Earth-like planets discovered around nearby star
  • Israeli malware can hack isolated computers by forcing their LED indicators to blink
  • Trump revokes Obama guidelines on transgender bathrooms
  • Mexico will not accept Trump’s immigration plans, says foreign minister
  • ‘You will be returned very quickly’: DHS secretary warns Guatemalans against illegal US entry
  • The trickle of refugees fleeing the U.S. to Canada could become a deluge in the spring
  • Israel and Its Role in 911
  • The U.S. NATO Alliance Has Been a One-Way Street for Too Long

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TBR News February 22, 2017

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The Voice of the White House 

Washington, D.C. February 22, 2017: “What do the Russians, the Chinese and Israel have in common?

They all spy very competently indeed on the United States.

The Chinese are interested in business secrets, the Russian in political and military secrets and the Israelis on everything they think they can use.

On the other hand, one American intelligence agency has bugged the Israeli embassy in Washington as well as other purportedly “secret” Israeli spy centers throughout the United States.

Our secrets flow to Tel Aviv and Fat Bibi the Cross Dresser and their secrets flow to us.

The only really effective methodology to keeping a secret is to tell no one, write no one, commit nothing to the computer and certainly never discuss anything one wishes to keep private on the telephone system.

Our FBI has the US Post Office scan all packages and mail so, while they don’t open your mail, the know to whom you are writing.

On the other hand, coded, confidential and secret FBI memos and reports are as easily read as a supermarket tabloid and about as accurate.”



Table of Contents

  • Merkel’s cabinet approves faster migrant deportations
  • New Trump immigration orders target nearly all illegal immigrants in US
  • How Peter Thiel’s Palantir Helped the NSA Spy on the Whole World
  • Why Do “Progressives” Like War?
  • Israel interferes in our politics all the time, and it’s never a scandal US Politics
  • Accurate medical diagnosis
  • How Israel became a leader in cyber security and surveillance
  • The Deep Rabbit Hole of Israel Spying on America
  • Israeli spies on America: An ongoing threat from a false friend

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TBR News February 21, 2017

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The Voice of the White House 

Washington, D.C. February 21, 2017: “Not experienced in the mechanics of professional politics, Donald Trump is making his way, slowly but surely, into his presidency. His latest choice of a National Security Advisor is an excellent one and it is noted that Trump has said one thing at public rallies but shows far more acumen in private. But the Bezos-owned Washington Post is still under the mistaken belief that they control American thought and have continued their unrelenting , and often entertaining, drumfire of negativity towards Trump. In days of yore, the Post was influential but public attention has shifted away and looks elsewhere for its news. Eventually, the major media will continued its sharp declines and then the Internet will be the main source of information. And the Internet is a fascinating mixture of fact, fiction and lunatic ramblings.”


WP Anti-Trump headlines for February 21


  • Trump prepares rollback of rules on climate, water pollution
  • Anti-vaccine movement is energized by Trump in the White House
  • What political expression is allowed in the Trump era? Federal workers aren’t sure.
  • Hundreds of protesters in D.C. march in opposition to Trump
  • I didn’t think I’d ever leave the CIA. But because of Trump, I quit.
  • The Trump White House is already cooking the books
  • After weekend of anti-Semitic acts, Hillary Clinton urges Trump to ‘speak out’
  • The Trump presidency exists in a bubble
  • Can Trump win over African Americans? This survey suggests there’s little chance.
  • Riots erupt in Sweden’s capital just days after Trump comments
  • Trump wasn’t a real CEO. No wonder his White House is disorganized.
  • How a Time magazine cover artist captured the chaos of the Trump presidency



Table of Contents


  • Iraqi Forces Begin Bitter Battle for Mosul in Effort to Destroy Isis
  • Trump taps Army Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster as his new national security adviser
  • Trump’s new warrior-scholar
  • Jewish headstones destroyed at mass vandalization of St Louis cemetery
  • Fourth Wave of Bomb Threats Targets 10 Jewish Community Centers in at Least Six U.S. States
  • Rioters set cars on fire, loot shops in Stockholm suburb
  • Sweden’s two year U-Turn: How Liberals’ refugee policy turned public AGAINST migrants
  • Muslim Rape Wave in Sweden
  • Thousands of spills at US oil and gas fracking sites
  • Russia overtakes Saudi Arabia as No. 1 crude producer
  • Long-winded speech could be early sign of Alzheimer’s disease, says study
  • ‘Sky rivers’ responsible for massive California rain – study

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TBR News February 20, 2017

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The Voice of the White House 

Washington, D.C. February 20, 2017:”Roosevelt’s role in the Pearl Harbor attack has been the subject of speculation even from the first. His opponents claimed that he deliberately pushed the Japanese into war to permit him to fight his archenemy, Adolf Hitler. His supporters have firmly denied this thesis and the multiplication of books, scholarly articles and media dramas seems to have no end.

