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TBR News March 31, 2018

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The Voice of the White House 

Washington, D.C. March 31, 2018:”As time goes by, more and more negative information about President Trump is emerging and this information, coupled with his thoroughly erratic behavior is causing a serious polarization in the concepts of the voting public. His behavior has already upset the business and political oligarchy, both in this country and in others and the end result will certainly be both a total loss of power with the legislative and the judicial and public anger. It was hoped by many that Trump would be a forceful and constructive President but it is now very evident that these hopes are being seriously eroded.”

Table of Contents

  • The Appointments of Bolton and Pompeo Bring Us Closer to War
  • John Bolton Skewed Intelligence, Say People Who Worked With Him
  • USA TODAY exclusive: Hundreds allege Donald Trump doesn’t pay his bills
  • Most French want Macron crackdown on radical Islamists – polls
  • US, Turkey on collision course in Syria’s Manbij
  • Trump attacks California governor for pardoning ex-convicts facing deportation
  • Danny Ray Thomas Was a Broken Man Who Needed Help. Instead He Was Gunned Down by a Cop in Broad Daylight.
  • Fox’s Ingraham taking vacation as advertisers flee amid controversy
  • Israeli troops wound dozens on Gaza border as Palestinians bury dead from earlier violence

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TBR News March 30, 2018

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The Voice of the White House 

Washington, D.C. March 30, 2018:” The Internet is a wonderful thing; a highway for information and a great source of reference material. It is also, obviously, a breeding ground for eccentrics and outright lunatics of every stripe.

The so-called blogs are little better than private group therapy sessions for the frustrated, lonely and self-important and much of the alleged news being disseminated by them belongs, clearly, in a psychiatric journal or on a public lavatory wall, not a public forum.

In the dictionary meaning of ‘conspiracy theory’… every ‘explanation’ put forth (for an event in which more than one person is involved) is a ‘conspiracy theory’.  Also, every ‘explanation’ will remain to be a theory until every significant point has been proved to be absolute truth.

Only then should one consider changing the label from theory to explanation.  Alternative explanations which have not been proven to be impossible explanations… are not necessarily invalid theories.

Clearly the value of any particular conspiracy theory (e.g. its closeness to the truth) is directly related to how well it fits into the laws of the universe as we know them to be (e.g. nothing falls upward)… and what is unquestionably known to be true (e.g. something hit the Pentagon)

There are many ‘theories’ about the destruction of the WTC buildings.

The facts are simple: Commercial aircraft were hijacked by Muslim terrorists and crashed into the two buildings and another one crashed into the Pentagon. The WTC buildings were subject to intense fires which weakened the support beams, causing the upper floors to collapse downwards, destroying both buildings.

Stories about ‘plasmoid clouds’,’rockets,’ streets carpeted with aircraft parts that could not have come from commercial aircraft, Jewish moving van operators jumping up and down on top of their truck, US Army explosive experts rushing into the burning buildings to lay explosive charges are all interesting and very entertaining fantasies.

Not one of these “theories” has any more subjective value than a Grimm Brothers fairy tale. These stories make the round of the silly ‘blogs’ and are augmented with ‘authoritative reports’ of the atomic destruction of the city of Houston by evil Zionists.

All of these things are fantasy, designed to impress others with the self-importance of the reporter, have no basis in reality and are well worth a good satire.

One would think by now that the facts of the 9/11 attacks were well established. One would also think that the causes and effects of the Christmas Day SEA Tsunami would be equally established. Or that the increasing risk of serious hurricanes in the southeastern part of the United States is well-understood.

It has become a burgeoning industry to invent reasons and excuses for various events that have an absolute basis in provable fact.

French writers have claimed that ‘Soviet missiles’ struck the Pentagon.

They did not.

Other ‘experts’ claim that the WTC disaster was caused by: the Chinese Communists, ex-KGB personnel, the Illuminati, the CIA, the United States Army, the notorious Hidden Hand, East German scientists, renegade Albanian goat herders, the Boy Scouts, the gay community of Jacksonville, Florida, Satanists, trained lemurs, the Mossad, or the Mother Teresa Hate and Destruction Society of Hoboken, New Jersey.

