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TBR News July 6, 2010

Jul 06 2010 Published by under Zionist Israel

The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C. July 5, 2010: “I walked my dog around the expensive apartment complex where I live yesterday, July 4, and I was astonished to note that my apartment was the only one flying an American flag. I suppose my fellow residents had no idea what the holiday was all about which is rather sad and very disturbing. There are the tea baggers and chronic bitchers on the Internet but it seems to me that there are serious issues that need to be addressed here.

The first one is for our useless government to get jobs back into this country. I don’t mean we should have permanent unemployment checks but we should talk, firmly, to our business community and persuade them to move their factories back to this country and out of Communist China. Admittedly their slave labor can help our business people, such as the wonderful WalMart purveyors of cheap chink goods, make huge profits but they make this money by depriving millions of Americans of jobs. If the manufacturers balk, start to boycott them and get a crooked Congress to put up tariffs that will put an end to this very serious problem. The welfare state can only put out so much money before it goes broke after all.

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TBR News June 5, 2010

Jun 05 2010 Published by under Zionist Israel

The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C., June 5, 2010: “It is very obvious that anyone who dares to speak ill of the actions of the state of Israel is considered by the radical members of the Jewish community to be a vicious anti-Semite and probably a secret neo-Nazi who lusts to launch another Holocaust. That the crazy Netanyahu had deliberately ordered what amounts to an act of piracy, complete with armed pirates, commandeered and later looted ships and murdered passengers, is not to doubt but I note that the American media is shoving this off onto the back pages and the New York Times devoted its entire op-ed page following the event to Israeli officials presenting their shrill defenses. From the howls from the Jewish community, one would think the Internet was filled with former Gestapo officers bent on spreading their lies to an innocent public. And, also we note, Brother Cass wants to use this to clamp down on the entire American internet to prevent such horrible attacks in the future. Couldn’t Dick Cheney take Cass out on a hunting trip only this time be armed for heavier game? A load of bird shot in Cass’s face would not slow him down but a larger caliber projectile invading  tender body parts might do better. I have said it before. So did our first President and I will conclude this by reprinting a portion of his farewell address of 1796.: Continue Reading »

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The Voice of the Whitehouse (The Slaughterhouse Informer – 2 June 10)

Jun 05 2010 Published by under Zionist Israel

Editor’s note: Our last issue of the Slaughterhouse Informer contained clear and concise reporting on the Israeli piracy in the Mediterranean. It received so much comment that we are reprinting this part of the newsletter:

Letters To the Editor, Slaughterhouse Informer Edition 99:

“This is perhaps the most thorough and detailed coverage of this event. (The Israeli pirate attack on an aid convoy in international waters. Ed ) Most media accounts are woefully vague and rely upon fuzzy images of silhouettes striking something out of view. Perhaps they were flattening the veal for schnitzel that evening. Much of what you relate is not generally available. The American press is rabidly pro-Israeli, Pravda is predictably anti-Israel, and it is difficult for the naive reader to understand the issue, whether this is the new Turkish Islamic administration attempting to discredit Israel through blockade breaking or if it is just another example of Israeli arrogance in attacking whomever it wishes in any way it desires.


“ Your so-called publication is nothing but a vile attack on the Israeli people and rank anti-Semitism. Israel has the moral right to defend her shores against attacks by Arab and pro-Arab terrorists and this phony “aid flotilla’ was just another attempt to kill and maim Jews. I find this sort of reporting very biased and obviously anti-Semitic and I want to cancel my subscription!”

Editors note: We lost four subscribers because of this coverage but gained twenty-two more!

The Voice of the White House (Slaughterhouse Informer)

Washington, D.C., June 2, 2010: “On June 8, 1967, the Israeli air force and navy attacked a U.S. Navy ship, the USS Liberty, and in a lengthy attack using torpedoes, rockets and machine gun fire, did extensive damage to the ship and killed thirty four American sailors and injured scores more.

