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TBR News December 19, 2010

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The Voice of the White House


            Washington, D.C., December 19, 2010: “This WikiLeaks business is very funny and very illustrative.

            First of all, no one with any contacts inside the government or its intelligence agencies believes that poor Bradley Manning downloaded tens of thousands of sensitive documents and made some kind of a Devil’s Compact with Julian

            No one here believes that Julian raped anyone. We all know how the government works when it wants to do something and planting a pair of jabbering tarts on Julian and then ordering them to begin screaming rape after being banged for two or three days is typical of the crude tactics our people always use.

            Subtly or intelligent actions are well beyond them.

            And it was not the Swedes who objected to Julian getting bail but our own government who demanded that the British government help them to lay their hairy hands on Julian. Their government complied, as it always does when Washington wants something, but the British courts obviously saw through all of this and Julian got out, under restrictions, and is not only able to better fight us but also dig into his files to cause further havoc with our reputation worldwide.

             Screaming idiots from the far right like crazy Sarah Palin or the Bachmann creature are typical of what the public has to put up with.

             Whatever one thinks of Julian, who went for the obvious honey trap, he has done nothing wrong. Someone, and it was not Manninig, dug into a reference file and sent the material to Julian.

            Julian is not an American citizen and therefore could not commit treason as so many of the loud-mouthed assholes entrenched here are screeching.

            Even more annoying are their paid friends in the Internet world who ape their every word. There is no question these are genuine documents and when we see some pin head screeching that they are fake, we hope they get the usual pen set and auto signed Christmas card from the Director himself.

            As Napoleon said when someone complained about his issuing the Legion of Honor and called it a ‘bauble,’ ‘It is with such baubles that men are led.’ Of course the Emperor was speaking of his excellent soldiers, not pathetic and dimwitted government stool pigeons.

            And a Merry Christmas to all of you!” Continue Reading »

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TBR News December 17, 2010

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C., December 17, 2010: “Whenever some subject arises that is unpleasant for the bureaucracy/government, trust that the paid garbage on their list as “assets’ will crawl our from under a pile of reeking moose feces and begin to bray like donkeys at feeding time. We see all manner of this up on a recently ad-infested Google. We discover from a crazy source that ‘Flying Saucers are Part of WikiLeaks deal’ and elsewhere, ‘A recent publishing of a dangerous cable is not true’ (probably because your paymasters don’t want it to be true) I think that ‘journalists’ who whore for our increasingly disreputable buearucracy/governmentl should have their home addresses published on the Internet so people can send them packages they might find of value. This is the crazy season in Washington as the back-ward Tea Party people join forces with the like of the weird religious ninny, Bachmann (who holds revival meetings in a Capitol closet along with other floor-wetters) and the Divine Sara Palen, she of the pointy nipples and drooling idiot baby. My, what a come down from the Republican Teddy Roosevelt, isn’t it? And in advance of the coming Presidential elections, we can hear rustlings and bangings in the Beltway garbage cans as the likes of News Gingrich and Ron Paul are coming to life, eager to flop about the alley, bellowing like drunken seals. Jim DeMint no doubt will want to introduce a bill closing all businesses on Sunday so that Jesus the Spavined is not offended and mandate the erection of eight foot high granite Ten Commandments be placed on courthouse lawns all across the neo-Confederate Bible Belt. Why not entertain everyone with cogent quotes from the ever-popular ‘Song of Solomon’  What with the creeps, ass-sucks and back-ward ninnies, it reminds me of the time the back wall fell off of the local loony bin and all the dudes in paper nightgowns ran out into the town. It looked like a Congressional committee was visiting to attend the local Special Olympics and watch their children run around in circles whilst wetting themselves.

As the century progresses, Americans who take the trouble to think clearly are noting the growing manifestations of the shrinking of an empire and the resulting increase in petty punitive behaviors of its leaders. The recent release of tens of thousands of government documents, civil and military, have highlighted the rise of fear-impelled punishments. The so-called ‘WikiLeaks’ business is a case in point. One of the many tens of thousands of government employees who have access to repositories of many of the government papers in question had extracted tens of thousands of documents, many of which came into public view. The government, caught out in embarrassing detail, has lashed out in a manner that ought to be repugnant to those citizens who believe that a man is considered innocent until he is proven guilty, and in a court of law, not government fury. The following article more than points up the fact that when empires crumble, they become desperate dictatorships and the end comes even more quickly. Do read the following article with this in mind.”

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TBR News December 11, 2010

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The Voice of the White House


          Washington, D.C. December 10, 2010: “There has been an enormous flood of the so-called ‘WikiLeaks’ intercepted secret American cables. No one knows just who has what section of this massive trove of hitherto secret papers but the rage of the American government is tempered by the fact that it is totally impossible for them to shut this away from public viewing.

As expected, the obedient American media has rushed to inform their dwindling readers that after all, these are really old papers and not important and, even more important, the American public trusts its government and its agencies and think the WikiLeaks papers ought to be “removed from the Internet.”

Ah, yes, His Master’s Voice as we used to see on old phonograph records. In fact, the sporadic release of these papers only reinforces the strongly held views of the bulk of Americans that their government is a aggregation of greedy politicians and brutal and sadistic guardians. Faith in the government, in a recent and very private White House poll is about 5% positive.

Of course, our press does as it’s told but herewith are two very simple examples of what is emerging from what is little more than a governmental cesspit. Some of these are up here, some there and some not at all. The New York Times has copies of all of these but never release anything unless they check with both Washington and Langley first.

His Master’s Voice indeed!