It was not.

The same deluded people who eagerly find evil plots in such natural phenomenons as earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunami, terrorists, wildfires and chronic beach erosion also believe in the Return of Jesus, black helicopters, the Easter Bunny, the Bilderburgers, the Trilateral Commission, and the monumentally evil Skull and Bones society.

And we must not ignore the ‘M.V. Estonia’ which was sunk by Russian atomic bombs!

For aircraft incidence there are the 1955 bombing of the Kashmir Princess, the 1985 Arrow Air Flight 1285 crash, the 1986 Mozambican Tupolev Tu-134 crash, the 1937 Hindenberg disaster, the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, and the 1994 Mull of Kintyre helicopter crash.

In the 1960s, the John Birch Society asserted that a United Nations force would soon arrive in black helicopters to bring the U.S. under UN control.

And then there was the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in south-east Asia in March 2014 which prompted many conspiratorial theories. One theory suggests that this plane was hidden away and reintroduced as Flight MH17 later the same year in order to be shot down over Ukraine for political purposes

The Deepwater Horizon conspiracy theories pertain to a fatal oil-rig industrial accident in 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico, claiming alleged sabotage by those seeking to promote environmentalism, or a strike by North Korean or Russian submarines.

And in addition, there are stories about immense deposits of leaked oil reposing on the floor of the Gulf of Mexico, waiting to rise up and flood western Florida beaches, killing inhabitants and their pets.

And fading slowly away is the belief that the Loch Ness monster surfaced in Lake Erie and destroyed a tour boat full of nuns.

The deaths of prominent figures of all types attract conspiracy theorists, including, for example, the deaths of Martin Luther King, Jr., Sheikh Rahman, Yitzhak Rabin, George S. Patton,Jr., Princess Diana, Dag Hammarskjöld, President Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Abraham Lincoln.

And some solemnly claim that Queen Elizabeth is actually a giant lizard or that huge cities have been discovered under the melting icecap in Antarctica.

The robbery-murder of Democratic National Committee employee Seth Rich spawned several right-wing conspiracy theories, including the claim that Rich had been involved with the leaked DNC emails in 2016, which runs contrary to the U.S. intelligence’s conclusion the leaked DNC emails were part of Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections

Some conspiracy theorists believe that Denver International Airport stands above an underground city which serves as a headquarters of the New World Order

There is a persistent theory that Israel uses animals to conduct espionage or to attack people.

A 2012  mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, prompted numerous conspiracy theories, among which is the claim that it was a manufactured event with the aim of promoting gun control.

And many believe that, in addition to faked moon-landing pictures, NASA is secretly planning to use holograms, lasers and electromagnetic waves to fool people into believing that God has appeared, which will permit the establishment of an evil global government.

And the latest example is the fictional ‘nerve gas poisoning’ of a Russian double-agent and his daughter in England.

Such people exist in all societies and in all times.

The ancient Greeks believed in the gods walking around Greece, fornicating with civilians and goats, the Egyptians believed in Sacred Snakes and Scientologists believe that poor, crazy (and fat) L. Ron Hubbard was God Incarnate.

At least once a week, some poor soul in Bad Seepage, Ohio, writes an email to me wanting me to publish a twenty page illiterate rant about how the CIA and the local YMCA are destroying her brain using ‘power waves’ from microwave transmission towers concealed in local church spires or one gentleman in Yuma, Arizona who wants me to alert the nation to the ‘absolute fact’ that an immense army of Chinese is poised at the northern Mexican border to invade America and has been waiting for forty-seven years.

All of these fantasies are attested to by non-existent ‘experts’ such as ‘Army Officers,’ ‘Famous Scientists’ or other ‘experts,’ none of whom can ever be located, probably because they are Imaginary Friends such as those small children speak with while playing in the sand box.

And it is well-known that as a child, George W. Bush was not allowed to play in his families sand box because when he did, the neighborhood cats tried to cover him up.”