This was to prevent the Liberty, which was an intelligence-gathering ship, from listening in on secret Israeli radio messages that discussed the wholesale murder of Egyptian prisoners of war. President Lyndon Johnson, learning that the U.S. Navy was sending aircraft to the rescue of the Liberty, ordered that no defense of the ship be made and that the naval aircraft already enroute to the attack scene be recalled.

The matter was then shut up entirely. When word leaked out to the American public, the Israeli government offered to pay a total of $13 million in damages to the survivors and the families of the dead. It should be noted that Israel never paid a cent. As far as money is concerned, Israel has taken in billions of American dollars into her banks and other financial institutions from American Jewish swindlers Madoff and Shapiro and will never return a cent. And believe it, the U.S. government will never bring this matter up and neither will the American media ever mention it.

Now, we have the piratical and murderous attack by masked units of the Israeli military on relief ships in international waters. The dead have not been counted, the ships seized and taken to Israeli ports and the occupants of the ships taken prisoner and jailed in Israel. If Americans wonder why the Arab activists attack them, here is the clearest reason. Israel is not America’s friend. Israel has attacked the United States on one occasion, spied regularly on her, bribed her legislators and openly boasted of her control of the actions of both the White House and Congress.

This time, however, Israel has gone too far and has brazenly defied both international law and international opinion, believing that her American friends will support her. That we should not is obvious and the best course for the United States to follow in this matter would be to follow the dictum of George Washington and remain strictly neutral. Israel has been the Spanish Fly in Middle Eastern politics ever since a small army of Polish DPs bombed and shot their way into control of Palestine in 1948, a Palestine that had no connection with their people whatsoever.

By committing aggression against the Turkish ships and citizens, Israel is playing with real fire and this ugly and criminal episode can well ignore a violent response against her territory by Hezbollah using long range rockets. The United States ought to promptly back away from any military or economic support of Israel and adopt a policy of strict neutrality.

The Turks have threatened diplomatic rupture and naval support of a future aid convoy but the chubby, cross-dressing Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is as crazy as Glen Beck or the Divine Sarah Palin, so given the players on this board, there could well be very serious problems in an area we would well be advised to avoid.

If, indeed, Israel is our friend, we will never need another enemy!”

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TBR News May 27, 2010

May 29 2010 Published by under MERS,Zionist Israel

The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C., May 27, 2010: “Tired of both the drain in human lives and, more important to the Obama administration, money from the pubic coffers, a series of new (and some old) plans have been prepared and are now being put into action. This involves the use of U.S. troops to defend the southern border with Mexico and a return to the Rumsfeld plan of rebuilding the U.S. military as a sort of elite strike force rather than a mass army. The reasoning behind these concepts? Three position papers show that the increasing arrogance of the Mexican drug dealers coupled with an unprecedented  flood of illegals have overwhelmed Arizona, and California, and Texas, federal and state law enforcement agencies. The drug lords control the borders, enter at will and will shoot to kill any interference from any source. U.S. military units stationed at Arizona’s Ft. Huachucha have been shot at repeatedly but hitherto have been under strict orders not to return fire. Heavily armed caravans of Mexican drug shipments are pouring into Arizona and Southern California in significant numbers so the concept of using the military to seal the porous borders off and to inflict heavy casualties on the invaders

