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TBR News October 23, 2010

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The Voice of the White House

          Washington, D.C., October 23, 2010: “:The Great Mortgage Scam is beginning its inexorable avalanche down the side of the mountain while the frantic banking industry and a fully-cooperative Obama administration is trying to both stop the disaster by ignoring it and pulling out all the stops to persuade the media to look elsewhere. None of this pathetic squealing will have the slightest effect because there is no way to conceal the basic fact that 64 million American mortgage holders can never, ever, get a clear title to their homes or businesses because the crooked mortgage industry, supported by many government agencies such as MERS, has sliced and deiced their mortgage and sold bits and pieces of it to rich urine-colored trash around the world. All the bleatings and babblings will not conceal this fact nor, in the end, delude the public into forgetting the dismal fact that they have been screwed by their government and its crooked banker friends…again. “ Continue Reading »

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TBR News October 18, 2010

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The Voice of the White House


            Washington, D.C., October 15, 2010: “A we have been pounding away at the enormous and deliberate mortgage fraud, it is not unpleasing to see that the timid American media is finally talking about it. Obama’s people do  not like this because the bigger banks have been so generous to him in the past. Here is a list of his top benefactors:

University of California             $1,591,395

Goldman Sachs                              $994,795

Harvard University                     $854,747

Microsoft Corp                         $833,617

Google Inc                               $803,436

Citigroup Inc                            $701,290

JPMorgan Chase & Co             $695,132

Time Warner                            $590,084

Sidley Austin LLP                 $588,598

Stanford University                     $586,557

National Amusements Inc             $551,683

UBS AG                                  $543,219

Wilmerhale Llp                         $542,618

Skadden, Arps et al                  $530,839

IBM Corp                                $528,822

Columbia University                     $528,302

Morgan Stanley                         $514,881

General Electric                         $499,130

US Government                  $494,820

Latham & Watkins                        $493,835

                Now that we can see why the President is so shy of even talking about the huge swindle, let us  go on to part of a very clear report someone just sent me. This is the best, and most accurate, compilation I have yet seen.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News October 15, 2010

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The Voice of the White House

            Washington, D.C. October 15, 2010: “No matter what I write now, within an hour or so there will be more breaking news on the rapidly-growing and enormous American mortgage fraud. The issue? The concrete fact that over 50 million (!) American mortgages have been sold to major banks such as Goldman Sachs and Bank of America. These mortgages have been combined, sausage-wise, into so-called ‘investment packages’ and quickly resold by these banks to overseas investors. The result of all of this slicing and dicing is that it is totally impossible for anyone, ever, to locate the holder of any specific mortgage.

            In order to cover up this criminal activity, the government has set up an organization called MERS which is designed to cover up this mess. And the recent, and growing, scandal wherein major banks, like JP Morgan-Chase, were resorting to completely forged official papers in order to foreclose on properties. Why were these respectable institutions resorting to fraud? Simply because when it came to foreclose on a failing mortgage, the banks were totally unable to locate the holder of said mortgage and as a result, deliberately faked ownership papers.

            And many of these foreclosed properties were promptly resold by the banks to new owners. The problem with this is that the new owners do not have (and can never get) a clear title to their new purchases and, worse, now that the previous owners learn that they were evicted by the use of false documents, the homes legally will revert to the original owners. The new owners, who paid money for the repossessed homes will lose all of their investment and their only recourse will be to attempt to sue the bank to get their money back. Lawsuits are very protracted and very expensive matters as many will soon find out. And the mess is growing worse and more nightmarish day by day.

            There is the classic example of the homeowner in Florida who had his house seized by the bank and was evicted although he had no mortgage!

             From the Associated Press, the public has not learned that JP Morgan-Chase has  stopped using MERS after lawyers have argued in court proceedings that the system is unable to accurately prove ownership of mortgages. “The system lacks the required paper trail to prove mortgage ownership in foreclosure proceedings.”

            In short, legal documentation does not exist.

            And to make this enormous swindle even worse, although the Obama administration has been fully briefed on this, the President has stated (see story below ed.)that he does not want to halt evictions and obviously does not want to interfere with the banks. However, by his deliberate inaction, Obama will not halt the growing avalanche and he  has long passed the point of no return.

