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TBR News July 30, 2018

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The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Isaiah 40:3-8 

Washington, D.C. July 31, 2018: “The United States is running out of oil and their chief source, Saudi Arabia, is almost dry. Ergo, look for more, controlled, sources. Now the US has decided that the Arctic has a great deal of oil and that they must, therefore, sieze it and prevent Russia from interfering for invasion of their territory. Typical acts of the International Bully.

‘Last year, energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements such as tactical solar gear at combat outposts in Afghanistan saved roughly 20 million gallons of fuel – taking 7,000 truckloads worth of fuel off the battlefield.  Over the same period of time, U.S. Air Force innovations and more efficient route planning saved $1.5 billion.  By 2025, private-sector investments on DoD installations will be generating 3,000 megawatts of renewable energy.  That’s enough to power 750,000 homes – 50 percent more power than the Hoover Dam.  And because we know that climate change is taking place, we are assessing our coastal and desert installations to help ensure they will be resilient to its effects.  Planning for climate change and smarter energy investments not only make us a stronger military, they have many additional benefits – saving us money, reducing demand, and helping protect the environment.

As energy sources evolve, and the global demand for energy increases amid a changing climate, as nations see this and plan for this they will shift their strategic priorities, placing more and more emphasis on new sources of energy from new frontiers, including the Arctic. Climate change is shifting the landscape in the Arctic more rapidly than anywhere else in the world.  While the Arctic temperature rise is relatively small in absolute terms, its effects are significant – transforming what was a frozen desert into an evolving navigable ocean, giving rise to an unprecedented level of human activity.  Traffic in the Northern Sea Route is reportedly expected to increase tenfold this year compared to last year.’

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, Halifax, Nova Scotia,

Friday, November 22, 2013


The Table of Contents

  • Conversations with the Crow
  • Lawmakers Want to Know if US Troops Are Ready for Arctic Warfare
  • The Arctic Theater
  • The US Navy Is Now Facing Its Greatest Fear: Obsolete Aircraft Carriers?
  • Russia Develops Mach Six Anti-Ship Missile
  • ‘Doomsday weapon’: How could the West respond to Russia’s nuclear underwater drone?
  • Арктика как предстоящий военный театр (The Arctic as a coming war theater)
  • Michael Cohen’s bombshell: What it means legally and why he probably isn’t cooperating… yet
  • Donald Trump is playing good cop/bad cop with Iran]

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TBR News July 30, 2018

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The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Isaiah 40:3-8 

Washington, D.C. July 30, 2018: “The Israelis and the Saudis are pushing, very hard, on Trump to launch a bombing attack on Tehran to destroy any capability Iran might have to make atomic weaponry. The Saudis hate the Iranians because the former are Sunni Moslems and the latter are Shiite. The two factions hate each other. The Israelis feel it is permissible, even laudatory, to attack unarmed and defenseless Moslems on the assumption they cannot retaliate. What none of them know is that a branch of American intelligence has bugged the Israeli Embassy in Washington, as well as their front business entities and various apartments they consider safe houses, and that everything said, sent and received is being read or listened to on a daily basis. The Iranians are fully aware of the threats and their planned counter-attacks are entertaining to hear about. If a burglar breaks into a man’s house to steal what he can find and the owner shoots him in the leg, the burglar wails and screams that he was attacked. This has always been the Israeli plaint. Let America do out fighting for us is their plan and perhaps Fat Donald the Groper will go along with it. If this happens, according to a Russian source, the Iranians have a very nasty riposte already in place. What sort of a counter this is remains unknown, at least to some, but to others, the contemplation is entertaining. The best advice to give in this matter is if any attacks are made on Iran,one should not plan to visit the Nation’s capitol.”