One unmanned observational drone run by the U.S. Navy out of Corpus Christi, Texas, will make flights back and forth across the border, relaying information about invaders to troops stations all along that border. The orders will be to interdict the invaders, be they illegals or drug shipments, peacefully if possible but with extreme force is necessary. Actually, a few heavily-armed SUVs occupants sent to see Baby Jesus in  delicious, ready-to-eat frgments would be wonderous and beneficial to behold. We can count of squeals of rage from the left-wing press but the overwhelming support of the white populations of all the border states for strong and militant action rules the day. After all the New York Times has been bleating piteously about Darfur for years and no one cares so moans about our vibrant brothers from the South have little chance of influencing anyone but their staff writers. And as to the reorientation of the military, this is seen as twofold in benefit: The first, and obvious, benefit would be to save money and assuage public attitudes towards an endless war that kills young Americans and to forge, or reforge, a weapon to be used against governments that support, tacitly or directly, Arab terrorists. One of the biggest sinners here is the beloved Saudi Arabia whose citizen-terrorists were solely responsible for the 9/11 attacks. The new plan would be to train clandestine units into strike, kill and destroy any such havens, regardless of the international havoc that might result. Countries high on the list of those who harbor would be, of course, Saudi Arabia, followed by Pakistan, North Korea, the obvious Iranian administration, several African countries such as Somalia. These operations would be patterned on the British commando raids of the Second World War but the gathering of intelligence practiced by the former would be replaced in the case of the latter by a direct and deadly strike, not at local military bases but at the very seats of government. A few dead high-level Mexican, Saudi or Iranian top officials would have a tendency to calm down others.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News May 22, 2010

May 23 2010 Published by under Cass Sunstein,Zionist Israel

The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C., May 22, 2010: “Today I would like to discuss a strange and very dangerous person, now entrenched in the Obama White House. I am speaking about one Cass Sunstein, (also known, but not to his face, as ‘Mr Sunshine’) now head of the OIRA White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs .

Mr. Sunstein, who is Jewish, went to Harvard and later served as a law clerk for Justice Benjamin Kaplan of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.

He later worked for the Justice Department as a legal advisor and in 2002, when the late and unlamented George Bush set up “military commissions’ without first obtaining the obligatory permission of Congress, Sunny volunteered his unsought-for opinion that “[u]nder existing law, President George W. Bush has the legal authority to use military commissions” and that “President Bush’s choice stands on firm legal ground.”

He laughingly procliamed that the Supreme Court would easily and quickly find that Bush was correct.

Like so many of Sunny’s proclamations and bombast, four years later, the disobedient Supreme Court ruled that Bush lacked the legal authority to create military commissions without approval from Congress, i.e., the Court (and Stevens) found Bush lacked exactly the “legal authority” which Sunstein vehemently insisted he possessed.

Cass Sunstein has been trying to shut down the bloggers for some time on the expressed theory that they are “misleading” the public into accepting what Sunstein and his co-religionists believe are views that could prove to be injurious to them.

Sunstein is a supporter of the idea that American judges should only rule on the specifics of a case before them and not meddle in Federal policies..

Naturally, Cass is a strong supporter of the death penalty, is in favor of higher taxes to support law enforcement  and his basic belief is that Federal law should be interpreted and enforced not by the courts but solely by the American president and his personal staff. In a recent book, Sunstein proposes that government recognition of marriage be discontinued. Among other odd ideas, he believes that animals should be considered as human beings in order to establish and protect their rights.

But it is the present Internet that has become an annoyance to him because he reasons that the mass of the public are essentially stupid and easily led. From this, he goes on to express anger at the flood of “conspiracy” sites and the logical conclusion that their essentially anti-government beliefs could lead to anarchy, resistance to, as he sees it, more government control over a population that could be inifluenced by others to, let us say, attack the Jewish community.

In 2008, Sunstein and one Adrian Vermeule authored a paper on conspiracy theories and wrote:”The existence of both domestic and foreign conspiracy theories, we suggest, is no trivial matter, posing real risks to the government’s antiterrorism policies, whatever the latter may be.” They go on to propose that, “the best response consists in cognitive infiltration of extremist groups”, where they suggest, among other tactics, “Government agents (and their allies) might enter chat rooms, online social networks, or even real-space groups and attempt to undermine percolating conspiracy theories by raising doubts about their factual premises, causal logic or implications for political action.”

