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TBR News September 27, 2013

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The Voice of the White House


            Washington, D.C. September 26, 2013: “The Empire in Decline is a theme that one sees more and more often now on various reputable Internet sites. Is this prediction realistic? Yes, it is. America became the most powerful nation on earth with the collapse of the Soviet Union but times change and we must change with them  This nation has become dependant on foreign sources for its badly-needed oil but now it is becoming more and more obvious, Putin’s Russia is rapidly overtaking the Middle East as a source for oil and gas. And instead of cultivating Russia, the country’s leadership has continued the old feud with Russia that was so popular before the Soviet collapse. When Obama demanded that Russian president Putin send Edward Snowden, the whistle-blower, back to America, Putin flatly refused. In retaliation, then, Obama threatened Syria, a major Russian client state, with bombardment and possible invasion.  When Putin diplomatically trumped Obma’s ace, the issue became bogged down in international diplomacy. In general, the masses can be mislead and propagandized for long periods of time but when the time comes, as it is coming now, that the public becomes restive and angry, public revolt is certainly not an impossibility,” Continue Reading »

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TBR News September 12, 2013

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Controlling the News


        Washington, D.C. September 11, 2013: “Much has been noted about Secretary of State John Kerry’s ferocity in demanding a physical American bombing attack on Syria. It is wondered why he would be so bellicose. The answer is that Israel hates Syria because they see them as allowing the Russian shipment of long range missles to Hezbollah in southern Lebanon and refusing to give them the Golan Heights. Mr. Kerry has ties to the state of Israel as one can see in this report:

‘The Boston Globe puiblished an article in 2003 by a genealogist, Felix Gundacker, which revealed that then-Senator John Kerry’s paternal grandparents were originally Jewish, and as Fritz Kohn and Ida Löwe, lived in the Austro-Hungarian town of Bennisch, then part of Silesia (presently Horní Benešov in the Czech Republic), and later changed their names to Frederick and Ida Kerry in 1900 and converted from Judaism to Roman Catholicism in 1902.

 Ida Kerry’s brother Otto and sister Jenni, died in Nazi concentration camps.  The Kerry name, chosen from an old atlas, has been misinterpreted as indicating an Irish background for the Secretary of State.. In 1906, The Kohn/Kerry family left their Vienna suburb of Mödling, where they had lived since 1896, and together with their son Eric, emigrated to the United States, living at first in Chicago and eventually moving to Brookline, Massachusetts, by 1915.

Fred Kerry was a successful shoe merchant, and Ida and two of the children — Richard (the father of John Kerry) and Mildred — were able to afford to travel to Europe in the autumn of 1921, returning on October 21 of that year. A few weeks later, on November 15, Fred Kerry filed a will leaving everything to Ida and then, on November 23, walked into a washroom of the Copley Plaza Hotel in Boston and blew his brains out with a pistol.’” Continue Reading »

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TBR News September 8, 2013

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Controlling the News


        Washington, D.C. September 7, 2013: “Poor Obama and his red line! He is copying Bush and his merry band of garden slugs and trying to convince everyone that he has to blast Syria to Save the World for Justice, Peace and Peanut Butter sandwiches. That no one believes him and, worse for him, no one cares, will prove to be a bitter dose of reality. Obama is trying to help Israel get rid of a perceived enemy while at the same time, sticking out his tongue at Vladimir Putin. The Russian President showed him up by refusing his strident demands to ship whistleblower Snowden back to the a bag. And note that Obama, who authorized the widespread snooping into your personal life, refuses to back down. He simply ignores the issue and hopes his good friends at the New York Times will find other topics more of immediate interest to distract the public with. And it is now very strongly believed inside the Beltway that Syria is planning to use BW in the event of a US attack. It is known that she has smallpox virus that was stolen from a Swiss vaccine lab some time ago. If the intelligence community is correct, this would be a disaster. It would not take an expensive and impossible to hide missile launching system. One of my Army friends told me yesterday that a single person, say carrying a UK passport, got off an international flight at Dulles, took a shuttle into downtown Washington and dropped a thin glass vial of virus into a crowded shopping mall or at a place like the Union Station at commute time. Even the brilliant DHS could not stop this whereas some kind of a missile could be interdicted. A missile, unless it had an atomic warhead, could never kill as many people as an outbreak of smallpox. The old vaccines have worn off and need to be reupped but vaccine available would only be enough for the President, his family and the Really Important DC figures. We all know why Kerry wants to attack Syria. He is Jewish and fully supports his co-religionists in Israel. Obama is simply clueless.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News September 3, 2013

