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TBR News February 15, 2012

Feb 15 2012


The Voice of the White House


          Washington, D.C. February 15, 2012: “The western press has been full of stories about ‘imminent attacks on Iran’ by Israel or the United States. Don’t believe a word of this because it is all rigged propaganda, trying to stir up anxiety in Tehran and support among the American public. Israel would love America to carpet bomb all of southern Lebanon where Hezbollah is storing tens of thousands of Russian-made surface to surface long range rockets bought from Syria with money from non-Mukslim supporters in America, France, the UK and Germany. Since this is not going to happen, Israel is now blowing up Iranian scientists and now Iran is blowing up Israeli diplomats, both with car bombs. Israeli giggles when they kill an Iranian scientist but screeching with rage when one of their diplomats is similarly blown to bits. George Washington was absolutely correct when he said that America should keep out of foreign quarrels.:



Attack on Iran easier said than done

February 15, 2012

by David Isenberg


             WASHINGTON – Despite renewed media speculation regarding possible Israeli attacks against Iran’s nuclear facilities as early as this spring, skepticism that such a campaign could actually be successfully carried out remains relatively high, raising the question of whether there is more bark than bite to Israeli threats.
            It cannot expect a repeat of 1981 when the Israeli air force destroyed the Osirak reactor at Al-Tuwaythah, just south of Baghdad.
            The Iranians are aware of both Israeli capabilities and the US-made precision-guided penetrating munitions in the Israeli inventory. The Iranian program has been dispersed all over the country – estimates range between 12 and more than 20 locations – and the facilities have been built with US and Israeli capabilities in mind and are protected by modern Russian air defense systems.
            The single-most critical element of the Iranian program is thought to be the Natanz facility. The heart of the facility is the centrifuge area, located in an underground, hardened structure.
            But even if Israel tries to limits the target set, it would still have to attack other facilities besides Natanz. For example, the newer Fordow fuel-enrichment plant near Qom, where Iran has already moved 3.5% enriched uranium from Natanz, is built into the side of a mountain and is heavily fortified. There is a uranium conversion plant at Isfahan, a heavy-water facility being constructed at Arak and centrifuge factories outside Tehran.
            The straight-line distance between Israel and Natanz is almost 1,609 kilometers. Since the countries do not share a common border, Israeli aircraft or missiles must fly through foreign – and hostile – airspace to get to the target.
            The least risky method of striking Natanz is with Israel’s medium-range ballistic missiles, the Jericho II or III. It is believed that the Israeli missiles could reach Natanz. However, to travel that far the missiles will have a limited warhead weight, and it is doubtful that these warheads would be able to penetrate far enough underground to achieve the desired level of destruction.
            Thus, an attack by the Israeli air force’s US-made fighter-bomber aircraft is the most likely option. The Israelis have 25 F-15I and about 100 F-16I jets.
            The F-15I is capable of carrying four tonnes of fuel in its internal tanks, conformal fuel tanks (CFT), and detachable tanks. This enables it to fly about 4,450 kilometers. With midair refueling, the range could be extended further.
            The F-15I can carry a very wide range of weapons such as various guided missiles and bombs, as well as iron bombs. All in all, the plane can carry about 10 metric tonnes of munitions.              The F-16I has an extended flight range that reportedly allows Israeli forces to attack targets well within Iran without having to refuel. Use of CFT could extend its effective mission range up to 50%. The baseline model has a combat radius of 1,370 kilometers with two 907-kilogram bombs and two air-to-air missiles, with 3,936-liter external tanks. Assuming an air attack, the question is how will the aircraft fly from their bases in Israel to a target located 322 kilometers miles inside Iran?
            They could go either through Saudi Arabia or Iraq, possibly even using Jordanian airspace as well. Either route is a one-way trip of about 1,931 kilometers.
            To overfly Saudi Arabia the strike aircraft would depart southern Israel, enter Saudi airspace from the Gulf of Aqaba or Jordan, fly 1,287 kilometers of Saudi airspace to the Gulf and then 483 kilometers into Iran.
            Since the Israeli air force does not operate stealth aircraft, there is a reasonable expectation that at some point the aircraft would be detected over Saudi Arabia. Whether Saudi defenses could – or would – be able to stop the Israelis is uncertain. Given Saudi fears over Iran’s nuclear program, perhaps they would turn a blind eye and claim ignorance.
            If they chose to traverse Iranian airspace, the strike aircraft depart southern Israel, cross 483 to 644 kilometers of Saudi airspace or a combination of Jordanian and Saudi airspace, and enter Iraqi airspace as soon as possible, continue across 805 kilometers of Iraq to the Persian Gulf and then on to the target.
            Entering Iran from Iraqi airspace would be politically delicate. Although US troops are no longer there, traversing Iraqi airspace would not be possible without the knowledge, and most likely the permission, of the United States.
            The key question is whether Israel’s fighter-bombers can conduct this mission without refueling. Combat radius – the distance an aircraft can fly and return without refueling – is difficult to calculate, and depends on weapons payload, external fuel tanks, mission profile, etc.
            The best “guesstimate” of the combat radius of the F-15I and F-16I, outfitted with conformal fuel tanks, two external wing tanks and a decent weapons load, is almost 1,609 kilometers. Either of the two possible flight routes above is about 322 kilometers further than that. To make up for the shortfall, the aircraft could be fitted with an additional external fuel tank, but this will require a reduction in the weapons load. Given the accuracy of the weapons in the Israeli inventory, that might not be problematic.
             However, if the aircraft are detected and intercepted, the pilots would have to jettison the tanks in order to engage their attackers. Dropping the tanks would prevent the aircraft from reaching their target.
            Air refueling is a limitation for the Israelis. In recent years Israel has acquired five C-130 and four to seven Boeing 707 tanker aircraft. However, the tankers would have to refuel the fighters in hostile airspace. The 707 is a large unarmed aircraft and would be very vulnerable to air defenses.
             Theoretically, the Israelis could do this, but at great risk of failure. If they decided to attack Natanz, they would have to inflict sufficient damage the first time – they probably would not be able to mount follow-on strikes at other facilities.
            The ultimate question is once Israeli planes have flown back, won’t Iran be able to repair the damage and accelerate the nuclear program? Or does Israel assume that the US would pick up where they left and start a long-term war with Iran?

