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TBR News January 30, 2013

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The Voice of the White House


       Washington, D.C. January 29, 2013: “ It seems that whenever a major disaster occurs, first we have the news media reporting it and then, almost immediately afterwards, we have the conspiracy people creeping out of the woods dressed in fantastic costumes and shrieking their lunatic theories about the Real Reasons for the tragedy or disaster. As a case in point, we have the recent murders of small children at a Connecticut school by an obviously deranged young man. I am appending an article that covers much of this and have left off a long, hysterical article about the motives of the real killers.

 No, the killings were done by a special squad of trained assassins, recruited by the Illuminati and landed on the coast from an Israel submarine! Scientists have proven that the “lone killer” was not a young nut who had previously murdered his mother but really a robot constructed in Japan by the Hidden Hand!

 The motive was to help establish the One World Order run by members of the Skull and Bones Society assisted by quadruped members of the Mossad and the FBI Special Missions Department.

And the authors of this brilliant expose have left out the recent bus crash in Akron, Ohio that killed twenty two elderly passengers from the Happy Hours Nursing home that were on a outing to a local MacDonalds to take advantage of the Two-For-One offer.

This was a warning to the elderly to prepare for their euthanizing by the New World Order people as being useless and unproductive.

And let us not forget the mysterious flooding and other weather problems in England. 

More scientists have proven these are caused by Tesla energy rays emanating from an anchored ship off England’s West Coast and manned by more special squads of the Illuminati.

Will this madness never cease? Continue Reading »

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TBR News January 25, 2013

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The Voice of the White House


Washington D.C. January 24, 2013: “China is threatening Japan (unwise) over ownership of some remote Japanese islands and now North Korea, a client of China, is threatening the U.S. with a nuclear attack. The North Koreans are stark crazy, run by a nut family and dangerous and unstable. If they seriously threaten us, believe it there will be a preemptive attack and China can take in millions of glowing refugees. The Chinese are unstable and if one studies their history, they periodically go crazy and do very stupid things. Like threatening the Japanese or egging North Korea to threaten us. China has too many people, little food, almost no natural resources and their water supplies are drying up. It will only be a matter of time before they implode and the sooner the better!” Continue Reading »

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TBR News January 15, 2013

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The Voice of the White House


          Washington, D.C. January 15, 2013: “It is interesting to observe what is happening to the once-powerful New York Times. With a rapidly dwindling circulation, the frantic efforts of the management to resurrect the paper are more than entertaining. The Times has closed various departments (such as the Environmental one), laid off many middle-level workers and blocked access to its online articles except for those willing to pay for the somewhat dubious privilege. At first, one could view, and download a maximum of twenty articles per month. Then this was reduced to ten but for viewers only. Any downloads must be for subscribers to their electronic service. At one time, the New York Times was a valuable news source, in spite of their overly close contact and cooperation with the CIA but now, there are very few articles worth bothering with. One can get far better news from the British Guardian which has the advantage of having no connection with the corrupt Murdoch empire. Poor Rupert would be better off in a nursing home rather than plotting to put a hand-puppet General into the White House!” Continue Reading »

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