Several valid points have been brought by Roosevelt partisans that deserve to be carefully considered. The first is concerned with American military intelligence work and deals, in the main, with the interceptions of Japanese coded messages. It has been fully acknowledged that the Japanese diplomatic code, called “Purple,” was broken by the Americans and consequently, all high-level diplomatic messages between Tokyo and Japanese diplomats throughout the world were being read almost as soon as they were sent. (The average translation took two days.)

The question of the Japanese Army and Navy operational codes was another matter. The American government has firmly denied for decades that such codes had even been broken or, if that had, were not translated until 1945! While nearly all of the “Purple” intercepts have been made public, only a very few of the coded Japanese Naval messages have appeared in print and then only concerning matters of no special significance.

The Japanese Pearl Harbor task force did not broadcast any messages during their passage to the Hawaiian Islands but Japanese Naval headquarters did send messages to the task force. What they may have consisted of are not known at present and perhaps will never be known, although the National Security Agency, holder of these documents, has stated that it will release the Naval intercepts (known as JN-25) at an unspecified future date.

The argument has been well made, specifically by Roberts Wohlstetter, that so much material was intercepted during the period just prior to the Japanese attack, that it was extremely difficult for American intelligence agencies to winnow out the wheat from the chaff. In retrospect, it is glaringly obvious that some kind of a Japanese attack was planned and in train, but the direction of this attack was lost in the muddle of complex and difficult-to-translate messages.

A further point well made is, had American military intelligence learned of a definite attack on Pearl Harbor, it would have been impossible to keep this a secret, given the number of translators and other military personnel who handled such intercepted messages. The army and navy of that period were small in size and most senior officers in both services knew each other well, having served together for many years. In the absence of any concrete evidence to support the receipt of Japanese military messages dealing with an attack on any specific American installation, it is not within the realm of belief that these senior officers would passively allow American military units to be attacked.

In response to this entirely valid postulation, it should be noted that the specific warning did not come to Roosevelt from below but on a parallel level and from a foreign intelligence source which was far better equipped to decode and translate the Japanese transmissions.

A second area of interest has been the possible motivation for Roosevelt’s increasing pressure on the Japanese, pressure which culminated in a stringent oil embargo that forced Japan into war. Diverse reasons are given for this, including a personal prejudice in favor of China stemming from his maternal grandfather’s highly lucrative opium and immigrant-smuggling operations to an intense hatred of Hitler in specific and Germans in general.

Both of these reasons for Roosevelt’s attitude are historically valid but in and of themselves do not explain the dangerous brinkmanship practiced by Roosevelt in his dealings with Japan. It is clearly evident from reading the intercepts of the Japanese diplomatic coded messages that Tokyo was not only not interested in pursuing war against the United States but was seriously engaged in attempting to defuse and dangerous situation whose accelerating progress caused them great alarm. Roosevelt and his advisers were fully aware of the ease with which they could achieve effective dialog with the Japanese government. All diplomatic approaches by Japan were rebuffed by Washington and as the diplomatic crisis deepened, the possibility of military action by Japan against the United States was very clearly evident in Washington.

The actual motivation behind the turning of the screw against Japan and the refusal on the part of Roosevelt to negotiate has been explored extensively in print but one of the most valid answers seems to lie clearly in the section of the intercepted communication dealing with the Soviet Union.

As much as Roosevelt wished to enter a war against Germany, he was constrained by Congress from conducting a personal war. A de facto war against Germany was in progress in the Atlantic where US naval units were engaged in open warfare with German U boats but Hitler would not rise to the bait and issue a unilateral declaration of war against the United States. For a time, Roosevelt was check in his ambitions.