David Isenberg is an adjunct scholar with the Cato Institute and a contributor to the Straus Military Reform Project at the Center for Defense Information.

(Inter Press Service)





The NSA Revealed!

February 14, 2012

by Paul Ayerst



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Note: Mr. Ayerst is a resident of  Canada, the author of ‘The Mossad in the CIA” and is a specialist on the German Hitler Youth.  He is a regular contributor to the Dolos Group which is a conservative UK-hosted website run from Germany by British expatriate Garry Marshall, who is a well known advocate of  anti-Muslim activism and whose name appeared on a leaked list of British National Party activists. Ayerst, who also collaborates with Marshall on www.hj-research.com, is a Canadian Army veteran. The author welcomes responses at:


BOX 83
IRMA, Alberta TOB-2HO


Israel and Its Role in 911

A study of Israel’s connections and their great stock market game

January 29, 2012

by Craig Gottlieb

            A retrospective study of the 9/11attacks in New York and Washington, D.C. reveals nothing but our continued ignorance of the circumstances surrounding that event, which seems ever more shrouded in mystery. This in spite of the plethora of official reports, issued by the Senate, various congressional committees, and an official U.S. government commission  devoted to the subject, which held public hearings, and published its report. The recommendations in that document are even now being signed into law. Yet our understanding of why and how it happened, obscured by myth and the tricks of memory, seems less than when smoke was still pouring out of the twin towers. This seems distinctly odd, but what is odder still is the development of two parallel theories of what really happened on 9/11 that both point to our two best ostensible friends in the Middle East as complicit in, if not the source, of the terror.

            Senator Bob Graham has openly discussed the machinations behind the 9/11 attack and has said:

            “Yes, going back to your question about what was the greatest surprise. I agree with what Senator Shelby said, the degree to which the agencies were not coordinating was certainly a surprise: but also I was surprised at the evidence that there were foreign governments involved in facilitating the activities of at least some of the terrorists in the United States.”

            Graham goes on to make clear that he means more than one foreign government was involved in the events leading up to 9/11. They had some degree of foreknowledge if not outright complicity , and they aren’t through with us yet. Graham continues:

            “I am stunned that we have not done a better job of pursuing that to determine if other terrorists received similar supports, and even more important, if the infrastructure of a foreign government assisting terrorists still exists for the current generation of terrorists who are planning the next plots. To me that is an extremely significant issue and most of that information is classified. I think overly classified.”

            Graham’s lament brings to mind the remark of a government spokesman to Carl Cameron, of Fox News, who reported the following in December 2001:

            “There is no indication that the Israelis were involved in the 9-11 attacks, but investigators suspect that the Israelis may have gathered intelligence about the attacks in advance, and not shared it. A highly placed investigator said there are ‘tie-ins.’ But when asked for details, he flatly refused to describe them, saying, ‘evidence linking these Israelis to 9-11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It’s classified information.'”

            Let us now address the concept that the hijackers had been penetrated by the Israeli Mossad were being watched by this  extensive Israeli intelligence network which operated, and still operates, inside the United States and with the knowledge and full cooperation of American intelligence organs who are acting under the orders of the highest level of the current American administration.

            Salon magazine reported on a mysterious outbreak of suspicious incidents, in the months prior to 9/11, involving young Israelis who claimed to be “art students,” and who made it a habit to approach government facilities as if they were conducting professional intelligence analysis.. A 60 page interagency report, parented by the BATF, was clandestinely released which  documented the activities of these large groups, who obviously had more to do with the art of intelligence-gathering than with selling cheap art prints.  In a number of documented instances, the young Israelis approached government employees at home, and clearly had access to personal information that could only have come from official U.S. personnel records.

            A Salon piece, by Christopher Ketcham, theorized that the purpose of the “art students” operation might have been to divert attention away from something, to blow a lot of smoke and blind intelligence agencies to activities that were going on right under their noses.

