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TBR News May 24, 2011

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C., May 19, 2011: “We have it on good authority that plans are now being developed in the Pentagon to facilitate a military operation against the Mexican drug lords who have taken control of the Mexican side of the U.S./Mexico border and are ruthlessly exterminating anyone in the way of their shipping huge amounts of drugs into this country.

Unfortunately for the murderous drug lords, they have been running heroin and cocaine over the border in heavily armed convoys that shoot to kill anyone trying to interdict them. They have gone across Army bases and fired at MPs trying to stop them,

As the Obama administration has forbidden them, or federal border guards from shooting back, the Army, bless them, plans to attack the gangsters by military action, triggered by another manufactured incident.

The plan is to exterminate the drug dealers, their families, friends and allies and set up a safe zone to extend 100 miles into Mexico. Comments on retaliation from the Mexican army are very entertaining. Our military plans people view the Mexican army about as dangerous an enemy as a group of autistic Girl Scouts.

Long overdue.

There are also two important policy shifts in the Middle East. The first one is away from the far right government of Israel and the second is away from the House of Saud that runs Saudi Arabia  Binyamin Netanyahu. is laboring under the misapprehension that he and his country are somehow very important.

They are not. The DoD has been intercepting and reading all the secret communications going into the Israeli Embassy and coming from it and a reading of some of these borders on the lunatic.

Because Israel believes, in error, that the so-called “Jewish vote” and Jewish cash contributions to political campaigns are “absolutely vital ” to the American political process, they are now threatening to “utterly destroy” Obama in the next Presidential election.

There are over 310 million Americans and only 5,275,000 of these are Jewish.

There are more illegal Mexicans (32,000,000) housed among us than Jews. Jews are not a homogenous  group but until recently they owned most of the news media in America and by this, wielded disproportionate political power. Now, with, as an example, the Washington Post losing 75% of its subscribers in one year, the media is no longer the controlling power it once was.

But the rage expressed in the flood of confidential, and secret, messaging would indicate that the Israeli far right is stunned at what they feel is treason to them. The overall tone is one of sheer hatred and often expressed thoughts of revenge and retribution.

The Stern Gang tried to assassinate Harry Truman when he cut off American sources of explosives to Jewish terrorists in 1948 and from the tenor of current thought, mistakenly thought to be private, Obama ought to have more Secret Service personnel added to the White House detail.

Oil is running out in Saudi Arabia and we are no longer inclined to overlook their participation is such anti-American plottings as the 9/11 attacks. Our Wonderful CIA is now in close, working contact with elements in Saudi society that wish to replace the royal family and strip them of their wealth.”

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TBR News May 15, 2011

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C., May 15, 2011: “Someone, unknown, has sent out a computer disc containing hundreds of emails, some from high level U.S. intelligence sources, concerning the background and activities of WilkLeaks. Our government has been frantically squashing any press reference to Julian Assange and WikiLeaks and threatening to charge the Australian citizen with treason to the United States! Many of the emails concern technical matters such as hiding sources and masking methodology but many others are obviously from U.S. government officials and many to other agencies as well as messaging to Assange himself.

At one point, the WikiLeaks people had approached John Young, a New York architect, who runs ‘Cryptome,’ which also purports to make “secret” government documents public. The file is full of the Cryptome correspondence and shows great interest on the part of Mr. Young to learn as much as he could about the Assange group. This is followed by a sudden reversal of attitude in which Mr. Young attempts to discredit WikiLeans, hinting it is “nothing but a CIA front.”

Now, I will publish a most interesting sending. It is from a very high level Department of State official to Assange and concerning his connections with Mr. Young. This also reveals something very interesting about Mr. Assange:

7 January 2007 [I have redacted the headings and will publish them later.]

J.(ulian ed) Be very careful of Young. He is not friendly to you at all. If he finds out about your connections, he will do his best to discredit you and WL. John is an asset of the Company and has been for some time. He is doing for them what you are doing for IPTO. Also, John is not well-balanced. He get into things, is supportive but when he sees you getting real fame, and most especially, fortune, he will turn on you. Be careful what inside information you send him and send coded warnings about this to your key people. The Company kept jya at a distance mostly but he is receptive to their needs. Just a heads up!

