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The Voice of the White House


            Washington, D.C. April 28, 2014: “With all of the hysterical screeching going on in Washington about the evil Putin and how mighty America is going to deal with him, a bit of simple research is in order here.

First off, the Russians and the Chinese hold an enormous amount of U.S. Treasury bills:


Feb 2014 Foreign holdings of US Treasury Securities

China, Mainland       1272.9 billion 

Russia                         126.2    “


If both Russia and China dumped their holding simultaneously, the dollar would drop to the level of the Mexican peso and cease being the major international currency.


            Second, while Obama is claiming the U.S. is the world’s largest producer of oil, he is completely wrong:


List of Top 10 Largest Oil Producers in the World 2014


1.  Russia  12.65%   Oil Production       11,000,000 bbls per day

                              Oil Consumption      2,200,000 bbls per day


2. Saudi Arabia 11.28%


3. United States 10.74% Oil Production       8,500,000 bbls per day

                                        Oil Consumption  19,000,000 bbls per day


Note here that the United States consumes more than twice the amount of oil they produce. Are they going to ship badly needed oil to poor Ukraine? No, they are not but they will be true to form and promise much while delivering nothing.


            Third, Obama has been braying all over the Orient that American military might is superior. Here are the figures:


Military Forces




Active Frontline Personnel        970,000

Active Reserve Personnel       2,485,000

Tanks                                            15,500

Armored Fighting Vehicles          27,607

Multiple-Launch Rocket systems   3,371





Active Frontline Personnel      1,430,000

Active Reserve Personnel          850,000

Tanks                                           8,325

Armored Fighting Vehicles          25,782

Multiple-Launch Rocket systems   1,330


            And here, from the government-friendly New York Times, is an interesting comment: “The Army, which took on the brunt of the fighting and the casualties in Afghanistan and Iraq, already was scheduled to drop to 490,000 troops from a post-9/11 peak of 570,000. Under Mr. Hagel’s proposals, the Army would drop over the coming years to between 440,000 and 450,000.” Pentagon Plans to Shrink Army to Pre-World War II Level By THOM SHANKER and HELENE COOPER FEB. 23, 2014  NYT

            But surely, Obama is firmly supported by the American people who always recognize their government’s goal of establishing peace and democracy throughout the world.



Public opinion
#1 A national Rasmussen Reports survey has found that an all-time high 53 percent of all Americans believe that neither major political party “represents the American people”.

#2  Only 29 percent of Americans believe that the country is heading in the right direction.

#3  Americans disapprove of the job that Barack Obama is doing by a 52.2 to 43.7 percent margin.

#4 Americans disapprove of the job that Congress is doing by a 77.6 percent to 14.2 percent margin.

#5  52 percent of Americans “do not think the economy is fair to those willing to work hard”.

#6  65 percent of Americans are dissatisfied “with the U.S. system of government and its effectiveness”. That is the highest level of dissatisfaction that Gallup has ever recorded.

#7 Only 4 percent of Americans believe that it would “change Congress for the worse” if every member was voted out during the next election.

#8 An all-time low 31 percent of Americans identify themselves as Democrats.

#9 An all-time low 25 percent of Americans identify themselves as Republicans.

#10 An all-time high 42 percent of Americans identify themselves as Independents.

#11 60 percent of Americans report feeling “angry or irritable”. Two years ago that number was at 50 percent.

#12 70 percent of Americans do not have confidence that the federal government will “make progress on the important problems and issues facing the country in 2014.”


American-instigated coups against anti-democratic countries


Iran (1953);


Thailand (1957);

Laos (1958-60);

the Congo (1960);

Turkey (1960, 1971 & 1980);

Ecuador (1961 & 1963);

South Vietnam (1963);

Brazil (1964);

the Dominican Republic (1963);

Argentina (1963);

Honduras (1963 & 2009);

Iraq (1963 & 2003);

Bolivia (1964, 1971 & 1980);

Indonesia (1965);

Ghana (1966);

Greece (1967);

Panama (1968 & 1989);

Cambodia (1970);

Chile (1973);

Bangladesh (1975);

Pakistan (1977);

Grenada (1983);

Mauritania (1984);

Guinea (1984);

Burkina Faso (1987);

Paraguay (1989);

Haiti (1991 & 2004);

Russia (1993);

Uganda (1996);

and Libya (2011). Continue Reading »

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TBR News April 25, 2014

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Fear and longing as prime human motivations have been used by techniques of influence engineering for ages. On the assumption that all targets are benefit-seekers the perception factor of “good” and “bad” as well as status (having something, or not) plays a substantial role. To provide a structure for understanding behavioral motivation hierarchies of personal needs have been proposed. Physiological needs (survival, food, drink, health) safety needs (clothing, shelter, protection) affection needs (companionship, bonding) esteem needs (self-respect, achievement, appreciation) self-fulfillment needs? utilizing one’s potential.