            Le Monde followed up with reporting on the geographical synchronicity of the hijackers’ odyssey though America and the location of the various colonies of Israeli “art students,” as if the former were being shadowed by the latter:

            “More than a third of these ‘students,’ who, according to the report, moved in at least 42 American cities, stated they resided in Florida. Five at least were intercepted in Hollywood, and two in Fort Lauderdale. Hollywood is a town of 25,000 inhabitants to the north of Miami, close to Fort Lauderdale. At least 10 of the 19 terrorists of 9/11 were residing in Florida.

            “Four of the five members of the group that diverted American Airlines flight number 11: Mohammed Atta, Abdulaziz Al-Omari, Walid and Wahd Al-Shehri, as well as one of the five terrorists of United flight 175, Marwan Al-Shehhi , resided all at various times in… Hollywood, Florida. As for Ahmed Fayez, Ahmed and Hamza Al-Ghamdi and Mohand Al-Shehri, who took over United flight 75, like Said Al-Ghamdi, Ahmed Al-Haznawi and Ahmed Al-Nami, of United flight 93 which crashed September 11 in Pennsylvania, and Nawaq Al-Hamzi, of AA flight 77 (crashed into the Pentagon), they all at one time resided at Delray Beach, north of Fort Lauderdale.

            “This convergence is, inter alia, the origin of the American conviction that one of the tasks of the Israeli “students” would have been to track the Al-Qaida terrorists on U.S. territory, without informing the federal authorities of the existence of the plot.”

            The Israeli Mossad agents closely watched, and extensively cooperated with Mohammed Atta and his fellow terrorists , in anticipation of the 9/11 attacks that could give the Bush administration the casus belli it frantically sought as well as to further cement the joint purposes of both Israel and the United States, American physical domination of the Middle East which would relieve Israel from the always-pending threat of military or terrorist attacks. Israel would gain added security and America would gain a military base to support future threatening actions in support of American domination of Arab oil and, even  more important, control over territories through which vital oil pipelines passed. These goals were openly espoused by the militant so-called Neocons who were comprised of many Israeli citizens with prior intelligence experience and, most important, the very cooperative and sympathetic ears of George Bush and his gray eminence, Vice President Dick Cheney.

            Finally, the respected German weekly Die Zeit published a lengthy articleentitled “Next Door to Mohammed Atta,” which cited French intelligence and focused on the close proximity of the “art students” and the hijackers in the south Florida town of Hollywood, and environs:

            “Not until after the attacks of September 11 did the consequences of the spy ring become clear. Apparently the agents were not interested in military or industrial facilities, but were shadowing a number of suspects, who were later involved in the terrorist attacks against the US. According to a report of the French intelligence agency that Die Zeit examined, ‘according to the FBI, Arab terrorists and suspected terror cells lived in Phoenix, Arizona, as well as in Miami and Hollywood, Florida from December 2000 to April 2001 in direct proximity to the Israeli spy cells.’

            “According to the report, the Mossad agents were interested in the leader of the terrorists, Mohammed Atta and his key accomplice, Marwan al-Shehi. Both lived in Hamburg before they settled in Hollywood, Florida in order to plan the attacks. A Mossad team was also operating in the same town. The leader, Hanan Serfati, had rented several dwellings. Everything indicates that the terrorists were constantly observed by the Israelis. The chief Israeli agent was staying right near the post office where the terrorists had a mailbox. TheMossad also had its sights on Atta’s accomplice Khalid al-Midhar, with whom the CIA was also familiar, but allowed to run free.'”

            Another factor was the uncovering, by the FBI, of an Israeli spy ring operating in the Pentagon (the AIPAC-Franklin case.)

            And what have been the ongoing results of all of this? The United States is now mired in Iraq, beyond recovery  in a ceaseless guerilla war, supported and supplied by other countries, that threatens to expand and involve the entire area in a series of devastating civil wars, and has had the exact opposite of its intended result, swelling the ranks of terrorist groups worldwide. The Bush-created propaganda project to “democratize” the Middle East has only succeeded in pulverizing it. We have passed the four thousand mark in the official number of American deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan, but very credible leaked information puts the figure of dead at over 15 thousand. But it also is known that the Iraqis have suffered ten times that in Baghdad alone.

            Ariel Sharon, the former Israeli Prime Minister, claimed he had President Bush “right in his pocket” and. the Likud dream of a Greater Israel made important advances: new settlements of Isrelis in stolen Palestinian lands, and this was coupled with a new American acquiescence in the face of Israeli aggression, which emboldened and empowered the increasingly militant Israelis. The rabid Isreali extremists have won: so much so that the currently vegetative Sharon would subsequently be  considered a “moderate.”

            The revelation that the FBI had been investigating the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) for over two years, conducting a counterintelligence investigation into Israeli penetration of U.S. Government agencies and the commission of possible illegal acts, including espionage, has shed new light on Israel’s secret and massive infiltration of  America,.The sheer scope of this investigation, in terms of manpower and other resources, suggests an Israeli covert operatio:: extensive, multi-leveled, and aggressive.

            The mystery of 9/11 is a long way from being solved, and today, on this somber anniversary, we seem far from dispersing the murk and myth that obfuscates its true origins. We know that al-Qaeda and ultimately bin Laden conceived the plot, but how did they carry it off without at least some official U.S. governmental assistance, however passive and indirect?

