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TBR News March 19, 2012

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The Voice of the White House

          Washington, D.C. March 19, 2012: “At one time, foreigners sent their children to the United States to receive a good education. Those days are now long gone and forgotten. The current American public schools, to include universities, are grossly incompetent with several exceptions and are turning out generations of barely literate graduates who rarely read and who can barely write. The best public schools in the United States are: The University of Virginia  at Charlottesville, the University of Wisconsin at Madison, the University of Oregon at Eugene and the University of California at Berkeley. Most “community colleges” turn out students with virtually no reading or writing skills and these graduates would have a terrible time finding a job scrubbing the lavatories in pubic housing. College graduates in this current era are able to read and write but rarely to either, preferring to “text message” in short, cryptic sentences to their legions of “friends” who respond with similar messages. A full email page of text is too tiring for most of them to bother with and their vocabularies are very, very limited. This is one of the main reasons why American print media is rapidly collapsing and television is turning into an idiot;s delight with scripted news approved by corporate owners. The Washington Post lost 75% of its regular subscribers last year and other large papers have the same problems. The current public does not subscribe because they are not able to read long articles and so the free Internet supplies all the news they need. Idiot and inaccurate blogs aside, the foreign press is often the best, and unfortunately, only places where accurate current news can be found….for those diminishing citizens who are actually interested. However, the so-called “Personal sites” like Facebook and Twitter are flooded by the quasi-literate and frustrated and they pour their shallow souls out in print in a frenzy of desperation. The only ones who benefit from all the immense amount of useless personal information that is only of interest to the poster are the various governmental investigative agencies who gleefully reap where the lonely have sown.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News March 11, 2012

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The Voice of the White House


            Washington, D.C., March 11, 2012: “Israeli attempts to force the United States to launch an attack on Iran have not done well. They dangled the idea of :unlimited Jewish-American support” for Obama’s reelection campaign but the growing slaughters in Syria are sidetracking their frenzied efforts to get this country to pull their chestnuts out of the fire. The Russians have been selling enormous amounts of certain types of weaponry to Syria, weapons which are then trans-shipped to Hezbollah in southern Lebanon and paid for, not by Syria but by anti-Israeli elements outside Lebanon. If Hezbollah were to launch a flood of long-range missiles against Israel, there would be terrible damage resulting and Iran’s possible nuclear development thesis would die a natural death. One serious problem with constantly threatening Iran with imminent attack is that the Iranians might opt for a pre-emptive strike, something that the arrogant Israelis do not seem to have addressed. The entire eastern end of the Mediterranean is like a dry hayfield in a lightening storm. It could catch fire at any time. We know how wars start but we never know how they end.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News March 9, 2012

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The Voice of the White House

          Washington, D.C. March 8, 2012: “The recent gleeful and often eager reports of opposition to Russia’s Vladimir Putins’ resumption of the presidency of Russia are symptoms of his detestation in certain elements of the West, and in the United States, the utter frustration of a consortium on American and British oil men who lost their growing control over Russia’s natural gas and oil industry when the CIA-friendly and financed Boris Yeltsin finally became so involved with alcohol that his usefulness vanished. Vladimir Putin was mistakenly viewed as an easily controlled entity and elements of our intelligence and business communities welcomed his presidency. The so-called ‘Oligarchy’ in essence a mob of Russian Mafia-type Jews with no business experience but a good deal of American money behind them, bought up the rights to Russia’s oil and gas and began to work deals in the United States and England. The IMF through two of its Jewish members, eagerly supported the economic raping of Russia and much of the illegal monies in these deals were run through the Bank of New York, ruin by an Israeli citizen. Putin proved to be far less tractable than the business power elite initially thought and little by little, he regained national control over Russian natural resources, removing and jailing a number of the Oligarchs. Then, the far right in this country, using the ever-cooperative CIA, poured billions of dollars into the Ukraine, instigating the so-called Orange Revolution that ousted a pro-Moscow government and replaced it with a pro-Washington one. The greatest prize, from the American point of view, was American control of the enormous and vital former Soviet naval base at Sebastopol and control over a large network of oil and gas pipelines by which Russia had to use to ship oil and natural gas to customers in Europe. Also put in train was an einkreising or encirclement of both European and Asiatic Russia with the so-called ‘Nato” plan. The Balkan states, Poland, the Czech republic, Georgia and many of the ‘Stans were pulled into the American camp as a means of establishing an iron collar around Russia to force her eventually break up into smaller, and weaker, “independent” countries. Putin struck back in a brilliant move. Georgia was, and is, run by an unstable man who, seeing over 6,000 American military “advisors” in his country ostensibly as support against Russia, began to bluster and threaten Putin. But using the excuse of the plight of two of Georgia’s heavily Russian provinces, and because the Georgian president’s attacks on them, he sent armored troops into Georgia in support of these breakaway provinces. The crux of this matter was that the Pentagon, very fearful that a shooting war might accidentally break out between American and Russian units, ordered an immediate evacuation of all American military units, leaving behind tons of military equipment and trucks filled with tons of secret documents and a terrified Georgian president. The Russians eventually withdrew, saving from the two provinces but the real damage had been done. All of the ‘Nato’ countries saw the United States as a weak country, fleeing from the Russians and obviously not able to support them should Russia be determined to use military force against them and they immediately backed away from sticking their tongues out at Putin, sure of American support. The loudest of the pack were the Poles and when they realized that they would be overrun by the Russians in a few days without the slightest assistance from their American backers, made loud peace overtures to Russia. This seriously annoyed the Americans and when a plane packed with Poland’s social and political elite flew to Smolensk for a rapprochement with Putin, someone tampered with the automatic ground controls of the tree-surrounded airport so the Polish pilot thought his altitude was much higher than it was, crashed the plane and killed everyone on board. Of course the American propaganda machine at once hinted at Russian guilt but the truth, well-known in American top level intelligence circles is that the job of fiddling with the remote and unguarded ground control devices was done by the CIA to teach the Poles, and others, a lesson. That it had no effect on the wavering countries is typical of the pseudo-intellectual gross incompetence of the CIA. And when Putin announced his return to office, the CIA swing into action again, pouring American taxpayer money into supporting public demonstrations against Putin. These did not work, to the frustration of elements in Washington, and now they have to deal with the reality of Putin’s  renewed hands on control of his country. And a formerly arrogant anti-Russian eastern Europe will no longer received shipments of oil and gas because Putin has instituted new pipelines completely bypassing them.  I recently lunched with A Russian journalist and I asked him,, partially in jest, what a tree full of hanged Ukrainian CIA sell-outs could be called. His response? “A Kiev wind chime.”  Continue Reading »