The thirty-six stratagems of the Chinese secret art of war is an ancient collection that describe some of the most cunning and subtle methods that are applied in psychological warfare to undermine both the opponent’s will and judgment.


Manipulative information techniques can be classified in various systems and categories but psychological influence stratagems do not replace procedures in PSYOP planning, development, or dissemination. “Self-evident” techniques appeal to authority, slogans, name calling etc. while other stratagems are based on information deficit of target or analyst. (“Lying” or selective omission, simplification and choosing from a variety of facts only those which support the purpose are examples.) While many techniques make use of dramaturgy (change of pace, stalling and deliberately withholding information, “shift of scene” to take the spotlight off an unfavorable situation by shifting it to another are examples of this category) others use chains of arguments.


Where an argument, expressed or implied, is a reason, or a series of reasons, offered as to why the target should behave, believe, or think in a certain manner resulting in the inferred intent of the originator on the target audience.






The Voice of the White House


          Washington, D.C. April 23, 2014: “While Obama is in Japan, making a fool out of himself playing games with a robot, his henchmen in Washington are putting the final touches on a plan to frighten Putin from drilling for oil on his continental shelf in the Arctic. Our American oil companies have their eyes on these rich holdings and Obama feels that if he is threatening enough, Putin will back down as so many others have before him and our Oligarchs will triumph again. Of course they didn’t have much luck with the immense untapped Iraqi fields of oil but since the Saudis are running out, we have to find other, controlled, sources before we are forced to buy from Russia. And this is a Russia whom we have been threatening since the first faked reports of Russian attacks were released in 1948. Now, the next step will be to bully Canada to let us set up military bases on their northern borders with the Arctic for the purpose of threatening Russia. The Canadian government is cowed by America but their public is not pleased with either their government or the Americans and it is doubtful if the entrenchment of our troops in nice white snow suits will bespangle the American media.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News April 23, 2014

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The Voice of the White House


         Washington, D.C. April 23, 2014: “Since many newspapers have stopped carrying a comics section, one is always searching for early morning humor. Here is an example of high good humor from one of the lunatic bloggers:

‘Eaglenews has just received a packet of documents from our source in Madigascar that reveals the real truth about the disappearance of Flight MH370.

We now know that a special United States killer satellite shot down Flight MH 370 after it disabled all of its communications with a special Tesla energy ray.

This was done so that we could blame the Russians for the deed. Our government, of course, wants to keep all of this a secret so they have paid rival blogs to put out stories about the plane being caught with a Control Beam from Illuminati Central (run by the dread Dr. Melbourne Fong of the Hidden Hand) and forced to land in Iran.

And we have learned that it was planned that all the Chinese citizens on board were subsequently to have been eaten by their Iranian captors.

Of course, this is not new to readers of our site and they will recall that TWA Flight 800 to Paris was deliberately shot down by a U.S. Navy anti-aircraft missile. We know this because of official, but hidden, radar tracks and numerous and very reliaable eye witnesses.

And scientists have all agreed that stories about electric problems in the fuel tanks are inventions of the government to conceal the mistake.

The Navy ship was under the impression that Flight 800 was actually a Russian bomber that had reportedly just bombed Cleveland.

And most of our readers know that the 9/11 United Flight 93 was certainly shot down by an air-to-air missile fired from an American fighter plane.

This aircraft was piloted by the same man who shot down the Wellstone plane.

Again, well-known scientists who inpected the wreckage all agree that at least six missiles were used.

We now know that the Bilderburgers were behind all of these crashes because their One World Order needed examples to frighten Americans who are discovering that over eight hundred fully-equipped concentrations camps have been set up all across America to contain any citizen who owns any kind of a firearm or is known to be gay or anti-Christian.

And we have discovered plans for a full-scale American military attack on San Marino because they refuse to allow CIA agents to set up a smallpox virus station in that country.