            The answer, it seems safe to say, is that they didn’t: The Israelis had a through and ongoing foreknowledge, based on the genuine, but fragmented and officially ignored evidence, and somehow, under orders from Sharon, neglected to let us in on the secret until it was far too late.

            It should be noted that the large and growing adherents of the Israeli complicity theory can point to the news that the White House officially ordered the Justice Department to quash the investigation into Israel’s spy nest in the Pentagon. As the Financial Times reports:

            “An FBI investigation into suspected security breaches involving Pentagon officials and Israel is unlikely to result in prosecution of senior figures following pressure from the White House, according to people familiar with the case.. Analysts said that although the neoconservative proponents of regimechange

in Iraq and Iran had fallen out of favour with the White House, the presidential election in November still afforded them protection.

            “Sources familiar with the investigation said the White House and John Ashcroft, the US attorney-general, had intervened to apply the brakes. ‘The White House is leaning on the FBI. Some people in the FBI are very upset, they think Ashcroft is playing politics with this,'” a former intelligence official said.

            “Paul McNulty, the Virginia district attorney in charge of the probe, had been told to slow down, the sources said. Asked for comment, Mr McNulty’s office would only say that the investigation was continuing.”

            In the act of covering up, the government admits more than it cares to, fueling what official Washington dismiss as “conspiracy theories.” But the story of 9/11 is about a conspiracy if it is about anything at all. Six years later, one of the few certainties we have about it is that we have yet to unlock its mysteries. 

            What has also been officially and very strictly ignored by both American intelligence agencies, and the obedient American media, is the story about Israeli speculators, using inside knowledge of the pending attacks, to reap millions of dollars from international stock market manipulations.

             Between August 26 and September 11, 2001, a group of speculators, identified by the American Securities and Exchange Commission as Israeli citizens, sold “short” a list of 38 stocks that could reasonably be expected to fall in value as a result of the pending attacks. These speculators operated out of the Toronto, Canada and Frankfurt, Germany, stock exchanges and their profits were specifically stated to be “in the many millions of dollars.”

             Investigators from numerous government agencies are part of a clandestine but official effort to resolve the market manipulations There has been a great deal of talk about insider trading of American stocks by certain Israeli groups both in Canada and Germany between August 26 and the Sept.11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

            Government investigators remain tight-lipped about a Department of Justice (DOJ) probe of possible profiteering by terrorists with advance knowledge of the attack.

            On Sept. 6, 2001, the Thursday before the tragedy, 2,075 put options were made on United Airlines and on Sept. 10, the day before the attacks, 2,282 put options were recorded for American Airlines. Given the prices at the time, this could have yielded speculators between $2 million and $4 million in profit.

            The matter still is under investigation and none of the government investigating bodies -including the FBI, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and DOJ -are speaking to reporters about insider trading. Even so, suspicion of insider trading to profit from the Sept. 11 attacks is not limited to U.S. regulators. Investigations were initiated in a number of places including Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Switzerland and Spain. As in the United States, all are treating these inquiries as if they were state secrets.

            Lynne Howard, a spokeswoman for the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), stated that information about who made the trades was available immediately. “We would have been aware of any unusual activity right away. It would have been triggered by any unusual volume. There is an automated system called ‘blue sheeting,’ or the CBOE Market Surveillance System, that everyone in the business knows about. It provides information on the trades – the name and even the Social Security number on an account – and these surveillance systems are set up specifically to look into insider trading. The system would look at the volume, and then a real person would take over and review it, going back in time and looking at other unusual activity.”

            Howard continued, “The system is so smart that even if there is a news event that triggers a market event it can go back in time, and even the parameters can be changed depending on what is being looked at. It’s a very clever system and it is instantaneous. Even with the system, though, we have very experienced and savvy staff in our market-regulations area who are always looking for things that might be unusual. They’re trained to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Even if it’s offshore, it might take a little longer, but all offshore accounts have to go through U.S. member firms – members of the CBOE – and it is easily and quickly identifiable who made the trades. The member firm who made the trades has to have identifiable information about the client under the ‘Know Your Customer’ regulations (and we share all information with the Securities and Exchange Commission.)”

            Given all of this, at a minimum the CBOE and government regulators who are conducting the secret investigations have known for some time who made the options puts on a total of 38 stocks that might reasonably be anticipated to have a sharp drop in value because of an attack similar to the 9/11 episode. The silence from the investigating camps could mean several things: Either terrorists are responsible for the puts on the listed stocks or others besides terrorists had foreknowledge of the attack and used this knowledge to reap a nice financial harvest from the tragedy.

            Adam Hamilton of Zeal LLC, a North Dakota-based private consulting company that publishes research on markets worldwide, stated that “I heard that $22 million in profits was made on these put options…”

            Federal investigators have consistan6ly maintained absolute official silence about these stock trades, and it is clear that a much wider net has been cast, apparently looking for bigger international fish involved in dubious financial activity relating to the 9/11 attacks on the world stock markets.