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TBR News March 4, 2012

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Editor’s Note: The following study is probably one of the most informative and well-researched investigation of the 9/11 attacks we have yet seen. This is based, in the main, on official and private investigations and is well-footnoted. We are running this article uncut because of its importance. Continue Reading »

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TBR News March 2, 2012

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The Voice of the White House


Washington, D.C. March 1, 1012: There are new stirrings about the 9/11 attacks and not the usual lunatic blog fantasies.

Consider the facts here: The Republicans had been out of power for some time and were eager to not only get back into power (with one of the usual electorate mood swings and guaranteed assistance by the Florida Republicans and some of the Supreme Court) but, as Karl Rove insisted, keep it for a long time. Rove worked for George H.W. Bush before the elder sent him to run his useless, drunken sot of a son.

Rove, very much a history buff, reasoned that as George was colorless and stubborn, he would have to have some help or it would be a one term reign. The answer? Looking at Roosevelt, the answer was plain: A wartime president. In this position, if he could get the public riled up the way they were just after Pearl Harbor (which FDR deliberately pushed the Japanese into doing) much could be accomplished and firm domestic control installed and implemented so the plan went to this level and to implement it, George H.W. Bush  made four trips to Sausi Arabia between 1998 and 2000.

George H.W. was on excellent terms with the Saudi-based and very powerful bin Ladin family. They socialized together and many family members were honored guests of the Bush family (and others) in this country.

One son, Osama, had worked with the CIA/Taliban connection and although seriously ill (kidney problems) he was an excellent connection. The Interior Minister of Saudi Arabia was anti-US so the older Bush spoke with one of the bin Ladins who, in turn, spoke with the Interior Minister and, hey presto, a road crew of Saudi fanatics was put together, supplied with fake papers and off the went on their mission.

First to Germany where the German BND watched them and reported to their superiors who, in turn, passed on information to our people and next the Saudi terrorists came to this country. In order to keep an eye on the volatile Arabs, we enlisted the eager support of the Israeli Mossad who were allowed to function in this country with the, often-disregarded, idea they would pass any information of importance to the FBI.

The whole bunch were in Hollywood, Florida, plotting. The Jews knew to the minute what was on the fire and passed it all along. One projected hijacked plane was destined for the Pentagon (where we got the Mossad people to convince them to target a side of the huge building that was closed for repairs…the real targets were on the opposite side of the complex), two were destined to slam into the iconic WTC buildings (that had been attacked earlier) and the fourth was intended for the most important mission: crash into the Capitol while Congress was in session.

This latter was the key to the Rove/George H.W. plan. Congress was in session at that time and if the plane crashed into either wing, it would cripple the government until replacements could be elected to fill the empty seats left by the attack.

That plane, we can be thankful, was crashed into a field in Pennsylvania by the unexpected revolt of the doomed passengers and Congress was not touched. With the mainstay neutralized, the Bush people pushed ahead with their constant threats of pending terror, followed by more and more oppressive legislation and the erection of more organs of domestic repression.

Eventually, because of a number of relatively minor problems, the worst being gross ineptness on the part of the Rovians, the plot slowly collapsed like a ground-based barrage balloon with a tear in the fabric.

There is also the fact that bin Laden died in 2003 in a Pakistani military hospital of renal failure (I have a copy of his Pakistani death certificate) but he lived on in the rather amateurish productions of the CIA but as a unifying factor, bin Laden is now “officially” dead.

Now, the intelligence agencies are of the opinion that Muslim activists, here and abroad,  are trying to lay hands on an atomic device which they plan to smuggle into this country (given poor security and porous borders, not a difficult task if done with thought and knowledge of systems) and detonate it on the ground.


 Like the WTC and the Pentagon, symbolic. The Tampa public library? No, more likely some target in D.C or New York. To stop this, a competent and professional agency would have to actively penetrate a number of groups and work from the inside. Given their emotional makeup and lack of sophistication, penetrating such groups should be relatively easy.

Perhaps the Mossad could have Yemeni Jews do the job as they did in Florida but at any case, hit them first and kill them all. Kill them in private. Let no one know they are all dead and buried somewhere, (the Pine Barrens come to mind. )That way, their friends and contacts are bewildered and later, whey you plant the information that they all defected and are working for us to trap others, frightened.

Often, frightened people will break down and run to us to confess their sins and, for example, protect them and their new girlfriend. Continue Reading »

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