And rumors that a Russian submarine was spotted in Great Salt Lake are being checked out by our Utah bureau. Could they be planning a rocket attack against the Mormon Tabernacle?’” Continue Reading »

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TBR News April 19, 2014

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The Voice of the White House


         Washington, D.C. April 17, 2014: “ Blogger Alex Jones (Prison Planet) did articles on the Bundy Ranch business recently that clearly demonstrates the problems with alleged “alternative” news sites. According to Jones, Senator Harry Reid and a group of Chinese businessmen were interested in getting their hands on the Bundy ranch to put up solar panels. Jones cites an article that had appeared in the Guardian in January of this year as proof.   Flashback: Sen. Reid Breaks Ground for Nevada Solar Farm Near Bundy Ranch –read the link. Unfortunately for the breathless discovery, the Guardian article clearly pointed out that the area the Chinese were interested in lay 90 miles south of Las Vegas. And the Bundy ranch was 87 miles northeast of Las Vegas. This is typical of the blog errata. And it is also interesting to note that none of the Bundy business was ever mentioned, not a line given to it, in either the New York Times or the Washington Post. This more than confirms Beltway belief that both papers are firmly in the government’s pocket and will print, or not print, whatever is ordered by their controllers.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News April 8, 2014

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The Voice of the White House



             Washington, D.C. April 9, 2014: “Look to the North, turn your lonely eyes towards the Arctic for that is where the curtain is slowly rising on the next comic interlude of failure and rejection.
            As you probably do not know, our beloved CIA is packed to the Plimsoll Line with Hebrews, many of whom are Israeli citizens.
            And they send all manner of secret material to the Blessed Home on a daily basis, often via their Embassy in Washington.
            Thanks to ‘Ca-Ca’ Karpowitz and Benny the Dinge Queen, Tel Aviv knows all about our not-secret plans to try to force Putin’s hand in the, hopefully, oil-rich Arctic.
            Yes, they got their fingers on the plans to force Canada to allow massive American military presence in Canada’s northern reaches, with or without public Canadian support. They also know about the build-up of tattered units in Alaska, preparing to move east into yet-to-be-constructed military, air and naval bases north of Hudson Bay.
            Consider, if you will, the dismal record of past efforts to Encircle and Overawe Russia.
            Putin stopped the Nato-enrichment of eastern Europe by his incursion into Georgia (a then-growing American logistical base) which caused American troops to hastily evacuate. This was under the aegis of George W., the binge drinker and closet queen, and the next series of entertaining punts in the cohones by Vladimir came with his flat rejection of Obama’s shrill and comically menacing demands for the shipping back of Snowden and then Putin’s excellent handling of the threats to invade Syria at Tel Aviv’s urgent request followed by his anticipated response to our CIA clumsy fomenting of “popular rebellion” in Kiev by reabsorbing the Crimea.
            The fact that our Navy was frantic to lay its hands of the huge naval base there was another interesting aspect.
            Predictably, the poverty-stricken and debt-ridden Ukraine howled for assistance from the West and got nothing in return. 
            What, I ask, is next? Sanctions?
            The Russians took back all their American securities and threatened to dump them on the market.
            If, by some interesting chance, the PRC did the same, the dollar would rank with the lira or the Mexican peso in value.
            I notice that shrill demands for sanctions became very quiet after someone realized what could happen.
            The public was distracted by the cat-in-the-tree stories about the vanished air liner and now our media can find yet another story to pump into the public.
            How about noble statements about a “Free, International Arctic” (under American supervision, naturally) where “sensitive and caring” oil drilling would be under an American-approved (and ecologically correct) drilling program and, a program to open the Arctic up to free commerce and, best of all, a dynamic program thought up by our own President, to Save the Arctic Seals.
            All of this is a bit protracted in nature but for ribald humor, it beats “South Park” every time.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News April 4, 2014

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The Voice of the White House


         Washington, D.C. April 3, 2014: “There is a new book just published that is giving spastic colon to the Jesus Freaks and their American political allies. Is it titles “Christ the Essene” ( and is by a Phillip L. Kushner, PhD. The book is very scholarly and not at all boring. It lays out the real history of Jesus, taken from a long-suppressed Dead Sea scroll and states that Jesus was not born in Bethelem but Alexandria, Egypt and that when his family moved to Judea, he joined the Essene religious cult. Unfortunately for those who love Jesus and hate homosexuals, the Essenes were an all-male cult that was very well known to be totally homosexual! The author also dissects the Gospels and when he has finished, there is little of value left to them. Dr. Kushner points out that all the Gospels were written a hundred years after Jesus was alive and are nothing but invented stories, designed to sell early Christianity to the local tribesmen. It remains to be seen if Congress will ban the book but I have read it, recommended it to friends and think it is a wonderful antidote to the mindless screamings of the Jesus Freak set.” Continue Reading »

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