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The Voice of the White House

Sep 04 2020 Published by under Voice of the Whitehouse

The Voice died in a car crash this past Tuesday.  It was quick. Going this way was easy for him, but a devastating loss for those of us who were blessed with his company.

It is fitting the posting below should be his last words for it was always the threat – his insurance policy,  he would say.

What he doesn’t tell you in this piece but would tell his friends who would listen, is it also wormed its way into the backups so when you reinstall backed up data onto new computer hardware, it starts the clock all over again.

What he also doesn’t say below but you should probably know, he always claimed it was connected to a deadman switch,  his hand being the deadman’s hand. If he did not regularly deactivate the switch, which only he could do, in a short time it would activate itself automatically, and the clock would begin its countdown.

Well,  he’s dead.  Are the above and below true?  Who knows?  Guess we’re going to find out,  aren’t we?

For all of you who read him,  some of you will miss him, some of you won’t care, some of you will celebrate, and some of you will be quaking with terror.  We know that, because we have tracked IP addresses back to some rather odd places, such as the middle of a  lake or a literal swamp … or Langley Virginia.

Speaking entirely for the people behind the scenes, we shall both miss him and celebrate him. He was our friend.  May he rest in peace.

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