            Just a month after the attacks the SEC sent out a list of 38 stocks to various securities firms around the world looking for information. The list includes stocks of American, United, Continental, Northwest, Southwest and US Airways airlines, as well as Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, the American International Group, AIG, Cigna, CAN Financial, John Hancock, MetLife, General Motors, Raytheon, W.R. Grace, Lone Star Technologies, American Express, the Bank of New York, Bank One, Citigroup, Lehman Brothers, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley and Bear Stearns..

            Not only was Israel fully appraised of the pending attack, which her own Mossad agents had intimate knowledge of, she also reaped at least $16 million in illegal insider trading on the world’s stock markets. Not only is all of this treacherous activity well-known in official Washington, the fanatically pro-Israel American president has strictly forbidden any investigations into any aspect of this and has threatened severe punishments against any member of an official U.S. agency for revealing or even discussing any aspect of it.

            With friends like Israel, America does not need enemies.




911-Was Saudi Arabia involved?
by Paul Church

            At 9:37 Eastern Daylight Time on September 11, 2001, American Airlines Flight 77 slammed into the western side of the Pentagon, killing all 59 passengers and 125 others in the building. News of the crash went global within minutes; yet another symbol of American power was ablaze. For the few still struggling to believe that the United States was under attack, doubt evaporated like the bodies of the many dead.
             Conspiracists have puzzled for a decade over the failure to intercept the aircraft – or indeed, take even the elementary step of phoning the Pentagon to warn them of the approach. But only recently has wider attention been paid to the failure of the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA’s) Bin Laden unit to tell anyone that “muscle” hijackers, Khalid al-Midhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi, were in the country.
            The chairman of the 9/11 Commission, Thomas Keane, is now on record [1] as calling this “one of the most troubling aspects of our entire report”. How is it that, despite having known for several months about al-Midhar and al-Hazmi, nobody at Alec Station saw fit to mention them to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the counter-terrorism policy board in Washington, Immigration or the Defense Department?
            The Bin Laden Issue Station – codenamed Alec by insiders such as US Army Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Shaffer – was the CIA unit dedicated to reporting on al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and militants in Afghanistan. It was this unit that had called on authorities in Malaysia to monitor the Kuala Lumpur “terror summit” at which plans for 9/11 were probably finalized. Both al-Midhar and al-Hazmi were at that meeting.
            Accounts differ as to exactly when the CIA became aware of the hijackers’ presence in America. But specific orders were issued not to share the information: Doug Miller, an FBI agent loaned to the Bin Laden unit, was among those who received the instructions. In his book Pretext for War, author James Bamford quotes another FBI agent loaned to Alec: “[T]hey didn’t want the bureau meddling in their business – that’s why they didn’t tell … that’s why September 11 happened.”
            Author Lawrence Wright has speculated that, so desperate was the CIA to get a source inside al-Qaeda, the agency shielded the aspiring terrorists while it tried to recruit them. In his book The Looming Tower, Wright also suggests a more serious possibility: lacking any domestic jurisdiction, the agency colluded with Saudi Arabian intelligence to keep their own fingerprints off events. According to Wright, this was the view of a team of FBI investigators known as Squad I-49.
            In an interview for the documentary Who Is Richard Blee?, former counter-terrorism czar Richard Clarke was another insider to hint at possible Saudi involvement. Sensationally, Clarke also accused Central Intelligence Department head George Tenet of personally withholding evidence from Washington.
             Filmmakers John Duffy and Ray Nowosielski managed to identify two key analysts involved in burying the evidence. Despite legal threats from the agency [2], the film is now available as a podcast.
             Backtrack to January 2001: Prince Bandar bin Sultan is head of the Saudi Embassy in Washington. Bandar was the man at the center of the al-Yammah arms deal, a corruption scandal involving the exchange of arms for crude oil with Britain. A White House insider since he arrived in Washington nearly two decades before, Bandar’s close ties with the Bush family are common knowledge. Less widely known is that in January 2001, the Saudi Prince sat with vice president Dick Cheney, defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld and General Richard Myers discussing US strategy for the invasion of Iraq.
            In his book Plan of Attack, investigative journalist Bob Woodward claimed that when Bandar was handed a map labeled “Top Secret Noforn” in the vice president’s office, not even the secretary of state had been informed that his country would be at war. Colin Powell has denied this, but the incident serves to illustrate the prince’s extraordinary access to the inner workings of government.
            All the more shocking, then, that between 1998 and 2002, up to US$73,000 in cashier cheques was funneled by Bandar, via his wife Haifa – who once described the elder Bushes as like “my mother and father” – to two Californian families known to have bankrolled al-Midhar and al-Hazmi. The very same would-be terrorists protected by the CIA.
            Princess Haifa sent regular monthly payments of between $2,000 and $3,500 to Majeda Dweikat, wife of Osama Basnan, believed by various investigators to be a spy for the Saudi government. Many of the cheques were signed over to Manal Bajadr, wife of Omar al-Bayoumi, himself suspected of covertly working for the kingdom.
            The Basnans, the al-Bayoumis and the two 9/11 hijackers once shared the same apartment block in San Diego. It was al-Bayoumi who greeted the killers when they first arrived in America, and provided them, among other assistance, with an apartment and social security cards. He even helped the men enroll at flight schools in Florida.
            When al-Bayoumi moved to England just days before the attacks, his apartment was raided by Scotland Yard. Beneath the floorboards were discovered the phone numbers of several officials at the Saudi Embassy.
            Bandar and his wife deny any links to terrorism, but both former co-chairs of the US Senate Intelligence Committee, Richard Shelby and Bob Graham, think otherwise. They claim the FBI refused to allow the committee to interview investigators who had followed the money from the embassy. Other sources allege that the 9/11 Commission similarly failed to fully investigate leads, partly because commissioner Phillip Zelikow removed or relegated to footnotes any findings which cast doubt on the Saudis. A 28-page section of the report exploring possible foreign government involvement remains classified.
            Then there is the suppressed testimony of Special Agent Steven Butler, described by officials familiar with his account as “explosive”. [3] Butler had been monitoring a flow of Saudi money to the would-be hijackers. After he testified, staff director for the 9/11 Committee Eleanor Hill sent a memo to the Justice Department detailing Butler’s allegations. When reporters quizzed the Justice Department about the content of Butler’s testimony, they were told it was classified.
            If possible Saudi Arabian involvement in 9/11 raised eyebrows at the Justice Department, what would they have made of mysterious but little publicized meetings between the Saudi ambassador and George Tenet? In his book State of War, author James Risen recounts how Tenet “set the tone for the CIA’s Saudi relationship by relying heavily on developing close relationships with top Saudi officials, including Prince Bandar bin Sultan …”
            Around once a month, Tenet would slip away to Bandar’s estate in McLean, Virginia, for talks so secretive he refused to tell officers working under him what they were discussing. Colleagues would complain that it was difficult for them to tell what deals were being made with the Saudis. Were al-Midhar or al-Hazmi ever mentioned?
            “Bandar and Tenet had a very close relationship,” confirmed one CIA officer.
            The frantic rush to get Saudi Arabian nationals – including members of the Bin Laden family – out of America in the days after the 2001 attacks led to public outrage, and was featured in Michael Moore’s seminal but flawed documentary, Fahrenheit 911. Less was made of a return trip by Crown Prince Abdullah, then de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia, in 2002. The Crown Prince, Prince Saud al-Faisal and Prince Bandar bin Sultan were scheduled to meet president George W Bush, Dick Cheney, Colin Powell and national security advisor Condoleezza Rice at the president’s ranch in Texas.
            No fewer than eight airliners arrived from Saudi Arabia, and as the planes landed, US intelligence learned that two members of the royal entourage were on a terrorist watchlist. The next day, Osama Basnan reported his passport stolen to Houston police – proving he was in Texas the same day as the crown prince. Were the wanted men on the planes Basnan and al-Bayoumi?
             According to the Wall Street Journal, the FBI planned to “storm the plane and pull those guys off” until, evidently fearing an international incident, the State Department intervened.