With Hitler’s invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941, Roosevelt’s aims shifted. He had very strong reasons for supporting Stalin in his epic struggle with the Wehrmacht. There were no forces available in Europe to effectively counter Hitler. France was defeated and England’s army was shattered and the island under siege. The British has been soundly beaten on the continent by German forces and in 1941, they had been chased out of Greece and Crete. England was in no position to support any kind of a serious military action against Germany and the US was still technically neutral.

Since the beginning of his presidency, Roosevelt had actively sought the support of the well-organized Communist party in the United States. This entity was especially numerous and effective in the state of New York, whose Governor he had once been, and by voting en bloc the Communists could and did swing major elections. Roosevelt’s administration was filled with Communists, both active and passive, who aggressively supported the programs of the New Deal. When the Hitler-Stalin pact was signed in 1939, many of these persons underwent serious conscience crises but in June 1941, when Hitler invaded Mother Russia, their collective angst was resolved and Stalin once more resumed his place as the exalted champion of the workers and peasants and the beau ideal of embittered intellectuals and academics throughout the world.

All of Roosevelt’s aims were addressed by his now permissible support of Stalin, However, the swift advances of the Wehrmacht into Russia and the massive losses in territory, manpower and material suffered by the Red Army caused great consternation in Washington and London. If, as it appeared in the autumn of 1941, Russia could collapse, the last major hope for the containment and destruction of Hitler and his country was gone.

The point of balance now shifted from European Russia to the Far East. The advance guard of the German Army was in front of Moscow and most of the Soviet Army was engaged in a protracted death struggle for the capital. There was an acute possibility that the Japanese, chronic enemies of Russia and putative allies of Germany, would take advantage of Stalin’s major preoccupations and fall onto his rear by invading his eastern provinces, an area extraordinarily difficult to supply as the Tsar’s generals had found out in 1904.

The hostility between the Japanese and the Russians culminated in the Russo-Japanese war which Russia lost. The public humiliation suffered by Russia was balanced by the elevation of Japan tom the status of a world power. The animosity between the two countries never abated and in July of 1938, an expansionist Japan, engaged in a savage war with the warlords of China, turned its attentions to Russia and attempted to seize land near the vital Soviet naval base at Vladivostok. The Soviets counterattacked and drove the Japanese back into their own territory. Undaunted, Japan attacked the Russians again in May 1939 and for four months a series of major battles were fought between the two countries. Finally, in late August, Soviet General Zhukov launched a powerful attack against the Japanese using nine divisions and 600 tanks. The Japanese were severely beaten and suffered a loss of 18,000 men and considerable aircraft.

Following this embarrassing defeat, there was a movement in the Japanese high command to prepare for war against the Soviet Union. Japanese plans for a full scale attack on Vladivostok were shown to Hitler by Baron Oshima, Japan’s pro-German ambassador as early as March 1941. Hitler discussed the probability of these attack with members of his military entourage throughout the balance of the year. The Matsuoka referred to in the Roosevelt-Churchill intercept was Yosuke Matsuoka, a hardline anti-Soviet who had been dropped from the cabinet in July 1941 to placate the Russians. His return to power was certainly not out of the questi

The major problem facing Roosevelt then is evident. Stalin was the lynchpin of the US-British policy. If Stalin fell, Hitler was certain to shatter Russia’s military establishment and this could not be allowed to happen. Roosevelt gave money to Stalin but could render no further assistance to the dictator without actually being at war with Germany. If the Japanese decided to a move against Stalin’s eastern territories, he would be fighting a two-front war and in all probability would be swiftly defeated.

Roosevelt’s most urgent necessity was to prevent Japan from making any military moves against Russia. By applying diplomatic and economic pressure against Japan, Roosevelt hoped to distract them from a Russian adventure and encourage them to move, if move they did, in the opposite direction. The American President was safe in promoting this course of action because the United States had very little invested in the Far East with the exception of a few mid-Pacific islands and the Philippines which were slated for independence in 1948.

The British, on the other hand, had a great deal invested in the Far East as Churchill pointed out. Roosevelt, who at that time held all the cards, brushed Churchill’s fear of loss of empire aside with the vague promise that lost territories could be recovered later. In actual fact, Roosevelt was a bitter opponent of the colonial systems extant at that time and had no intentions of giving any liberated former colonies back to their former masters.