 The Table of Contents

  • Is Trump planning to strike Iran next month? Here’s what you need to know
  • Trump’s Iraq: Why the President Wants War with Iran
  • Donald Trump could be ready to order a strike against Iran, Australian Government figures say
  • Vladimir Putin marks Russia’s Navy Day, reveals plans for 26 new ships
  • Secrecy News
  • Conversations with the Crow
  • A New Broadband Network Is Pitching Surveillance Enhancements to Cops Across the Country

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TBR News July 29, 2018

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The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Isaiah 40:3-8

Washington, D.C. July 29, 2018: Since World War II, during a supposed golden age of peace, the United States military has killed some 20 million people, overthrown at least 36 governments, interfered in at least 82 foreign elections, attempted to assassinate over 50 foreign leaders, and dropped bombs on people in over 30 countries. The United States is responsible for the deaths of 5 million people in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, and over 1 million just since 2003 in Iraq. –U.S. Wars and Hostile Actions: A List

Instances of the United States overthrowing, or attempting to overthrow, a foreign government since the Second World War. (* indicates successful ouster of a government)

  • China 1949 to early 1960s
  • Albania 1949-53
  • East Germany 1950s
  • Iran 1953 *
  • Guatemala 1954 *
  • Costa Rica mid-1950s
  • Syria 1956-7
  • Egypt 1957
  • Indonesia 1957-8
  • British Guiana 1953-64 *
  • Iraq 1963 *
  • North Vietnam 1945-73
  • Cambodia 1955-70 *
  • Laos 1958 *, 1959 *, 1960 *
  • Ecuador 1960-63 *
  • Congo 1960 *
  • France 1965
  • Brazil 1962-64 *
  • Dominican Republic 1963 *
  • Cuba 1959 to present
  • Bolivia 1964 *
  • Indonesia 1965 *
  • Ghana 1966 *
  • Chile 1964-73 *
  • Greece 1967 *
  • Costa Rica 1970-71
  • Bolivia 1971 *
  • Australia 1973-75 *
  • Angola 1975, 1980s
  • Zaire 1975
  • Portugal 1974-76 *
  • Jamaica 1976-80 *
  • Seychelles 1979-81
  • Chad 1981-82 *
  • Grenada 1983 *
  • South Yemen 1982-84
  • Suriname 1982-84
  • Fiji 1987 *
  • Libya 1980s
  • Nicaragua 1981-90 *
  • Panama 1989 *
  • Bulgaria 1990 *
  • Albania 1991 *
  • Iraq 1991
  • Afghanistan 1980s *
  • Somalia 1993
  • Yugoslavia 1999-2000 *
  • Ecuador 2000 *
  • Afghanistan 2001 *
  • Venezuela 2002 *
  • Iraq 2003 *
  • Haiti 2004 *
  • Somalia 2007 to present
  • Honduras 2009 *
  • Libya 2011 *
  • Syria 2012
  • Ukraine 2014 *


Q: Why will there never be a coup d’état in Washington?

A: Because there’s no American embassy there.

The Table of Contents

  • Trump threatens U.S. government shutdown over immigration
  • Queen Esther on the Rio Grande
  • Colorado capitol prankster places Putin portrait where Trump’s should be
  • Conversations with the Crow
  • Nazis and the CIA

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TBR News July 28, 2018

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The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Isaiah 40:3-8

Washington, D.C. July 28, 2018: ”Landlords, like pit bulls, can be decent but can also be vicious, greedy and thourougly dangerous.Here are some ideas about how a victimized tenant can respond to a ruthless landlord.

If a tenant is being harassed by a landlord, threatened with eviction because the rent check is a day late, refused property repairs the landlord is responsible for, there are responses that are very effective, if very unkind.

Here are a number of responses by the harassed tenant that actually work.

One can take off the plates for electric wall sockets and put pieces of uncooked shellfish, like crab or better, prawns, into the openings. Replace the plate and within a week, the stench of the rotting shellfish would gag a maggot.

Spots of hydrofluoric acid, which etches glass, can be daubed on random windows. This cannot be removed and the glass must be replaced at the landlord’s expense.

Toothpicks stuck into all the locks on doors inside and outside will jam the lock when a key is inserted and cannot be removed without the services of a locksmith

If the center pin of a door hinge is removed, the opening squirted with crazy glue and the pin replaced, the door is jammed in place and the hinge has to be taken off the door and cleaned.

A pan of urine, if placed in the oven, will emit truly terrible smells while it is slowly cooking at 170 degrees. The urine boils away, leaving a crust in the pan but the smell lingers on.

