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Apr 27 2010

Special to TBR News

As the webmaster and organizer of the Chink in the Armor site, I have been swamped with emails, mostly from frustrated, and alarmed, mortgage holders.  I have the ability to allow questioners to see if they have a MERS-controlled mortgage (which will prevent them from ever getting a clear title to their property) and, if they have, to try to direct them to a real estate attorney in their area.   

However, given the enormous number of MERS victims (almost 50 million!) several of my corresponding lawyers have suggested that justice would be better served through the concept of a class-action law suit which would be designed to get a court-ordered clear title.

It has also been suggested that interested Americans could benefit by organizing themselves to gain, and share, information, and participate in a class action suit. I should note here that people involved in class action suits do not have to get a personal attorney nor pay the kind of fees he would charge.

I already have a weekly newsletter concerning all of this that covers the latest information, etc. and I get more subscribers on a daily basis.

Any concerned reader who would like to become involved in this can write to me at: info@chinkinthearmor.net and can subscribe at: http://chinkinthearmor.net/Newsletter___Blog.html


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