In short, this strange and unpleasant character wants to clamp down on the American internet to prevent any opinions aired that might offend his Jewish sensibilities (and many friends) as well as a sitting administration. Sunstein said that if this system couldn’t be implemented voluntarily, “Congress should hold hearings about mandates,” which would legally force people to dilute their own free speech, and that blogs should be forced to list a random draw of 25 popular websites, such as “The best would be for this to be done voluntarily,” said Sunstein, “But the word voluntary is a little complicated and people sometimes don’t do what’s best for our society,” he added. “The idea would be to have a legal mandate as the last resort. . . an ultimate weapon designed to encourage people to do better,”

Sunstein is now proposing a method of officially dealing with what he calls “dangerous” ideas, by claiming that the government could, “ban conspiracy theorizing,” or “impose some kind of tax, financial or otherwise, on those who disseminate such theories”. In short, Sunstein wants strong, official censorship, backed by threats of legal punishment, for those whose ideas he views as “dangerous” to not only a sitting president but his own co-religionists.

Sunstein has submitted a number of papers to the President in support of his censorship and punishment thesis and we managed to get a photo-copy of one of these. As it is illustrative of his dangerous views, we are reprinting parts of it for the education, not of the President and his top people but the American public.

Sunstein is a compulsive writer and chatters on like a old woman on speed, so instead of linking to 140 pages of babble, we are extracting the meat from a stew of ideological sewage:   Continue Reading »

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TBR News May 16, 2010

May 16 2010 Published by under Zionist Israel

The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C., May 16, 2010:  ”I have it on very good authority that the Russians have been supplying Syria with ground to ground missiles which then are being trans-shipped to Hezbollah. Apparently, Israel has been planning more excursions in force into Lebanon and if they do, Hezbollah will be in a ‘moral’ position to blast Tel Aviv and other significant governmental and population targets with a rain of heavy missiles.

These, as I have been told, are heavy in bulk and weight but their simple launching devices can be assembled and put in place in less then fifteen minutes so as to avoid observation from the omnipresent Israeli drone planes, fired and the site then abandoned within less than five minutes.

Counteraction, probably by aircraft, would be symbolic because there would be no one around to receive it. Hit and run and from the specs on the weaponry, I would imagine the collateral damage would be terrible to behold.

As I understand it, Hezbollah is waiting for “clear and significant” provocation.

These messengers of death, as I understand it, are easily hidden and impossible to detect from the air.

Hit and run is obviously the game and without doubt, Israel will react with violence to subtle proddings (which are now underway as I understand it) on the part of the militant Arabs.
Under the Obama administration, a U.S. response is not as certain as it would have been under George W. Tel Aviv would love Washington to fetch their chestnuts out of the fire but those days are now long gone.

Thank God!

Well, those who sow should be prepared to reap!

I do have the ‘why’ but do not have the ‘wherefore’ because much of this is ad hoc and even if I did, I would never discuss it either on the phone or the internet, both of which leak like old garden hoses!

For years, Jewish pro-Israel groups have been filling the American media with woeful stories of the evil Arabs attacking the peaceful and wonderful Jewish population of Israel. They speak of Iranian atomic weapons and have been urging, and demanding, that America bomb Tehran back go the stone age.

As peace loving, kind people, their IDF launched unprovoked attacks on the civilian populations of both Lebanon and Gaza, killing many thousands of unarmed civilians in the process. In Lebanon, however, the Hezbollah was well-armed and retaliated savagely, killing many invaders so a frightened Israel rushed to the Bush administration, begging them to push a cease fire through the United Nations.

Bush was only too happy to oblige them but Israel’s attempts to provoke an American attack on Iran vanished into the sky when Bush left office. Just to get some accurate background on the situation in Palestine, I have dug out and am presenting here, a long and very detailed report on what really happened in Palestine between 1944-and 1948. It is easy, but very disturbing, reading and shows very clearly the background of the Arab-Israeli feuding. Continue Reading »

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