Or one could drill a hole in the top of a hollow-core door with shellfish dropped into the hole. This smells terrible in decay and leaves stains on the door that flies love to cluster on.

And in the kitchen and bathroom one can empty a large container of Metamucil into the drain and put a bit of water in after it. The water will react with the Metamucil and cause it to swell up and plug the pipes so that nothing can get past the plug. This means a plumber had to clean out the drains at considerable expense.

Garage doors can have crazy glue squirted into their mechanisim and the door will refuse to open.

A few roofing nails scattered at random on the driveway will ruin tires.

Outside, if one were to scatter rock salt (easily and cheaply obtained) all over the lawns, around the roots of shrubs, etc. when it rains, or someone uses a garden hose on the areas, the salt melts, percolates into the ground and kills the vegetation.

When a tenant moves out, he can put in a mail forward with the local post office to some address in a big city with hundreds of offices, like the Empire State Building in New York or the Bank of America building in San Francisco. The bill collectors would have no luck locating a target. Or, to be exotic, a new address could be ‘Poste Restante, Lugano, Schweiz’ which is a general delivery address in Switzerland.

Or just before moving, an ad could be called into the local paper letting the readers know that a yard sale, to include antique guns, gold coins and other treasures, will be held at the target address on the following Saturday. This will result in crowds of buyers jamming the neighborhood and trampling the lawns.

One could also send in subscription cards for hundreds of expensive magazines (found inside magazines in a local book store) to a non existent person with a provocative name such as ‘Ben Dova,’ ‘Mike Hunt,’ or ‘Jack Mehoff’ to the rental office involved. If these bills are not paid promptly, the magazine companies immediately turn the delinquent’s name in to a local bill collector. The results of this can be extremely entertaining.

In any case, the goal is to keep the house off the market and cause the nasty landlord considerable out of pocket expenses.

This could not happen to nicer people!”


The Table of Contents

  • Uneasy Living
  • Why so many people fall for scams
  • Hundreds of children not reunited by Trump administration as deadline passes
  • Conversations with the Crow
  • Trump and Cohen: pair who shared special bond headed for fatal split

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TBR News July 27, 2018

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The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Isaiah 40:3-8

Washington, D.C. July 27, 2018:” A 2016 secret FBI investigation into Israeli espionage agents in the Central Intelligence Agency is part of a major struggle between prominent Likudists in the CIA and the US security apparatus.

Ever since the Trump regime came to power there has been a fierce political and organizational war between the CIA Likudists and their militant American collaborators, on the one hand, and the professional military and intelligence apparatus, on the other.

This conflict has manifested itself in a series of major issues including the war in the Middle East, the rational for war, the relationship between Israel and the US, the strategy for empire, as well as tactical issues like the size of military force needed for colonial wars and the nature of colonial occupation.

From 9/11/2001 to the invasion of Iraq, the CIA Likudists and the civilian Neocons had the upper hand: they marginalized the CIA and established their own intelligence services to “cook the data”, they pushed through the doctrine of sequential wars, beginning with Afghanistan and Iraq and projecting wars with Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries.

The CIA Zionists increased Israel’s power in the Middle East and promoted its expansionist colonization of Palestine, at the expense of US soldiers, budget busting expenditures and Pentagon objections.

The US military and security apparatus has retaliated. First by debunking Zionist lies about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, followed by a two-year investigation ofCIA Likudists passing documents to Israeli military intelligence and the secret police, the Mossad.

Israel has for decades subverted US foreign policy to serve its interests through the organized power of major Jewish organizations in the US.

What is new in the current CIA spy case is that rather than pressuring from the outside to secure favorable policies for Israel, the Israel loyalists are in top positions within the government making strategic decisions about US global policy and providing their Israeli handlers with secret documents pertaining to top level discussions in the White House on questions of war and peace.

Today the politics of CIA and AIPAC espionage is especially dangerous – because what is at stake is a new US and/or Israeli war on Iran which will ignite the entire Middle East.

Given the high level of structural collaboration and integration of US CIA Likudist agents and US Jewish organizations with the Israeli state, the boundaries of what are United States policies and interests and what are Israeli prerogatives and interests are blurred.