The sender is talking about John Young who runs Cryptome, an alleged “leak” site. The IPTO mentioned in the text is The Information Processing Techniques Office (IPTO) of DARPA, an adjunct of the Army! There are more references to Assange’s DoD employment that are explosive in that they clearly reveal a major, clandestine, war going on between the U.S. Army, its intelligence sources and the CIA. The Army saw, and sees, the CIA (aka ‘the Company’) as destabilizing foreign areas that eventually lead to situations that the Army has to become involved in i.e. Afghanistan, Iraq, etc so their program has been, and is, to offset the CIA’s disruptive campaigns (like the so-called ‘Orange Revolution’ in the Ukraine) by disrupting their plans.

More on this later.

Also, consider the Stuxtnet situation. A CIA-Mossad joint venture to disrupt Iranian atomic programs but used by the CIA for other programs. Much on this as well.

A huge file that must be carefully edited to take out trivial messages and organize into a coherent narrative.More to come!”

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TBR News May 10, 2011

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Washington, D.C., May 10, 2011: “I have been involved in various intelligence matters, know many in the intelligence community and I have never, ever, seen such a crude, botched business as this bin Laden “assassination.” This has to be a CIA operation because of its crudeness. Even the Bushmen of Africa could have done a better job.

My Arab contacts all, without exception, tell me that the “bin Laden tapes” are awful fakes. I know from someone whose son-in-law is in the Company that the tapes were made in Texas.

Bin Laden was a very sick man with diabetes Type A and serious renal problems. From a medical standpoint, his survival to the present time is another impossibility.

He did exist. He was a CIA man, bought and paid for, who did our dirty work in Afghanistan when Ivan was there. Afterwards, he decided he was a reincarnation of the Prophet Mohammad.

Note that bin Laden was from a wealthy Saudi family. Note that almost all of the terrorists who flew planes into the WTC and the Pentagon were Saudi citizens. Note, too, that someone in the Saudi government supplied Saudi passports to the Atta group, using the identities of legitimate Saudi citizens.

A very amateurish production that is reaping loud laughter from all over the world.”

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TBR News May 7, 2011

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C., May 5, 2011: “I find the American media extremely entertaining by their slavish and frantic efforts to blanket the nation with whatever disconnected fiction the White House has been inventing about the bin Laden alleged capture. If Obama’s people decided that bin Laden was wearing a dress at the time, believe it that the New York Times would trumpet this above the fold on the front page, followed with eight more supportive articles inside. No wonder the American print media is collapsing!

See “Osama bin Laden’s Death: Implications and Considerations” (pdf), May 5, 2011.

And on another subject, I have been observing that when I click on a legitimate news article, very often an advertisement pops up behind it. These ads are mostly for third rate services such as toenail trimming, goat neutering, local whore houses, and products made in China that are guaranteed to poison you or your pet. I have discovered that this unwanted trash comes from Google who is flooding the Internet with reeking commercial garbage, complete with flies and cockroaches. And every time I look at Google and click on something of interest, I am informed that Google had decided to redirct me to more trash ads. If you delete this crap, you can get back to the main Google page and reclick on the desired subject. This time you will get it without the local emporiums who peddle used douche bags. Google also is well-known to work for the government and eagerly supplies any agency with personal material they have acquired from Internet viewers. Facebook is almost as bad but Google is much bigger and much more odious.”

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TBR News May 3. 2011

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C., May 3. 2011: “I have known for quite some time that bin Ladin died of renal failure at a Pakistani military hospital. I got this information from a source in the Pentagon as well as from a Russian contact in their foreign office. It seemed to be general knowledge in certain circles at the time. I know that the “tapes” were prepared by the CIA in a studio in Texas and the actor spoke technically good Arabic but two friends who are fluent in that language said it was literal and not colloquial. What happened to the body I never knew but now I do. But why not show pictures of the corpse to the public? Did the CIA hit team run out of film? My associates all think this is a political ploy designed to boost Obama’s image…which it has.

The CIA recruited bin Laden in July of 1979 and subsequently, he began to recruit Muslim volunteers to fight against the Russian military then occupying Afghanistan. When the Russians finally pulled out of that country, the bin Laden group was heavily armed with American military hardware, weapons and explosives. It should be noted that bin Laden was from a prominent Saudi family and the majority of the terrorists involved in the 9/11 aircraft attacks on American targets were from Saudi Arabia, many supplied with fake identification from the Saudi Ministry of Security. Since the U.S. was buying a great deal of badly needed oil from that country, these inconvenient facts were suppressed.”

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