            1. Insiders voice doubts about CIA’s 9/11 story Salon, October 14, 2011.
            2. See CIA’s Maneuver: A Case of Bluffing? Buying Time? Or Something More? September 13, 2011.
            3. The road to Riyadh US News, November 29, 2002.

            Paul Church is an independent journalist reporting on geopolitics, warfare and counter-terrorism


Conversations with the Crow

          When the CIA discovered that their former Deputy Director of Clandestine Affairs, Robert T. Crowley, had been talking with author Gregory Douglas, they became fearful (because of what Crowley knew) and outraged (because they knew Douglas would publish eventually) and made many efforts to silence Crowley, mostly by having dozens of FBI agents call or visit him at his Washington home and try to convince him to stop talking to Douglas, whom they considered to be an evil, loose cannon.          

Crowley did not listen to them (no one else ever does, either) and Douglas made through shorthand notes of each and every one of their many conversation. TBR News published most of these (some of the really vile ones were left out of the book but will be included on this site as a later addendum ) and the entire collection was later produced as an Ebook.

 Now, we reliably learn, various Washington alphabet agencies are trying to find a way to block the circulation of this highly negative, entertaining and dangerous work, so to show our solidarity with our beloved leaders and protectors, and our sincere appreciation for their corrupt and coercive actions, we are going to reprint the entire work, chapter by chapter. (The complete book can be obtained by going to:



Conversation No. 119

Date: Wednesday, December 24, 1997

Commenced: 11:05 AM CST

Concluded: 11:20 AM CST

EC: Hello?

GD: Mrs. Crowley, this is Gregory. Is Robert available?

EC: Yes, dear, he’s in the bathroom and he’ll be here in just a minute or so. Gregory, I do hate to burden you with family matters but I am getting worried sick about Robert.

GD: Is is sick?
EC: Yes, dear, I’m afraid he is. He keeps getting…Robert keeps forgetting things. He has a hard time remembering things and I think it must have something to do with his lungs. He had pneumonia and we suspect he might have cancer or something.

GD: Well, cancer has nothing to do with remembering things. I forget things all the time and I am getting a little old. Well, not to worry my dear.