After the outbreak of the Second World War, both Australia and New Zealand had been asked by Churchill to supply troops for duty in North Africa. When it became a possibility that Japan might engage in hostilities in the Pacific, Churchill sought an opinion from his military experts as to the effectiveness of using British military forces to defend British holdings in the Pacific. The resulting report was extremely negative and Churchill decided that it would be an impossibility to reinforce the great British naval base at Singapore or assist in the defense of either Australia or New Zealand against Japanese aggression. Neither of these countries were to be supplied with a copy of  report and his subsequent decision to write them off, but a copy was sent out to the military commander of Singapore. Unfortunately, this report was sent by sea on the SS Automedon which was captured by the German commerce raider Atlantis. The secret Churchill report was forwarded to both the Japanese government and to Berlin. The foreknowledge that Britain could not and would not defend her interests in the Pacific was obviously of great interest to the Japanese.

American pressure on Japan to prevent any attack on Russia is certainly the simplest answer to the complex welter of issues raised in the post-war years concerning the outbreak of the war in the Pacific. In reality, Roosevelt was completely successful in his matador’s movements to distract the Japanese bull. From a pragmatic point of view, he achieved his aims completely. There is no valid place in the compilation of history for moral issues. Morals and ethics are excellent norms but hardly effective techniques.

The British Prime Minister was a man who was the greatest loser in the general end game that represented the Second World War. Frantic to save what was left of the decaying British Empire, he lived to witness its economic and geopolitical destruction. Roosevelt was the posthumous winner if the post-war preeminence of the United States is taken into account. Hitler vanished from the stage and his replacement, Stalin, created a hollow empire which eventually imploded. The Japanese rebuilt their shattered factories and emerged from the charred rubble of their homes to become a powerful world economic force. Their code of Bushido has been transferred from the battlefield to the boardroom and with far more success than they had implementing their Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere.”



Table of Contents

  • The War Party Fights Back
  • Red Hysteria Engulfs Washington
  • Has the Art Market Become an Unwitting Partner in Crime?
  • The Silent Jew- An Open Letter
  • After seven years of bailouts, Greeks sink yet deeper in poverty
  • Things You Should’ve Learned By Middle Age
  • Your tax-dollars at work!
  • Trump names Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster as new national security adviser
  • Democrats, Liberals Catch McCarthyistic Fever

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TBR News February 19, 2017

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The Voice of the White House


Washington, D.C. February 19, 2017: “One of the most important factors in the progress of what passes for modern civilization is the possession, or control, of oil.

At one point, the U.S. produced oil but eventually the fields began to dry up.

We allied ourselves with the Saudis because they had a good deal of oil. Now, the balance has shifted. Russia has oil. A number of Shi’ite countries have oil. Russia has made alliances with Iran, the part of Iraq that has oil and Syria which not only has oil but also ports on the Mediterranean.

America planners are annoyed at this situation.

The U.S. tried to get Russian oil when their man, Yeltsin, was persuaded to de-nationalize Russian oil and offer it for sale.

A group of gangsters, backed by Western oil companies, bought up all the Russian oil assets but were then blocked by the new Russian president, Putin.

The Saudis started IS but are now out of money and running out of oil. That means that the Saudis will no longer be our allies and the balance of power will certainly shift.

The U.S. cannot stand a rival that has its hands on oil so look for the captive press to scream about the rise of another evil empire, one that will need an increase in taxes and military spending to keep America safe from the evil ones and keep her cars on the road.

Fortunately, the press has shot itself in the foot and is no longer the powerful moving factor it once was in American domestic political control.

And when the Saudis run out of oil, we will have to either nuke Russia and steal the oil or try to deal with them.

This might be difficult, given the hate propaganda the oligarchs have generated but in business, what makes money is what is the most important.”

Table of Contents

  • New U.S. travel ban to spare green card holders: Trump official
  • Bill Gates: Bioterrorism could kill more than nuclear war — but no one is ready to deal with it
  • Meet the U.S. Nonprofit That Funds the Israeli Guards Who Terrorize Palestinians
  • Four NATO Nations Would Pick Russia to Defend Them If Threatened: Poll
  • Tentative ceasefire agreed for eastern Ukraine
  • Donald Trump savages media at Florida rally
  • Mass exodus of Polish army’s top ranks in protest over political interference from government
  • Trump administration to expand groups of immigrants to be deported: documents
  • TWA Flight 800: A microcosm of how fantasy is presented as fact
  • Crowding into the behavioral sink: John Calhoun and the rats

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