Table of Contents

  • Jesus: Fact and Fiction
  • Fact: The Person of Jesus
  • Fiction: What is the historical evidence that Jesus Christ lived and died
  • Israel denies Easter travel permits to Gaza Christians
  • Netanyahu urges bill be passed to prevent Muslim call for prayers
  • “We Know Where Your Kids Live”: How John Bolton Once Threatened an International Official
  • Fox News: ads pulled from Laura Ingraham show for mocking Parkland survivor
  • Trump tells advisers he wants U.S. out of Syria: senior officials
  • At least 15 Palestinians killed in Land Day protests

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TBR News March 29, 2018

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The Voice of the White House 

Washington, D.C. March 29, 2018:” The Asian banking communities of Taiwan, Singapore and Tokyo are privately expressing their concerns over the possibility that strong rumours of the “dumping” of American dollars by major European and Russian banking houses could create economic havoc with the world currency market.

The perceived recklessness of the current American Administration’s willingness to launch military attacks against their perceived enemies has caused deep anxiety in both European and Asian economic institutions. It is felt, most especially in Europe but now even in Asia, that the United States has embarked on a reckless course aimed at world economic domination.

Instead of diplomacy, the Trump Administration has resorted to threats of naked aggression against any nation that thwarts its designs on this forceful domination.

Afraid of unbridled American “cannon diplomacy,” first European and now Asian economic and political institutions have been engaged in frantic attempts to neutralize what is seen as naked U.S. military aggression.

Unable to match American military might, a number of nations which include France, Germany, Switzerland, the Russian Republic, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, The People’s Republic of China, Taiwan, Malaysia and North Korea have been exploring the possibility of the development of stronger ties, both political and economic.

In a series of meetings now being held in Geneva, Switzerland under conditions of the strictest security, concerned parties have been very seriously considering the options available for the blunting of the current American military and economic plans for world domination.

Once, the famous British pound was the lingua franca of the world’s banking business and after the collapse of Britain following the Second World War, the pound was replaced by the American dollar.

Now, with the formation of the European Union, the new euro is being put forward as an alternative to the dollar and to help achieve this, a plan to “dump” bank and governmental holdings of billions of dollars is now under serious consideration.

Another issue under discussion is the matter of foreign investments in the American business community and the deposit of hundreds of millions of dollars in American banks.

It is widely held that these investments are only supplying fuel to the American politico/military machine and that the devaluation of the dollar added to the complete withdrawal of all foreign investment funds would send a serious message indeed to the reckless American President and his clique of “neocons,” most of whom are Israeli Likud-supporting American Jews.

Also under discussion is the future exclusion of what are viewed as “rogue” former Eastern Bloc nations such as Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria and Rumania, all of whom appeared willing to risk the wrath of the rest of the strongly-antiwar EU.

Their denial of entrance into the EU will be counterbalanced by the welcome admission of the Russian Republic into that body.

We have reliably been informed that the People’s Republic of China has been purchasing large blocs of euros as an international trading tool.

This proposed form of international economic warfare, certainly, is not without its risks. American retaliation in the form of trade wars and tariffs is to be expected but it is now believed by the conferees that a combination of the badly damaged U.S. economy, the withdrawal of foreign investment funds and the sharp international devaluation of the American dollar would certainly make widespread international military adventures on the part of the Bush Administration a very costly prospect.”

Table of Contents

  • Trump’s most dangerous betrayal yet
  • How a data mining giant got me wrong
  • Cambridge Analytica predecessor had access to secret MoD information
  • Could departing advertisers kill Facebook?
  • India sends notice to Facebook over possible election manipulation
  • Reuters poll: Are Americans taking steps to protect their data after Facebook scandal?
  • U.S. judge refuses to toss suit against Trump on foreign payments
  • FBI looked into Trump plans to build hotel in Latvia with Putin supporter
  • Mueller: Rick Gates spoke to person with Russian spy ties in late 2016
  • Peace and the Intellectuals: Trump’s Korea Initiative vs. ‘The Blob’