From the perspective of the CIA Zionists and their organized Jewish supporters, it is “natural” that the US spends billions to finance Israeli military power and territorial expansion. It is “natural” to transfer strategic documents from the CIA to the Israeli State.

As Haaretz states, “Why would Israel have to steal documents when they can find out whatever they want through official meetings?” The routinization of espionage via official consultations between Israeli and US Zionist officials became public knowledge throughout the executive branch.

Only it wasn’t called espionage, it was referred to as ‘exchanging intelligence’, only the Israelis sent ‘disinformation’ to the CIA Zionists to serve their interests while the latter passed on the real policies, positions and strategies of the US government.”

The Table of Contents

  • U.S. immigrants’ reunification deadline passes, lawyers turn to deportations
  • US struggles with family reunification as court deadline hits
  • The Third Reich’s method of removing unwanted people
  • Donald Trump denies knowing of Russia meeting and attacks Michael Cohen
  • Conversations with the Crow

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TBR News July 26, 2018

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The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Isaiah 40:3-8

Washington, D.C. July 26, 2018:”What is the so-called Deep State? Groups of people, and businesses that collectively demand obedience from the elected leaders. This list is taken directly from a very private document on the subject prepared for a domestic intelligence agency:

Business and professional groups


American Bankers Association

American Council of Life Insurance

American Farm Bureau Federation

American Hospital Association

American Medical Association

Association of Trial Lawyers

Automobile companies

Chamber of Commerce

Computer software and hardware

Credit Union National Association

Defense contractors

Electric companies

Health Insurance Association

Independent Insurance Agents of America

Motion Picture Association of America

National Association of Broadcasters

National Association of Home Builders

National Association of Manufacturers

National Association of Realtors

National Beer Wholesalers Association

National Federation of Independent Business

National Restaurant Association

Oil Companies

Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers

Recording Industry Association

Securities and investment companies

Telephone companies

Tobacco companies

Mass-based groups



American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees

American Israel Public Affairs Committee

American Legion

Christian Coalition

International Brotherhood of Teamsters

National Rifle Association

National Right to Life Committee

United Auto Workers union

Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S.

Not coded as either business or mass-based

National Education Association (includes a mass base of teachers but also university professors)

National Governors’ Association (affected by interest groups rather than acting as an independent group)

Universities (unclear status as businesses or nonprofits)”


The Table of Contents

  • Trump, the Great Disruptor
  • Mass Dementia in the Western Establishment
  • EU solidarity successful against Donald Trump
  • The Rape of Russia
  • Conversations with the Crow
  • Facebook’s grim forecast: privacy push will erode profits for years

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TBR News July 25, 2018

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The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Isaiah 40:3-8

Washington, D.C. July 25, 2018:”Trump is trheatening the Iranian government with sanctions and vague suggestions that he will take military action against them if they do not bow down to him. If Trump does actively threaten Iran, they can very easily shut off the vital Homuz strait and there is nothing Trump can do about it. And if this chokepoint is interdicted, there will be an immediate reaction on financial markets because oil would not get to markets and the price of gasoline would equal that of gold’s spot price. Americans would not be able to drive 50 miles a day round trip to work and Trump would have to spend his waking house in the underground bunker beneath the White House. He will back down once the situation is explained to him by the military. He has before.”


The Table of Contents

  • Is Bill Browder the Most Dangerous Man in the World?
  • Here’s the real reason the US must talk to Russia
  • Trump says U.S. ready to make a ‘real deal’ on Iran’s nuclear program
  • Middle East overview: An Israel/US attack on Iran.
  • The ‘Remote Viewing’ Fraud
  • The Hormuz Analysis
  • CNN plays audio recording of conversation between Trump and Michael Cohen
  • The big heatwave: from Algeria to the Arctic. But what’s the cause?
  • Fool’s gold: what fish oil is doing to our health and the planet

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TBR News July 24, 2018

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The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Isaiah 40:3-8

Washington, D.C. July 24, 2018:”In 2003, a computer expert, a specialist in writing codes, invented a deadly virus. If this virus, which is disguised as a normal computer function and is not detectable, it triggered, it will obliterate everything on the hard drive of the host. Backup files, if reinstalled on an affected computer, will also collapse. The trigger words, if made public, are disguised as a normal-appearing message and once they are picked up by any computer system, have a period of time before they activate the virus. This could be ten days, fifteen hours, three minutes and twelve seconds. When this point are reached, the targeted computer becomes as dead as a door-nail and worthless. Since this virus has been spreading since 2003, by the present time, the number of infected devices are legion and when, not if, the collapse comes, the results will be world-wide and economically devastating. We do live in interesting times.”