AN hysterical President Obama wants to “totally shut down” the entire Internet to prevent problems that will no doubt cost him his job but doing that would create havoc beyond belief and will never happen. Maybe he can attend a few more public rallies and cheer everyone up.

And what happens, WikiLeaks aside, when the public finds out that they don’t own their own homes (thanks to George Bush and his crooked associates) and the government can do absolutely nothing about it. We are now living in interesting times, indeed1’ Continue Reading »

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TBR News December 7, 2010

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Washington, D.C., December 7, 2010: “From the vitally important WikiLeaks diplomatic cables we learn that, by order of the Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, American diplomats assigned to the United Nations were instructed to “collect DNA samples, fingerprints and credit card” details on specific UN officials who had proven to be hostile to Washington’s international activities.

The purpose of this project was to produce documentation, in official agency offices, so that these UN people could be set up. A credit card, a valid copy of a target, could, for example, be used to buy male pornography or hire a rent boy.

It is known how to take a fingerprint and make a latex duplicate and affix this to a medical glove. Such fingerprints could be left at the scene of a crime, such as the murder of a prostitute, and then blame would at once fall on the target diplomat. As many of these have immunity, they could be charged, declared png (persona no grata) and shipped out of the country.

Poor Hilary. Her family is Jewish (from Poland) and she became interested in both Communism and blacks while at the Yale Law School in 1969. Following graduation, Hilary interned at the Oakland, California Law Office of Treuhaft, Walker and Burnstein.

Bob Treuhaft was a life-long Communist and his firm handled Black Panther matters. Hilary was put in charge of this section and in 1971 during a Panther militant demonstration in Sacramento when Panthers carried weapons into the State offices, subsequent state police raids on the Panthers visiting the capitol caught Hilary and a female Black Panther naked in the same bed on a motel raid. When her husband became President, the police records of this incident were sequestered by the FBI but not before Xerox copies had been made.

Just something of interest here but probably overshadowed by revelations of the amoral plottings of our government all over the world.

And closer to home, it might be of some interest to note that the U.S. Army has drawn up plans and is now making initial preparations for an invasion of Mexico!

It is not a secret that powerful and vicious Mexican drug gangs have taken over complete control of the Mexican-American border and that the central government in Mexico City has lost all control over their armed forces and police. The drug gangs have been sending armed convoys over the border in sparsely settled Arizona and have been bringing in literally tons of marijuana and lesser amounts of more valuable cocaine.

Since these armed criminals will shoot to kill any person or persons who attempt to halt them, to include local law enforcement and, most important, U.S. Army units. Fort Huachuca, an important Army intelligence base, has been overrun with these incursions and when challenged by MPs, the drug people open fire on them. The plan is to send strike forces across the border, several hundred miles south of the border and then regroup and return to the border in force. They will be supported by more Army units on the American side of the border and the drive to the north by Special Forces supplied with armor, will be to “Encounter, engage and destroy” any and all drug people. There would, of course, be civilian casualties but these are considered “minimal” in the execution.

Weeping liberals, to include the useless President, will no doubt wail at the bloody carnage but the benefits to America will far outweigh their crocodile tears.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News December 6, 2010

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C., December 4, 2010: “Initially, I had thought Julian Assange to be a cross between a gadfly and a fraud but two weeks ago, a friend, name unknown, sent me eight discs containing much, if not all, of the so-called DoS cables and much on certain American banks that he is in the process of releasing to the public. Reading this over was a revelation because it would be an impossibility to fake so much material and some of the material I have seen elsewhere. Now, as the full impact of Julian’s work has spread around the world, sheer panic has set in all over Washington and parts of northern Virginia. I note the captive media is braying for Julian’s arrest or assassination, an indicator of what their bosses really want. Julian is an Aussie and how Holder could try him for treason sounds like something out of Alice in Wonderland. The real culprits here are the fumbling fools that pack the ranks of both the CIA and the Department of State. What these releases have done is to expose the arrogant and crude methodology of American diplomacy and we have not heard the end of this yet. And if the CIA or other official American agencies, kill Assange, they will be making an instant martyr of him and the huge body of other documents, obviously copied out and disseminated, will certainly emerge to a much more receptive audience. But then, of course, our policies, like our agencies, are run by stupid and arrogant individuals who, in the private sector, would be fortunate to get jobs cleaning the lavatories at MacDonalds.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News December 3, 2010

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C., November 3, 2010: “There is now a growing, genuine terror in the American power elite, that the on-going devastating Department of State secret cables released by WikiLeaks will spread to the American business community with fatal results. America is not controlled by the Jesus Freaks, big labor or the AARP but is solidly under the iron control of a genuine power elite comprised, in the main, of major American business interests. They have controlled American for decades and they control it now. These people decide who is going to represent their interests in Congress. They put up the money and instruct the media what to say and when to say it and Hey Presto! We have a new face in Congress and, more important, a new vote. The daily procession of limousines with darkened windows that daily plies its way to the Hose and Senate office buildings remind one of endless funerals. Inside the black limousines are the lobbyists, often former Congressmen or high level government officials, very many of whom were forced to retire due to financial peculations or such delightful things as buggering Congressional pages in the lavatories of that House of Finance. And in the cavernous trunks of these sleek vehicles are bags and bags of hundred dollar bills. It’s encouraging that so many of our legislators, and the judicially as well, love to collect the patriotic, engraved images of Benjamin Franklin. They much preferred the portrait of Salmon P. Chase, once Lincoln’s Secretary of the Treasury, but he was on the ten thousand dollar bill and these have been withdrawn to prevent their use by another criminal association, the global drug peddling groups. Reinstating Salmon P. Chase would be such a worthy step in promoting cooperation between America’s major business enterprises. Continue Reading »

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