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TBR News March 28, 2018

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The Voice of the White House 

Washington, D.C. March 28, 2018:”We will be out of the office until March 29. Ed”



Table of Contents

  • Let’s Investigate John Brennan
  • Thiel Employee Helped Cambridge Analytica Before It Harvested Data
  • Cambridge Analytica Might Have to Return Ad Award — but Industry Still Embraces Company’s Goals
  • Facebook Failed to Protect 30 Million Users From Having Their Data Harvested by Trump Campaign Affiliate
  • Beware the smart toaster: 18 tips for surviving the surveillance age
  • Are you ready? This is all the data Facebook and Google have on you
  • America’s State Wreck Gathers Steam: The Donald’s War Cabinet and the Fiscal Doom Loop
  • Who are the allies of Vladmir Putin and Russia in Germany?

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TBR News March 27, 2018

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The Voice of the White House 

Washington, D.C. March 27, 2018:”The enormous number of people who joined the social network Facebook are beginning to realize that while the organization purports to be only a system to facilitate friendships, in reality is is nothing more than a gatherer of personal information that is sold to the highest bidder.

People like Zuckerberg are not humanitarians but businessmen and the more money they make, the more they begin to believe they are above everyone and that their wishes and beliefs are paramount.

Zuckerberg has repeatedly said that with Facebook behind him, he was going to become President of the United States. If the recent scandal had not erupted into public view, this might well have happened.

After all, using Facebook, Donald Trump bought his way into the Oval Office for five million dollars.”


Table of Contents

  • No, Putin Isn’t Bluffing on Nukes
  • Is Trump Assembling a War Cabinet?
  • Whistleblower says Canadian company worked on software to find Republican voters
  • Facebook’s Zuckerberg will not answer UK lawmakers’ questions over data scandal
  • What role did Cambridge Analytica play in the Brexit vote?
  • The one way to control Facebook — delete your account
  • Facebook logs SMS texts and calls, users find as they delete accounts
  • Deutsche Bank seeking to replace CEO John Cryan, suggests report
  • Russian gas pipeline gets green light from Germany as US tries to kill project
  • Trump to the International Community: Drop Dead
  • Barbarossa: Hitler’s Invasion of Russia
  • Secrecy News

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TBR News March 26, 2018

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The Voice of the White House 

Washington, D.C. March 26, 2018:”The Trump administration is becoming more and more like a purse fight in a whore house. It is well-known that Trump grabs women by their private parts and brags about it. He has alienated his current wife by his gross behavior and she keeps as far away from him as she can and keeps his young son away from him because Trump’s language is unsuitable for young ears. He has fired more than half of his immediate staff because they had the nerve to disagree with him and has so disrupted governance imagery as to cause world leaders to regard him, and the United States, as little better than a waiting room in a Tijuana whore house. If, as a growing number of citizens hope, the Democrats win control of both houses of Congress in the coming mid-term election, Trump will be powerless. He can still launch military attacks against another country, with whom the United States is legally at peace, without let or hinderance but that, too, will be taken away from him. Trump is walking on a soda cracker bridge over the Grand Canyon and it is just starting to rain.”


Table of Contents

  • Trump lawyer tells porn star ‘cease and desist’ after interview: Fox
  • Forget policies, the Stormy Daniels affair shows how far US politics has sunk
  • Trump biography
  • Netanyahu again faces Israeli police in corruption probe
  • Singing the Bolton Blues
  • John Bolton: The Essential Profile

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TBR News March 25, 2018

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The Voice of the White House 

Washington, D.C. March 25, 2018:”I never trusted Facebook when an FBI agent told me some years ago that they owned it along with Internet II. Now the public has discovered that the owners of this Social Network have been raking in millions by selling the personal information of their members to anyone with the money. Zuckerberg has made the serious error of telling interviewers that he was so powerful that he intended to run for the Presidency and in another interview, termed his members as “dumb fucks.” Rest assured that Mr. Zuckerberg and his trolling service will be dealt with severely and I would seriously advise anyone holding Facebook stock to sell it at the market lest it tank like the bubble Bitcoin.”