The Table of Contents

  • Striking at critics, Trump threatens former officials’ security clearances
  • Could Iran really close the Strait of Hormuz?
  • Is Putin’s Russia an ‘Evil Empire’?
  • 21st Century Witchcraft: The Real Election Meddlers
  • Most Germans support Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline, saying US vitriol just desire to sell own gas
  • U.S. judge allows lawsuit over end of immigrant protections to proceed
  • The Flight 93 Doctrine
  • How tech’s richest plan to save themselves after the apocalypse
  • What is the current poverty rate in the United States?

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TBR News July 23, 2018

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The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Isaiah 40:3-8

Washington, D.C. July 23, 2018:”There is a book that ought to be read by anyone interested in the realities of the operation of governments, local and federal. This is ‘The Power Elite’ by C. Wright Mills. Published in 1954, the names of individuals and entities are dated but the basic concepts hold very true today. Every government, be it a small town, a county, or state and especially federal, are controlled by small groups of indivuduals, unknown to the public, who suggest, pressure, reward their legislators and officials into doing what they wish. This sort of system has existed since the days of George Washington but at present, is obviously forcing the federal government to pressure both Russia and Iran into a form of submission. Why? Because both countries are not obedient to American wishes and economic necessities and in the long run, both countries have large deposits of oil . Remember the poem: ‘Whatever happens, Putin’s got, The oil and gas which we have not.’ ”


The Table of Contents

  • Donald Trump lashes out at Iran in all-caps tweet
  • Trump plays dangerous game with anti-Iran Twitter rant
  • The Establishment Strikes Back
  • Mortgage, Groupon and card debt: how the bottom half bolsters U.S. economy
  • Martyrs to the Cause: Carter Page and Julian Assange
  • The Establishment

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TBR News July 22, 2018

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The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Isaiah 40:3-8

Washington, D.C. July 22, 2018: Abscam (sometimes all capitals) was a US political scandal in 1980. An FBI sting operation led to the arrest of members of Congress for accepting bribes.

The FBI set up Abdul Enterprises, Ltd. in 1978 and FBI employees posed as Middle Eastern businessmen in videotaped talks with government officials, where they offered money in return for political favors to a non-existent sheik. Much of the FBI operation was directed by the experienced Melvin Weinberg. It was the first major operation by the FBI to trap corrupt public officials; up until 1970 only ten members of Congress had ever been convicted of accepting bribes. The media dubbed the operation Abscam after the name of the company.

Of the thirty plus targeted officials, one senator, Harrison Williams, and five members of the House of Representatives (John Jenrette, Richard Kelly, Raymond Lederer, Michael Myers, Frank Thompson) were convicted of bribery and conspiracy in separate trials in 1981. Another, John M. Murphy, was convicted of a lesser charge. While most of the politicians resigned, Myers had to be expelled and Williams did not resign until the vote on his expulsion was almost due. Five other government officials were convicted, including the mayor of Camden, Angelo Errichetti.

The FBI was accused of entrapment and in 1982 the conviction of Richard Kelly was overturned. (He had been memorably videotaped jamming $25,000 into his pockets.) The FBI and the Department of Justice were also accused of having political motivations in the politicians they targetted.

The Abscam model of fake front companies and concealed recording served as the basis for a number of more local operations throughout the 1980s.”


The Table of Contents

  • Carter Page FISA Documents Are Released by Justice Department
  • At Texas border, joy and chaos as U.S. reunites migrant families
  • How Syria and Ukraine Drove the Russia Hawks Insane
  • Russia sends Syrian refugee proposal to U.S. after Trump summit
  • Opinion    Donald Trump   
  • When the US Invaded Russia
  • ‘Do not play with lion’s tail’: Rouhani warns Trump

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