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Controlling the News


            Washington, D.C. September 2, 2013: “How far back in time does one go to find the roots of a current problem? In the case of the upheavals in Arab countries in general and Syria in specific, the answer is: not far.

            Russia has an enormous reserves of natural resources to include gold, platinuim, oil and gas. When Boris Yeltsen, a CIA front man, became obviously incapable of running Russia, Washington looked for an easily controlled successor.

            The man put forward was Vladimir Putin, a former KGB officer and a man believed to be easily controlled. The control was necessary, from Washington’s point of view because American and British oil companies lusted after Russian oil and gas and a group of Russian Jewish mafia were put up to bidding on these once state owned resources when they were denationalized.

            The oligarchs, as they were called, were loaned money by the World Bank, the IMF and money was pumped into the lucrative projects via the Bank of New York, owned by an Israeli citizen. The oligarchs were then able to buy up the resource rights and their financers and the western oil companies were rubbing their hands with delight at the thought of immense profits.

             Unfortunately for their plans, Vladimir Putin turned out to be a very strong-minded person who blocked the looting of Russian resources and by doing so, incurred the seething, and obviiously enduring, wrath of the political and business entities who were ready and waiting to begin the rape of Russia.

            And as the polar ice caps melted away, another shock was in store for American and British oil companies. The United States had forced a treaty on nations bordering on the Arctic: Canada, Norway, Denmark, and Russia, which stated that the continental shelves of these nations marked the limit of their territories, areas where oil was believed to exist in large amounts.

            The Americans believed, in gross error it turned out, that they had most of the oil but the melting polar ice disclosed that it was Russia who owned most of the oil-producing land.

            Anger at their error caused more animosity towards Russia, who began to develop some of her enormous oil deposits at the same time American sources for oil in Saudi Arabia began to dry up.

            When Vladimir Putin declined to obey President Obama’s orders to extradite whistleblower ex-CIA employee Edward Snowden and to grant him asylum, another source of intense irritation erupted in Washington.

            And in the Middle East, Israel had been  importuning Washington to carpet bomb most of southern Lebanon because the militant Arab group, Hezbollah, was known to be receiving a large number of long distance rockets from Syria, via Russia, and Israel is positive that at some point in time, Hezbollah will fire thousands of long-range missiles into their country.

            The United States did not carpet bomb southern Lebanon so Israel pressured Washington to bomb sites in Iran where it was believed work on atomic weapons might be in progress.

            Again, Washington declined to bomb Tehran so Israel began, along with the Saudis, to fund groups in Syria that were opposed to the Syrian government.

            This was done to block future missile shipments.

            When the Syrian government declined to turn their country over to Israel-American friendly locals, both Washington and Tel Aviv searched for some means to force Syrian leader Assad out of the country.

            The current uproar over the use, by someone, of the nerve gas, sarin, is the direct result of the factors illuminated above. The question as to who set off the gas is unresolved although it seems odd that Assad, whose loyal troops are certainly ahead in the rigged civil war, would risk the wrath of the Obama administration by using poison gas. After all, Obama had stated earlier that he viewed the use of poison gas to be justification for American military action against Syria. The use of false flag operations is certainly not alien to the American geo-political methodology but in this case, the Saudi government, who have been actively supporting the rebellion against their religious rivals is a far more logical perpetrator.

            The British philosopher and logician, William of Occam, said that to find the truth of a complex matter, it was necessary to strip off unnecessary and confusing material and reduce a problem to a common denominator. This is called ‘Occam’s Razor’ and it has proven to be of immense value in sifting fact from deliberate propaganda.” Continue Reading »

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