Table of Contents

  • Technology, Violence, Vulnerability: Rising phenomenon young people carrying out mass violence in US
  • Cloak and Data: The Real Story Behind Cambridge Analytica’s Rise and Fall
  • Americans less likely to trust Facebook than rivals on personal data: Reuters/Ipsos poll
  • Is it time to break up the tech giants such as Facebook?

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TBR News March 24, 2018

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The Voice of the White House 

Washington, D.C. March 23 , 2018:”We will be out of the office until March 25, ed.”

Table of Contents

  • ‘A grand illusion’: seven days that shattered Facebook’s facade
  • Isis-Inspired Terrorism Gives Impression It’s a Global Force. It’s Not
  • Bolton Was Early Beneficiary of Cambridge Analytica’s Facebook Data
  • Facebook is facing its biggest test ever—and its lack of leadership could sink the company
  • A Madman on the National Security Council
  • Stormy Daniels: porn star primed to tell all about alleged Trump affair
  • China warns U.S. it will defend own trade interests
  • The Monster MERS Mortgage Fraud

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TBR News March 23, 2018

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The Voice of the White House 

Washington, D.C. March 23 , 2018:”We will be oj\ut of the office until March 25, ed.”


Table of Contents

  • Former US ambassador ‘appalled’ by Trump foreign policy
  • #DeleteFacebook? Privacy proves hard to protect online
  • Musk deletes Facebook pages of Tesla, SpaceX after challenged on Twitter
  • Here’s John Bolton Promising Regime Change in Iran by the End of 2018
  • British authorities raid Cambridge Analytica offices in London
  • The week Facebook’s value plunged $58bn
  • Leaked: Cambridge Analytica’s blueprint for Trump victory
  • March Madness, Washington-Style
  • Trump’s White House: Who has been fired or left so far?
  • Markets edgy on US-China trade war fears

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TBR News March 22, 2018

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The Voice of the White House 

Washington, D.C. March 22 , 2018:” For the next Presidential elections, I propose a new candidate who is certain to sweep the boards and carry the United States to higher intellectual levels than Mt. Everest.

My suggested candidate is Valvolene Wong.

She is, on her mother’s side, black and Mexican, and on the paternal side, Chinese and Philippine. Valvolene in 6 foot seven and has only one eye (she lost the other one in a Lesbian bar fight in San Francisco) which makes her Handicapped.

Her material grandmother was an Orthodox Jewess and her father worships Vishnu and cows so she is very suited to the political clime in America today.

Valvolene is a typical product of the American educational system, which translates to functional illiteracy, but on the positive side, she is housebroken.

It took her father ten years and many beatings to accomplish this but the family now is proud of the fact they do not have to put paper on the furniture.

Valvolene is proud of the fact that she takes a bath every month, needed or not, and her mere presence on a public bus, especially during summer months, is enough to empty it quickly.

As to which political party she ought to identify with, there is still a question.

On the one hand, Valvolene is an advocate of unisex lavatories for humpbacked tri-sexual dwarves and marriage to a poodle, on the other, a firm believer that Vishnu and Yahweh will be seen riding into Jerusalem on a pibald donkey any day now.

Valvolene is a world-class text messenger as well, and she has an advanced degree in Incontinence from the Bad Seepage University of Sludge, Texas.

All in all, the Quintessential Milleneal!”

Table of Contents

  • Bring Back Bricker!
  • John Dowd, Trump’s lead lawyer in Mueller investigation, quits
  • Turkey ‘To Launch Wider Offensive Against Kurds’ After Taking Afrin
  • American Militaria actions
  • No sign of relief for Facebook shares after Zuckerberg apology
  • Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica data scandal: What you need to know
  • Paul Ehrlich: ‘Collapse of civilisation is a near certainty within decades’
  • Secrecy News
  • US set to impose $50 billion worth of tariffs on China over intellectual property
  • Genetic tests reveal tragic reality of Atacama ‘alien’ skeleton

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