            Because Obama will not test the power of the banks, the defrauded and evicted Americans have only one option and that is to refuse to make any further mortgage on a MERS-covered home mortgage unless, and until, the real owner of the deed is identified. The monies given in mortgage payments must be placed in a savings account (easily opened in most banks) and left there until the paper mess is cleared up. And the Americans who have MERS paper must never sign any papers concerning this matter unless they consult with an attorney. Since MERS has hastily moved all of its records to India, they have deliberately made legal investigations nearly impossible. Don’t refuse to pay on a faulty mortgage but put the money in escrow until a deed, not a fake ‘MERS’ certificate, is forthcoming. And if you don’t take care of this, you will end up on the street with your furniture next to you.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News October 9, 2010

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The Voice of the White House

Washington, D.C., October 9, 2010: “We have been trying to warn the American public for over two years now about the MERS/Mortgage scandal but, although there has been growing interest, it took a front-page (above the fold) article by Gretchen Morgenson to start the press off on this subject. In addition to packaging millions and millions of American mortgages and selling them overseas with the result that no one, ever, will be able to get a clear title to their property, now we learn that hundreds of thousands of Americans have been thrown out of their houses by means of faked documents. And then these seized homes were promptly resold by the banks to others but without the possibility of a clear title. That loud, baying sound in the background are tens of thousands of hungry lawyers eagerly preparing enormous lawshits against most of the big baniks. When it dawn on the dimwitted media that in addition to fake papers, the problem of no-title is going to make a mess that will take years to unravel. In the meantime, we see that an obedient Congress (see article below ed.)has attempted to rush through a bill permitting fake notary “approvals” of more fake expulsion notes. We also learn that Obama refuses to sign it so it looks like certain Congressmen might have to give money back to the bribe chiefs of K Street.” Continue Reading »

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TBR News October 6, 2010

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The Voice of the White House

            Washington, D.C., October 5, 2010: “We have been pounding away on the enormous specter of the MERS-protected American mortgage rip-off and now the major banks and the New York Times are discussing one of the more illegal aspects of the coming disaster. To simplify things, what we are now discovering (although the banking industry has known about this for a long time, ever since it was plotted and hatched in the Bush Administration) is that tens of thousands of Americas have been falsely evicted from their homes by criminally false and deceptive documentation.

            It is now trickling into the media, and from them to the public, that for years, many, if not all,  of the 65 million mortgaged homes can never get a clear title. Why? Because the crooked banks, mostly the big ones like Bank of America and Goldman-Sachs, have taken mortgages, stuffed them into packages, cut up the packages and sold the jumbled pieces overseas, mostly to Saudi Arabia and China. This means that no one will ever be able to locate the individual who actually hold the mortgage. In one case, the courts waited for three years for the equally crooked Deutsche Bank to disclose the people they sold their packages to and after that time, the courts gave up in disgust and granted the homeowners a free and clear title. At least they didn’t have any more payments to make!

            Have you considered that the MERS scandal and the recently announced problem with foreclosures improperly administered might actually be the lever for federal takeover of housing? Instead of foreclosing, the federal government is more likely to put welfare people back into the 5-bedroom, 3-bath homes with in-ground swimming pools and forgiving their mortgages or using tax money to pay them? This may be an over-simplified suggestion, but we are seeing a watershed between a traditional population that worked hard to afford a home, have paid their mortgages and now are witnessing a new class of “squatters” who got mortgages without security and whose paper was fragmented to a dozen financial institutions (no clear title owned by any of them, as you have pointed out), and now these people may end up living high and free. Will this create hostility in America? Continue Reading »

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TBR News October 2, 2010

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The Voice of the White House


Washington, D.C., October 2, 2010: “ I note with some glee that the vile BofA is now piously “reviewing” a huge number of foreclosures! Wail until the victims, and there are over two millions of them, discover that they were illegally ousted from their homes and, bitter irony, the crooked mortgage gang then resold these foreclosed homes to others. And the joy becomes manifest when, in the end, the new purchasers do not have (nor can ever get) a clear title. One must realize the impact when the “financial packages’ are nullified and the holders of their bits and pieces are SOL? The Saudi royal family and the PRC people will start to howl. Who cares about the Saudis? They are running out of oil fast and soon enough, there will be popular revolt when the public well runs dry..

But back to the mortgage mess. I wondered when the surface would crack. This has  its roots in the very nature of uncontrolled capitalism and I can point to the Republican removals of market controls and state, with some accuracy, that this was to help them all make money when the upswing came. Of course what goes up, always comes down. Do recall the ‘dot-com’ scam. Well, there won’t be another ‘bubble’ for quite a while. No one has any money and when the immense mortgage rip-off starts to crawl, roaring, from its cave, more than a few will either end up in a Federal prison, eating cold beans off a tin plate or wondering why they are hanging up in trees with crows pecking out their sightless eyes.” Continue Reading »

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