EC: No, I am worried. Why this morning, when he woke up, I asked him about breakfast and he asked me who I was. That really scared me, dear.

GD: I would imagine it would but sometimes, if I sleep deeply enough, I don’t know what day it is.

EC: You’re a dear to try and make me feel better but maybe you could talk with him a little and let me know what you think. Robert does like you, you know. Would you try to do this for me? I would really appreciate it if you would.

GD: Of course I will but I wouldn’t worry too much.

EC: Well…Oh! Why Robert, here’s Gregory for you. No Not our Greg, your friend. Yes.

RTC: Hello? Who’s this now?
GD: Gregory Douglas

RTC: Oh yes, yes, yes. I know know. It’s quite all right, Emily. Yes. Gregory. You and my son have the same names, you know. Well, what can we do for you? I’m not going to the job today, you know so I would love to talk with you. How are things with you?
GD: Just fine, Robert, and with you?
RTC: Well, you know how it is. Today is Sunday, right? Church day.

GD: No, actuallly, it’s Wednesday, Robert.

RTC: Ah well, I must have overslept. Do you ever oversleep, Gregory? We all do. I thought it was Sunday but then the church bells weren’t ringing. How are you doing?
GD: Oh very well, Robert. And you?

RTC: I think I’m getting old. I know I am. It’s so difficult to remember just the small things. Why I can remember my childhood in Chicago as if it were yesterday but yesterday sometimes is a problem.

GD: Well, it worries Emily.

RTC: What does?

GD: You not remembering.

RTC: What’s that all about?

GD: Emily, your wife, is worried about you.

RTC: Yes, she does. How are you coming along then?
GD: Oh, just fine. Have you heard from Bill?

RTC: Yes. What? Bill who?

GD: Corson.

RTC: Ah yes, I know a Bill Corson. We co-authored a book, you know.

GD: Oh yes. What was the title again?

RTC: What?

GD: The title.

RTC: Well, let me think about that. How are you today?

GD: Very good for Wednesday morning.

RTC: Now there you go. I thought today was Sunday. Well, you are writing a new book?
GD: Yes, I am. Tell me, have you heard from Corson?
RTC: Yes. I mean who? Corson? Oh yes, we wrote a book together. I think his wife is sick but that might be Jim’s.

GD: Angleton?

RTC: Why yes. He was telling me Cecily was doing poorly.

GD: Bob, Jim has been dead for some years now.

RTC: No, no, I don’t believe you there. Why, I talked with him last night. He’s perfectly fine. Don’t worry about that, my boy. And how are you today?

GD: Robert, I am fine, just fine. I was working on the Kennedy business.

RTC: I think so too. It was terrible but it had to happen. You know that. Jim said the same thing to me.

GD: Yesterday?
RTC: Yes, he called me and we talked about it. So good to hear from him. Jim is a great guy, Bill, and we owe him a great debt.

GD: This is Gregory.

RTC: Ah, of course it is. Are you coming over today after church?

GD: Robert, is Emily around there?

RTC: I think so, Emily. Emily the other Gregory wants to talk to you. We must get together again pretty soon. Here she is…

EC: Yes, dear?

GD: Mrs. Crowley, you’re right about Bob. He is very confused. Would you be offended if I made a personal suggestion?
EC: Why no, dear.

GD: I would get together with your son and get Bob to a doctor as soon as you can. I mean not today but as soon as you can. Can you do that?

EC: Why we can. Greg and I were talking about this yesterday. What do you think? He is a little mixed up.

GD: Yes, dear, he is more than that. And don’t let him go outside right now.

EC: Oh my, what do you think? Is this about cancer? You know, Bob smokes like a chimney and if I told him once, I told him a dozen times, to please stop smoking.

GD: No, dear, I do not think it is the smoking. Bob is getting….Bob is having some little memory problems so you would be doing all of you a favor by taking him to the doctor. Just, you know, to have a little checkup. Be sure to tell him about these little memory problems. Maybe he can prescribe something for this but do go to the doctor right away. I mean he might fall down the steps or something. You can do this?

EC: Oh I can. Thank you, Gregory. Have you talked with Bob about this?
GD: Oh, yes and you and your son can both take him down for a general exam. Always best to have two people he loves and trusts when he goes in.

EC: Thank you…yes? Oh of course, Robert. Gergory, Robert wants to talk to you.

And thank you again.

RTC: Well, and how are you today, Gregory? I thought you might be Bill a few minutes ago but I was mistaken. I have to remember so much I get a little confused. You know how it is. And how are you today?

GD: Robert, do you know what day is coming up tomorrow? On Thursday?

RTC: (Pause) What day?

GD: Tomorrow, Robert. Tomorrow is Christmas, Robert. Now you go along with Emily and be a good fellow. I think I will miss talking with you. Are you going to have a really nice Christmas, Robert? Family coming?

RTC: Well, they come over here regularly. Aren’t you planning to call me again? You’re not angry for some reason, are you?
GD: No, Robert, I am not angry and I do enjoy talking with you.

RTC: No one else ever calls me, Gregory. Are you coming back to visit?
GD: I hope to. Now just you humor Emily and go to the doctor. Just to humor her, Robert. How long have you been married?
RTC: Oh since 1948. That’s…that’s, why, I guess about….

