Apr 19 2010

On almost every news site, we can see regular requests for money.

I have been operating this site for years without asking for anything but there are now growing, but not huge, costs involved in producing this and so it is that we have a “donate” button to help defray expenses.

No, we won’t have to sell our children to the medical experimenters if we don’t raise $200,000 by next Thursday but as the fat man said, every little bit helps.

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  1. Didn’t see a contact link anywhere so I placed it here. Move or delete where you feel appropriate.


    Just wanted to say I’m glad you’re back online. Last week or so I tried to visit but kept getting redirected to something about “you’re not authorized”, etc. Have enjoyed the commentary on TBR for years. Good work.

    Daniel V.

    Sitesetis Forum


  2. Thanks for the positive remarks. Various people in DC do not like me but we got the problem solved with the provider. I will deal with my friends inside the Beltway. ADR

  3. This just info re the php.

    I don’t know if you’ve already noticed it but on the pages after the main page there is this: “Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in /home/tbrnew5/public_html/wp-includes/post-template.php on line 284”

    You can find info on it here: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/php-warning-parameter-must-be-an-array-or-an-object-that-implements-countable/

    Daniel V.

  4. Jan 22 release re:

    Postponement and Rescheduling of Elections to
    Federal Office

    apparently lifted from:

    October 4, 2004
    Jack Maskell
    Legislative Attorney
    American Law Division


  5. This came from a totally reliable source in DC. I have had a great deal of information from them before and knew them well when I was doing journalism inside the Beltway. In any case, this story has developed legs because I sent it to foreign media and individuals and am getting very positive feedback. A Japanese paper is in the process of running it and a German agency asked me for more on the subject. As I have a disc full of corroborating material, I sent a copy to them. When the man who was responsible for the destruction of the Polish plane at the Smolensk airport gave me inside details, I passed them on to concerned parties and was duly rewarded for my consideration. When one of the gentlemen involved asked me if the orders came from Washington, I asked: ‘Is Langley in Washington?’ In return he confirmed that Ed Snowden was a paid agent of Russian intelligence and went to work for B-H in Hawaii. He did so because their computer systems did not register which sites the operator was looking at or downloading from. The movie about this was fuller of shit than a Christmas turkey. Snowden went to the Russian consulate in Hong Kong, never left it until he flew by Aeroflot to Moscow. One of my Russian friends told me later that Snowden’s coup was the largest one in intelligence history and I believed him. We never hear about any of this in the mainline media but then the public can barely read anymore than the media reporters can write. I have had a number of responses to the posting you refer to and it seems to be spreading rapidly. If someone in the government says it is an old posting, I doubt if anyone would believe them. Trust in official veracity has vanished quite some time ago and all it takes for the masses to accept something as absolutely factual is for it to be officially denied in Washington. Onward and upwards indeed!

  6. Um, your post from August 20th mentions conspiracy theories about 45, then goes on to mention others, like JFK, which begs the question–are you unaware of the “Conversations sith the Crow” series that’s posted on this very site? It’s a series of interviews with an ex-CIA guy, who sheds light on the company’s involvement with that event. He pretty much confirms the “conspiracy” was the truth. So, I felt compelled to write…

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