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TBR News September 26, 2011

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The Voice of the White House


            Washington, D.C., September 25, 2011: “There have been questions about the non-appearance of this newsletter.

            For the last three weeks I have been staying with an old friend down in the Caribbean while he, and others, debriefed a defecting Israeli Mossad agent. It has been a most enlightening time and aside from the negativity of a sunburn,

            I have learned more about Israel’s espionage and political manipulations in this country than I could have from getting squinty-eyed reading through hundreds of allegedly “inside” blogs. If the American public ever got wind of the degree and extent to which Israel controls our government, the sky would be filled with thick clouds of smoke from burning synagogues and the trees in our parks would be laden with strange fruit.

            And about half of Congress would be in full flight to foreign parts to avoid the public wrath.It boils down to this” What Israel wants, Israel gets. Almost always. Israel, afraid of Hezbollah’s huge number of Russian-made surface-to-surface missiles, had been ordering our government to carpet bomb all of southern Lebanon to disrupt possible (note the word ‘possible’ here) missile storage and potential launching sites.

            That was too much for almost everyone inside the Beltway so it got turned down, along with period demands for America to nuke Tehran and prevent the Iranians from possibly bombing Israel. That country feels that because of their political, and to a lesser degree, economic control here, way out of proportion to their relatively small numbers, that America is a necessary evil that will always, almost without exception, do all of Israel’s dirty work for her.

            But now, with time and the tides turning against her, Israel is becoming hysterical and manic in her demands. Once friendly allies Turkey and Egypt have turned against Israel and her borders are no longer secure from the north or the south. Obama was summarily ordered to threaten Egypt with military action when huge mobs of furious Egyptians sacked the Israeli embassy in Cairo and the Turkish threat of support of the Gaza relief convoys was to be interdicted, physically, by elements of the U.S. Navy.

            The Navy is not going to shoot up the military ships of country America needs for her military bases so Israel is casting about for more areas in which she can force actions favorable to herself but highly damaging to American interests. I suppose all of this will “leak” out when anti-Israeli elements in our military and civilian sectors get their hands on the hundreds of pages of fascinating transcripts. Israel should realize that a wheel always turns and that which is at the top today will surely be at the bottom tomorrow.” Continue Reading »

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