GD: Almost fifty years, Robert. Now I ought to go now and then you and your family can have a very Merry Christmas. You’ll do that, won’t you? With the family.

RTC: There is something I wanted to say to you, Gregory, but I’ll try to remember it.

GD: Eugene O’Neill wrote a play once, Robert. It’s called “A long day’s journey into night” Good title, don’t you think?

RTC: An Irishman. O’Neill.

GD: Yes, a fellow countryman. Robert, let me go now and you have a really wonderful Christmas. And Robert, God bless you and keep you. OK?

RTC: Do you have a cold, Gregory? It’s been so nasty out, eveyone has colds.

GD: Yes, I have a cold, Robert. Remember, Merry Christmas and Godbless.

(Conclusion  11:20 AM CST)


Dramatis personae:

                         James Jesus Angleton: Once head of the CIA’s Counterintelligence division, later fired because of his obsessive and illegal behavior, tapping the phones of many important government officials in search of elusive Soviet spies. A good friend of Robert Crowley and a co-conspirator with him in the assassination of President Kennedy

            James P. Atwood: (April 16, 1930-April 20, 1997) A CIA employee, located in Berlin, Atwood had a most interesting career. He worked for any other intelligence agency, domestic or foreign, that would pay him, was involved in selling surplus Russian atomic artillery shells to the Pakistan government and was also most successful in the manufacturing of counterfeit German dress daggers. Too talkative, Atwood eventually had a sudden, and fatal, “seizure” while lunching with CIA associates.

            William Corson: A Marine Corps Colonel and President Carter’s representative to the CIA. A friend of Crowley and Kimmel, Corson was an intelligent man whose main failing was a frantic desire to be seen as an important person. This led to his making fictional or highly exaggerated claims.

            John Costello: A British historian who was popular with revisionist circles. Died of AIDS on a trans-Atlantic flight to the United States.

            James Critchfield: Former U.S. Army Colonel who worked for the CIA and organizaed the Cehlen Org. at Pullach, Germany. This organization was filled to the Plimsoll line with former Gestapo and SD personnel, many of whom were wanted for various purported crimes. He hired Heinrich Müller in 1948 and went on to represent the CIA in the Persian Gulf.

            Robert T. Crowley: Once the deputy director of Clandestine Operations and head of the group that interacted with corporate America. A former West Point football player who was one of the founders of the original CIA. Crowley was involved at a very high level with many of the machinations of the CIA.

            Gregory Douglas: A retired newspaperman, onetime friend of Heinrich Müller and latterly, of Robert Crowley. Inherited stacks of files from the former (along with many interesting works of art acquired during the war and even more papers from Robert Crowley.) Lives comfortably in a nice house overlooking the Mediterranean.

            Reinhard Gehlen: A retired German general who had once been in charge of the intelligence for the German high command on Russian military activities. Fired by Hitler for incompetence, he was therefore naturally hired by first, the U.S. Army and then, as his level of incompetence rose, with the CIA. His Nazi-stuffed organization eventually became the current German Bundes Nachrichten Dienst.

            Thomas K. Kimmel, Jr: A grandson of Admiral Husband Kimmel, Naval commander at Pearl Harbor who was scapegoated after the Japanese attack. Kimmel was a senior FBI official who knew both Gregory Douglas and Robert Crowley and made a number of attempts to discourage Crowley from talking with Douglas. He was singularly unsuccessful. Kimmel subsequently retired, lives in Florida, and works for the CIA as an “advisor.”

            Willi Krichbaum: A Senior Colonel (Oberführer) in the SS, head of the wartime Secret Field Police of the German Army and Heinrich Müller’s standing deputy in the Gestapo. After the war, Krichbaum went to work for the Critchfield organization and was their chief recruiter and hired many of his former SS friends. Krichbaum put Critchfield in touch with Müller in 1948.

            Heinrich Müller: A former military pilot in the Bavarian Army in WWI, Müller  became a political police officer in Munich and was later made the head of the Secret State Police or Gestapo. After the war, Müller escaped to Switzerland where he worked for Swiss intelligence as a specialist on Communist espionage and was hired by James Critchfield, head of the Gehlen Organization, in 1948. Müller subsequently was moved to Washington where he worked for the CIA until he retired.

            Joseph Trento: A writer on intelligence subjects, Trento and his wife “assisted” both Crowley and Corson in writing a book on the Russian KGB. Trento believed that he would inherit all of Crowley’s extensive files but after Crowley’s death, he discovered that the files had been gutted and the most important, and sensitive, ones given to Gregory Douglas. Trento was not happy about this. Neither were his employers.

            Frank Wisner: A Founding Father of the CIA who promised much to the Hungarians and then failed them. First, a raging lunatic who was removed from Langley, screaming, in a strait jacket and later, blowing off the top of his head with a shotgun.           

            Robert Wolfe: A retired librarian from the National Archives who worked closely with the CIA on covering up embarrassing historical material in the files of the Archives. A strong supporter of holocaust writers specializing in creative writing. Although he prefers to be called ‘Dr,’ in reality he has no PhD

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