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TBR News July 18, 2013

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The Voice of the White House


Washington, D.C. July 17, 2013: “The verdict in the Zimmerman case seems to be enraging both liberals and blacks. Now they want to have him tried again by the Obama people but this will not happen. Here are two comments from readers of the Guardian’s articles. Soon enough, there will be rioting in the inner cities and the resulting looting of shops. No one seems to care if the CIA or the Army blows up a Pakistani day care center on the mistaken impression it is a training center for terrorists but I suppose it depends on whose ox is gored.


 “The NAACP is a collection of black bigots and crooks. In their “convention” they purposefully have excluded black conservatives, anyone not approving Obama and his government’s espionage, drone based murders, misue of government institutions to punish enemies, the millions of dollars in bribes via untraceable Chinese bank issued “gift credit cards”. They routinely engage in political campaigns and endorsements… an they are classified as a 501C3, tax emempt “charity”?”


“No wonder Snowden doesn’t think he’s going to get a fair trial.

Look at this – people on social media decide who is guilty and who is not and they’re going to play the system until it bows to pressure and they finally get the conviction they demand.”

And on another controversial subject: It is now relatively well-known that all of the world’s glaciers, to include the immense ones on Antarcticia and Greenland, are rapidly melting. Every year, scientists predict that by 2100, the seas will have risen by .003 cms. Of course this is blatant nonsense, dictated to by the needs of our government to prevent public panics and demands for assistance. The government can do nothing so their fondest hope is that, like the mortgage scandal, the day of wrath will wait until they have left office. One of the most fascinating depictions of what sea level risings will look like can be found at:


This consists of a series of beautifully prepared color computer studies of the gradual flooding of American coastal cites. It is well worth a look. This is the product of one Nickolay Lamm, a young college student and artist. Mr. Lamm is Russian in origin and his handling of his subject is probably the best we have ever seen. He can be reached Continue Reading »

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TBR News July 9, 2013

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Department of Defense



NUMBER 2905.17

June 13, 2013 USD(I)

SUBJECT: DoD Domestic Military Order-Counterinsurgency Overview : See Enclosure 1 Continue Reading »

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TBR News JUly 6, 2013

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The Voice of the White House


Washington, D.C. July 6, 2013: “ Official Washington is livid with vindictive rage over the Snowden revelations, both past and future. They have made frantic efforts to lay their hands on him, both to punish him and prevent any more devastating exposures. They pressured their friends, the few left, in European governments to force down the personal aircraft of a head of state because some clever person passed them the disniformation that Snowden was on board. All of this reminds me of a story a friend of mine told me some time ago. He discovered that a neighbor was sexually molesting his daughter and turned him in to the police. They man was subsequently arrested and sent to jail for a long time. After this, the man’s wife ran around the neighborhood, telling anyone who would listen, that my friend had ruined her life and ought to be arrested! Mind you, not the guity husband but the good citizen who had him removed from society for his criminal acts!” Continue Reading »

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